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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)
By: Kewl Dad

Chapter Twenty Eight

 Revenge is a dish best served cold

*Note: this chapter may be disturbing to some readers since it deals with the aftermath of sexual abuse. If reading such material is uncomfortable for you, you may want to skip this chapter.

It didn't take us long to figure out who the boys were that attacked Ronnie. The four were still hanging around together and terrorizing other 7th graders when they got the chance. 

It wasn't that they were so tough individually, but as a gang they were a formidable force and already had a quite a reputation. They used the biting bush (that sticky evergreen tree outside the 7th grade entrance) as their own personal torture device. 

We enlisted the aid of Ben, who was in 8th that year, and closer to the action than we were, but we didn't tell him exactly what was going on.

Ben was able to find out their last names, and by the end of the week we knew where they lived as well.

Brian Green and his folks had moved from Whitaker Street to North Vann, while Mark Wheeler, the boy who had attended Jefferson, lived not too far from Ben on 8th Street. Tommy Knight lived near the park on Elliott and Chris Johnson lived two houses down from him.

I still wasn't sure what Johnny had in mind, but at least we knew who the enemy was and that was something.

Johnny's foray into oils was not without incident and despite his best efforts he often came to school with a rainbow of paint on his fingers and occasionally his clothes.

Johnny continued to do his watercolors, which was now his favorite medium, but his oils were amazing as well.

From the pencil sketch he had done of me that day he transposed it to oil and one evening when I was spending the night he presented me with it.

"Oh MY GOD!" I practically screamed when I saw it. I was dancing around and trying not to attract the attention of his folks, but little did I know they'd already seen it.

"I'm glad you like it," Johnny said, beaming as I hugged his neck and kissed his face.

"It's, perfect. Is this? It is! I said realizing it was an oil version of the pencil sketch, "Johnny, you are so talented, but...what am I gonna do with it?" I said, suddenly worried what my folks would think if I hung a painting of me in my underwear in my room.

"You don't like it?" Johnny said, his smile wilting.

"No, I mean...yes, I love it, but I'm just in my underwear. What will my folks think?"

Johnny laughed, "They've already seen it, so have my folks. I wanted to make sure they were okay with it, so...I showed them the pencil sketch and told them what I was gonna do. Is that okay?"

"I guess, I did they take it?"

"Our moms a good way, and our dads laughed about it. I was surprised at my dad though, I thought he might be a problem, but he just said it looked exactly like you, and then he laughed and said, that's usually how he's dressed when he's over here."

"Oh my God, I will be so embarrassed when I see him again."

"Naw, don't be. It's all fine. You can hang it on your wall or put it in your closet if you don't want to see it."

"Are you kidding, I want everyone to see it," I said admiring the painting and the nice frame around it.

"I'm glad you like it, but one thing's for sure...I won't be showing it to Mrs. Janz."

We both burst out laughing and between guffaws I said, Williams...underwear check, and we started in again.

We spent the rest of the weekend together, and even though the nights had grown cold, the days were still fairly warm, and we were able to spend a lot of time outdoors.

We were at the park playing tennis when I noticed four boys riding their bikes our way. Johnny's back was to them, but when I missed the next ball he turned to see what had distracted me.

"Is that?" he said staring at the four.

"I don't know, maybe. That one kid looks familiar."

"Oh man, it is. Our luck has just changed," Johnny said in an evil voice that sent chills down my spine.

"Johnny, what are you gonna do?" I said fearfully, "I don't want you to get into trouble."

"Don't worry, I won't."

As the boys got closer they seemed to notice us for the first time, but they didn't seem to be too interested in us. Probably because we were older and they didn't dare mess with us.

It was soon obvious where they were headed, and as they parked their bikes by the block building the held the rest rooms Johnny started to move.

"Come on, I need to pee," Johnny said grinning.

"Johnny..." I whined, "what are you up to?"

"Just play along, okay?"

"I guess, but please don't get us into trouble."

As we approached the bath room we could hear the boys laughing and banging around and I wondered if they were vandals as well as molesters. 

Johnny pushed through the door first, with me hot on his heels, and as we entered the boys suddenly fell quiet.

"Hey, what's going on in here?" Johnny said, sounding more like an adult than a teenage boy at that moment.

"Nothin'," the boy named Chris said.

"Didn't sound like nothin'," Johnny said, "Sounded like you were kicking the stall or toilet and making a mess in our bathroom."

"Uh no sir, not us," I wasn't sure at the time but I thought this was the kid named Mark. Later I found out I was right.

"Hmmm...then what are you all doing in here together?"

"What's it to ya'?" the leader, Brian, finally said, "You're not our boss, and this ain't your bathroom, it belongs to everyone."

I had to give it to the kid, he didn't look scared at all and wasn't backing down, however the other three looked like they were ready to bolt at any minute.

Johnny focused in on Brian and gave him a look that would peel paint, "Wait, I know who you are," he said moving a little closer to the kid and causing him to back up into the corner, "You're the kid that messed with my little friend Ronnie. Is this the bunch that helped you?" He said giving the others that searing look as well.

"I don't know any kid named Ronnie," the kid said, but he was sweating bullets and trying to edge his way past Johnny.

"That's not what my friend Ronnie told me, and we believe him, right Robert?"

"Yeah," I said, trying to sound tough, "He said you guys pretended to be his friend, then molested him. And you..." I said pointing at Brian, "You hit him with a swing and tried to kill him." I was worked up for real by then and I took a step toward him and probably would have hit him, except Johnny grabbed my arm and held me back.

"You better leave us alone or my old man will sue you," Brian said trying to sound brave.

"Your old man a lawyer? Is that how you managed to stay out of jail?" Johnny sneered, "Well, it won't help you now, cause my friends and I are gonna make sure everyone in school knows just what a slimy bunch of bastards you are. By the time we get through, kids will walk on the other side of the hallway to avoid getting near your smelly asses."

"You can't do that, I'll sue you for...for slander or something," Brian said sounding indignant. If it hadn't been so serious it might have been funny hearing him say crap like that.

"You can't do shit, you little pervert. You and your gang are going down. Oh, and one more thing, if I hear of you guys messing with any of the kids again, you'll be missing a few teeth, got that?"

"We should go," the one named Chris said, "I have to get home..." he added, sounding ready to shit his pants.

"No one's going anywhere till we're finished here. You know the only thing keeping me from tearing your dicks off and stuffing them up your butt is the fact that I promised my friend Ronnie that I wouldn't get into trouble over you losers. But I promise you, this isn't over yet. I'm gonna make sure everyone knows all about it and maybe, just maybe if your loser friends here come to me and tell me what  happened I will keep them out of it and only you will go down. You're the one who tried to kill a helpless little kid so you wouldn't go to jail and you're the one I want most," Johnny said getting right up in Brian's face.

"Shut up, you don't know nothin'," the kid said, "You can't keep us here. You better let us go or...or..."

"Or what? You'll crap your pants and run home to mommy and daddy and tell them some bad boys got after you? Well, maybe they won't believe you this time, or did they know what you did the first time and just played it off to save your sorry ass. I bet that wasn't the first time you messed with a kid was it?"

"Shut up, I ain't no damn queer," Brian said regaining some of his earlier bravado.

"Oh, so it's not queer to stick your pecker in another kid's mouth and make him suck it for you?"

"I didn't..."

"You did, all of you did, and you should be in jail, or juvy, or somewhere you can't hurt kids no more. You got off lucky before, but let me tell you this, you ain't gonna' get away with it. It may take me a while, but I'm never gonna give up. I'm gonna make sure you pay. You can lay in bed at night now and wonder when it's gonna happen, but it's gonna happen. Some night there will be a knock on the door and the cops will come in and drag you away and no one can save you then."

"You're crazy," Brian said, but he was looking scared and desperate now.

The other three were crying now, and if what they'd done hadn't been so horrible I might have felt sorry for them.

"It was all Brian and Mark's idea," Chris said wiping at his eyes.

"Yeah," the other boy, Tommy said, speaking up for the first time, "we didn't wanna do it, but he made us promise or he'd beat us up."

"So, now it's two against two," Johnny said grinning evilly, "I wonder who the police will believe now."

"Shut up you two or I'll have my dad kill your families," Brian screamed. This sent the two boys into another bout of crying, and this time I did feel sorry for them.

"Well, we've done what we came to do," Johnny said finally, "We know the truth, and soon everyone else will too. You guys can save your asses by going to your folks and telling them the truth or you can wait for the guillotine to drop. Come on Robert, it smells in here and it ain't from the shitter."

I followed Johnny out and once we were outside I began to shake a little. 

"That was really something you did back there," I said in a shaky voice, "You got them turning against each other. Do you think it will do any good?"

"I'm hoping Tommy and Chris will rat them out just to save their own necks, but we'll see. Brian might be serious when he said his dad would kill their families. They all sound like crazy people to me."

"Johnny! What if he has his dad kill us instead?'

Johnny laughed, "They come messing around our place and they'll get a loaded shotgun for the effort. My dad has guns all over the house and I know how to use them too."

"But, what if they try to get at us while we're not at home? Like on our way to school or something?"

"Relax, he's just trying to scare those two," Johnny said, but he didn't sound as convinced as I'd have liked.

We were back at the tennis court before the four emerged from the bathroom, but none of them paid us any attention except Brian who gave us a dirty look and flipped us the bird. 

Johnny threw down his racket and started that way, but the kid took off running and Johnny just laughed.

"Man, I wanted to whip his butt so baaad," Johnny said drawing out the word bad.

"Me too, but you know I sort of felt sorry for those two who turned on him."

"Yeah, well none of em' are angels, but if we can get Brian I'll be satisfied. He's the one who tried to kill Ronnie."

"Kids like that scare me," I confessed, "What makes them want to hurt other kids? I mean, why can't they just be nice and  have fun like we do?"

Johnny shrugged, "Maybe his old man is like that and it rubbed off. Maybe his old man beats him or something."

I sighed, "I guess you never really know what's going on with someone till you get to know them."

"Well, I don't need to get to know that bunch. I just want to see them put in their place."

"Yeah, well...I'm too upset to play tennis, let's go to my house and make out in the treehouse," I said grinning.

"OH man, that sounds fun," Johnny said beaming, "We haven't done it in the treehouse in a while."

Monday at school we had Ben do some snooping for us, and he told us that the four didn't seem to be hanging out together like they used to do. This was good news for the kids that they usually terrorized and we were happy about that.

"You actually said, waiting for the guillotine to drop?" Walter laughed as we sat at the lunch table that day. 

We'd got Ronnie's permission to tell our friends so they could help us, and we were surprised at how easily he'd given in. I guess he decided that if we trusted them then so did he.

"Yeah, he was like some super cop or something," I laughed, "he even had me scared."

"So do you think the two will turn the other two in?" Gerald asked.

"Not sure, but what I want to do in the meantime is to keep the pressure up. Now that you guys know you can help us. What I want you to do is single them out, one by one and let them know that you know what went on and that you're gunning for them too. I want them afraid to turn around without running into one of us."

"Man, you really know how to mess with their heads, don't ya'?" Donnie laughed.

"Yeah, but it's hard to keep my hands off them. I'd love to kick their sorry asses, but I promised I wouldn't get into trouble over this and I'm keeping my word to Ronnie...and to Robert."

"We could kick their asses for you," Gerald offered.

"No," I said quickly, "We don't want to stoop to their level. We want to do this the right way. If we use violence we could make them the victims instead of the bad guys or whatever."

"Okay, okay...shucks, it would have been fun though," Gerald laughed.

Operation "Get in their heads" began that very day and even Ben got into it rather enthusiastically. He had PE with two of the boys and managed to get them aside and give them the same warning Johnny had.

Ben had gone through a growth spurt recently and shot up a couple inches, and to the two 7th graders he looked much older and more foreboding than most of the other kids his age. 

They denied having anything to do with the whole affair, but Ben gave them a mean look and told them they were liars, and that eventually their lies would catch up with them and they would wind up wishing they'd told the truth before it was too late.

We continued to work on the four, separately and together for the next couple of weeks and it was obvious it was beginning to wear on them. Chris and Tommy had quit hanging out with Brian and Mark altogether and neither boy seemed inclined to do any mischief these days.

Brian and Mark continued to hang together and one afternoon after school Johnny and I were waiting for them as they exited the school at the 7th grade end.

"Hey boys, have a good day at school?" Johnny said in a mocking voice, "Going home to have some fun with each other now?"

"Shut up and leave us alone, or...or I'll go tell a teacher that you're bullying us."

"Go ahead, and I'll tell her everything I know about you. Who do you think she will believe? A rat-faced liar like you, or an A student who gets along with all the teachers?"

"Why are you bothering us?" Mark said sounding ready to cry.

"Because we don't want you to ever forget what you did to our friend," I said suddenly filled with anger, "He trusted you. All he wanted was for someone to be his friend. He never hurt anyone, he's a good kid, and you hurt him and I will never forgive you for that," I said gritting my teeth and balling up my fists.

"Robert, calm down," Johnny whispered, "You two can go, but remember, we're watching you, all of us...and there are more of us than there are of you," he said laughing evilly, "Have a nice evening boys."

The two scurried away like mice and I slumped against the brick building and wiped at my eyes.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to get so upset."

"Don't be sorry. I think I saw a light in that kid Mark's eyes. Maybe he just got sucked up in the whole thing cause he likes Brian so much."

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"Haven't you noticed how he looks at Brian?"

"Uh, no, what do you mean?"

"Well, if it's not love then it's lust, cause I recognize that look from when you look at me," he laughed.

"Oh. Well, think Brian and Mark do stuff?"

"Maybe, or maybe Mark wants to but Brian doesn't. Or maybe Mark tried and Brian shot him down and now Brian is using that to keep him in control."

"Oh God, that would be awful for him. This Brian kid must be pure evil."

"Yeah, I think so too. Come on, let's go to my house. Mom is making lemon cookies today."

At Johnny's we ate cookies and drank iced tea, and then he showed me a new painting he was working on. It was of a young boy looking out a window watching three other boys playing in the distance.

It only took me a minute to realize who the painting was of, and what it meant, and I felt a lump grow in my throat.

"That's Ronnie, isn't it?"

Johnny nodded, "Naw, not really...well, maybe.'s just a kid watching other kids playing and wishing he could play too. Only the kids don't like him cause he's different, and they make fun of him and keep him out of their games."

"God Johnny, that's Ronnie. That's his life. Oh man, I feel so awful, but...the painting is so beautiful. Even as sad as the kid looks he's cute, and you just want to take him in your arms and hug him and protect him from all that."

Johnny smiled, "That's what we're doing, only right now we need to make sure the kids who hurt him are punished, then we can help him get on with his life."

Johnny's eyes were misted over and I couldn't resist going to him and hugging him from behind. I laid my head on his shoulder and sniffed back a few tears.

This was a whole new Johnny I was looking at as of late. The way he had taken control and started the mind games with those boys was brilliant. But beneath his hard exterior there was still that heart of gold that had attracted me to him so long ago. He was one of those kids who genuinely cared about others, especially his friends, and if someone hurt one of them he was like a lion going after them.

I had never loved him more as we stood embracing that day and we were so lost in our thoughts that we didn't hear his mother until she was almost upon us.

"Oh," she said sounding startled.

I pulled away from Johnny and tried to act natural, but it's hard when you have tears in your eyes and you've been holding the boy you love.

"Oh, hi," I said red-faced, "I was just looking at Johnny's new painting and ummm...I tripped."

She smiled knowingly, but didn't dispute my word. "Is this a new one?" she asked looking at Johnny.

"Yeah, it's not finished yet though..."

She moved closer and studied it for a moment, and I could see she was as moved by the young boy at the window as I had been.

"This is very good Johnny. The boy looks so sad though. Is that your little friend Ronnie?"

"Huh, oh well...I guess it could be," Johnny mumbled, "Just a kid..."

"Hmmm...son, I'm sorry we didn't tell you about Ronnie...back then, when it happened, but I know you know all about it now. If you want to talk about what happened I promise we'll be truthful with you."

"I pretty much know all of it now," Johnny said looking at his mom, "It's probably good I didn't know back then, cause, well..cause I might have done something stupid."

She nodded, "That's one reason we didn't tell you. We held our breath the whole time hoping you didn't find out some other way, but you were so busy with your friends and all..."

"Mom, why do kids do stuff like that?" Johnny said, almost pleading for an answer.

"I don't know son. Some people are just bad I guess, but most of em' are good, like you boys and your friends. The good ones have to take care of each other, and you've done a wonderful job of that, both of you."

"Thank you ma'am," I said wiping at my eyes.

She turned to me and smiled, "I know..." she said then stopped to let that sink in. My hackles were up, what did she know? "That you boys are closer than most friends, and I think that's just fine, but some people might not think so. Just be careful, but never let what other folks think change who you are. You are both wonderful caring young men, and I love both of you with all my heart," she said as tears filled her eyes.

Then moving forward she gave me a big hug, then hugged Johnny, turned and left us to our thoughts.

"She knows," I said when she was gone, "she saw me hugging you."

"Robert, she's known a long time. She's hinted about it to me, but this is the first time she's ever actually come out and said anything. I love her so much right now," he said sniffing back tears, "She knows and she still loves us."

I went to Johnny and hugged him and we kissed sweetly and without worry of being interrupted. His mom had basically given her approval for me and Johnny to love one another, and though I didn't know if his dad would be quite so accepting, this was something very special.

I stayed till around four thirty that day and on the way home I thought about all that had happened recently. The thing with Ronnie, though tragic, had brought out a side of Johnny that I'd never seen. 

I knew he was smart, all I had to do was look at his artwork and know that, but he was smart in other ways too. He knew exactly how to handle those boys who hurt Ronnie, and it was almost scary how well his plan was working. 

But there was always that softer side of Johnny, the one that I loved best, and now that his mom had given us her approval, I felt even better about our love.

At school the next day we heard the news and we were all in shock at first. Chris, one of Ronnie's tormentors had gone to his folks and told them the truth about what had happened. Once Chris had spilled his guts, Chris' parents called Tommy's folks, and Tommy caved as well.

That was enough for the boys' parents and they contacted the police and before it was all over Mark had turned on Brian as well. 

While Tommy, Chris, and Mark were allowed to go home with their parents, Brian was held in custody and would face criminal charges for sexual battery, attempted murder, and whatever charges the DA could come up with.

It was sad, and we were a somber bunch as we met for lunch that day. Sure, Brian was an asshole, but did we really want to see the kids spend time in jail and maybe get raped by someone in there?

"At least the other three didn't go to jail," I said trying to console Johnny who looked ready to bawl at any moment. 

I was reminded of something my dad always said, be careful what you wish for, cause it might come true. We had wished that Brian would go to jail, and now he had, but there was no celebrating in our camp.

"I wonder if he'll go to Rader?" Gerald said, "My step brother said it was okay, but you had to be careful. The older kids always pick on the younger ones and can imagine what goes on," he said realizing he wasn't helping matters any.

"I doubt that," Walter said, "Since he's so young he'll probably be sent back to his folks, but he may have to see a shrink or something."

"I just want this to be over," Johnny whined, "I wonder how poor Ronnie will take the news."

"We'll go see him after school," I said smiling a little, "If he's heard the news he'll need some friends."

The school was abuzz with the news of the boys arrest and it was a good thing that Tommy, Chris, and Mark's folks kept them home that week. 

Even the teachers seemed to be stunned at the news, but they managed to maintain discipline in spite of things.

As we walked toward my house that afternoon we barely spoke. Donnie walked with us, but when we reached my house he didn't stop in like usual. We all had some thinking to do and I guess Donnie just needed some time alone.

I told my mom what had happened, but of course she already knew, and she thought it was a good idea for us to go see Ronnie. She fed us a snack first, though neither of us was very hungry, and then we headed off to see our little friend.

When we knocked on the door Ronnie came bouncing up and let us in. He threw himself at us and hugged us both then took our hands and led us to the couch where his mom sat watching with a smile on her face.

Wow, that wasn't the greeting we'd expected. Was it possible Ronnie was actually happy that Brian was in jail?

"Uh, hello," Johnny stuttered.

"Hi boys. I'm glad you came. I wanted to thank you. I don't know what you said to those boys, but I'm glad this is finally over."

"It's not really over...not yet," Johnny said sadly, "I wonder what will happen to that kid Brian."

"He's young, the courts will make allowances for his age, but it's only fair that he get some kind of punishment."

"Yeah, I know. I just feel...sort of sad for him, for all of them."

"That's because you're a fine and decent young man. That's why you came here today to make sure Ronnie was okay and I appreciate that. I know I should have tried to do more when all this happened, but it's hard when you're a single mom in a man's world."

"I don't have to worry bout them no more," Ronnie said, almost bubbling over with joy. Apparently he wasn't the least bit upset over the fate of Brian.

"Or anyone else," I said, "if anyone ever bothers you again, just let us know."

Ronnie nodded, "Want to go to the park?" Ronnie said seeming happier than I'd seen him in a long time.

His mom readily agreed and soon we were walking toward the park. At the corner we stopped and Ronnie glanced over at the school yard and seemed to zero in on the swings.

"He wanted to kill me," he mumbled, his smile replaced by a frown now, "but he can't hurt me no more."

I took Ronnie's hand on one side and Johnny took the other and we walked him across the street to the park. He pulled free and ran ahead and was already swinging high when we got there.

We took swings beside him and for a while we just swung in silence, well except for Ronnie who was making whoopee sounds and laughing. 

It was weird and I wondered if maybe Ronnie was having some sort of breakdown and the sadness would flood over him at any minute.

He eventually tired of swinging and insisted we push him on the merry-go-round, and when we had the thing going fast we both jumped on an rode it out as Ronnie continued to cry out joyously.

We wound up on the monkey bars and as we settled down Ronnie seemed more mellow. He stared out at the park and then looked at each of us and I saw a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"Why did those boys hate me?"

"Huh, oh well...I don't know for sure," Johnny stuttered, "I don't think all of them did, mostly it was Brian, and he made the others go along with what he did."

"I know I should hate him, but I don't," he said softly, "I wanted to be his friend. Why couldn't we have just been friends instead know?"

"I don't know," I offered, "but some kids are just different and you can't be friends with all of them. You just have to find the ones you can, and be happy with that."

"Like you and Johnny?"

"And you, you're our friend too."

"And Donnie, and Walter, and Gerald and Ben, and all the rest. Cause you're our friend, they're your friends too." Johnny said.

"Oh, so I got lots of friends now," Ronnie said looking thoughtful.

"Yep, but me and Robert, well...we're your very special friends and we'll always be there for ya'."

"I'm glad," he said as his smile returned.

Things had pretty much calmed down by the next day, but there were rumors that the DA was asking to have Brian tried as an adult. No one wanted that to happen though, and his dad had a good lawyer, so there was hope things wouldn't go that way.

Ronnie stayed home the first few days from school and the teachers allowed him to do his work at home and not get penalized. Now, suddenly the principal and the teachers were sympathetic to his plight. It was a shame they hadn't been that way when that stuff happened. 

A couple of weeks after the boys fessed up we heard that a deal had been reached and Brian would be sent to Rader for two months during which time he would see a shrink and then they would decide if he needed more shrinking or whatever.

The other three got off easy, but their lives were never the same after that now that everyone knew what they had done. In a way I felt sorry for them, but I felt more sorry for Ronnie, and I tried to put it out of my mind and move on.

Johnny and I made it a point to visit Ronnie often and he seemed to be doing just fine. He'd even made a couple friends at school and the way he talked about them was promising. 

We finally got to meet one of them one Saturday while we were out biking around. We'd stopped to visit Evelyn and then rode down to Ronnie's and found him outside with a chubby kid playing catch with a red plastic ball.

When he saw us he held the ball and ran our way. The kid watched us with mistrust, then curiosity as Ronnie hugged us as was his usual form of greeting.

"Come on I want you to meet Mike. Mike this is Johnny and Robert, my best friends in the whole world."

"I thought I was your best friend," Mike mumbled, but he didn't seem mad, just amused.

"Oh, you too, only I've known them forever."

"Hi," the kid said shyly and Johnny and I returned his greeting with a smile.

"We've heard good things about you," I said giving the boy a wink, "Thanks for being friends with Ronnie."

"Uh, welcome," he said blushing.

We wound up going to the park and that gave Johnny and me a chance to get to know Mike better. He was a year younger than Ronnie, since Ronnie had been held back, but he was a sharp kid with a wicked sense of humor. 

Like most over-weight kids he had a problem with his self image, but Ronnie, bless his heart, accepted anyone and didn't judge like most kids. 

Mike had warmed to Ronnie's shy flirting for attention and they'd soon began to hang out at recess. Mike knew all about Ronnie's ordeal, but never brought it up because he didn't want to hurt Ronnie's feelings or push him away. In a way both were desperate for a friend and they soon clicked in all the right ways.

Through Mike, Ronnie had made another friend, a bespectacled llittle runt of a boy named Dale, who was into reading and science fiction, and soon the three of them became a clique on their own.

Dale lived on the other side of the park and up the street a ways and Mike lived one street over from Ronnie on Oak Street.

Johnny and I took a shine to Mike right away and eventually when we met Dale we approved of him wholeheartedly as well. Things were looking up for Ronnie and we felt like we'd had a lot to do with that, but our work wasn't done yet.

We continued to hang out with Ronnie, and sometimes his friends, the rest of that year, and by summer we were all very close.

End of Chapter 29

 Now that the boys have secured justice for Ronnie the two can breathe a bit easier. They are heartened by the fact that Johnny's mom accepts their relationship, but they still worry about what the other adults might think. Soon they will be starting high school and a whole new era of their lives will begin.

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  5. Alex and Aidan*

  6. Andy Tastes Like Candy

  7. At the Dike*

  8. Black Cock

  9. Boy Glory Hole

  10. Bullied

  11. Christmas Boy

  12. Christmas on the Street

  13. CL Cock Sucker

  14. Cory*

  15. Corey's Scent

  16. Cody's Christmas Wish

  17. Dirt Bikes and Blowjobs

  18. DMV Boy

  19. Dougie's Story #Part 3 of a series

  20. Emoji  (The Story of Joe)

  21. The Family*

  22. The Ginger and the Chub

  23. Hair Salon Boys

  24. Happy Valentine's Day Toby Grayson

  25. I Heart You

  26. Little Brother's Feet*

  27. Lost in Fear*

  28. Mars

  29. McChicken

  30. My Best Friend's Dad *Related story to My Son's Best Friends

  31. My Not so Miserable Life

  32. My Little Runaway #Part 1 of a series

  33. My Son's Best Friends *Related series to My Best Friend's Dad

  34. My 11th Summer*

  35. One Night

  36. Poindexter Files*

  37. Pride-Pride

  38. Rabbit: A Christmas Story

  39. Second Chance for Love

  40. Six Black Boys*

  41. Skateboard Boy*

  42. Skateboard Christmas

  43. Stranded on Christmas Eve

  44. Sudden Family*

  45. Taking a Chance on Love

  46. The Year I Learned to Love my Brother (TYILTLMB)*

  47. The Reynolds Twins*

  48. Tommy Boy #Part two of a series

  49. To the Max

  50. Tracy*

  51. Trailer Park Christmas

  52. Trick or Treet Dress Up

  53. Tween to Teen*

  54. What a Dollar Will Buy

  55. Wild Wild West Again

  56. It's Amazing What Sex Can do for a Guy (as smoothoperator52)

  57. At Awesome Dude: The Secret Life of Nerds