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Here is a prequel to new boys being introduced into TRAVELER
    It fucking sucks. I mean a whole fucking summer, lost and gone forever. Okay, like I know it was my own stupid fault and I sorta deserved it and all, but…
    Yeah, okay, I did deserve it. I fucked up really big time and the rents were all like, UHH. I never seen my dad so mad. I thought that the veins in his neck were gonna bust all open and blood and shit was gonna go all over the place. My mom just stood there with a hanky to her face and cried all of the time.
    I won't tell you what I done, it was too stupid and childish. It was the day after my fourteenth birthday and I guess that is why I got the choice. Dad had already pulled his belt off and the way he was looking at me I knew that my ass was gonna be toasty red for a month. Good old mam put her hand on his arm and he looked into her eyes then he looked at me.
    Fuck, I coulda died right then when I saw that look. I never seen the old man look so sad and so mad at the same time. We sorta have this degrees of punishments in our house. I know, it sounds kinda stupid, but it has worked for fourteen years. I guess it might be a little less than that 'cause I don't think that I was gettin beat with no belt when I was a baby or so. Anyway a sorta minor problem got me scolded and stood in a corner til I was 'bout six or seven and started to fidget around and play like I was a prisoner of some ruthless tribe of people or something.
    I got my ass spanked sometimes even then, if it was bad enough. I have always had to pull my pants down and take my licks on my ass with only my thin underwear to protect me from the terrible life threatening blows. If I had done something real bad—like the time I got mad and smashed the windshield of my dad's car with a ball bat—I had to pull my clothes off and take the belt on my naked skin. I knew that this was one of those times. I also knew that this was not going to be just a few blows, the rents were just too mad.
    I knew that if I went to my bedroom with my dad as mad as he was that the beating would not stop until after breakfast time the next day. Don't get the idea that I was beaten, I was only spanked with that wide leather belt. I never got hit anywhere but on my ass, and sometimes my hands got hit hard when I danced around and tried to cover my ass with them. I never got no hits on my back or very far down on my legs. Sometimes I could see bruises on my ass when I looked over my shoulder into the mirror. Even though it sorta felt like I was bleeding and scared for life I never got no broken skin or nothing so I couldn't tell my friends that I had been horse whipped. As if I would ever tell my friends that I got a spanking anyway.
    Oh sure, we all kinda knew when one of us got a whipping. Like the time that three of us threw rotten peaches at old lady McGiffney's house and one of them broke this big old picture window. All three of us walked to school the next day 'cause it hurt too much to sit on our bicycle seats. We had P.E. the first period and all of us saw the red welts and bruises on each other's butts. The coach saw them and he told us that we should be glad that he didn't bust our butts with bruiser. Bruiser is a big old wooden paddle that coach has that he calls his board of education.
    So like anyway dad like looks down at me with steam coming out of his nostrils and all and he goes like, "You're fourteen. You're on your way to being a man. What you did was very childish and very dangerous. Somebody could have lost their life with that stunt, Dwane. You are very lucky that a policeman spotted your little stunt and a serious accident was averted.
    "I am going to let you make an adult decision right now. Be careful how you decide, because there are greater punishments than physical pain. You and I can go to your bedroom for awhile or we can ground you for ninety days. That means no TV, no malls, no movies with the gang, no going outside to play with your friends, no Play Station or video games for ninety days."
    Hey, I ain't no fool. I can do ninety days easy, right? Fuck, it beat getting whipped and facing my friends that all knew that I got it really bad. I probably wouldn't be seeing them for a few days anyway 'cause the beating that I deserved would keep me lying in my bed on my stomach for at least that long. So I took the easy way out.

    Well, it's been ninety days. I learned that I was lucky. I had to go to this court like thing where this strict old man looked at me and told me how foolish I had been. He told me that the law says that I could go to jail for eighteen months, but when he talked to my dad he smiled. He talked to me and I told him how I was a prisoner in my own house. I was not allowed to go out of my yard except to go to church, with my parents. That man said that he had considered house arrest for me, but it seemed that my dad had already beat him to it. He like, put me on probation for a year and let me go back to my prison at home.
    At church I got to see my best friend, Alex. He wasn't with us when we fucked up, he gone with his dad to see his grandma. I learned from him that our other two buddies that were with me had moved away over the summer and nobody knew where they went or nothing. I guess I'll never know what happened to them.
    Anyhow the summer is over and I survived. My ninety days ended Thursday and Friday I got to go to Alex's for the weekend. Before I tell you about the most fantastic weekend of my life I should tell you a little bit more about my prison time.
    I actually had nothing to do all summer. I lay on my bed reading, but that made me sleepy and so I napped a lot. I told you that I had turned fourteen the day before I done the deed and so my body was going through that change thingy. I talked to my dad some 'bout it and he called it poobrity and told me 'bout some weird stuff that would happen to me so I sorta expected what happened.
    I looked in the mirror everyday to see how many new hairs had grown down there and all. I took my ruler and measured my peenie and it really did grow in ninety days. When the first time that I like measured it, it was four and a smidgen inches long, but the last time I checked up on it it was almost five inches long.
    I learned that it was really fun to sorta like play with myself and make those sperm thingies. I did that five or six times everyday. I got this all stiff thing and it felt so good to just wrap my hand 'round it. I never knew that I could make sperms and that was kinda fun. I even tasted of it, but you tell anyone and I will have to kill you, twice.
    Dad took me to this doctor who said that it was a remarkable 'mount of growth in such a short time, but he checked me out and I had grown two inches taller as well. I had gained eleven pounds and when I looked in my mirror I could see that I had more muscles.
    Did I tell you that we have a large swimming pool in our backyard? It has a diving board and everything so we keep the gates all locked and all and nobody gets to swim there 'cept when the rents is outside watching us. I got to swim everyday and I done laps over and over and dad says that is what built my muscles up so much like.
    So the weekend before I got paroled we went to church and there was a picnic afterwards that we went to and I was told to stay seated and to wait while the rents went off to talk to the pastor and everything so I sat there watching the guys run the courts. I love to shoot hoops and I wanted to be out there so bad, but I only had five days left and if I violated my sentence then I could still get that beating and that would really suck 'cause I had been held a prisoner in a deep dark dungeon for so long and it would be awful to have to get whipped after all that shit.
    But watching the guys play was different for me. I mean they was playing like always and I knew every move that every dude would make 'cause I played them most all my life and all. What was different was the feeling that I got down there, you know where.
    Alex was the one what really got those feelings going in me. His body grew so fine, god he was beautiful with his strong arms and ripped chest. He was playing the skins team without no shirt on and I saw something that I never seen afore. When he ran his abs sorta twisted and rippled and when he would jump and shoot…well, I almost jumped and shot in my shorts, if you know what I mean. I couldn't take my eyes off of him.
    Alex smiled at me all through the game and he came over and said hi several times, but he knew that I was grounded so we didn't talk. I saw him talk to his dad and they was both looking at me and smiling and I got all scared and shit that they mighta seen me staring at Alex and get a stiffie and all. I would die if Lexy ever found out that I sorta think of him naked and doin' shit with me. I know 'bout how folks think 'bout gay wads, especially at my church and all.
    Our pastor is sorta cool, but he had talked 'bout the sin of homosexies and how they is a bomb nation to God and all. My mam is all for that, she says that gay wads is queer and that they should all be put in prison where they can't do no harm. She says they all want to get hold of kids and do unnatural things to them. I wonder what they would do. She makes it sound so evil that it must be like fun and all.
    So like, we left the picnic and all and mam sat in the backseat of the car and let me ride up front. They never talked all of the way home and then mam went into her bedroom and locked the door. I ain't stupid, I can learn, and one thing that I learned is what happens when rents get a divorce. Nate's rents got a divorce last year and I never heard so much screaming and cussing.
    Nate and me sat under the kitchen window and wrote down a bunch of new dirty words that we never heard afore. Nate was not much fun after that weekend. His mother left and he was alone with his dad. His dad is cool, but he missed his mom a whole lot. I guess that might be why he moved away over the summer, maybe he went to live with her.
    So like things were tense around my house all week and I was happy when dad came into my room and told me that he was all like proud of me and everything and that I had earned my freedom. He reminded me that I was still on probation with the police and all and that if I did nothing stupid then I would be okay, but I could end up going to jail for real if I wasn't careful. He hugged me and cried a bit as he told me how proud he was of me and how he knew that I would be a good boy and stay out of trouble then he told me that I was invited to spend the entire Labor Day weekend with Lexy. Damn, that made two ninety day imprisonments worthwhile, not.

    Dad took me over to Lexy's house after he got home from work on Friday. He and Alex's dad like talked all hush hush for awhile as Lexy and me roughed 'round in the front yard tossing a football 'round and being kids together. When dad left he had tears on his face and he picked me up and squeezed me real hard and kissed my face and told me how much he loved me then he left.
    Alex's dad sat us down on the front porch and told us that he expected us to be men and to show our maturity and to not burn his house down. That was when I learned that he was going to be gone all weekend and that Lexy and me had the whole house to ourselves until sometime Monday. How kewl is that?
    Alex's dad went over and got into his car and drove away while Lexy and I stood in the front yard waving bye to him 'til he was all out of sight. Then Lexy looked at me with this big old shit eatin grin on his face and took hold of my hand to lead me inside his house.
    We hurried through to his bedroom, their house is very small, only two bedrooms and an office for his dad. Lexy had me put my duffle in his closet then he got that grin again. He told me that it was just us all weekend and that we should get comfortable. He pulled off his pants and stood there before me in the tightest white boxer briefs that showed every curve of what I had been dreaming about for ninety days. Once we were both in only our underwear he led me by the hand back into their living room. That is when I saw a huge bowl of popcorn and a cooler sitting beside the end of the coffee table. He had his steering wheel from his Play Station sitting on the coffee table, but it weren't plugged into nothing.
    There was a large stack of movies laying on the coffee table and I looked at them. "You been in lockup for so long you haven't seen the big summer releases so tonight we're going to the drive-in movies." He pointed to his large electric blanket spread out on the floor and over the front of the sofa and the steering wheel on the coffee table. "We don't have a car so this is our vehicle for the evening. You have to remember to keep your feet off of my dashboard and keep your seatbelt buckled when we are moving." I looked, but didn't see no seatbelt.
    Alex's dad does some sort of on-line work for some sort of movie company or something and he is always burning the latest movies onto DVDs for us to watch. I was glad 'cause there were a bunch of movies that I wanted to see real bad like.
    I looked at Wolverine and knew that I had to watch that. He had that G.I. Joe movie and Half Blood Prince, but then I found Transformers 2 and I went all hyper and all. Lexy grinned at me and put that movie into his DVD player then took my arm and led me 'round the end of the coffee table and pretended to open a car door for me to get inside. He giggled at me as he said that a gentleman always opens the door for his date as he pretended to shut a door and ran around the car. He bent over the cooler and pulled out two sodas then climbed in behind the wheel of the car.
    He made a big deal of shutting his door, he had accidently shut his seat belt in it. He had to adjust the steering wheel so that he could stretch out under it. Then he reached for the popcorn and offered me some before getting a large handful for himself. Finally he pushed the start button on the DVD remote and the movie started at once.
    One thing that I like about his dad burning the movies is that all of the teasers and commercials at the beginning aren't there. The movie started right off with action and Lexy scooted close against me, "Ohhh, this is a scary part, protect me big boy." I was surprised at his words and he was acting strange like.
    A few minutes into the movie he did that fakey yawn thingy where a guy stretches out his arm and accidently lets it fall back around the girl, only I weren't a girl. However I liked it just the same. Lexy let his arm rest on the front edge of the sofa for a few minutes then he wrapped it around me when a hard action scene started up. I lost interest in the movie as I waited to see what he had on his mind. I kinda really hoped that he was going where I wanted him to go in all of my dreams 'bout him. My peenie was hard in my briefs, but I didn't want Lexy to know that.
    When he didn't move for awhile I said that it was cold in the house. He told me that we were at the drive-in movies and that it always gets cold at night. I asked him if we could turn the air-conditioner up a few hundred degrees. He told me that at the movies his folks always brought along a blanket for him.
    With that he grinned at me and told me that his car had the latest equipment for keeping a movie goer warm. He had electric wrap around seat covers. He reached across me and then raised my butt up to pull the edge of his king-sized electric blanket out from under me and covered me up with it. He reached over to the dash board—coffee table—and adjusted his heater controls and told me to let him know when I was hot. I was so fucking hot that I was about to blow in my shorts, but I couldn't tell him that.
    He pulled his side of the blanket over him and scooted really close to me. We were sitting on the blanket and had it wrapped around us so it was like getting real hot and his being right up against me made me really hot and his breath…Oh fuck, his breath was right on my chest as he rested his head on my left shoulder and wrapped his right arm around me.
    I wanted to grab my peenie and move it around to where it was more comfortable, but I didn't want to grab myself in front of him. Then there came this one part in the movie where Shia LaBeouf looks at Megan Fox like he's gonna kiss her and all and Lexy turned to look at me and then his lips touched mine. I sat there stunned. I didn't kiss him back, I didn't go all ballistic, I just sat there staring at him.
    He sat and looked at me with this weird look on his face and almost pulled away. "That was good." I said very softly. He moved back and looked at me again then moved in to kiss me again, only that time he reached down and grabbed my peenie. He smiled at me then kissed me hard. I felt his tongue on my lips and remembered hearing about tongue kissing from some of the other guys so I sorta opened my mouth a little.
    Lexy turned in his seat and put his right hand on the back of my head while he held a death grip on my peenie and stuck his tongue against my teeth waiting for me to open up all of the way. When I did open my mouth I was filled with so much wonder that my peenie jerked in his hand and I felt him squeeze me real hard. His tongue raced around inside of my mouth as he licked my teeth and the roof of my mouth then did battle with my tongue for the right to dominate my mouth.
    I was about ready to surrender my mouth to him when he pulled back to get his breath. I wasn't through with the battle so I chased his tongue out of my mouth and attacked the inside of his in the same manner that he had attacked me. I found popcorn in his teeth and a sweet taste that could only be him. I threw my arms around him and we pulled each other close then had to break for a breath.
    I was briefly disappointed when he pushed away from me, but then he bent down and pulled the elastic top of my briefs down and took my peenie into his mouth. I couldn't help it, I blew my wad. I didn't have time to say nothing or to push him away or nothing. He just kept my peenie in his mouth as I shot my sperms harder than I had ever done in all of my dreams about him all summer long.
    I had to push him away when it started to hurt and he rose up to look at me. "I have wanted to do that for more than a year and I thought that I would die all summer when we never got a chance to be together. You taste so much better than I do. I like your cum and you can shoot in my mouth anytime that you want."
    I sat there speechless as he watched my face. I felt the tears as I looked into his eyes. I was in love with him, but I was stunned by what he had said and what he had done. I had wanted that to happen all summer long and he was telling me that he wanted it for even longer and all. I guess he thought that I was mad 'cause he started to move away so I grabbed him and pulled him in to kiss him again. I tasted my sperms inside his mouth and I licked and probed as I tried to get all of them back again.
    "You really, like, wanted to do that for a year? That is so kewl. I wanted to do you all summer too." I reached for his underwear, but he pulled away. He made a big deal out of shutting off the movie, which we weren't watching nohow. Then he turned off the car's heater and opened his car door. He got out of the car and walked around to open my door for me. He bent over and helped me to my feet then he kissed me when I got all stood up next to him.
    He bent over and picked me up into his strong arms and carried me to his bedroom and laid me on his bed. He stood there looking down at me for a minute then he reached over and pulled my underwear all of the way off of me leaving all naked and just laying there watching him. He was watching me. He stood there and tears rolled down his face, "I love you so fucking much that it hurts. Don't hate me cause I'm a fag. I could not stand it if you hate me."
    He looked so vunerble…vunerable…whatever…just standing there so I got up and wrapped my arms 'round him. I reached down and felt of his big, long peenie but it weren't no peenie it were a big long dick. It was a dick like I always dreamed of him having and I had it in my hand and all. I kinda sorta got all carried away and I was like jacking him and all and he squirted his goop all over my hand and all so I raised my hand up and licked it off and it tasted so good that I just dropped down and ripped his underwear away and sucked his biggest dick that the world had ever seen.
    He grabbed me by my ears and pulled me up then pushed me back against the bed and got up on top of me and we started to grind our middles together like all of them stories talk 'bout on Nifty and I got to feeling so good that I thought that I would cum again, but Lexy stopped and turned 'round so his dick were in my face and mine were in his and we started to suck each other at the same time. That was so good and we both loved it and we both got our rocks into each other's mouth at the same time and he held on to me with my peenie buried all of the way in his mouth and cried getting me all wet with his tears.
    I turned 'round and put my face 'ginst his and licked at his tears and snot and told him that it was okay, that I loved him and he said that he was all queer and that I should hate him, but after I fucked his queer ass. Oh man, I wanted to fuck him. I wanted him to fuck me. I dreamed 'bout his dick in my ass all summer as I stuck my finger up in there and played with my peenie and it felt so good and I dreamed that it was Lexy fucking me, but now that I seen his real dick and all…I had to have that in my butt.
    I looked 'round and didn't see no rubbers, "Got any protection shit?"
    "What, condoms? Don't need 'em, babe. You're clean and I'm clean. Memember your visit to the doctor last week?" I did, but how did he know. It turned out that my dad talked to his dad and they sorta thought that we might do some sex stuff or something so his dad told my dad 'bout his doctor that would give me the kind of exam for school sports that would make sure that I was healthy all the way.
    We went to this Dr. Tip and he was nice and all, but he kept smiling at me. Dad sat in the doctor's room with me and I was so embarrassed to stand there all naked and everything then the doctor told me that he was gonna check my spunk and my butt and I turned all red and wanted to run away, but dad told me that it was something that all guy's have to do when they get older, but check my spunk? What did that mean. I found out.
    The doctor like put his finger up side my balls and told me to turn my head and cough so I did and he said that I was good so I thought that it was over. He had me turn 'round and he got this big old long cotton ball on the end of a stick and stuck it up in my butt then he put some grease on his finger then stuck that up in my ass. I jumped so high that he had to put his hand on my shoulder to keep me on the ground. His finger was bigger than mine and it sorta felt…well, I guess it felt good 'cause I got a woody and dad just smiled at me.
    The doctor placed a little glass thingy in front of me and told me that he was going to make me spunk up and that I shouldn't mess up his floor and table so I should shoot into the bottle thingy then he started to rub his finger in and out of my butt hole and he was making me feel real good and I forgot about dad being there and all that and I got a big nut into the bottle thingy.
    The doctor handed me some tissues to wipe the grease from my ass and the spunk from my peenie and I got all red again. He held up the bottle thingy and smiled as dad patted me on the back. The doctor was wiping the cotton ball all over a weird little plate with red wax stuff in it. He called it a peter dish and said that he was gonna see if I had any bugs up my butt. I giggled.
    Lexy was still talking while I membered that and he goes, "Well, I went through that same physical with that same doctor and he did the same things to me then he called yesterday and told my dad that both of us was clean and that we had a good sperm count so we is safe to have sex with each other and not worry about no disease or nothing." Lexy can be so sexy when he talks like that, all serious and like. "I really want you to fuck me and make me be queer."
    "I can't fuck you Lexy. I want to love you so much, but you got to do me first then you won't be queer lest I am too."
    He looked at me with his eyes crossed, "What?"
    "I love you, Lexy. I always loved you. I just didn't know it till I couldn't see you all summer like and it hurt so much that I couldn't be with you and do all that we coulda done all summer and all. I don't know 'bout all this sex. I want it, I want it more than I want anything in the whole world 'cause it will be with you and I want all of you in me and on me and up me and over me and…just do me. Please?"
    He grabbed me and the kissing began and the grinding began and I got so hot that I almost messed him up, but he turned and sucked me just in time and I shot more of my stuff in his mouth then he kissed me and he hadn't swallowed none of it and I got to taste all of my suff and I pushed it back into his mouth and he pushed it back into mine and we just did that until I stuck my finger up his ass and wiggled it 'round and round and he shot his juice all over both of us.
    He asked me why I stuck my finger up his ass and I told him that I had to open his hole up if he wanted me to fuck him and he told me that he didn't know that so I told him that it would hurt if we didn't open each other up first and he thought 'bout that and said okay so I told him to open me 'cause he had to fuck me first. Now I had stuck my finger up my ass for months, but they never felt as good as Lexy's finger. His fingers sorta went in more and they sorta felt 'round to places that I never felt and they felt so much gooder, but I had to have his dick in my ass so I pulled my legs back and told him to fuck me or I was gonna go home.
    A dick is better than a finger, but I guess that you knew that already. I put my legs up 'round Lexy's neck and locked my ankles together and let him fuck deep up in me as long as he could. I put my shoulders on the bed and lifted my ass up and down with my arms pushing against the bed so that he was getting deeper in me than he did before I done that. Oh that felt so good. The deeper he got the harder he got and the more stars I seen and I got so hard that my peenie just began to spew out and some of it got all the way into my mouth and Lexy said that was so kewl.
    He filled my butt with his cream and I wanted to bend over and suck it back out and I told him 'bout some guys on the internet feltched their cum back out of their boyfriend's ass. He looked at me all funny like and I told him he weren't really queer, just a gay wad that liked to suck dick and fuck my ass. He bent over and locked his lips to my ass and sucked then he bent over my face and kissed me. I never tasted ass before, not even mine, but it weren't that bad coming from Lexy's mouth.
    He fell to my side and panted for breath, but I was ready to go so I leaned over and tasted more of my ass as I sucked his dick all clean and stuff. Lexy told me that I was queer and that he really loved me. He wanted to know if I could fuck him so that he could suck his ass off of my cock. I looked at him and asked him if I had a cock. He stared at me and I told him that I never thought of it as anything but my peenie. He laughed so hard that he fell back on the bed and held his sides as tears poured out of his eyes.
    He called me a doof, but he told me that I was his doof and that I should never change. He told me that I had a beautiful cock and that it was just perfect. He got up and grabbed a tape measure then stroked me up till I got real hard like. He pushed my foreskin back, I ain't got as much as him 'cause he said that I was cut as a baby and they got the tip of it and I wondered 'bout why my mother would let somebody cut me then I thought 'bout how she always talks bad 'bout sex and stuff and figured that she probably wanted to fix me so that I couldn't never have sex. Well she didn't know what Lexy does for me, he would give a eunuch and hard on.
    He told me that I was five and a half inches long and five inches around. I took the tape and measured him and he was almost six inches long and five and a quarter inches around, plus he had a long foreskin that turned into a flower on the end of his dick that I wanted to pick with my teeth, so I did. He yelped so I stuck my tongue under there and licked all around and listened to him moan as he humped my face and filled my mouth with his great tasting cum. I told him that I wanted to stick a straw down his dick and drink his cum all day long, but he told me that a straw would go into his bladder and all I could drink would be piss and that didn't sound so good to me.
    He spread his legs and looked up at me with big old puppy dog eyes. "Please fuck me now." I got up 'tween his knees and looked down at his ass all turned up there and everything and my heart just kinda stopped at the real beauty of that sight in front of me. I had to kiss his ass, well…okay, his ass hole, but it was the same idea. His hole tasted just like him, sweet and sexy. I got all carried away as I slurped and slobbered and let my tongue go all of the way up inside of him.
    He was moaning and thrashing about and banging his fists on the bed and grabbing my head and yelling that he was going to cum so I took his cock in my mouth and he started banging away at my face. I just put two fingers up in his ass hole and fucked them around as I let his dick fuck in and out of my mouth at supersonic speed and then he got all tight and tense like and I knew that he was 'bout to splode his load into my mouth and I wanted it so bad.
    I scooted up so that I could get all of his dick down my throat and all and my cock touched his ass and I moved my fingers and my cock just sorta slipped inside, but I couldn't no longer suck his dick 'cause I couldn't bend over that far, but the feeling 'round my cock was all heaven and stuff. I looked at Lexy's eyes and they was all squinched shut tight and there was this look of like pain on his cute face, cut I knew 'bout that from reading on-line and stuff so I just waited and held my cock still for a minute or two.
    When he opened his eyes he sorta smiled at me and I pushed more inside of him and bent over and kissed his lips. He giggled and put his heels into my ass and pulled me up in him and I shoved my cock as far as it would go then stopped again for a minute. His hands were running over the side of my head and he was licking my lungs, from the inside, so I began to pull back. Just like the stories say, he began to moan and fuck back at me.
    I sped up my pumping as the feelings on my cock got so good that I almost wanted to cry in happiness. I had to raise up a bit so that I could really go at his ass and he moaned and told me how gooder it felt than he thought that it would and stuff so I wanted to make him feel real good as I began to pump for all of my life to pour out my cock and into his ass 'cause I love him so much.
    I was so tired after I fucked Lexy that I just lay down and tried to breathe 'cause I was so dizzy and all. Lexy rolled over and began to lick at my cock and that felt kinda weird 'cause I had just cumed and all, but he got me all hard and loving him again so I got him up on top of me and decided that I had to go after that ass of his so I spread his legs apart and got a good look at his hole. It was all huge like and my cum just sorta ran out and down his balls and all so I had to lick at it and it tasted sorta good so I just kept licking all of the way up into his hole and all.
    I felt sorta weird and had to shake Lexy, he was asleep with my cock in his mouth and he was snoring which made me feel real good. I decided that I was kinda tired too so I went to sleep with him like laying up on top of me and that felt real good like and I took his dick into my mouth and didn't remember nothing until it got all dark outside and I had to go pee real bad.
    Lexy had rolled over beside me so I rose up off of the bed and headed to the bathroom, but he ran passed me and tried to lock the door until I told him that I would go pee in his shoes so he let me in and we headed to the pot and peed at the same time. He wrinkled his nose at me and turned 'round and turned on the shower and told me that I needed it bad and I told him that he smelled like cum and shit so he got into the shower with me and we washed each other all over and that was real fun.
    We was both tired 'cause it were so late so we went back to bed and kissed and held each other and woke up like that Saturday morning when we got up and he popped toaster waffles in to cook and put sausage patties in the microwave and I poured milk then we went in and watched movies until mid-afternoon when we had to stop for a fuck and such break and I had him fuck me so good that I loved him all over again. Then we sorta napped together then we watched some movie on TV before we went to his bed and I fucked him til we both fell asleep.

    We heard a knocking at the door and it was getting real loud like so we put our underwear on and ran to the door where he opened it and stepped back. My mam, she stood at the door yelling, like always. "Why are you boys naked? What is wrong with you? Go get some clothes on."
    "Mam, we were asleep. We have our underwear on, we ain't naked." I yelled back at her. I saw my dad walking up the sidewalk and my heart felt all good and stuff.
    "Margie, leave the boys alone. They are fine. We told Dwane that he could stay here until tomorrow, what are you doing here?"
    "I came over to get him, and it's a good thing that I did too. He's in there naked with Alex. They must be doing all…who knows what. They'll bring ruin down on their souls is what they'll do. They're naked…"
    Dad looked at me and rolled his eyes. Mam had lost it. "Dwane, you and Alex go on back to bed. It is only seven o'clock and you still have one more day left to sleep in before school starts for the fall term."
    "Ewww, don't remind me." Dad is always so cool. He don't let mam pull her crap so she waits til he's not around. I wondered why she was at the door before dad came walking up the street.

    Monday me and Lexy got up and cleaned his house and opened the doors and windows and used two cans of air freshener to get the smell out of the house before his dad came home which he did 'bout eleven, but he had my dad with him and we sat down together to talk while Lexy and his dad went somewhere to give us some privacy I guess.
    Dad told me that he and mam had split up and that he was not going to be there when I went home and I cried 'cause I know that my mam gets real bitchy when dad ain't 'round to get her to be quiet like. I told dad that I had a right to say who I wanted to live with cause my friend Nate got to say and he stayed with his dad until the summer then he moved away.
    Dad told me that I did have the right to say, but that mam would really get mad and all and I told him that I was afraid of her when he wasn't there and he wanted to know why and I told him how she would get in my face and yell at me 'cause my sheets were messed up and she thought that I was some sex pervert and she told me that she would cut my peenie off if she found out that I was doing things to myself. She waited until dad went to work and then she would come in and check my bed and my underwear and everything so I had taken care not to mess those things up and used lots of tissues which I flushed away a quick as I did things to myself so that she wouldn't find them.
    Dad got all mad and told me that I was right to tell him. He said that what she did bordered on abuse 'cause I was a normal teenage boy. My mam came up to the door while we was talking and she told me to get my things so that we could go home and she and my dad started to yell at each other. They don't really yell too much, but lately they go at it all the time that my dad is home so he works late and goes in early to stay away from her. He told her that I wanted to live with him and that he thought that would be okay so she could go home and she told him that she would call the police and make me go home with her and she got her cell phone and called the police.
    They came and she yelled at them then Lexy's dad came out and told them that she should leave 'cause she was upsetting his son and all so they told her that I was of age to say where I wanted to live and since there was no court papers or nothing then they could not make me go with her if I didn't want to so they made her leave and me and dad sat back down and he told me that he had moved into grandma's house and I wanted to go live there more than anything 'cause it was just down the street from Lexy and I could see him everyday before school and after too.
    Dad asked the police if they could go with us to our house and get my clothes and things and they talked on their radios and this other man and a woman came and they went with us to our old house and waited while I got my computer and bike and dad made me get my clothes and school stuff that he had bought for me and we put everything into his car and we left and I was so happy as mom stood there looking nasty at me.

    Lexy and his dad had diner with us at grandma's house and we talked 'til around eight when dad said that I had to get ready for bed 'cause I had school the next day. I sorta screwed up when I kissed Lexy in the hallway and his dad saw us and I thought that we was busted, but he called my dad to see and we could see them holding hands and smiling at us and we got to wonder what was happening, but it was time for them to go and me to get ready for bed. Sometimes rents can be so frustrating and all 'cause they won't tell what's going on or nothing.

    High school is such a bust. Lexy and me don't got no class together, 'cept P.E. That is sorta fun cause I get to see him all naked and stuff in the shower, but he told me to quit staring at him afore I chubbed up and everybody knew I was a fag.
    Coach like made us go out and play touch football, but he weren't nice. He kept calling all the boys girls and sissies and stuff that made me real mad. Me and Lexy kept talking to each other and the coach called us pansies. He told us he didn't want no more cocksuckers on his school. He told us that he lost his best player to some fag school, but it was better that he was there than sucking all his other men. I wondered if there was a fag school. Did they teach how to be gay?
    I got all called up to the office like just when school let out and mam stood there with the vice-principal and told me that I was going home with her and that she didn't want to hear any lip from me so I told her that I was living with dad and that I would wait until he came to tell me that I had to go with her so she hit me. She hit me! I don't mean a slap on the face, she balled up her fist and socked me in the nose and made it all bleed and stuff and when I fell back she kicked me in the side and the vice-principal grabbed her and the security guard grabbed her and the police came and put cuffs on her and took her away.
    When I got home from school Lexy and me went to the kitchen for some food and dad was talking to this one guy that sat there drinking coffee and staring at us. Dad wanted to know how our day went and I got all mad and stuff and told him 'bout that stupid coach.
    That man was some kinda shrink or something. He kept asking me how that made me feel. That's what them shrinks do on TV so I stared at him. He is a real good starer, he locked his eyes on me and we sat there doing this stare down when Lexy told him that I ain't never been beat so he should give up.
    I got beat. I never stared so long, never. My eyes were burning and he just kept staring at me. He had a smile on his face that made me so mad 'cause I wanted to beat him, but he was good when he won. He rubbed my head and told me that I was a champion. He said that I gave him a real fight. He asked if I could fight that hard for a football team. I told him that I weren't gonna play for coach, noway, nohow.
    He and dad sorta talked then dad called up Lexy's dad to come over and they all talked. Me and Lexy was kicking it with my Wii when dad led that man into my bedroom with Lexy's dad there too. I found out that there is a fag school and that they teach boys how to be men and stuff. That man said that we had to get good grades or he would not let us stay at his school, but if we wanted then we could go there the next day.
    There were a knock at the front door and I answered it as dad came up behind me. It was two policemen and a woman that showed dad her badge. I hadn't told dad 'bout mam hitting me, he thought that maybe I had been hit playing football and all. The police talked to my dad and me for a few minutes then dad called that shrink man to come in and sit down and they got to talking then that man pulled out a badge and the police got all stiff and called him sir and stuff.
    I found out that mam kinda lost it with the police and she tried to hit one of them and she was screaming and cussing at them, which I thought were strange 'cause she don't never cuss. They took to the physc ward at the county hospital and they were charging her. They wanted dad to sign a complaint against her for hitting and kicking me and dad looked at me and I sorta figured that she needs help so I told him to go ahead then I cried.

    I never been to such a cool school. It is all boys and they is all so polite and they know stuff. They tell me that I gotta learn to talk right and I told them that I did, but they said that I would learn 'cause the teachers didn't like the way I talk and all. I guess that is okay 'cause the school is nice and I wanna learn, but I wanna play football.
    They made me and Lexy dress out and run some plays with them while they practiced. The coach was real strict and he blew his whistle a lot, but he didn't talk bad to us. He told us what he wanted and he had some boys show us and we did it right and he said that we would make good players 'cause we listen and learn. That made me feel all proud and stuff.
    We met that kid from the other school what that coach said was a fag and all, but he weren't no fag. He just wanted to play football on a winning team under a coach that treated his boys right. He rubbed our heads and told us that we would do good in this school and that he would be there for us, if we needed him. Oh, his name were Konrad and I found Nate there too, that is so kewl.

    I guess me and Lexy will go back to that school tomorrow. They got this one old kid that drives a van to pick us up in the morning so I gotta get my shit together and get my ass to bed so that I can be up and ready real early tomorrow. So goodnight and I hope that you like my story, and oh, we did get to watch all them movies and we had sexy fun while doing it.

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