I guess I better start off by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Josh, and at the time of this story, I am 13 years old. I am pretty big for my age, standing a good 5'9" and weigh somewhere close to 160 pounds. I have curly brown hair and my eyes are greenish blue. I don't have the six pack abs, nor do I live with a set of weights in my hand, but I am certainly not fat by any means. I am just your typical, extremely active, 13 year old who is being raised by two very protective parents, miles away from the bustling city.

Living way out in the country has its ups and downs, but here is where my life, or hormones, got way out of control. My best friend, Gary Clark, who is the same age as me, lives in the city. Ever since first grade, he and I have been best friends. It wasn't until about a year ago that I discovered the joys of masturbation. I was out playing in the woods when you can say that I jacked my erect five inch pole into a sperm shooting frenzy. Since I am an only child, and my parents are so protective, sex was something that was never discussed. I had no clue as to what I actually did, but I did know that jacking my cock felt pretty damn good. After about the third or fourth time, I found myself fantasizing about Gary.

Here is where I will describe Gary as best as I can, but believe me, no words can truly describe his pure natural beauty and give him the justice he so rightfully deserves. Gary stands about 5'3" and probably weighs around 100 pounds soaking wet. He has wavy dirty blonde hair which he keeps cut just below the neck line and combed straight back, parted down the middle. Just like the rest of him, his face is narrow with dimples impaling both slender and hairless cheeks. The best way I can describe his nose is by calling it a little button with about 3 or 4 tiny freckles bordering along the bridge. If his natural born spectacular of a gorgeous face wasn't enough to draw your attention, then his ocean blue metallic eyes would.

Like I mentioned earlier, Gary and I had became the best of friends. Since I was one of the largest guys at school, and everyone knew of our friendship, for whatever reason, the school yard bullies always left Gary alone. Though we were the best of friends we never did the same kind of things that best friends did together. We never had sleepovers, nor did we visit the others home. Be it at school, or playing baseball at the youth playground, those were pretty much the only times we shared together. At this point, only in my dreams had I ever seen Gary naked, and as time went on, my obvious dreams consisted of Gary, and Gary alone.

We were on the same baseball team ever since I could remember, and the classes at school we shared, we always sat right next to one another. Actually, I don't even know how to begin with my growing obsession over Gary, but I will start at being in school during recess. For obvious reasons, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him as we both sat on a bench eating our sandwiches. It was then that I noticed more of his intricate perfect facial details. His hair was dirty blonde and his eyebrows are a light dusting of mild brown, thin and perfectly layered. Gary's eyelashes are long and curled upwards and are in the same coloration as his eyebrows.

With each bite of his sandwich, I burned holes into his seemingly silk like flesh. Naturally, I sat there with one heck of a aching erection confined inside my underwear and tight blue jeans. As Gary finished eating, he stood up to throw the trash in the garbage can a few feet from where we were sitting. He was wearing a blue pull over t-shirt that was tucked inside his very tight denim jeans. As he walked the few short feet away, my eyes locked themselves onto his little butt. Gary's butt was so small that you could barely see the formation of his butt cheeks, but to me, this was just another reason to be obsessed with his every being.

As Gary walked back, my eyes fell onto his crotch. I must have became a little too transfixed onto his barely noticeable crotch, because Gary broke my deep thought by jokingly saying,

"Damn Josh, you look like you want to eat my dick!"

He had no clue, but that's exactly what I wanted to do. In my dreams, and only in my dreams, I had sucked Gary's dick on a daily ritual type basis, but to reply to his statement, I slung out,

"Yeah, right! I don't need a toothpick right now!"

We both sort of forced out a laugh, but it was then that I realized that this was the very first time we had even mentioned anything remotely close to sex before. All of our conversations were pretty much based around baseball, and that's it.

Here is where another obsession over Gary took place. His natural aroma. No matter where we were, at school or playing baseball, Gary always seemed to smell something like a mild baby powder. Even during those hot summer days playing baseball, when Gary would walk by me, dripping in sweat, my nostrils always captured the same breathtaking aroma. I had nobody I could talk to, and after hearing about gays at school, I thought better of relinquishing my secret, even to Gary, the object of my every thought and desire.

As time went on, so did my abnormal thoughts concerning Gary. Somehow, someway, I had convinced myself that Gary was not like me at all. In my mind, I had told myself that Gary was incapable of taking a dump. He was too gorgeous and smelled too good to be able to do anything as normal as that, or at least, that's what I had led myself to faithfully believe. In the privacy of my room or hidden in the woods, I always pretended I was telling Gary about my obsession over him. Face to face, now that is another story. I simply didn't have the guts to go through with it, though the truth was absorbing my every thought.

During a baseball game, I always found a reason to pat Gary on the butt. Just feeling his thin globes through the stretch pants felt so miserably good. My eyes began hurting from staring at his face, crotch, and ass all the time, be it at school or playing baseball. My life was changing and I had already figured I was gay or simply just plain sick. I had never even seen Gary without a shirt, but in my dreams, his body was simply perfect and his dick varied in many shapes and sizes.

I'll remember this day for as long as I live. It was after school and we were at baseball practice. The next game was our biggest, and if we won, we would win the championship. It was directly after practice when Gary and his dad walked over to me. Mr. Clark shook my hand then stated,

"Josh, you and Gary have been the best of friends ever since elementary school. We were wondering if you would like to spend the weekend with Gary. His mother and I have to go out of town and we would feel much better if you were there to keep him company. If it's okay with you, I'll call your parents and get their permission."

Like I even had to think about it! I fired back,

"Yes sir! I'd like that, I'd like that very much sir!"

Mr. Clark smiled then came back,

"That's a deal, but on one condition! On Friday, you got to pitch your heart out so we can win the championship!"

Mr. Clark shot me a wink and he and Gary walked to their car. To say I was excited would have been the biggest understatement of this lifetime, or any other for that matter. My biggest concern was my parents. Not so much my mom, but my dad. Plainly speaking, he's an asshole!

I don't know how Mr. Clark did it, but he did. My parents reluctantly agreed to let me spend the weekend with Gary. The only thing my father said to me was,

"If you go and do something stupid, I promise you, you wont be able to take a shit through those ass cheeks for a long time!"

I gave him my compliance and he just shot me an evil I mean it kind of look. Just to digress a bit, we had already one the division championship after getting beat twice. Now, we were playing for the overall championship against a team that had not been beaten. It was already established I would be pitching and boy did everyone on our team take a lot of hazing from the other team. I guess they had deserved their bragging rights, cause no team even came remotely close to beating them. Obviously, we were the underdogs, but I was thinking more about staying at Gary's than worrying about the BIG game.

Friday evening, all the talk was about to be over, and to be quite honest, and without boasting, I felt so powerful I could have whipped Popeye after he gulped down a ton of spinach. The pitcher for the other team threw a fast ball that looked like a bolt of lightning. Gary was our lead off batter and he struck out, followed by the next two. To skip through the drama, I had hit a home run in the top of the fifth inning. Purely by accident! I just swung the bat hoping that he threw the ball where I was swinging, and he did! Now, it was the bottom of the sixth and we were ahead one to nothing. An error and my ability to miss the strike zone, I found myself with the bases loaded with one out and the third and clean up hitter to deal with.

Gary called time out and jogged up to the mound. Placing a glove over his mouth, he whispered,

"Josh, you strike this fucker out and I'll suck your dick!"

He said what he said and strutted back to shortstop, leaving me standing there to think about his words. A never before experienced surge of energy shot through my body like volts of electricity. I guess the batter saw the look on my face as well as I stepped back onto the mound. I didn't strike him out, but he did hit a pathetic pop up directly back at me.

Now, there was two outs and their cleanup hitter was in the batters box. I knew the guy real well and knew he could hit like crazy. I did strike him out earlier, but only after he hit two foul balls that would have easily went over the wall had they been fair. My first two pitches were called balls, and Gary once again, yelled time out. He came up to me holding the glove over his mouth and whispered,

"The offer still stands! You strike this fucker out and I'll suck your dick dry!"

He jogged back into position and I evened up the count, two balls and two strikes. To stall for time, the other coach called a time out. Gary came back up to the mound smiling from ear to ear and whispered,

"One more strike and you get your dick sucked!"

I reared back and unleashed the fastest fast ball I had ever thrown. The sickening thud of the bat blistering the ball stole my heart. I didn't even know where the ball was and only the roar of the crowd shattered my ear canals. It wasn't until our entire team basically tackled me was when I realized someone must have caught the ball and we had won. Even during all of the hugs and on the field celebration, I still managed to cop of feel of Gary's rather small, but extremely firm ass.

Gary lived three streets up from the playground in a very nice neighborhood. My house could pretty much fit inside his leaving plenty of room to spare. On the walk to his house, we spoke about the game. Naturally, it felt pretty good to know that I hit the winning home run and was able to pitch a shut out against a team that was known to crush their opponents.

His house was two stories and was beautifully decorated to blissful perfection. He had the entire upstairs to himself and as we walked up the stairs, I was behind him, doing my best to keep both eyes on his outlining jutting butt while taking deep breaths inhaling his spine tingling aroma. As we entered his room, I was dazed at all the stuff he had. Gary slept on a king sized bed while I slept on a single. He had a computer and a giant television where I had neither. A telephone and a massive stereo system also joined his room, to which all I had was a little boom box and certainly no phone. Gary's closet seemed bigger than my entire bedroom and he showed me his own bathroom. We only have one and Gary had a huge one all to himself. The bathtub alone, was three times the size as the one in my home and the shower stall could easily fit four or five adults with three shower heads on either side of the shower walls.

Gary even had a small refrigerator next to his bed filled with juices and sodas. Everything in his room had a place, and nothing was just tossed onto the floor. Just like him, even his room was perfect! Gary took my overnight bag that I had carried and placed it on the bed. He whipped around and said,

"I've got to take a shower, I stink!"

I just looked at him and inwardly thought that the aroma his nostrils were inhaling was the purest form of the most powerful aphrodisiac known to mankind. The faintest hint of baby powder blistered my lungs with every breath. Gary opened up several drawers to retrieve his underwear and shorts, leaving me alone in his bedroom.

Once I heard the shower running, I began looking through the same drawer I watched him get his underwear out of. Holding up a pair of white bikini briefs, I was amazed at just how small he really is. I don't know why I did it, but I did. I began sniffing his underwear hoping to find the remnants of his sweet aroma, but they only smelled of clean fabric. I gave up rifling through his drawers and just stood by his bathroom door, which was closed. For obvious reasons, like a stealth thief, I tried the doorknob to see if it had been locked. It turned easily, as I sort of slowly pushed the door wide enough to peek my head through. The bathroom was filled with steam as I tip toed inside.

On the floor to my right, lay all of his clothes in a nice and neat pile. I pillaged through his clothes, smelling one article of clothing then the next. I can't explain why I was doing this, but I was. I found his white bikini briefs balled up and they were soaking wet from his sweat. I turned them inside out and the only distraction from the bright white was a couple of little driblets of pee stain. I searched them for any signs of his pubic hair, but none was found. I raised them to my nostrils and inhaled deeper than I thought possible. Even his sweat soaked underwear smelled of baby powder. Having to think no more, I instinctively stuffed his underwear inside my mouth.

The taste of his crotch sweat, sent my legs to a sudden shiver, forcing my knees to almost buckle. It was though I was sampling some powerful mind controlling concoction. The battle to suck his sweat from his underwear controlled my every sickening thought and I was baffled that I was even doing such a thing. After sucking his underwear with so much force, the only taste I was now getting was just the fabric. I balled his underwear back up and placed it directly where I got it from. Leaving his clothes in peace, I snuck up to the side of the shower door. Because of all the steam, I was unable to see inside the glass. All I knew was that Gary was behind that glass door, completely naked.

I stretched and did my best to see something, but the steam was like a canvass, preventing my view of penetrating the thickness. Giving up on trying to steal a glance, I walked over to the toilet. The lid was up and with the sickest thought, I even sniffed the toilet bowl. I don't know what I was trying to find, but all I knew was that everything I had done, only raised my desires and obsession over Gary that much more.

When I heard the shower handle turning, I literally ran out of the bathroom, sneakily closing the door behind me. I waited for sometime for Gary to exit the bathroom. Instead of him coming out, I heard his bathtub water start running. Some while later, Gary opened the bathroom door and shot me an awesome smile, then angelically said,

"After that game, you deserve a nice quiet hot bath. I got the water ready for you. Come on!"

I followed him into his bathroom and watched as the steam sweltered up from the bubbly water. I was just standing there when Gary swatted me on the butt and said,

"You can't get in there with those clothes on. Get undressed Josh, don't be a pussy!"

I thought he would leave, but instead, he stood right there watching me shuck my shirt off. I peeled off my sweaty socks and just sort of looked at him as the only items of clothing that remained was my pants and underwear. Gary didn't even budge a muscle, but just stood there with his arms folded offering me his gorgeous heart stopping smile. I slid my pants off and was now in only my underwear, but thank heavens, my dick was a bit too nervous to react to his awesome beauty. I must have hesitated a bit too long, cause Gary said,

"Damn Josh, it's just a dick dude. Hurry up and get into the water before it gets cold!"

I yanked down my underwear and tried my best to step into the water as fast as possible, but the water was hot, a little too hot for my taste. Gary stood right there watching me dance in the hot water, causing my flaccid cut three inches to swing wildly in the air. My balls were doing a swinging of their own as well. I have low hangers and even at this young age, they had dropped a good two or so inches into the sac. I had pubic hair, but nothing that could really be called a bush. My sac had just a few wisps of little black hairs scattered here and there.

Finally, after some doing, I was able to slide into the tub. The water was soothing and whatever Gary put in it, smelled heavenly. Once I managed to get all the way inside the huge tub, I noticed what Gary was wearing for the first time since he exited from his shower. He was wearing a ragged pair of cut off jeans that looked like they might have been cut a wee bit too short, but I certainly wasn't the one who was going to offer any complaints. His chest was as bare as a baby's bottom and his bright pink tiny nipples stuck out offering themselves as a defined delicacy. His lean and solid stomach was not shaped as in a six pack, but just from first glance, I could tell he was solid as a rock. My eyes lowered to study his tiny belly button. From my birds eye view, it appeared to be barely poking inwardly.

I stared at his crotch, but even in those short shorts, I couldn't distinguish anything at all. His thighs were slender as well and my eyes couldn't spot a single hair form, not even peach fuzz, anywhere, including his glistening shins. The other thing that could easily be noticed was that Gary spent a lot of time getting a perfect bronze tan everywhere the eyes could see. Soaking in the tub and absorbing his entire perfection only forced my soap hidden cock to stand straight at attention. Gary interrupted my dream world by saying,

"Shit Josh, you keep looking at me as if I was some frigging buffet!"

He wasn't wrong from his suspicion, but I casually played it off by adding,

"I aint the one who has to suck my dick! Remember the game!"

Gary slung his head back and forced out a laugh, then fired back,

"Fuck you dude, you didn't strike him out. You through a strike all right, and the dude crushed it. If Timmy (center fielder) hadn't jumped up and snagged the ball, they would have easily won!"

I knew he was right, but I had to play off the obvious stare at his gorgeous body. Gary stayed with me the entire time I soaked in the tub. He even stood by while I toweled myself dry. Everything was going pretty well, me being naked with a flaccid cock, until Gary shot a finger straight between the crack of my butt, hitting my asshole, and saying,
"Tickle, tickle, tickle!"

Never before having someone else's finger touch me there sent chills racing up and down my spine, adding to the fact that the finger belonged to Gary, caused my once sleeping cock to stand straight at attention. Harder than a brick wall, I was standing in his bathroom with my cock sticking straight out in front of me as if it were a bird dog. All proud six inches was directly within his plain view. Since he stole my towel, I had nothing to cover myself up with. Gary pointed at my erect cock and laughingly sang,

"You got a boner, you got a boner, Josh has a hard on, Josh has a hard on!"

I reached out to try and grab the towel, but Gary held onto it for dear life. During the struggle I snatched the towel which only caused Gary to crash into me. I almost fainted when I felt his soft hands strike my hard cock, then without any shame, Gary reached under me with his left hand and grabbed onto my balls. He didn't try and yank them, nor did he squeeze them, he more or less, just cupped them. My cock head was pressed up against his stomach and just from the pure feel of his body stole my every breath.

Gary was looking down at my cock when he whispered,

"A bets a bet!"

I was in total shock as Gary sank to his knees and as soon as his slender snake like tongue struck the head of my cock, I literally cried out. Gary used his tongue to swarm my mushroom head while gently caressing my balls. I had heard of blow-jobs before, but not until this very moment, had I ever felt one. Gary ran his tongue up and down my shaft, taking the time to bathe my balls. My whole body was trembling as I watched in awe as he opened his tiny mouth and sucked in nearly all the way down to my pubic area. His teeth never came into play as he slowly bobbed his head up and down on my cock, bringing my mushroom head into view and licked all around it with his tongue, then slowly sank his mouth all the way back down.

His right hand massaged my balls while his left hand began kneading into the cheeks of my butt, digging his fingers into my flesh while searching for my crack. My breathing was erratic as my body convulsed beyond my control. The fiery heat from within his little mouth singed my cock as it began rapidly darting in and out. Gary gagged more than a few times sucking on my cock, but he never slowed down, always swallowing my cock to the root. My hands fell to his head and began relishing in the texture of the illustrious texture of his soft hair. His finger struck my hole and began to apply the slightest of pressure while increasing his cock sucking rhythm. I was more than blind with lust as I could feel my cum begin to boil. I yelled out to warn Gary, but he only tightened his grip on my nuts, and the pressure on my asshole gave way, causing his finger to dip right in. The finger shot all the way up my ass forcing me to crawl up on my toes and not being able to exhale.

My sperm shot out of my piss slit leaving me with the thought I had just torn it in two. It burned severely as my sperm shot out of my dick, feeling as though my cum exploded from my cock, straight into Gary's hot little mouth. I could hear him swallowing my sperm as his head furiously bobbed up and down on my spitting boy meat. His finger dove in and out, striking something in the process, giving me the impression my sperm was traveling from beneath my curling toes. I was gasping for air as my endless, or so it felt, surplus of boy cream rocketed violently from my body. Gary was swallowing as fast as I shot, but it seemed that my sperm faucet was turned on to the point it wouldn't shut off.

Sometime later, Gary still sucked my cock as my sperm managed to dwindle to a steady spew. My legs were weak and my mind wasn't anywhere near my body as that massive orgasm tore through my body like being hit head on by a cannon ball. Gary milked my cock completely sperm free and as his mouth slowly traveled off my cock, his lips puckered, placing the softest most gentlest of kisses directly onto my once sperm shooting piss slit. As his lips departed, Gary swiped the head of my cock one last time with his splendid tongue.

As Gary stood up, he pulled his finger from my ass, looked me straight into the eyes, smiled, then softly said,

"Damn, you sure do shoot one heck of a huge load! I almost couldn't handle it all!

I was left without words, still grasping the reality of what had just happened. Gary sort of acted as if it were no big deal, but he had just done what I had been dreaming of doing to him for a long time now. He handed me back the towel and walked out of the bathroom. I put on my shorts, which were not nearly as short as his. He was sitting on the edge of the bed when I walked out and with the most serious of facial expressions, plainly asked,

"Josh, is there something you want to tell me?"

I knew what I wanted to say, but the words just wouldn't come out. My reply was as basic as it gets,

"Uh no, not really!"

We played X-box and many other games until later that night. We were on his bed watching a horror movie when Gary scooted his body up so that he was now sitting cross legged within inches of my head. He grabbed the remote and hit the mute button, looked down at me and gave me a heart warming smile, then stated,

"Josh, I know there is something you want to tell me and I wish you would just go ahead and spit it out. Whatever it is can't be all that bad. For Christ's sake Josh, I sucked your fucking dick and swallowed your sperm. What is so bad that you can't just come right out and tell me? Well uh, let's see! You always burn holes into my crotch and don't think I can't feel your fingers dig into my crack when you pretend to pat me on the ass. Josh, I just wish you can get it through your head that no matter what you say, we will always be best friends. Please, just spit it out!"

I scooted my butt onto the bed and was seated so that our knees were touching. He was so incredibly gorgeous and as my lips quivered to speak, that mild aromatic ray of baby powder shot up my nostrils like a blast of fire. With the moment of truth before me, I looked into his entrancing eyes and nervously spoke,

"Gary, I honestly don't know where to start, but I will start by saying that you are the most gorgeous person walking the face of the earth. For a long time now, you and you alone, have been in every single dream and fantasy. To me, you are perfection personified! Here is the part that is probably the most sickest. I somehow convinced myself that you are just too gorgeous and smell to damn good to even take a shit! Behind your back, I have sniffed the seats you sat on and tonight, I went so far as to sneak into your bathroom while you were taking a shower and smelled your clothes and stuffed your underwear into my mouth. I even smelled your toilet! Gary, I can't explain it, but you are the object of my every thought! I know that sounds gay, but it's the honest to God's truth. Uh, I guess that's pretty much it."

Gary sat there and listened to every word I spurted out. His room was filled with a deadly silence and all I could do was look into his gorgeous face, patiently awaiting his response. My eyes widened as his lips opened to speak,

"First of all, I'm flattered that you think I am all that and more, but to me, I don't think that way. I'm scrawny first of all and I think I have the ugliest body on this planet. I've got no ass! Well, I got one, but it's small! Damn Josh, you actually think I don't take a shit. I hate to bust your bubble, but everyone takes a shit. What goes in, must come out! But, I think it's awesome you think that way though. You on the other hand, you've got it all. You are big and solid, and no matter what the sport, you are always one of the best. I just wish my dick was as big as yours. I got an ugly dick! It's short and skinny, ah fuck, it's just ugly!"

I cut him off right after that last sentence and said,

"There's nothing on or about you that could ever possibly be ugly. When you see yourself in the mirror, you just see you. You can't see what others see in you! Believe me Gary, you are the purest form of perfection!"

We sat there and just talked about sports until the topic of sex surfaced. He already knew I was a virgin and he was the first person to have given me a blow-job. Mustering up the nerve, I hesitantly asked,

"Other than my dick, have you ever done anything with anybody else?"

Gary responded immediately,

"No, but I have practiced a few times on bananas and cucumbers. I practice sucking on them. The only other thing I have done, but I really didn't do it was just before the season started, I went to go have my physical. I guess the doctor thought I was too young to know what he was really doing, but I knew. He had me naked on my hand and knees on the examining table with my butt sticking straight into his face. He told me to look straight ahead at the eye chart, but what he failed to realize was that the cabinet next to the eye chart was open and a mirror was on the inside of the door. I saw everything. I watched the doctor press his face close to my butt and smell my hole. I not only saw it, but I could feel the heat fire out of his nose, landing on my spread crack. When it came time to check my prostrate, he didn't put on any gloves and I know he was spending a little more time with his finger up my butt than normal, but I didn't say anything, cause to be honest, it felt pretty damn good. He played with my balls for a long time, and naturally, I got a boner. That's pretty much it, that is, up until today when I sucked your dick. You sure do have a big one and you shoot a huge load as well."

Before I could respond, Gary blurted out,

"I wish I could shoot like you Josh, but I can't. Mine just comes dribbling out. I've tried and tried, but it just wont shoot. My other problem, with me being so perfect, is that I have a pre cum problem. When my dick gets hard, pre cum comes out by the bucket loads. I don't know why, but it's kind of embarrassing. You just had a little bit earlier and I guess that is normal, but me, I get soaked with pre cum!"

The words that I had been thinking finally emerged and my lips parted as I asked,

"Gary, would you please get naked for me? I just got to see with my own eyes your complete beauty!"

His left hand slid across my right upper thigh as he stole my heart with his angelic smile. Gary slid off the bed and stood still, looking down at me. I watched as he slowly unbuttoned the button to his short shorts, then drooled as he slowly lowered the zipper. His shorts fell to the floor leaving him standing there wearing only his little bright blue bikini underwear. I could see the outline of his hard cock tenting the fabric. My mouth watered more as I studied every intricate detail. I could tell his hard cock was bunched up and the shaft was sort of on the slender side. It looked sort of like it was hanging down and defiantly bent in the middle forcing the center of his shaft to protrude outwards.

Gary backed up a few steps, then hooked the top band of his underwear and slowly began the long stride to his ankles. When just the base of his cock was in view, Gary stopped then whispered,

"Please don't laugh!"

I must have nodded my head because I was sitting there shaking and speechless. Gary slid his underwear down to the point that more of his creamy colored shaft popped into view. As his hands lowered his underwear, I almost jumped as his straining erect cock snapped into my total vision. His one eyes snake had no eye as it proudly stood erect from his body a good four inches. Directly in the middle of his slender shaft the downwards arch was certainly prominent. Unlike me, Gary had foreskin covering the head of his cock. The foreskin not only covered his cock head, but it dangled like a piece of fresh meat a good two or so inches further, leaving it to look like it sealed itself together to form a point. I also was able to notice that Gary had no pubic hair, and from the looks of it, there wasn't any peach fuzz anywhere either. His pubic area was a creamy white, offset only by the contrast of his tanned flesh on his upper and lower body.

His balls were perfectly rounded held in a sac that looked as smooth as silk. If you didn't know he had two balls, the way his sac held them together in their shiny confinement, it looked as though he only had one large nut. His nut filled sac looked like a complete and perfect circle about the size of a Smaller version of a baseball and his balls appeared equal to a golf ball. As my eyes went back up to his dancing cock, I could see his pre cum glistening between the closed lips of his foreskin. I was in total awe and Gary was now more gorgeous in my eyes than ever before!

He slowly began turning around as he spoke,

"Thanks for not laughing, but you'll see that I have no ass to brag about."

Laugh! Had I not been frozen and shaking miserably, I would have happily attacked him. Gary had slowly turned all the way around giving my eyes the priceless view of his butt, and what a butt he has. It was small, very small, but the perfect mounds of solid flesh rising away from his lower back gave the impression that a child sized foam football had been evenly sliced in half and inserted to form his ass cheeks. It seemed as though my one hand could easily cover both of his jutting cheeks. Each time Gary raised a foot, an ass cheek caved in giving me the pleasure of witnessing his cheek muscles flex their beauty.

He placed both of his hands on his butt cheeks while tossing his head all the way to the side so he could see my foolish facial expressions. My mouth was probably wide open and my eyes watered heavily. As if things couldn't get any better for me at this particular moment, Gary quickly bent his upper body all the way towards his feet while using his hands to spread his mouth watering butt cheeks wide apart. It felt as though my heart completely stopped beating as I was now peering straight into Gary's spread crack, witnessing his most hidden prized possession, his asshole. No one could ever mistake this beauty for a little brown eye, cause there was no brown anywhere to bee seen. At first glance, it didn't even look like Gary had a butt hole, but after a longer look, I could just barely make out the needle eye dot better known as his hole.

Gary stood back up and faced me, then asked,

"So, what do you think?"

Choking on the words, I forced out,

"Holy shit Gary, you are flat fucking perfect!"

Gary fluffed up the pillows and leaned back onto the bed with his upper back and head resting on the headboard. My eyes were forced to stare at his erect cock which was jumping up and down. Like a fool, I just sat there, frozen dead in my tracks. Gary's soft words fluttered through my ears like a butterfly caught in a summer's breeze,

"There it is Josh, go for it!"

My hands shook violently as I reached out and began touching his chest and stomach. The electricity shooting up my fingers felt awesome as I was now touching Gary's silky smooth body for the first time. As I moved from my seated position, Gary spread his slender smooth legs wider apart. Through it all, my eyes, not once, left his foreskin covered beauty. Within seconds, I found myself between his legs, on my knees, lowering my face to his twitching cock. The closer my nose got to his cock, the more powerful his natural mind boggling aroma became. My mouth was now within a fraction of an inch of his cock as my tongue slipped out and graced the hunk of dangling meat for the first time. Better than any dream, more intoxicating than any alcohol, my only thought now was nothing. I just wanted as much of this gorgeous angel as humanly possible and even though I had never really sucked a dick before, I was definitely going to suck Gary's to perfection.

My lips sealed the lips of his foreskin as my tongue began the joyful task of discovering the entrance. As his pre cum found my tongue, the taste of never before tasted sweetness filled my mouth with envy. I heard myself moan as more of his slimy pre cum entered my mouth, via my tongue. The taste was nothing like I had ever tasted before, but the more I tasted, the more I craved. My tongue slithered up his foreskin until I felt the tip of my tongue strike his pre cum oozing piss slit. Gary's hands were roaming through my hair while his angelic voice sang out symphonies of being pleasured. My tongue was trapped inside his foreskin as it bathed his hidden cock head, sending Gary's perfect body into one wild convulsion, one right after the other.

As my tongue traveled up and over his cock head, so did my lips, until I had the full crown of his sweeter than sweet mushroom head sealed ever so lovingly within the safety realm of my hot oven like mouth. Gary began bucking his hips, shooting his little butt up in the air, then smashing it back down onto the soft mattress below, driving his slender tasty meat in and out of my sucking mouth. Not only did I realize that Gary's cock was fucking my mouth, but this was my first taste of cock, ever, and I loved the feeling of it's hardness, mixed with silk, sliding in between my skin sealed lips. Fortunately, I sucked his cock without ever feeling the need to gag as I began timing his forceful thrusts with downward thrusts of my own. Only his purring and my slurping was the only noises that filled his room.

My left hand slid in between us and locked onto his solid sac drawn balls and began caressing them while my right hand found his left nipple and started to gently pinch and pull on it. His skin was so unnaturally smooth and the more I felt, the longer I felt the need to prolong his orgasm. Many times I had dreamed of sucking his cock until he fired round after round of his sperm down my throat, but now, I was debating whether or not I could actually go through with it. His cock sure did feel at home pounding away inside my mouth and his balls danced to my every touch. Hearing his whimpers and loud pleasing moans sent chills racing up and down my spine. In a very short time, Gary announced he was close, so not wanting to end this moment, I slipped my mouth from his thrusting cock and quickly sucked both balls into my overheated mouth, using my tongue to roll and play all over his juicy nuggets.

That heavenly scent crashed through my nostrils and exploded somewhere deep within my lugs. That same mild hint of baby powder was by all means, electrifying. My tongue slid out of my mouth, keeping both balls securely basking within my oral oven, and began stretching as far as it could to lick the area just under his savoring balls, leading down to his nearly transparent butt hole. By now, Gary had released my head and was clutching at the bed spreading with both closed fists while tossing his gorgeous face to and fro. I watched as his throbbing hard cock jerked up and down as if straining to force his precious sperm from within. Gary used his feet to arch his splendid perfect body high into the air, allowing my tongue to travel a bit farther. Only if my tongue was a couple of inches longer would I have been able to strike his tiny speck of a butt hole, but the area my tongue was frolicking in was indeed, doing something sensational to Gary, and I could tell that just by the way his body bucked and his moans increased.

Not really knowing what all I should do, I let his balls escape my mouth, and in one downward bob of my head, swallowed his delicious cock to the pubic mound. I didn't have to do much, but just keep my mouth where it was, cause Gary was humping his cock furiously in and out of my mouth. I continued to play with his nipples, ensuring equal quality time to both, while using the fingers of my left hand to explore his hairless crack. I could barely feel the entrance of his asshole as I began drawing miniature circles directly on it. This only increased Gary's mouth fucking humping to the point he was literally slamming his ass onto the bed and thrusting even harder with his feet. While I was sucking his cock, my only thought was whether or not I could actually go through with swallowing his sperm.

Once again, Gary cried out that he was close, and once again, I backed off. As if I knew what I was doing, I timed his thrusting body as he flung his ass off of the bed, hooked his legs and pushed them over his head. Both of Gary's knees impaled the mattress above his head and beyond each ear. The expression on his gorgeous face gave me the signal to go for it, and go for it, I did. My lips immediately sprung out and placed gentle kisses directly on his tiny anal entrance. The soft silky cheeks of his butt felt superb against the sides of my own facial cheeks. Before I knew what I was doing, I had my tongue lashing all over his hole, taking the time to swipe up and down his little aromatic crack. At one point, my nose was pressed right on his speck of a hole and I found myself sweltering from the mind boggling aroma filling my lungs.

As my tongue frolicked on his hole, Gary began crying out in pleasure, forcing me to dwell on his butt that much longer. The feel of his almost invisible butt hole against my tongue was like nothing I could put into words. Just like the rest of him, his anal treasure felt like silk. Gary hooked his legs with his arms, freeing my hands to roam his beloved perfect body once more. I was looking down into his watery eyes as my tongue was dancing all over his asshole. His mouth twisted and contorted as my tongue drilled at his tiny entrance. His fresh minty breath shot into my face like a heat wave as his soft angelic moans and whimpers escaped his thin cherry colored lips.

Sometime during my tongue thrashing on his asshole, something happened, causing Gary's hole to suck my tongue deep into his fiery hot, muscle crushing, tongue milking, asshole. I was somewhat petrified at first, cause Gary screamed out at the top of his lungs. I tried to retrieve my tongue, but his hot canal felt like it was a vacuum, sucking my tongue into its trap with his every breath. His body began convulsing violently and his hands slammed against the back of my head, driving my face into his ass crack with a vengeance. The walls of his anal canal felt as though they had trillions of fingers as they began pulling and squeezing my tongue to the point I had no more tongue to offer.

Gary's body was still shuttering as he began rocking his butt onto my anal impaling tongue, still pressing against the back of my head so that my face was shoved firmly into his fragrant sweet smelling crack. Not even in my wildest fantasy could I have ever imagined the feeling I was having at the present moment with my tongue buried to the hilt up his super tight rectum. It wasn't too long before Gary's rectal muscles began cooperating a bit, by allowing me to slide my tongue in and out of its silky smooth canal. With each inward dive of my tongue, his anal muscles converged onto my tongue, sucking it in deeper and deeper. The words of an angel tore through my head as Gary screamed,

"YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Eat my assssssssssssssssssssss!"

I don't know how long I ate his ass, but I did so until I thought my tongue was going to fall out or be yanked off. Keeping him into the same position, I began taking turns sucking his pre cum saturated cock and cum filled balls. He kept telling me he needed to cum, but I was plainly having too much fun and was slowly convincing myself to swallow his sperm in the meantime. Each time he got close, I left his cock, went to his balls, then tongued his ass some more. This went on for a long, long time until Gary was literally crying from the aching need to unleash his load. By this time, I had told myself his sperm would have to taste something like hot melted chocolate, so my mouth was bobbing up and down on his delicious cock while I managed to shove my right index finger up his muscle restricting asshole.

My finger felt something like a little bulb up his chute and I pressed against it and began rubbing it ever so gently. Whatever I was doing was causing Gary to go buck wild. I felt his cock expand and soon I felt globs and globs of sperm falling onto my tongue by the gallons. Gary was frantically screaming out and it seemed as though his cum supply was endless. Huge hot watery globs continued to fill my mouth and my finger kept up striking the bulb in his anal canal, relishing the feeling of his anal muscles attacking my finger.

He was screaming and moaning as his cock continued to unleash his sperm tank into my mouth. A short time later, I could tell that his sperm had ceased to nothing more than a few droplets which I eagerly scooped up and returned them to their family inside my mouth. His cock began to go soft, but I continued to suck it while the moment of truth was now before me. Forcing some of his sperm to the back of my mouth, I shook from nervousness as to the first glob going down my throat. My first thought was that this would be gross, but once the taste coursed through my taste buds, I wanted all of it. His sperm was hot and kind of watery, and in reality, it had no taste whatsoever.

Continuing to suck his now lifeless cock, I swallowed his sperm until only the knowledge of his cream was nothing more than a glorious memory. I held his soft cock into my right hand while peeling down the foreskin. I began cleaning his tasty cock head with my tongue as Gary began slowly moving his body while offering my ears faint sounds of soft purrs. My finger was still inside his ass as I began to slowly slide it in and out. His butt must have gotten too sensitive cause Gary put his hand on mine and offered me the sign to pull it out, to which I did. He lay there panting as I was peering onto my finger. I guess my sickened thoughts wondered what my finger was going to look like after going up his chute as far as I could put it, and as I stared at it, I saw no signs of anything other than my finger.

Seeing that his eyes were closed, I quickly raised my finger up to my nostrils and inhaled deeply. Nothing, no aroma, no odor, nothing offering a smell whatsoever. My finger was as clean as it was before all of this ever happened. Some unknown force took over and forced my mouth to open and caused my finger to dart right in. Just as there was no odor, there was no taste either. I couldn't believe I was sucking my finger that had just been up his ass, but I was, and I was sucking so hard it's a wonder I didn't peel the flesh off of it.

I lay down next to Gary, along his left side, and just kept my eyes on his perfect body and now sleeping cock. After some time, Gary slid off the bed and began filling the bathtub, neither of us uttering a single word. Once the bath was ready, Gary motioned for me to come in. He stepped in first, then me, and we were both standing face to face allowing our body to adjust to the hot bubbly water. I didn't know what to do, and apparently, he didn't either, so we just stared into the others eyes. My cock grew to its hardest state within a blink of an eye, but his was still fast asleep. Almost as if we had read the others mind, we both stepped forward, hands roaming the others body as our tongues lashed out into a furious mid air battle. My cock was in his hand and his was growing in mine. We kissed for a long, long time before settling down, facing the other, in the hot soothing bath water.

Gary had his foot playing with my cock and balls, and mine was doing the same to his when Gary softly spoke,

"I guess what we did makes us gay, but to be honest, I don't care! Just like you said you dreamed about me all the time, well, I was doing the same thing about you. When people say opposites attract, I guess they are right, cause look at you. You are big and solid and I am a scrawny shrimp. What we did tonight, I don't feel it was wrong, in fact, I don't ever want it to end. Josh, this might sound a bit weird, and even sick for that matter, but one day, and I hope soon, we can find out what it feels like to fuck one another. I don't know about you, but I have been wondering what it would feel like to have your cock busting my ass. Well, I guess that sums up what all I needed to say!"

His cock was throbbing hard underwater and was pulsating against my foot. Instead of responding right away, I just soaked in the soothing water, gleaming at his gorgeous face, absorbing his every heart felt word. I had wondered many times what it would feel like shoving my cock in and out of his butt, and even was a little curious as to how it would feel if he did that to me as well. The only words that came popping out of my mouth was,

"I feel the same way as you!"

Gary tussled a bit as if getting a better sitting position, then softly asked,

"Josh, Would you stand up so I can soap you up?"

Without me saying a word, I stood straight up with my cock pointing directly at his face. Gary grabbed the bar of soap and began lathering my chest with delicate touches. His own cock was as hard as a board and I licked my lips while looking at the pointy end of foreskin dangling down towards the water. His soft hands smeared the soap all over my upper body, then he began lathering my stomach and pubic region. When his soapy hands began lathering up my aching cock and balls, I thought my knees were going to give out. Both of his hands were soaping up my cock as if he was trying to slow stroke my meat into another cum firing frenzy. I had to place both hands onto his shoulders for support as he kept one soapy hand on my cock while using the other to soap up my balls.

My body was shivering in delight as his gentle hands pleasingly tortured my shaking body into a steady convulsion. I know I was moaning while his soft little hands caressed my cock and balls, but then Gary released both and began lathering each leg, ensuring to catch in between each raised toe. When the front was lathered to his satisfaction, Gary used his hands to guide me to turn around. With my back facing him, Gary began lathering my shoulders and back area while I could feel his delicious uncut cock grace the back of each leg from time to time. He skipped over my displayed butt and lathered the back of each leg before I felt his hands softly soap up my butt cheeks. The knife edge of his hand slipped inside my crack and began slowly riding up and down, causing more lather to dwell inside that region. I heard him whisper,

"Josh, lean over so I can get to your butt!"

My legs were already spread as far as they could go, so I just bent over at the waste and placed both hands onto the back edge of the tub. In a flash, I felt Gary's fingers toying with my quivering butt hole. His left hand had began massaging my cock and balls while the fingers of his right hand soaped up my hole with long teasing strokes. It wasn't too long before I felt one of his fingers penetrate my hole. It sort of burned, but it wasn't all that painful. When Gary shoved the second finger up my butt, I cried out as it felt like a hot poker iron was being shoved up my anal canal, burning a new tunnel with every inch it plunged. I felt my rectal muscles snap onto his invading fingers, only making the hand on my cock and balls feel that much more intense.

He slipped a third finger inside me and my whole body began shivering as if I had pneumonia. It hurt, but it hurt in a weird and exciting kind of way. I was so close to busting a nut that my mind felt as though it was racing from my head, leaving my body to fend for itself. Then, Gary's fingers quickly shot out of my butt and I was just about to cum when I felt his cock press hard up against my soapy butt hole, and in one heart stopping motion, Gary's cock came crashing through my canal, burying itself to its deepest depth. I know I screamed, but his ears must never have heard it, cause he began driving his uncut hunk of meat into me, knocking the breath from my lungs with each powerful thrust. My butt cheeks felt like they were being torn apart and my hole was on fire. Gary had released my cock and balls and now had both hands clutching onto my hips, driving me backwards with each and every violent thrust.

His feet literally pinned my feet in place and I had nowhere to go. I could feel his cock tear through my anal canal like a runaway pile driver. I was biting my lips and doing my best not to cry, but the pain seemed only to increase. Somewhere though it all, something inside of me gave way, and the once gut wrenching pain evaporated, leaving me with only the pleasures of knowing and having Gary fuck the living hell out of me. Without realizing what I was doing, I found myself using my hands to push backwards to greet his cock rifling in and out of my ass. I also discovered that by clinching my ass muscles, the sensations coursing throughout my body heightened at a feverish high.

Gary screamed something, then I felt the warmth of his hot cream as it began oozing into my butt. He pounded me while I fought like hell to use my ass to eat his thrusting cock. All too soon, Gary pulled his cock from my ass, sank to his knees, and had me turn around. No sooner than I was facing him, he began using a cup to wash the soap off my cock and balls. Once the soap was gone, Gary slammed his little mouth on my hard cock and began bobbing his head back and forth, crashing his nose onto my pubic mound with each forward thrust. I was still a bit wobbly, but when he slipped two fingers straight up my ass, then began pulling and rolling my balls, I couldn't even warn him that I was fixing to cum.

My mind seemed so far away, and Gary was sucking my cock furiously when I felt my cum explode from my cock, firing one round of sperm torpedoes into his mouth, one right after the other. His ass drilling fingers increased their speed as so did his cock sucking ability. I was seeing stars as my orgasm tore through my body like being caught off guard by a hurricane. The more I shot, the more he swallowed until all that remained was a steady oozing. When the last bit had been sucked from my cock, Gary slid his mouth off of my still erect cock and sat back down in the water. I had to hold onto the walls to slide down, speechless and breathless. Gary was smiling harder now than ever before, as I vaguely heard him softly say,

"Oh shit, that was awesome! Your ass felt like it was crushing my dick the entire time! Oh man, that was so fucking incredible!"

I could barely hear him, but I still was left without the ability to speak, much less, still gasping for air. The story his breathtaking beauty told, without saying a single word, gave me the courage to finally except the truth. The truth of being gay, and better yet, in head over heels in love with Gary. I forced my butt to glide along the bottom of the tub and shoved my tongue as hard as I could into his mouth. The heat from within, mixed with his saliva and my fresh sperm, sent me into one heck of an animalistic rage. He was kissing me just as hard as I was him, and our hands fondled the others body as if treating the others flesh as though it might break. As we were kissing, my hands began doing the thinking as they began raising Gary's delicious body out of the water and rested the very back edge of his butt on the tub's back surface.

Our lips departed as my tongue swarmed downwards, locking onto his right erect tiny nipple. Gary moaned ever so loudly as my teeth began grazing on the sensitive surface while my tongue stabbed the very point. His fingers climbed through my hair as he carefully placed his left foot on the tub's top surface to my right. His rock hard uncut beauty was jumping up and down, tracing its burning silkiness onto my heavy panting stomach. I took turns sucking and biting each delicate nipple while using my right hand to stroke his uncut wonder and my left hand was twirling his hairless mouth watering balls.

I licked and bit my way down until my mouth found the object of many wonderful dreams. His cock slid into my mouth ever so easily as I began teasingly working my mouth up and down his silky cock slower than a snail. His moans of bliss screamed through my ears and his fingers tussling through my hair went into racing mode. My tongue was playing between the flaps of his foreskin, milking all of his delicious pre cum he was offering, and offering, he most certainly was. It was as if his pre cum faucet was broken in the wide open position. The more I slurped up, the more he was able to produce. His balls tightened up into my hand as I pulled and twisted ever so carefully. My right index finger forced its way onto his protruding hairless butt hole, and it began tracing the tiny bud as if studying its every tasty detail.

I was basking in the awesome feeling of sucking his cock, sipping down his taste bud rewarding pre cum, caressing his asshole, and carefully teasing his tightening balls when Gary screamed that he was very close. With all the reluctance in the world, I slipped my mouth from his cock and swallowed his smooth silky balls into my mouth in one greedy motion. Gary was basically screaming and flinging his gorgeous face from side to side while doing his best to muffle his cries by biting his lips, but his ear piercing shrills flung through the air like a fortified missile attack.

After cooking his balls thoroughly with my mouth, I anxiously slammed my mouth all the way down his slender pre cum soaked organ and began sucking furiously. Within a few seconds, Gary unleashed his load onto my tongue. It wasn't much, but the slimy cream came oozing out in watery globs as I couldn't resist swallowing his sweetness as fast as it came bubbling out. Just like the first time, there wasn't any noticeable taste, other than the fact that the sperm that was slithering down my throat, belonged to Gary. To me, that's all that mattered!

I sucked his delicious cock until it was nothing more than a limp noodle inside my mouth. Not asking, nor waiting, I stepped out of the tub with my erect cock leading the way. I quickly toweled off while watching Gary step out of the tub on very weak legs. Once he sort of toweled himself off, my only thought was not a thought at all, just action. Gary was standing in front of the long counter top which had two sinks, facing the counter. My eyes had zeroed in on his butt once more, and without thinking, I found myself onto my knees, hands spreading his tight little jutting cheeks wide apart. Gary held onto the counter while spreading his legs wide, and leaned forward a bit. By doing so, I was able to smash my face in between his solid little cheeks and tongue the living hell out of his sweet tasting asshole.

Skipping through rather long intricate details, I managed to fight off his resistance and was now slipping my tongue in and out of his juicy asshole, forcing his precious angelic sounds to shudder off the bathroom walls like thunder. Without a doubt, I was eating Gary's butt hole as if it had been a month or two since I had last eaten anything. It must have felt pretty good for Gary too, since he was slapping the top of the sink with both hands while shoving his tongue filled ass ever so hard onto my ass eating face.

It took some doing, but I not only had my tongue up his ass, but I now had two fingers inside, accompanying my tongue as well. The thought of Gary taking a crap never once crossed my mind, cause my tongue, nor fingers, ever once touched, or smelled, anything even remotely close to such a thing. While my tongue and fingers began fucking his tight chute, my eyes caught the bottom door of the counter top slightly open. Resting on the very edge was a bottle of baby oil, so naturally, I eased my left hand towards it, and latched onto the small bottle. I fought to pop the top open on the baby oil, and once I did, I poured some onto my cock and shivered as the slick substance smeared all over ever so easily. Sliding my tongue out of his ass, I applied some of the oil onto my two fingers and started greasing up his anal canal. Actually, I didn't know what I was doing, but I rather liked the feel, and the smell, of the baby oil.

The next thing I remember, I was sitting back, resting my butt onto my heels, sliding three fingers in and out of Gary's tight, but slick, asshole. Gary was forcing his butt onto my slick fingers while flinging his head to and fro and his entire body was trembling in ecstasy. My left hand held the bottle of baby oil and I squeezed some more onto my right hand. Soon, I slid the fourth finger in and gasped as Gary began screaming,

"God yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

His anal muscles retaliated by clinching desperately onto my invading fingers, doing their utmost best to strangle and crush each ass plugging finger. I was massaging the oil on my throbbing cock while slamming four fingers in and out of his super tight and extra slick anal highway.

Unable to control the urge any longer, I pulled my fingers from his ass, wiped them off with one of the towels, and stood up, directly in behind him. Absent mindedly, Gary raised his right leg and placed the edge of his knee on top of the counter, while inching his left foot wider. He placed his elbows on top of the counter and gripped the back of the faucet for moral support while gleaming into my eyes through the mirror. I could see the fear, mixed with excitement, smeared across his mind boggling gorgeous face as I placed my slick cock head against his nearly transparent tiny asshole. I pressed harder and harder, fighting his anal resistance with evil passions, until finally, his pucker hole gave way, and about an inch or so forced its way in. Gary screamed as my cock head penetrated his tight fortress and my eyes were looking straight into the mirror watching his every twisted and contorted facial expressions.

It felt as though my cock head was being crushed, so I pushed a little harder until two inches of my shaft slipped inside his muscle convulsion tunnel. My cock felt like it was slowly being fed into a roaring fire as the scorching heat ravished the portion of my cock that was prying his anal canal wider than ever before. Gary's body was shaking harder than ever as I pressed more of my hard cock up his ass. He was biting his lip, slinging his head up and down and from side to side, grunting, whimpering, and to be honest, crying.

Not once did he tell me to pull it out, so I pushed on, feeding all of my throbbing cock to his magical ass. My hands fell to his hips as I slung my head backwards, relishing in the unexplainable feeling rushing through my entire body. I could feel his rectal muscles convulse and coil around my cock, squeezing and milking, crushing and pulling. Though it was somewhat painful, it was more so pleasing. I slowly retrieved my cock until just the crown of my mushroom head was in view, then just as slowly, fed it all the way back down to the buried hilt.

Within a few short minutes, I was pounding my cock in and out of Gary's butt, leaving only the sounds of thudding flesh bellowing off the walls. By now, Gary had released the faucet and had both hands on the base of the mirror, pushing himself backwards onto my pile driver of a cock. As natural as sunlight, I began slapping his ass cheeks forcing Gary to scream out in further bliss. I was drilling my cock into his mystical ass while slapping his cheeks harder and harder, and each time, Gary would scream,

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Harder damn ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"

His once creamy colored cheeks were now a brilliant bright red as I continued to wail my cock in and out of his asshole and slap the living heck out of both butt cheeks. I had worked myself into a soon to be sperm shooting frenzy, not realizing that I could have possibly slowed my pounding pace. I grabbed the flesh of his spanked ass cheeks, slung my head backwards, growled and grunted, as my cock unleashed the most powerful load to date up his miraculous ass. My mind went completely blank and my eyes could only see the trillions of stars as my load fired, round after round, deep into his boiling hot anal oven. I had to fight myself just to be able to take a breath as the feeling of my cock sending its sperm up his ass was something I could have never ever dreamed of, not in a million years.

While I was lost in a sperm explosion, Gary was busy fucking his ass onto my shooting cock and jerking his own cock as if trying to peel the satin flesh right off of it. I had pounded the last of my sperm into his canal and my cock quickly deflated, forcing it to slip right out. Gary was still jacking his cock, so I quickly turned around, sat on my butt, and leaned against the front of the counter with my mouth wide open, patiently awaiting for his sperm to arrive. His cock was directly over my mouth when I watched as his watery cream came dripping down, falling onto my shovel shaped tongue.

The mere sight of Gary squeezing his sweet cum from his delicious uncut cock was a sight that is absolutely priceless. I held my tongue directly over his sperm oozing cock and only slipped it into the safety of my mouth when I felt some of it wanting to escape from my tongue. The feeling of having his hot gooey sperm dripping onto my tongue was spine tingling at best, and more so, positively delicious. As the last droplet of sperm slid down my throat, I arched my neck up to his shriveling cock and began licking and sucking to clean all of his sperm remnants free. Gary was panting, whimpering, moaning, and purring as my tongue and mouth so desperately did their absolute best to clean his perfect cock free from any debris whatsoever.

While I was sucking his flaccid cock, my own sperm dribbled onto my forehead from his butt hole. As I fought to get onto my wobbly knees, Gary saw my cum on my forehead and he stepped forward and brought me to a near explosion as he started to slowly lick my cream, eventually, winding up in a full blown tongue sucking frenzy. We kissed long and hard, swapping each others saliva and sperm until Gary pulled himself free, looked up into my eyes, angelically smiled his breath stealing smile, and whispered,

"Josh, I know what we did was, and is, considered wrong, but if this is so wrong, then, I don't ever want to be right! I love you more now than ever before and I don't ever want this to end!"

Tears began sweltering in my eyes as I choked back and struggled to find the words, and whispered back,

"I can't explain the way I feel, but I do know that I want to spend every waking moment with you, holding you in my arms and thanking the heavens above for sending me an angel such as you. It is I who am the lucky one here, and I love you more than you could ever possibly imagine!"

To wrap this story up, Gary and I never once wore any clothes the entire weekend. Each waking moment was spent having sex, better yet, making love. When his parents came home on Sunday, both Gary and I was pretty much exhausted from having so many orgasms, but we did have a plan to meet during lunch at school to continue our sexual and heart felt development. Through it all, even now as I ponder the events of that miraculous weekend, my thought of Gary being incapable of taking a dump returned. Not once during the entire sexual weekend did I once encounter any form of foul odor from his butt, and believe me, I spent a lot of time dining on that delicacy, in fact, I always woke him up with my tongue slithering about inside his magical and odor free anal cavity. As I lick my lips, I can still taste his hot watery sperm, causing my own pajama covered cock to rise for the delicious occasion. Without a doubt, it is he, Gary, my Gary, the one I love!