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This story is about a boy who is a hero back on earth. He lives on a space station called Stargazer it is 800 km away and the only way to visit earth is by the transporter. He finds boys he can help with food and pills that keep the disease of Complex at bay. His name is Yampi. He is 12 years old and has a family living on the space station.


The last chapter ended with:


Chapter 3 Life on a new station.

The party is going well with all the team leaders keeping the boys at bay with no sex in the main hall. That was the only thing that was not allowed in the main hall. An area south of the main hall is where you can enjoy some boy fun.


Ghapter 4

Life on board


Today all the new boys from earth have to start doing their chores on the new space station. Most jobs are ok but a few are stinky. This job was handed to Klan and Jinn.


"Right you earth boys grab a leveler and start filling those buckets with all that shit." The head officer of shit said to the boys. "Why do we have to do this. Can't the robots do this type of work?" Klan moaned as he sniffed the shit pile in front of him.


"The reason we do this type of work as the robots are way too big to fit in that hole." The shit officer replied. Jinn are in the hole wearing a special suit that made him safe from getting any shit on his body. `Yeah it's real tight in here.' Jinn responded.


"Ok, are we ever going to get nice job here?' Klan asked as he piled his shit into a bucket and then transported it to the veggie garden mulch machine.


It was a rough job but the reward was plenty pleased as the boys headed to the large kitchen seeing all the robots busy cooking lunch. "Oh look what we have here." The chef robot said as he rolled towards the naked boys.


"Give them a cake each and a drink." The shit officer said to the robotic chef. After having a nice cake to eat the two boys headed back to the dorm seeing some boys enjoying some sexual fun on their beds.


"Hey there, how was your first job?' Yampi asked the two boys. "It stank." Jinn moaned. `It sure sucked." Klan remarked. "Well that will be the last time you have to do that job for a long time as it's a once a job all boys have to do until that fuck-up is fixed.' Colum replied.


"I have never seen so much shit stuck in that chamber." Klan quoted. "Yep, it's a lesson that the builders of these space stations have learned, it's a hick-up that will be fixed in a few months' time." Yampi told the boys.


"Ok now let's see what's going on in here.' Colum said as he and the other boys walk around the dorm. Most boys are relaxing watching the huge T.V screens around the dorm.


Some boys are enjoying a head job or a helping hand. The earth boys have not seen so much sex until they arrived here on the space station.


"It seems that we have some horny boys here in this dorm." Yampi giggled as a boy dropped to his knees and began to suck on the end of Yampi's cock.


"All boys head to the dining hall for lunch, repeating all boys head to the dining hall for lunch. The robotic voice said over the P.A system.


"Time to eat then?" Colum said as he watched the boy remove his lips off Yampi's cock. "Yeah he was just having a snack." Yampi smiled as he thanked the boy for the head job. Lunch is now being served and the smell of cooked food made all the boys moan of joy.


"It sure smells nice." Yampi said to the boy next to him. He remembers the boy he found starving and had lost a lot of weight. The boy was from what was called Japan.


"Hai, this is the best food I have ever eaten in a very long time. Yoshi said as he and Yampi sat down and waited to be served. The food robots rolled around the tables handing out plates of beef and veggies.


"I can see that most of the earth boys are getting fatter." Colum said as he ate his beef. "Yep, most of the boys have gained their normal weight now." Yampi said.


I would love to see those boys who didn't want to come here as this is the best food I have ever seen." Zeb said as he ate his roasted potato. "They didn't want to have their skins cut off and I didn't care as I love being cut." Yoshi grinned as he rubbed his now cut knob.


"It sure feels nice in my mouth." Kisi grinned. Kisi is Yoshi's best friend and both boys were saved by Colum and Yampi on their visit to what was called Japan a few weeks ago.


"You and the other boys we found have all said they love being cut, but we are born with no skins on our knobs. It is too hard to explain why we are not born with a skin but have docked a few times with uncut boys and I loved the feeling of skin on my knob." Colum remarked.


"So where are you heading tomorrow morning Yampi." Kisi asked. "To a place that was not on our list and that is what was called Russia. It's been a place we have never been to until now." Yampi said.


"The reason is that a lot of boys there are close to death due to the amount of bombs that were dropped there and now this place has asked us for help to bring 200 boys to our home so the chief of population has asked us to go and help the most ill boys and bring them here." Colum explained.


"Wow, I bet there is a lot of boys who would love to live here." Regis said as he lived close to Russia and knew how life is there.


"Regis, you and the other boys we found in that dank cave you lived in was the reason we came to grab you all. Most of you were near death and look at you now." Colum told Regis.


"I know I was close to death, happy you found us in time." Regis said as he kissed Yampi on the lips and thanked him for saving his life.


So after lunch was some schooling for the boys. Life goes on in the space stations and today the boys will find out how the robots are taken care of.


The boys walk into the repair dock and grab some tools ready to fix some robots. "Over here is where all the robots come to be repaired. Most have to be reinstalled with updates so come here as we hook up the robots to the main computers." The head of maintainers of robots said as all the boys began to install the cords into the robots.


"As you see the robots are shut down so they won't be upset that you can touch them." The officer said as he began to start the data uploads.


In another part of the dock is a pile of robots that have been dismantled. "Now you see here that this is a pile of dismembered robots. Your job is to sort out the piles and gather what a robot will need to make a body." The officer said as group of boys began to sort out the pieces of parts and began to gather up what parts were needed to make a new robot.


With their com-links helping the boys all 8 robots were quickly built and were ready to have their updates done. "Now you know how we repair these robots, once a month you will be asked to help out with repairs to all the robots here." The officer told the boys.


"That was so cool to do." Colum said as he placed his tools back into the containers. "It sure was, I know it was great to make a robot." Yampi replied.


The boys then walked to their sex room where boys are happily enjoying some sexual fun. "That's it Yasi push it in." ITero said as he felt Yasi enter his butt hole.


"Oh it feels so nice inside you ITero' your butt is so warm." Yasi moaned as he began to fuck his new friend. A few boys looked on seeing the act of love between two naked boys.


"Do me Yampi, gave me a balls full of cum in my butt." Colum said as he waited for Yampi to enter his lubed up hole. "You love how I fuck you Colum." Yampi grinned as he began to slide his cut knob into his boyfriend's wet hole.


It was an afternoon of sex. All the boys fucked or enjoyed a few head-jobs. Then a few hours in the activity room where games were played.


"Time for dinner you boys." The activity officer said as the alarm began to ding. The boys walked to the dining hall and sat down. The food robots began to serve the boys their meals and returned with the boy's drinks.


"After dinner Yampi and Colum you are needed to head off to camp Russia as we have been receiving news that some boys have died and you have to act now." The captain of the space-station said to the two boys.


"Ok, has the cargo been sent to the cave?' Yampi said as he quickly eats his dinner. "Yes, all the medicine has been sent as to three robots that will keep an eye on you and have been ordered to kill if anyone tries to hurt you.' The captain said.


So Yampi and Colum plus a few other medics arrived to the transporter room and fitted out in their survivor suits. In seconds the boys are beamed to earth finding over 200 boys close to death. The smell was bad.


"Go and get the injections ready while the rest of us check the boys." Yampi said to a medic. In minutes all the injections were lined up ready to be used. It was a hurried service. All the earth boys were close to death and Yampi knew that all the boys will be fixed in no time.


"Oh man it sure stinks in here' we better get the robots in here to remove the dead." Colum said as he fitted his mask over his face. Yampi tells the security robots to remove the dead and place them in a pit.


10 boys are removed and placed into a pit and quickly covered up. It took an hour to give the injections to the boys and then took two hours before all the boys recovered from the pox.


"Man that was so bad." Yampi said as he sees the boys recovering quickly. "Well it was their parents who were the ones who started this war so now we are here to fix this mess." One of the medics' said.


"These boys didn't have a chance to survive this war so they needed to be helped." Yampi remarked as he sent the medic back to the space-station.


Colum and some other boys began to set up a food kitchen and after an hour cooked food was handed out to the Russian boys who quickly ate their first hot meal in months.


"Thank you for coming so quickly, we never knew what hit us." One boy squeaked out. "We didn't know it was so bad down here, it was close." Colum said as he hands out some soup to a boy.


Bedding is sorted out and after a check-up all the Russian boys began to relax and in minutes fell asleep cuddled up with a friend. "Time to hit the sack you guys." Yampi yells out.


The next day Yampi and two robots head out of the cave to see what life is like outside. It sure is a mess outside. Large craters are all over the place. No longer a city but a pile of rubble.


"Shit, how did people live here?" Colum said as he joined Yampi outside of the cave. "Its real bad here, I bet we will find more ill boys here so we better send the info to the captain telling him what we have found here." Yampi said as he sends the info via his com-link to the robot who will then report the info to the captain.


The news quickly arrived to the captain who said he would send more medics to the area where Yampi is and will get more rooms ready for the newly arrivals.


Two weeks later Yampi and the crew returned to the space-station with over 400 boys in tow. Star voyager 1 has been busy installing more dorms and dining halls. The captain said he will accept 400 boys for now.


"It sure is good being back on the space station Colum. I sure am looking forward to my bed." Yampi remarked as he took off his suit and headed to the showers and stood under the water for a good 20 minutes.


Colum said he was tired and ready for a long sleep. The next day was a day for all 400 boys. All of them would be getting their foreskins cut off and would be ready to be settled in.


Colum took his skills of asking to dock with some uncut boys so he could feel their foreskins on his knob. Yampi and a few other boys also enjoyed docking and cumming with the earth boys.


Russian boys have thicker foreskins and they all said they would be happy to lose their skins. "Now stand by that hole and get hard and then shove your dick into that hole. It will be quick and painless." The doc said as he began to line the uncut boys to the circumciser machines.


After the first group were cut the next lot of boys stood by ready to be cut. "It looks so different now." Lenis said as he looks at his skinless knob. "It will feel different for a few days but you will love how it feels to jerk off without the skin there." Colum said as he finished docking with the last uncut boy in the line.


Colum has never cummed so much docking with the Russian boys. He and Yampi had no more cum to shoot as they docked over 20 times during the circumcisions.


"You are one randy fucker." The doc said as he shuts down the circumciser machine. "I am doc, love these foreskins." Yampi said as he walks a group of boys to their new dorm room.


His dick is hard and ready for some fucking. A few boys have been close to Yampi and Colum and have asked to be fucked by their new friends.


"Get the lube ready Colum and order some food for us as it will be a long l=night of fucking." Yampi yells out as he beds his first partner for the night.


"Lukis you will love being fucked by me as I am the best fucker here." Yampi said as he lubes his cock and then fills Lukis hole with the sticky lube.


"I know you will take care of me." The 12 year old boy replied as he felt his butt hole open and quickly being filled with Yampi's cut cock. It was a long night of sex and all of the boys enjoyed being fucked or doing the fucking.


The days quickly went by as Yampi and Colum settled in the next group of earth boys. It was also time for Yampi and Colum to visit their parents on the adult main space-station.


The transporter was ready to send the boys to the main space-station. Dressed in their jump-suits the boys arrived seeing their parents waiting for them to arrive.


"Oh it is so good to see you both again." Yampi's parents said as they hugged their sons and gave them some kisses. Colum's parents also gave him a long hug and a few kisses.


The boys and parents took off to their parents rooms where they all sat down and enjoyed a long lunch. Yampi and Colum told their parents what they have been doing for the past three months.


Then it was time to head back home so the boys thanked their parents for lunch and returned to their space-station. Arriving home the boys quickly undressed and headed to the activity room seeing the new boys enjoying a life they wouldn't have until now.


"I want some popcorn Yampi." Colum said as the boys were about to sit down to watch a movie. "Ok, big or small size?" Yampi asked. "Big please." Colum said as Yampi grabs some popcorn and a drink each.


"What's playing tonight?" Yampi said as he hands the popcorn to Colum. "The Hulk." Colum remarked. "Cool, I love that movie." Yampi replied. In a few minutes the lights go down and the movie starts.


As the movie played some boys in the games room were trying to beat the best player of trigger tennis. A game of hand tennis using a hand and a soft small ball.


"It sounds like there is a big game being played in the games room.' Yampi said as he sucked on his drink. "Yeah, it's Arron against Uri both huge trigger tennis players." Colum remarked.


"I will bet that Uri will beat Aaron by 20 points." Yampi giggled. "You are on Yampi, 20 points you say." Colum said as he gave Yampi some pre–cum telling him that he would save his load for his reward when he wins the bet.


The days went by until Yampi and Colum were asked to head to earth as the gold deposits have dwindled and more gold is needed on the other space stations.


The limit of boys that can be brought to the space station is 100 boys. "So it looks like we have to find some gold then Colum" Yampi remarked as both boys readied themselves for a week's work back on earth.


"We are heading to North America where there is a lot of gold there and some boys want to come and live here." Yampi said to his group of boys.


"Ok are the robots already there?" One of the helpers asked. "Yes, we did find that some animals have been hunting humans so we will have some protection there." Yampi replied.


In a matter of minutes all the boys arrived with their gear and began to seek out their targets. On arrival to the abandoned mall was a group of near naked boys armed with pointed sticks.


"Travis is that you?" Colum yelled out as an armed robot stood close by. "Yes, are you from the space station?' Travis asked. "We are, so show us where you live and then we can get started." Yampi yelled out.


It was a short walk to the underground area of the mall where the boys lived. There Yampi used his com-link to show the earth boys what they have brought.


"So you know we need a lot of gold for our help, where can we find this gold then?" Colum quoted. "There is a large bank just down the road, it was in town for many years and no one has ever bothered to enter it." Travis remarked.


"Ok I will go with you to check it out with the help of our head robot." Yampi replied. Colum began to start the injections. So Yampi, Travis and a robot with a ray gun walked to where the bank is and found an opening to enter inside.


"Man it sure is messed up in here." Yampi announced as he checked where the vault is. "Yes a bomb hit the bank but only did some limited damage to it." Travis quoted.


"Right then let's see what we have here.' Yampi grinned as he pointed to the vault and the robot began to open the damaged doors to enter the vault.


There in a corner of the vault are over 400 bars of gold. "Nice lot, but we need lot more, is there another bank close by?" Yampi asked Travis.


"Up north of town, have not been there for a while as it's in the bad area." Travis informed Yampi. "Ok, we have some armed robots who will check the area and remove any problems there as Travis gave Yampi the directions to where the bank is.


"I will send some robots there right now and they will go over it and will report to me when they have finished." Yampi told Travis.


"Are you really from space?" A young boy asked Colum as he looked on seeing the needle being inserted into his arm. "I am, there are a lot of boys there now and you might be able to live there if you want." Colum told the young boy.


"Wow' that would be great, I am on my own as my parents died a few years ago and Travis has been the one who has been looking after me." The young boy remarked.


Yampi said he would look after the boy but for now he had to seek out the latest bank in the downtown area. "Ok the robots will follow us and will be in front of us until I say is safe." Yampi said to Travis. Both boys with a group of armed robots head south of the city.


After a ten minute walk to the area where the bank is Yampi sees that a few men have been following them around but staying back trying not to be noticed.


"We are being followed by a group of men, I will get two robots to ready and fire if these men get any closer to us." Yampi announced. He quickly reported his news to the armed robots who then quickly vanished and waited in a pile of rubble seeking out the men who were following the boys.


"This is what was the bank of Georgia, it's the biggest bank here." Travis quoted. "So let's get a few robots in there as we can wait till they have checked it out." Yampi remarked.


"Stop right there you or you will die." A robot said as a man who was about to jump onto Yampi. "Who are you and you can go and fuck yourself." The man said to the armed robot.


"I said to stop or I will kill you." The robot replied. The man took one step towards Yampi and in seconds was blown up. His body was scattered all over the ground.


Three other men quickly ran away seeing their partner' getting blown up. "He was trying to get us but he didn't care that he would die." Travis gasped.


"Yep, most don't care about it' they just want to fuck us and then eat us." Yampi announced. "The area is now cleared of any dangers so you may enter now." The team leader of the robots said.


"It will be dark so here use this as the light will fill up the area." Yampi told Travis as he hands him a light beam. Inside the damaged bank the boys slowly make their way to the depositary vault.


Inside the boys find over 900 bars of gold. Then in another part of the vault over 2.000 bars of gold is quickly found. "Holy fuck, we hit the mother lode." Travis gasped seeing the gold in a huge pile.


"Good, this will help us out, all of the boys we find will be rewarded with a pass to our space station." Yampi grinned as he began to get his crew beaming the gold back to the space-station.


"Ok we have to return to your cave and relax for a week, by then all of the boys will be ready to be transported to the space-station." Yampi quoted.

The robots were busy killing 20 men who tried to ambush the boys but quickly fell dead as blasters killed the men.


After returning Colum gave his report to Yampi and both boys told about their adventures in the past hours. "Holy fuck Yampi, it's not normal for a group of men to try and attack us." Colum said as he heard what Yampi told him about the fight.


"So is dinner ready as we are hungry." Yampi asked. "Yep, we have the solar cookers going and we have some fresh water at the ready for everyone to drink." Colum remarked.


"Good, then let the soup be served." Yampi chuckled as the boys began to eat their first hot meal in a long time. As the boys ate a few men smelt to soup being cooked and tried to enter the cave but soon ended up on a pile of dead men as the armed robots took them out one by one.


Not one boy knew they were being watched. The next day a huge sign is placed on the mass pile of rotten flesh saying that if you try to enter this area you will end up like those you see in front of you.


"Looks like we had some ungrateful guests try to enter the cave, by the looks they have been dead for some time now." Colum quoted.


"Yep. Our robots have been busy." Yampi grinned as he said that the robots will stay here until all the boys are ready to leave earth.


"Yampi, can you hear me." The captain of the space-station said over Yampi's com-link. "Yes sir I do." Yampi said. "Ok, we have a few days before all the new dorms are ready to be used so if you can stay a few extra days that will help us out." The captain remarked.


"Ok sir, we will need some extra food and water as we will be getting a bit low." Yampi told the captain. "It will be beamed to you in a matter of minutes." The captain quoted.


"Right then, was all of the gold taken aboard the space-station?" Yampi enquired. "It has son, that was one pile of gold you found there son." The captain replied.


"I was hoping for more gold but that is all that we found here so we will see you in a few days' time." Yampi announced. The call was ended with the supplies beamed into the cave and soon was placed in a safe area.


"That is a lot of food, how do you make it?' Ono asked Colum. "We have a large computer that can make any type of food and we also grow our own food." Colum told the boy.


"I would like to see how you grow food' I would like to be a part of that." Ono grinned. "I will see who is in charge and they will look after you when you are on our space-station." Colum said as he eats his food.


A few days went by and all the boys are ready to be beamed to their new home. Yampi told them what they will have to do before they will be allowed to the main part of the station.


Circumcision machines are ready to take the new boy's foreskins when they arrive. A few were looking scared about the operation but Yampi explained that it was a painless operation.


"Its time for us to leave earth so pack what you want and we will then begin." Yampi quoted. A robot armed with his gun then began to shoot a group of men who tried to gain entry to the cave but soon ended up in a pile of dead bodies.


"We have to leave now Captain we are under attack." Yampi yells into his com-link. The whole group of boys were beamed aboard in seconds leaving the robots to check that no one was left behind.


A few more of the men were killed as the robots were beamed back. "That was so close' I will have to see what we can do to get better control over these sick fucks." Yampi told Colum.


"Yep, that was a close call." Colum replied as he removed his jump-suit and told the survivors to remove their clothing and walk to the circumcisers. After being cut the boys took their first hot shower and ate some hot food in the new part of the space-station.


"I love this place, it feels so clean." Zeb said as he sat on his new bed and looked on as his friends began to arrive. "It is the best thing we have ever seen." Tromps grinned as he looked at his newly cut knob.


"It sure feels different not having my skin on my knob Tromps, I do like the way it feels now." Ono said as he gave has knob a few pulls.


`Safe it for later you guys' we have a medical to do and then you will have to watch a few videos so you will get used to living here." Colum told the new group of boys.


"Right then the first group follow me please." Yampi said as he walks his group of boys to the medical office where robots have placed some medical items ready to be used on the boys.


One by one the boys were checked over and a blood sample is taken. Their cut cocks are checked over to see if there are any problems there. Those boys who could cum were asked to give a sample of their cum.


Then after their check up the boys are walked to the large hall where videos are shown to the boys explaining how life works on the space-station.


It was then time for bed and all the boys are ready for some sleep. The next day Yampi and Colum began to start their chores helping the boys settle in.


A week later all the new boys have now joined all the other earth boys and soon friendship began with boys befriending other boys for sex and friendship.


"Yampi, you and Colum have outdone yourself with all the gold you have found. We have enough for a good six months so you can relax for a while." The captain told the two boys.


"Ok, I was looking forward to a rest." Colum remarked. "I am too." Yampi exclaimed. "Well both of you have deserved it so well done." The captain announced as he continued his walk around the space-station.


"So we won't be heading down to earth for a while unless we get a call." Colum quoted. "That's true but we do have roving robots checking most of earth and they do report every day." Yampi explained.


"It will be a relaxing few days for us to enjoy one another and have some sexy fun together." Colum announced. "Yep and we have a load of new boys to seek out." Yampi said as he wiggled his cock around.




On the boy's space-station all the boys are getting ready for their first Christmas and it looks like most of the parents on the other space-stations are asking to head to the boys space-station to help out.


This way the boys who don't have parents can have a hug and kiss from a mom or dad. Yampi asked the captain if the parents can come over.


"So Colum, our parents will be here soon and we have to make sure that all the boys have their jump-suits on." Yampi remarked. "Yep, we don't want naked boys running around showing off their junk." Colum grinned.


"Right then you check the dorms on the left and I will check the ones on the right." Yampi said. In half an hour both boys had checked all the dorms and all the boys are in their jump-suits.


It was then time for Christmas lunch. As the boys were ready to join in the parents have been already using the computer regenerators to make presents for all the boys.


It was time to eat. Three huge rooms are now filled with boys and parents. Presents filled the spare space in the dining rooms and everyone is happy and joyful.


"A merry Christmas to everyone, please get ready for your lunch and then the parents can hand out the presents." The captain said. He was dressed in a red suit with a long white beard.


Yes we do still have Christmas time on the space-station.


"Oh wow, look at all the food here." A boy said as he sobbed with his hands over his face. "Xen its ok to cry but this place is a lot better that what we had on earth.' Chen said as he comforted his best friend.


A few parents went around checking the boys as some boys did miss their parents and grew up not having their parents around. "Please everyone dig in, the robots will continue to bring us food until we have had our fill." The captain yelled out.


Time for presents.


It is now time for the boys to receive their presents. Not one boy from earth had ever received a present until now. "Go and grab a present from the pile over there." Yampi's mom said to a young boy as she helped Yampi and his dad hand out presents.


"Oh wow, this is so cool." A boy said as he played with his present. It was a computer game. It took the parents over three hours to hand out all the presents. Some boys needed hugs as they felt sad about their parents not being there.


"So that was the best ever Christmas I have ever seen." Colum said to his mom. "It sure was son' all the earth boys have not enjoyed a day like this until now." Colum's mom quoted.


"Mom, thanks for coming over and helping out, you made a lot of boys so happy as they have not had a hug in a long time." Yampi grinned as he hugged his mom.


"It has been a great day for us all." Yampi's mom replied. Then as the parents left all the boys began to undress and relax in the nude. The robots were busy getting Christmas dinner ready and the boys can be nude for dinner.


"I love you Yampi." Colum moaned as he gently pushed his cock as deep as he could into Yampi' wet hole. The captain had handed out some newer type of lube that helps with fucking.


"Oh yes, that's the spot." Yampi groans as he feels Colum's balls hit his butt checks. "This is your Christmas present from me to you Yampi." Colum moaned as he went faster and faster until he could no longer hold his cum and rabbit fucked until he unloaded his balls.


Yampi had his turn and fucked Colum from behind like a dog would. Both boys have watched movies on gay sex and how to fuck different ways.


"Yes, I love how you fuck me Yampi' I am so close to cumming again." Colum gasped as he felt Yampi hold on to his butt cheeks as he rabbit fucked his friend until he squirted his load of cum into Colum's butt.


It was a great afternoon of sex and love. Kissing, hugging, head jobs and butt fucking was on all the boy's minds. Then it was dinnertime. The showers were quickly used and then as naked as they could be the boys took off to the dining rooms finding tables filled with hot and cold food.


So ends this chapter for now. You can leave me a message on my blog.




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