Fredrick sat on the ground and began to cry. He wanted to stay where he was but when he heard the wolves crying in the distance he jumped to his feet and ran back to his village.

When Fredrick arrived at his village there was not much more than ruins. His own house had been completely destroyed too. He sat by the spot where his house used to be and looked at the mess everywhere, wondering what he would do next, and where he would go. Fredrick sat thinking until he heard noises behind a partially destroyed stone wall. He went around the corner and saw his mother and father in the field: they had returned to the village and were repairing their farm. Fredrick didn't want them to see him, he was too embarrassed about abandoning them in their time of need, but his mother spotted him before he could duck behind the wall.

"Fredrick, Fredrick! It's Fredrick," his mother yelled and she came running towards him. His father followed closely behind her. Fredrick was at a loss for words but words were not important at that moment. Fredrick's father reached out to grab Fredrick but Fredrick pulled back in fear. His father was able to grab him though and Fredrick thought he was going to be killed, but instead his father wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close while he cried.

"Fredrick, you're back," the father said.

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