Mutual Desire - By Ian Duncan
Inching down off my couch onto the floor in front of my fireplace, my body soaks in the heat from the flames and my skin sweats. That boy from the bus is still on my mind and my thoughts are so incredibly vivid . . . I'm losing myself in my thoughts.

His weight pushes down on me as he positions himself on my legs. Leaning forward with his light hands holding tight on my arms, he pushes his face into the nape of my neck. From deep inside his torrid body comes a heated breath which brushes across my neck. His lips hover just an inch above mine. His young muscles sweat and his naked body glides back and forth over my thighs.

My heart beat gets faster as my mind races.

A potent smell emanates from his spry body, something wild, like a young animal. My tongue explores him tasting the saltiness of his heated sweating skin. His skin is soft and unspoiled, raw and natural.

My senses thrive in this intoxicating experience, but there's something more gratifying than our physical connection: the mutual desire I see in his eagerness.

Why can't he be here with me?

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