Stories - By Ian Duncan
It was not even then when I completely realized his desire, but when he told me of his plan to share the bed with me for the night. My reaction was of surprise, of disbelief, and of shock for remaining unaware for so long. But in addition to this reaction was my undoubtable excitment. I looked at John again, finally seeing him.

"The guest bedroom," I replied, " . . . sure." A calm face hid my new arousal.

Hand on my arm, he lead me towards this room. The bed needed to be set up, which we did before turning out the lights. I wanted one light on, enough to illuminate his body because by this point I wanted to see his naked skin, as I wanted him to see mine. John wanted all the lights out, however, he said he wanted to be in the dark with me. So in darkness we stayed.

Rustling clothes in the dark opened his newly exposed skin, which my hands explored endlessly. We stood naked together, discovering each other's form by touch. Then we set ourselves down on the bed where I lay on my stomache. Slowly, he came down to me. Our first embrace nearly fused us into one. It was an embrace of longing, of not wanting to release.

The softness of his lips passed over mine. Our tongues met, pulling apart only to taste other things. His fingers probed between my legs, rubbing all of me. My excitment grew. My hand touched his penis. I caressed it. It sprung up, so hard. He kissed me until I felt a new wave of desire, a desire to respond completely. He said, "Can you stay with me, all night? Will you stay?" Which of course I did.

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