The Art of Seduction

Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexuality between females.


It was a very hot day out that afternoon. I found myself fidgeting with my fingers and waiting
impatiently in the leather chair of someone's office. It also happened to be my first day at my
new job and, as such, I definitely noticed the humidity of the room more intensely than usual.
After waiting for what I considered an eternity, I finally stood from my chair and walked over to
the idle air conditioner. As I reached for the switch I was startled by a knock on the door
behind my back.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," the voice said, cheerfully. "Good afternoon."

I turned around slowly, and nodded politely as the figure approached and reached out her hand.

"Good afternoon," I answered, calmly.

"Gabrielle Montgomery, pleased to meet you, Miss Dale," she said.

"Oh... pleased to meet you, too," I replied, smiling.

We shook hands. I noticed my hand was a little sweaty when I released hers, and I blushed as she
wiped her palm on the side of her dark blue suit. She then walked past me and turned on the air
conditioner before taking a seat at her desk. Her hands rested together upon her crossed legs
for a few moments until she finally motioned for me to sit down as well. Her smile wasn't lost
on her at any moment.

"Nervous, are we?"

I paused for a moment, wiping my hands on my own suit slowly and sitting up straight.

"No, of course not."

Miss Montgomery leaned back in her chair and swiveled back and forth as if evaluating me with her
gaze. She wore a tailored blue suit with a matching skirt and high heels. Her dark blond hair
fell past her shoulders; beautifully styled and lustrous. I found my attention drawn to
her hands, where a single diamond ring shined from one of her middle fingers.

"Wedding ring?" I asked curiously.

She lifted her hand from her knee and rested it on her desk. "No, I'm not attached at the
moment," she answered tentatively. "And you?"

I turned red again quickly.

"Oh, no. I've never had time for a relationship."

"I understand," she replied, leaning forward a bit. "There is a lot of pressure involved in this
career. But I always believe there's time for... some things."

I didn't answer, barely able to refrain from blushing any further. Instead I turned back to the
quietly humming air conditioner and was immediately hit again with a jolt of humidity. I noticed
Miss Montgomery staring at me out of the corner of my eye with a narrowed gaze.

"You look very hot, Miss Dale."

"Pardon?" I asked nervously.

"Warm. You're perspiring quite a bit. Is it the heat or are we that nervous?"

"Oh, it must be this heat, I'm just not used to it while wearing a suit."

"You can take it off if you'd like." Before I could voice another 'pardon', she quickly added,
"Your blazer I mean. There's a coat hanger by the door there."

I glanced at the door, then back at the air conditioner. "No, I'll be fine, thank you, Miss

"You only have to address the big boss by 'Miss'. Gabrielle is fine."

I smiled. "Oh, I'm Kathleen."

She smiled back happily, pushing her hair out of her face though a few locks remained stuck to
her cheek from the humidity. She didn't seem to mind at all.

"I'm sure you'd like to take a look at your new office then, Kathleen."

"My office?" I asked, surprised.

"Of course, and it's the same size as mine in fact. I guess someone must be pretty impressed
with your qualifications."

"You didn't hire me then?"

"No," she replied. "But I made sure that I'd be the one to help you get started for the first few
days." My blushing was easily noticed as she stood from her seat and opened the door. "Shall we?"

Clumsily, I stood from my chair and walked out the door, immediately hitting the significantly
warmer air of the wide hallway. Then, with a smile on her face she led me down the hallway to
a similar looking door with a blurred window and no name plate. Gabrielle opened the door and
walked inside with me, gazing around. The office looked slightly more spacious than hers, mostly
because it was empty except for a chair and a desk. I also noticed that I didn't have an air
conditioner at present, which I knew was going to be more than a little inconvenient along with
the virtual heat wave which had been beating down upon us day and night for the last week.

Gabrielle approached me slightly, as if she were going to kiss me.

"What do you think?" she whispered, her face inches from mine.

Her warm breath against my face sent a rush of energy throughout my body. Every inch of bare
skin on my face, hands and neck tingled with a strange excitement. I began to feel the first
sensations of arousal between my legs.

"It's... It's perfect," I said, moving my lips but not able to voice the words.

Gabrielle slowly reached out her hand towards my waist. I felt my heart pounding against my
chest as I felt the warm sensation between my legs grow into a vibrant flame of arousal. Her
hand inched closer. I closed my eyes and held my breath, seconds away from falling over as I
felt the weakness in my knees make my upper body seemingly double in weight. Gabrielle took my
hand into hers.

"I'm glad to hear that you like it, Kathleen," she answered, giving me the key to the office.

I looked down at our hands as they remained locked together. Her smooth skin touching mine, her
soothing embrace emitting an almost euphoric sense of relief from the heat.

Gabrielle leaned her face forward, resting her chin just above my shoulder with her lips next to
my ear.

"You're going to love it here, Kathy, I promise," she whispered, pausing for a few breaths.

The heat made her words seem like distant echoes voiced through a vast cave.

"I... I..."

Gabrielle stepped back and let her other hand reach for mine.

With both of her hands gently holding my palm she looked into my eyes, which were already misty.

"And if you ever feel the need to come to my office today, don't be afraid." She then released
the key and brought her hands back to her sides. "I am the only one who has an air conditioner
at the moment as well, just so you know."

I felt the beads of perspiration run down my forehead. My breathing was almost as rapid as my
pulse even as I attempted to calm myself. I was in a haze of thought and couldn't think
straight at all. The perfect beginning to my first day of work.


"You might want to go downstairs and get your things from your car now, Kathy" she said calmly,
beginning to turn.

"Ya, I... my things are in your, I mean my car," I sputtered clumsily.

"Bye, Miss Dale, and welcome aboard."

With that she gave me a wink and turned towards the door, leaving me shaking on my feet and still
sweating bullets. Whether it was entirely from the heat now, or because of the uncontrollable
arousal I felt, I wasn't sure. My day was just beginning.


The afternoon passed by quickly, but the relentless heat never seemed to subside. After bringing
up my box of things and gathering more from the supplies office I had sat silently in my chair
for almost a half hour. My dark brunette continued to stick against my face annoyingly, and
outside my window I swore I had seen more than a few sun spots. The sun was just upon the
horizon and nearly out of sight when I leaned forward and looked out through the open blinds,
sighing heavily. My blazer rested on the small coat hanger near the door and my blouse stuck
against my glistening skin almost as if I had just been splashed with water from head to toe.

It was nearly 7:30 when I finally built up the courage to take a walk over to Gabrielle's office
to cool off. Regular business hours were over and only a handful of people were left in the
building, I imagined. I walked out into the hallway to find what looked like an abandoned floor.
The lights were off in every mail room, every office, and only the hall lights remained lit. I
was alone.

As I walked down the hallway towards Gabrielle's office I lifted my hands to my head and slicked
back my hair, further dampening my hands. When I reached the door I rubbed my palms against the
sides of my skirt and reached for the knob. It was unlocked, thankfully.

I opened the door slowly, expecting to see Gabrielle still there for some reason. The room was
empty and dark. I walked in and closed the door behind me, turning to see the shadows cast by
the blinds stretch out over her spotless desktop and onto the red carpet. Outside, the darkening
sky still seemed to pulsate with a radiating heat which seemingly blurred my vision.

Sighing, I made my way over to the air conditioner and turned it on. I then took in a deep
breath as I leaned over the vent of chilled air, letting it brush up against my cheeks. After a
long moment I stood straight again and unbuttoned my blouse, opening it to let more of my skin
meet the calm flow of the cooling sensation.

The office was a virtual sauna, with only a faint humming to fill the humid air along with the
heat. I turned the air conditioner to a higher setting and walked around Gabrielle's desk,
sitting in her chair. The desktop itself was completely clear except for a pencil holder and her
name plate. At my back was a large bookcase which stretched to the ceiling, filled with various
books and files which I was thankful that I didn't have to see in my office yet.

Curious, I leaned forward and opened the first drawer of Gabrielle's desk. Not surprisingly
there were various pens, notepads and other office equipment present. I opened the second drawer
which held some extra supplies and an extra makeup kit. But when I reached for the third and
bottom drawer I found that it was locked. It was the only drawer on the desk with a key hole on
it, I noticed. After fiddling around with the handle a bit I finally gave up and leaned back in
the chair, taking a deep breath.

"What could she possibly have in there anyway?" I asked myself softly.

I leaned back further and stared out the window once more into the blurry haze of fading light.
A single bead of sweat ran down my forehead. Whether it was another effect of the heat or my
overactive sense of curiosity, I just couldn't stand not knowing what Gabrielle was hiding in
her locked desk drawer.

I gently leaned back down and opened the drawer just above the locked one once more, jiggling
around and hoping to dislodge it from the desk somehow. To my surprise, after a certain length,
the entire drawer fell from the desk and hit the carpet, emptying its contents all over the
floor rather loudly.

I covered my mouth with both hands for a few moments, waiting for some kind of voice or sound to
follow, but there was nothing. The only sound came from the air conditioner which continued to
hum quietly in the partial darkness.

After looking around the office with a wary eye once more I finally leaned back over the empty
space where the drawer was. Just as I had suspected, the contents of the locked drawer were now
in plain sight.

On first inspection everything seemed normal; a book or two, some paper, a lingerie catalogue...
I reached inside and lifted them all up to find the object which was definitely the reason why
the drawer was locked.

In my hand I hand I held a small, shiny silver vibrator which seemed to have multiple settings on
a switch at its base. My face turned partially red with embarrassment at the sight of it. It
was definitely on the expensive side as it was very sleek and stylish than most I had seen
before, which wasn't very many.

"A high paid single woman's best friend," I giggled to myself.

Still curious, I held the vibrator with both hands and began to fiddle with it, looking at the
switch and the shiny silver surface which glimmered in the faint light. After a few seconds I
let my finger touch the switch, turning it on to what seemed like its lowest setting. The
vibrator gently began to shake in my hands, almost like an electric pencil sharpener only much
quieter and more rhythmically.

"Oh, it even has batteries in it," I whispered to myself giddily, turning it off.

My heart was pounding with excitement mixed with anxiety of invading someone's privacy in a very
big way. I set the vibrator on the desk and quickly fell to my knees, picking up the spilled
contents of the drawer and setting it back in the desk. And, just to be sure I stood from the
chair and closed the door to the office before drawing the blinds on the window. With that, I
returned to Gabrielle's desk and sat down in her warm leather chair, leaning back and running my
hands through my slicked back hair a second time as if attempting to come to my senses. All I
could picture in my head was my own body laid out on the desk with Gabrielle's vibrator.

I glanced around the room, trying not to look at what lied on the desk. It sat there as if it
were taunting me, I thought to myself. I soon began to glare at it while my rational mind and
my playful side continued to wage a lengthy war over my final decision. It didn't take long to
realize who had won.

After glancing around the empty room once more, I grasped Gabrielle's vibrator and brought it
near my nose, looking at it more closely now. I let my finger switch it on to the lowest
setting, immediately feeling it's gentle movements in my hand. The lessening sensations of
anxiety finally allowed my breathing to slow as I brought it below my chin and let it touch my
neck. I cringed for a moment from the cool sensation, leaning further back in my chair, running
the vibrator up and down the side of my neck with calm sighs. Gradually I began to move lower
until I reached the top button of my blouse. I set Gabrielle's toy on my thigh without turning
it off and slowly undid each button with excited, but apprehensive hands.

With my blouse open, I retrieved Gabrielle's vibrator and set it at my chin once more, letting it
flow down my neck until it reached my chest. Below my waist I could feel my legs squirming as I
sat, sensing the intensity of my little erotic moment building by leaps and bounds of excitement
and uncertainty. I felt my pussy becoming moist and warm in response to the object which gently
massaged my breasts through my bra. With my free hand I finally reached down and undid the
button on my trousers, and then the zipper. I wanted to moan out loud, I was so wet, but still I
remained cautiously silent. The only sounds to fill the air were the quiet humming of the air
conditioner and the faint buzzing of Gabrielle's vibrator mixed with my elevated breathing.

The room began to sink further and further into darkness with each passing minute, and the heat
merely seemed to insulate itself further into the office along with my scent which quickly began
to fill the room as a result of my actions. I felt my pussy rub up between my almost soaked
underwear with each squirm of my legs, my wet lips trembling for the same stimulation that I
brought to my breasts with Gabrielle's wonderful toy. A drop of moisture fell from the split
ends of my slicked back hair onto the hot leather seat at my neck. I turned the vibrator to it's
second setting, feeling the increase in it's speed instantly at the top of my breast.

My eyelids drooped as I slid the pulsing vibrator lower at last. Past my stomach, past my naval,
until I reached the waistline of my soaked panties. I narrowed my eyes to see the lips of my
cunt nearly in full view through the now transparent material of my underwear. Small spurts of
my juices came nearly as often as each of my heart beats as I stared at myself, bewildered at
what I had done, what I was about to do.

Standing for a moment, I let my pants fall from my hips and gently land at my feet before I sat
back down. My thighs glistened in the shadows, wet and fervent as every limb on my body in the
searing heat. Then, with one hand caressing my breast, I slowly ran the vibrator across my
pussy, still covered by my damp underwear.

"Ohhhhh god..."

A jolt of pure ecstasy washed over me as I triggered my first small orgasm. I heaved a few
breaths of excitement as I pressed the toy against my pussy lips. I had fallen into a state of
shock, of carnal desire and lust for more pleasure. Slowly, I lifted the vibrator back to the
top of my panties and slid my hand inside, letting it finally make contact with my swollen clit.

With all of my energy I held in a shriek, instead turning it into somewhat of a small cough as my
breath poured out. My entire body seemed to vibrate with passion as I ran circles around my clit
with Gabrielle's toy. My mind was a haze of thoughts, both good and bad. I thought about being
caught, about never stopping and bringing my body to new levels of absolute bliss, and even of
wanting to share the experience with... another.

I switched the vibrator to it's third setting, now really beginning to feel the speed and power
between my legs. My juices poured through and between my underwear soaking the seat of the chair
and pooling beneath where I sat. I felt an incredible pressure growing within my body, greater
than I had ever felt before. I couldn't tell if I was already experiencing my second climax or
if it were still building within me. I began to moan out loud, now oblivious to any outside
attention. The vibrator began to slosh around against my throbbing pussy, caressing my lips, my
clit, and even inside me as my hand freely explored my body with unhindered excitement. I
brought my other hand inside my panties finally, letting my fingers pinch and move around my
pulsating clit for a final few moments. And, as the overwhelming pleasure grew to nearly
unbearable levels, I pulled both hands out of my panties and yelled as I pressed Gabrielle's
vibrator into my clit for a final time.

"Ohhhhhh... Unngghhhhhh!!!"

A hot stream of my girl cum exploded from my pussy lips as my second orgasm hit me at last. I
pressed the vibrator into my throbbing clit as the flow of my thick fluids poured onto the chair
and finally onto the carpet as well from it's excess. My mouth hung open in a loud, audible
scream of ecstasy which echoed in my ears and head for what seemed like forever. My contractions
lasted for several seconds, each bursting with a hot spurt of my cum until the climax finally
began to subside. Every muscle in my body tightened, my legs and toes pointed straight out and
my slicked back hair fell forward into my face as I dropped my head almost into my lap.

"Ohhhh, stop, stop, stop!" I yelled out loud, desperately trying to turn off the vibrator as the
sensations grew too intense.

I dropped the vibrator into the small pool near my feet and my now wet trousers; it was still on
it's lowest setting. I then held my hands against my mound, soaking my fingers in my warm juices
and caressing my aching pussy as it came down from pleasures I never thought existed.

I became weak almost immediately, using all of my strength just to sit up straight in my chair.
My eyes became totally blurred for an instant as I felt my pulse pounding at my chest. I was
breathing too hard, too fast. I fell forward against the desk, managing to break my fall
with my arms. The sweltering heat quickly became an effective aphrodisiac. I felt myself
drifting away, wet and aching...


When I came to, the sun had completely retreated over the horizon with only the brightness of the
high floors of neighboring skyscrapers as a source of light for Gabrielle's office. I was back
in her leather chair, still weary but less tired overall. With partially opened eyes I peered at
the clock near the door. It was 10:15.

Slowly, I stood from the chair, holding onto the edge of the desk for balance before bending over
to pull my trousers back up. My thighs were slicked with my juices still, and my panties were no
where near being dry, but I had no choice.

After dressing once more and returning the vibrator to it's rightful place, I walked over to
Gabrielle's air conditioner one last time and let one last breeze of chilled air rush at my face
before I turned and off. Finally, I turned towards the door and opened it cautiously.

The hallway was silent. I closed the office door and carefully wiped it dry of my sweaty hand
with my sleeve. I then made my way towards the main elevator and let out a huge sigh of relief,
smiling as if I had just got away with a crime.

I pressed the button for the elevator, looking both ways down the hall as I was still a little
jumpy. The bell sounded for it's arrival and with lowered eyes I walked inside, bumping my head
into someone or something.

"Ow," I pronounced, more startled than hurt.

"Oh," a voice said,"Kathleen. What are you still doing here?"

I slowly looked up, knowing that with my terrible luck it could only be one person.

"Gabrielle! I mean Miss Montgomery... I mean..."

My matted hair fell into my face as I tried to straighten up. Gabrielle smiled and walked out of
the elevator with me.

"Calm down, Kathy, I'm not security," she giggled. "Working late are we?"

I looked around for a moment, hatching a lie and hatching it quickly.

"Ummm... yes, I... I lost my keys and I need them to lock my office and get into my car."

It was a good enough lie, I though. Though the problem was that my keys were in my pocket and
made a very obvious sound with each step I took. I made sure to stand perfectly still.

"Oh, that's okay, I never lock my office. I don't think we've ever had anyone stolen from in
this building anyway."

"Oh..." I stated, running out of words and further excuses.

We stared at each other for a few moments, both expecting the other to say something.
Gabrielle's blond hair was tied back now, wet from the heat but still surprisingly well
maintained. Her face was flushed from perspiration and her blazer was open, revealing her black
blouse beneath it.

"Well," she began, "maybe we could take another quick look around for your keys, Kathy. It would
be a shame if we didn't find them."

Her grin was enormous now, as if she saw right through my deception but didn't want to say
anything about it.

"Yes, of course. Let's do that," I said, slicking my hair back once more and attempting to fix
my appearance as best I could.

I then made my way back to the office, making sure that I took steady, balanced steps so as not
to confirm where my keys actually were. It looked as if I were creeping more than walking, but
I was thankfully behind Gabrielle and she didn't seem to notice. Once inside my office we both
started searching, though I could tell finding my keys wasn't really on either of our minds

"So," Gabrielle began, "why were you really in here so late, Kathleen? Just between us, of

She leaned against my desk and crossed her arms, smiling. I began to blush, trying not to make
eye contact as I shuffled through a pile of folders that I knew didn't contain my keys.

"I... don't know what you mean, Gabrielle. I was..."

"Just burning the midnight oil for next week?" Gabrielle added, finishing my sentence. I nodded
nervously, remembering that it was Friday. "I believe you."

"Oh... I..."

"Would you like to go out for a drink, Kathleen?" she interrupted. "It is Friday night after

I gulped. "A drink?"

"Just so that we can talk. I'm not asking you out for a date or anything," she grinned.

I tried to think of a reason not to go. I didn't have my keys, or at least Gabrielle thought I
didn't have them so I couldn't use my car without revealing my lie, and it would take hours to
walk home by myself...

"Hmm?" Gabrielle asked again, startling my train of thought.

"Oh... okay," I replied, looking up at her for a brief moment. "Now?"

"Well I don't think it's going to be Friday night tomorrow," she mused.

We both giggled a bit, trying to forget the heat coursing through the darkened office.

"You must be tense anyway, Kathy. I think a little drink would do us both good. Come on then."

As soon as Gabrielle turned her back I quietly pulled my keys out of my pocket and set them down
on my desk. I would have to pick them up on Monday. And with that we both stepped out of my
office and closed the door, ready for what Gabrielle promised to be a girls night out I
desperately needed.


Downstairs, there were about 12 cars left in the underground parking lot, mine included. I drove
a used black SUV; nothing special but not my first choice for a car either. It wasn't something
I felt like pointing out to Gabrielle as we continued on to the last row of cars near the exit

"Here we are," she stated, reaching into her pocket.

Gabrielle pulled out a set of keys and pressed a button on a small remote control. Immediately,
a car alarm beeped off and the lights of her car turned on along with the engine. It was a very
expensive looking red convertible, definitely a newer model but I wasn't the best in terms of
vehicle knowledge. As we each walked up beside it I began to wonder to myself if it was, in
fact, Gabrielle's only car. I somehow doubted it.

"This is your car?" I asked, trying not to look surprised.

Gabrielle set her hand on the roof, her diamond ring reflecting in the light.

"Mmm hmm," she nodded. "Why, what do you drive?"

I didn't answer, hoping to change the subject. Gabrielle smiled and opened her door.

"Give it a little while, Kathy, and you'll have a nicer car than this."

"I somehow doubt that," I replied.

"When you get your first paycheck, you'll know what I mean," she added, winking. "Hop in

We both got into the car and closed our doors. Gabrielle set her keys in the ignition and the
dashboard lights clicked on. Almost immediately she went for her seat belt, setting the car in
gear at the same time. Her car was a standard.

With a jerk, we rolled out of her parking spot and turned towards the exit ramp. I immediately
knew that I was going to need my seat belt for the ride as well.

Once up the ramp, I noticed the streets of the city were nearly deserted compared to the usual
rush hour that followed a day's work. I pictured Gabrielle speeding through the streets at
night, her top down and her hair flowing in the breeze, just for the excitement.


We arrived at the bar only minutes after roaring out of the parking lot, in record time even. It
was a quiet bar compared to what I had pictured for our 'little drink'. There were a number of
people inside, some playing pool, others watching a sports game, but Gabrielle and I were
completely alone in the corner of the bar. For minutes, neither of us talked, rather we just
looked around at the people... at each other.

"Well, you seem to be very quiet this evening, Kathleen. Still nervous about the new job?"

"No, of course not," I replied. "I just... don't talk as much as others I guess."

Gabrielle smiled. "I noticed. I suppose that makes you a good listener then."

"I guess."

"So," she said, lifting her drink, "what if this were your typical Friday night? Where would I
most likely find Kathy Dale on a night like this if you weren't with me now?"

I looked down at my own drink, running my finger across the top in circles.

"Well... I would probably be at home, reading a good book or watching a movie with a nice bowl of
popcorn; no butter, of course. And..."

As I reminisced about my usual Friday nights, Gabrielle looked directly into my eyes, smiling
softly and listening as if my rambling were part of an important historical speech. I started
to blush yet again, keeping my own eyes locked on the bar, avoiding her alluring gaze.

"...That's my typical Friday," I finished. "What about you, Gabrielle?"

"Me?" she asked, looking surprised. "Mmm... well, on a night like this you'd probably find me at
home too. I would be taking a bath by candlelight, with scented oils to rub all over my body
while listening to the gentle sound of the water dripping from my hair and hands into the
bathtub. I would stare into the moonlight and let my skin glisten in the shadows, soaking in the
heat of a night as hot as this. And then, after that I would lie naked on my sofa with wet hair,
eating delicious chocolates and reading a hot, steamy romance novel in a darkened room, running
my fingers across my soft, bare, hot body."

"I... I..."

I nearly found myself sitting with my jaw in my lap as Gabrielle described what she would be
doing if we weren't sitting together. I jammed one hand between my legs to stop my moist sex
from becoming any more aroused and I bit my lip as hard as I could.

"Have you ever done anything like that, Kathleen?" she asked, smiling with narrowed eyes as she
took a calm sip from her drink.

"Ummm... no..." I whispered.

Gabrielle set her glass down and turned directly towards me.

"You should try it sometime... sitting at home with no clothes on. The excitement of it," she
whispered, bringing her face closer to mine.

I was breathing through my mouth now, stuttering as my hand struggled to hold my drink steady.
The ice swirled around loudly inside, giving away my nervousness before the pounding of my heart


Gabrielle reached her hand down, slowly coming between my legs. I took in a deep breath and
closed my eyes, feeling my juices soak through my trousers onto my hand as her own inched closer
to my trembling pussy.

She took hold of my wrist and pulled it away from my mound gently, breathing through her mouth
just as I was now, and massaging each of my wet fingers as my scent filled both of our nostrils.

"Does this feel nice?" Gabrielle asked softly.

"I... I..."

My lips trembled, attempting to answer but lost in the moment, the arousal. Between my legs I
could feel my juices slowly gushing from my pussy just as Gabrielle looked down. A gentle smile
remained on her face as she continued to caress my hand as if nothing were wrong.

"You're so beautiful, Kathleen, did you know that?"

I began to squirm in my seat, looking for a way out. It was too much... too much for me to bear.

"I... have to go, Gabrielle... I..."

"Of course, Kathy," she said, slowing her rub to a halt. "You do still have your house key on
you, right?"

I immediately realized how much my lie had failed me. Instead of being home alone I was now
locked out and at the mercy of Gabrielle unless I confessed.

"No... it was on the... my key chain, in the office."

"Would you like to go back and look together?" she asked, attentively.

"No! I mean... no, that's okay. I'll just stay at a motel tonight and get my keys tomorrow."

Gabrielle released my hand and set it in her lap.

"Kathy, the office isn't open again until Monday. Can you afford to stay in a motel for three

I reached for my wallet with trembling fingers; I had forgotten my credit card at home, and I
didn't have enough cash to even pay for my drink, which was still full. I was ready to smack
myself in the head when Gabrielle set her hand on my knee.

"No... I could stay with friends though, I..."

"You could stay at my place tonight if you wish," she replied, happily. "I have plenty of room,
and first thing tomorrow morning I could see if we could get back inside the office to look for
your keys again. Sound nice?"

I looked down into my lap, no longer stopping my shoulders from trembling on their own. I was
a complete wreck, and I was ready to pass out from my anxiety.

"No, that's okay," I answered quietly. "It would be imposing and..."

"Oh, not at all, Kathy. I've got a guest bedroom, it would be perfectly fine. I insist."

I didn't really have any other alternative, but the butterflies in my stomach definitely weren't
going to calm after my answer.

"Okay... I guess."

Gabrielle's expression turned to one of ecstatic happiness instantly. I made a silent gulp and
felt ever part of my body trembling with apprehension. Still, I could not deny the arousal that
she had released with a mere touch.

With my drink left full and Gabrielle's tip left on the counter, we both left. The warm dusk
breeze blew against our faces as the sky darkened and the night truly began. I wondered if I was
going to get any sleep at all.


Gabrielle's condo was incredible, even better than I had expected it to be in size and beauty.
There were actually two floors, both hers and both filled with luxurious furniture and pictures.
The windows stretched all the way to the floor in one corner, with only a single white sofa near
the glass. The kitchen was vast and well kept, and the living room had a gas fireplace as well
as a very large television set. It was more like the summer home of a movie star, I thought to
myself, looking through damp and messed hair.

We both stepped inside and Gabrielle closed the door behind her, locking it firmly. She then
turned to me and immediately took my blazer as I pulled it off. It was still more than a little
warm even with the air conditioning which had just kicked in.

"Well, this is my home," she said, hanging up my coat. "Is it okay?"

"It's wonderful," I stated, holding my hands behind my back now.

"Thank you, Kathleen. I know it's still quite warm in here but it does take a while for the air
conditioner to circulate through the whole place."

"That's okay," I replied.

Gabrielle turned back towards me and flicked on a light switch.

"The walls actually insulate sound quite well," she said, smiling. "We could be as loud as we
want and no one would hear."

I felt a bead of sweat run down my forehead.


"I only tried it once, with my stereo. No one seemed to notice a thing."

"Wow," I answered quietly.

"Well," she continued, "I'll show you the guest room then."

She held out her arm and directed me up the small flight of stairs to the third door on the
left of the hallway. Inside was a perfectly kept bedroom complete with a large bed, an entire
wall of windows with blinds and a dresser filled with extra clothes. Another door near the
entrance led into the bathroom which was connected to Gabrielle's bedroom as well.

"," I pronounced, wide-eyed.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I think this room is bigger than my home."

Gabrielle giggled, reaching for my hand.

"I'm glad it's suitable for you. Now, I'm going to take a nice long shower to see if I can cool
down a bit, okay?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Oh, you might want a nightie, unless you plan to sleep in your suit."

"I... I didn't really..."

Gabrielle scooted past me and pulled open a drawer on the dresser, taking out a silk nightie and
showing it to me.

"I think it should fit, we're about the same size," she giggled.

"Thank you," I said softly, letting it drop into my hands.

I was red now from the blushing, and sweating bullets from the heat as usual.

"You're welcome, Kathy," she answered, smiling happily. "Well, good night."

She then turned and opened the door to the bathroom, closing it behind her. After a few moments
I began to hear a gentle humming coming from under the door and soon the quiet hiss of the
flowing shower-head.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," I said to myself silently.

My trembling had lessened but it wasn't entirely gone. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid
them off, setting each piece of my clothing on the dresser until I was left only in my bra and
panties. Hesitantly, I slipped on the nightie first, noticing that it did fit quite well. It
barely came past my thighs though, and wasn't anything like what I would normally wear to bed.
I attempted to pull it down a bit lower and finally gave up, instead unclasping my bra and
setting it under the rest of my clothing.

The carpet was soft against my bare feet as I walked over to the window and peeked through the
blinds. We were very high up, at least the twentieth floor but most likely higher. The lights
of the city seemed focused below where I stood, and the night sky was clear and peaceful. I took
in a deep breath, telling my body to calm itself as I slicked my hair back once more. I then sat
on the bed and made a half-smile to myself, thinking that I was free to fall asleep without

After a few minutes the shower finally went silent, and the sound of footsteps on the bathroom
floor followed. I lied down on the bed's sheets and held my breath, waiting for the footsteps
to leave into the opposite bedroom and not mine. Seconds past and the noise finally quieted. I
looked up to see that the bathroom light had been turned off under the door. The room was
completely silent now, with only my breath and the sound of the air conditioner apparent. I was
reminded of Gabrielle's office for a brief moment, before shaking it off and closing my eyes.

"Just get some sleep," I whispered to myself.


I lied there, on the bed for over a half hour before I finally sat up and sighed heavily. I
couldn't sleep. How could I, I thought. No matter how hard I tried not to think about it, I
knew that Gabrielle was only two rooms away. I was afraid of confronting her, and making a fool
out of myself once again.

I rose from the sheets and gently snuck over to the closed bathroom door, setting my head up
against it to listen in. It was completely quiet, obviously, so I slowly opened the door.

Inside, the bathroom was pitch black from the lack of windows. I squinted my eyes to see the
outline of a door on the opposite wall, but I couldn't tell if it was open or not. I stepped
inside, feeling to cool tiling against my bare feet as I snuck towards the door. It was open,
and I was able to hear the faint sound of another person's breathing now. After a minute of
standing still I peeked into Gabrielle's bedroom and found her lying on top of the sheets as
well. The blinds were drawn and the room was much darker than mine, but very similar in shape

I held my hands up against my chest to feel my heart beat rhythmically pumping and growing faster
with each passing minute.

"What am I doing?" I thought to myself, starting to turn around.

Before I could completely turn towards the bathroom once more I was startled by Gabrielle's

"Kathleen, you're still awake?"

I spun around towards her and stood straight, shaking from surprise.

"Yes..." I managed to say.

She sat up from the sheets.

"Can't sleep, huh?" she asked. I shook my head slowly. "Me neither. Come over here."

The room was still quite dark and I couldn't see her very well. I stuck my hands out in front of
me and started walking towards the bed. It didn't take more than three steps until I hit a pile
of clothing at my feet, making me stumble over to the bed uncontrollably. I tripped and banged
my shoulder into the corner of the bed, letting out a yelp of pain.

Gabrielle reached for her night stand and flicked on a lamp, gasping from my voice and jumping
quickly to my aid. She dropped to her knees and helped me up, holding my shoulder with one hand
and my palm in the other.

"Are you okay, Kathy? I'm so sorry," she said, looking into my eyes.

"No, it's okay, Gabrielle, I..."

My eyes filled with tears from the pain; I lowered my head. My shoulder was burning from the
pain and I couldn't take my mind of it.

"Let me help you onto the bed," Gabrielle said softly, reaching under both of my arms and
pulling me up. She then rested me on her bed and walked over to the other side, sitting down
behind me and holding her hand on top of my shoulder once more.

"Ow, ow..."

"Does it hurt?" she asked, in a tender voice.

"Mmm hmm," I said, biting my lip.

"I think I can help."

Gently, Gabrielle began to rub her palm up and down my bruised shoulder, soothing it slightly
with each pass. I closed my eyes and felt the tears roll down my cheeks, finally coming to a
stop. Soon the pain left my arm and I began to truly feel Gabrielle's hand against my bare skin,
causing me to gasp loudly.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I'm just tense is all, I guess you were right about that."

Gabrielle sighed and moved her head near my shoulder.

"I might be able to help you with that," she whispered into my ear.

I froze once again, not sure what to say. I could feel her warm breath against the side of my
head, waiting for an answer. I began to tremble once more.

"How..." I pronounced.

"Well," she continued, softly. "Maybe a little massage would help. I'm actually quite good you

"I... I can't," I replied nervously.

"Why not?" she whispered again. "Are you afraid that it'll feel good?"

I paused, still unable to stop my trembling.

"Gabrielle, I..."

"Don't be nervous, Kathy, it's just a massage. Now lie down on your stomach and relax."

Her words in my ears were soft and sincere, I couldn't bring myself to decline anymore. Slowly,
I turned to face her, and saw her soft smile as she looked at my shoulder and back into my eye.
Gabrielle was wearing an identical white silk nightie, and her knees were together as she sat on
her shins in front of me. I gently lowered myself onto my stomach beside her and looked up into
her eyes, wanting to say something but unable to find the right words.

"Don't worry, Kathy, I know that you'll like it. You might even fall asleep," she said, smiling

She slowly positioned herself beside me and set her hands on my shoulders, making sure to be more
gentle with my bruised one now. Then, with the tenderness of a feather she began to massage my
shoulders, squeezing my muscles lightly and releasing them momentarily.

I cringed with every squeeze, feeling my muscles constrict and slowly release the built up
tension of an entire week's stress. The soothing pressure moved lower towards my shoulder blades
and then down the sides of my arms until I finally allowed my body to relax and enjoy Gabrielle's
gentle touch. I let my arms rest at my sides and I turned my head towards Gabrielle as I rested
my cheek on the soft sheets.

"Why... are you doing this?" I asked, in a whisper.

Gabrielle smiled softly and ran her fingers through my hair with one hand.

"You mean no one has ever done this to you before, Kathleen?"

I shook my head slightly, narrowing my eyes as her hands returned to my back.

"How could someone as attractive as yourself be alone every night?" she asked, quietly.

"I've... never thought of it that... way."

"Well, maybe you should start thinking differently about yourself, Kathy," Gabrielle whispered,
lowering her head closer. "I need to move to the other side now, it's a little hard to give a
massage like this."


Keeping her hands on my shoulders, Gabrielle gently moved herself over top me, stopping half way.
I waited for her to move all the way over, but she remained still. I then felt her calmly sit
down on the back of my thighs, moving her hands down my back slowly.

"Mmm... this is actually better now that I think of it," she stated, positioning her knees near
my hands. "Do you mind if I sit here, Kathy?"

I felt the blood rush to my face again, as I attempted to look Gabrielle in the eye.

"I don't... mind, I guess."

Slowly, Gabrielle ran her fingers down my back and then up my sides. I cringed, trying not to
giggle as she massaged my skin through the silk material of my nightie. I felt goosebumps form
near my neck as she lowered herself near my ears to speak.

"I need to move these straps just a bit if we want to get at your lower back, Kathy. Just close
your eyes and relax."

"Gabrielle, please..." I whispered, feeling my head beginning to spin slowly.

Without answering, she ran her fingers under both straps of my nightie and slid them down my
arms. I tensed my whole body, feeling the night heat attack my body. I was totally red, I began
to sweat. With the straps off, Gabrielle lowered my nightie down to the small of my back near
where she was sitting, her legs on either side of me. And, instinctively, she lightly began to
blow on my neck and shoulders with cool breath, holding me still so that I wouldn't tremble and
smiling to herself out of my sight.

"Oh... god."

The hair parted at my neck and the chilling sensation shot through my body all the way to the
tips of my fingers and toes. Gabrielle's body grew warmer against the back of my thighs, just as
I felt the first sparks of arousal sprouting between my own legs which rested together.

"I meant it when I said you were beautiful, Kathy. Did you know that?"

Gabrielle's whispers in my ears seemed to echo over and over. I felt my heart pounding against
the sheets of the bed as my breasts pushed up against them. My eyes widened as she moved herself
lower down my legs until she sat at the back of my knees. Between my legs I felt a warm slick
of liquid which had run off from Gabrielle's panties as she slid down my legs. My pussy was
beginning to pulse with genuine arousal.

"We have to... stop. Gabrielle..." I pronounced, barely voicing the words.

I felt her lips lower near my ear once more.

"Are you afraid that it will feel good, Kathy?"

Her repeated sentence sent tingles down my spine, and I couldn't find the will to answer. Before
I could take a breath I felt Gabrielle's lips gently touch my neck with a kiss, then another, and
another until I felt a wet spot beginning to form on the sheets below me. My juices were
beginning to flow onto the bed, and I couldn't stop them.

"Have you ever felt this way with another woman before, Kathy?" Gabrielle asked, sitting back up

"Nnn... no..." I replied, nervously.

"Then just let yourself go and enjoy your first experience," she whispered, reaching again for
my nightie.

As Gabrielle slowly slid off of me I curled up and held my breasts in my arms, closing my eyes
tightly. A gentle hand came to my shoulder where I had been in pain. The sensation was gone,
replaced by an enthralling sense of euphoria. Gabrielle turned my body over so that I was lying
on my back. My eyes remained closed as I felt her cool breath rush onto my face once more. When
I opened my eyes she was directly above me, smiling softly and dripping with her own

"May I kiss you, Kathleen?" she asked slowly.

No one had ever asked me that question before. My head was racing with thoughts, unsure of how
to react or even respond.

"Yes," I replied, relying on instinct rather than my judgment.

Gabrielle slowly lowered her face towards mine. Our breath hit each other's faces as out lips
finally met with our first kiss, a kiss that sent waves of pleasure coursing through my entire
body in that one instant. I felt almost as if I had climaxed, the feeling was more incredible
than anything I had experienced before. After a moment, Gabrielle lifted her head slightly,
still staring directly into my eyes just as I did into hers. Drops of perspiration fell from her
hair onto my cheeks and forehead, adding to the already glazed look of our skin from the intense
night heat.

"That was..."

She wasn't able to finish her own sentence, the amazement was just as great for her as it was
with me. Without another word Gabrielle brought her lips towards mine once more, this time
kissing me longer than before. Our hair became tangled together, damp from the humidity, and
when we finally parted a thick string of our saliva connected our lips as Gabrielle raised her

"...Unbelievable," I whispered, finishing her sentence.

Slowly, Gabrielle brought her hands to my forearms and gently lifted them away from my breasts,
resting my arms at my sides once more. My bare chest lied before her as she smiled and stared.

"Ohh Kathy, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever met."

It seemed as if both of us had fallen into an abyss of lust, heat and desire. Our bodies
glistened with sweat and the sheets gradually became more and more wet beneath us.

"I... I never have felt this way with another woman, Gabrielle," I whispered, letting myself
tremble openly now.

"Then I promise I'll make it special, Kathy," she replied, lowering her eyes to my panties.

She set her hand on my stomach, rubbing her fingers across the ruffled material of my nightie for
a moment, lingering just above my waistline for a few moments before sliding across my underwear
for the first time. Her diamond ring glimmered in the night's dim lighting.

"Mmm... you're so wet, Kathy. So soft and creamy, just like you were back at the office and at
the bar."

I looked up at her, caught off guard and confused.

"How did you..."

Gabrielle smiled.

"Well, at the bar it was more than obvious; All I had to do was look down. But in the office I
could just tell by the expression on your face, and the way you were walking. Did you find your
way into my office by any chance, Kathy?"

I began to blush, looking away from her face.


"Mmm... and what did you find in there, sweety?"

"A... a vibrator..."

Gabrielle ran her fingers across my mound, soaking in my fluids as they gushed through my

"And did it feel good inside you?" she asked quietly, smiling seductively.


Slowly, Gabrielle lowered herself towards me once more. I thought she was going to kiss me
again so I closed my eyes. Instead I felt her lips touch my neck, then my breast, then my
nipple. Her tongue slowly began to circle my nipple, wetting it in her saliva as she gently
sucked on it for a moment.

"I promise that I'll make you feel sensations that a vibrator could never come close to doing,
sweetheart," Gabrielle said, lifting her head from my breast for a brief moment.

I looked down to see Gabrielle kiss my nipple once more, this time letting her saliva flow from
her mouth purposely. It ran down my breast slowly, covering it almost completely before she
brought my nipple into her mouth a second time. I felt both gradually becoming harder with
excitement, I began to squirm from the euphoric sensation.

"Ohhhh god..."

Before I could finish my sentence, Gabrielle lifted her head and moved herself lower, taking hold
of both of my hands and holding them down.

"Just relax, Kathy, I know you'll like this..."

Gabrielle brought her head just above my panties and slowly lowered herself towards my mound,
inhaling deeply and sighing. The first touch of her tongue against my pussy sent my body into
a frenzy of excitement, held down by Gabrielle's hands which pinned my wrists to the sheets.

"No... please... Ahhhhhhh."

The sensations were almost to intense to bear. My cunt began to ooze with my fluids, pulsating
from the single touch it had experienced. Gabrielle licked me a second time, taking my juices
into her mouth and pushing her tongue lightly against my clit through my panties. A second wave
of bliss jolted my body, even more powerful than the first.

"You taste heavenly, sweety," Gabrielle whispered, looking up at me for a moment.

"That feels so good, Gabrielle..."

She then released my wrists, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

"It's about to feel so much better, Kathy."

Without wasting a second, Gabrielle slid her fingers inside my panties and began to pull them
slowly down my thighs. I held my legs together and felt my whole body quiver with excitement,

My underwear stopped at my knees, catching my off guard yet again as Gabrielle's hot breath
wavered over my bare cunt this time. I felt the sweat trickling down my forehead, my neck, even
my stomach as she let out a small sigh and dipped her nose against my small patch of pubic hair,
making me hold in a giggle.

"Ohhhh, that tickles," I said, looking down as best I could.

"You have the most beautiful pussy, sweetheart, I could just bury my face in it forever,"
Gabrielle added, smiling playfully.

Lingering for a moment, Gabrielle locked her eyes with mine and rose back up to my face, hovering
directly over me. Her lips glistened with my fluids, and her own forehead was flushed from the
intense heat. We were both near passing out.

"I... I don't think I can take this heat much... longer, Gabrielle," I said, in-between very
heavy breaths.

"Kathleen, I've never felt this wet in my entire life, and it's not because of this heat wave,
it's because I'm with... you."

I could think of anything to say. I just stared... Stared at Gabrielle as drops of perspiration
fell from her cheeks onto mine. Stared as she lowered herself so that we could kiss once more,
this time not holding back anything. We had let ourselves go for the first time, embracing the
merciless heat and the inescapable attraction that compelled us both together somehow. My body
ached, my lips trembled against hers, my pussy oozed my juices onto the bed sheets below us, and
we kissed.

It was a kiss of absolute lust, beyond anything I had ever experienced before with anyone else.
Gabrielle's tongue slid into my mouth, my eyes widened. The taste of my own cunt filled my mouth
as my own tongue ran in circles around hers. A small stream of saliva formed at the edge of our
kiss, running down my cheek slowly. I held my breath for nearly a minute until we finally

"Make love to me, Gabrielle, please..." I whispered, keeping my eyes closed.

I was no longer myself. I had given in to the pleasures which had consumed both of us. The room
was on fire with the heats of passion, and our combined scents became apparent in the fervent

Gabrielle lifted herself up once more, this time taking hold of the nightie from the bottom and
pulling it over my head entirely. She threw it across the room and turned around, sliding my
panties down to my ankles and finally off of the bed. I was completely naked now, wet and more
wet and lustful than I ever thought possible.

Without saying a word, Gabrielle dropped her face into my lap, letting her tongue circle around
my mound in wondrous circles, teasing my clit which now pulsed with arousal. After a few moments
she brought her hand next to my pussy, letting one finger slip inside her mouth, moistening it
for her own, sensuous purposes.

"We'll start out with one finger, sweetheart. Nice and slippery for your lovely, wet pussy."

"Ohhhhh, Gabrielle," I moaned, holding my eyes closed tightly.

Slowly, her finger slid across my mound, between my pussy lips, and over my clit, until it
finally slid inside me. I let out a huge gasp, looking down just as Gabrielle gently pushed
deeper. Her finger was warm and slippery, easily sliding in and out rhythmically as her tongue
gently teased and caressed my throbbing clit at the same time. I held my breasts with both hands
and began to drool, feeling myself falling deeper into the abyss of pleasure. With a gentle
motion I began to move my hips to aid Gabrielle's fingers deeper, spreading my legs further to
meet the very slow, gradual thrusts.

"Oh god, oh god! That's sooo good, yes..."

Gabrielle lifted her finger out of my pussy for a moment, readying a second finger with her
saliva and sliding both back in gently. I made a small buck with my hips, feeling her fingers
caress my inner walls and soak in my thick juices. I opened my eyes to see Gabrielle moving on
top of me, her own cunt just above my chest and soaking her own underwear just as I had.

I raised my hands above my head, grabbing my wet hair and tensing my muscles as Gabrielle made
a full lick across my wet clit, this time pushing against it lightly. Instantly, I raised my
lower back from the soaked sheets, plunging Gabrielle's tongue hard against my clit just as the
pressure began to build inside me.

"I'm going to... cum, Gabrielle! Aahh!!"

With her fingers now pumping in and out at a steady pace, I reached down and held my thighs
tightly in my hands, keeping them apart as I moaned loudly. I began to feel light-headed,
euphoric... The heat was overwhelming.

"That's it, sweetheart," Gabrielle said above my moans. "I want you to cum all over my hand."

Before I could take in a deep breath to answer her, Gabrielle slid her two fingers out of my
cunt and began to lightly tap against my lips quickly. I cringed with excitement, feeling the
pressure inside my body build to incredible levels, ready for release within moments. The
sloshing sounds of her tapping rang in my ears as I yelled out loud, tossing my hips up and down
against the sheets. Then, with a gentle flick of Gabrielle's tongue across my throbbing clit,
I felt the pressures finally explode into my first climax.


A hot stream of my honey burst forth from my pussy lips, splattering onto Gabrielle's two fingers
as they continued to tap lightly against my pulsating flesh. I felt my inner walls contract,
forcing my thick cum out onto my thighs and the already wet sheets. Gabrielle quickly covered
my pussy with her hand, letting my juices flow between her fingers as she lapped up every last
drop which had covered my swollen clit.

It was too much... too hot. I began to feel numb, weak, light-headed...


Just before my vision went black, I looked up to see Gabrielle hovering over me once more, this
time licking her fingers of my girl cum and smiling seductively as always. Her narrowed eyes
were the last thing I saw before I passed out, still able to feel the light trickle of my honey
oozing between my legs and onto the bed. My body had never experienced anything like what
Gabrielle Montgomery had just done for me... it was the most intensely erotic moment of my life.


It was late when I finally came to. I opened my eyes to find myself lying comfortably in
Gabrielle's bathtub, soaking in moderately cool water. The heat had been too much, but I was
definitely beginning to cool off.

I opened my eyes to find Gabrielle sitting next to me, soaking her hand in the water and watching
me closely with an affectionate smile. She was still wearing her nightie, but her underwear was
lying on the floor next to her. The room was lit only by candlelight, and the soothing scent
felt heavenly in my nostrils as I took in a deep breath and stretched my aching body.

"What happened?" I asked, in a whisper.

"You passed out, sweetheart," she answered quietly. "Probably from the heat, but I think your
first orgasm of the night was probably a factor as well."

"I've never climaxed so... hard before, I..."

"Shhhh, Kathy, just relax for now. I've drawn this bath to let you cool down a bit, and maybe
experience a little of what I said I like to do on my Friday nights."

"This is the first time I've... been with..."

"Another woman?" Gabrielle asked, finishing my sentence. I nodded slowly, still feeling slightly
drowsy. "The first time is always the most nerve racking, I know."

I looked up at her, unable to focus my eyes completely.

"How long have you..."

"A few years now. It was around the time that I started work at our office that it happened as
a matter of fact, so it was a lot like this."

"What happened with..."

"We had different dreams, different ambitions... but before we left I told her she had changed
my life forever. She was happy to hear that, and we parted knowing that we cared a lot for each

Gabrielle moved her hand from the surface of the water into my wet hair, gently pushing it out of
my face.

"Does this mean I'm... a lesbian?" I asked, nervously.

Gabrielle smiled.

"It's always your choice, sweetheart. You've only experienced one aspect of the life you might

"If everything else is even half as good as what you've been able to do to me, Gabrielle, than I
think I'm going to like being gay."

We both smiled, holding in our giggles. Gabrielle set her hand back in the water and looked over
the edge of the tub, guiding her hand between my legs.

"How's that beautifully pussy of yours?" she asked, softly. "Does it feel better now?"

I felt her fingers gently part my lips, pushing slowly inside along with the water. I let out a
quiet moan.

"Ohhh Gabrielle, that feels nice."

"Mmm... Doesn't it? Have you ever masturbated while taking a bath, Kathy?"

"No..." I replied.

"It feels wonderful, sweetheart."

Gabrielle reached her other hand down beside the tub and revealed a bottle of what looked like
bubble bath soap. She gently poured a small amount in and removed her fingers from my pussy,
running her hand up my stomach and over my breasts beneath the water.


"Are you feeling a little cooler let, Kathy?"

"A bit," I answered, gently churning the water with my hands and making bubbles begin to form on
the surface.

"Well, we'll move to the other bedroom when you're ready. It's looks like my sheets are soaked
from all of our sweat and your tasty cum."

I began to blush, looking down as Gabrielle sat up and moved towards the end of the tub, by my
feet. She picked up a small sponge and soaked it in the water.

"Let me see your foot, sweetheart."

I looked back up, watching her blonde hair shine in the candlelight along with her eyes. Slowly,
I lifted my right foot out of the tub and rested the back of my ankle along the edge, listening
to the water drip onto the floor. Gabrielle smiled as she took the wet sponge from the water and
began to wash my leg, starting at my shin and working her way down to my toes gradually.

I began to giggle, feeling a little ticklish from the gentle touch.

"What, do you like this, Kathy?" Gabrielle asked in a soothing voice.

"It's... soothing, I guess."

The sponge lightly brushed past my toes and then back up my leg, soaking my skin in the now
bubbly water. Gabrielle placed her sponge back in the water once more, this time squeezing all
of the soap out of it before running it across my leg again.

"Listen, Kathy. Just listen, to the sounds of the water, our breathing... isn't it wonderful?"

As to her words, I closed my eyes and listened. The sound of the water trickling from my toes
onto the floor, the sound of my breath against the surface of the water; it was the essence of
sensuality, I thought. I felt as if I were dreaming almost. Everything was perfect, Gabrielle
was perfect...

Just as I began to open my eyes once more, I felt Gabrielle's lips surround my toe. I gasped
deeply, disturbing the water with my arms from the surprise. I looked down to see her gently
sucking on one of my toes.

"Ohhhhh god, that... is incredible," I whispered, letting one hand slip between my legs at last.

Gabrielle released my toe and moved onto a smaller one, this time making a quiet slurping sound
with her lips. I began to finger myself, letting a single finger slide inside my pussy, and with
my other hand I caressed my nipple gently.

I had no idea that someone could make every part of my body feel so alive. From head to toe I
felt my entire body tingling with excitement. Gabrielle had opened the flood gates of sexual
ecstasy within me, and I felt more alive than I ever had before.

"Gabrielle... Aahhhh! Yesss..."

Then, as I began to moan as I had when she had first touched my quivering pussy, Gabrielle let
her tongue slide back and forth across my toes, tickling them and caressing them with the
tenderness of a feather. I began to rub my palm against my hard clit beneath the water, giving
into the bliss which Gabrielle created with her gentle licking.

"Mmm... couldn't wait to get your fingers back between your legs I see," Gabrielle stated,
finally stopping with my toes. "I think it's time we moved this back to the bedroom, sweetheart.
I've turned the air conditioning up all the way, it should be cooler than a refrigerator in there
by now."

"Not for long, I would think."

Gabrielle smiled, letting my foot sink back into the bubbles as she stood and retrieved a large
towel from the wall.

"Let's get you dried off then, Kathy. Wouldn't want to be late for our little appointment."

"Appointment?" I asked.

"Call it your first Physical for the job then," she replied, grinning.

Slowly, I gripped the edges of the tub with my hand and stood up, letting the bubbles run down
my breasts and stomach. Gabrielle tilted her head, admiring the view, as she waited for me to
step into the towel. I got out of the tub and took the towel into my hand. Immediately,
Gabrielle came behind me and began to rub it against my wet body, drying me off herself while I
just stood there watching her.

"Are you this nice to every houseguest you have?" I inquired, looking down at her.

"Mmm... I'll bet they'd like that wouldn't they?" she answered. "No, I only reserve the V.I.P.
treatment for Very special guests. You're the first, Kathy."

"I feel honored, Gabrielle."

Upon finishing my words, she stood full height in front of me and reached her hand underneath it,
gently covering my mound with her palm.

"You'll be feeling a lot more than honor once I'm finished, Kathleen."

With that, she turned towards the door and led us both out, dangling her dark blonde hair behind
her as we walked into the guest bedroom.

The room was slightly cooler, but the underlying presence of the night's heat was still more than
apparent. The blinds on the entire wall of windows were open, allowing Gabrielle's frame to
glimmer in the night sky along with the various lights from the buildings. I felt a little
embarrassed as I looked behind her, covering myself with the towel as best I could.

"People could see us, Gabrielle."

"Mmm hmm... they could, couldn't they..." she said, in a sly voice. "Come here, Kathy, let me
show you something."

Gabrielle turned towards the window as if she were looking down at something below. Curiously, I
walked up beside her and looked down towards the same direction, hoping to see what she was so
intently gazing at. Quickly, before I had time to react, Gabrielle grabbed my hips with both
hands and thrust me in front of her, resting her chin on my shoulder from behind.

"What... what are you doing?" I asked, quietly.

"Do you enjoy danger, sweetheart? The thought of being caught when you're most vulnerable?" she
asked, slowly. "I know you do. You felt it when you found my vibrator, and you couldn't resist
the temptation... just like I couldn't resist having you come here with me."

As she spoke, Gabrielle slowly reached for my towel and began to pull it off. I held it tightly
against my chest in opposition to her movements.

"No... I can't."

Gabrielle moved her lips closer to my ears, breathing directly into one with her warm breath. I
closed my eyes as she began to whisper.

"It's only after we've let go of all of our inhibitions, that we can truly enjoy the physical
pleasures that two women have to offer each other..."

My towel fell to my ankles. Gabrielle's hand cupped my mound, rubbing it gently until the first
signs of my arousal began to return. I opened my eyes to answer, just as I felt her tongue make
contact with my ear.

"Gab... rielle. Ohhhhh..."

"Let yourself go..." she whispered, in-between breaths.

Her tongue began to caress my ear once more. I cringed, holding in my head as my hands dropped
from covering my breasts and moved to Gabrielle's hand which lightly stroked my pussy in front of
the window. For a brief moment, I wanted to stop, I wanted to back away from the window and
cover myself back up, but the heat beckoned us both to continue. My body called out to pursue
these new sensations, to savour the moment and embrace the attraction which compelled us both
together. I turned around, staring at Gabrielle directly in the eyes.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked, feeling her saliva run from my ear as she pulled her head

"I want you to fuck me, Kathleen."

We gazed at each other, into our eyes, our bodies, everything. Gabrielle's body glistened with
light perspiration as she backed herself towards the bed, never turning away from me. I stepped
forward, following her every move, holding one of my hands between my legs and the other on my
stomach. Slowly, she lifted her arms into the air, motioning for me to take off her nightie. I
had never seen Gabrielle naked before. The thought of it caused my hand to feel the beginnings
of lubrication from my pussy as I approached her.

Without speaking, I gripped the bottom of her nightie and slid it up her body, revealing first
her beautiful stomach and finally her breasts. The sight of another woman practically naked in
front of me made butterflies began to sputter around in my stomach. I didn't want to feel
nervous but I couldn't help myself. After a short moment the nightie finally slid off her head
and fell to the floor. Gabrielle stood only in her underwear before me.

"Do I make you feel wet, sweetheart?" she asked, narrowing her eyes.

I paused for a moment, staring, smiling.

"Dripping..." I replied, softly.

"Then take me, Kathy. I want to feel you inside me."

Slowly, Gabrielle lowered herself onto the bed and stared up at me, breathing heavily as her
chest moved up and down quickly. Between her legs the wonderful scent of her sex had begun to
fill the room as Gabrielle herself began to experience pleasures which had lately been reserved
for myself.

Her eyes remained narrowed, anticipating my first actions with a calm look of excitement. Her
dark blonde hair was slick against the sides of her face, wet from perspiration. I lowered
myself to the bed, lying parallel as our eyes quickly locked together.

"Gabrielle..." I whispered.

Without answering, Gabrielle reached down and took hold of my hand, bringing it to her lips. Her
soft kiss against my fingers sent chills down my spine; I never wanted the moment to end.
Slowly, she slipped one of my fingers inside her mouth, and then another until each of my four
fingers was wet with her saliva. Gabrielle then guided my hand back down between her legs and
set it on her warm mound, looking back up at me.

"Slide your fingers inside me, Kathy. Slowly..."

With a deep breath, I slid my hand inside her panties, running my wet fingers across her light
patch of hair until I reached the waiting lips of her pussy. I let a single finger push inside
Gabrielle, causing her body to tighten for a brief moment as she sighed heavily. Her warm flesh
allowed my finger to easy slide further inside, pressing against her inner walls just as I had
felt her do to me.

"Ohhhh fuck... Kathy..."

Gabrielle reached up and pulled my head against her shoulder, tightly, gasping for air as a
second finger flicked across her hard clit. My hair stuck to Gabrielle's skin as if it were
glued to it, our bodies were so wet. After a few seconds she finally released me and returned
her hands to her breasts, moaning quietly.

"Pull my panties off, sweetheart," she whispered, staring into my eyes with a lost gaze.

We were both blinded by passion, an experience that neither of us knew would feel so incredible.
I hadn't even removed Gabrielle's underwear and the smell of our arousal had already filled the
room, engulfing our senses and driving us further into a lustful stupor. I stood from the bed
and quickly pulled Gabrielle's panties down to her knees, no longer waiting to embrace her
beautiful body. Her underwear slid down to her ankles and I took hold of them, ready to throw
them across the room. I waited, quickly thinking instead of the most naughty idea imaginable.

Without even pausing to breathe, I brought Gabrielle's soaked panties to my nose and took in a
deep breath, closing my eyes as my chest rose and the heavenly fragrance of her pussy drew inside
me. It was the most incredible sensation I had ever felt, and the most erotic act I had ever
committed. Then, just as I thought I couldn't do anything more daring than that, I let my tongue
slide against the wet material and take in every last drop of Gabrielle's honey which had soaked
into her underwear. We were both amazed at what I had just done.

I couldn't speak.

"Mmmm... Kathleen, what's gotten into you?" Gabrielle asked, bewildered.

I looked down at her, dropping her panties to my feet.

"You have," I whispered.

Before either of us could reply further, I lowered myself back on top of Gabrielle and began to
kiss her, repeatedly. We both giggled as our pussies pressed together, slippery to the touch and
more aroused than either of us thought possible. Our breasts pushed against each other,
glistening in the lights of the nearby skyscrapers which had a perfect view of us both thanks to
the fully open windows. Neither of us cared anymore.

"Fuck me with your tongue, sweetheart," Gabrielle moaned, struggling to speak as I continued to
kiss her.

"Okay," I replied, beginning to lower myself to her mound.

Before I could, Gabrielle grabbed my shoulders. "No, let me have you at the same time."

Quickly Gabrielle turned herself over so that she was on top of me. My hair fell into my face
as she turned her body over, letting her dripping pussy rest just above my face. I wrapped my
arms around her waist just as I felt her tongue press against my own clit.

"Unnnhhhhhhh! Gabrielle, yes!" I moaned.

Without stopping for a second, Gabrielle quietly spit, letting her saliva cover my pussy lips as
she pressed her lips and nose against my mound. I lifted my hips from the sheets and pushed my
cunt against her face, moaning loudly as I struggled to keep my tongue pressed in-between her
quivering lips. Gabrielle's throbbing clit pressed against my nose, oozing with her juices as
we both embraced each other, losing ourselves in the ecstasy.

"Mmmmm... ohhhhh Kathy, you taste so good, sweetheart..."

"I... want us to cum at the same time, Gab... Gabrielle," I moaned, letting more of her thick
juices pour into my mouth.

Gabrielle giggled.

"If you can hold out that long, Kathy. I could make you climax right now."

Quickly Gabrielle returned her tongue to my clit, running circles around it and periodically
flicking my pussy lips so that she could lap up more of my honey.

"Aaaaahhhhhh!! Ohhh god, ohhh god," I yelled, trying to hold in the growing pressures inside me.

Another orgasm was fast approaching, and I couldn't hold it in. Gabrielle shook as she giggled,
pulling my legs further apart as she made a final pass across my clit.

"See, just like... this." she said.

Just as the words left her mouth, a wave of bliss washed over my body, splattering my girl cum
against her chin and into her waiting mouth as the climax hit me. I threw my hips into the air,
bucking against Gabrielle's face as she let my warm honey cover her skin and spill onto the
sheets. I pressed my tongue hard against her pussy to stifle a scream, feeling the cool
sensations of the air conditioning quickly disappearing. My body continued to shake, letting my
cum flow into her mouth endlessly. With a final deep breath, I began to lick up and down across
Gabrielle's cunt, sliding across her clit, her pussy lips and then slipping inside, praying to
finally bring her to a climax for the first time.

"Ohhhhh fuck!!! Kath... Kathy!!!"

Instantly, a hot spurt of her honey covered my face, pouring down my neck and into my hair.
Gabrielle pressed her cunt against my face, yelling at the top of her voice and arching her back
as her girl cum flowed onto the bed sheets and into my own mouth. I held my breath, unable to
take in any air as my juices finally came to a stop.

Her body violently shook, unable to contain the pleasures which jolted through her. Gabrielle's
blonde hair swung back and forth, letting tiny drops of perspiration and my cum fly in every
direction. If there was ever a reason to have sound proof walls, I thought, this was the time.

After some time had passed, Gabrielle finally dropped forward and rested her head against my
dripping mound. My wet clit pressed against her cheek as she gasped for breath, not even able to
giggle from exhaustion. The smell of our hot cunts filled the room, and took the place of the
humidity that had come with the heat wave. I felt light-headed, out of my mind even. My entire
body was on fire with arousal, and I ached almost to the point of pain from each climax I had

"Ohhhhhh Gab... Gabrielle. That was... incredible," I moaned.

"It was, wasn't it, Kathleen."

"I never knew I could feel that way."

Slowly Gabrielle lifted her face from my mound, letting her drool run onto my pussy lips.

"We're not finished yet, sweetheart. We still haven't climaxed at the same time," she whispered,

My eye brows raised in surprise.

"I... I don't think I can sit up, let alone cum one more time," I replied, softly.

We both giggled.

"Sure you can, Kathy, just sit up. I want you to sit on top of me, I'll hold you up with my arms
if you want."

"O... okay."

Taking in a deep breath, Gabrielle got off of me and turned onto her back, waiting. I lifted
myself up and looked at her. She smiled brightly as she spread her legs and gently patted her
moist sex.

"I want you to rest your pussy right here, sweetheart, against mine."

"And then?" I asked.

"And then we're going to cum together for the first time," she replied, closing her eyes and
taking another deep breath.

Slowly, I lifted myself on top of Gabrielle and rested my dripping mound against hers. Her soft,
moist flesh felt warm against mine, and each of our pussies seemed to vibrate with excitement.
I let out a deep moan, feeling my climax only seconds away already.

"Ohhhhhhh god... I'm close, Gabrielle."

Gently, she took hold of my hips and let my hands lower towards her sides.

"So am I, Kathy. I want you to grind yourself into me, sweetheart. Make us both cum one last

"Okay," I whispered, gripping the bed tightly between my fingers.

With the last few ounces of my strength I began to push my hips back and forth, moving in rhythm
with Gabrielle as she pressed her pussy into my own. We both began to moan, closing our eyes and
waiting for the single greatest moment of our night together. I remembered the feeling I had
felt when we met, what I had felt when her vibrator was inside me, and what I had felt when we
first kissed. All of those experiences were nothing compared to what I felt with Gabrielle now.

Instinctively, I reached out my hand and took hold of Gabrielle's. We held each other tightly
as our mounds throbbed, our clits pressed together, and our lips embraced each other for one
final moment before our final simultaneous climax came to fruition.


There was a fast explosion of light, and my body arched as I felt my inner walls contract
alongside Gabrielle's for the first time. Each of us screamed as loud as we could as a hot
stream of our cum burst forth and poured quickly onto Gabrielle who held my hand tighter than
ever before. I fell forward, unable to endure the merciless heat and the passion which consumed
us both. I couldn't think, couldn't breath, other than to gasp for the air to continue moaning.

The room quickly faded away in a haze of darkness and blurred colors. My pussy throbbed against
Gabrielle's, our girl cum gently flowing over our glistening bodies for a few moments longer
until each stream finally stopped. We lied on top of each other, feeling our hearts beat against
our chests quickly. Our breaths came in great heaves, and with each exhalation I gently parted
Gabrielle's matted hair near her ear.

I wanted to drift away... lying on top of her forever. I began to fall asleep amidst the rhythm
of our hearts and the sound of her breath so near my face.

"Kathleen?" Gabrielle asked, almost unable to voice the words.

My eyes remained closed, I hummed a gentle sigh to signify that I was still awake at least.

"That was... that was..."

Her sentence drifted off, she couldn't put her feelings into words. I opened my eyes for a brief
moment and stared out the window, smiling to myself.

"That was the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced," I whispered.

"I love you, Kathleen."

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes.

"I love you, Gabrielle..."


We lied in each other's arms for over an hour before we were finally able to move more than an
inch at a time. The bed sheets were soaked all the way through to the mattress with our honey
and our bodies were dripping with sweat, saliva and our juices from head to toe. Gabrielle made
sure to give my pussy one final lick before we both sat up on the edge of the bed and smiled at
each other, holding hands. Even her diamond ring had become coated in our honey.

"Mmmm... I've never been seduced by a co-worker before, Miss Montgomery," I said, smiling.

"That's why I call it the 'art of seduction', Miss Dale," she said softly.

We both giggled. Gabrielle brought her hand forward and brushed a lock of my hair out of my

"Do you have any other dry beds in your place?" I asked.

"I'm not so sure we'll be able to stay anywhere long without soaking it in this heat, Kathy."

"We should do this more often," I replied.

"Oh, I think tomorrow night is a pretty good bet, sweetheart. I promise it'll be even better than
what we've done here."

"That's going to be a difficult standard to live up to, I think."

Gabrielle smiled, running a hand through her beautiful blonde hair. "With the two of us together,
I don't think there's anything we can't accomplish, Kathy."

With a final gaze out the window, and up into the night sky, we both stood and held each other,
locked in a kiss of endless happiness. I cringed with anticipation, knowing that the next day
and the day after that would bring more of my fantasies and my darkest desires to life. It's
incredible what can happen to two women on just another hot day...


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