Best Friends' Joke

By Gemmy

Being gay Megan had always kinda fancied her two best friends Jenny and Shelley. Both girls were phenomenally sexy with long dark hair and big brown eyes and cute personalities too! Shelley had a slim shapely figure, a pretty face and a cute tight arse, Jen was also slim and it was her figure that accentuated her E cup breasts. Megan had a shapelier fuller figure, with large breasts and pretty blue eyes.

Megan appreciated nothing more than spending time with her two best friends, especially when it came down to physical contact. All three girls loved to hug and kiss each other normally platonically, and Megan always felt gorgeous and sexy and undoubtedly loved when she was with her friends.

Her most memorable experience of the friendship was the time when the girls' physical contact went one step further. The girls had returned to Jen's flat after a night out on the town, it wasn't unusual that they share a bed and after snuggling down in their drunken state they joked about how they would make a first class lesbian three-some. It was Jen that suggested they put the theory to the test, before gingerly leaning over to kiss Megan who was lying next to her. Megan rolled her self into a more comfortable position before returning the kiss, her instinct leading her to caress Jen's beautiful breasts. Although it wasn't the first time she'd done it this was the first time it had been in a sexual manner. She lay back watching Jen and Shell share a nervous but passionate kiss above her, no sooner had their lips parted when she sat up and tenderly kissed Shell, whilst Jen's hand crept up stomach working it's way to Megan's left breast.

Megan began to feel the familiar tingle of excitement and arousal in her pussy as Jen rolled her over and planted a huge kiss on her lips, before Megan began to ease Jen's PJ top off.  Jen scrambled off the bed to remove her shorts whilst Shell and Megan shared another tender kiss before starting to undress each other, with the help of Jen. Megan admired the two cuties in their full glory, feeling slightly ashamed of her plumper body, but also feeling lucky that two very sexy laydees should want to share this experience with her.

Leading the way Megan grabbed Jen's hips and pulled her down onto the bed and began sucking her right nipple, eagerly but gently, Shell followed suit with Jen's right nipple, timidly at first but then with similar enthusiasm to that of Megan's with all the female attention that her breast were receiving Jen's pussy soon became wet with sexual excitement and she was thrilled when Megan suggested that she clean her pussy up. Megan eagerly lapped up Jen's juices, whilst Shell continued giving Jen's tits the attention they deserved. It wasn't long before Megan became fully involved with Jen's pussy drilling into it with her tongue, and stroking the engorged clit with her thumb. Jen was obviously enjoying this treatment, screaming at them not to stop; "Oh God, Jesus, I'm cumming, Fuck me Megan don't stop, Oh Megan Oh God". If anything Megan continued driving her tongue harder and deeper into Jen's pussy as she shuddered and screamed with pleasure, Megan enjoying Jen's sweet juices pouring out of her pussy as she lapped them up.

Seeing the amazed and hungry look in Shells eyes, Megan eased a finger up Shell's tight pussy; Shell gasped with pleasure as Megan rubber her clit and inserted another finger and then a third. She began moving them in and out of Shelley's dripping hole in time with the hip movements, but then broke her rhythm as she heard Shell's breathing become faster. Megan drove her fingers deeper and harder into her best friend's pussy, she stopped licking Jen's pussy to give Shelley her full attention and as she continued Shelley began screaming in orgasm. Jen now feeling a little neglected spun round and gingerly began kissing Megan's pussy lips, then slowly and softly slid her tongue inside her and began flicking her erect clit. Shelley,

remembering she had a dildo in her bag (from an exciting night at her boyfriend's house the previous night) scrambled off the bed and returned with the large blue dildo and a triumphant look on her face. As Jen lifted her head from Megan's dripping pussy she grabbed it form Shell and gently eased it into Megan, who gasped with pleasure as Jen began moving it in and out of her. In between gasps of pure delight Megan ordered Shell to sit on her face, as she desperately wanted to taste her other best friend also. Shell eagerly obliged.

As Jen pounded Megan's pussy with the dildo Megan explored Shell's tight pussy with her tongue, teasing her clit and stretching her tongue deep inside her best friend. It was not long before Megan was squirming with pleasure at Shelley now grinding her face and was cumming heavily and Jen increasing the pace and depth of the fucking. The combination of Shelley's juices flowing into her mouth and her own juices flowing made Megan cum like she'd never cummed before, she lie there unable to move as Shelley continued grinding her face and Jen relentlessly worked her pussy, making the climax feel like and eternity for Megan. No sooner had she finished then Shell had spun around to help Jen lap up Megan's juices, still flowing as she let the two hotties clean her up. After her cleaning Megan returned the favour to Jen with the help of Shell and then Shell with the help of Jen. After sharing a few erotic kissed, on which they could taste each other on their lips the girls fell fast asleep with the promise that this would definitely happen again.


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