I don't know how long Beccy and Christina had been lesbians before I had the fortune to catch them at it one day. I had first known Christina when she was 11 and Beccy when she was 12. Now, 7 years later they were very different girls! Christina had always been pretty. She had shoulder length brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her smooth pale skin covered a body that had once been girlishly thin but was now womanly curvaceous. Gone was the AA cup girl I had met and in the last three years her boobs had ballooned to a tasty 34D! Now even with a loose T-shirt on you could still distinguish the twin peaks and all the lads secretly wanted a play!

Yet Christina's tits were nothing compared to Beccy's! Beccy had not the nicest face but when she hit 13 her knockers began to grow and they haven't stopped! Thus at the age of 19 she possessed a pair of 34EE boobs. Even wearing a loose woolly jumper they looked like two water filled footballs. Sometimes she didn't wear a bra and her nipples stood out at least an inch! Added to this Beccy had an all over tan (and I mean all over) a nice pair of legs and a tight bum (Christina's was plump in comparison). Thus when I went camping with a group of friends you can imagine my joy when I went to my girlfriends tent to get her CD player and found the two girls kissing!

I stood by the flap of the tent, not actually inside, hardly daring to breathe. Beccy was leaning against the pole and both girls had their arms round each other. Their lips were locked together and the wet slopping noises and heavy breathing indicated mouths were open and tongues were being used! Beccy ran her fingers through Christina's hair and then took Christina's hands and put them on her tits. Christina fondled them whilst they continued to kiss. Then Christina pulled back, Beccy put her arms up and her T-shirt was pulled over her head. It was tossed aside and Christina took a few seconds to examine what she had just revealed.

Beccy was wearing a white bra that was trying its best to hold in her tanned fun bags and at the same time produced a deep cleavage that demanded attention. And attention it got! Beccy put her head back and received many kisses on the soft length of her neck. Christina caressed her flat toned belly causing her light arm hairs to rise. Beccy then cupped Christina's head and moved it down to her collarbone. There Christina automatically briefly nibbled Beccy's sensitive spot, hinting that she had done this before! A little moan from Beccy was followed by Christina planting kisses on Beccy's chest, just centimetres from her soft breasts.

"Show them to me," Christina whispered gently to her girlfriend.

Beccy obliged without a moments hesitation. Her hand moved round the back of her body and deftly removed the restraining bra. To my slight annoyance however Christina had moved back up to Beccy's mouth and was kissing her again. This all but blocked my view of the glorious sight but did allow me to see Christina's plump ass being groped by Beccy's wandering hands. Christina then moved down to neck and chest again allowing me a side view of Beccy's massive tits. They were gigantic and so well tanned. How Christina controlled herself I don't know! In the end she yielded to both their desires and kissed the huge soft flesh, moving her hand to softly stroke the rapidly hardening other nipple. Now I could see one breast in its entirety it took my breath away. Not only was it so big but it was firm and pert as well! As Christina ran her fingers up and down its length so lovingly I could tell it was silky smooth. And the nipple. It was mid-pink and absolutely huge. As Christina pinched it with some force it grew further and Beccy cupped Christina's head to it. The rising tip was taken between a pair of soft lips and was kissed gently before being sucked in hard. Beccy let out a moan as Christina took the whole of it into her warm, wet mouth and began using her tongue on the sensitive mound. By now my hand was down my trousers!

"Do the other one," Beccy urged her.

Christina reluctantly took pulled her head back and moved to the other now expectant teat. My eyes however were locked on the one that had been released. Now it was unbelievably erect, a full 1-1/2 inches long and shiny with Christina's saliva. It was all I could do to stop myself from rushing in and sucking it myself!

Beccy was now incredibly horny. Without pausing she withdrew her teat from Christina mouth and dropped on her knees in front of her equally excited lover. In a second Beccy's hands were all over Christina's ass cheeks which stood out as individual globes through her tight velvet trousers. She pushed open her legs a little and buried her face in Christina's still clothed pubic zone, sniffing for signs of arousal. Christina ground her crack into Beccy's face as the other pulled down Christina's trousers at the back. She was wearing a pink thong which disappeared down the sweet cleft of her plump, soft creamy cheeks and down between her legs to cover her precious undercarriage. Still nuzzling her front side Beccy used her fingers to knead and massage the other girl's bum before teasing open the cleft and playing with her sweet bumhole.

"Put a finger in me Becs," Christina requested.

I never knew that girls got pleasure from finger fucking up the ass. Yet Christina clearly did. As she had her back to me I had a brilliant view as Beccy sucked her finger and slowly pushed it up her lady's rosebud. Christina let out a sigh and Beccy slid it in and out.

"Put one more in babe, just one," Christina pleaded.

Christina gasped in delight as Beccy slid another finger up her hole. Gently Beccy moved them in and out causing Christina's breath to become more laboured.

With Beccy's huge titties exposed to my sight and her face buried in the crotch of her beautiful girlfriend whose private bottom hole was being invaded by fingers I couldn't stand the tension. Christina's soft moans were all I could take so I had to leave for a while to finish myself off in the toilet.

I was soon back however! Things had progressed a little. Both girls had removed their trousers and Christina's thong could be seen on the floor a few feet away. Both girls had nice legs, though they were nice in different ways. Christina's were creamy white and wonderfully curvy. Her thighs cried out to be caressed, kissed and ultimately opened to reveal to beauty between. Beccy's on the other hand were tanned and toned to perfection. All Beccy had on now to protect her diminishing modesty was a pair of white knickers which allowed a hint of her globes to be seen. I couldn't see how much was revealed at the front as she was bent over Christina's knee allowing Christina to run her fingers between her legs with only the knickers between digits and love lips. Beccy's lips must have been red hot as her lover was caressing them with three long, slow strokes along the crack followed by three short fast strokes over what must have been her ripening clitty. The moans escaping the pleasured woman were no longer suppressed and it was lucky for them the other were down the beach!

"Don't let me cum yet Christina," moaned Beccy, "let me do you, you know how much I love your juicy hole."

The two girls stood up and looked into each others eyes.

"I love you you know Becs."

"I know Tina, when I can't touch you it hurts." Beccy whispered into her lovers ear.

Christina turned to face me and her lover again fell to her knees. Now Christina's bush, nestled between her wide hips was fully exposed to my eyes. And what a sight it really was! Christina was a well developed girl and knowing this I was surprised to see that not only was her nest unshaven but it was also neat and looked soft. Just seeing her naked downstairs made me hard again. The pubes and the thighs made my lust to see the flesh between still stronger. Beccy's desires were clearly similar to mine as she gently slapped Christina's thighs prompting them to open slightly. I strained to see the treasures within but I couldn't due to Beccy's head. Beccy was sniffing Christina's pussy (clearly she enjoyed this!) and I could only imagine what wonderful womanly aromas she was sensing. A great sigh from Christina told me that Beccy had used the tip of her tongue to seek the moist crevice. A few more strokes with Beccy's deft organ caused Christina's knees to buckle and she had to lie down. Christina lay on my girlfriend's sleeping bag (wow!) and Beccy got in the doggy position in front of her. A few seconds later Christina let her creamy thighs open and the dream picture was complete. Beccy was on all fours with just her little white knickers on. Her huge meaty mams were hanging freely down, nipples almost touching the floor. Her lover had just a T-shirt on which didn't even reach her navel. Between her rounded hips and below her soft hairy bush lay her most private hole, her fanny. The lips were a dark pink which contrasted with the pale flesh around them. Her pussy wasn't tight but it was pouting, aroused by the foreplay Christina had received.

"Tina baby, your so wet already," Beccy commented with delight, mirroring my exact thoughts.

Beccy then lowered her head and went down on Tina. The mere movement of her head between her lover's legs made Beccy's titties wobbles back and forth. She kissed Christina's bush and then moved lower, gently holding onto her hips. She kissed the pale outer lips, softly at first but with increasing urgency. Then she protruded her pink tongue and ran it over the same sensitive area. Sensing Christina's increased arousal she moved inwards to the wet pink flesh, using just the tip of her tongue to tease her lover. Christina moaned. A few minutes of similar activity ensued with Christina becoming more excited by the second. Then Christina held Beccy's head closer to her and let out a huge sigh as her swollen clitoris got direct stimulation by Beccy's tongue, eager to experience the tastes of her lovers cunny.

"Just getting more comfortable babe," Beccy reassured the other girl as she switched to the sixty-nine position.

Now Beccy's boobies were draped all over Christina's sweet flat belly and her undercarriage was just centimetres from her face. Despite all the wonderful aromas coming from Beccy's knickers and the bulge her pussy lips made in them, Christina was too weak with desire to return any favours to her partner.

Back to the action it was then. Beccy took Tinas swollen labia between her gums and rolled Christina's rock hard nubbin back and forth between them. This prompted a huge cry of ecstasy from the pleasured party. With Beccy working furiously Tina was getting very hot and sweaty and her belly was glistening, I saw Beccy sucking enticingly on two fingers before inserted the tips a little way inside the know dripping crack. She then teased the labia open about an inch before letting them close, drawing another moan from Christina. She repeated this erotic rhythm of open and close, open and close whilst she toyed carelessly with the love button which was now fully emerged from it's hood. Christina was now panting and gasping, sweat all over her ecstatic face and belly. It was then that Beccy went for the kill. She pulled back Christina's clitty lips fully, causing Christina to cry out in pain but then licks all the exposed nerve endings of the swollen organ causing her to moan louder than she had previously. Beccy then sucked hard on it and inserted three fingers deep into Tina's soaking vaginal orifice. Christina screamed out in pleasure and in a matter of seconds was having an orgasm all over Beccy's face. Her ample chest heaved up and down beneath the black top she was wearing, here pretty face was screwed up in pleasure and her snatch was violently contracting and expanding around the fingers that were pumping and invading her privacy. Juices were running down Beccy's arms and onto her face. They gushed down Tina's thighs which were open as wide as she could get them, urging Beccy to insert her fingers as deep as she could. The fluid as well as Tina's sweat had caused her bush hairs to become matted together. It remained like this for at least four minutes and when the orgasm had subsided Christina lay still for a few seconds, so exhausted and relaxed that she couldn't move.

"Let me do you," she managed to whisper to her friend.

My luck was certainly in! Christina rose uncertainly to her feet, legs still like jelly, and rummaged around in her bag. Finally she pulled something out.

"Wow," said Beccy, "Where did you get that from?"

"My sister," replied Christina with a grin, "and it's been used!"

Beccy took the eleven-inch dildo and sniffed it.

"It sure does smell of Kelly," she confirmed. "It must nearly split her petite pussy open though!"

Beccy was on all fours and her knickers were now being pulled off in desperation. They were thrown aside and Tina stood up. She quickly had her top over her head and now both girls were naked! Tina's boobs were big and looked, if possible, tastier than Beccy's. They were sitting boobs with mid-pink, mid-sized nipples which were very, very erect. Christina tied the eleven-inch dong round her waist and moved towards Beccy who was ready with her legs spread on all fours. I had a front on view. Christina rubbed the bell of the dick up and down Beccy's quim, preparing it for action. Beccy's face showed she enjoyed this.

"Just put it in me, I can't wait," yelped Beccy.

So Tina did, all eleven inches in one go. Becky let out a huge yell, half pleasure, half agony as she was invaded. No girls cunny was designed for something that big to be rammed into it. Tina then began to shag Beccy as well as any guy could. With each slide in and out of the slippery hole Beccy's mams swung uncontrollably. Beccy was sweating as her private orifice tried to accept and grip the present Tina was giving her.

When Beccy was close to orgasm sweat was pouring off her. This time it trickled down her chest, down her knockers (making them look shiny and even more tanned than before!) and dripped off the end of her engorged nipples. Her ravisher reached under her and roughly pulled and tweaked the flushed, heaving fun bags. Without any real warning Beccy collapsed onto the floor, crying with pleasure in her orgasm. Hers and Tina's weight squashed her milky udders against the floor like pancakes but she was too ecstatic to notice. Christina forced the dildo in and out frantically, trying to extend the joy. It took a full ten minutes for Beccy's pussy to stop expelling its juices and for Beccy to end her climax. Christina then withdrew and sucked the phallus in front of Beccy, savouring its taste.

It was then I gave myself up. I gave a low moan and came myself. The two girls looked up startled and scared, just in time to see me come in and aim my dick at them. Six of my shots hit their bodies and faces before I had finished. The two girls were horrified. They could tell I'd seen it all. They begged me not to tell anyone because they would be in real trouble if anyone found out. I was going to agree straightaway but they offered me all sorts of exciting reasons to keep my mouth closed. Since then I haven't told a soul and have received my reward many times over! I've joined in with their fun, had sex with them on their own and even had a foursome, which involved Kelly using the eleven-incher! Now both the girls look forward to seeing me and in some small way I guess I contribute to their brilliant relationship.

However I never really know what to say when my girlfriend makes comments about how one time she went camping she came back from the beach and her sleeping bag was soaking wet! She thought I'd played a joke on her when I'd gone to get her CD player!

This is my first effort at writing erotic fiction after many years reading nifty.org stories. Any comments are welcome and can be sent to cls199@hotmail.com. Hope you enjoyed reading my story!