Feminine Desire

Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.

I awoke to the loud buzzing sound of my alarm clock on a nice Saturday afternoon. I had stayed
up quite late the night before so I decided to sleep in a bit. I got up and stretched out
slowly, sighing to myself. I then headed for the bathroom to have my usual shower. I slipped
out of the white nightie I was wearing and turned on the hot water. I was never really much of a
singer but I loved to hum songs to myself while I washed up. I let the soap run down my rather
slim body and legs. I was comfortable being naked as long as no one else was around.

Afterwards I dried off and put on a pair of khaki jeans and a blue sweater for the day. I was
never really one who dressed revealing in public. I didn't even like to carry a purse outside.
I thought it was much easier to just keep my wallet in my back pocket and I didn't ever carry
makeup outside either. I always put some on in the morning but I didn't think I had to carry it
around everywhere I went.

Once I was ready I gathered up everything I needed to go out for the day. basically just my
wallet and my glasses just in case. I put both in my back pocket and walked out of the door. As
soon as I felt the warm afternoon air touch me I smiled brightly and continued on. I had brown
hair which was not quite down to my shoulders and brown eyes too. I enjoyed how I look very
much. I looked fragile but also strong in a feminine sort of way.

My first stop was at the mall to shop for some nice clothes I might like. I usually wore
sweaters and jeans for the most part, nothing too revealing. I walked through the aisles of one
of the many stores that I liked to shop in running my hand through my fairly short brown hair.
While I was looking at a pair of nice jeans, I noticed someone walking up to me from the corner
of my eye.

"Hi there!" the voice said.

I looked up to see a nice woman in a knee length skirt and a coat.

"Hello." I said smiling.

"I think you'd look perfect in those." she said.

I blushed a bit and kept smiling.

"That's so nice to say miss..."

"Its Carol honey, and what's your name?"

"Hi Carol, I'm Cherry."

"That's such a cute name. Cherry..."

She was very elegant and beautiful as I looked at her. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes
similar to mine. Her hair was about down to her shoulders and she was slightly shorter than me.
She had a warm, gentle confidence in her voice which I really liked.

"I think I might get this pair then." I said.

"You are so pretty Cherry, why don't you show it off?"

I really began to blush now.

"That's so sweet Carol, but I guess I'm a little shy."

"You keep sounding better and better to me Cherry. I just love the reserved type." Carol
replied. "Are you doing anything today honey?"

"Ummmm...not really." I said. "Why?"

Her grin widened and she pushed her hair out of her face.

"Well...I would love to see you again is all." she said.

"Oh...I would love to Carol...I guess."

Just standing beside her was giving me a strange feeling in my stomach which I liked. She had
the such a nice look as she stared at me with her beautiful eyes.

"Are you this direct with every girl you meet?" I asked.

"Of course not." she answered. "I think you're different from other girls Cherry. You're

She was really starting to flatter me with her words. I knew I wanted to see her again too.

"How does this evening sound?" Carol asked.

"For what?"

"For us to meet again silly." she said happily.

"Ohh...that sounds nice I guess." I answered. "Where?"

"I know this new bar around here that I would love to check out. Sound fun?" she asked.

I timidly smiled and nodded my head.

"Great! I'll seeya there tonight then Cherry." Carol said.

With that she blew me a kiss and walked out of the store gracefully.

It wasn't a practice of mine to meet with someone I just met at a bar on the same day. There was
something about the way she acted towards me. She seemed just as cheerful as I was and I loved
it. I had no idea what to expect when I saw her again and I was definitely excited. I bought
the jeans and left the store, still smiling to myself.

For the rest of the day I stayed home and read a book quietly while listening to music. Every so
often I took a quick peek at the clock to see when I should leave. When the time finally came I
went to my bedroom and picked out something nice to wear. I put on the same pair of jeans that I
had bought and a nice red sweater. After that I took a quick look in the mirror and left for the

When I finally got there I walked inside and looked around for Carol. The bar was moderately
full with both men and women but not Carol. I went and sat at the bar to wait for her to arrive.

"Would you like something to drink miss?" the bartender asked.

"Uhh...no, I'm just waiting for someone. Thanks." I replied.

While I waited for Carol to show up I noticed that some of the other men were looking at me. I
thought that one of them was going to end up beside me until someone tapped me on the shoulder.
I turned to see Carol standing there smiling happily. She was wearing a gorgeous red dress and
had a nice purse over her shoulder.

"Hi there Cherry sweety!" she said. "Have you been waiting long?"

"Hello Carol, I haven't been here too long. You look so beautiful in that dress on yours." I

She sat down beside me and crossed her firm, long legs. She had a great confidence in the way
she sat; elegant and even breathtaking. Carol even had a pair of heels on that matched her dress
perfectly. I half expected her to ask why I didn't dress as well as she did as I sat there in
jeans, a sweater and a pair of sandals on with socks. Instead her grin widened and she let her
eyes travel up and down my body.

"I just love the way you dress Cherry. It's so sexy and reserved." she said.

I giggled to myself and even started to blush a bit.

"That's so nice of you to say Carol."

The bartender walked up to us again and asked what the two of us wanted. "I...ummm...."

"I'll have a Gin and Collins please." Carol said. "Cherry?"

"Well...I don't know. I don't drink very often." I replied nervously.

"Make it two Gin and Collins then." she said to the bartender.

He turned and started rummaging through bottles as Carol looked at me. "You'll like it honey. You
don't have to drink it if you don't want to of course."

She put her hand on my wrist and rubbed it softly. Her touch was very warm and comforting on my
soft hand. When the drinks finally did arrive I ended up finishing the entire glass along with
Carol. It wasn't too bad and I didn't want to let it go to waist anyway.

We talked for a long time and learned some more about each other. Carol was in her early
forties which surprised me because she still looked very young and beautiful. She seemed to
have a special hold on me as we sat together and talked. I just wanted to be with her so nice
because she was so sweet.

Carol and I sat together talking for over an hour never once running out of something to say. We
seemed to be very open with each other from the start. I could tell after a while that we were
actually starting to flirt with each other. The drinks had definitely affected the both of us a
bit. When the time came to pay the bill Carol casually reached into her purse to get her money
out. I immediately reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet to pay as well. Carol
insisted that she would pay for everything and I finally let her do so even though I would have
paid too.

We both stood up and looked at each other.

"It was so nice being with you Carol, I loved it." I said.

There was a pause then Carol said, "Would you like to go some place else tonight sweetheart?"

"Well, I was thinking of just going home and reading for the night but what did you have in mind

She took a step forward and wrapped one of her hands around my waist.

"Would you like to come over to my place for a visit Cherry? I promise it would be fun."

I turned my gaze to the floor and started to blush again. "Well...I...ummm okay Carol." I said,
with my hands behind my back.

"Oh that's perfect then sweetheart, lets go!"

She kept her hand around my waist as we walked out of the bar together. I didn't exactly know
why I agreed, but just thinking about it was very exciting. I couldn't deny the fact that I
began to get a great feeling between my legs from her holding me. We walked together down the
sidewalk, smiling and giggling to each other happily.

Soon after our departure we arrived at Carol's home within a few minutes. Her place was very
nice and decorated quite well. She let me walk in first before coming inside and closing the
door. I turned away from her and looked into another room as she locked the door behind us.

"You have a beautiful place here Carol." I said.

I waited for her response but instead, Carol walked up behind me and put her hands on my hips.

"Why thank you Cherry." she said. "Mmmmm...you're just so pretty sweetheart."

I started to feel her warm breath tickle the back of my neck as she blew on it very softly. I
looked at the floor and began to blush again.

"Turn around for me angel." she said quietly.

I did as she said and turned slowly until our eyes met once more. Her smile was the same but she
had a look in her eye that was different. Before either of us had a chance to speak our lips met
with our first kiss. I let out a very quiet moan as her tongue slowly slipped into my mouth. I
wanted the moment to last forever, it was incredible. When our kiss finally ended we opened our
eyes and looked at each other once more.

"Have you ever made love to another female before Cherry?" she whispered.

"I...I...yes I have..." I answered, stuttering with each word.

"Did you like it?"

Before I could answer, Carol moved her hands down from my hips to the front of my belt buckle. I
could feel the swelling heat between my legs now. I stood and shivered as Carol removed my belt
and undid my pants slowly.

"I want you Cherry...please let me..." she whispered.

"Ohhhh...Carol...please be gentle with me." I said slowly.

"I would never hurt my little princess..."

Carol let my jeans fall to my ankles before putting her hands back on my hips. I kept my own
hands on my stomach as she let her fingers slip between my legs and rub up against my panties.

"Carol...ohhhhhhh..." I moaned.

"I want you to be wet for me Cherry...please."

I could feel her fingers caressing the sensitive skin beneath my panties with her heavenly touch.
My legs shook and I struggled to remain on my feet as Carol's fingers passed over my quivering
pussy lips.


"Yes...my Cherry is already wet. Mmmmmmmm" she said quietly.

I slipped my feet out of my sandals and jeans and stood in from of Carol, shaking.

"Don't be nervous angel, lets move into the bedroom."

My face was almost completely red from blushing now. I walked into Carol's bedroom with my legs
trembling and my eyes only partially open. It was a very spacious, neatly kept room with a large
bed against the wall. The room was surprisingly warm and made me feel very hot in my red

"Lay down for me Cherry." she said slowly.

I sat on the bed and let my back fall to the sheets as she said. I took my hands away from my
stomach and rested them near the sides of my head. Carol just stood above me admiring the cute
sight; me in my red sweater, panties and socks staring at her with my face still blushing.

"You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen Cherry. Please let me make love to you." she said.

"Okay..." I whispered.

Carol got onto the bed and sat on her knees directly beside me. I left out a soft moan for her
as her hands slid inside my underwear and began to slide them off my legs every so slowly. When
my panties finally reached my ankles I tossed them onto the carpet with a flick of my foot.
Carol seemingly began to drool over the look of my fragile mound. I had a slight bit of pubic
hair but otherwise I was almost completely bare. Carol lightly took a hold of my inner thigh and
spread my legs apart as she brought her face closer. Soon I felt her warm breath on my legs,
causing my eyes to close slowly.


Her tongue's first touch on my soft skin sent sparks throughout my entire body. Carol put her
lips on my thigh to gently suck on it. Within seconds I felt the warm saliva ooze out from her
mouth and drip between my legs. I had never felt this wet before and I knew it was just the

Carol finally moved her mouth between my legs for her first taste of my tingling cunt. Her
tongue gently penetrated my pussy lips and entered my tender slit causing my moaning to increase.
My heart began to pound and my breaths had become small moans of pleasure as Carol gently pushed
her tongue inside me. At first I shook slightly but within seconds it began to feel great.


"Ohhh Carol...please...slow." I moaned.

I had always preferred soft gentle love over anything hard and fast. I couldn't stand the
thought of being hurt by anyone. Speed and power were not options for me. Carol seemed to know
exactly how to excite my wet pussy and I loved her for it. She pulled her tongue out momentarily
to speak with me as I quietly whimpered for her.

"Oh sweetheart your clit is so tasty." she said, giggling.


Her tongue dove in once more and started to lick the area directly above my wet clit.

"Oh god...Carol yaaaa."

My clit was now throbbing with moist pleasure as Carol's hot tongue slowly caressed it. My legs
shook slightly but soon calmed as she put her lips completely around it.

"Mmmmmmmmm...Oh sweety aaaaaah..." I whispered.

Never had I experienced such a sensual moment in my life. While Carol devoured my hot clit in
her mouth I gripped the bed sheets with my hands and held on tight. I could feel an unbelievable
sensation building deep within me. I tried not to giggle as Carol made sucking and sloshing
sounds with her mouth on my cute pussy. I was ready to let the stimulation reach its great
climax with my first orgasm of the evening.

"Ohhhhh Carol uunnnghhhhhh..."

My eyes began to water and tears slid down my cheeks slowly. Carol looked up and saw them,
immediately letting go of my clit.

"Cherry, are you hurt?"

"Ohhhh...no Carol...I love it so much...I can't hold it much longer."

"Cum for me my angel baby, cum for Carol." she said.

Her tongue dipped into my wet pussy one last time. I clenched my fists tightly and writhed
wildly on the bed as her tongue made a final circle around my throbbing clit. The tears poured
from my eyes as I spread my legs as far apart as I could and began to convulse.

"Ohhhh CAROL I'm...I'm...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"

I didn't scream but let out a very long vocal moan as a hot stream of my girl cum slowly trickled
out of my glistening pussy lips. I held onto the sheets and arched my back as Carol removed her
tongue to let the calm flow of my blissful juices continue. I whimpered softly and whispered
Carol's name repeatedly as the wonderful orgasm ran its course. The sweet honey dripped onto the
bed sheets and slowly soaked in as my climax finally subsided. It was the most beautiful feeling
I had felt in my life. The fact that I didn't scream seemed only to add to the excitement Carol
felt towards me. I let go of the sheets and ran my hands down my body, very slowly across my
skin which had begun to perspire.

"Oh my sweet Cherry, even your orgasms are as fragile as you are." she whispered.

"I loved it so much Carol." I moaned quietly.

My entire body felt completely numb as I laid on my back. My first climax had depleted almost
all of the strength I had. I couldn't even lift my arm to place it on my chest. I was helpless.

"Ohhh I just love my cute angel baby...so gentle and fragile right now." she said sweetly.

I let out a faint sigh and kept my eyes closed.

"I'm so...weak now Carol."

"That's perfect sweetheart." she replied. "Now lets get you out of these clothes."

Carol lifted my red sweater over my head and off my body first. Lastly she undid my bra and slid
it off my warm skin letting it drop off the side of the bed. I was now completely naked except
for my white socks, which I was still wearing.

I struggled to open my eyes and found Carol reaching under the bed for something. I waited
patiently until Carol found what she had been searching for. My vision was still blurred from my
tears but she appeared to have something made of a light colored plastic in her hands. As soon
as I heard a small flick and a humming noise I realized what it was.

"This will make you feel incredible sweetheart, just relax." Carol said softly.

She brought her vibrator up past my stomach and let it rest on the warm skin between my breasts.

"Mmmmm...that feels so nice Carol..." I whispered.

She moved the toy onto my right breast, gently passing over my soft nipple continuously. I
couldn't help but giggle from the sensation I felt from it. My pussy actually began to drip
again in blissful anticipation as I whimpered for Carol. She brought the tip of the vibrator
to my lips and let me wet it with my warm drool.

"Good girl." she said. "Make it nice and wet sweetheart...perfect."

I was still weak and basically helpless from my first orgasm but Carol was ready to give me
another already. She took the moist vibrator from my mouth and placed the tip of it between my
breasts again. This time she started to make her way down, past my stomach and belly button
until she finally reached the wet lips of my dripping cunt.

"Unnngghhhh...Oh sweety...slowly." I said.

Carol set the vibrator on the lowest setting and lightly ran the tip across my pink slit, teasing
me and causing my moaning to increase. When it finally entered me I let out an unusually loud
sigh as I cupped my breasts.

"That's nice isn't it? Does your clittie love the feel of our little toy Cherry?" she asked

"Ohhhh...yes it...does unngghhhh..." I answered.

Carol pushed the vibrator and let it sink deeper into my tight pussy, making my clit start to
throb once more. She made circular motions with the toy, very slowly bringing it out and back
inside me again. Like a reflex action, I started to move my hips to meet each very slow, very
gentle thrust.

"Carol aaaahhhh...that is sooo good sweety." I moaned.

My own sweet smell filled my nostrils and made me giggle to myself. I felt as if I was going to
explode from the unbelievable feeling between my legs. Carol turned the vibrator to a higher
setting and slid it very deep into my soaked pussy. She then let go of it completely and let it
remain vibrating inside me as she moved and sat on top of my stomach. Carol bent forward and
kissed my neck as she took a hold of my wrists and held them firmly against the bed sheets.

"Oh my sweet angel baby I want you to cum for me again."

I closed my eyes tightly as the heat and friction in my hot cunt grew tremendously. Carol
ground her pussy, which was still wearing panties, into my tummy as she kissed and licked all
over my face. I was about to lose control due to the unimaginable pleasure she was giving me.

"Oh Carol Aaaaaahhh...I can't...Ohhhhh I'm going to cum again. Unngghhhh..."

Carol continued to lick my face as more tears accumulated near my eyes. She held my hands down
to the bed sheets completely pinning my body and not allowing any movement. I was ready to
explode with another gush of my sticky juices. I gripped the sheets again and tried to lift my
arms into the air but Carol kept holding them down. The friction of the vibrator finally caused
my pussy to tighten around it immensely as the second incredible climax hit me.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm cumming Carol Unnnnggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"

I tried to arch my back once more but wasn't able to since Carol was sitting on top of me. My
hot cum spewed out even more quickly than my first climax. My moans were now much louder than
before but slowly began to quiet as the vibrator continued to violently shake inside me. My hot
dew dripped onto the bed sheets and soaked in again, as my intense writhing slowed. When the
flow of my honey finally came to a dripping stop Carol reached back and slowly pulled the toy
out. As she did so a final squirt of cum poured onto the soaked bed sheets, leaving my throbbing
pussy even more numb than before. She let go of my wrists but I wasn't able to move at all. I
gave out a small whimper and smiled as Carol sat on top of my moist, sweaty body.

"Oh god you're perfect Cherry. I feel so horny now you wouldn't believe it sweetheart."

I slowly opened my eyes and licked my lips, with tears still running down my cheeks.

"Now it's your turn Carol." I said as I giggled for her.

At that moment I began to feel unbelievably horny for Carol and my smile widened. She got off
of me and sat on the edge of the bed with her eyes locked with mine. She slowly undid her red
dress from the back as I laid there just staring into her beautiful eyes. Within seconds Carol
revealed her firm, perfect breasts to me. She happily returned my smile as I moved my gaze to
her already hard nipples.

"oh god I feel so hot Cherry. I need you now sweetheart!"

As she spoke she ran her hands down her body, passing her breasts and her stomach until she
reached the top of her panties. Carol quickly slid her underwear off and slumped down onto the
bed, laughing. I knew the alcohol had gotten to the both of us a bit. I sat up and positioned
myself between her legs which she instinctively spread for me.

"Mmmmmm take me Cherry, take me now." she moaned.

I took a single finger and place's it on Carol's beautiful mound, caressing her wonderful patch
of pubic hair. Then, at last, I slid my finger lower I reached her waiting pussy lips. My
finger entered her ever so slowly, causing Carol to jerk and wiggle her waist around on the bed.

"Ohh fuck...that's good sweetheart...more."

I slowly increased the speed of my thrusts and let a second finger slip inside as well. Carol
gripped the sheets for a moment and let out a very powerful moan as my two fingers slid in and
out of her wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm...Oh Cherry yessss! More...harder...aaaahhhh!"

Carol seemed to enjoy the speed and power incredibly. We were both different and yet we were so
much the same. As I continued to pump my two fingers in and out, Carol's moaning had already
become even more loud than mine ever had.

"You're so wonderful Carol." I said to her, giggling.

Carol placed her hands upon her firm breasts and played with her own nipples as I let a third
finger enter her pulsating cunt. My thrusts were now gradually increasing and she met each one
with a jerk of her elegant hips.

"Ohhh fuck! Sweetheart yes don't stop...unngghhhhh!" Carol moaned.

Carol's sweet aroma began to fill the room, mixing with my cute scent which was also throughout
the air. Carol's writhing on the sheets started to make the entire bed creak and shake along
with her. Her loud moans had transformed into screams of absolute ecstasy and lust. Her entire
lower body was on fire with endless pleasure as I pumped my fingers faster.

"Cherry! Ohhhhhhh shit!! I'm gonna cum sweetheart!!" Carol yelled.

I twisted my fingers inside her warm pussy as the walls began to secrete her wonderful juices.
Carol grabbed the sheets with one hand and pulled on it as hard as she could, screaming my name.
I took one last pass by her wet, swollen clit before Carol exploded with an incredibly
passionate orgasm.


Carol's hot pussy grabbed my hand tightly as her marvelous stream of cum gushed out onto my
fingers and the damp sheets. She sat up quickly and threw her arms around me pulling my back
down onto the bed with her. Startled, I removed my hand from her pounding cunt as Carol
continued to scream and hold me tight. Within moments her grip on my slowly lessened and the
flow of her luscious honey finally slowed to a stop. Carol's screams gradually turned into calm
moans as her radiant body calmed and her arms slumped back to her sides. Her chest remained
heaving as she let a trace of drool drip from her mouth.

"Mmmmmm...Carol I wish we could just be with each other like this forever." I said.

Carol put one of her hands on my cute behind and licked her lips thoroughly.

"Who ever said we can't my wet princess?" she said, smiling.

I felt her hand move lower on my ass until it reached my cute, puckered hole. I almost gave out
a little squeal as she ran her finger across it and began to laugh out loud. Within seconds we
both began to laugh like little schoolgirls; incredibly wet and horny schoolgirls. We were both
completely wasted and we loved every second of it.

"Ooooohhhh...lets go again my beautiful sex kitten." I said to Carol, with a huge smile on my

Suddenly Carol put her arms around my waist and quickly turned us both over so that she was on
top of me once more. She positioned herself so that her upper torso was over top of me and her
lower body was just off to the side near my arm.

"Ha ha...now you're mine sweetheart, and this time I guarantee you'll scream for me." Carol said.

Carol moved her body down lower until her chin was resting gently on my stomach. Both of our
bodies were wet and glistened in the faint light of Carol's hot bedroom. I slowly moved my legs
up and down on the sheets ruffling the covers as Carol stuck her tongue out and ran in around my
belly button.

"Ohhhhhhhh..." I moaned.

"Mmmmmm...so sexy." she whispered.

I felt her tongue move into the tiny valley and fill it with her warm saliva. She then began to
make love to my naval with her tongue very slowly. I gently placed my hands on the back of
Carol's head and ran my fingers through her dark brown hair, moaning and even beginning to drool
over the extraordinary feeling. Carol then made a seal around my belly button with her lips and
proceeded to lap up all of the saliva which she had let pour into my pretty naval. I shivered
for a second and kept letting my fingers slide through Carol's smooth hair.

"My wet angel baby is so cute." she whispered.

Carol then moved her hands up and cupped my soft breasts making me give out a quiet yelp for her.
As she pulled herself higher up on my body she pushed her dripping pussy hard into my thigh,
leaving a trail of her thick nectar behind on my leg. My hormones began to rage as
an almost animal lust within my body completely overwhelmed my thoughts. I grabbed Carol's ass
cheek with one hand and rubbed it as my other hand reached around and reached Carol's wet hole.
I had never done this to someone's behind in my life but I couldn't help myself. I let a single
finger slip inside Carol's tight asshole causing her to scream for a split second.

"Unnngghhhhh! Yes angel yessss!" she yelled.

Carol moved her head higher up my body letting her lips touch every inch of my skin with wet
kisses. Her fingers wrapped around my erect nipples and pulled on them very gently as I let my
finger probe deeper into Carol's behind. Her skilled tongue passed over my ribs, making me
giggle from the ticklish sensation.

"Mmmmm hmmm...oh Carol..." I moaned.

I kept my eyes open this time as Carol licked her way up my breast and surrounded my nipple with
her mouth. She began to suckle on it like a newborn child as she moved her left hand between her
legs to assist my hand which was still in her asshole. She sucked on the hard nipple as if it
were a man's genitals, while I let my finger penetrate deep within her moist hole. She then
started to take incredibly gentle love bites on my breast, making me shiver yet again. Carol
didn't stop with just my nipple. She let go of it and moved her head directly beside mine,
sticking her tongue inside me ear. We both started to laugh once more as she kissed and secreted
her warm drool into my ear drum.

"Ohhhhh god sweety I can't stand it anymore. Please take me again." I said.

Carol gave my ear one last lick and then slid her tongue down my neck until she reached my
shoulder. I pulled my finger out of her ass and let her move around into a new position on top
of me. Our drenched pussies meshed into each other as we both opened our mouths and let our
tongues lick and wrap together.

"I can smell your beautiful aroma from here sweetheart." Carol whispered.

She took my arm in her hand and guided it between our legs, coming into contact with both of our
wet cunts. Carol then put her hands on the sheets under my arms and forced her hips lower onto
my hand, jamming her pussy onto my fingers slowly. Within moments I felt her juices ooze out
onto my hand and lubricate both of our mounds.

"Feel me baby." Carol said.

I lifted my arms and put them on her back to rub her skin. Our bodies were both dripping with
sweat now and even our hair had become slightly moist from the heat. For the first time of the
evening my moans had grown much louder than before. Carol found overwhelming enjoyment as I
began to raise my voice to the same level as hers from the excitement.

"Ohhhh god! Carol yaaaaaaa!" I yelled.

Carol's right hand joined mine between our wet thighs and slipped my fingers inside her tingling
pussy lips. Then she slid her own fingers slowly inside my pink slit, caressing my moist walls
gently as before. Then, to my surprise, Carol placed her tongue on my chin and licked all the
way up my face, slowly past my nose and between my eyes, letting her drool gradually mix with my
sweat. I returned with a loving, passionate kiss on her lips before resuming my moaning.

"I'm...I'm gonna cum Cherry! Unngghhhhhh!" Carol yelled.

"Ohhhhh Carol! Me too sweety!"

I felt her fingers lightly squeeze my throbbing clit, ready to be hit with another stream of my
cum. Carol made one last mighty thrust with her hips, letting our hot pussies mesh together
before she started to scream once more.


Carol's pussy walls gripped my fingers as her cunt burst forth with its serene liquid at last.
Within a moment I felt the hot dew touch my quivering mound, causing it to begin convulsing as

"Ohhh Carol!! I'm Cumming!!! Aaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhh!!!"

I completely straightened my legs forward and held onto Carol's back tight as the tranquil gush
of my own juices commenced flowing out onto her fingers and the sheets. The aroma of our two
scents was now so familiar to both of us as it spread throughout the bedroom even more. Carol
kept her mound tightly ground into mine making incredible sloshing sounds as our combined
screaming finally quieted down. It was by far the best climax of the night for both of us. I
closed my watering eyes and let out a huge breath of air, with my chest still heaving as Carol
dropped her head to my breasts.


Before I could answer I completely lost consciousness and passed out with Carol on top of me. I
slept for the next little while breathing in the sweet smell of our glorious love making.

When I came to, Carol was still on the bed right beside me humming to herself. She used her
fingers to clear the tears from my eyes before placing her hand back on my hip. I smiled at her
the same way I had when I first saw her beautiful face in the mall. I couldn't help but blush as
she gazed at my young naked body, still wet, on her bed. It was the most magical night of my

"Hi there princess." Carol whispered.

"...Carol...hi." I said, with my eyes almost closed.

That night I realized what paradise was. I felt an overwhelming sense of joy knowing that I
would always have her to love and to hold me. I looked into her mesmerizing eyes with a new
found sense of desire. I already wanted to make hot girl love with her again.

"I love you Cherry." Carol said, as she kissed my lips gently.

"I love you too Carol..."


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