Not a Nice Girl

By: Cassie

My name is Tiffany White. I'm 34 years old. I'm 5'6" and 130 lbs. I have long brown hair and light green eyes. I have ivory white skin color, a perfectly round and firm ass and enormous tits. They are 38DDD. Where I work I am well know as the official office slut.

Every large office has one. I'm that girl that fucks the boss for a better pay increase. I'm also the girl that kept fucking him because he's so good in bed. Yes, his wife knows. Is she gonna do anything about it? Nope, because i've fucked her too. I fuck for power. I fuck for position. I fuck because it feels too good to not fuck.

I started having sex at a pretty early age. I was 9 years old the first time I had sex and it was with a 14 year old boy in my neighborhood. We hung out in my room all the time. One day we were laying on my bed watching a movie and he asked if i'd ever had sex before. I asked what it was. He told me it's when a boy puts his penis in a girls pussy and they thrust. I was all for that. Sounded alot better than me playing with my pussy at night. We got naked and he got on top of me. It hurt because he had to pop my cherry first. The second time we had sex it was great. I was hooked.

I also started eating pussy early. I was probably 11 years old. My best friend was staying the night with me. We were up talking about boys and sex. Shana hadn't done anything with a boy yet so she was asking me all kinds of questions. I was trying to explain having your pussy eaten but wasn't doing a good job. Then I told her I could just show her. She was all for that.

I did it just like my current boyfriend does it. He said he writes out the ABC's with his tongue. She started moaning out loud. She loved it. I made her cum 3 times. Afterwards she was giddy to try it on me. She did pretty good for her first time. She made me cum twice. After that first day we had to keep doing it. It felt so damn good.

One day after about a solid 3 months of Shana and I having sex every afternoon after school she asked me a question.

She said, "Are you sure it's ok that we're doing this?"

I said, "Why wouldn't it be ok?"

She said, "Well I was talking to Stacy and she said that most girls don't go down on each other."

I said, "Well, most girls won't find out what a mind blowing orgasm feels like then."

She said, "Well, that's true."

I said, "Oh, btw, I broke up with Rick yesterday."

She said, "Really why?"

I said, "Well, I don't really want to fuck him anymore. I'd much rather keep getting you in bed."

She said, "Are you saying what I think you are saying?"

I said, "What do you think I'm saying?"

She said, "You want to be girlfriends?"

I said, "Well, we hang out every day until dinner. We've been having sex every day for months now. I honestly don't want to be with anyone else at the moment. Will you be my girlfriend?"

Shana started to tear up and said, "Yes, I will baby." And we started to make out.

That was also the first time Mom caught us in bed together. There was no way we could've hidden it. We were both completely nude. I was laying on the bed on my back. Shana had her head between my legs and my legs were wrapped around her head.

Mom walked in and said, "Just what do you two think you are doing in here?"

There was no since in even trying to cover it up. I said, "Having sex."

Mom said, "You know, I suppose I can let this go since I did the same thing when I was your age."

Shana looked up (she hadn't stopped eating my pussy) and said, "You had sex with other girls?"

Mom said, "Honey, I dated a girl all the way thru high school. We even went to prom together. God damn, Jackie had a tasty, nevermind that."

I said, "So, it's cool that shana and I are girlfriends?"

Mom said, "I see no problem in it. Just please try and refrain from yelling across the house 'Come on eat that pussy like a good bitch."

We both blushed and mom left so we could finish.

Shana and I were girlfriends for about 3 years. We broke up my freshman year of high school. A week after we broke up I saw her making out with the captain of the girls varsity soccer team. I was heartbroken.

I realized that I could get my way by offering sex when I was 16. I was working at a Best Buy. I had been hinting to the ops manager that I wanted to be promoted to the service desk. He kept telling me he would have someone train me and then I could take the test but that never happened. Finally, I just gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.

I said, "Hey, Jim, when are we gonna have me train at the service desk?"

He said, "We're pretty busy right now. Maybe next week."

I said, "Listen, I'm tired of the registers. I'll let you fuck me if you put me up there."

He said, "Excuse me?"

I said, "I see you staring at my tits every day. It's ok to admit it."

He said, "Well, it's just their so big. I wanna put those things in my mouth."

I said, "Why don't I come home with you and you can see if there's anything else you want to put in your mouth."

We both had to close that night. Afterwards we walked out to the parking lot. I acted like I hadn't said anything. I got in my car and then Jim said, "Just follow me to my place if you still want to."

I drove behind him back to his place. We got out and went inside. Once we got inside it was on. He grabbed me and pressed me to the wall and we started to furiously make out. He undressed me like a professional as we kissed. In a matter of minutes I was wearing nothing but my bra (Hate having to work because I have to wear one. Normally I don't wear a bra). He reached down to my pussy and felt that I don't shave it.

He hummed into my ear, "God damn, that's sexy. I love a woman with a hairy pussy."

He scooped me up and we went into his bedroom. He undressed and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He then spread my legs and threw them over his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and started to eat my pussy like a porn star. I hadn't had sex in a while so I had my first orgasm just minutes after he started. The next one came about 10 miutes later.

Before I could recover from my last orgasm he got on top of me. He slid his dick into my now sopping wet pussy. I loved the fact that he didn't even bother with a condom. I prefer bareback simply because I love the feel of a hard cock in my pussy. He fucked me hard from the start. My tits bounced up and down with each stroke. About 15 minutes later he told me he was gonna cum in my pussy. There's just something sexy as hell about a man "telling" me he's not pulling out. I had my 3rd orgasm as he was finishing his.

I had to leave shortly after we got cleaned up. His girlfriend that lives with him would be off work and would come home soon. I thoroughly enjoyed the action. I was immediately put at the service desk on the condition that I fucked Jim whenever he wants. I told him that my leg would always be open for him.

We had many interesting discussions while a bunch of us were on lunch in the Best Buy break room. One of those conversations took place after I had been there about 2 years.

We were talking about the woman's role in the house 'back in the day' and the woman's role now.

Rick said, "I think it's great that women are accepted as equals in the work place."

Mike said, "Maybe so but I wish my wife wanted sex more. She tries to use work as a reason to not do it."

I said, "I'm never too tired to fuck."

Rick said, "Well, sluts like to fuck."

Stacy, one of the girls I work with at the service desk said, "Watch your fucking mouth you jackass."

I said, "No it's ok. I am a slut so I take that as a compliment. I think women in general need to spend more time on their back."

My supervisor (a guy) said, "Now that's what I'm talking about."

I said, "No really. you hear all the time about guys cheating on their wives and girlfriends. If their wife or girlfriend would put out more, then they wouldn't have to go find it else where."

My supervisor said, "So how often do you put out?"

I said, "At least once a day. If I agree to a date, my date will get some. He/she pays for the food and whatever, the least I can do is give them some pussy."

Mike said jokingly, "So Tiffany, wanna go out sometime?"

I said, "Mike baby, if there wasn't cameras in here, I'd fuck you right here in front of everyone here."

I ended up going home with him that night. I only worked at best buy for about 4 years. I left best buy to finish school so I could have the money to do whatever I wanted. I had to break off my promise with Jim because I fell in love and moved in with a girl.

The best part of working at best buy (besides fucking about half of everyone that worked there) was Julia. She was the manager in charge of the media department. I was putting away media cases in the warehouse and she was helping me. She caught me staring at her chest that night. She always wore her shirt with all the buttons undone and her amazing breasts were always pressed together. I couldn't help myself.

She said, "Were you looking at my tits?"

I said, "Yes ma'am, I was."

She said, "I didn't know you were like that?"

I said, "Like what?"

She said, "Into women."

I said, "I don't discriminate. You have a great body and very nice tits."

She said, "I'm 5'6" and 170 lbs. I don't have a great body."

I said, "Perfect. You got me going."

She said, "Yeah right."

I unbuttoned my khaki's and reached for her hand. She was hesitant at first but she finally let me put her hand in my pants. She felt that my pussy was wet and my clit was hard.

She said, "You know, I'm technically your manager. We aren't supposed to do this."

I said, "We don't have to do anything."

She said, "Good. Just make sure that you don't follow me home to my house at 1125 Park Drive. If you followed me there, you wouldn't be able to just walk on in, take your clothes off and us have the most amazing sex of our lives."

I said, "I won't wait for you after the store closes. I won't follow you there and I definitely won't be eating your pussy till you cum on my face repeatedly."

I was so excited the rest of the night I couldn't stand it. Closing time finally got there and I was helping every department so Julia could shut the store down. She has to have one person stay with her to watch her close the gate so there is no question that it was locked so I volunteered. It was just her and I in the store. There weren't any cars on the parking lot anymore.

We locked up the store and walked out to our cars. We were parked side by side. Once we got there Julia pressed me against my car and we started making out.

During the kiss I said, "I thought we weren't supposed to be seen doing this."

She said, "I don't care. I haven't gotten laid in over a year. I need some pussy so bad."

I said, "Then lets not mess around. My place your yours?"

She said, "My place."

I got in my car and followed her. We arrived at her house and it was a beautiful place. Looked less than 3 years old, everything was furnished very nicely. I walked in with her. She offered me a seat on the couch. She brought out a bottle of wine and poured me a glass.

We talked about this and that. The conversation quickly lead to sex.

She said, "So, what drew your interest to women?"

I said, "Well, I started when I was 11. It was with my best friend and we actually dated for quite a long time. How bout you?"

She said, "I was 16 the first time I had sex with a girl. I had my sweet 16 party at my house when I was living with mom. Mom let us have a bit of champaign and I guess a few of us got tipsy. I woke up the next morning in bed with Natalie Sights. It was weird because I expected us both to freak out and stuff but neither of us did. We cuddled and kissed and then got dressed and mom took her home."

She leaned to me and started kissing my neck. It felt so good to be touched by a woman again. I missed it. I missed the smell of a woman, the softness of a woman, all of it. I turned my head to her and we started to kiss. It wasn't one of those animal lust kisses like she gave me in the parking lot. It was slow and sensual. There was tongue but we caressed each other's tongues. We slowly started to undress each other. Shirts came off first. Then pants unbuttoned. Then bras came off. We both stood up and dropped each other's pants while we kissed. We kicked our pants aside.

Julia kissed her way down south. She started kissing between my big breasts, kissing slowly to my belly button and she gently peeled off my thong and then she gently kissed my hairy snatch. She then stood back up and we kissed again. It was my turn. I kissed my way south. I gently took off her black satin bikini panties revealing a nice landing strip. It was about 2 inches wide and 3-4 inches long. The rest was clean shaven.

She then took me by the hand and we went into her bedroom. She lit about a dozen jasmin candles and placed them throughout the room and then turned off the lights. We got in bed together and started kissing again. Our hands wandered south to each other's pussies. We fingered each other and we necked.

I then started kissing my way south under the covers. I needed to get this girl a release. I pushed her legs aside and dove into her pussy. She wrapped her thighs around my head and I wrapped my arms around her thighs. First thing I noticed was that she had beautiful long pussy lips. Big droopy suckable ones. I took turns sucking on her lips and licking her clit. I also had my middle finger inside her pussy hitting her gspot.

It only took a few minutes for her to climax the first time. She started moaning loudly and she kicked all the covers off. She started moaning, "I'm gonna squirt. I'm gonna squirt." I moved a way about a foot and pulled my finger out. She then shot a decently large amount of cum all over my face. It was so sexy. She shot about 3 good squirts out and then she stopped. Her pussy was quivering afterwards.

She said, "I'm sorry about that baby. I forgot to tell you that I squirt when I cum hard."

I said, "No problem sugar. I think it's hot."

Once she recovered we 69'd. We ended up eating each other's pussies until she had cum 5 times and I came 4. After that our pussies were just too sore to continue. We spooned in bed and went to sleep together.

This would be the start of a fling. She wanted to be very careful to make sure none of the other managers found out that we were having sex. We usually did it on her days off. I would often just spend both days all day and night with her. It started showing because her mood improved drastically.

Over the course of the next 6 months we started growing attached to each other. We started going out on dates and our sex life went from 1 day a week to about 4 times a week. Each week we would get bolder. We started having lunch together and we'd hold hands and stuff. Ppl started talking.

We were having lunch together and one of my really good friends came in and sat down to eat with us. I worked with Jennifer since the day we were both hired. After about ten minutes her curiosity got the best of her.

Jen said, "Hey Julia, you mind if I ask you a personal question?"

She said, "Not at all dear."

She said, "Ok if this is crossing the line just say so but are you a lesbian?"

She giggled and winked at me and said, "I'm not but my girlfriend is."

Jen said, "Oh."then there was a pause and then, "Oohhhhhh!"

Julia and I went home together after work. We had dinner, had sex and then we were spooning in bed naked and talking.

I said, "I'm gonna have to move out of mom's house I think."

She said, "Why is that?"

I said, "Mom is selling the house and getting one that's smaller."

She said, "You could move in with me, you know."

I said, "You really wanna do that?"

She said, "Why not? I love you. I want you to be safe and have a home. I want you to live with me, darlin."

I said, "You love me? Really? I didn't know you felt that way. I love you too. I've been wanting to say it but didn't want to freak you out."

She said, "Why would that freak me out? You are the only thing I think about. I can't wait to get off work so we can come home together."

I said, "I do need to tell you something though. Something that you may not like."

She said, "You can tell me anything baby."

I said, "I've been having sex with Jim."

She said, "WHAT??? Why would you do that?"

I said, "Before you and I started dating I offered him sex for the ops senior position. He told me he would give it to me as long as I fucked him whenever he wanted. He said that if I stopped he would rat me out."

She said, "I'll handle that. You don't have to worry about Jim anymore."

The very next day she went to Ron, the store manager. I was at the service desk so I could hear everything she said.

She said, "Ron, I need to talk to you."

He said, "Sure thing, Julia, what's up."

She said, "I'll just come out with it. "Tiffany White and I are lovers and she's moving in with me. I don't think we should have to switch stores because she's one of the best ops people we have."

He said, "How long has this been going on."

She said, "We've been together for several months now."

He said, "I see. Well, it hasn't affected either of your performances so I see no problem letting you both stay here."

She said, "The reason why I'm telling you this is because there is Jim is threatening Tiff with sex so he doesn't "tell you" that she's doing him."

He said, "I'll take care of that. Oh, and thank you for coming to me with this. I really appreciate it."

So that became known as the first and only time a lesbian manager was allowed to date a co-worker. We became the hot new buzz.

Julia and I dated for several years. We grew to love each other and we very seldom fought. If we did fight we made up that same day. Sometimes I would pick a fight just to make up.

More will come later. I just wanted to get this first part out. Let me know what you think at