Kaye swore in frustration as her keys jammed in the file cabinet lock. She twisted and turned, shaking her shoulders, swaying her hips, grunting yet more obscenities, but still nothing. Heaving a sigh of resignation, she was turning toward her desk when through the blinds she caught a glimpse of Julia turning off the copy machine. Her face was dimly lit by the soft aqua lights of the control panel, and there was a golden halo cast upon her hair from the recessed light above. Kaye quickly adjusted the blinds of her office windows closed before heading on to her desk. She was glad everyone else was gone for the day, for certainly they would notice her heart pounding beneath the flimsy gray silk of her blouse. She took a calming breath and began digging in her desk drawers for her spare keys.

Kaye's head was deep into her credenza when she heard a sharp rap and the sound of her door opening. "Oh God," she breathed quietly and heavily as she pulled up.

"Oh! I thought you'd gone already and left your lights on again," Julia said, almost an accusation.

"No, the damn lock is jammed and I can't get my keys out." As Julia walked over to the cabinet, Kaye found her eyes traveling to those tiny pearl buttons straining to keep the fabric tautly closed across Julia's chest. A line from Bob Seger's "Night Moves" ran through her head; something about points sitting way up high. She deliberately returned to the credenza and the search for her keys.

"Well, it's in there good and tight," stated Julia, as she banged the cabinet lightly in defeat. "Do you have a spare set?"

"I thought sure I did," Kaye faltered, "but I can't seem to find them." She was a little breathless from being bent into the credenza for so long. "I guess I'm going to have to ask you for a ride home."

Julia looked at Kaye for what seemed like hours. "Can't you just take your car and house keys off that ring?"

"I knew that," laughed Kaye awkwardly. She went over to the cabinet and was removing her house key when she heard the unmistakable swish of nylon and felt a faint breeze as Julia moved toward the cabinet. From the corner of her eye she saw that one of those tiny pearl buttons had let loose its prisoner, providing a glimpse of swollen flesh tethered in a grip of lace. Her hands were so damp and tremulous she dropped the freed house key on the carpet.

"Here," said a new and suddenly gentle Julia, "let me do it. This key with the black top now, right?" Kaye nodded, and moved quickly back to her desk. While Julia finished with the keys, Kaye noisily rustled papers into her attache and latched it shut.

"Well, there you go," Julia smiled, holding her hand out. The touch of their hands lingered for a beat longer than necessary. Kaye felt her gaze drawn to the little gap in Julia's front teeth; it looked different somehow, sexy actually. She found strength in that thought, and slowly moved her hands up to those tiny pearl buttons. First to the top, then past the one already open, and then down to the next, and then another, until finally, a rush of white lace was before her.

Not trembling any longer, Kaye traced a finger lightly along the border of the lace and flushed skin. Meeting Julia's gaze, she seductively sucked another finger and then insinuated it inside a cup, gently pulling the lace down and exposing a ruddy nipple. Kaye gasped at the beauty of the sight, and instinctively bent her head down to lap and nip at Julia's points, the musky scent filling her senses. She caressed and kneaded and tweaked and smoothed while the heat from her loins steamed her into a luscious wetness. She felt her head being gently lifted and Julia's hot, sweet breath on her cheeks, then on her mouth. They kissed, a tender-wild intermingling of tongues and teeth; a long-awaited fantasy finally becoming real.

"Come," started Julia, and they both smiled breathlessly at the word, "come to my office, where the couch is." Kaye walked behind Julia, watching the roundness of her hips strain against her skirt. She imagined that roundness in her hands, on her body, in her face and pushed Julia to move faster. They fell onto the couch, pulling hungrily at their clothing until a pile of nylon, silk and wool entangled them.

Kaye lay back while Julia hovered her lips sensuously over her body, whispering and hinting but never quite touching. Kaye was writhing with anticipation and wetness, moaning urgently for a touch, but Julia continued to tease and torment. Every nerve, every hair on Kaye's body was on end, her wetness staining the blue of the couch to indigo. Tongue tracing her way around Kaye's labia and vulva, Julia finally caressed her liquid clit Kaye heard a distant scream and felt herself stretching and shaking rhythmically, her clit sending pulsing waves of electricity through her limbs. Slowly, the pounding subsided, and Kaye felt completely sated. Almost.

Her orgasmic torpor still very real, she shifted her body with lazy, feline grace. Julia now lay beneath her, a smear of wetness on her face glistening in the faint light. Kaye licked the wetness away, savoring her own briny flavor. Tenderly, she played her fingertips over Julia's body - every pore, every nook, every cranny, was open to Kaye's exploration. Gently, probingly, curiously, she moved, until Julia was bucking and gasping, moaning for release.

With her head at the font, Kaye inhaled deeply of Julia's scent, rough and wonderful. She breathed deeply and wondered at how she had ever waited so long. Parting Julia's lips, Kaye at last tasted her. Her juiciness was everywhere, her textures and aromas exquisite. As Kaye enjoyed the feast, Julia moved toward surrender, begging and moaning, gasping and clawing. Her tongue thrusting and darting, Kaye took Julia to the brink, and then over, And over again. Her limbs still pulsing, Julia pulled Kaye up for a long and languorous kiss.

Gazing contentedly at each other, Kaye asked Julia if she knew this was her first experience with a woman. "Of course, " Julia said with a smile, "but I'm betting it won't be your last." This story was written by: JC

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