Perfectly Pampered Payback
by Carla <>

Randy and I had not dated long but we had both come to the realization at our ages that there were times when we both needed some alone time. I probably wouldn't have had to lie as I had about a headache in order to escape from our date, but, I didn't want to get into any discussions about my change in plans. I'd make certain I got back in touch with him later in the week and apologize for my desertion.

The drive home was uneventful, in fact, I had focused my mind so much on Daphne that I was at my back door in no time. I had rented a small cottage on the Delaware River just North of Bristol, PA. It wasn't much of a house but, it had a wonderful view of the morning sunset as it rose in it's amber splendor over the shores of Wilmington Island, just North of Burlington, NJ.

I had always wanted to live on the water but hadn't the means to own that type of home myself. This would have to do until I was more financially secure in my job. Senior bank tellers didn't make that much money and until I was given a promotion to Customer Service Associate, a place of my own, all my own, would have to wait.

Mail had been sparse today and I gathered what there was along with my purse and paperwork from work. New training materials had been distributed this morning for the next teller training session and I had some reading to do. I knew I would have some time before I could see Daphne and this would take my mind off the excitement.

Opening the back gate, I entered using the basement door and piled the mail and paperwork on the coffee table. I had added a small sitting area downstairs by the lower kitchen so I had a better view of the river as it rushed past my backyard patio area. I guess this tiny kitchenette had been added later to accommodate back yard activities. There was only a small stove, tiny cabinet area and a single sink. But, it was more than enough for my needs.

The effect of the water was ever so calming. Few large boats travelled the river these days. A few tankers would travel North from Philadelphia to the US Steel plant. But, for the most part, there was only an array or assorted pleasure boats or fisherman atop the tiny wake. I'm not certain I would eat anything caught in the Delaware River but, for most it was the excitement of the catching and not necessarily the catch itself.

I realized I was a bit hungry and thought a small snack would be good right about now. I was certain that Daphne and I would look for something more substantial when we got together later in the evening. The teapot was still filled with water from this morning's tea and I felt ready for another cup. My body was warm and relaxed and I hated to lose that feeling just about now. This was the most serene I had been in months. It was wishful thinking that this feeling would continue.

While the water boiled, I leaned gently aside the frame of the back door hypnotized by the passing currents. How calm things seemed on the water. My mind was floating gently with it and my thoughts were of Daphne and the afternoon's delight we had shared. Not realizing my actions, I found myself gently stroking my left breast as she had done only a short time ago. My nipple was hardening and I could feel the excitement beginning to rebuild in my mind.

At that moment, the teapot screamed for attention and I was catapulted from my passionate thoughts and sexual pleasures into reality. I loved ginseng tea and poured a cup to sit and peruse the training materials I had brought home for review. As I gathered the folder and balanced the cup and a handful of crackers on top, I shuffled the magazines on the sofa aside and reclined so as to read in comfort. Before I could even open the folder, the upstairs doorbell rang and although I hated to rise from my comfortable setting, I hated to ignore who may be calling. UPS always arrived about this time of day and my Mom always delighted in sending little packages filled with Love.

Opening the door I was shocked to find Daphne, still dressed in her uniform and carrying what appeared to be a full course Chinese dinner.

"I hope you like Chinese," she said coyly.

"I love it." I answered immediately "I thought you were going to call and I'd meet at your place?"

"That's what I said but I thought I'd surprise you and bring dinner. My treat," she said beaming from ear to ear. "So, can I come in?"

"I'm sorry, I'm in another world."

Opening the door, I took a few of the parcels of deliciously smelling Chinese from Daphne's overloaded arms.

"Smells like Szechuen to me!" I said taking a deep breath over one of the bags.

"I have a selection of things because I wasn't sure how spicy you like your Chinese." Daphne set the rest of the packages on the edge of the table and began to remove her jacket.

"Here, let me take that," I said and grabbing the collar of the jacket, I reached behind me to the closet and found a hanger.

"Where do you want to eat?" Daphne waited patiently for my response, all the time focusing directly on my eyes.

"Here's fine," I said. "Let me get some plates and utensils and we can start eating. Why don't you take a look around and I'll be right back."

Daphne immediately made herself at home. The small living room area had French doors off the far side which opened to a small upstairs screened porch off the main level of the cottage. I was only able to fit three small chairs but, that was enough for any entertaining I may do.

"You have a marvelous view of the river from here," she said in a voice loud enough to reach me in the pantry.

"It's great for my budget and really relaxing for me to have something so quiet and secluded that I can almost call my own."

"Do you own it?" Daphne asked.

"No, I just rent. But, one of these days I hope to have something a little larger that is mine. I love the water and I love this area of PA."

I had set the plates and utensils down immediately and motioned Daphne to join me. The table faced two of the Southwest windows of the cottage so we could get a partial view of the sunset as we enjoyed our meal.

We both were quiet the first few minutes. A few bits of conversation filtered slowly between us but, it was obvious we were both lost in our own thoughts. Every once in awhile I would steal a glance at Daphne and was enamoured with her subtle beauty. She had long strawberry blonde hair which hung slightly below her shoulders. Even at almost 6' tall, she did not seem that height. I'd say she was about 160 pounds soaking wet and had the most gentle and warm smile I had ever seen. She had a tiny little nose which nestled amid high cheekbones tht had been accented just enough with the right shade of blush to make her look perky.

I couldn't help but notice the lines of her chin. A long slender chin pointly downward to a well endowed bodice below her loosly fitting uniform. She looked great in lavender. It was a soothing color and it accented a sophisticated and subtle demeanor which was obviously what made her so popular to her clients.

"What made you decide to go into massage therapy?" I asked to break the silence we had developed.

"I had wanted to be a physical therapist all my life," she said "But, when I was almost through my internship at Temple University Hospital, I realized that there were many people who needed treatment that was above and beyond what a physical therapist could provide. I was always told I was `good with my hands' and it seemed like a right choice at the time."

"You do have good hands," I blurted out without thinking. I was embarrassed by my frankness.

Daphne wasn't embarrassed though and I was relieved. I could see her eyes twinkle as she looked deeply into mine and I could feel the blood draining from my reddened cheeks as she reached across the table to grasp my nervous right hand.

"That's okay. Don't be embarrassed."

Daphne and I continued to finish our meal all the time alternating glances at each other. It was almost a race to see who could finish first. I had the feeling both of us were getting excited and were concentrating more on what was ahead than the scrumptious meal itself.

Clearing the table was more of a habit than a requirement. Less to clean-up later made both of us feel more comfortable. We scraped the remnants of the meal into the trash and rinsed the sauces and rice from the plates, then , placed the remaining meal inside the refrigerator. Stacking the dishes beside the sink to be placed in the dishwasher later, I reached for a towel for each of us to dry our hands.

"You know, what I did today was wrong," Daphne muttered in a somewhat anxious tone.

I knew what she meant but I didn't want her to feel any more badly than she already seemed. "I think I know what you mean," I said quietly.

" I shouldn't become physical with my clients outside of the scope of my work and I could probably lose my license." She stopped suddenly and replied "I know it was unfair to put you in that position."

Daphne was obviously unnerved by what had happened. I wouldn't have thought so by the way we engaged in the passionate involvement on her treatment table. She seemed self-assured and confident in her actions.

"I've never done this before and I'm shocked that I'm even doing it now," she said holding her face in her long, slender forceful hands.

I reached out to draw her closer to me and as I placed my arms around her waist, I felt her relax and fall gently into my awaiting hug. She placed her head upon my right shoulder and as we stood there motionless, I could feel the warmth of her rhymthic breathing as it floated along the base of my neck. Holding her tighter like a bear hugging it's prey, I gently stroked her back to ease her mind.

"Don't worry about it. I'm certainly not." I held her close a moment longer and said quietly "You have no idea what you did for me today."

"What do you mean?" Daphne asked inquisitively.

"Come on, let's sit down and talk.

The passion which was energizing between us through dinner had taken a second seat to our feelings of setting appropriate parameters to our budding relationship. We both needed to make our intentions known. If the resulting relationship was purely sexual or a precursor to a more lasting relationship, we had to determine a direction. Neither of us seemed consistent with `one night stand' so to speak, sexual encounters. It was time to talk.

Nestling close and facing each other on the couch we settled in for a chat. Both of us hiked our hips and pulled our ankles close behind us both resting our leaning arms gently on the back of the couch. Had we been twins, we would have looked like a mirror image. But, we were comfortable.

"Are you involved in a relationship right now?" I asked patiently.

"No, in fact I haven't been involved with anyone for over 3 years." Daphne appeared uncomfortable with her announcement. It didn't shock me but it seemed to unnerve her unnecessarily.

"I'm not involved either." I said hesitantly. "I do date occasionally but, I'm not looking to be involved permanently just about now."

Daphne looked stunned.

"Don't misunderstand me. I said I wasn't looking, I didn't say I wouldn't be interested if the right person came along."

Daphne appeared calmer with that remark. She seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and I could see her shoulders relax as we continued to stare longlingly into one another's fixating eyes. I reached across and this time grasped her awaiting hand and gave it a gently squeeze. She turned her palm gently as if to motion my hand within hers. I accepted her request and as our hands intertwined in a handshake of sorts, she gently pulled me closer to her.

Our eyes continued to meet until we were too close to focus. At that point our eyes closed and I could feel the moistness of her awaiting lips and we drew close into a deep and passionate kiss. It lasted only seconds but felt like minutes. No tongue, no pressure, just deep lip kissing and holding. I could feel the strength of her other hand as it ran it's fingers through the base of my hair. She was relaxing my mind with her caress and I knew this felt right.

"Let's go upstairs, okay?" I whispered.

"Are you sure? Don't we need to talk more?" she said.

I didn't have to think. I knew. I felt something, something very strong and very passionate for this beautiful creature. I wanted her. I wanted her more than I had wanted her while she pleasured me earlier atop her table, naked and ripe for passion.

The narrow circular stairwell led to an upper level with two small bedrooms, a bath and a linen closet. Not a large house but more than enough for my needs. I had turned the extra bedroom into a guest area but had little use for it. I was more of a solitary person and hadn't must time for things other than work. That seemed to be changing now.

My bedroom was the smaller of the two but had the best view of the river below. Three windows on two sides of the room provided the morning sunrise and afternoon sunset. It was heavenly and now I could share that splendor with anothor

"May I use your bathroom?" Daphne asked.

"Certainly, it's the first door on the right in the hallway. "

I quickly straightened the unfolded clothes on the edge of the bed and hurriedly set them inside the bottom of my closet. I always had trouble deciding what to wear to work and a few items of clothing always remained atop my covers. They were dutifully gathered up each evening and returned to their appropriate drawer before bedtime.

I lit the small lamp on the edge of my dresser and looked for a book of matches to light the small scented candle on top of my nightstand. It was bayberry and reminded me of the holidays.

"That felt good to rinse off a bit after work." Daphne began to loosen her uniform just above her navel.

"Let me help you with that," I said .

I reached towards her and placed my hands squarely on her curved 24" hips. Pulling her gently towards me I could feel her more private area pressing lightly against my own. Leaning back I began to undo the buttons from the bottom up and when I reached the top I tucked my fingers lightly beneath the soothing lavender fabric and lowered her uniform top off the edges of her silky smooth shoulders. Daphne was quite well endowed I would say. It had been hard to tell eventhough I had held her breasts while she had pleasured me ever so gently earlier in the day. But, as they faced me square in the eyes, they were beautiful. Reaching behind her I unsnapped the back of her bra and allowed it to fall between us.

Daphne seized the opportunity to reduce me to my own state of nakedness and as she pulled my top above me head I realized I hadn't put my bra back on before I had left the clinic. My awaiting breasts were already uncovered and the nipples reacted immediately to the change in the air from beneath the material. I was hard already. I immediately pulled her close and felt the tips of her nipples as they pressed firmly against my own tingling flesh.

After a few moments, we eased our way towards my double bed and nudged the comforter down to the lower reaches of the bed. I reached for the knob on the dresser light and turned it off leaving only the candle beside the bed and it's dancing flame to illuminate the reaches of this tiny bedroom of pleasure.

The temperature outside had started to drop as we worked our way into fall months but it wasn't cold enough for a comforter most nights. Tonight I knew it wouldn't be needed and was probably to be more of an annoyance than anything else. We both worked to remove our pants and as Daphne began to remove her panties, I motioned for her to stop.

"What's wrong," she asked in an obvious state of surprise.

"Nothing's wrong," I said "I just have other things planned and I'm not ready for that as yet.

Obviously unsure of what I had in mind, Daphne agreed but still looked puzzled. I had stripped myself to the buff and rested next to her left side. I was right handed and wanted the best opportunity to return the pleasures she had shown me earlier in the day. I reached around her and pulled her gently towards me. As she reached my side, I pressed my lips firmly on hers and thrust my tongue ever so fervently between her luscious, moistened lips. Today had been the first time I had ever French kissed another woman and it was exciting. My right arm held her tight and I ran my fingers along the reaches of her spine. I could have counted her vertebrae individually as careful as I was to touch each and every inch of her body. I made certain to retain pressure on her back so as to press her firm rounded breasts tightly against mine.

Slowly I placed my palm on the round of her left shoulder and I guided her down gently to her back.

"Close your eyes," I said. "Tell me what you feel."

I wanted her to see what I was doing in her mind's eye. I wanted her to feel the pleasure and I was determined that she would almost `see' what I was doing to her without actually watching. I had learned this in a relaxation technique class in college and found it very useful in reducing my own stress. I wanted every ounce of her concentration on her pleasure and as long as she was willing to participate, her pleasure was almost guaranteed.

I circled the laced edges of her bikini panties as she lay motionless beside me. Running my index finger up and down along the line of her pussy generated a wonderful feeling of wetness below. I could feel her excitement growing beside me. The more wet she became, the more mischevious were the movements of my finger. Peeking ever so slightly under the leg holes of her panties, I nudged my fingers lightly against the edges of her pubic hairs. The wetness of her pussy had continued to grow and the time had come to remove them. I didn't want her to become uncomfortable from the rubbing. Grasping the tops of her panties at her lower abdomen. She raised her hips dutifully and I slipped her panties down to her ankles.

"What did you feel?" I asked.

"I felt your fingers on my clit but it wasn't on my clit, it was on my panties. " She seemed confused

"I was on your clit. I just wasn't touching it directly." I hesitated to see if she would say anything else. When she didn't, I asked "Are you ready for more?"

"Please," she responded. "More."

I straddled her hips and placed my curly brown mound just above the tips of her own. She had started to become moist and I could discern the scent of her arousal even above the fragrance of the bayberry. She smelled wonderful and I was even more aroused myself. I too was getting wet, in fact I could feel a portion of my own juices slipping from my own pussy. They had to be dripping slightly inside her thighs as we prepared to this lovemaking.

"I can feel you dripping on me," Daphne said smiling lightly. "It's warm and tickles a bit as it's running down inside my thigh."

"Ummmmmm." I said.

I lowered my hands and gently pressed my fingertips just below her armpits and pulled my hands the full length of her sides. Up and down I went in a sweeping paintbrush motion. With each pass her nipples continued to rise to meet me. The areolas sharpened their edges and I could see the tiny nubs where she would lactate from during breastfeeding swell under the sensations I was creating up and down her sides. Changing my movements I began to sweep the outer edges of my palms across the her nipples, each time cupping her breasts from below and pushing them tightly against her chest. Her chest began to heave up into me as if to press tighter into my grasp.

"I can feel you rolling my nipples between your fingers, I can feel then stiffening to your touch. Can I touch yours?"

"Not yet. Soon," I whispered.

I lowered my area of concentration to her navel and dipped my tensely cupped tongue into it's cavity. Swirling my tongue round and round like a whirlpool of pleasure. She moaned slightly each time I breathed and sighed.

"That feels so good," she moaned "Sooooo good."

I watched her head nod from side to side as if she was slightly delirious with excitement. Her eyes pressed tightly together trying to concentrate on my every action.

"What are you feeling right now," I asked to bring her back from her pleasured trance.

"I can feel your tongue on my pubic hair and your breath on my pussy." Daphne gasped lightly as I blew gently on her clit.

I used both hands to position her lower lips aside from each other like the wings of a quivering butterfly. Flattening my tongue I whisked it forcibly along the full length of her clit and flicked passionately on her nub as I exited. With a slight arch of her back I blew again harder. A chill rose up inside her and as I glanced atop her heaving chest I could see her nipples remaining erect from the excitement.

"Do it again," she moaned "Lick me again and blow."

I immediately obliged. Up and flick and blow. Up and flick and blow. Daphne was in heaven. She had risen to the height of her passion and I knew she was close to orgasm. I knew she was ready but I wasn't ready for her to be -- not just yet.

"I'm going to go inside you Daphne, is that okay?"

"Oh please, yes." Daphne kept her eyes closed and relaxed the muscles of her throbbing clit to permit me entry.

I pressed my index and middle finger deeply into her pussy and reached up for her g-spot. Pressing tightly upon it I returned my mouth to her nub and sucked hard.

"Oh God, harder, please harder," Daphne cried. "Oh, that feels so good."

Without removing my hand I asked Daphne to roll over onto her stomach. She obliged and as I continued to thrust the two fingers of my right ever so deeply into her soaking wet pussy, I used the thumb and index finger of my left hand to part her cheeks gaining me an entrance way to her anus. It was perfectly puckered and waiting. I leaned over and ran my tongue up her crack pressing harder as I edged closed to her hole. She seemed unsure of this pleasure. Again I did it until she began to relax and expecting no more or no less of any pleasure. Suddenly as I approached her puckered opening once again I tensed up my tongue and thrust it forcibly into her anus.

Taking a deep breath Daphne was stunned by the immense pleasure it was to be loved from behind. To be butt fucked with a tongue. I removed my tongue and began to gather motion up and down along her crack while continuing to concentrate on her ever wettened pussy. She had begun to leak her juices slightly and the first orgasm was coming closer and closer. I intended to butt fuck her into an orgasm. And she was loving it. While I retraced my steps up and down her crack I motioned my fingers in and out of her pussy.

"What do you see," I asked quietly

"I can see you wet hands thrusting your fingers in and out of my pussy and I can see your tongue sideways rushing up and down my crack."

"That's right, that's right." I said smiling to myself. She had learned to see with her mind's eye. "Do you know what's coming?"

"I think it's your tongue in my ass again, right?"

"Do you want it," I asked coyly.

"Yes, yes."

I did butt fuck her long and hard and she came, her juices flowing heavily out of her pussy like a gushing waterfall. I licked her pussy clean of her juices and as she began to relax from the intensity of this orgasm, I locked my lips lightly on her clit and sucked hard.

"Oh God, I'm coming again. I'm coming again so close."

I sucked and licked and sucked and licked until her back arched high. This woman was beautiful and I was captivated by her beauty and her throbbing soaked pussy of pleasure. I lowered my left hand to my own ignored throbbing clit and began to rub hard, up and down bringing myself to my own highly intense level of excitement.

"Let me do that," Daphne said.

"What?" I asked in amazement.

"I want to touch your clit," she said "I want to make you come along with me."

Unnerved as to how she could know what I was doing, yet not caring how she had reached her conclusion, I ceased my motions on her clit and straddled atop her `69'. I lowered my mound atop her awaiting lips and lowered myself back down digging deeply into her cunt. She tightened her strong thighs against my ears and locked my lips into place . I dug deep with each thrusting sweep of my tongue. I was in heaven.

We both licked long and hard and at the same precise moment, both of us thrust our tongues directly into the pinkened opening with fervor. We had both hit the same exact moment of orgasm. We were in sync in both mind and body. We had sated each other and collapsed.

Rotating our positions beside each other once again, I looked deeply into Daphne's eyes and said "I've never been with a woman before today."

"It the same with me," Daphne said with a smile.

"Do you think we're a couple?" I asked hoping for only one answer.

"I think so." Daphne said as she pulled me close and as she pressed my head gently into the nape of her neck.

We both laid back in our glistening nakedness and watched the approaching lights of a container ship chugging North upon the Delaware. It was a very long night but, there was payback and we loved it.