The Six Gs

by Brad

(Sep '96 Issue)


It was Marty's turn to play host for the Girl's Gossip, Guzzle, Gripe, and Grope Group. Actually, they had been the five Gs up until a couple of meetings ago when Beth had shown the group some sexy videos. They had watched Every Woman Has a Fantasy with tolerance and mild amusement. It was a farce about a guy who fills in at his wife's "bridge" group in drag. By the time they finished with Erotic In Nature, a very well done lesbian video, things got pretty much out of hand.

There had always been some discussion of male inadequacies in bed, but it was always limited to talk about making out with women. The hints had been very broad, but there was no touching other than a rub on the back and a kiss on the cheek. After that episode, G-for-Grope had been definitely, if unofficially, added to the menu.. Each meeting had to out-do the last! Beth had done the videos, and Joan had come up with an array sex toys to try out. Marty had to come up with something new and really different.

She looked into both Good Vibrations and Romantasy, but neither had anything that rang any bells. Finally, she was wandering through a gadget store and spotted a mold for making pop-cycles. How very interesting! Six cylinders about an inch and a half in diameter, with -- definitely a possibility. Looking around some more, she found a cake pan for making oval cup cakes about two inches by four inches -- another idea formed. She bought two of each .

Now that she had the idea, how was she going to implement it? Kool-Aid was definitely out with this group, but Daiquiris and Bloody Marys (better make that Mai Tais) would probably fit in. Plain brownies would be a bore, even brownies "with" might do. She'd just have to fancy then up a bit and make them suit the occasion.

She assembled all the ingredients to mix a huge batch of daiquiris and found a long forgotten bottle of maraschino cherries with the stems still attached. The ideas were really beginning to cook. Once she had the daiquiris mixed and poured into the molds, she added a pair of cherries to each mold to serve as testicles on her cockcycles. This was getting to be fun. She put the form in the back of the freezer where Ben was unlikely to look. All he ever wanted was ice for his drink, anyway! Cooking and the house were woman's work.

For the brownies, she added a reasonable dollop of sans semilla to give them a little zing and poured a batch into the oval cupcake forms. Before baking, she cut a slit the length of the form and added filled it with raspberry jam and put an almond on edge at one end. Just before putting them into the oven, she put a line of coconut along the sides of her little brown vulvas. When they came out of the oven, the coconut had toasted to give her brownies a covering of light brown "hair."

It took a couple of batches of each to make sure that there would be plenty for the gab-fest, but she could make everything but the drinks in advance and freeze them. Ah yes, what to have for drinks. There was always "witch's brew," the old standby from college. That would make another batch of cockcycles, too. Thirty-six should be enough to satisfy eight or ten women. If not, there was always the drinks cabinet.

As soon as Ben left for work on the "big day," Marty arranged the brownies on tray and put them in the pantry to thaw. The "cockcycles" could stay in the freezer until she was ready to serve them after the party had livened up a bit. She mixed a liter vodka and a 48 ounce jug of grape juice, and the "witch's brew" was almost ready; the soda and dry ice would be put in when the guests arrived. Beth was always one of the first to arrive and got there shortly after 10, and Joan followed soon after. The three were the leaders of the group and had been friends for years. They laid out trays of cheeses and crackers, prociutto slices and melon, and of course a couple of bowls of doobies.

At 11 the "witch's brew" was finished by adding 2 litters of lime soda and a few chunks of dry ice to make it bubble and fume. Within a few minutes the rest of the 6Gs had arrived and were happily eating, talking, drinking, and smoking. Janice had brought some CDs of bawdy ballads and some tapes she and her husband had made of a rather exuberant evening with another couple. By noon, all were feeling pretty mellow, if not overly excited, so Marty felt is was time to bring out the piece de resistance.

She commandeered Beth and Joan to help her and brought out the "cockcycles" and brownies. They were really a big hit and comments were passed about: "It's almost as pretty as yours, Nan, but the hairs not as soft and your clit sticks out further when you're really turned on." "God! I'll have to try one of these. They're harder than Fred's and colder than the Devil. I've never been fucked by a devil." Angela then proceeded to find a chaise on the patio and start rubbing it against her shaven vulva. Georgia tried a few "deep throats" before she decided that it was really too cold. Soon they were all in various state of disarray. Clothes were scattered about. Close up comparisons were bing made, and uninhibited, exuberant sucking and licking and feeling was enjoyed by all.

©Copyright 1996 Brad Millar