Unknowing Lesbians

By: Cass White

My name is Cassie but everyone just calls me Cass. I am a 29 year old lesbian from kentucky. I'm 5'4" 115 lbs. I have brown hair and brown eyes. My measurements are 32b-25-34. I just found out that my roommate is also a lesbian.

Before I get into more recent events, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I am a 25 year old 3rd grade teacher. I am now and always have been a devout and proud lesbian. I grew up a lesbian. I actually grew up in a gay household. My mom is gay. My sister is gay and my father is gay. My family is a very open one. Mom allowed sex in the house growing up. She always said that there's no reason to sneak around.

I was never into guys. I was lucky enough to have a best friend that I was very close to. Growing up we masturbated together. We were girlfriends for the longest time. At first she didn't want people to know but after we had been together for about a year she got tired of hiding it and she came out to her parents. We broke up in 9th grade when she had to move to michigan with her parents because of her dad's job.

I was on the girl's varsity soccer team. I dated a cheerleader. We were both very popular despite being out of the closet lesbians. I got so many girls wanting to fool around while in high school. I never did take most of them up on their offers because I was with Jennifer throughout high school.

Jennifer and I went to UK together and roomed together. I ended up rushing a sorority though. It was while I was living at the sorority house where I met Amy. She wasn't a lesbian but I converted her. It was a drunken dare for her. That drunken dare turned into a relationship that lasted all the way through grad school.

During grad school we moved out of the sorority house. We got our own apartment together so we could make love without girls randomly walking into our room. We had been together for about 4 years when we decided to try for a baby. I didn't really want to be fertilized. We agreed after about a month of debate that I would attempt to get pregnant the natural way.

It wasn't hard to get a guy to agree to fuck me. We ended up going with Amy's cousin Ted. We told him the reason we wanted him to fuck me was so I could get pregnant. He understood that he wouldn't have any rights as a father and would sign them over once the baby was born. He was totally cool with it.

So, Ted and I had sex the week I was supposed to ovulate. We had sex 3 times a day for the entire week. For the first few months I had to do a threesome to get horny so I could get into it. I just wasn't into guys at all. It ended up taking 7 months for me to get pregnant.

Amy and I were thrilled about me getting pregnant. I had actually started to look forward to getting fucked by Ted. I was happy that it was over. That make any sense? Well, Amy and I were thrilled. I found that while I was pregnant I was even more horny than before. Amy and I had sex in the morning before we both went to work. We had sex again when we both got home and again before we went to sleep.

Amy and I didn't end up staying together though. We got in a huge fight when I was 8 months pregnant. She started showing. It turns out she had a boyfriend behind my back. She had been fucking him daily for a year straight. She ended up moving out and in with her boyfriend. I hear that they are married now.

So, there I was, a 26 year old 3rd grade school teacher. I made enough money to live on my own and take care of my (then 2 year old) daughter. I didn't want to just live alone though. I put word out at work that I was looking for a roommate. I didn't tell everyone blatantly. I just happened to mention it a couple times in conversation.

While eating lunch, I started talking to Steph. She is one of the 5th grade teachers. She's 31 years old and pretty hot. She mentioned that she had gotten out of a relationship and didn't have a place to live. I told her that I was looking for a roommate. She happily agreed.

She moved her things in that weekend. I helped. It didn't take long for us to get to know each other. When there's just 2 girls living together and working together you get to know them very quickly. I never told her that I was a lesbian and I never asked her if she was straight, gay or bi. I just assumed she was straight.

Based on that assumption we grew very close. We even got so close that we outgrew that awkward phase where you go to the bathroom fully clothed and come out fully clothed. We are both adults. We can walk around each other naked. She just didn't know that I found her completely delicious.

She was one of very few women that prefers to keep her pussy unshaven and completely natural. Her bush made a natural cute little triangle. It isn't very long. At this point I hadn't seen her spread her legs. I did see her bend over though. Her pussy lips looked to be that perfect amount of pubes. Her asshole was hairless.

I, however, have been shaving my pussy since I was 12. I leave a landing strip right above my pussy. I have a rainbow triangle tattoo right on my butt bone. I have my belly button pierced and my clit pierced.

Anyway, as I said we had become extremely close. We bathed together. It wasn't anything sexual. We both had to be at work at the same time and the same place. We just decided to share a shower to save time. We own an in ground pool and we don't bother putting on bathing suits.

So after 1 year of being roommates she was now my absolute best friend in the whole world. There was only one problem. I was so attracted to her it wasn't funny. The longer we were friends the more comfortable we got around each other. It was the first woman I had seen naked profusely but had never slept with. I masturbated to mental images of her nightly. I am a moaner when I cum. I don't even try to hide it. Steph knows that I masturbate nightly. We have even gone vibrator shopping together. She just didn't know that I was gonna take that vibrator home and mentally fuck her with it.

Well, it was summer break. This was when everything culminated. We spent alot of time in the pool. Neither of us wanted tan lines so we spent alot of time naked with each other. We oiled up each other with suntan lotion. I was finding excuses to need to be away from her long enough to finger myself.

Well, it was a wednesday last summer. We were naked as usual and were laying out.

Steph said, "Hey babe, we're out of wine. Want me to go buy us some more?"

I said, "Babe?"

She said, "Hope it doesn't bother you. It just sorta fell out of my mouth."

I said, "No, it's ok. I kinda like it. You don't have to get any if you don't want to."

She said, "Well, it's better to get some now so it will be chilled for tonight. I'll go, don't worry. Is the check book on the bar?"

I said, "Yeah. Hurry back though. We have to go to the gymn in 2 hours."

She said, "Oh, I'll be quick."

I said, "Ok, honey."

She smiled at me. She quickly put on some of her favorite cut off khaki daisy dukes and a tank top. She grabbed our checkbook and left. Yes, we share a checking account. I told you we were close.

Anyway, I figured she would be out of the house for a half hour. Once the door shut, I went inside quickly. I went to my room and got out my favorite vibrator and a really hot lesbian porno. I wanted to get a couple of good orgasms in before she got back.

About 5 minutes after Steph had left, there was the sound of keys hitting the lock. I didn't hear it because I was lost in how horny I was. The front door opened and Steph walked in. I quickly hit stop on the dvd remote. My face got blood red. Hopefully she hadn't heard that I was watching a lesbian porn. I just really didn't want to answer those questions. I definitely didn't want to lose her as a friend or roommate.

She walked up right in front of me. She took a deep breath and then said, "Cass, I need to tell you something."

I said, "I'm sorry. I thought you would be gone longer. I didn't mean for you to see me jilling off."

She said, "It's not that. Well, it is that. Cass, I'm in love with you. I've wanted to be with you every day and every night for the past 6 months. I've just been too chicken until just now to tell you. If you want me to move out I understand. There should be no tension in the house."

I looked at her. She was flustered. I said, "I know you love me. I've known for a long time. The reason I know is because I'm in love with you too. I've been in love with you since last christmas."

She said, "That night when the power went out and we got in bed together to stay warm?"

I said, "Yep. That's the night."

Steph stripped her clothes off. She climbed into my lap and we started to make out. It was the most sexual kiss I had ever received. It was 6+ months of sexual tension being released. I wrapped my arms around her and felt her muscular ass. Her wet pussy was pressed to my tummy.

I broke off the kiss and said, "Let's go to bed and make love."

Now, Steph is bigger than me. She's 5'11" tall and she weighs about 150 lbs. She has long blonde hair down to her butt and baby blue eyes. Her measurements are 38D-25-34. She scooped me up with one hand under my knees and the other around my waist. She took me back to my bedroom. On our way down the hallway I helped myself to her neck. I licked, kissed and sucked on her neck. I heard her moan softly.

She gently set me down on the bed. She pulled a chair up to the bed. She took one foot in her hand and started massaging it. I let my hand wander down to my pussy where I had begun lightly stroking my clit. Steph pushed my hand away and said, "Oh no you don't. We're gonna thoroughly enjoy this."

She picked my foot up and started sucking on my toes. She continued to massage my foot as she did this. She then put that foot down and picked up the other one. She did the same to it. She then kissed her way up my foot. She kissed her way up my ankle, up my calf and up my thigh. She then let that leg rest on her shoulder. She picked up my other foot. She kissed the arch of my foot. She continued kissing up my ankle, to my calf and then my thigh.

My pussy was dripping wet. I had never been so horny in my life. I had also not been taken care of so well in bed. Steph then started to kiss, lick and suck on the crease where your thigh meets your crotch. She left little hickeys all over. She brushed past my pussy lips letting her lips touch mine on her way to my other thigh crease. She again kissed, licked and sucked there. She left little hickeys all over there as well.

She then moved back across as if she was going to go back to the other side. She stopped at my pussy lips. Her lips touched my pussy. They weren't firmly planted there though. Her lips were barely touching me. I could feel her breath on me. She then ran her lips up my pussy lips. Her lips grazed against my landing strip. She started to kiss and lick just above where my landing strip stopped. She went up my "treasure trail" to my belly button. She plunged her tongue into my belly button.

I sat up with my forearms on the bed. She wrapped her arms around my back and kissed her way up to between my breasts. She didn't pay any attention to my breasts which really turned me on. She kissed between them. She kissed underneath them and above them. She kissed from one side of my collar bone to the other. She then kissed back to between them. She went up and kissed underneath my chin. She kissed to one side right below my jaw. She went down and started necking me. She kissed and licked and sucked down hard on my neck. There is a large mirror visible from my bed and she had left a large hickey on my neck.

She then asked me to flip over onto my stomach. I did as instructed. She parted my hair. She then kissed the back of my neck. She kissed her way to between my shoulderblades. She kissed the tips of each shoulderblade. She then kissed down to the small of my back. She stopped there.

She sat on my butt and massaged my back. She started with my neck moving to my shoulders. She then went down and massaged the small of my back and my sides. She skipped my butt and went to my thighs. She massaged her way down my thighs to my calves. She then went back up and massaged my butt.

It felt so great. After she finished massaging my butt, she got a bit frisky. She parted my butt cheeks. She got close. She kissed all around each butt cheek. She kissed down my butt crack stopping at my butt hole. She pushed my cheeks far apart. She then kissed my butt hole. She stuck her tongue out and licked all around my butthole. She held my butt cheeks apart and plunged her tongue into my butt hole.

I had never in my life had someone rim me. I couldn't contain myself. I was ready to crawl out of my skin. I clenched my fists and let out a "Oh my god that feels good." She continued to tongue in my ass. She then wet a couple fingers with her mouth and slid them into my pussy.

She pushed down on my gspot and I cried out in orgasm. It was a full body orgasm. I shook all over. I wanted it to stop but I wanted it to last forever at the same time. It took me about 10 minutes to fully recover.

I flipped over onto my back once more. She crawled on top of me and we started making out. We both figured out that we both absolutely LOVE to kiss. We writhed on each other as our tongues swirled in each other's mouths. Our pussies were grinding on each others. I could literally feel her clit get hard. We were both sopping wet.

I kissed my way down under the covers. I parted her legs and plunged my tongue into her pussy. She wrapped her thighs around my head. She then repositioned herself and she dove into my pussy too.

There we were. The covers were completely covering us. If they hadn't been, then you could see that we were deadlocked in a 69. We had our thighs tightly wrapped around each other's heads. We would only stop eating each other's pussy to scream out loud in orgasm.

We made love for hours. By the time we had finished 6 hours had passed. By some miracle we weren't sore like we thought we would be. There was 2 large wet marks on the bed from cum. We laid in bed. We laid there in a dark room with just a single ray of light coming from my bedroom window which had the shade drawn but hadn't completely closed. We held each other. We kissed. We were just enjoying each other.

It would be the beginning of what is still an absolutely wonderful relationship. If you have any questions or comments feel free to mail me. I'm an open person and very friendly.