A Woman's Touch

I walked into the building, as apprehensive as ever. I'd made this trip many times before, but every time I still managed to feel nervous. As I approached the front desk, I was greeted by Stan, the building's security guard. He was an elderly fellow, who always wore a pristine uniform that was perhaps a little too clingy to his gently protruding stomach. As cheery as ever, Stan exclaimed "Welcome back Miss. Dyer. Are you here for the usual?". "Yeah Stan", I replied, "Same time every week for two months... I was expecting to have a permanent pass by now!". "Sorry Miss. Dyer, but...". "Stan!", I interrupted, "Will you drop all this `Miss. Dyer' nonsense please?! You're well aware of my first name!". Stan looked at me with puppy-dog eyes, apologetic as a naughty child. "Sorry Sarah, I'm just so used to addressing the public. Here's your pass". "Thank-you Stan" and with that, I headed for the elevator.

My high heels clicked upon the marble flooring as I walked down the hall. I heard a faint ding of the elevator, and realised that the doors were closing. As I began to run, I shouted "hold the elevator!", but I knew I would never make it in time. Just then, a bronzed man in his twenties stepped out of the doors and held them open. I suddenly became aware that my running had flustered me somewhat, and I wondered what my first impression upon this handsome stranger would be. He was tall, with blonde hair, light-rimmed glasses, and clearly worked out. It was also clear that he had either recently been on holiday or used the tanning booth at his local gym. I found myself attracted to him instantly, but under the circumstances of visit I neglected to make eye contact. As I entered the elevator, I pressed the button for floor 17, and didn't utter a word all the way up.

I stepped out of the elevator and approached the welcome desk. A teenage girl with a chocolate brown ponytail and the signs of recently developed acne greeted me. "Welcome to `A Woman's Touch' -- therapy by women, for women. How can I help you?". The clerk had clearly said this sentence a hundred times today, and showed little enthusiasm whatsoever. Geez, I'm in therapy and she can't even muster a little smile?! "My name is Sarah Dyer, and I'm here to see Dr. Reed". "Ah, Miss. Dyer, we've been expecting you, please take a seat", the girl replied monotonously, and I headed to the waiting area. As I searched for the latest copy of Cosmopolitan, the butterflies came to my stomach again. I could never quite explain why this place made me so tense, but it always came just before I saw Dr. Reed. Just at that moment, the mahogany office door opposite from me opened, and there she was.

Alison Reed was so much more than an expert in couple's therapy. As she stood in her doorway, I was taken back by her beauty. She was a tall, slender woman in her late twenties, with red curly hair reaching down to her clavicles. That day, she wore a smart grey suit, which was almost professional enough to distract from her dangerously short skirt. A silver pendant rested upon her perfect neck, almost inviting the viewer to look down at her ample but not excessive cleavage. Her breasts always seemed to look so perfect, no matter what she wore. With lips of bright red thanks to some rather bright lipstick, she had an amazing ability to look like a court lawyer and a cheap stripper all at the same time. "Ah, Sarah. Please, come through" she uttered from those beautiful red lips, and I found myself staring at them for a split second, until I realised that she was waiting for me. I gathered my things, and headed into her office.

The room looked like a stereotypical therapist's office. The wood panelling, sturdy and expensive-looking desk, and the two leather chairs -- one upright, one laying back -- could have come straight from the set of Frasier. One wall featured a painting of some woodland and Alison's diplomas from Harvard, whilst the opposite was a wall of books and journals. The final wall was made almost entirely of glass, yielding a breathtaking view of New York below. Alison beckoned me to lie back and relax, as our sessions always began. She flipped open a notebook, gently nibbling on the end of a pencil as she read through the minutes from our last meeting. I watched her roll her tongue around the end of that pencil. Oh how I longed to feel what that pencil could right now. I gazed deeply at her, and subconsciously ran my tongue over my lips, trying to replicate her movements. "So Sarah, how have things been this week?"

I started by telling her how Charles had barely said two words to me, how he didn't appreciate me, how he was a pig and a slob, and how all he could do was watch his precious NHL despite my best efforts to distract him. Alison was used to this -- our sessions commonly began with me ranting and raving over Charles' shortcomings. But as I was talking, something new and wonderful was happening to me. Although I was speaking, I could hear no words. The room was perfectly quiet and perfectly empty -- all it contained was Alison and I. She walked over to me, and gently kissed my neck as I spoke about Charles never walking our dogs. She nibbled my earlobe as I raged on about how Charles' friends always came ahead of me. And then I could speak no longer. The pleasure was so intense, so real...

"Sarah? Sarah, are you listening?" I jumped out of my dreams and back to reality. "Sorry Alison, my mind was elsewhere. You were saying?!" I was pretty certain I had covered up my inappropriateness, but there was still a longing inside that I new my dildo would take care of later. My pussy was so warm that I had to spread my legs a little, and as I did so I made sure that Alison would notice. "So, as I was saying", she continued, "You need to work out what you miss most from Charles. What it is that brings to fill the void inside of you". With this sentence, all I could think of was pushing my dildo deep inside me and coming so hard right there and then. I reached inside my purse and held it in my hand as I said "Well, I suppose the thing I miss most is... well, this is kind of embarrassing... I guess I miss... the sex, Dr. Reed!" I noticed a wry smile appear on her face, and she flicked her perfect red locks behind her ear. Alison moved forward, and placed her pad on her desk. I continued, "Our sex life was never perfect, but it sufficed. I needed that pleasure, that passion, that intense release..." As I said this, I let out a little sigh. A sigh that I knew Charles had heard me make on many occasions. Alison got out of her chair, and knelt beside me. "Pleasure like this?" she whispered so softly as she moved her lips to mine.

The kiss was electric. Gentle at first, exploring the new territory of each other's lips. I let her dominate, happy to relax and kiss back when needed. Her tongue ran over my top lip as she kissed me tenderly. She bit my bottom lip delicately before finally entering my mouth with her tongue. It was so soft, so warm, so gentle. I massaged her tongue with mine as I pulled her body close to mine. I ran my hands through her intensely red hair, holding her head to mine as we kissed deeper, and more passionately. Her hands held my cheeks as we kissed further, and I slid her suit jacket off. As my hands moved across her back I could feel that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts which had always seemed so astonishing now were almost miraculous to me. I had to see them, feel them. As she nibbled and caressed my neck, I slid my right hand into her blouse. Her breast felt phenomenal in my hands -- I had never been with another woman before, and I instantly questioned this decision. She felt incredibly good in my grasp, and I let my index finger run gently over her erect nipple. As I did so, she whined gently in my ear and I became instantly more aroused than I had ever experienced. Her wandering hands moved slowly down my body -- across my chest, over my naval, onto my thighs. She put both her hands up either side of my skirt and pulled down my tights. She met no resistance from me. She was in control. I was hers to command.

She stood up as I lay on her chair, the leather feeling cool against my now bare legs. She began to remove her blouse, undoing one button then waiting for what seemed like an eternity before moving onto the next. She slipped off the shirt to reveal her amazing body. Her flawlessly formed breasts were staring at me, her light brown nipples standing perfectly erect. Once I was able to take my eyes off her remarkably arousing chest, I noticed her slender and petit waist. She was no more than a size 6, which gave her the textbook hourglass figure. I had to bite my lip to stop me gasping in pleasure as she walked over to the couch, sat me up, and removed my top. As her hands unclipped my bra, I hoped that she would find me as attractive as I found her. She moved her head towards my naked chest and put one of my rigid nipples in her mouth. As her tongue rolled across it, I had to catch my breath. The feeling of pleasure was so powerful that I could do nothing but lie there as she continued to kiss my naked torso. I could feel her soft lips moving down my body, and I was helpless to do anything about it.

I couldn't trust myself to know what was going on. Had Alison, my therapist, just hitched up my skirt?! I think so... Had she removed my white lacy panties while kissing my thighs?! I think so... Had she just put her head between my legs?! Oh GOD yes. As her smooth, silky tongue ran, just once, over my clit I felt an explosion of immense pleasure. I looked down to see her vibrant red locks strewn over my thighs and new that this was real. I had one thing on my mind as I grabbed her head and thrust it downward. I swear I saw her grinning from ear to ear as I pulled her to my red hot, dripping wet cunt. Her tongue began to move as it had done in my mouth earlier, only this time it wasn't massaging my tongue. I pushed my pussy into her face, forcing her tongue inside me. It felt tremendous -- it had been so long since I had been penetrated by anything not made of cool rubber. I let go of her head as the feeling was so extreme, and she lifted her head to look up at me. I could see my juices shining from around her mouth, and in one fantastic motion she pushed two fingers into her mouth, and then into my soaking cunt. I screamed as she entered me, thinking that no desire could be this fervent. Just as I thought this could get no better, her tongue returned to my clit. She began to lap at my pussy rapidly and forcefully, not stopping for anything. Her fingers withdrew from and entered into me again and again, powerfully but not harshly, and I could feel my pussy tightening around them. My screams became louder and closer together, and each more breathless than the last. I placed my hands around her head and held her to my pussy, never wanting her to stop...

It felt like a volcano had erupted inside me. Alison pushed her fist into my wet cunt while sucking hard on my clit. I came almost instantly. I screamed so hard that people in adjacent offices must have thought that someone was giving birth. I felt my cum shoot out from my pussy, and Alison buried her face deep into me, loving every second of my momentous orgasm. My legs convulsed, my arms went numb, my head throbbed as much as my groin. She withdrew her hand slowly and gently from me, brushing my overactive g-spot as she left and my lower body twitched as she did so -- a tender reminder of this life-changing experience. Her face came up from my groin and I could see what I had done to her. Her face glistened with my cum. As her tongue ran across her face, licking up my juices, I have never wanted to kiss anyone more. I pulled her to me, and kissed her vigorously.

We both stood, and began to dress. I caught one more fleeting glimpse of her unbelievable body before it was once more hidden by her blouse and suit. I let her redo my bra, and I pulled my top back over my chest, creating a light tingling sensation in my sensitive nipples. I sat back down to put my panties and tights back on my legs -- they were still numb from my mind-blowing orgasm, so sitting down meant I couldn't fall down. As I stood back up, Alison was sitting behind her desk, looking as professional as she did before I even set foot in her office that day. She fixed her hair, before saying to me "your hour is up, Miss. Dyer. I think we've made progress today". That same wide grin I had seen moments before between my thighs lit up across her face. I smiled and giggled, and left her office.

I struggled to reach the elevator. I could barely walk after what had happened. The doors opened to reveal the same bronzed Adonis with whom I rode with in the elevator earlier. I smiled, and he smiled back. Ground Floor was already lit, but I pressed it again just the same. I could feel myself blushing as he said "So, was Dr. Reed any help? She's an amazing counsellor". "You have absolutely no idea" I exclaimed, as I stepped out and return to everyday life.