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Babysitting Sabrina



Sabrina worshipped her next door neighbor Jane. She had babysat for her from the time she was a baby. To the innocent young girl having a girl almost ten years older than her to confide in was the coolest thing in her life. She would do anything Jane asked of her.

From the time she was baby Jane would bath her before putting her to bed. Sabrina never questioned Jane's right to bath her before bed. As part of her bath Jane would wash her hair. Some times Jane would have Sabrina kneel and bend over with her head down to shampoo her hair other times she would have her recline with her head back. That way she would lower her head in the tub until only her face would be clear of the water as Jane rinsed the soap out.

As the years passed her hair was never cut other than to trim the split ends. By the time she almost nine her hair was so long that Sabrina could sit on it. Her mother offered to have it cut but Sabrina resisted because Jane liked it long.

Jane was very gentle when she dried Sabrina's hair because she didn't want to damage it. She would comb the wet tresses with her fingers and then brush it gently by the hour until it dried.

The chestnut hair was easy to style. It looked great if it was left straight. When Jane wanted to put a gentle wave in her hair she would use hot brush rollers and cover her head with a terrycloth turban. That way in the morning Sabrina could take it down and brush it out. The waves would cascade over her shoulders and take on a lighter look as the sun reflected off of her hair. Jane enjoyed fixing it up for special occasions like parties and weddings. On those occasions she would pin one side back with a broach to pick up the primary color of her dress. A typical example is the time she was going to a wedding and her mother had bought her a sweet mint green summer dress and Jane had her hair in soft waves with an emerald stone surrounded by matched pearls. The visual effect was to make her look much older than her tender age. With just a hint of pink lipstick on everyone at the wedding commented on how charming she looked.

Jane would spend hours making Sabrina look older than her years while babysitting for her. She would have Sabrina sit on her lap after her bath and fix her hair up fashionably. She liked the sexy look of the young blonde Louren Bacall. She would let the right side of her hair drop over her right eye giving it that peek-a-boo look.

Then she would put eye shadow on her eyes and draw her eyebrows very carefully and put on adult dark blood red lipstick. If it were not for the fact that her body was still that of a child her face looked so mature that she could pass for someone much older.

When she was made up and blotted so that her makeup would not smear Jane would add to Sabrina's fun by kissing her like a lover. Sabrina loved the way Jane would swab her mouth with her tongue. She squirmed around in her sexual excitement. She didn't understand the significance of the way her vagina tingled but she knew that she like it.

Jane had brought along some sexy underclothes because she wanted to see what she would look like in it. She had barrowed the under clothes of a girlfriend that was very tinny. When she put the black thong on Sabrina it was still a little big for her but the effect was very sexy when she pulled the sides up high on her hips. The dark nylons were very sexy too. The tops had built in garters in a latex lace floral and butterfly pattern. When Jane rolled them up her legs the tops had to be rolled down in her crotch. The little bra had drawstrings around the neck that supported the cups but they were so small that they hardly covered the mauve areolas on Sabrina's little breasts. She did look like a long haired Betty Boop.

Jane could not resist feeling her baby up. She stroked her panties until they were so wet that she knew she would have to wash them before giving them back to her girlfriend. She made a mental note that she wanted to buy Sabrina some sexy things of her own but where could she find things like this to fit a girl her size?

Sabrina was thrilled at the way Jane was making her feel. She placed both hands over Jane's. At first Jane thought that Sabrina was trying to stop her but when she tried to pull her hand away Sabrina pulled her hand back between her legs and started humping it.

Jane kissed her baby and continued stroking the warm crotch of the panties. She even reached around her diminutive body and slipped her fingers inside the cup of the little black bra. Sabrina practically swooned when the finger touched her nipple.

Sabrina had always envied Jane's 36-C sized breasts and now with her nipples being stimulated she felt free to place her own hand on Jane's breasts. Jane was pleased with the girl's efforts and removed her hand from the girl's panties long enough to unbutton the front of her own dress and free both of her tits. Sabrina started playing with the far one and sucking on the nipple of the closest one. They played with each other for a while before moving on to the next step.

Jane had Sabrina model the look in front of her before asking her to remove her panties and come stand on her chair with her feet on either side of her hips facing her. Jane could not believe the sexy look of the girl standing there in front of her. The girl had to rest her hands on top of Jane's head and her naked little crotch was right in front of Jane's face.

Jane felt her head spin at the sight and smell of the girl's pussy. She licked the vulva and ran her tongue between the little lips. She thrilled at the way the girl jerked when her tongue touched her little love button. She tested the depth of her vagina and felt the hymen with her tongue.

She asked Sabrina if she could break her cherry. Sabrina didn't know what she was talking about but would refuse nothing Jane wanted. All she wanted to know was if it would hurt.

Jane told her that it would require her forcing something into her hole and it would tear the skin protecting her vagina. It would hurt at first but soon that would pass. After that they would slowly stretch her vagina until she could comfortably accept an object the size of a large pickle into her cunt.

Sabrina was ready for anything. By this time her little cunt was throbbing at the thought of her idol breaking her hymen for her. She sat back down on Jane's thigh and spread her legs as Jane wet her own finger and slipped it between the valley. When Jane felt the finger get good and wet she slipped it into the hole. She hardly moved the hymen until Sabrina relaxed and then she stabbed her quickly.

Sabrina whined because of the pain and wanted Jane to remove her finger. Jane started fucking her rhythmically and the pain subsided. As the discomfort decreased it was replaced by a feeling that was thrilling to Sabrina.

They were both looking down between her legs as blood collected around the base of Jane's index finger. Sabrina asked if she had been hurt and Jane assured her that she had not. The bleeding was caused by the skin being ripped away from her sexual opening and it would stop soon. She placed the girl on the arm of the chair and put her head between the girl's legs and lapped up the traces of blood as it were a treat.

Sabrina was thrilled by the way her idol was treating her. She could not keep from grinding her vulva into the face of her lover. Sabrina loved what was going on but she was too young to have a real climax. She was right on the edge but could not get over the hump. It was enough to drive her crazy. Her little vulva was swollen and red but she could not cum. She actually blacked out and at least she relaxed while she was out.

Sabrina was anxious to see if Jane's pussy looked like hers or her mother's. She begged Jane to undress for her so that she could inspect her body the way Jane had inspected hers. Without hesitation Jane stood up and removed all of her clothing. Her naked body was there for the youngster to view and to touch.

Jane was a pretty eighteen-year-old. She had been told that she looked like Elizabeth Taylor at her age. She had dark hair and blue eyes that had been compared to the violet look of Elizabeth. She had the same creamy white skin. Her ample breasts were capped with large areolas in a dark brown. The nipples were large and the middle of them was dimples inward. Her tummy was much flatter than Sabrina's mother's. The vulva was tanned into a deep V because she loved to sun herself in a thong when ever she could. The pubic hair was not as thick as Sabrina's mother. The straight black hairs seemed all to be pointing towards her crack. The labia were barely visible but by now Jane's clit was fully engorged with blood and peeking out from between the lips of her womanhood.

Sabrina could not resist touching the delicate hairs. Jane spread her legs to give her charge better access to her eager cunt. When the girl touched the pink clit Jane felt a shock shutter her body and she urged the youngster to continue.

Sabrina could not resist placing her face between Jane's legs the same way she had done to her. It was a forbidden game. Everything she had been taught told her that it was wrong to put her mouth on the place a girl peed from but she was powerless to stop from finding out what it was like.

She found that the smell and taste only made her want more. It was not long before she was devouring Jane's pussy as if it were a ripe melon. Unlike her immature body Jane was a fully developed woman at eighteen and soon was experiencing the thrill of a very satisfying climax. Sabrina was rewarded with a flood of vaginal juice to swallow. After they had satisfied their mutual lust Jane cleaned off the girl's makeup and got her ready for bed.

Sabrina was sound asleep by the time her parents got home. Jane collected her money and headed home as if nothing unusual had happened.

Sabrina's mother checked in on her daughter before going to bed. By the light of the moon shining through the bedroom window she saw the traces of the adult looking makeup on her sweet looking girl. She knelt by the bed to give her a kiss but as she moved close she smelled her face and it had the tell tale odor of sex on it. As she kissed her daughter's cheek Sabrina placed her hand between her legs and stick her finger into her little pussy because her nightgown was up around her waist.

Her mother was shocked to think that her baby was becoming sexually active. She didn't have to guess whose pussy she had been tasting. She knew that Sabrina worshipped the ground Jane walked on.

She retreated to her own bedroom and was so horny she pleaded with her husband to fuck her hard with his large cock. He happily mounted her and proceeded to fuck her until he ejaculated into her wet horny hole. After he went to sleep she found herself still needing relief. She had fantasies of her daughter lapping at the dark haired neighbor girl's pussy. Her fingers sought out her needy cunt and she spent much of the night masturbating.

By morning she was too exhausted to confront her daughter with her suspicions. It was close to her birthday so she planned on giving her daughter a very adult treat at the spa. The two of them checked in and spent the day being pampered. They were treated to a day at the Swedish sauna. The dry heat in the cider lined room had their pours wide open and their bodies were both wet with sweat.

For the first time the mother was looking at her daughter as a sexual object. She felt a little ashamed of herself for what she was thinking. Sabrina on the other hand was comparing her mother's body to Jane's. The breasts were much larger, the waist was thicker, the lower tummy was softer and hung somewhat over her vulva. The pubic hair was longer, thicker and the bush was wilder than Jane's. Sabrina was thinking about her birth through that opening and wondering how her mother could have stood the pain. Jane had been stretching her vagina for her but she could not take anything bigger around that say a cooked hot dog.

The sauna was being filled with the smell of their sweat and her mother's vagina odor. It was turning them both on. They showered and repeated the process a couple of time before resting and letting their bodies sweat for a half hour before showering one last time.

From there they had a massage and a facial. They were still wrapped in a white sheet as a stunning young woman starting fixing their hair. She wanted to cut Sabrina's hair but Sabrina knew how much Jane like it long. So they just trimmed it and shaped it. It made her hair look even fuller than before. They both had their hair blow dried and combed out.

The beautician was intrigued by how adult Sabrina looked and she even made her makeup reflect her adult demeanor. This was not a look Sabrina could ever go to school in but her mother was stunned by how adult it made her daughter appear. It was only her figure that told how young she was. Her figure looked very much like a boy at her age. Her chest was almost as flat and her vulva slopped between her legs causing her labia to be hidden between the crack. Unknown to her mother the beautician had been slipping her hand under the sheet to cop a feel of her daughter's little pussy.

That got Sabrina's attention. The beautician was a bottle blonde and her hair looked like straw because of the harsh stripper she used to changer her brown hair to blonde. Her breasts were too perfect. She had breast implants to make her tits larger than their natural C size. The only tell tale proof of the implants was the small scar under her armpits. A skilled plastic surgeon had stretched her incision to stuff the implants on her chest so that her breasts had a perfect shape.

Those perfect boobs were a needed asset because her other job was working in porn films. She had sex with men for the money but her specialty was her work with other women. Any time they needed a convincing girl on girl shot she was the first one they called.

Because of the child pornography laws she only made videos with underage girls for a select group that would make sure that her face would not be recognized.

She saw in Sabrina as a girl that would be a natural child star. She asked Sabrina's mother if she had ever thought of allowing Sabrina do some modeling. That flattered her a great deal and it was a simple thing to set up a date for a test.

It wasn't long after the test shoot before she received a few jobs where they would shoot a lot of commercial stuff but each time they would add a few shots that would be a little too erotic to ever make it into a catalog. In time her mother found herself watching Sabrina do nude layouts and they were even some shots with her fingering her vagina.

While her mother was watching the beautician settled in beside her and put her arm around Sabrina's mother's waist. When she didn't seam to notice she sought out her breast and gave it a gentle but suggestive squeeze. She was shocked to have a woman playing with her breasts right in front of other people and her daughter but she did nothing to stop her.

When Sabrina saw what the two adults were doing she instinctively began masturbating as the video camera caught her performance on tape. The photographer was a middle-aged woman who had years of experience at similar tapings and although she was a practicing lesbian dyke she tended to her professional duties behind the cameras.

The beautician stood behind her mother and lifted her skirt from behind. Then she placed her hands in her panties and started spreading her vagina so that she could stick her finger in the wet confines of her pussy.

Sabrina approached her mother and knelt in front of her and when the beautician held the skirt up and pulled down the comfortable panties Sabrina pressed her face into the dark hair and lapped up the juices flowing from her mother's pussy as the mother caressed her hair and urged her tongue fuck her to an orgasm.

The still camera was clicking every two or three seconds while the video camera taped every movement. Before long the three of them were naked and the photographer had to change cameras three or four times. The success of this first encounter lead to many more offers of filming opportunities that the mother, daughter and the beautician eagerly agreed to.

When Jane was informed of Sabrina's new career she was jealous at first but soon she too was invited to perform for the camera with Sabrina, her mother and the beautician.

Imagine the shock on Sabrina's fathers face when his wife's and his daughter's naked bodies showed up on a porno video he rented at the local video store.

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