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Bridal Shower






It was a thrill for Jane to be asked by one of her best friends, Laura, to be her bridesmaid. They had known each other from the time they were in grammar school. It was not going to be a big wedding. Laura was asking her older sister to be the matron of honor. So she did not have a maid of honor.


Jane had known her very well. They had all gone from grade school, Catholic catechism and conformation first communion and to college together. They had double dated with each other and gotten drunk at sorority parties together. They had taken up smoking with each other and even quit together. They had sampled pot together. It was just a natural thing that they take part in each other's marriages.


Laura was a nice looking blue eyed blonde. She was a tall girl at 5' 8", size 12 with a 36 DD chest and looked a lot like Jane. Jane is even taller at 5' 11" and her hair is longer. They can wear each others clothes even if the hemline is a bit shorter on Jane.



Jane had always had a crush on Laura but never let her know how much she was attracted to her. As they had grown up they both preferred very erotic thongs and sexy Basques. Jane found Laura's breasts very attractive when her areolas were partially visible. She wanted to touch them so badly she could cry.


As part of the wedding planning they went through all of the preparations together. The two of them went dress shopping. They spent days looking at everything from pastel prom dresses to skimpy cocktail dresses. Laura let her select her own dress. She settled on a summer dress that would look nice with her blonde hair. It was a light blue cocktail dress with a bolero jacket to wear in the church. God forbid she would offend the Roman Catholic Church or any little old fashioned priest. That way she could simply peel the jacket off for the wedding reception party.


They did all of the normal things like help make the center pieces for the bridal shower and reception. They had to be polite to all of the relatives at the bridal shower and flash a grin when some old aunt asked her when she was going to get married. Jane felt like telling those old biddies to fuck off. What she did to satisfy her pussy was none of their business.


As the wedding date approached, Laura and Jane figured if the guys could have a stag party the night before the wedding that they could go out and have their own hen party too.


The night before the wedding the two 22-year-olds got together for their own party. They met at Laura's apartment and had a couple of drinks before Jane gave Laura a personal gift. Jane had purchased a vibrator and even gave a personal demonstrated to her as to how it was used.


Jane sat on Laura's bed and pulled her skirt up and pulled her thong panties down. She rubbed the shinny plastic vibrator up and down her own vagina until the thing was moist from her juices and then inserted it and flipped the switch on. She showed Laura all three speeds. She let the thing run on high speed until she climaxed.


In a jovial mode for the night Laura wanted a personal demonstration. She parked her bum on the bed next to Jane and hoisted her own skirt like a good sailor folding a sail in port. She pulled down her own thong panties low enough to free on leg. So with her thong clinging to one nylon clad leg she laid back and allowed Jane to use the vibrator on her cunt.


Jane lovingly rubbed the chrome looking phallic tool between Laura's labia with the control on low speed until the thing was coated with Laura's love juice. Then she inserted it into her friend's pussy as she turned the speed up to high. She added to Laura's enjoyment by using the flat of three of her fingers on the free hand to rub her clitoris vigorously. Jane loved the smell emitted by her friend's pussy. She would have loved to lean over and suck all of her love juice out of her cunt but didn't want to frighten her best friend. It took Laura a while to climax but when she did it was beautiful thing to see.


They rested for a short time then straightened up their clothes and prepared to go out for a night of partying. Just the same that was a wild start for the night.


They headed for a male strip joint and joined the other women in hooting and wolf-whistles as they stuff money in the G-strings of the men. She assured Laura that David would only look like them in his dreams. When one of the strippers started lifting beer mugs with his cock Jane shouted over the noise that that guy had more muscles in his dick than David had in his whole bloody body.


By the time they got back to Laura's apartment they were more than a little drunk. They both needed to pee at the same time. Being the bride Laura got the toilet first. Jane had to wait her turn to get to relieve her bladder. It was a wild time as they staggered around bumping into each other. Jane no longer lived in the immediate area so she planed to spend the night with Laura.


The two friends crashed on the bed together. They wanted to sleep late but the sun and the phone call from Laura's mother woke them up. Laura's mother reminded her that she needed to get dressed. The two of them felt like a family of rats had died in their mouths. They had headaches that were throbbing but they stumbled into the bathroom and brushed their teeth and downed aspirin in a futile hope to relieve the pain. They looked at each other in the mirror and started laughing because they knew how foolish they had been the night before. They both needed to take a bath before getting dressed.


They took turns bathing and began to get dressed. After Jane got on her thong and corset, Basque, nylons and shoes she helped Laura do the same.


Laura had bought a matching set of satin blue thong, corset and Basque. She looked very fetching the way her breasts spilled out over the top of her Basque. Because Laura had to put on all of those Petticoats and zip up the tight bodice of her wedding dress then button all of those damned buttons on the back and sleeves Jane helped Laura get into the rest of her clothes before getting dressed.


They had decided the hair, makeup and vale could wait until last. Then Laura complained that she was so fucking horny that she was ready to fuck the gear shift knob on her Mini Cooper.


Jane casually said that she could take the edge off with the dildo. Laura surprised her by producing a real strap-on rubber cock. Jane wanted to know why she would have a strap-on but didn't know how to ask the question. Laura smiled when she saw the puzzled look on Jane's face.


Laura admitted that she was no stranger to lesbian sex. She had been making it with girls for years. This was an additional surprise to Jane because as long as she had known Laura she never knew that her friend had ever had sex with any girls. She felt like she had been cheated out of all of those years she had kept her crush for her to herself.


Jane just pulled her transparent thong off and stepped into the harness of the dildo. It was an impressive black latex rubber phallic tool. The thing was pushed through a hole in the harness with the scrotum used to hold it in. The interesting feature about the dildo was that rather than being flat at the base it actually was shaped like an open mouth with a tongue sticking out. When she strapped the harness tightly around her waist she found that the tongue was forced into her own vagina.


While Jane was discovering the thrill of the rubber tongue in her cunt Laura gathered up her dress and Petticoats and bent over exposing her blue panties. She pulled them down to expose her rear end and Jane stepped up behind Laura as she held onto the side of her bed in anticipation of the penetration of her cunt. Jane guided the black latex rubber against the shaved labia and rubbed it against her until the rubber was coated with the juices from her vagina. When it was sufficiently coated Jane looked at it and spit on it to add the lubrication before she guided it back into Laura's pussy from behind and fucked her like a drunken rapist. She held onto her hips as she pounded her hips against the back of her friends rosy butt.


By the time Laura had a climax her legs were killing her from having them locked so long. She just fell across her bed while she recovered. Jane had enjoyed the penetration of her cunt by the rubber mouth as much as Laura had enjoyed the dildo. When she un-strapped the tool and pulled the rubber tongue out of her cunt she was treated to one last climax. It took her a few moments before she could focus her eyes on the bedside clock and see the time.


She saw how late it was getting and alerted Laura about the time. After that it was a mad rush to get dressed and the makeup on before they would have to leave for the church.


The little Mini Cooper was too small for Laura to drive with all of those petticoats on so Jane had to drive while Laura struggled to gather up her dress and petticoats and get in the passenger side of the car. They had to put the makeup kit in the back seat so they could make last minute touchups before the wedding.


It was a wild dash to get to the parish church on time. They touched up the makeup and placed the veil on Laura's head in the last minute before they made their entrance. During the ceremony Jane could not help thinking about her feelings of superiority for having fucked her friend the same day she was getting married.


After the wedding there were the normal pictures to be taken while the guests headed for the reception. Then they followed them to the party and the bride and groom made their rounds to all of the tables to introduce each other to the in-laws. They had their first dance, the cake cutting, flower and garter tossing for the benefit of the cameraman. While the party was in full swing Laura asked Jane to help her change clothes. They headed for her apartment to make the change. As soon as the door closed Laura grabbed Jane and kissed her on the mouth.

They wound up on the floor and Laura was on top. She practically ripped Jane's thong off of her in her haste to get to the prize between Jane's legs. Laura ran her tongue thought over Jane's waxed vulva on her way to finding Jane's clitoris. She was a surprisingly good oral lover. Jane knew that her friend must have done this before, why had she never let her know that she was into lesbian sex?

Jane had to struggle to get the wedding dress and petticoats out of the way so that she could get to Laura's hips. She pulled the blur thong down her body past the nylons with the built in spandex gartered tops and over the white high heeled pumps. She tossed the thong in the general direction of the bed before returning her attention to the shaved pussy. They were like greedy monkeys the way they licked each other's pussies.

With Laura on top Jane was at the mercy of her friend. Laura spread her legs to lower her cunt down to Jane's face. They licked and sucked on each other's labia in such a way that they were stretching the labia as much as they could. Jane could picture her stretching her labia so much that they would hang out of her panties. It was a humors picture in her mind and she would have laughed if her mouth was not being filled with Laura's own juice.

Laura sat up and struggled with all of the buttons as she pulled the wedding dress over her head and tossed it towards the bed. She pulled each petticoat over her head in turn and discarded them in a like manner.

Jane would have been impressed if she could have seen what Laura looked like at that time but she was pinned to the floor by her bum. All she could see was her puckered anus.

Laura pulled her breasts over the top of her Basque and played with her nipples for a moment. She started unfastening her corset. When she flung it away she rubbed her body because it felt so good to be able to breathe again. She finally moved backwards off of Jane's head and helped her to sit up.

With Jane's back to Laura it was a natural for Laura to unzip the back of her cocktail dress and pull it over her head. She also unfastened her corset and tossed it away. Her corset had a built in pushup bra that lifted her breasts without covering her nipples so that they would make an impressive impression on the front of her dress. Laura moved close behind her and reached under her arms and cupped her breasts. She nibbled on her neck as she used her index fingers to toy with the nipples.

Jane turned her head so that she could kiss her friend on the mouth. She was in tears by the time the kiss was over because she felt like she was losing a lover before she had even had the chance to fully explore their relationship. Tears had streaked her makeup.

They were both sweating by the time they figured they better get dressed and back to the party. They took a quick shower in the tub together and freshened up their makeup.

When they were back in the bedroom Laura looked at her wedding dress and commented that she was going to have to have the dress cleaned. She bet that the cleaners would think it was her husbands cum staining the dress. That led to them busting up with laughter.

They put on fresh thongs and bras before getting into fresh dresses. The suitcase was already packed for the trip and sitting by the door. Laura had changed her makeup, to much less pancake for the wedding to a more natural look. They were back to the party while the dancing was still going on.

Laura got to dance with her husband a while and he had been drinking with his buddies while she was gone and they were all too drunk to be driving. It fell upon Jane to drive them to the train station for the trip to the south of France for their honeymoon.

The last thing Laura did was kiss Jane and promises that they would get together soon. Jane watched the train leave the station and smile about her getting in Laura's pants two times today and the promise that they were going to do it again.

It would not take a math wizard to calculate that that the arrival of Laura's daughter Lisa arriving less than eight months after the marriage was a clue about the rush to marry. Laura's husband (David) was less than enthusiastic about participating in the arrival of his child so it fell upon Jane to accompany Laura during the prenatal visits.

During the pregnancy their relationship didn't cool. They made love to each other every chance they got. Even when Laura's tummy was too big for Jane to lay on top of her they continued performing oral sex with each other. As Laura's delivery date grew close her breasts swelled and her areolas enlarged. They became sore to the touch but Jane could not resist sucking on them for long periods of time.

When the delivery time arrived it was Jane that accompanied Laura to the hospital and she was the one to hold her hand during delivery. She even got to see the bald head coming out of Laura's vagina. She held the small infant in her hands as the doctor cut the umbilical cord and handed the baby to Laura to hold for the first time.

When they were together and the baby girl names Lisa would fall asleep sucking her mother's breast they would put her to bed and Jane would replace the baby and suck on Laura's breasts until they were dry. It thrilled Jane to drink her lover's warm milk while masturbating her o a climax. Long after Lisa had been weaned Jane continued to milk Laura daily. It only ended when Laura went on holiday for a week and her breasts dried up.

Jane became like another aunt to Lisa. She babysat for her any time Laura and David went on holiday. The arrival of the child didn't stop Laura from seeking out the company of Jane's bed. They would get together at least one time a week for a hot and passionate romp between the sheets.

They discovered that they both had a thing for toys. They would either buy them from magazines or work up the nerve to visit porn shops to buy them across the counter. Jane kept them at her flat and they thrilled at discovering the pleasures each new toy provided. They bought butt plugs in a variety of sizes as they became comfortable with larger ones. They got dildos of different sizes and shapes. They even got one that was very long and double headed that they could inset into each other's pussy and by pulling on the middle it moving in and out of each others pussies.

They enjoyed things like nipple clamps and they even found a thing like a leather covered plastic saddle than contained the motor for a latex rubber dildo that they could lower their vaginas over and ride to a climax. It had an electrical cord that plugged into the wall outlet and a control cord that either or them could control the speed of the dildo.

It is very erotic to allow the other gal to control the speed of the dildo. That way the one ridding the dildo never knows when the other will increase or decrease the speed. It is not uncommon for the one ridding the dildo to slump over afterwards and drool from the mouth. The use of toys did not exclude oral sex from their love life but assed it significantly.

As much as they loved their sexual relationship, their devotion to the raising of Lisa had become upper-most in their relationship. They didn't want to influence Lisa's perception of sex so they went out of their way to not show undo affection for each other in her presence.

As Lisa was growing up David became less involved in the life of Lisa and his relationship with Laura became cooler if not antagonistic. Laura's visits to Jane's became more frequent until she was stopping by three or four times a week.

To Lisa Jane was like she was another aunt to her. She always felt comfortable telling her Auntie Jane everything. As Lisa reached puberty Jane assumed the instructor roll and explained the changes taking place in her body and what that would mean to her sexually.

Rather than presenting the religious right's view in forbidding Lisa having sex with boys she simply told her that having unprotected sex with boys exposed her to everyone he had sex with and all of their sexual contacts too. She would run the chance of pregnancy and a variety of venereal disease.

She told Lisa that she was not condoning her having sex but if she was going to have sex with boys to at least use condoms. She told her that she would keep a jar in her bathroom containing packages of rubbers. If she wanted to date a boy she could drop by and take as many as she liked. She assured her that she would not keep count of them or say anything about it.

Of course Jane did keep count of them. She was sure when Lisa started having sex with boys. True to her word she never mentioned it to Lisa or Laura.

Laura and Jane were true to their conviction and never flaunted their relationship in front of anyone. Oh! They kissed each other but not on the mouth in public. They were physical women and would teasingly grab each other in a playful jester on the breast, butt or even the crotch if they were in good moods but nothing overt.

When Lisa passed on from lower school to college it was the first time she was away from home. She was enjoying her new found freedom like most young girls would. When she was 17-years old she came home for a visit and came over to Jane's apartment to have a very serious talk with her because she knew that Jane would not overreact. After they settled down with cups of tea Lisa started telling her about what was bothering her.

Lisa began by telling her that she had something she needed her opinion about. "At the end of the last term I got my grades posting and was thrilled that all of my grades were excellent. I was in such good sprits that I went out to a pub and was having a good time when my French literature professor came in and I was so thrilled about my grades that I hugged her and invited her to have a drink with me. We were having a good time as the evening drew late she invited her to her cottage for coffee and a look at her collection of French prints.

I was thrilled that Ms. Alley was such an understanding friend. I am sure that she is as old as you and mum but she just seems so young. We were only a short walk to her cottage and it was so nice. It was not very large but it was nicely appointed. She laid out a couple of books on the cocktail table for me to look at while she started brewing the coffee.

While I was reading the illustrated erotic books Ms. Alley asked if I minded if she changed into clothes a little more comfortable. She went upstairs and changed into a dressing gown. I could tell that she was probably naked underneath because as she came down the stairs her leg was exposed enough that I saw plenty of thigh.

She returned to the dinette area and brought out a tray with cups and cream and sugar along with the coffee pot. When she leaned over to pour us coffee I saw down the front of her gown and saw that she was indeed naked because her breasts were plainly visible.

Aunt Jane I knew that she was about to make at pass at me. I wondered if I should excuse myself and leave but I also wondered what it would be like to make love to a woman.

She sat next to me and we drank our coffee. She asked me what I thought of the books. I assured her that they were very erotic. She reached for one that had been on the bottom and handed it to me. It was a lesbian love story full of graphic descriptions of sex between a girl and other women. The drawings were very graphic too. I actually felt my vagina throb because I knew that Ms. Alley was about to introduce me to a passionate kiss like those in the story. Jane when she kissed me it was so thrilling and when she started feeling my body it was even more thrilling.

When most guys feel my breasts they are rough. They grip my tits like they were grabbing a cricket ball. When feeling my pussy in foreplay they hardly touch my clit and quit long before I'm ready for them to penetrate me. Ms. Alley on the other hand was so gentle that I was begging her to take me.

I hardly remember her taking my clothes off. They just seemed to melt away. She knelt in front of me and kissed my pussy like she had been kissing my mouth and never took her eyes off of mine. I have never felt anything like the way she made love to me down there.

I could not take it any longer and slid off of the couch and we were sitting on the floor facing each other. She was on her knees and I was wrapping my legs around her waist. Her nightgown slide from her shoulders and I saw her breasts. They were not as large as yours and mum's but they looked so erotic with her areolas sitting on top of her mounds like small little breasts of a darker skin. The nipples were hardly more than dimples on the areolas. I wanted to suck on them terribly

Ms. Alley saw what I was looking at and lifted one up and I sucked on it very hard. She had to caution me to slow down. We had all night. I almost climaxed thinking that we were going to spend the night doing this to each other. In time we did go upstairs and we kissed each other and even sucked each other's pussy at the same time.

In the morning I felt guilty about having sex with another woman at the same time I had never felt as fulfilled as I did laying there in her arms and smelling her perfume and the odor of her pussy. I tried to slip out of bed without waking her up but she opened her eyes and kissed me so sweetly that I could not resist kissing her back. She insisted on making love to me even before we went to pee.

Jane, am I a lesbian?"

Jane stroked her hair lovingly. She was to turned on by the confession that she felt like she was about to crawl out of her skin.

"Honey one lesbian encounter does not make you a lesbian. Even if you were that would not change who you are." Jane assured her.

"Would mum hate me if I were?" Lisa asked.

"I'm sure your mother would still love you as much as I do even if you were a lesbian." Jane assured her.

Lisa felt so comforted by Jane's response that she hugged her tightly and felt her large breasts pressed against her cheek and she felt the nipple pressed against her cheek. She felt a sudden desire to suck on Jane's breasts.

Jane didn't resist Lisa as she started pulling her tit out of her blouse. After a short time of having her breasts sucked on Jane pulled Lisa to her feet and led to upstairs to her bed. They made love until Lisa was satisfied. As Lisa rested with her head resting on Jane's breast she looked up at her eyes and said, "I must be a lesbian because I never want to stop making love to you."

She didn't want her mother to know about her relationship with Jane though. Jane was not sure how Laura would feel about her best friend seducing her daughter so she didn't talk about it.

It was a little difficult at times because Lisa would spend the night with her and they would make love all night before catching the train back to college only to have Laura come over after getting Jack off to work and want to make love most of the day.

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