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Chinese Canadian



You talk about cultural shock when a Chinese family moves from Hong Kong to Markham, Ontario Canada they faced more than a language barrier.

The Chui family brought with them a daughter that had lived all of her life up to then in a sheltered home with a large extended family to look after her. To her family, women had but one purpose in life, having children and taking care of them. Marriages were negotiated within the family. The bride had nothing to say about it.

When they arrived at the Toronto airport they were overwhelmed by everything. The language was bad enough but the freedom of western women was a shock to them. They changed their names to try and fit into the western society. They changed May-Lee's name to Cindy and her mother's name to Sandy.

They did everything they could to adopt western ways while keeping their old values to protect their daughter from western influence. However their daughter was a bright girl. She saw how open western women were about their sexuality. She soon learned to use a computer to keep in touch with family in Hong Kong but she started searching for sexually explicit material too. She found western women to be very sexually attractive.

She discovered a lesbian website and found the idea very attractive. I her culture any homosexual activity was forbidden. Her parents had converted to the Roman Catholic Church years before leaving China. The only family member in her that had confessed to being gay in Hong Kong had been disowned by the family. Just the same the more Cindy looked at pictures and read about it the more she was attracted to the idea of sex with women. She could not stop logging on to these lesbian sites. She would spend hours at night looking at them and masturbating while fantasying that she was having sex with these women. She rubbed herself so much that her vulva would be swollen and raw to the touch. She realized that she was drawn to stories about incest between girls and their mothers. Soon she found herself looking at her own mother with a sexual desire for her. She knew that her mother would never allow her to have sex with her but she wanted to find out what sex with an older woman would be like.

She knew her parents would never approve because they were very outspoken about their disapproval of Canada's attempt to legalize gay marriages. She just kept her mouth shut.

When she turned sixteen she heard tell of a lesbian support origination in Rochester, New York. She was determined to figure out a way to visit this place.

She convinced her parents that she was going with her school for a week's trip to America. She knew that they would not be able to call the school to verify her story because they didn't speak enough English to do so yet.

She found a woman from the group to talk with on the computer. Cindy was very shy and it took everything she could muster to not only make contact with a woman but to buy her ticket on the boat to cross the lake. She took the bus the woman had told her to take and found the building where the organization was located.

It took her a long time to work up the nerve to go into the building and find the office of the lesbian group. The minute she entered a woman saw her and smiled at her like they were old friends. The woman looked like she was a grandmother. She just looked like the kind of woman that Norman Rockwell used in his thanksgiving dinner portraits. She stood up behind her desk and came around to great the girl.

The gray haired plump woman came up to her and put her arm around her shoulders and asked, "Are you Cindy?"

Cindy smiled sheepishly, "Yes Ma'am."

The woman beamed, "I am Thelma Honey. Why don't I check out and we can go get some tea."

They headed down the street to a dinner and picked a booth in the back where they could talk and ordered tea. Cindy did not care for the bagged dark tea but at least it was hot and gave her something to hang onto because she was so nervous. She had a hard time even believing this woman was a lesbian. She just looked so sweet.

They talked for a while about how Cindy had made plans to be in town for a week so that she could find out if she really would enjoy sex with other women. She told her how she could not keep from looking up lesbian erotica on the web, everything from videos to chat rooms.

The woman told her that she had been married for years before she admitted to herself that she preferred the company of women. She got a divorce and found other women like herself. She told about having a number of girlfriends over the years but she eventually found a women that she fell in love with and they have been living together ever since.

Cindy told her how her family felt about gays and she felt that most Chinese think the same way. That brought a laugh from Thelma. She told her that she had a friend she should meet. Her name was May-Ling. That got Cindy excited. She had never met a lesbian Chinese woman before.

Thelma took out her cell phone and made a call and invited the person to join them because she had a girl that she should meet. They continued talking about a variety of things from local places that gay women hung out to Thelma's relationship with her love interest. They had been living together for more than twenty years. It was not long before a Chinese woman entered the dinner and came back to their booth. After the introductions were made May-Ling sat down in the booth next to Cindy.

Cindy looked at the woman and guest that she was in her early forties. She had thick black hair pinned up on top of her head. She spoke a dialect that was different from hers and that made it a little hard to understand everything she said.

After a short time she invited the two of them to come home with her for a visit. They took her car to her home and she offered them green tea. Thelma sat in a comfortable chair facing the couch that May-Ling and Cindy sat on. May-Ling did get up long enough to make the tea before sitting next to Cindy.

May-Ling asked Cindy, "Would you like me to kiss you to see if you like it?"

Cindy was embarrassed both from her lack of experience and her lack of knowledge about what to do. She diverted her eyes before saying in Chinese, "I would like that but what about Thelma?"

May-Ling gave the older woman a quick look and said in Chinese, "Thelma is married to her friend and would only like to watch."

The idea of a strange woman watching her didn't appeal to Cindy but how could she say so. She agreed to allow May-Ling to kiss her. May-Ling moved close and pulled the pins out of her hair and let her hair fall down her back. It was very thick and heavy. It hung down her back well below her shoulder blades. She put her arm around the teenager and moved her face close and kissed her on the mouth.

Cindy could taste cigarettes on her breath. After a couple of minutes of kissing her Cindy could no longer taste the cigarettes. When the woman placed her hand on what little breasts she had Cindy could not believe how thrilling it was. She only took one look at the older woman watching them and saw her putting her hand under her dress as she started masturbating at the sight of the older Chinese woman seducing the younger Chinese girl.

Cindy was not much more than five-feet one tall. For a girl as old as she was her figure more that of a child next to most western women. Her breasts barely measured a 32-a. May-Ling removed Cindy's clothes and felt her little tits. She placed her mouth over one of her brown nipples and sucked on it. She ran her hand down Cindy's body until she reached her little triangle of black pubic hair.

May-Ling gently stroked the little pussy. She lifted Cindy up and stood her on the bed so that her crotch was face high and she opened her mouth and took the vulva into her mouth. The things she did with her tongue drove Cindy to distraction.

Thelma was openly masturbating as she watched the woman sucking the teenager's pussy. She climaxed as many times as Cindy did that evening. Eventually however she had to excuse herself to go home to her lover who was waiting for her.

May-Ling took Cindy to bed with her and they cuddled during the night. They had a week to explore the pleasures of lesbian sex with each other. May-Ling had to work during the day so she left Cindy at her home with plenty of reading material to study. The teen was not only learning about what women and girls could do she was making herself horny in the process. May-Ling implored her not to masturbate while she was gone. May-Ling wanted her to save it for her. It was difficult for Cindy to resist but she wanted to please her new lover so she didn't give in to her desire.

They did do some sight seeing so that Cindy could take some pictures that she could show her parents. She had a second memory card for her camera that she used to take pictures of May-Ling on her digital camera. She even used the timer so that she could get pictures of the two of them having sex.

She was introduced to a variety of sex toys. She found that she liked the feeling of a string of beads stuffed into her anus while she masturbated her clitoris. Just as she was about to climax she would pull the beads out. The feeling of her anus being stretched to release the beads would distract her and allow her to have a climax much stronger than just rubbing her clit. Cindy was thoroughly indoctrinated into the pleasures of lesbian sex by the end of the week. What disturbed her most was the concern that she might not be able to find another woman near home to date.

May-Ling was sweet enough to escort her home so that she could meet her parents. She passed herself off as one of the chaperons on the trip. She also had some contacts in Toronto. She made some calls and hooked her up with a few older women. As a rule Chinese women shy away from lesbianism but May-Ling knew one that felt differently about it. She also got her connected up with a couple of Caucasian women. One was a dark hired French-Canadian and the other woman was an English-Canadian. That way when she could get into Toronto she would have a place to stay.

It was only a matter of time before her mother discovered the file on her computer with pictures of her and may-Ling. The shock was so devastating that she could not confront Cindy about what she found for several days.

The day came when she got home late from a date with the Chinese woman. Her father was not home so her mother followed her to her bedroom and turned on her computer and brought up the pictures of Cindy having sex with May-Ling.

"Are you trying to disgrace? You know that your father will disown you if he ever finds out that you are having sex with women." Her mother (Sandy) said.

"Cindy started crying, "Mama I can't help it. I don't want to get married to a man I don't love. I love women."

Sandy started crying too. She hugged her daughter to her breast. Cindy was crying so much that the front of her mother's dress was getting wet. She could not resist opening her mouth and taking her mother's little 34-a breast into her mouth.

Her mother was shocked when she felt her daughter sucking on her tit and she tried to push her away. Cindy clung to her mother tightly and continued sucking .

Sandy eventually gave up fighting and allowed her daughter to suck on her tit. Cindy stuck her hand into her mother's dress and pulled out her little breast. She clamed her mother's nipple and sucked on it. She also used her free hand to seek out her mother's crotch. She stroked her until her mother was breathing hard because she was about to cum despite her feelings about lesbian sex. Cindy was skillful and brought her mother to a climax that drained her.

Sandy had to gather herself up and leave the room. She struggled with her feelings all night. She could not believe that she had allowed her daughter to make her cum. She vowed to not let that ever happen again. She figured she would just never allow her daughter to get her alone again.

Cindy could tell that her mother was struggling with her feeling and plotted how she was going to seduce her mother again. It took a couple of days before the opportunity presented itself. Her father was away on business. After her mother went to bed Cindy got up and checked her mother's bedroom door. It was locked from the inside but she knew that all she needed to do was stick a nail in the hole on to door knob and the lock released.

She quietly entered the room and got in bed with her mother. Her mother must have thought the hand on her leg was her father in her sleep because she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. Cindy gently positioned herself between her legs and started licking her mother's pussy.

By the time Sandy was fully awake she was so turned on that she could not stop Cindy from sucking her trembling cunt. Cindy would not stop. She made love to her mother all night. As much as it bothered Sandy she could not bring herself to resist Cindy. Cindy would come home from school and seduce her mother until Sandy gave up resisting and would be waiting for her without her panties on anymore. She even started sucking Cindy's nipples and pussy in return.

In time Cindy even introduced her mother to May-Ling and her friends. Sandy could not believe that she would allow another woman to have sex with her let alone while she was sucking the pussy of her own daughter.

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