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First Love





Freda's neighbor came over one morning and asked her for a favor. Apparently she had to catch the train for a business trip and she needed someone to look after her daughter for a couple of days. Freda had watched her daughter Jeni growing up and she had always been a polite and helpful child. She was happy to look after her while her mother was away.

They lived on Tyler Street in Birmingham, Alabama. That is in the northern part of the State in a quiet neighborhood with old trees lining the street. It is the kind of community that attracts young families.


Freda was 34-years old at the time, a natural blonde with green eyes. To say she was average looking belies the warmth of her southern personality and charm. Of course she would never refuse to help a neighbor.

The neighbor brought Jeni over along with a bag of clothes so that she would have something to ware and sleep in. The next day when Jeni got home from school Freda was working in the yard on her knees picking weeds out of her flowerbed. Jeni offered to help so Freda told her to change clothes first.

Jeni was a small girl for her age, but very outgoing. Most of the girls her age were well into puberty but she still looked like a child in every way.

The two of them worked in the yard for a couple of hours. They talk about casual things like what she liked about school. Freda had to ask what grade she was in because she was not sure how old she was. Jeni told her that she was in the seventh grade. Freda did a little math in her head to figure out that Jeni must be twelve.

When Freda felt it was time to start dinner she saw just how dirty Jeni's Jeans and hands were. She told Jeni to go get her swimsuit and use her pool to relax while she started dinner.

Freda washed her hands and checked the soup simmering on the stove. She started the dinner. She could see the backyard through the window so she was able to watch Jeni playing in the water while she worked at the sink. When she thought dinner was about ready she called out to Jeni to come in and shower before they ate.

After she set the table she thought about Jeni in the guest bathroom. She remembered that she had washed the bath-towels and she went to the wash-room and picked up the folded towels and took it to the guest bathroom. She never even thought about what she was doing as she opened the door.

The shower had clear glass inclosing it and she saw Jeni with her back against the tile wall with her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed. She was clearly nearing an orgasm.

It was a case of mutual embarrassment. Jeni tried to turn her body towards the water to hide what she had been doing and Freda turned her head away and said, "I forgot to put clean towels back in your bathroom. I will just leave them on the toilet seat for you honey."

She kept her back to Jeni as she exited the bathroom and went back to finish dinner. It seemed like the clock stopped as she returned to the kitchen and set the table for two. Eventually Jeni came into the room sheepishly. Her hair was still damp.

Jeni asked, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

Freda heard her own voice crack, "Just take a seat. Dinner is ready. As Jeni sat down Freda brought the pot and ladled out a serving of Navy bean soup. She gave Jeni a hand full of saltine crackers and filled her own bowl. As she sipped her own soup the air was electric with tension. Neither of them knew what to say to each other.

Jeni finally said, `Please don't tell my mother what I was doing in the shower."

Freda smiled weakly, "Honey everyone does that." She hoped that would be the end of the subject.

Jeni asked, "Do you do that too?"

Freda said, "I have been known to do that several times a day."

Jeni said, "A friend of mine showed me how to do that a few weeks ago and now I can't stop playing with myself."

Freda served a green salad with a couple of bottles of dressings so that Jeni could select one she would like. Afterwards she got up and brought a roast to the table and served Jeni some meat along with the vegetables from the pot and sauce along with a potato. Then she served herself. When she sat down Jeni would not let the subject die.

Jeni asked, "When did you start playing with yourself?"

Freda thought for a moment, "It was a long time ago. I think I was about your age."

Jeni asked, "How did you find out about it?"

Freda said, "An older cousin showed me."

Jeni asked, "What did she do?"

Freda thought for a longer moment before answering. She didn't know if she should tell Jeni everything or not. "As I remember it my cousin was visiting me for a few days and we were sleeping in my bed. We were talking after the lights were out. She asked me if I had ever rubbed my crotch. I didn't know what she was asking so she offered to show me."

Jeni was defiantly interested, "How did she do it?"

Freda could tell that Jeni was getting horny. "She put her hand between my legs and ran her fingers over my vulva. She made me feel so good. When she took hold of my hand and place it on her own vulva I found that hers had hair on it like my mother's. I copied what ever she did to mine."

Freda hoped that would be the end of the conversation about the subject. No such luck. Jeni wanted to talk about how her friend showed her.

Jeni said, "A friend of mine from school and I were playing at her house a couple of weeks ago. She had a play-house in her back yard that she used to play in when she was younger. It looked like a Swiss Chalet. It was wider at the top than the bottom so the walls slanted outwards. It was painted yellow with cute little shutters painted red and white. There were even little flower boxes under the windows. It even had a little half bathroom with a sink and toilet. She told me that it used to have play stove and such in it. She said she had them removed and a bed and wardrobe put in so she could sleep out there. She didn't want her mother or siblings in her room. She had shared a room with a younger sister until she moved out to the play house."

She went on to tell Freda, "She sat on her bed facing me and pulled her panties aside and rubbing her pussy. Then she pulled my panties aside and rubbing my pussy. We do that a lot now."

It disturbed Freda that the topic was exciting her so much. She cleaned up the table and served Jeni a bowl of strawberry Jell-O with Cool Whip on top while she did the dishes. When Jeni brought her the bowl she told her that she could watch some TV for a while.

When she was finished with the dishes she dried her hands off and hung the dish towel up to dry and went to the family room and sat down in her favorite chair. She picked up a romance novel and started reading in hopes that Jeni would just watch the TV.

Jeni was not finished. She came over and pushed the book out of the way and sat on Freda's lap and curled up and hugged her as she asked, "Will you please show me what women can do with each other to have fun?"

Frieda said, "I can't do that. Your mother would kill me if she found out that I was messing around with you."

Jeni kissed her on the mouth and begged again, "I won't tell what we do."

Freda felt her panties getting wet. Jeni had put on a simple old dress that she had all but outgrown. The waist was well up her ribs and the skirt was only half way down her thighs. She was bare footed and her panties were old and worn too. They were so tight that they were cutting into her flesh. Freda could see the impression through the cotton dress. She placed her hand on the round butt and felt the elastic leg band cutting into her bottom.

Jeni asked, "Is there more that women can do besides rubbing their pussy?"

Freda said, "If we do anything you can never tell anyone. That means you can't tell you friend what we do and you can never tell your mother for sure.

Jeni promised, "I will never tell anyone."

Freda stroked her butt and said, "Honey you are too young to be getting into lesbian sex."

Jeni said, "I like it and want to know everything."

Jeni placed her hand on Freda's breast and gave it a squeeze. She worked her hand down the front of Freda's blouse. The front had buttons and she unfastened a couple and worked her hand inside the cup of her bra. She pulled her DD breast out of the cup and admired the way it looked. The areola matched the size of her breast. It was the size of a coaster and the rubbery nipple was a big as an Even-Flow baby bottle nipple. She lifted the breast up and took the nipple into her mouth and sucked on it like she expected to get milk from it.

Freda was lost. She gave up fighting the girl and let the girl suckle all she wanted. She even found the bottom of Jeni's dress and slid her hand under it. She marveled at the velvety smoothness of her thigh as she hand found the panties. The elastic in the leg was so tight that any attempt to get her hand under the elastic would end in her breaking the band. She opted to just stroke her bottom. She ran her fingers up and down the crack of her ass forcing the material into the valley. She could not resist smelling her fingers and thrilled at the aroma of the girl's asshole.

Jeni stood up and reached under her dress and pulled her panties off. As they went down her legs Freda was able to see the brown hash-mark in the bottom of the panties. After Jeni stepped out of them she climbed back onto Freda's lap.

Freda had seen the red marks cycling her legs where the panties had cut into her soft flesh. She placed her hand on her butt and rubbed the flesh in an attempt to smooth the marks away.

Jeni pulled out Freda's other tit and started playing with it. She looked right into Freda's eyes and asked, "Will my tits ever be as big and wonderful as yours?"

Freda smiled, "They probably will be as big as your mothers."

Jeni thought about that and seemed pleased with the image in her mind. She was playing with one while sucking on the other. She made sure to suck on both nipples while Freda stroked her butt.

Freda unbuttoned Jeni's dress and pulled it off of her shoulder. It fell to her lap where it would stay until Jeni stood up again. Freda inspected the girl's upper body. Her skin was almost perfect. There was only a brown birthmark on the back of her right shoulder and a mole next to the areola on her left tit. Or should I say where her tit would be someday. She ran her hand all over Jeni's body and thrilled at the reaction when she touched the girl's nipples.

Jeni was thrilled beyond belief. She would suck the nipple of Freda's left breast into her mouth and pulled her head back stretching her tit out away from her body surprisingly far. They continued to play this game for a long time. It was as thrilling for both of them.

Jeni was the first to become impatient. She stood up and her little dress fell away. Her feet were planted on the floor shoulder width facing Freda.

Freda sat there looking at the girl for a long time. She marveled at the perfection of her skin. There were only a couple of scars on her knees left over from some scrape in the past as some mishap like falling off of street skates or running after an errant baseball. Her eyes could not avoid looking at the girl's crotch.

Jeni had a swollen vulva from her previous masturbation efforts and the skin had a reddish glow. Freda could not resist reaching out and placing her fingers and thumb on either side of her flesh right where her legs met her vulva and squeezing the fatty meat. She stroked the bulge for a short time and gently inserted a finger between the crack and felt the moist flesh. She saw the reaction of Jeni when her finger touched the clitoris. Then she gently inserted her finger into the girl's vagina where she masturbated her until the girl's legs buckled. She had to catch Jeni and lower her to her lap where she hugged the child while she recovered.

Jeni was ready for something more. She tried to stuff her hand between Freda's legs but the skirt was in the way. Freda finally had to put Jeni on her feet and stood up. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Then she unbuttoned her skirt and unzipped it allowing it to fall to the floor. The bra was still under her breasts so she unhooked the back and let the shoulder straps fall off of her shoulders and join the other clothes piled up on the floor at their feet. Freda was down to her panties. Her large breasts swung as she moved. She bent over at the waist and her breasts sagged as she hooked her panties and pulled them down her body. They seemed to sag after they were down past her butt. They joined the scattered clothes like a pink layer on the mixed mess.

Jeni stood there fixed in place as she watched the women disrobe. Like everyone else gravity was pulling her flesh down but to a young girl she thought she was looking at the most beautiful woman on earth. The pubic area was unshaven and the hair was sparse enough that the girl could see her flesh and the smoky colored labia protruding out of her vaginal opening. Freda sat back down in her favorite chair and spread her legs so that the girl could see everything.

Freda cupped both of her breasts in her hands and rolled her nipples between her index and middle fingers. One by one she lifted each tit and sucked on her own nipples in front of the girl. Jeni knelt on the floor between her legs and placed her hands on the woman's thighs. She was practically worshiping at the alter of lesbianism. She wanted this to last forever. The smell was being burned into her memory so that she would always recall the aroma emanating from her lovers crotch.

The flesh was moist from the heat of the woman's body and the pubic hair had the odor of urine along with the odor of her vaginal fluids. The thrill of parting her first adult woman's labia and getting her first look at the hooded clit was enough to inspire her to lick the opening without being asked. After her first taste she was not about to stop. When Freda placed her hands on the back of her head she knew she was doing what the woman wanted. They moaned and stroked each other in their desire to please one another.

Freda was quick to climax. When she did she bathed Jeni's face with her juice only to pull her up her body and lick and kiss the face of her young lover until the face no longer smelled of her cunt.

Freda pushed Jeni away and lowered her to the carpet on the floor. Then she mounted her body much like a man would so that she could kiss her mouth and grind her pubic area into the girl's. She worked her way down her body until she was in position to perform oral sex on Jeni. She used her mouth to suck and lick the girl's little clit until the girl was someplace between heaven and hell, ecstasy and pain. Just when Jeni thought she could stand it no more Freda wet her finger in her little vaginal opening without penetration then she slide her finger over her pudenda and tickled her sphincter. She thought she was going to pee but instead she had her first orgasm.

The magic moment of release was the most wonderful experience of her young life. After they recovered they talked about what women could do with each other.

Freda was not about to penetrate Jeni's hymen but she told her about dildo's, vibrators, beads that could be inserted into either her vagina or anus. She told her about butt plugs and other things like nipple rings and clamps.

Jeni wanted to try everything but Freda wanted her to take it slow. She cautioned Jeni about being so obvious about her sexual desire that she would draw attention from her mother or school authorities. They slept together that night and made love well into the morning hours.

Jeni was too young to take Freda's advice and not only practiced what she had learned on the girl that had first shown her about masturbation but she sought out other girls to play with. When her mother caught her in her bedroom sucking the pussy of a girl from her school Jeni didn't tell where she learned what she was doing but she was watched by her mother very carefully after that.

When her mother asked Freda what she should do about it Freda assured her that it was probably a phase that she would out grow eventually. Freda cautioned Jeni about getting caught again. Freda made sure that Jeni's mother would never catch her making love to her daughter. She would only take her to bed when her mother would not be around.

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