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Seducing the Babysitter





Susan and her husband Steve were looking out of their dinning room window one morning admiring the young teenager across the street. She was only fourteen but looked good enough to eat. Both of them openly talked about wanting to have sex with her.

Steve said that if it were not for her age and the fact that she was the granddaughter of their best friends and neighbor he would love to fuck her sweet little twat. Sue chucked too. " I'm not sure her age would stop me." She said.

Sue sat there remembering how she came to marry Steve. They had dated in college. After she let him fuck her a couple of times she made a point to tell him that she was bisexual. She said that her roommate was a committed lesbian and if that gave him any ideas about a threesome or watching them make it he should forget it.

She did concede that her roommate like to video them in action and she might let him watch the videos if he was a good boy and did as she told him. Steve was thrilled to get to watch Sue in bed with her dyke roommate.

After they married and they moved to a nice suburban neighborhood Sue was adamant that even though they were newly wed she would not stop seeing other women. She promised him she would be discreet about her romances but it was just sometime she had to do. He accepted the situation when she told him that on any occasion where the action was taped she would get a copy for him to watch.

She made sure that Steve would never walk in on her while she was making love to a woman. Most of her liaisons were at the homes of women she picked up. She had a knack for attracting women that would enjoy sex with her.

There were times when she would bring some women home with her and she had a hidden video camera set up so that she could activate it with a remote control. She had two controls one closed the blinds to the bedroom and the other one turned on the camera. It was always a turn on for Steve to watch them sucking each other's pussy. However, Sue would never allow Steve to watch in person or engage in a threesome.

They kept their sexual tastes secret from all of their friends and neighbors. Over time they became very close to the couple that lived across the street. Their granddaughter came to live with them when her parents got divorced and she stayed for years. As she grew up she became one of the sexiest girls Steve and Sue had ever seen. Her name was Karla. She was the emotional type that had to hug everyone when she met them. She did that to both men and women with equal enthusiasm.

Karla was fifteen when Sue had her first child. It was a natural for Karla to become the babysitter for them. Both of them would come home from and evening out and let Karla go home. Then they would talk about how sexy she was. That was enough to turn Steve on and want to fuck Sue. The feelings were mutual and two of them would fuck like rabbits as they talk about what they wanted to do to the girl. Steve still was reluctant to actually try to seduce her because of her age and also he didn't want to jeopardize their relationship with their neighbors. Sue expressed the same feelings but said when she turns eighteen all bets are off.

She continued to baby sit for them and they both looked forward to her hugs. She smelled so sweet all the time. Karla turned eighteen when their daughter was three. The baby was starting to talk like a "jabber-walki" and she touch everything. Anything she could pick up went into her mouth and her messy finger prints were everywhere in the house.


Shortly after Karla's eighteenth birthday Steve had to go to the home office of his brokerage firm in St. Louis on business. He was taking a management class that required him to stay there at company expense for a week.

As soon as Steve was gone Sue invited Karla to stay with her for company. She had a lingerie party to go to and she asked Karla to baby sit for her. The girl gladly accepted.

She returned about 10 PM and asked Karla if she wanted to see what she bought. Of course she had only ordered her purchase and could only show Karla the catalog. They sat together on the couch and looked through the pages of seductive undergarments and sleep wear.

Sue was sitting so close that she could feel Karla's body heat. The child's body emitted the aroma of the floral fragrance of soap. The freshness made Sue so horny that she wanted to jump on Karla and rape her right there on the couch. It was enough to elevate her lust for the girl to the action point.

Sue put her arm around Karla's shoulders and drew her closer as they looked at all of the lingerie pictures. Of course they had to comment on the figures of the modals. Sue assured Karla that she was better looking than any of them.

During a pause in the conversation she asked Karla if she had a boyfriend. Karla said that she didn't have one. Sue said, "Didn't you go to the junior senior prom last year with that nice looking boy on `what the football team'?"

Karla said, "It was great until the dance was over. Afterwards she was trying to put his hands all over my body and he wouldn't stop trying to grab my breasts. I felt so dirty when he tried to put his hand under my dress. I had to beat him off with my clutch purse and make him take me home. The dirty bastard told everyone at school that I was a cock tease and frigid. I have not dated anyone since than."

Susan hugged her tightly, "Don't worry. I didn't date much in high school myself. You probably will meet a nice guy in college like I did."

"By the way do you like other girls?" Sue asked.

Karla said, "I don't know. I've asked myself that same thing. I've never done anything like that but I do get a funny feeling sometime when watching girls change clothes in the gym class."

Susan made up her mind that she was going to go for it and find out it she could seduce Karla. She leaned forward and kissed Karla on the cheek. Then she turned Karla's head and kissed her on the mouth. "Do you want to find out what it is like to make love to a woman? If you are curious I'm here for you darling."

Karla didn't say anything but she put her arms around Sue's neck and kissed her on the mouth too. That led to some passionate kissing and tongue dueling that lasted for a long time.

Sue eventually stood up and offered her hand to Karla. She pulled her to her feet and escorted her to the master bedroom. Unbeknownst to Karla, Sue used the remotes to close the drapes and turn on the video recorder.

Sue stood beside Karla and started undressing her and kissing each section of newly exposed flesh. She was absolutely stunned when she saw Karla' naked form. She had a figure to die for. Five-foot three, 34-C, 20 inch waist and 34 hips. The breasts were conical shaped and had no need of a bra. The areolas were just as conical as her tits and where nipples were normally she had indentation. The waist had almost a six-pack between her ribcage. The flare of her hips drew the eye to a trimmed pubis. She could put on any bikini and there would be no fear of a stray hair peeking out.

Sue could not take her eyes off of the girl as she quickly removed her own clothes. Sue's figure was no slouch but her tummy would never be the same after the birth of her baby. Sue was a good four inches taller than Karla so when they stood face to face her tits lay on Karla's chest.

She pulled Karla down onto the bed. Sue was normally a fem in all of her sexual activity but this time she was in charge and taking the butch roll. She knew she would absolutely love making love to this girl. She took her time kissing and feeling Karla's breasts. She covered her areolas with her mouth and did her best to suck the inverted nipples outwards. She left a wet trail down her body on her way to Karla's pussy.

Karla reacted to the licking by arching her back and spread her legs open in for Sue. The pubic hair was a pale blonde, the same color as the hair on her head. When Sue's nose touched Karla's pubic hair Karla took a deep breath and pulled her butt away then thrust it up to meet Sue's mouth. "That feels so wonderfully natural Sue. Thank you for teaching me these things."

Sue inhaled the fragrance of Karla's pussy. She was thrilled by what she smelled. She moved between her legs and made herself comfortable. She planed on being there for a long time. She nibbled on the soft inner thigh of the right leg then nibbled on the thigh of the left. She licked up and down both sides of the valley between each leg and the pubic mound of her vulva. She repeated that action for a long time knowing full well it was driving Karla crazy. The poor girl was thrashing about and begging Sue to go further.

Sue lifted Karla's legs up far enough to expose her anus so she could start licking her from her puckered little rose bud all the way up to her clitoris. Sue knew she was getting to Karla because she could hear Karla's fingernails scrapping the sheets. When she started climaxing she could not keep her hips still and she started pounding on Sue back with the heels of her fists as her legs kicked straight up in the air. Sue was looking up at Karla's eyes and saw them glaze over and close as she gave in to her orgasm. Sue clamped her mouth over the vulva and sucked hard while drilling her tongue against Karla's clit.

Sue teased her clit with her tongue and even fucked her vagina with it. She was bringing her to a second climax but she was not letting her quite reach it. She would stop touching her with her mouth and pinch her to distract her. When Sue finally let her climax Karla lost control of her body. She started shaking all over and she lost control of her bladder. The stream of yellow golden liquid arched and fell on the bed sheets and splashed all over Sue's breasts. She just got her face away in time. Karla pressed her heels into the bed and arched her back until only her heel and shoulders were supporting her. All Karla could make was a whimpering sound. Sue held her arm and moved up her body so that she could whisper how much she loved making her cum. "Next time I might let you pee into my mouth and on my face. You've made me so fucking hot darling that my cunt is throbbing like a beating heart." Sue kissed Karla on the face. Karla smelled her own fluid and calmed down.

When Karla relaxed a bit Sue turned her over on the bed and stuffed pillows under her hips to elevate her butt. Sue got between her legs and started kneading her butt cheeks. Every so often she would spread her cheeks and plant a kiss right on her pink puckered sphincter. Karla would buck her butt to meet Sue lips.

Sue lifted one of her double D's and licked it to make it wet. Then she placed her nipple right against the girl's anus. She was actually trying to force her nipple into the girl's asshole. In time she could not resist burring her face between the cheeks of the girl's ass. She used her mouth and tongue to pay homage to the girl's vagina and her asshole. After Karla climaxed again Sue lay on top of her back and rubbed her breasts against her back. Sue pulled Karla's hair aside and kissed her neck.

While Karla lay on her tummy resting Sue propped up a pillow against the headboard and sat up with her back against the pillow and reached for a pack of cigarettes and a cheap disposable lighter. She put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it. After inhaling deeply she leaned over and put the pack of cigarettes and lighter back on the night stand. She pulled her feet up until her heels were pressed against her butt and she let her legs part naturally.

She smoked her cigarette slowly while watching the girl recover. It took Karla a little while to roll off of the pillow and lay on her side looking up at the woman with worshipful eyes. You could tell that she could not take her eyes off of Sue.

Karla moved on the bed so that she was lying at her feet and the girl started licking Sue's toes. Karla started licking and kissing her way up one leg then the other. When she reached the knees she started licking and kissing down the inside of each thigh.

Sue continued to smoke her cigarette while she spread her legs even wider. Even Sue could smell her own sweat and the musky odor of her own eager pussy and she could feel her vagina lubricating the walls of her cunt. She didn't want to force the girl to do anything she didn't want to do. She let the girl take her time getting to her cunt. "That's it baby. You know what I need."

Karla could smell Sue's cunt from the moment she started sucking her toes. She found the smell so erotic that she felt her own feminine juices starting to lubricate her vagina again. She wanted to taste Sue's pussy so badly that she wanted to dive right in but at the same time she wanted to prolong it to make Sue want it as badly as she did and she wanted to taste her flesh as if she could burn the memory into her head forever. When she had licked the soft inner thighs she gently placed her tongue on Sue's vulva.

Sue was glad that she had shaved herself that morning. She wouldn't want Karla to feel stubble when she licked her pussy. She was proud of the way she trimmed her vulva into an inverted triangle.

Karla admired the shape of the trimmed hair. Before she placed her mouth over the vulva and sucked on the woman's labia. She used her tongue to manipulate Sue's clit. She marveled at how much she liked sucking this woman's pussy. She had been taught all her life that this was an unnatural act and now she was sure that for her it was she would ever desire.

Sue finished smoking her cigarette and snuffed it out in the ashtray by the bed and then sat back and stroked Karla's hair as the girl went about sucking her pussy. Sue would stop her when she would get too close to climaxing so that she could make it last as long as possible. As skilled as Sue was she could not make it last forever and she eventually bathed Karla's face with her lubricating juice. When she finished moaning her approval she pulled Karla up and kissed her on the mouth. "That was so wonderful darling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Sue could taste her own cum on her mouth and Karla could taste the cigarette on Sue's breath. They both were so sexually aroused that they knew that they would not be finished for a long time. Karla was also drawn to the full sized breasts of a woman that had given birth. The areolas of her breasts had enlarged after nursing. They must have doubled in size and gotten darker.

Karla placed both of her hands on the large bags. She held them up and sucked on both nipples in turn. Karla wished her own tits were as big as Sue's. She didn't think she could get enough of feeling those soft breasts.

All of this attention to her breasts was turning Sue on again and she was ready for more sex. Sue stretched Karla out on the bed and lay down next to her only this time she had her head next to Karla's thighs and her own hips next to Karla's head. She didn't make the first move. She let Karla make up her mind when she was ready.

Soon Karla rolled over on top of Sue and placed her hands on the back of Sue's thighs as she put her face between the woman's legs. When Karla started sucking her pussy again Sue pulled the girls hips over her own head and pulled her hips down until the girl's pussy settled down over her mouth. She sucked on the girl until Karla could not stand it any longer. Her pussy was raw from all of the sexual activity but she managed to reach one more climax before she begged for relief.

They finally rolled apart and rested for a long time. The video had run out of tape a long time ago. They both showered and Karla dressed and prepared to leave. Sue followed her to the front door and kissed her one last time before she watched her cross the street to her home. She could tell by the way Karla walked that her private parts were still burning for all of the friction their sucking had caused.

When Steve got home from St. Louis he knew right away that she had been up to something. She looked like that cat that ate the canary. She couldn't wait to tell him that she had made love to Karla.

"Yeah...right...In your dreams you got into her panties." Steve said.

Sue said, "Lover I have the video to prove it."

Steve eagerly retrieved the cassette from the camera and put it into the VHS. When he pushed play he sat back down next to Susan to watch the action.

Steve could not take his eyes off of the screen. He didn't even pay any attention when Susan unzipped the front of his pants and pulled out his cock. She placed her mouth over his rod and sucked him dry by the time the video went black. He was only mildly upset that the film ran out before the action was over.

Steve confessed, "I might change my mind about getting into Karla's panties myself."

Susan chuckled, "You can forget it lover. Karla is one hundred percent lesbian."

Steve changed the subject with a question, "Do all pussies taste the same?"

Sue said, "Not at all. There is a basic common smell and taste but there are a variety of things that affect the smell and taste. First the age of the female changes the taste, the physical condition affects the taste, what they eat has a strong affect too. To a person that doesn't drink milk the smell and taste of a woman that does is very strong. To a person that doesn't eat a lot of corn the taste of say a Mexican woman tastes like corn.

Steve asked, "How did Karla taste?"

Susan said, "Karla was delicious. She was very clean and fresh as a new born baby. Her little pussy was so juicy too. Here baby lick my mouth and face and you might get a taste"

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