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Social Worker



The house was unimpressive. It looked like it had not been painted in years. The window screens were old and in need of replacing almost as much as the front door screen. When Karen knocked on the front door she could smell onions and carpet mold even before the door was opened.

When the door opened there was a woman that looked hungered and in need of a trip to the beauty parlor and a good nights sleep. Her hair was damaged by her trying to bleach it herself too many times. The color was far too harsh for a dark skinned Indian from Peru. Karen had her personal file and knew that she was thirty-three-years old. To look at her she would have guessed her to be much older.

Even through the rusty screen door she could see the food stains on the front of the woman's cheap dress. The woman had a good figure even in the plane housedress she had draped over her body. Karen was thinking if she would buy a new dress and make a trip to a good beauty parlor for a good hair cut and a good multi color hair color to bring out her thick black hair she would look good enough to work just about anyplace.

Karen felt sorry for her. She knew that she had been physically abused by her ex-husband and had to be moved far enough away that he could not find her. She was trying to rebuild her life one day at a time but her daughter was getting into trouble.

Karen had been called in by her middle school because she had gotten into trouble by cussing out a teacher and then bitch slapping her.

The woman was reluctant to let Karen into her house but when she was told that if she didn't allow her in to meet her daughter the child would be expelled from school.

When Karen entered she found the girl sulking on an old couch that had been covered with a velvet flower pattern at one time and now most of the velvet was worn off. The dark wooden turned armrest posts were distressed from a lot of abuse.

Karen sat down next to her and introduced herself to the girl. Her name was Rose. She was a pretty round faced 12-year old. Just three months from being 13. Like most kids her age she was very defensive and tried to bluff it out by acting tough.

Karen saw through her act and disarmed her by saying, "I know Mrs. Williams. She is a pain in the ass but we have to work around her."

Rose started opening up a little and Mrs. Machuca came out of the kitchen and asked her if she would like to have dinner with them. She knew that the woman had worked hard prepare an ethnic meal. It would be rude for her to refuse while she was working to get the girl to open up about what was bothering her.

She smiled at her and agreed to stay for dinner. When Rose stood up and went to wash her hands for dinner Karen got a look at her note book.

She flipped through the pages to see if she was doing her homework and found one whole page covered with a flowery penmanship that almost obscured the repeated sentence. "I love the way mother pulls my pussy hair!" Karen's heart skipped a beat. She closed the book before Rose or her mother saw that she had been snooping. She could not take her eyes off of the two of them during dinner. She excused herself and told them that she would visit them every week for awhile.

Mrs. Machuca was very appreciative of her interest in her daughter. She wanted to give her food to take home but she had to refuse. Her husband hated ethnic food. He wanted her to find a job in a good neighborhood. He was convinced that one of her minority mothers or teenagers would attack her someday.

The next day when she got to work she pulled her supervisor aside. Mrs. Bertha Ferguson was a woman that looked like she could handle herself in a street fight. She was a 55-year old woman. She was a blonde that was starting to turn gray. She had a face that looked like she took no crap off of anyone.

Karen told her what she had found in Rose's notebook. Bertha told her not to say anything to anyone. She went to her office and had the girl delivered there. When Rose arrived she was cowered by the official look of the office. Karen met her at the door and led her to her private office.

Mrs. Ferguson came in and picked up her work book and flipped through it until she found the page with the little flowers and hearts around the repeated sentence, "I love the way mom pulls my pussy hair!"

She showed her the page and asked to explain what that meant and why she had written it?

Rose was cowered by the overwhelming woman and blurted out, "When I misbehave my mother punishes me by pulling my pussy hair."

Bertha got her to admit that she often misbehaved just so that her mother would pull her pussy hair. Bertha gave Mrs. Machuca a call and demanded that she come in.

When Mrs. Machuca arrived she was even more intimidated by the surroundings than Rose. When Bertha confronted her with the accusation that she was molesting her daughter she broke down and agreed to do anything not to get in trouble.

Karen stepped in and asked her to tell them everything or they would report her to the authorities.

Mrs. Machuca agreed to anything required as long they didn't report her.

Mrs. Ferguson told her to show them what she did to punish Rose. She pulled Rose onto her lap and pulled her panties down her brown legs and as Bertha and Karen watched she toyed with the black tentacles for awhile before grabbing a few hairs between her thumb and forefinger and pulling on them. Rose winced as the skin was pulled away from her pubic bone. She did that a few times and even slipped a finger between her little labia and Rose responded when the finger touched her little clitoris causing the girl to get so excited that she squirted a little urine on the floor

You might think that such an exhibition would have shocked and even disgusted the social workers but Karen and Bertha were no prudes. Karen had only been working for Social Services a few months when Bertha informed her that they were going to a seminar for the weekend. It was a four hour drive to the town where the seminar was being held. They checked in and took their overnight bags up to the room before going down for a bite to eat.

Bertha spotted a couple of other women that were there for the same seminar. She invited them up to their room. As soon as the door was closed Bertha was kissing the old friend very passionately. The younger woman was just as eager to feel Bertha up as Bertha was to let her do it. The other girl started feeling Karen's body up in her attempt to seduce Karen. By the time Karen decided to enjoy the evening in a little lesbian flirtation Bertha was already naked and devouring the pussy of her friend.

Karen took her place on the adjoining queen sized bed and mounted her date in a 69 position so that she could look across the space to the other bed and watch Bertha make love to her date. Late into the night the two girls excused themselves so they could get some rest before the seminar started the next day.

After the girls had excused themselves and left, Bertha produced a black rubber dildo that she strapped on and fucked Karen. Unlike her husband Bertha fucked her until she had several climaxes before allowing her to drift off to sleep. Karen found their seminar trips to be very enjoyable adventures and developed a taste for pussy.

Karen had settled into her duties as a Social Worker and it was starting to become boring when a very shy girl came into her office for an interview. The girl was so obviously upset that Karen came around her desk and sat in the chair next to the girl to comfort her.

The child clung to her and crawled onto her lap. She was crying so much that the front of her summer dress was getting wet. The girl was trying to tell her story but Karen was only getting a few of the words. Then the girl started kissing her on the cheek and soon was kissing her on the mouth. Karen tried to comfort her as best she could but the activity persisted.

The girl placed her hand on Karen's beast and felt the damp cotton material. She stuffed her hand into the top of the dress and pulled out her full C sized breast.

Karen knew she should stop this child's behavior but when the girl placed her mouth over her nipple and started sucking on it like a baby she could not bring herself to stop her. She was stroking the girl's hair when the door opened and Bertha stuck her head in.

"Bertha took it all in and casually said, "When you're free please stop by my office."

Karen was a little apprehensive entering Bertha's office after all she had been caught with her tit in the mouth of one of her charges. Even Bertha would probably discharge her for that.

Bertha sat her down and told her. "You have to be careful. All of these children came from broken home and were starved for attention. Most had been abandoned by their father and many have no idea who fathered them. Some had even been abandoned by their mothers. More than a few of these girls have been prostituting themselves from a very early age. It will take you time to learn which girls are the most sexually active."

"I suggest that you stay close to me until you learn the ropes."

Karen was relieved that she was not in trouble. Bertha introduced her to the pleasures or sex with the girls that were wards of Social Services over the next few weeks. She was invited into her office when she was interviewing a girl that had a reputation for being very belligerent.

The girl was very defiant black girl about fifteen but Bertha simply came around her desk and told the girl she didn't want to test her. The girl was about to spit out an obscenity but she never got to finish the sentence. Bertha slapped her across the face so hard that the girl stumbled backwards and tears streaked her face.

Bertha told her that she had to be taught some manners. You have to learn to address your elders with more respect. That caused the girl to start to say "Get... but she never got to finish the statement. The blow came from Bertha's waist and caught her someplace between her navel and her cunt. There was just the sound of air escaping her lungs.

Bertha told her she could do it the easy way or the hard way. Either way she was going to enjoy making a lady out of her.

She told the girl to remove her clothes. When she was standing there naked and starting to cower under the gaze of both women Bertha delighted in showing Karen the good and bad points about the girl's figure. She pinched poked and touched the girl's body as she talked.

Then Bertha forced her to bend over at the waist and grab her own ankles. Karen watched as Bertha turned the girl's butt towards her and she reached between the girl's legs. She cupped the girl's vulva with her fingers on one side of the junction of her leg and her thumb in the grove of the other leg. As she stroked the vulva the girl's tightly curled pubic hair slid through her hand. Bertha slowly turned her hand over and drew the back of her finger between the labia lips.

Just as the girl was showing signs of enjoying the attention Bertha stuck her finger into the girl's cunt. She fucked her a little then pulled it out and held her finger under Karen's nose. When pulled her hand away she wiped the girl's crack but rather than put her finger back into her cunt she stuck her finger into the girl's asshole.

Bertha instructed Karen to stand in front of the girl and expose her pussy to her. Karen had to sit down in a chair to get her pussy on the same level as the girl's head. The girl let go of her ankle and clung to Karen's thighs as she put her face into Karen's now damp and eager pussy.

Karen watched as Bertha produced a strap-on dildo and put it on. Then she used her hand to wipe the dildo between her labia to get it wet. The girl gave out with a moan as the shaft of the rubber cock disappeared into the girl's cunt. With each thrust of Bertha's hips the girl's face was shoved against Karen's cunt.

They did enjoy making a lady out of this rebellious teenager. It was going to take many visits before Bertha was going to agree that she was fit company for civilized women.

Now watching Bertha forcing this mother to masturbate her daughter was both sexually exciting and shocking too. Karen could not believe that Mrs. Machuca would stand behind her naked daughter and finger her young vulva with two women watching her. The woman looked like she was a little frightened by Bertha's authority over her at the same time she looked like she was getting off rubbing the girls crotch.

Rose was totally naked bent over with her backside facing her mother. Her mother was palming her vulva. Rose's pussy was leaking juice and her mother's hand was rubbing the juice into her skin. At that moment her mother was also playing with her own clit. Karen watched as Bertha told the women to kneel behind her daughter and suck her pussy.

Mrs. Machuca was so stimulated that she didn't need to be told what to do. She placed her hands on the backs of Rose's legs and spread them a little wider. She leaned in and placed her face between her Rose's legs and placed her mouth on her vulva. She was sticking her tongue into her cunt and her nose was right over her anus.

Bertha lifted her dress and found that she was naked underneath. She straddled Mrs. Machuca's shoulders and used her own cunt to shove her nose into her daughter's asshole. She ground her cunt into the back of the mother's head. Karen was watching it all and found that her own pussy was crying out for attention.

Karen lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Rose saw what she was doing and reached out and pulled her towards herself by Karen's legs. She used her fingers to probed Karen's cunt until Karen was close enough to place her mouth on the wet cunt. That must have been a wickedly erotic picture.

Bertha insisted that both Rose and her mother suck her pussy until she was satisfied a couple of times before she allowed them to get dressed and leave. After they were gone Bertha insisted that Karen sit on her face and play with her breasts and pussy while she sucked Karen off.

Karen was shaken when she left her office. She didn't know if she could continue working for Social Services after that. Three weeks pasted and she finally had to visit Mrs. Machuca and Rose again.

She dreaded knocking on the door but when the door opened and Mrs. Machuca saw her she beamed with a warm smile and opened the screen door to allow her to enter. Rose was actually sitting on the couch doing her homework. She had books and papers scattered around her. She was sitting cross legged and bare footed with a three ringed binder in her lap. She hastily gathered up her school supplies and placed the on the floor out of the way to make room for Karen to sit down next to her.

Karen was pleases to see that Rose was not dressed like a punker anymore. Her hair was styled with soft curls and she was dressed in clothes that looked appropriate for a girl her age.

Karen could not get over what a change there was in her. She seemed to be much more content with herself. Rose was the one that cuddled up to her and invited her to stay for dinner. When Karen accepted the invitation Rose flung her arms around her neck and smothered her with kisses.

"Mama Mrs. Wilson has agreed to stay for dinner." Rose sang out.

Mrs. Machuca came rushing in drying her hand on a dish towel and smiled at them. "I'm so pleased that you are staying for dinner. I don't know how to thank you for bring Rose and me together. After that day I understood that Rose was misbehaving to attract attention. We came to an understanding if she misbehaves she has to sleep in her own bed. If she behaves she can sleep with me."

Karen sat there without saying anything as Mrs. Machuca approached her and took hold of her shoulders with her damp hands and kissed her on the cheek. She said, "Dinner will take about another half hour. Why don't you and Rose enjoy your selves while I finish dinner."

Mrs. Machuca gave her daughter a squeeze on the thigh and turned back towards the kitchen. Rose got a big grin on her face and she got up and sat on Karen's legs.

Rose kissed Karen on the mouth. She had her cheek close to Karen's nose and could feel the warmth of the air coming out of her nose. She stuck her tongue into Karen's mouth as she held onto the back of her head. It was a long intoxicating kiss. They were both light headed by the time Rose broke away. They were both breathing hard to catch their breath.

Karen could not resist the desire to feel the girl's body with her hands. Her features were so petite and warm. Her breasts were just starting to develop and were no larger than an A-cup. Rose was thrilled at the touch of the woman's hands on her breasts and reached for her breasts as well.

Karen's breasts were a very large C-cup. The mounds were spilling over the top of her bra. If they got any larger she was going to have to buy D-cup bras. Rose wanted to get her hand inside Karen's blouse and she struggled to get her hand into the cup of her bra. It was difficult and the tight elastic cut into her wrist and would have cut off blood flow if it had been on the inside of her wrist.

She managed to get her fingertips onto the nipple and feel the knob. She rolled it between her index finger and her middle finger. They both wanted to go farther but dinner was ready. They were startled when Mrs. Machuca announced that it was time to eat.

Rose pulled her hand free of the bra and they both stood up and went into the small dinning room. Mrs. Machuca served a very nice meal made with chicken. The spices were new to Karen but it was a pleasant and refreshing taste on her taste buds. They chatted about how well Rose was doing in school. The teachers had even called to express their amazement at the change in Rose's behavior. The three of them washed dishes afterwards. Karen did so over Mrs. Machuca's protests.

Afterwards it was Rose that suggested that the three of them retire to the master bedroom. Mrs. Machuca put her arm through Karen's arm and led her towards the back of the house. The room smelled of Mrs. Machuca's power and perfume. The room was clean and the sheets were fresh though they had seen many a washings. For a moment there was a little confusion as to who was going to undress who.

Both Rose and Mrs. Machuca stood on either side of Karen and removed her blouse and bra. When Karen's breast came into view both of them were impressed. Mrs. Machuca was not a tall woman. She was almost the same height as Rose. Her breasts were ample for her size but not as big as Karen's. Rose on the other hand was fascinated with the size of Karen's breasts. Rose wanted them for her self. She started sucking on one nipple while she toyed with the other breast.

Mrs. Machuca continued to undress Karen. The skirt came down and Karen stepped out of it. Karen had on full sized panties but they were thin enough to see through except the double layered crotch. When they were pulled down Mrs. Machuca saw that Karen had her vulva shave into a bikini cut. She used the palm of her hand to wipe Karen's crotch. She rubbed it until she induced a plentiful amount of fluid to be produced. Both Rose and Mrs. Machuca could smell the aroma of her cunt starting to fill the room.

They had Karen sit down on the bed before they undressed. When they were naked they laid on the right and left side of Karen. They both suckled on Karen's breasts. Both mother and daughter used their fingers to part the lips of Karen's vagina. As mother held the lips open Rose toyed with the love button to bring her to the edge of a climax but both of them didn't want to rush their game.

Rose moved down the bed so that she could kiss the lips of her Social Workers cunt. It was delicious game of tongue and teeth that thrilled Karen. She was bathing the girl's face with the clear liquid of her pussy's lubrication until she could hold off her climax any longer.

Mrs. Machuca had moved up from her breast so that she could kiss her on the mouth. She continued to toy with her nipple as she kissed her adult lover and friend. When Karen climaxed she moaned into the moth of the mother of the girl sucking her pussy. She grabbed on of Mrs. Machuca's breasts and gripped it so hard that her manicured fingernails cut into the flesh causing Mrs. Machuca to cry out in pain into Karen's mouth.

Karen crossed her ankles around the head of Rose as she climaxed as if she feared that the girl might stop lapping at her clit. Rose had no such desire. She was locked against the hair of her lover. She felt Karen's bottom with her finger. She could not feel Karen's vagina because her mouth was pressed against it to tightly. But she used her finger pressing on the pudenda and pressed down until the flesh yielded and her finger penetrated the sphincter and she shoved her finger all the way up to her fist.

Karen gripped the finger with her sphincter and relaxed only to grip it tightly again. When Karen finally was over her climax she lay there on the bed spent and Rose pulled her finger out of Karen's ass and pulled her head away from the moist pussy. Karen's legs were resting heavily on her back and she had to crawl out from under them. She moved back up the bed and lay on top of Karen's breasts and looked into Karen's eyes as she drew her face close.

Karen could smell her own pussy juice on her face and the breath of the girl as her mouth was only centimeters from her lips. She kissed her without even opening her eyes. When she finally opened her eyes Rose turned her head and kissed her mother on the mouth so that her mother could taste Karen's pussy cream.

Karen had to draw upon every bit of strength to get dressed and leave. She wanted to spend the night with them. Mother and daughter followed her to the front door naked and clinging to each other. They both kissed her goodbye at the door.

They watched Karen get into her car. They closed the door to return to their bed chamber without seeing Karen pull a handy wipe from her console and scrub her face and hands. She didn't want any tell tail smells giving away what she had been doing.

When she arrived at work the next day Bertha informed her that she was required to give her a verbal description of everything that had taken place the night before. Bertha had lifted her dress and was masturbating herself wildly as Karen gave her an oral rundown of the meeting. The mental pictures that Karen created were stimulating but she was still on edge. She needed something more.

The intercom announced that the school had called and they were sending over the black girl that she had to handle the other day. Berthas beamed at the thought of being given the opportunity satisfy her lust.

She dismissed Karen and awaited the arrival of the athletic black girl. She prepared herself by removing her panties and strapping on a large black rubber dildo. She quickly undressed so that she could put on a black leather merry widow with an attached bra that forced her nipples to stick out of opening provided for them. Then she put her blouse and skirt back on.

When her secretary announced the arrival she was told to send her in.

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