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Ten Year Reunion





It was a warm August day when all of the alumni gathered in the auditorium to listen to the new chancellor welcome her class back to the college for their ten year reunion. At first Patty didn't see anyone she recognized. Then she saw a few gals she had been in classes with. She waved at them and turned her attention back to the opening greeting.

After the usual speeches they broke up to wander around the campus. Some headed to the different buildings housing various disciplines. Patty headed for the drama building. She wondered if some of her coaches were still teaching.

The buildings were all open and Patty entered the front of the theater and walked down the left side of seats towards the orchestra pit. As she approached she witnessed a group of students rehearsing a performance they were going to perform for the reunion later in the week.

Pat saw one of the instructors she had had ten years ago. It was Ms. Madison sitting in the 4 row middle with a script resting on a table attached to the back of a couple of seats in front of her.

Ms. Madison saw her and gave her a big smile as she motioned for her to join her. They greeted each other by name and a kiss on the cheek. Patty was impressed that Ms. Madison actually remembered her.

When Ms. Madison asked her what she was doing now she told her that she was a business woman. She consulted businesses in leadership skills. The look of disappointment in her teacher's face was evident.

When Patty observed that she was still teaching drama. Ms. Madison told her that she had tenure now and was in line to become head of the department eventually. "I was hoping that you would become an actress." She said.

Patty smiled, "We all knew that Allison would be the actress."

Ms. Madison smiled, "I was told she would be here this week."

Patty smiled as she remembered her old roommate. "That would be great to see her again."

Ms. Madison gave a look at the stage and said, "We will have to get together this week to talk about old times but right now I have to keep an eye on our latest crop of budding thespians."

Patty said, "Sure I will just take a look backstage and I will be sure to look you up at the mixer tonight."

She gave her one last peck on the cheek and worked her way back down the isle as Ms. Madison stared giving direction to the actors on stage.

She wandered around back stage trying to stay out of the way of the actors and stage hands. She almost chuckled to herself looking at the dressing rooms. It was no wonder they were always bumping into each other it looked much smaller than she remembered. She exited out of the back door and followed the path back toward her dorm.

When she entered she was greeted by the house mother. It was the same woman. If anything she looked almost the same. She looked like she was wearing the same dress and she still smoked incessantly.

They hugged and embraced each other as they exchanged pleasantries. Patty asked if she could have a look at her old room and was assured that the spring class had moved out and the rooms were vacant. In fact they were welcome to use the rooms for the week if they liked.

Patty assured her that she knew where her room was and headed for the elevator and pushed the fifth floor button. The elevator smelled the same. When the door opened she was struck that the industrial carpet had been changed because the color was different but the walls were the same color even if they had been painted recently. She turned to her right and headed towards the last room on the left. She had always been pleased that her room was on the north side so that the morning sun would not force her and Allison to keep the blinds shut.

When she opened the door she remembered how much trouble it was to move around in the room without bumping into Allison. She smiled as she remembered how long it was before they admitted that they were hot for each other and that some of the rubbing against one another was just an accident.

Then she looked into the bathroom she and Allison had shared with the two girls' in the next room. She wondered how they were able to manage in the morning. She was smiling to herself when she heard a commotion out in the hall. She was just walking back into the room when the door opened. It was Allison backing in as she told the unseen people in the hall that she just wanted to check out her old room. When she closed the door and turned around she leaned against the door before opening her eyes.

When she opened her eyes her face light up she said, "Patty honey."

She rushed towards her and hugged her and kissed her before she started talking a mile a minute. "What the hell have you been up to these past years?"

It took a few minutes for Patty to give her a quick synopsis of the past ten years. Patty followed her history with "I don't have to ask abut what you have been doing. The scandal rags are full of what you have been doing and who you have been with for the past ten years."

Allison flung her hair back and laughed from deep in her stomach. "You don't believe any of that shit do you?"

Patty looked at her, "Aren't you engaged to Richard?"

Patty laughed again, "Only in the papers. We will drag the romance out for a few months then there will be a public break up."

Patty gave her a look, "Why?"

Madison said, "The romance is the product of our agents to keep our names in the paper between plays and movie contracts. You know me well enough to know that no cock is going to turn me on and Richard is as gay as they come."

Patty found it hard to believe that Richard was queer. He was the heart throb of half the women in the world. But knowing Allison's desire for girls in the past she figured she had not changed either.

Allison dropped her bag on her old bed and said, "I have been looking forward to getting away from everyone in the business for a week. I was hoping you would be here so we could renew our old relationship."

Patty felt her clit respond to the implications she was implying. They had spent a many a night in only one of the two beds. Allison was a very ardent lover.

Allison said, "There is a gaggle of fans outside that door why not come with me and we can renew old times later when we come back here for the night."

Patty kissed her cheek just as she had when they were roommates and they stood up and headed for the door. Allison was like a different person when she opened the door, playing a part for her audience. She introduced them to her college roommate and it was as if being Allison's roommate made her a celebrity. Several of the news paper correspondents there wanted to ask her about what it was like rooming with Allison. But she would tell them nothing.

The rest of the day was spent strolling around the campus. The student store was busy all day and the dinning rooms in each of the department buildings were crowded too.

There was a party at the student union that evening and the alumni were either dancing or milling from table to table renewing old relationships. Patty felt sorry for Allison because she was not able to move freely because there was always a mob around her.

When they finally were able to get back to the dorm room and close the door it still took awhile before people stopped knocking at the door.

When they each finished washing off the makeup they settled down and it was Allison that suggested that they sleep in the same bed. Patty was thrilled that her famous roommate still wanted to sleep with her after all these years.

Allison was like a starved animal when she made love. She couldn't get enough of sucking Patty's breasts and the way she sucked pussy was enough to have Patty clawing at the sheets on the bed. It was just as enjoyable for Patty to make love to the body that every college kid was yanking his dong over at night. She wondered if they would still feel the same if they knew that their heart throb had swallowed more girls's cum than most men would in a life time.

She even enjoyed the way Allison responded to the way she sucked her pussy. Allison's body was as hard as a teenaged track star. That was the product of a personal fitness instructor. It took them about an hour before they were ready to settle down in each other's arms.

As long as Patty had known Allison she had never known her personal life. She had always been very popular. She had just accepted that as her roommate she enjoyed sex with women and guys she dated. It never dawned on her that she didn't like men.

While they were cuddling Patty asked Allison if she would tell her about her past. Allison asked "Do you really want to know the story that will never find its way into the scandal magazines?" My agent sees to it that nothing about my real life ever makes the news.

The only thing in the rags that is true is that my first modeling job was when I was four-years-old. My mother got me an agent and I was working ever since. I was only eight when an agent propositioned me. He told me I would never work again if I didn't do him a favor (as he put it). What he wanted is for me to give him a blowjob from time to time. It turned out that I had to suck his prick every time he got me a job. I was a very busy girl back then. By the time I was eleven he stared demanding that I let him fuck me as well.

I made a big enough fuss about this treatment that mother finally got me a woman agent. It was a relief to have a different agent. As it turned out she was a dyke who would much rather suck my pussy then make me suck hers. She even arranged for some private modeling jobs where I had sex with other young girls and women.

I was home schooled by private tutors for several years. They also added to my sexual education. When I wanted to take the four years off from work to come to college my mother only agreed if I agreed to do some modeling at every opportunity. All she was thinking about was the lack of income that my schooling would cause.

The court put most of my income in trust but she got a substantial living allowance. There were ways around a lot of the court restrictions but my mother saw to it that she lived very well.

Now that I am a star I am in charge of my own money and I give mother enough to keep her happy. I still like having sex with women and girls. The trick is making sure that none of them can talk to anyone about our relationship. Do you remember that child I was in a movie with a couple of years ago?

Patty remembered her well. She had been on all of the talk shows before the movie came out.

Allison went on of course. "She talks like an adult because she has been sucking pussy as long as I have. We were lovers for a couple of years. That's why you saw her and me at all of the award shows together. Her mother was servicing me too."

Patty thought her life was very sorted. She had loved women before she met Allison and still loved women. She had had a couple of long term relationships but they became too demanding. Patty now just has a few women friends that she dates when the mode strikes her.

She had even felt like she was in love with Allison until she understood that she could not satisfy her needs either. She found it amusing to watch men and women faun over her every wish. As bright as Allison was she could get any grade she like simply by having sex with the instructor. She did her best to avoid that but it was always available.

As the week wore on Allison started getting horny for young meat and she made a phone call and invited Patty to come along with her to the home of a faculty member.

Patty went along to see what was going to happen. The facility member excused herself and departed. It had been arranged that she would have the use of the residence for the evening. They made drinks and were dancing to some romantic music when the doorbell rang.

Patty saw a couple of young girls standing there who were clearly excited about being called into the presence of a famous star. The woman that had brought them was standing behind them. They came in and Allison offered everyone a drink. The woman looked like she could be the girl's mother. Patty found out later that she was.

Allison took a liking to the younger one. She started dancing with her and encouraged Patty to dance with the older one. Patty found out from her that she was not yet twelve-years-old. Patty looked at the other girl and guessed that she was no more than nine-years-old.

Patty was shocked to see Allison stripping the child right in front of her mother. She could not take her eyes off of the girl as her naked body came into view. The girl was positively giddy as Allison went down to her knees and sucked her hairless pussy.

The older girl started taking her own clothes off as they danced and tossed them to her mother. Patty could do nothing but watch as the girl removed her clothes. She was just starting to develop little mounds on her chest that would in short order be full sized breasts. The pubic area was so smooth.

The mother sat and watched with interest. She had no compunctions about her girls having sex with women as long as her meal ticket was not damaged physically.

The girls on the other hand seemed to enjoy performing sex with each other and women too. They really got into it when Allison asked them to perform sex on each other. Allison stood behind the mother and masturbated her as her daughters performed oral sex on each other. Patty could not believe what she saw that night or that she took part in it.

The girl's sucked the pussy of every woman there including her own pussy and the mother too. The place smelled of sex by the time Allison had her fill and they went back to the dorm.

By the end of the reunion Patty had seen her old roommate do so many things she wondered if Allison had a portrait like Dorian Gray. No woman that sexually obsessed could look so young. She should look an old woman.

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