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Dominating the Maid




Lisa's world was changing so quickly that she could not fathom what was happening. Her father had been a successful import / exporter in Perth for many years he had been married before but had no children. Late in life he married a trophy wife named Anne. She was an Irish beauty with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. He didn't care about her past. All he wanted was a baby. He really wanted a boy to carry on the business but alas they had a daughter instead.

As father's do he worshiped the ground she walked on. She was his little red haired beauty. Just enough freckles to make her special to him. He spoiled her terribly. When most little girls got rocking horses he bought her a real pony. When she wanted to smell the ocean he bought her a yacht big enough to cross the Indian Ocean.

Her mother was happy to spend his money and let him look after the child. Lisa didn't know much about her past. She vaguely knew that she had a half sister someplace. Beyond that she didn't know much.

Her mother did insist on selecting a personal maid. Her husband only needed her for public occasions among his circle of friends. He had been lucky enough to even get it up long enough to get her pregnant and he doted over their child.

Anne enjoyed the comfortable life his money provided. She had not wanted to have a baby but after having one she knew that it had been the best thing in her life. Her husband would never divorce her and she would be assured that the rest of her life would be one of privilege. She had married him knowing that he wouldn't live all that long. She was young and he was old enough to be her grandfather.

She never told him about her past and he never asked. What would he think if he knew that her first love had been her half sister? She still preferred the company of women over that of men. Being the trophy wife of a rich man carries with it an obligation to be true to him if she wanted to get her hands on his money.

She was flattered that men flirted with her and they thought she was very devoted to her husband because she rejected any advances from their social circle. She also found their wives to be fat stuffy women and avoided all contact with them unless she had to. When she did have to socialize with them she was gracious and talked to them like she was hanging on every word.

To avoid boredom she insisted on selecting her own personal maid. She did so by taking a trip to Sicily because she wanted a particular type of woman as her servant. She went abroad because she didn't want to hire a local woman that might talk to anyone about the particular habits of the woman of the house.

She needed to find an agent that would be discreet as she interviewed women for the position. She didn't mind that they only spoke Italian. That way they would be less likely to gossip with other maids and reveal her mistresses sexual tastes. She interviewed several women before the agent figured out what she actually wanted. Anne would ask them to disrobe and she would feel them up. If they were not into lesbian sex they were dismissed quickly. The agent sent her sexy young girls at first but they were rejected quickly. Anne might have enjoyed using them for sexual gratification but she was looking for a particular kind of woman. Finely the agent sent her a tall dark haired woman who appeared to be in her late forties.

Maria was special. Dark skinned, dark lips, dark areolas and by all means long dark wavy hair. She had one more feature that attracted her. She was an extremely hairy woman.

Rather than two eyebrows she had one unibrow. One look at her naked body almost brought Anne to climax. She had sparse rings of dark hair around her areolas and a trail of hair running down the middle of her body to a think patch between her legs and even a goodly amount of hair on her legs and arms. When she lifted her arms the hair in her pits was as thick as a man's. The last test of her eligibility was to find out if she was controllable.

She reached out and pinched her tipples and waited to see what she would do. The woman accepted the pain without complaint. She knelt in front of her and sucked her pussy until the woman climaxed. Then she let her dress and leave. She had a plant in the outer office that sat with the other women being interviewed and the woman started questioning her about what took place. She even offered money for answers but the woman would not talk about the interview. Having passed the test she was hired and they procured a work visa for her as they headed back to Perth.

Her husband could not believe that her wife had spent so much time and expense to hire a woman that was so bazaar. She was not unattractive. She actually had a nice looking face if it were not for all of the facial hair. The eyebrow was bad enough but her upper lip needed shaving or waxing as often as a man. He wondered what her attraction was but didn't bother pursuing it. If she was happy with her new maid he was happy also.

Maria was a good maid and performed her duties with efficiency. When her husband was taking Lisa places like a week at sea Anne was entertaining herself with Maria. She did love to dominate her.

Anne and her husband had separate bedrooms at either end of the home. So Anne had no worry that she would be interrupted when she would call Maria to her bedroom and take her across her lap and spanked her. She would have her undress and then put back on her little apron so that she would know her place as servant. She would make Maria lie across her lap and suck on her breasts for a long time while she played with her pussy. Then she would strap-on her dildo as she made Maria get on the bed on her hands and knees so that she could approach her from behind and fuck either her pussy or asshole as long as she wanted to do so. Maria was no stranger to such action and both of her hair covered holes accepted the largest of the rubber pricks Anne employed. Submitting to her mistress became something that she looked forward to as much as Anne.

Then the day came when her husband had a massive heart attack at his office. His secretary found him slumped over his desk. He was dead before the ambulance could get him to the hospital.

That was when everything changed. Anne contacted her half sister to let her know about the funereal. She came to Perth in time for the ceremony and stayed afterwards.

Lisa was introduced to her aunt Norma when she arrived from Sydney. Lisa was struck by how much different she was from her mother. Her mother was like porcelain doll with creamy skin and strawberry blonde hair. Norma was strikingly different. She was taller with gray hair. She was darker and physically much more like a man. Her breasts were hardly visible under her clothes. She asked her mother why Norma was so much different from her.

Anne told her that they had the same mother but different fathers. Norma was much older than her and her father had been a descendant of the First Fleet that had been brought along as a prison guard. He had been a big man with a brutally big body. Norma took after him. Her father had been an Irishman descendant of one of the many prisoners brought there to serve out a sentence by building permanent settlement there and after his sentence was served he was to settle there and never return to England. I look like my father. That settled the physical difference in their look for Lisa.

Aunt Norma was attracted to Lisa and went out of her way to befriend her. Anne was to busy making arrangements to notice that her sister was going out of her way to befriend her daughter. After all Lisa had been a daddy's girl and she had never been close to her. She had been to busy keeping her relationship with her maid from everyone to notice much of anything else.

Anne asked Norma to stay with them while she was there. After all there was plenty of room. There were three extra guest rooms down stairs next to Lisa's room. Norma would spend a lot of time in Lisa's room talking about their family. She gave her the history of all her relatives in Sydney. When it came to her relationship with her sister, she simply told her that she was ten-years-old when her mother was born. She told her that she went away to school before Anne was eight. She didn't want to tell her much more at this time.

After the funeral it took a while for everything to get sorted out. Anne did not have a business mind so it was sold at a good price. The money was put into an income trust that would provide nicely for her the rest of her life. With everything taken care of Anne was free to do what ever she liked. She discharged all of the staff loyal to her husband and brought in women that she could trust.

One day Norma and Lisa planned on taking the boat out for the day. While they were gone, Anne planned on spending the day treating herself to doing her favorite things to Maria.

Anne went to the exercise room and worked out until she was sweating good then she called Maria to bring her a cool drink and told her to bring along one of her toys, that was her way of letting Maria know that she was horny.

Maria dutifully filled a glass with cold lemonade and stopped by Anne's bedroom and selected a couple of items from her collection of erotic toys. She picked a strap-on dildo and another battery powered dildo in case Anne wanted to use more than one toy.

When she entered the exercise room she found Anne already stripped down to nothing. Her body was shinning from the sweat and because she was so fair skinned it looked reddish. There were only traces of freckles on her cheeks and shoulders. Her breasts were creamy with pink areolas with pencil eraser sized nipples. Her waist was slim and her hips were wide. The pubic garden was trimmed and a sexy pinkish red. She was sitting on an exercise bench with a towel around her neck and one foot resting on the bench so that her knee was resting close to her shoulder. It looked so lewd to Maria. She felt very turned on and her clit was tingling.

She knew what was going to happen. She gave Anne her drink and her toys. Then before being ordered to do so she removed her apron before removing her uniform. When she was naked she hung the apron around her neck and ties the starched ribbon in back of her body. Of course the apron was below her breasts and came down only a short ways below her navel. That way her hairy vagina was right out there for anyone to see.

Anne took a sip of her drink while Marie was getting undressed. She sat her toys down on the floor and took hold of Maria's hips and pulled her close to her so she could stick her face between Maria's legs and lick her pussy. As much to find out how wet she was as to satisfy her need to taste a cunt.

She was very horny herself and was in a hurry. She stood up and told Maria to lay face down on the bench. The artificial leather was wet from Anne sweat it smelled of her perfume and when she rested her head where Anne had been sitting she could smell the odor of her ass.

Anne assumed a position to the side of the bench and started spanking Maria. Blow after blow was directed at the plump ass cheeks and then directly against the woman's exposed cunt. Maria controlled her emotions until her behind turned red. Then she had to fight back tears and she started begging Anne to stop. Anne then moved to the end of the bench behind Maria and put on her strap-on dildo. She spit into the palm of her hand and slid it up and down the shaft of the dildo. She stepped up to the bench and parted Maria's legs. She guided the shaft into her hairy labia and shoved the dildo into her cunt. She set up a slow pace in order to enjoy her dominance over Maria as long as possible.

As it turned out by the time Norma and Lisa got to the waterfront there was a storm warning posted and they grabbed a bit to eat and headed back to the house. They headed upstairs to let Anne know they were home the boat trip was off for the day.

They checked her room first and then went looking for her. They knew she was there because her car was still in the garage. When they approached the exercise room they heard some moaning coming from inside. When they entered the room they were shocked to see the maid laying on the bench face down and Anne standing behind her. They were both naked except for the apron on Maria and the black straps of the dildo around Anne's waist.

Anne had finished fucking Maria's pussy and had withdrawn the dildo and inserted it into Maria's asshole and was fucking her hard. When her hips thrust forward they made a slapping sound on Maria's inflamed butt.

It shocked Lisa to see what her mother was doing to her maid. She flung her hands over her mouth and turned to run from the room. Just then Anne saw her sister and daughter standing at the door. The shock of seeing them caused her to step back and the dildo came out of Maria's ass with a popping sound. Her now reddish pink ass hole looked ever so bright surrounded as it was by a dense grown of pitch black hair.

Norma knew that Lisa was upset and followed her down stairs to her room. Lisa had flung herself across the bed and was crying uncontrollably. Norma sat down on the bed next to her. She leaned over her and stroked her back.

Lisa sat up and clung to Norma and asked her, "How could my mother do that to anyone?"

Norma held her niece close to her breast and stroked her hair. "Honey it is a family curse. All of the women in our family have been very sexually active."

Lisa cried out, "She was fucking her maid in the ass with a rubber thing. Did you see how hairy that woman is? Her ass hole was surrounded with black fuss."

Norma said, "It is not her fault child. I taught her about such things when she was younger than you."

Lisa looked up at her and said, "What are you talking about?"

Norma started telling her story. "When your mother was eight years old I started having sex with her. I was eighteen at the time. I started her off by sucking her pussy for her. Then I taught her to lick mine. In time I introduced her to penetration."

"I have an unnaturally large clitoris. I was actually able to penetrate her vagina and fuck her with it. We had been doing that for several months when we were caught. That was why I left the area to go to school. I lost contact with her after that and thought she had outgrown it when I heard that she was married."

It took Lisa some time to grasp what her aunt was telling her. She had to sleep on that for a while. Norma didn't want to press her niece and left the room. She found her sister upstairs getting dressed and desperate to go down stairs to talk to her daughter. Norma stopped her. She told her that it would be better if she just let Lisa think about it for a while.

Anne clung to her sister and cried on her shoulder. Norma said, "I thought you had put our relationship behind you when I heard that you were getting married."

Anne said, "I never stopped having sex with women. I have always sought out older women. I developed a fetish for hairy women. I gave up trying to find a woman with a clit as satisfying as yours."

That brought a smile to Norma's face. She hugged her sister tighter. "What about your maid?"

Anne said, "I hired her because she was hairier than you and she was not opposed to me dominating her. She keeps her mouth shut and does what ever I ask her to do."

That caused Norma to wonder where Maria had disappeared to. She asked Anne where she was and was told that she is hiding out in my room. Norma stood up and pulled Anne to her feet and led her to her bedroom.

Maria was fully dressed and sitting on a lounge chair. She was so nervous that she was sitting up straight like she was expecting to have someone come in and tell her she was fired.

Norma said, "I understand you have more body hair than me."

Anne chucked, "She does not speak English." She repeated what she had said in Italian.

Maria did not know just what to say to that. She just smiled sheepishly. Norma reached out and slipped one of her hands into the front of Maria's dress and felt her breast. She could feel the hair with her fingers. Anne went around behind Maria and started undressing her. The two of them had her naked in no time. Norma agreed that she did have more hair than her.

To prove her point she undressed too. Maria was fascinated by the taller, gray haired woman in front of her. She did not have large breasts and what she did have sagged a little. The hair on her vulva was graying too. She noticed that she also had traces of hair on her upper lip as well. What caught her eye the most was the size of her clitoris. She had never seen anything like that in her life.

Norma's clit stuck out of her labia like a male's cock with a hard-on. To put things in perspective, it looked like a typical mutton sausage in size. Norma led Maria to the bed and placed her on it so that she could mount her in the missionary passion and started fucking her just like a man would.

As Anne watched her sister fucking her maid she got undressed again and mounted the bed so that she could squat over Maria's head. She was thrilled to be grinding her cunt into the mouth of her maid and kissing her half sister again. She even leaned over to suck on her sister's nipples again. The feeling of the hair under her tongue was thrilling.

Maria was to get fucked in the ass again by Anne while Norma sat at the head of the bed with her legs spread so that Maria could lap at her cunt. They made Maria submit to everything two women could do to another woman. She obediently serviced their cunts as only a true submissive could do.

While they slept that night Lisa was struggling to get her feeling around what she had seen and been told. She tossed and turned most of the night. It was early in the morning before she went to sleep. But she woke up early. She only had managed about three hours sleep.

The image of her mother with the black straps around her waist fucking the maid in the ass woke Lisa up. She lay there thinking about what her aunt had told her.

She found that her nightgown had ridden up around her waist. She hardly even noticed that she was slowly masturbating as she thought about last night. When she realized what she was doing she sat up and smelled her fingers. That just made her all the more sexually excited.

She got up with the intention of going upstairs to tell her mother that she understood why she was doing what she was doing. It had just been a shock to her to find out that her mother was so sexual. When she opened her mother's bedroom door she was in for another shock. She saw her mother asleep between both Norma and Maria. They way their legs were wrapped around Anne's legs she didn't yet see how big her aunt's clit was. This time she did not run from the room.

She removed her own nightgown and got on the bed with the other women. The bed movement woke them up. Maria was the last to wake up because she had been the recipient of the most action during the night.

Norma was the first to respond to the presence of the naked child. She placed her between her and Anne. She covered her mouth with hers and gave her a kiss she would never forget. The stubble on her face tickled Lisa and when she stuck her tongue into Lisa's mouth, it took her breath away. Anne started kissing her body. Then she licked her way down her daughter's body until she had to move down so she could kiss her pussy. She thought the little hairless pussy was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. She made love to her daughter until the girl was almost crazy with a desire for a release. When she could not take it any longer she begged her mother to do something to help her.

Norma asked if she could be Lisa's first and Anne moved out of the way to allow her older sister to get in position to mount her. Anne and Maria got on either side and placed their mouths over Lisa's little nipples. They lay there sucking her tits as Norma guided her clit into the small virgin pussy. The girl cried out and bit her lip as Norma broke her hymen. It took a little while before Lisa could feel the clit going in and out of her cunt. When she did begin feeling it she found that it felt better than anything she has ever felt before. She never wanted it to end. Of course it had to end because Norma had so many climaxes that she could not stand it any longer.

She rolled off of the girl and Maria was the first to lap up all of the juice on Lisa's pussy. There was the iron taste from the traces of blood and all of the vaginal fluid from Norma's cunt mixed with Lisa's own juice. What is a girl to do with three grown women that wouldn't leave her alone. The next few days were a kind of dream for all of them.

She hated it when Norma had to leave for home. The plus was that Anne shared Maria with her. She found that she enjoyed fucking the older hairy woman as much as her mother did.

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