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Domination of Donna



Donna was a willful teenager and her mother and father were at a loss about what to do with her. She had been hard to handle from the time she was a child but when she became a teenager she became impossible to deal with.

Her father worked for an import company that required him to spend a lot of time traveling to other countries. As a result he was not home to help discipline his daughter. Her mother on the other hand was not a strong willed woman. She was the kind of woman that could not even make up her own mind about what clothes to buy. She needed the help of friends that she trusted to select her wardrobe. Her husband even hired an accountant to pay the household bills and watch how much was being spent by his family on discretionary expenses like clothes and entertainment.

After a lot of family arguments her father decided he needed to hire a strong willed woman to bring Donna back under control and take charge of the household. He interviewed a large number of prospects and in the end he relied on the reference from a man he met from Spain. That man had recommended a woman he had hired to discipline his own family. He was assured that she spoke impeccable English.

When he met the woman he was impressed by her physical appearance. Her name was Maria and she was a rather tall and full figured woman. She was not fat but she was thick limbed. He was no expert in women's dress sizes but he guessed she was a size 14. She dressed conservatively and he liked her looks. He thought she looked like a heaver Catherine Zeta Johns. She had dark skin and long raven hair with big cow like brown eyes.

When he hired her he assured her that she would have complete control of the household. She was to discipline his daughter and keep his wife from buying every useless item salesmen tried to sell her.

He made arrangements for her visa and brought her back to the States with him. His company operated out of Dallas, Texas so the climate would not be to cool for Maria. The dress there is more casual to accommodate the hot humid summers.

When her father introduced Maria to his wife (Dorothy) and Donna there was resentment from both of them. Dorothy didn't like the idea that a stranger would have complete control of all of her credit cards and Donna could not believe that her father was putting a servant in charge of her. She voiced her objection loud and clear. Her father told her she would have to learn to live with it. Maria had complete authority to discipline her anyway she felt necessary. Donna sulked the rest of the time he was home.

As soon as her father left the house for work Donna tried to rebel. In terms that a Texan would understand she tried to jump the traces. Maria acted swiftly. The first rude remake out of her mouth was answered with a slap to the cheek the left a red hand print on the side of her face. The first night she came home late from a date she was dragged across Maria's lap kicking and screaming. Maria pulled her panties down and exposed her white butt in front of her mother and she spanked her until her butt was flaming red and she was sobbing uncontrollably. She promised that she would never do that again but Maria assured her that she wouldn't because she was grounded until she showed some respect for authority and then she would only be allowed to date if she had a chaperone with her.

Donna objected to that with a flurry of obscenities. Maria not only slapped her face again she grabbed her by a handful of brown hair and drugged her to the bathroom where she stuck a bar of soap into her mouth and did not take it out until Donna swallowed enough soap to make her vomit.

Dorothy had followed them to the bathroom and meekly objected to the treatment of her daughter. One nasty look form Maria shut her up.

Maria held Donna's head deep into the toilet while she emptied her stomach. She was sweating by the time she was allowed to pull her head out of the bowl.

Maria informed her that her language would improve or she would spend a lot of time with her head in the toilet. Any misbehavior would result in a spanking that would drive home the errors of your ways. When Dorothy tried to object Maria looked at her and said I can spank you just as well. With that Dorothy closed her mouth right away.

Everything went fine for a couple of days. However Maria knew it was just a matter of time before Donna would jump the traces again. She had her own agenda. She very much enjoyed dominating other women. In her own room she had some erotic items hidden away. When she had the house to herself she liked to retire to her room and put on items that turned her on. She liked to strip off her conservative clothes and admire her naked body in the full length mirror.

She thought that she had been born a couple of centuries too late. Her figure looked like a Rubin's painting. She had wide hips and thick thighs, large 38-DD breasts and heavy arms. She would let her hair down. Normally she had it up in a bun to keep her hair off of her neck. In the privacy of her room she let it down and the she would dig out a merry widow corset. She had a hook attached to a wall so that she could hook the laced of the corset and pull away from the wall making the corset tight enough to take her breath away. Her voluptuous breasts were pushed up and looked even larger. The large brown areolas were as big around as doorknobs and the nipples looked like the locking buttons.

Then she would sit on the bed and put on her black nylons and attach them to the garter straps on the bottom of the merry widow. She would put on black pumps with six inch heels that forced her to stand on the balls of her feet. She loved the look it created in the mirror.

She would light up a 110 mm cigarette and hold it between her fingers and take a long drag on it and blow smoke rings as she admired her look. She would get so turned on that she would spread her legs to shoulder width and stroke her black pubic hair with her fingers until her vagina would be soaking wet. Then she would rub the juice all over her pubic area. She would rub her clitoris until she would pant and gasp through an orgasm that left her breathless. Some times one climax was not enough. Then she would look for an object to penetrate her vagina for another round of masturbation.

She did not plan on keeping her fetish a secret from either Dorothy or Donna. At some point they would both violate her rules and then she would enjoy introducing them to the madam of the house.

It was only a matter of time before Dorothy took it upon herself to open a charge account at a fashionable boutique down town. She told herself that it was not fair that a servant had all of her charge cards. She deserved her own plastic.

When the first bill came in Maria confronted her and when Dorothy cowered in her presence she admitted that she had opened the account and bought some items. Maria flew off the handle and demanded to know how she had run up a fifteen hundred dollar bill so quickly.

Dorothy tried to say she didn't have to answer to a servant but a big meaty hand flew out and slapped her face with an ear shattering crack. Maria grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her room.

She stripped all of Dorothy's clothes off and forced her over the padded stool in front of her dressing table. She used old nylons to tie her hand and feet to the legs of the stool. The woman could struggle all she wanted she could do nothing to get away.

Dorothy watched in frightened amazement as Maria undressed. She wanted to object to the way she was being treated but at the same time she was fascinated by the beauty of this woman. When Maria put on her merry widow and drew the laces up tightly so that her waist was at least four inches smaller that it really was it flared out her hips even wider. The breasts were hypnotizing to Dorothy. When the woman lifted her arms to let down her hair she could not believe how seductive her oppressor was.

Maria sat on her bed and put on her nylons before she stood up to hook the garters as she slipped her feet into her heels. She produced a leather strap that was folded with a wrist thong attached to the handle. She looped the strap around her wrist and grabbed the handle and slapped the palm of her hand producing a loud CRACK.

Dorothy cowered as she knew she was about to be spanked by this dark Amazon of a woman. When she started spanking Dorothy the folded leather had an extra pop that sounded even louder that it really was. Dorothy pleaded that she would never disobey her again but Maria was enjoying the feeling of disciplining a woman again. She spanked the whimpering woman's pink bottom until she drew blood. There were strips across her butt and when she turned her wrist the edge of the strap cut into her flesh.

To further prove her domination of this woman she untied her and forced her to lie on her back. Then she straddled her head and lowered her black pubic patch down to Dorothy's face and forced her to open her mouth and lick her cunt as she twisting her nipples. When she didn't lick hard enough to suit her Maria slapped her pubis with the strap.

Dorothy was chocking as much from crying as from being smothered by this open wet pussy. Maria told her, "You will never go shopping again without asking me and you will be my pussy slave from now on". To accent her point she sat on her face until Dorothy could not breathe. She ground her butt into her face until Dorothy gave up.

When Dorothy agreed to do anything she asked of her Maria light up her cigarette in satisfaction with herself and sat on Dorothy's stomach facing her and pressed her crotch against Dorothy's breasts so that she was smashing them between her legs. Then she reached behind herself and used the handle on her strap to masturbate her until Dorothy climaxed. She had not attained such high state of sexual arousal like that in years and she sobbed and whimpered in a mixture of shame and pleasure.

Maria allowed her to get dressed but she did not let her put on underclothes. The bleeding had stopped but lymph was leaking and the back of her dress was wet. She didn't want Donna to know what took place but she would do what ever Maria asked.

For the next couple of days everything was quiet. Maria would take advantage of Dorothy by lifting her dress and forcing Dorothy to kneel in front of her and suck her pussy. When no one but she and Dorothy were in the house Maria would dress up in her domination costume and make Dorothy do things that would humiliate her. She would make her do housework on her knees and stimulate her to work faster with the handle of her strap or a ridding croup. Maria was very skilled at disciplining without leaving marks.

Dorothy found that she really enjoyed being made to do some disgusting things. That she could tell herself that she had to do them because she was not in control. She found that getting masturbated by a dominant woman, sucking her pussy and tongue fucking her asshole was not that unpleasant. She actually enjoyed doing it but she could never admit it to herself. She had to be forced so she could tell herself that it was not her fault.

It was only a mater of time before Donna would run afoul of Maria's rules. It happened one Friday night she went to a party without asking Maria. She came home in the early hours of Saturday morning. The sky was already turning from black to the morning blue just before the horizon turned red and the yellow sun came up.

Maria didn't have to wait up to know when she got home. She wore a simple print dress and her garter-belt and nylons as she rested and awaited the arrival of the disobedient child. Donna was drunk enough to stumble around. She thought she was quiet but even her giggles were enough to wake the dead as she staggered towards her bedroom.

Maria woke up her pussy slave and made her follow her to the girl's bedroom. She wanted Donna's mother to see what she had in store for her. When she opened the bedroom door Donna turned too quickly and fell backwards onto her bed.

She cowered in the presence of the larger woman. But she made one last attempt to take charge by bluffing. "I don't take orders from a bitch in a corset." She tried to kick her between the legs.

Maria used her arm to deflect the kick and send her sprawling on the floor. She begged her mother to help her but then she realized that her mother was totally naked except for a dog collar and leash held by Maria. She found Maria's simple dress with her massive breasts spilling out to be very erotic. Even in her drunken state she managed to take in the pushed up breasts that seemed larger than her head. She made note of how wide her hips were. She could see the garter-belt holding up her nylons and the dark inverted triangle at her crotch through the print dress. She cowered at the authoritarian presence Maria portrayed as she slapped the palm of her hand with her leather strap.

Donna's lipstick was smudged and her blouse was not buttoned properly given testimony to more than a little sexual play at the party. Maria grabbed the miss-buttoned blouse and ripped it from her body. "I see you have been behaving like a trollop at a party you did not have permission to attend."

Donna tried to cling to her tattered remnants but was no match for the dark haired woman. Maria screamed, "Take off the rest your clothes or I will rip them off of myself!"

Donna looked at her mother for support but seeing her standing their in her all-together and leashed she knew there was not hope of rescue there. She started crying and as tears streaked her cheeks with her mascara she began undressing. When she was down to nothing but a scandalous thong Maria took a look at it and ripped it from her body leaving her even more naked than her mother. At least Dorothy had on a collar and leash.

Maria pushed her towards Donna's dressing bench and spun her around and forced her face down over it. Maria demanded Dorothy to take hold of her wrists and hold her down.

Dorothy crossed her arms and took hold of Donna's wrists and sat on the floor. She placed her feet on the legs of the stool and lay back pulling on Donna's arms.

Donna was looking at her naked mother and marveling at the way she looked. She had seen her naked before but now her mother was shaved clean. Somehow even with her mother womanly figure not having any pubic hair between her legs made her look almost childish.

The view she had of her mother vulva was close enough so that she could see that there was no stubble visible as if it had just been shaved or waxed. When she looked up she saw her mother's breasts being squeezed between her arms. Her vision would soon be blurred by more tears than she would have through possible.

Maria debated where she should stand. She figured that standing next to the girl's left side would give her the best position for her right handed swing to have its best effect on the girl's ass. The first blow was calculated to cut the deepest into Donna's butt and cut her the most. The cry that came from Donna's mouth and the blood that stripped her buttocks told Maria that she did what she meant to do. She laid welt after welt across the girl's behind until the poor thing had no strength to protest further.

Maria even thought about rubbing salt into the fresh cuts on her butt but simply asked Donna, "Do you think you are ever going to go out without permission from me again or ever allow boys to take advantage of you while you are drunk"

Donna was sobbing as she begged forgiveness. Dorothy let go of her wrists and Donna reached behind to rub her inflamed butt. One touch sent a throb of fresh pain.

Maria told her to go shower and come back so that she could inspect her butt. Donna did as she was told and dried herself gingerly. When she returned to her bedroom she found her mother sitting on her bed with Maria standing in front of her.

The spanking had turned on Maria so much that she needed relief. She stood there in front of Dorothy and thrust her vulva into the woman's mouth. She didn't allow Dorothy to stop when Donna returned. She just grabbed Donna by the hand and forced her to sit on the dressing bench next to her mother. Then she stepped in front of her and grabbed a handful of hair and thrust her vulva into her mouth. She forced Donna to suck her pussy until she was satisfied while Dorothy sat there watching. After she had climaxed she told Dorothy to get the shaving kit so she could shave the little bitch.

Dorothy tries to protest but a quick jerk on her leash reminded her of her place. She rushed to the bathroom and came back with a pan of warm water, a towel and the safety razor. Maria spread Donna's legs and moistened her crotch with the warm water. Then she applied a shaving cream to the pubic area and shaved the girl as clean as the day she was born before drying her off.

Maria told them, "There is only room enough for one alpha female in this house. From now on the two of you will be waxed by me. My black haired pussy will be the only hair allowed in the house. To reinforce her dominance over them she sent Dorothy to get her cigarettes and lighter. When Dorothy returned she found Maria sitting on Donna's head and she had Dorothy light up her cigarette for her as she enjoyed making the teenager suck her cunt.

From that day on Donna became her pussy slave too. Maria would find excuses to punish them. They would be dressed only in collars and leash and she forced them to perform sexual acts on each other and the two of then would also be subjected to her sitting on their faces. She did enjoy sitting on one of their faces while making the other one eat the pussy of either her mother or daughter. The house was much more harmonious.

Dorothy's husband was thrilled that the household expenses were reduced so much that even after paying Maria's salary he was saving money. Donna's grades improved to the point that she was on the honor rolls every quarter. There were no more letters complaining about her conduct at school. It looked like she was going to be able to go to any college she wanted to go attend.

Dorothy was so pleased that she begged her husband to keep Maria on even after Donna went away to college. Maria was not sure she wanted to stay after Donna was gone. She preferred to have young rebellious girls to discipline.

Her employer hated to see her go but gave her glowing references when she sought employment with another family in the Dallas area. Her reputation was well established at the private school. People were trying to hire her away from Donna's family all of the time.

Maria waited until she found a family that had a couple of teenaged girls that needed a tight hand. The mother was a week willed widow that had no control over her daughters. That was just what Maria was looking for. No males in the house to compete for the alpha position in the household.

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