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It was a lonely time for Margaret because her husband was working in the middle-east and she was living with her mother-in-law.

Sheila was a friendly woman but she seemed a little cool as if she didn't want to get to close to her. Margaret was 28-years-old at the time and had only been married a short time to Shelia's son Charles. She had no proof but she felt like the woman was watching every move she made and was making unfavorable judgments about her as if she was not good enough to be married to her son.

The truth was far from her perception. Sheila was physically attracted to her and wanted to make love to her. She seemed so distant because she feared reviling her true sexuality to her daughter-in-law. Sheila was a 50-year-old woman that had married to hide the fact that she was attracted to other women. She only had the one child and did her best to bring him up right. She thought when he got married and moved away that she could stop living a lie and find a woman or women that would allow her to really enjoy sex with women.

The fact that her son had become a mineral geologist meant that he would be working all over the world looking for oil reserves. She thought that he would be taking his wife with him for years at a time. It was a disappointment when he left Margaret with her for what looked like it was going to be a couple of years. She gave Margaret a lot of space and didn't know that her daughter-in-law thought that she didn't like her.

In Margaret's frustration she took to staying in her room a lot and her only sexual release was masturbation. It was just such an evening when Sheila walked in without knocking.

Margaret was lying on her back on her bed with her dress was up around her waist and her panties on the floor. She had pulled one tit out and was sucking on the nipple while she was rubbing her vulva hard and fast. She had her eyes closed and was so close to climaxing that she had not heard Sheila enter the room.

Sheila stood there watching her daughter-in-law masturbate. The sight of a young woman in such need of release turned her on so much that she could not help placing the palm of her hand on her own vulva through her dress.

When Margaret opened her eyes she saw her mother-in-law standing there. She gasped and uttered a sharp "Oh my God" as she tried to cover up her crotch with her hands but Shelia came over next to the bed and leaned over and removed her hands. She said "I can't leave you so close to cumming dear" as she leaned over and placed her mouth right on her vulva and licked her pussy.

Margaret didn't know what to do. She lay there motionless for the longest time before the woman tongue aroused her so much that she spread her legs and allowed Shelia full access to her body. The woman was insatiable. She devoured Margaret's pussy through her climax and beyond.

Shelia lifted up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Then she shed her clothes in record time. While she was doing that Margaret sat up and pulled her dress over her head. When they were both naked Shelia pushed Margaret back across the bed and got on top of her and moved on her knees until she was in a position where she could straddle Margaret's head.

Margaret had never actually sucked a pussy before. Oh! She had played those "you show me yours and I will show me mine" games with girlfriends as a child but out grew those games when the novelty wore off. Now she was being seduced by her mother-in-law.

Shelia was a dirty blonde with an average figure. At age 50 her breasts were large and sagged more than any woman would like. Her pubic bush was darker than the hair on her head. She didn't shave or trim it at all. Not that it was uncontrollable at all. It was just that she didn't care if hairs would stick out of her panties. The only people that would ever see those hairs would not care how much or how little hair she had between her legs. At this moment she wished her flabby legs did not have so much cellulite.

Margaret didn't notice the flaws in her mother-in-law's figure at all. All she saw and smelled was her pussy. At first she smelled the urine that clung to her flesh and hair. But she soon smelled the odor of her cunt. Normally she would have thought she would have been repulsed by the odor of another woman's pussy but she found that she was attracted to it.

As Shelia lowered her pussy down to her mouth Margaret opened her mouth and welcomes the taste of her first cunt. She found herself loving it and did everything she could to please the woman. Her tongue lapped the length of the crack as her nose touched and bumped against that hard little nub hidden under that hood at the top of the slit.

Shelia played with her breasts for a short time before she leaned foreword and started sucking Margaret's pussy again. One woman's orgasm was followed by the others until they were both spent

When it was over there was a moment when they didn't know what to say to each other. Shelia moved them around on the bed so that they could cuddle for a while. In time Margaret confessed that she had thought that she didn't like her.

Shelia confessed to Margaret that she had been avoiding her because she didn't want to let her know that she was a lesbian and was sexually attracted to her. They found that amusing and laughed as they clung to each other.

Shelia was a smoker and at that moment she needed a cigarette in the worst way. Margaret was not a smoker and found the breath of smokes repulsive. So when Shelia got off the bed to retrieve her cigarettes from her dress pocket and got back into bed with Margaret and light up Margaret asked for one too. They sat there in bed and smoked their cigarettes together. While they were sitting there next to each other smoking Shelia reached over and placed her free hand in Margaret's lap and started stroking her pussy.

Margaret found that she was enjoying the cigarette and the fingers stroking her clitoris. She laid her arm over Shelia's and started masturbating her as well. When they had finished smoking their cigarettes they were horny again and this time it was Margaret's turn to be on top. She lowered herself to Shelia's mouth and at the same time went after her mother-in-laws pussy with everything she had.

They experimented with trying to inset their nipples in each other's pussy and lacing their legs so they could rub their cunts together. They spent the night making love. In the morning they even showered together. They found that they became close friends and lovers. They shopped together and went out together. Shelia even introduced Margaret to the gay life in town. She enjoyed taking her to lesbian bars and introducing her to her friends as her daughter-in-law.

Margaret got a call from her mother to remind her that the holidays were coming up and asked if she was coming home for Thanksgiving. She covered the phone to ask Shelia if she was up to having Thanksgiving at her mother's home. Shelia had only met her at the wedding and had avoided any other contact with her. She reluctantly agreed to please Margaret.

Margaret asked her mother if she could bring Shelia along. Shelia had thought they had asked Margaret to bring her along. Great just what she wanted to be a fifth wheel at a family reunion.

When they were on the way up State to visit Margaret's family, Shelia wanted to know more about her parents. Margaret told her that her mother was 48-years-old now. Her name was Jane. Her father had passed away just before the wedding. That was why her mother had been so emotional at the wedding. When Shelia asked if her mother had a man in her life now, Margaret had to think about it for a moment, even before her father passes away Jane had never shown any interest males.

That got Margaret to wondering if her mother had any lesbian desires. She knew that she had a friend that she was very close with for years. It was her friend that she leaned on during her father's long illness. She had seen them hugging and kissing during those long nights but at the time she thought it had been just emotional support for each other. At the time had not even considered the idea of lesbian sex being a part of her life or her mother's.

When they arrived at her mother's home Shelia hugged her mother like a long lost friend when she was introduced to her. The family was gathering at her house this year for the dinner and the house was being filled to overflowing with relatives. The men were either watching the fall football games on TV and arguing over favorite team or in the back yard drinking beer and telling lies about their military adventures. The women were in the kitchen getting in each other's way as they made far too much food. The kids were running around playing and of course every now and then were getting hurt. By the time the leftovers were covered and put into the fridge or given to family members to take home with them the house showed the results of dirty shoes and beer on the carpet. The house even smelled like a bar with stale cigarette smoke and stale beer.

Shelia and Margaret helped clean up. They used spot remover to clean the rug as much as they could and they aired out the house before retiring to bed. Margaret and Shelia shared a bed together but were too tired to do anything that night or should I say morning after all it was long past midnight by the time they got to bed.

Shelia was not comfortable sleeping in a strange bed and woke up early and heard the noise coming from the kitchen. She got up and headed to the kitchen in her slip. She found Margaret's mother there getting out the makings for breakfast.

She started helping by making the coffee. The two of them sat down to have a cup and enjoy some of the leftover pastry from the night before. They talked about their families. Shelia was 10-years older than Margaret's mother but they had a lot in common. They gossiped about their husband's short comings. That led to them complaining about how little use their husbands had ever been at bring them to a climax.

Margaret's mother asked Shelia if she could ask a personal question. Shelia assured her, with a chuckle, that she could ask anything but of course she may not answer.

"What do you do for release now that you are a widow?"

Shelia sat back with her cup of coffee and took a sip of her coffee and said, "I masturbate quite often." She weighed her next comment before answering. "And I do have some friends that help me out now and then."

Margaret's mother was duly intrigued by the comment. It said a lot without saying much. She implied that she had sexual contact with others without saying if they were male or female.

She placed her hand on Shelia's leg and felt the muscles react to her touch. She had a feeling that Shelia was not opposed to a lesbian liaison. She felt that she could trust Shelia. "I love my husband but I have a girlfriend that visits me when I need something that he just can't give me. In fact you met her yesterday. Her name was Mary."

Shelia thought for a moment and remembered her. So that was the woman Margaret had told her about. She had been in the kitchen the entire time helping. She looked like she was 5 or 10 years younger that Margaret's mother. She admired her for her taste in women.

She placed her hand on top of Margaret's mother's hand and squeezed it firmly. Then she made a bold move and pulled her hand between her legs and closed her thighs on it. Margaret's mother could feel the warmth and instinctively she rubbed her crotch with her fingers. They were looking at each other's eyes and recognizing their mutual lust. Then they heard noise coming from the hall and knew that someone was about to enter the kitchen. Shelia opened her legs to let Margaret's mother to remove her hand.

It was Margaret coming it rubbing her eyes and headed for the cupboard to get a coffee cup. She joined them at the table and sipped her coffee. Shelia watched as Margaret's mother rubbed her nose with her fingers. She smiled as she watched the look on her face as she inhaled the aroma from her fingers. She knew that they were going to make love before they had to leave for home. The problem was going to be how they would get enough privacy to do so.

By this time Margaret's father was coming into the kitchen. He wanted coffee too. Margaret got it for him and her mother started making breakfast. While they were cleaning up Margaret's mother asked her husband to take Margaret with him to visit his mother in the hospital.

Shelia knew then that they would have the time to get better acquainted. When Margaret asked if she want to come along Shelia begged off saying that she would like to rest before they had to drive home. When there was just the two of them in the house Shelia made her move.

She came up behind Margaret's mother and reached under her arms to cup her breasts as she was washing the morning's dishes. The woman placed her soapy hands over hers and pressed them hard against her breasts. She turned to face Shelia and kissed her on the mouth. "Will you show me how you find release?, "she whispered.

Margaret's bed was not made so she led her to it and they stripped off what little clothing they had on and started making love to each other. They felt each other up while they kissed and sucked each other's breasts. When they placed their hands on each other's vulva they rubbed each other's crotch until they were aroused to a point where they each were eager to suck the other woman's pussy. "Just relax and enjoy it." Shelia said, as she mounted the younger woman in a 69 and they sucked and licked at each other until their cunts throbbing and their orgasms were racing through their bodies. They rested for a short time then they took turns making love to each other again. Shelia particularly enjoyed it when Margaret's mother licked her asshole as she confessed how desperately she wanted Shelia to do the same to her. She knew that she had a woman after her own heart. They were both sweaty and they showered together and got dressed. They made the beds and were having another cup of coffee by the time Margaret and her father got home.

When they were getting ready to go home Margaret's mother told them that she and Mary would have to come down for a visit soon. When they were on the road Margaret asked what that was all about. Shelia said, "Your mother was a dear."

Margaret looked at her and almost lost control of the car. "Did you make it with my mom?"

Shelia smiled, "She was a dear."

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