Liv Tyler's Weekend Retreat

Date: Sat 18th May 2002

Disclaimer #1: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between females. If you are too young to view such material, or your are forbidden to view such material due to where you live, go back now and don't read any further.

Disclaimer #2: This story is a complete work of fiction. It is not intended to imply anything about the sexuality or lifestyle of Liv Tyler. It's a story, just enjoy it, don't take it too seriously!

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Liv Tyler's Weekend Retreat, Part 1

Liv was stressed. There was no denying it -- the pressures of work, family and other relationships had finally taken their toll.

She was lounging around in her apartment, dressed only in a white t-shirt and panties. Her lack of make-up or other adornments allowed her stunning natural beauty to shine through. She had decided to take an entire month off - time to spend by herself, doing only the things she had wanted to do. It wasn't really going to plan - instead of relaxing and fulfilling activities, Liv found herself just watching TV and reading magazines, and was getting quite bored of it.

She was slouched on the sofa, flicking through a copy of FHM magazine, which she often bought as it made her laugh. This time, as had sometimes happened before, her deep, soulful gaze was lingering on the photographs of women.

"Mmm.", Liv thought, as she stopped at a particular page. She was looking at a series of pictures of a model wearing classic white lacy lingerie. The model had long, dark blonde hair, beautiful blue-green eyes, and a very sexy and curved figure. "Wow, she's stunning. Her breasts look just perfect in that bra, and those tight little panties...".

She broke off the thought.

"Get a grip on yourself, girl!", Liv said to herself out loud, although her left hand, which was now slowly stroking her breasts though her t-shirt, remained.

She placed the magazine onto the sofa beside her. Then, as delicately as a feather, she used the index finger of her right hand to brush between her legs. As she spread her legs further apart to reveal her beautiful white inner thighs, she slipped her hand inside her panties to caress the moist warmth within.

Liv Tyler moaned loudly as she succumbed to the intense pleasure...

Later, she was clearing up her living room and picked up the magazine, casting a glance over the pictures of the young woman with mixed feelings -- another erotic surge, mixed with a tinge of guilt and confusion. She barely registered the French-sounding name of the model as she shook her head to dismiss the thoughts she was having and flicked the pages over to close the magazine.

As she did, the classified section near the back caught her eye. There was a photograph of a tranquil mountain setting, with a lake surrounded by trees. It was an ad for a "back to nature" hiking holiday.

"That's it!", she exclaimed triumphantly, "Just what I need!".

Immediately, Liv picked up her cell phone and dialed the number. An old sounding woman answered,

"Mountain Retreats, how may I help?"

"Oh, hi", Liv replied, "I've just seen your ad, and I'd like to book a hiking holiday for a few days, maybe a long weekend."

"That's no problem, dear", the lady answered, "When would you like to come?"

"Is this weekend possible?", asked Liv.

"Yes, except that the expedition planned for this weekend is a little different and..."

"Different? How?", Liv interrupted.

"Oh, it's just that it's a women-only hike. Sometimes we run them so that single women can come and have a good time without being hit on by men. Sometimes married women come on these to get away from the family for a few days. It's just that if you were planning to bring a boyfriend or husband it wouldn't be possible this weekend".

“That's fine – perfect in fact”, said Liv. “I just want to get away from the stress of work for a few days”.

They completed the booking, and before she knew it, two days later, Liv was standing outside a big log cabin in the woods and the foot of a mountain, 200 miles from the nearest city. It was late afternoon.

She put her rucksack on the ground, took a deep breath of crystal clear air, and looked around at the scenery. She was dressed simply in denim shorts and a tight green t-shirt, with her fabulous long hair tied back loosely.

“I feel a million times better already!”, she thought as she gazed at the tranquil forest setting.

She spun around as she heard the door of the cabin open.

“Hi!”, a female voice called from the doorway.

“Um, hello...”, Liv called back to the unseen figure.

The mysterious figure stepped from the doorway. She seemed nervous.

“Oh! Ms. Tyler! Um, err, Liv. Can I call you Liv? Wow you're tall. We haven't had anyone famous here before, and you, you're so, well...”

Liv stepped in, as the girl was starting to blush.

“Please, I'm not going to do a Britney on you and make all sorts of demands and act like a prima donna, OK? Just treat me like a regular customer”.

The girl smiled and visibly relaxed. Liv studied her. She was young – early twenties, and healthy looking. Tanned, with shortish, messy, naturally blonde hair. She was about 5' 7” in height, with large breasts and a very pretty face. She started to speak,

“Cool! My name's Kate by the way. I lead these hikes – please come to me with any  questions, and if you'd like to follow me now I'll show you where you're going to be sleeping tonight”. As Kate was saying this, she was thinking that she was probably in the presence of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. It was exhilarating and a little intimidating.

As they walked inside, Kate continued,

“There are going to be five of us in total this weekend, all about the same age, so we should have some fun.”

At this point she hesitated, as a smile had come over her face. Liv smiled back although she didn't understand this, but didn't have a chance to ask about it as Kate continued,

“We'll all sleep here tonight, then set off early tomorrow. We'll hike about 25 miles into the forest, and make a camp near the lake. Don't worry about camping equipment – everything's already set up – mixture of two, three and four person tents and a place for a big open fire. After that we have a number of different routes we can take back here – we'll all decide later”.

Liv barely registered the large living room as they passed through it, only noticing that it felt welcoming and comfortable and had a large fireplace. She detected the smell of a meal being prepared somewhere. Kate climbed the wide wooden staircase, and opened a door, behind which was a large simply decorated, wood paneled room, filled with eight double beds. Liv followed her in.

“This is it! We all sleep in here!”, Kate said, “I hope you don't mind sharing, but I designed it this way. It helps the group bond, and it tends to get people into that summer camp, outdoorsy mood!”.

Liv smiled, and said,

“No, I don't mind – it'll be fun! I'm glad it's just us girls, though!”

Kate looked Liv directly in the eye and gave her a long, quizzical look, until she finally smiled her big friendly smile again. She extended her arms and said,

“So, then, welcome! Officially!”.

Feeling a little awkward, Liv returned the hug. Kate hugged her tightly. Liv was taller, and could smell her hair and scent and could feel Kate's breath on her breasts. Those mixed, confused but erotic feelings returned, but still they held each other.

Eventually, they had to break apart. Liv felt very odd – butterflies in her stomach, slightly flushed in the face, slightly sexually aroused, and grinning an enormous grin. Kate looked exactly the same.

“Um, well, thanks”, said Liv.

“Well”, Kate said, “We have a couple of hours before everyone else arrives, so...”,

“Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know...”, Liv interrupted.

“Oh, no, it's fine, I didn't mean..., I mean we can do something if you like. I'll show everyone around later, but we could swim, play tennis, uh, there's a sauna and Jacuzzi, and I'm...”, Kate looked down shyly, “I'm a trained masseur...”

Liv wasn't even admitting to herself how tempting the last option sounded, so instead she said,

“A hot tub would be perfect. Let me just find something to wear”.

Liv emptied her bag onto the nearest double bed, rummaged around and found a light blue two-piece swimming costume.

“Let's go!” cried Kate.

Twenty minutes later, they were both in an outdoor hot tub sitting on opposite sides, with the bubble jets on full power. Both wore swimming costumes, and at Kate's insistence, both were sharing a bottle of chilled white wine.

“Mmmmm”, sighed Liv as she sank back into the water, “now I'm really starting to unwind”.

Kate smiled. Their conversation had become much more relaxed, and Kate was enjoying every second she spent in the company of this tall, dark, beautiful young woman. In fact, she was finding it very hard not to stare at the way water ran over Liv's shoulders, full breasts and stomach.

Kate took a sip of wine to steady her nerves about what she was about to say. With a pretend giggle, she said, “It's even more relaxing if you sit over one of the bubble jets”. She hoped it sounded cheeky and spontaneous, when in fact she had been planning to say it for ten minutes.

Liv's eyes and mouth opened wide as she gasped,

“Kate! I'm shocked”, although she made it clear she was saying it playfully.

Kate looked Liv directly in the eyes. There was no going back now. “Oh, go on!”, she said.

“Only if you will too”, said Liv archly.

So, both keeping direct eye contact, (“Those eyes!”, sighed Kate to herself), and smiling nervously, they positioned their bodies so that each had a jet directly between their legs. There was no denying the sexual tension now.

Each girl squirmed at the sensations. Each girl was feeling growing pleasure, and trying not to show it too much. Each girl maintained eye contact with the other as their expressions moved from nervous smiles to wide eyed arousal. Sooner or later, one of them would break. It was Liv.

“Oooohhhh...” she moaned. “This does feel nice...”.

This was exactly what Kate had wanted. But now she wanted more. With them both now breathing heavily, Kate said,

“What, Liv? What is it that feels so good? Tell me...”

Liv was taken aback. “You mean....?”

“Yes”, said Kate. “Tell me what you're feeling”

The though of expressing her sexual feelings to this attractive girl made Liv even more aroused. So she started to describe,

“It's the bubbles, the vibration, between my legs... it's... it... mmmm... it's caressing my... my pussy...”. Liv stopped as she said the word out loud, shocked at herself.

It had had an effect on Kate too. She was obviously masturbating. One hand was moving inside her swimsuit bottoms, and the other was caressing her nipples, which were now prominent. Liv stared.

“Please, Liv, tell me...” sighed Kate.

“It's, uhhhh, touching every part of my pussy, mmmmm, my clit, mmm, it feels so good...”.

This was too much for Kate. She had been staring at Liv, her face, her breasts looking so beautiful in her bikini, her legs so tempting. She moved across the pool toward Liv. They still had eye contact. Liv was breathing heavily. Kate stopped in front of Liv, their bodies not quite touching. Kate reached out with her right hand, and placed it in on the side of Liv's face, gently caressing it.

“Ohhhh... Kate...”, Liv sighed, and in that moment she decided she wanted this experience more than anything, and in this way gave Kate unspoken permission to proceed..

Kate slowly leaned forward, tiled her head to one side, and kissed Liv. Kissed those beautiful, full lips. Liv responded, hesitantly at first, then hard. She kissed Kate with all her passion, moaning softly. Liv's hand held the back of Kate's head, while their tongues intertwined. Liv had never been with another woman before, and she could not believe how wonderful this kiss felt. Their lips caressed each other as they both used their tongues to explore each other's mouth. The occasional moan of passion escaped from both girls.

Kate's left hand moved to Liv's breast, and softly stroked her erect nipple through her bikini. Liv's moaning grew louder and her kisses more feverish. Kate broke off the kiss, and instead started to kiss Liv's smooth neck. Kate shifted her body so that their breasts were pushed together, and maneuvered herself so that she was sitting across Liv's leg. She leaned into Liv, putting pressure on her own clitoris.

“Mmmmmm, Liv”, Kate gasped. Liv knew what was happening and it turned her on even more. Kate was rocking gently on her leg, and so Liv used her own body movements to further stimulate Kate's pussy.

Kate was still passionately kissing Liv, and softly caressing her face, but her left hand had slowly snaked its way down Liv's almost naked body. Kate broke off the kiss to stare deeply into Liv's eyes and at the same time started to stroke Liv's pussy through her bikini briefs. The loudest moan yet escaped from Liv's lips.

"Ooohhhh.... mmmm... Oh, Kate...”

Kate was gasping and moaning as well as her body continued to rock back and forth against Liv's. She felt incredibly turned on, her feelings enhanced by the slight unreality of being here, in a swimming costume making love with this beautiful actress. Her pussy was incredibly wet and sensitised as the sensation from Kate and the bubbles combined. Kate leaned in close, and whispered in Liv's ear,

“Liv, you are so beautiful, so sexy, I've never felt so good... I think I'm... I think I'm going to...”

“Yes...”, breathed Liv.

“I think I'm going to cum...”

Just saying the word had an electric effect. Their passion stepped up to a new level . Kate and Liv's kissing was like nothing on earth. Kate slipped her hand into Liv's briefs, and ran her fingers over Liv's wet pussy lips.

“Aahhhh... oohhhh” cried Liv, “Oh, Kate, yes!”

Kate found Liv's hard clit and started to stroke it. Meanwhile she was rocking back and forth on Liv's leg, increasing her own pleasure.

Kate whispered into Liv ear again, although it was getting hard to form the words,

“Liv, mmmm, I  want to make you cum too...”

That was it. These two gorgeous young women were about to reach their sexual climax together. 

It started with Liv. She felt the unmistakable sensations building within her. Kate's kissing felt so perfect, her caressing, her touching, the feel of her body moving against Liv's, Kate's hand expertly rubbing her pussy and clit...

“mmmm... ohhhhhhhhhh... MMmmmm.... AHHHUHHH.... ”

Liv came. Her orgasm was powerful, beautiful, perfect. Her whole body shuddered with pleasure, she couldn't help the animal sounds that she was making. It didn't seem to stop. Kate was doing this to her. Oh, God, this felt so good. Right when she thought the sensations were stopping, Kate's orgasm came. Kate cried out in pleasure, staring kissing Liv again, so that their cries, lips, tongues, their very orgasms merged into one climatic whole. Liv loved that she was watching Kate come. It turned her on even more. Kate had moved close to Liv and managed to wrap one of her legs under one of Liv's so that their clits were pressed together through their bikini briefs. Liv had never felt anything so good. They kissed each other's lips, faces, necks, and stroked and grabbed at each others bodies with their hands, their bodies were moving together, each pussy giving pleasure to the other.

Another orgasm was building within them both.

“Oh, fuck”, moaned Kate, as Liv also felt grow it within her, like a living thing.

“Mmmmm, yes, Kate...” she sighed.

“Oh, Liv, this is so....”

They came. Their clits humping hard against each other, their breasts pushed together, and their tongues intertwined, they came, like an explosion of sexual pleasure. Both felt the sensation of their own orgasm doubled, as if each were experiencing the others. They shuddered, moaned, cried out and kissed until normality returned.

Kate managed to reach out and hit the button to turn of the jets. They held each other, in the same position for a full ten minutes, one girl occasionally kissing the other with a light moan of satisfaction.

Eventually, Kate broke away, and they sat side by side in the warm pool in silence. When the silence was broken, it was by both of them speaking at the same time,

“Oh, Liv...”

“Kate, I ...”

“Um, you first”

“No, you first”

“Oh, Liv, you're so beautiful. I've never felt anything like this. You're just so... perfect.”

The look on Kate's face told Liv that she really meant it, and maybe a whole lot more besides.

“Kate, I think you're absolutely beautiful too, you're a beautiful person and you're totally sexy too. This is the best thing that could have happened.”

Kate let out an obvious sigh of relief. “Good. OK. “ She giggled, and learned forward to kiss Liv once more. “Let's go back inside and wait for the others, shall we?”.

End of part one. Their weekend has only just begun!