As always, this is only a figment of my own imagination. If lesbian sex offends you, I advise you not to read on.

For my dearest, Fallon.

Closer to You

By Nikki

As soon as the 747 Boeing jet screeched to a halt on the tarmac, Adrien knew her life had begun. She took a deep breath trying her hardest to control her excitement as she waited for her turn to exit the over capacitated cabin of the coach flight. For over a year she'd been planning her scheme of moving to New Orleans with her long distance girlfriend, Kylee, and now the time had arrived. Snatching up her carry-on back pack and her purse, she pursued the front of the plane, giving a half-hearted fair well to the flight attendants as she exited.

If ever there was a moment where twenty year old Adrien needed oxygen that was the time, for she thought she would pass out before she even got a chance to see her pride and joy, Kylee. Her heart leaped out of her chest at the prospect of starting anew here with her beloved if only she could find her. Adrien grabbed her two oversized duffle bags, remembering that not even three hours ago her mom had scorned her for attempting to take so many items on her trip. Adrien's hometown of Chicago was quite a jump to New Orleans and knowing that she wouldn't be back for awhile fueled her need to pack as much of her possessions as she could fit into the sturdy canvas bags. With each step she took toward the terminal's exit the straps of her luggage seemed to dig deeper into her skin, but the discomfort did not stop her from her endeavor of reaching her goal. So Adrien pressed on, struggling with all her might, and determined not to give up until she was in her girlfriend's tight embrace.

It was like God himself opened up the gates of heaven when Adrien saw the first glimpse of Kylee's beautiful face in the clearing. She recognized Kylee's bright green eyes and vibrant smile from any quadrant of the universe. Seeing Kylee gave Adrien the strength of ten lions as her bags suddenly felt almost weightless on her back and in her hands. Wide smiles were plastered across both the girls' faces as the distance between them closed. It took only a fraction of a second for Adrien to drop her load and to have her girlfriend in her arms again. She felt that she could have picked Kylee up by her tapered waist and flung her around in sheer merriment, but instead, two pairs of soft lips kissed each other in the middle of New Orleans' airport and neither could have cared less what the ogling crowd thought. Let them have their opinions, all the girls cared about were each other's presence and love.

"God, I've missed you Adrien Leah." Kylee whispered tenderly into her girlfriend's ear as she kissed the area.

"I've missed you too, baby." Adrien returned with tears of happiness rolling down her rounded cheek. With that, the couple exited en route to the parking garage to dump the many pounds of Adrien's belongings.

"Well, it's nice to know that you're a light packer." Kylee commented as she rolled one of Adrien's hefty blue duffle bags.

"Hey just be glad that I didn't pack my entire room, because I seriously wanted to. I had to fight with my mom just to get this much out of the house. Do you know that woman was gonna send me on my way with only a toothbrush, a pair of underwear, and a prayer? Personally, I need a little more than that to survive."

Kylee chuckled as she unlocked the car's trunk with her keyless remote. "Yeah, well that's more than what my mom would have shipped me off with. I would have been lucky if I even got the prayer."

They both shared a laugh as the two girls finished loading Kylee's silver Dodge Stratus and headed for University of New Orleans's campus apartments. Not only would Adrien live in New Orleans, but attend school there as well, not looking back at the past she had in Chicago. It all seemed really bleak when she looked back at her life in retrospect. Her life without Kylee seemed almost meaningless compared to this very moment. For the first time in Adrien's life, things felt in order and in her favor.

"You hungry, baby?" Kylee asked reaching her right hand over and squeezing Adrien's inner thigh as the other gripped the steering wheel. Adrien squealed in delight at the feel of Kylee's petite hands wrapping around her leg.

"Stop that you know I'm ticklish there hunny!"

Kylee furrowed her brow and pouted her lips in mock disappointment. It took everything within Adrien not to reach over and kiss her girlfriend's cute pout...god she wanted her so bad. Everything about Kylee made Adrien burn with desire for her. Kylee's soft light brown hair, riddled with wisps of her natural blond and iridescent peridot eyes placed her in a constant trance. And Kylee's soft feminine curves were nothing short of awe inspiring in Adrien's opinion and even though Kylee was two years older than Adrien and stood a clean inch over her girlfriend, she possessed the look of an underclassman in high school. Adrien constantly joked on how she was continuously carded because Kylee had the face of a sixteen year old girl. For this, Adrien was always scorned by Kylee.

"Oh I have an idea of what I want to eat." Adrien's suggestive tone was all Kylee needed to indicate just exactly was on her girlfriend's fiendish mind. It had nothing to do with fast food, nothing to do with a classy sit down dinner, and everything to do with Adrien's face being bury between Kylee's legs. Adrien's deep brown eyes were unknowingly fixated on her the space between her girlfriend's shapely thighs. The younger girl was all but foaming at the mouth from lusting so much over her lover.

"Baby!" Kylee exclaimed, knocking Adrien out of her hypnotic trance.

"Huh, what?"

Kylee chucked, "Ok, you're drooling everywhere and burning a hole in my crotch. Be a good girl until we get back to your apartment and then I will let you get what you deserve."

It was then that Kylee gave her a look that drove Adrien absolutely nuts. A look that positively assured Adrien what was to come later that night...a look that made her core wet with unadulterated arousal.

"Chicken! I want chicken for dinner." Adrien randomly exclaimed, her voice bursting through the thick silence.

"Yeah that's right, give me a freaking heart attack why don't you. You and your damn chicken..." Adrien only smiled as Kylee scoffed and rambled on at her. "So, Raising Canes or Popeye's or did you have another place in mind?" The older girl asked.

"Surprise me, baby."

"Canes it is then."


The ride from the fast food restaurant was only scant moments from the University's apartments on campus. Both girls were delighted to have finally reached their destination; the day's traveling and extended driving had taken a toll on the couple. Kylee parked as close as she could to her girlfriend's assigned door and they both exited the car.

"You are in 219A right? Kylee asked turning her ignition off.

"Yes ma'am I am."

"I sure hope this place is equipped with an elevator cuz there is just no way in hell we're going to get these body bags up a flight of stairs."

Two trips were taken before Adrien's luggage was safely stowed in her apartment. They both plopped down on the lumpy apartment couch and slouched on one another. There was a moment of silent bliss as the pair sat comfortably in each other's company enjoying the moment.

"How about we check out this place, love?" Adrien suggested.

"Hmmm?" Just like that Kylee had drifted asleep, but not to Adrien's surprise. She knew that Kylee had had a long grueling day dealing with the clients at her work. On top of that Kylee had driven an hour to and from the airport and helped her lug bricks for luggage up a flight of stairs twice. Kylee deserved nothing short of a good night's rest in Adrien's eyes.

"C'mon you, lets get some sheets on the bed and crash for the night." Kylee only yawned as a reply, pulling herself of the sofa and following Adrien to what would not only be her bedroom, but Kylee's too whenever she pleased.

"Why don't you wash up while I put the linen on the bed and then we can both lie together? I'm so glad it's Friday; I'd feel like shit if you had to drive all the way back home from here and still have to get up and go to work in the morning."

"Me too baby." Kylee agreed sleepily grabbing her tooth brush and towel out of her overnight bag. "Do you have any toothpaste?"

"Yeah, look in the smaller case. It should be in the front pocket."

Adrien couldn't help but to admire the roundness of her girlfriend's ass as she searched through her suitcase for the Crest. Adrien only hope that she wouldn't find it anytime soon. Slight disappointment coursed across the younger girl's face at the thought of not being able to make love to Kylee. Weeks had gone by since she'd last laid eyes on her beautiful girlfriend and all she wanted to do was ravage Kylee's body with her hands and mouth, but Adrien was grateful anyhow. Just to be in the same room with mate was all she could ask for...there would always be time for sex later.

"Found it!" Kylee exclaimed, en route for the bathroom. Adrien had slipped into a world of her own, her thoughts tangled in how happy she was to finally being with girl who stood mere feet from her instead of hundreds of miles.

"All hell you gotta walk in shower with the sliding glass doors... lucky bitch. Fuck living at home, I'm moving in with you." How Adrien only wished that would be the truth. That Kylee would leave home and just run away with her forever. She didn't ask for much, however. Being a simple car ride away sufficed greatly.


"Shit, it's one in the morning already?" Kylee yawned crawling beneath the sheets, joining her naked girlfriend in bed. She, naked herself, settled down nestling her head under Adrien's arm, turning toward the younger girl and looking up at her. After awhile Adrien felt the presence of two little green eyes on her and looked down at Kylee.

"You're so cute, I love you baby girl."

"I love you too, Adrien Leah." There was another string of silence before Kylee spoke again. "I can't believe you're really. I mean here, here and not just for like a couple of days. I mean at first I was unsure...I mean you left everything you knew and loved just to be here with me. That means a lot to me. I don't think I could have made the move you did."

Adrien turned toward Kylee locking her brown eyes on Kylee's emerald orbs. Her heart fluttered with an unadulterated love for the girl opposite of her. Kylee made a special energy run through Adrien's veins, energy unlike any other person could give her.

"You know I'd do anything for Ky...I love you baby."

Kylee knew Adrien loved her, so much in fact that Adrien would never have to say it and she would still know. The look in Adrien's eyes or the sound of her voice was evidence enough that the younger was madly in love with the older and this made Kylee's heart soar with sheer happiness. Moments later Adrien felt the soft petals of Kylee's lips touch her own in a delicate gesture of affection. Adrien returned the favor, kissing Kylee back, her arms warmly wrapping her girlfriend in a loving embrace. Adrien dared to allow her tongue to slip into Kylee's quivering mouth, hoping that she would allow her entry. Adrien's heart damn near burst from the restraints of her rib cage as her tongue slid deftly into Kylee's tepid mouth, the feel of their tongues dancing intimately with one another only succeeded in making the space between Adrien's legs water with need. After a few moments of their heated lip lock, Adrien pulled away reluctantly.

"Baby, I know you are tired...and...when we kiss like that...I..." She stammered.

Kylee only brought her index finger to Adrien's full lips silencing her bumbling speech, the dim light of the room giving her eyes a perfectly dark shade of lust. Adrien began to plant kisses on Kylee's sweetly scented neck, taking miniature nibbles from her soft skin, eliciting small chuckles from her girlfriend. The younger girl's mouth continued its quest, licking a path from her neck down to the valley between Kylee's full breasts favoring every portion of the structure except for the hardened, pink pebble in the center. Small moans escaped Kylee's parted lips as she arched her back and shifted to allow her aching nipple to sink into Adrien's hungry mouth. Adrien took the hint sucking softly on her girlfriend's tit while kneading the other with her warm hand. Adrien had waited so very long for this time with be able to make her girlfriend scream her name in make her cum from her touch, and now was that time.

"Touch me baby, I miss your hands on me."

Kylee had Adrien with the first word. With that, the younger girl continued her way down the length of Kylee's perfectly figured body, only stopping along the way to take small kisses from her abdomen. The older girl's body fidgeted in anticipation of Adrien's mouth devouring her juicy core and her legs widened to accommodate her girlfriend's body between them. As Adrien drew closer to Kylee's sex, the sweet scent of her arousal crept into Adrien's nostrils and sent her head whirling in a sea of pleasure. She could practically taste her girlfriend's nectar on her tongue as she suckled and licked Kylee's inner thighs, alternating from one thigh to another. Waves of pleasure pulsed throughout Kylee's veins as Adrien's lips neared her throbbing pussy with every kiss she planted up her thigh. She shuttered in delight at the first sensation of Adrien's warm breath upon her drooling sex; the feeling making her eyelids flutter close as she reveled in the moment. Kylee could tell at any moment her girlfriend would plunge her tongue deep within her watery depts. She grasped a hand full of sheets in her fists as Adrien sucked lightly on her pussy lips, the sucking, slurping sound of her girlfriend's actions driving her into a wonderful madness.

"Mmmm." Was all Adrien moaned along with a series of lustful noises. Reaching her hand to her girlfriend's dripping pussy, Adrien parted Kylee's delicate nether lips to give her tongue better access to the inside of her soft pink flower. Kylee held a vice like grip onto the bed sheets with the feel of Adrien's tongue tracing her wet entrance and then up to her small protruding clit. A cry of pleasure fell from the elder's mouth as Adrien sucked feverishly on the morsel hidden between her lovely folds.

"Oh God baby, hmmm..." Kylee's body jerked every time a jolt of sexual electricity coursed through her body. Adrien's lips only smiled around Kylee's clit as she suckled it once more before sliding her tongue down to her sopping hole. Inhaling a deep whiff of Kylee's scent, Adrien probed her tongue deep inside of her girlfriend's body, forcing a deep growl to from between Kylee's clenched teeth. Kylee's body all but threw itself from the bed as Adrien's tongue swirled around the inside of Kylee's watery depths, lick every little inch of her sugary walls. Kylee's eyes screwed shut from immeasurable pleasure as she felt two fingers filling up her pussy and brushing lightly against her g-spot. Kylee's mind and body felt like it was trapped in a permanent state of euphoria and never wanted to be released. The feelings she felt at that point, both physically and emotionally, could only be forged by her beloved girlfriend and no one else. God, how could something feel so incredible? Nor Kylee or Adrien wanted their love making to end, they only wanted to be trapped in this state of bliss for as long as blood ran through their veins and oxygen filled their lungs.

Adrien concentrated deeply on bringing her girlfriend to the peak of her pleasures. Kylee's hips bobbed up and down on Adrien's slippery fingers rapidly making her tits bounce merrily with each thrust of her pelvis. Kylee continued to moan sexily as her walls began constricting tighter and tighter around the younger girl's protruding fingers. For a moment Adrien's stopped drilling Kylee's pussy to readjust her fingers' position, twisting her wrist so that her palm was to the ceiling, her index and middle fingers bent to the perfect angle for reaching Kylee's secret hot spot. Slowly, she began pumping her digits in and out of Kylee's tight pussy as she returned her lips back to her engorged clitoris. Kylee's eyes and mouth shot opened but no sound fell from her lips. Her back arched sharply and lifted off the bed as Adrien's finger's regained its earth shattering pace once more and the suctioning sensation of her mouth all but swallowed Kylee's pussy whole. Reaching up with her free hand, Adrien clasped her fingers with Kylee's and looked up at her. Adrien had never seen such a beautiful image in her life and she wanted to treasure it in her memory for as long as her mind would allow. Kylee's grip around Adrien's intertwined fingers tightened as she neared orgasm. Adrien could feel her two fingers being sucked into Kylee's weeping pussy as her walls constricted more with every thrust. Kylee clutched her breasts in each hand, gripping them tightly and squeezing her darkened nipples as Adrien fucked her pussy with such force that the entire bed shook to the rhythm of their movements.

Releasing her left hand from her tit, Kylee gathered a handful of Adrien's raven locks and pulled, rendering Adrien you moan deeply into her girlfriend's womanhood. Gripping on to either one of Kylee's thighs, Adrien's forced her tongue as deep as it could possibly reach inside of Kylee's pussy hole and cleaned her insides with every stroke she took. Kylee nearly amputated Adrien's tongue as it shut forcefully around the structure with her orgasm. Wave after glorious wave of pleasure overwhelmed Kylee as she felt girl cum squirt from her body and into Adrien's waiting mouth. The younger girl lapped hungrily at Kylee's gooey arousal, not letting a drop of the sweet mixture go to waste.

Gradually, Kylee's fists loosened its grip from the crumpled damp sheets and the flashing lights behind her lids subsided. Her heart beat regulated once more and oxygen filled her lungs again. She saw as Adrien rested beside her, a thin residue of sweat covering her face and body. Her body seemed to glisten from the dim light situated being her on a nearby nightstand. Adrien also fought to regain her composure, the wild beat of her heart still thumping harshly in her chest. Adrien rested her dark strands on Kylee's chest feeling content that she's brought her girlfriend so much gratification. A cool New Orleans' breeze washed over the two girls, their hot, sticky bodies thanking the night for giving them a refreshingly brisk treat. It wasn't long until Adrien felt Kylee's soft lips touch her skin again, this time placing tender kisses on her cooling forehead. Adrien closed her eyes and smiled into Kylee's breast, snuggling her head comfortably into the soft, fleshy pillow. Yawning, Adrien took her girlfriends left nipple into her mouth and suckled softly in the same manner an infant would. Kylee chuckled softly, kissing her girlfriend on her forehead again and resting back into her pillow.

"Thank you." Kylee murmured closing her eyes enjoying the night air and quiet atmosphere.

"You never have to thank me, sweetie...I love you." Adrien's words were tailed by a series of yawns. All the night's activities had completely drained the younger girl.

"I love you too baby. I'm glad you're here to stay, that makes me happy."

"It makes me happy too, Ky."

Silenced filled the room before they both snuggled into each other and said their final goodnights.

Finally, Adrien and Kylee were together and both felt the happiest they ever had in a long while.