Drowning in Lust

Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexuality between females.

With the Spring term just around the corner, I found myself standing in front of the main
campus bulletin board, in search of a suitable place to stay. It was my Sophomore year at
university, and the thought of spending another day at home with my parents wasn't exactly
what I had in mind. However, after spending nearly an hour perusing the wall, I hadn't struck
gold quite yet.

Just before I decided to give up, I eyed a small sheet pinned on the board with the following

Single White Female seeks Female roommate for semester
preferably hot, or at least brainy, but I'll settle
No bitchiness either. You know the drill.
call 555-3825

Normally such an ad would probably be the last one I would even bother considering, but the
address was near the campus and I knew the neighborhood well. Even still, I was having a
hard time analyzing the actual content of the ad.

"Whatever," I thought to myself. "Probably her idea of a joke to scare away bad roommates."

With that in mind, I pulled out my cell and dialed the number. After about ten rings I let out a
sigh and hung up.

"Dammit, the only worthwhile place to stay this term and there's no one home."

Then, just as I finished my sentence, my phone rang in my hand, startling me back to

"Hello?" I asked.

"Who are you?" said the voice on the other end.

"Excuse me?"

"Who am I talking to, nimrod?"

The voice was more than a little sarcastic, almost exactly like the content of the ad. A
flashbulb went off in my head.

"Lexa," I replied.

"What?" came the voice again.

"Lexa, my name is Lexa."

"Okay, okay, calm down. What can I do for you, Lexa?"

I raised the ad up in front of my face, peering at the print more closely with my eyes.

"I'm inquiring about your roommate add for this semester. Have you found anyone yet?"

There was a pause on the other end, followed by a few shuffling sounds.

"Do you like to go clubbing, Lexa?" the voice asked.

I paused myself for a moment.

"Not really," I replied, honestly.

"Me neither, I hate it," she smirked.

"Umm, the roommate thing?" I asked, trying to get back to the real topic.

"Oh ya, okay you got it. Drop by this afternoon and I'll help you unpack."

Her abrupt answer caught me off guard.

"Okay... that's it?"

"Well, ya, what did you expect? Having to fight with the other applicants to the death?"

"Never mind," I answered. "So what time should I meet you."

"Try after two, I should be back by then."

"Okay. Umm, I didn't get your name."

"You're right, you didn't," she said, non chalantly.

"What is your name, may I ask?"

"I don't give out personal information over the phone."

"But you don't mind posting your phone number on a public bulletin board?"

"You have a problem with that?" she asked.

I shook my head, smirking inwardly.

"No, it's fine. I'll see you at two then."

"See ya, Lexa," she replied, before quickly hanging up on her end.

I looked at my phone for a few more seconds, before placing it back in my pocket.

"This should be interesting," I said to myself.


By the time 2pm rolled around, I was already sitting out front of the apartment complex in my
car, gazing at the building with suspicious eyes. Slowly, I got out of my car and walked up to
the front door. I peered at the buzzer list, stopping on the ad's number, 369. Strangely
enough, it was the only listing on the whole board with the tenant's first name scratched out.
I pressed the button, swallowing the anxiety I had built up throughout the course of the
afternoon. I didn't have to wait long before the speaker came to life.

"You're early, squirt," came a loud, distorted voice.

"Pardon?" I asked, confused.

"Oops, shit... Who is this?"

"It's Lexa. Umm, your new roommate?"

"Oh ya, right. Come on up."

The door buzzed and I pulled it open, leaving my car parked out front. As I made my way into
the elevator and up to the third floor, I found myself fidgeting madly with my keys, trying to
hide my nervousness. I pulled out the ad from the bulletin board just as I reached the door
for suite 369. Before I had a chance to knock, the door swung open, revealing the figure of
the sarcastic voice I had been conversing with over the phone.

"Hi," I said, trying my best not to stutter. "I'm Lexa."

She was wearing a wrinkled black tank top with pink trim and a pair of blue jeans. Her hair
was short and blonde with dark brown tips, which matched her dark eyes. She had a pair of
headphones around her neck that were playing a very fast, noisy tune. Her expression
quickly changed from an almost angry glare to a sarcastic grin.

"Holy shit," she said, without skipping a beat.

"What?" I asked, looking over my shoulder and back at her, confused. She seemed to be
eyeing me very intently.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm Jordan, Lexa. Come right in I'll give ya the grand tour."

Her eyes seemed to pass over my frame as I walked past her and into the apartment. From
the looks of her attire I half expected the place to be a mess but thankfully it seemed fine.
The living room had two couches and a TV, and across from it was a dining room table next
to the kitchen. The windows looked out over the neighborhood and the afternoon sun was
spilling into the room from outside.

"This is nice," I said, looking around and turning the first corner.

Jordan raised both arms and spun around slowly, as if to show off the place.

"Isn't it? It had better be for the rent I pay. But I guess I can thank you now for taking half of
that bullet for me."


She walked into the living room, pointing with one hand while the other raised her
headphones back to her ears.

"TV's there, and the bathroom is over there. Cheers."

Then, with her headphones back on her head, she plunked down onto one of the couches as
if I had just disappeared altogether. I gave an odd look, turning around and noticing that the
front door was still open. I reached over and closed it, turning back to Jordan as she buried
her head in a magazine.

"Umm... I'll go down and get my stuff I guess."


A few hours later, as I was standing in what was supposed to be my new bedroom, I heard a
knock on the door. I looked up from the clutter of boxes to see Jordan standing at the door,
holding a towel.

"I'm gonna have a shower now," she said, in her usual matter-of-fact tone.

I looked at my watch.

"At 4:15 in the afternoon?"

Jordan grabbed the door frame and dragged herself back in front of it, glaring slightly.

"You got a problem with that?"

"Oh, no... I mean, of course not," I said, stumbling over my words.

"Good," she remarked, turning away from the door and throwing her towel over her shoulder.

I stood up, still holding the contents of one of my boxes until I heard the first sound of a
showerhead from across the hallway. Shrugging off the little exchange, I went back to work

After a few minutes, the faint sound of rushing water stopped and the bathroom door opened.
I kept my back turned to the door as the sound of footsteps approached.

"Need any help?" Jordan asked, this time not sarcastically.

I turned around to see her standing with a partially wet towel wrapped around her torso and
dripping wet hair. The initial sight caught me off guard and I couldn't help but turn red.

"Uhh, no I think I should be fine, Jordan, thanks..."

"Jord is fine, and yes you do need help," she said, cutting me off in mid-sentence.

"I do?"

"Yes, you do. I hate all of that social bullshit that goes around with asking for help. Someone
asks to help to be nice, but the person declines to be nice back, and the other person insists
and blah, blah, so on and so forth. Let's skip that and get down to business, kay?"

"Okay..." I said, a little confused.

Jordan approached me and leaned over to pick up a pile of my clothes from a box. The fresh
smell of her skin and hair filled my nostrils and her close proximity gave me goosebumps
under my clothes. I tried to hide it but Jordan's eyes seemed to fixate on my expression the
whole time. Still, without even acting like it happened, she stood back to full height and
peered at the clothes in her hands.

"Nice," she said, commenting on one of my tops. "Can I wear this one sometime?"

"Umm, sure," I replied, still a little nervous.

"Where would you like it?"

"The closet is blocked off right now, but I guess we can just move to the bed, I mean you
can... move it to the bed."

"Right," she said, smirking.

Jordan turned and walked over to the bed, setting out the pile of clothes with her back turned.
I found myself staring at her legs instead of sorting the junk still in my hands.

"So what are you studying, Jordan. At university, I mean."

"The usual business crap," she uttered, still bent over. "I could care less, really."

"Oh, wow," I answered, under my breath. I decided that changing the subject would probably
be the best choice of action. "I like your hair, by the way. I've thought of changing mine to
something like that."

Jordan turned back to face me once more.

"I hate it. It makes me think I've lost a bet or something every time I look in the mirror."

"Well, I think it looks nice," I answered, trying to remain positive.

Jordan reached up with her hands and slicked her hair back.

"You don't look half bad yourself, Lexa."

She walked back over to me, stopping a little closer than normal.

"Girlfriend?" she asked.


"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked, this time more directly.

"No..." I replied, nervously. "I don't."

"Have you ever had one?"

"I'm not sure I understand your definition of girlfriend," I said, feeling my stomach twisting
with apprehension.

Jordan smirked, putting her hands back on her hips.

"Okay, I'll make this one simple for ya," she began, looking up at the ceiling for a moment.
"Are you into girls, Lexa?"

I paused for a moment, speechless.

"Well, I... I mean..."

"A simple yes or no will do," she said, interrupting.

"I'm not quite sure," I said, not really ready to give a real answer.

"So you don't know yet?"

"Well, I guess."

"Would you like to find out?" she asked, still smirking.

"How, exactly?"

"Don't worry, it's actually quite simple. Would you like to take the test?"

My heart was pounding madly inside my chest, and I wasn't sure whether it was out of fear or
excitement. I almost didn't answer, but finally found the words.

"What's the test?"

Jordan tilted her head slightly.

"Well, I'm going to kiss you very intimately, and all you have to tell me is whether you like it
or not. Easy."

"On the lips?" I asked.

"Well, since it's you, we'll start out slow just to make sure."

I stood perfectly still, practically shaking on the spot as Jordan narrowed her eyes and
took a step forward until our faces were less than a few inches apart. We were about the
same height, though I seemed to stand about a half-inch taller. Jordan's chest pressed
lightly against mine as she slowly looked up and down my face with her eyes. I could feel
my heart still pounding, and I knew she could feel it too now that we were so close. My
body's reaction seemed to add to her confident grin as she lowered her lips to my neck.
I felt her warm breath against my skin, and then finally the soft touch of her lips against the
side of my neck, just by my shoulder. I nearly collapsed on the spot from the mere touch as
a shock of something... lightning, coursed through my body beginning at the very point of

I gasped softly, as I felt a second light kiss slightly higher on my neck. My arms trembled as
I kept them locked at my sides, unable to move. I felt the heat from Jordan's wet body, and a
similar wave of heat coursed through my veins, followed immediately by a nervous cold.
Jordan withdrew from my neck and returned on the opposite side, kissing my trembling skin
a third time. I felt her wet hair against my cheek and the soft whisper of her breath near my
ear. I held my eyes closed tight, still in shock over the sensations my body was
experiencing over such a small act. Just as I thought I was about to fall over, Jordan raised
her head back up and took a step backwards, still maintaining a close proximity.

"Well," she began, in a slightly softer voice, "did you like it?"

I staggered on the spot, finding my footing as I stumbled over my response.

"I... I..."

"You're right. I find that it's a little tough to form an opinion using the neck. Let's try
something a little more... direct."

Jordan drew her face closer to mine once more, pressing her nose against mine softly for a
moment before I felt our lips meet with a light kiss. It only lasted for a moment before she
slowly withdrew, but she quickly followed with a second, and a third, each time shifting her
head slightly as I stood paralyzed. It was something I'd never experienced before. I was
being kissed the way I would kiss another person, myself.

I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end as I just stood and let Jordan kiss me,
slowly and softly with each meeting of our lips. My arms trembled at my sides, and I raised
them up and let them rest on Jordan's hips as she did the same. I began to lose track of how
long we remained in our embrace, until she finally stepped back and took a long, deep breath.

"Now what do you think?" she asked, softly.

"I... I think..."

Before I could finish, our moment was interrupted by the sound of a loud buzzing coming
from the living room. Jordan cringed and hesitantly began to turn away.

"Great," she said, annoyed. "Of course she had to show up now."

I shook my head, taking a moment to come back into reality.

"Who?" I asked.

"My idiot of a friend. I thought she wasn't coming but I guess I was wrong."

Jordan stomped into the living room and over to the door just as I made my way to the door
of my bedroom and peeked out to see her hit the button on the intercom.

"Perfect timing, squirt," she said, groaning. Without giving the guest a chance to answer she
hit the button to buzz her up and turned away from the door, stomping back towards me. "Do
me a favor and let her in, will ya? I'll be a minute."

"Okay," I said quietly , as Jordan passed by me and slammed her bedroom door shut behind

Still standing inside my bedroom I turned towards the front door just as a series of loud
knocks began sounding from the other side. They continued as I walked across the
apartment and didn't cease until I finished unlocking and opening the door. There, with her
arm still outstretched for knocking stood Jordan's supposed friend.

"Whoops, oh my god, I'm so sorry, I think I must have the wrong apartment. Do you know
where Jordan moved to? Oh my god, I can't believe she didn't tell me, I can't believe this."

"No, it's okay, Jordan is here. I'm her new roommate is all."

"Oh," she uttered, quickly recovering her composure. "Well, I'm Jordan's friend Abigail, but
Jordan calls me Abi, or at least I'd like her to but she usually calls me by some childish
insult or something."

"Right," I added, with one eyebrow raised. "I'm Lexa. I guess you want to come in?"

She was already past me and inside the apartment before I even spoke. At first glance, Abi
was practically the opposite of Jordan. She also had short blonde hair, but it was slightly
darker and tied back behind her head. Her eyes were a very bright green and seemed to glow
with a very vibrant life. On that same token though, she seemed to be a bit of a klutz on her
feet while still appearing very wiry and energetic. She walked nearly as fast as she talked,
and stumbled over her words a lot. Again, nothing like Jordan.

Dragging her sandals across the ground, Abi walked into the apartment without lifting her feet
from the floor once. Then, as if it was her own place she threw her jacket onto the kitchen
table and stumbled over to the window. I turned and closed the door, and immediately Abi
seemed to remember I was in the room and walked right back towards me, stopping right in
my face.

"So where's Jordan, she is here, I heard her voice on the intercom when I came up."

"She's in her..."

"Her bedroom, right? Either that or the bathroom but I saw the bathroom door wasn't closed
when I threw my coat onto the table so that pretty much only leaves the bedroom."

I grabbed my forehead, feeling a bit of a headache coming on.

"I think I need to sit down."

Making my way over to the couch, Abi followed right behind and slumped down onto an
adjacent chair at the exact same time I sat down. She held her hands in her lap and looked
back and forth across the apartment with a near manic energy.

"Do you like it here, Lexa?" Abi asked, finally looking over at me.

I didn't answer at first, as I waited for another three or four sentences to quickly follow in Abi's
single breath. Finally I looked up and smiled.

"Well, it's only been about three hours, but it's definitely been..."

"I used to date Jordan, you know, before she moved here, but we're still best friends now."

"Really?" I said, surprised.

"Oh ya, we dated for eight months and one fort night, but we're still really close and we talk
all the time now which I'm glad for. I've always hated ending relationships on a bad note so
we agreed to stay friends and still see each other, and it's never gotten weird or anything
which you would think it would but I guess we were lucky, don't you think?"

I shook my head.

"I'm sorry... did you just ask me a question?"

Before Abi could start up another speech, Jordan stepped into the living room, dressed in the
same top that only minutes ago she had pulled from my boxes and commented on. Her hair
was still wet as she looked over at Abi and then back at me.

"I see you've met little miss exuberant."

Abi stuck out her tongue as Jordan made her way to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator,
pulling out a can of soda.

"Nice top," I commented.

Jordan smirked and flashed me a quick wink.

"I told you," she grinned.

"So, you two used to date?"

"Unbelievable, isn't it?"

Abi picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at Jordan, who knocked it aside without
even looking.

"She's just jealous that she's never had anyone better than me since," Abi grumbled.

"She's got me there, I guess, " Jordan said, as she sat down on the couch beside me. She
took a sip from her soda and flashed me her seductive smile. "But I'm working on that."

"So, Lexa," Abi began, "are you, umm, like you know..."

Jordan grinned and turned towards me, throwing her legs up on the couch and resting her
soda on her knee.

"Yes, Lexa, we're all friends here. What is your sexual orientation?"

Abi leaned forward until she was practically off her seat and standing hunched over. Jordan
narrowed her eyes and grinned, waiting for me to give an answer that would finally satisfy

"Well, I suppose I'm always up for a little experimentation. We are in college after all."

Jordan nodded, raising her soda as if to make a toast.

"My sentiments exactly."


A couple hours later, after sitting through a practically one-sided conversation between
Abigail and Jordan, Abi took off, leaving me alone with Jordan for a second time.

The windows were still open, and a cool evening breeze rushed in as I sat on the couch, still
beside Jordan who held a magazine in front of her once again. I raised my arms and
stretched out my shoulders, feeling the strain from all of my packing and subsequent
unpacking over the course of the afternoon. Jordan lowered her magazine and gazed up at

"Tired already?" she asked.

"Just sore," I sighed.

"I'll bet I can help."

"Oh really?" I said.

"Yes, really," she replied, "now lie down on your stomach."

I smirked.

"Demanding, aren't we?"

"I'm not a fan of pointless banter. That and I could use a brush up on my massage skills.
Now turn over and lie down here."

Jordan got up off the couch and let me lie down on the length of it. I raised my arms near my
head and rested my chin on my wrists.

"Is that why you and Abigail split?" I asked.


"Pointless banter," I added. "You must admit she is a little more talkative than most."

"She's got a mouth on her, I'll say that much. But when it's being used in the right way, it's
not so bad."

A look of confusion crossed my face for an instant as I tried to decipher what exactly she
meant by that last comment. I glanced up to see Jordan smile one last time before she
lowered herself to her knees next to the couch. I held my breath for a moment, listening and
waiting as the cool air continued to flow through the room. Then, as I let out my held breath,
I felt Jordan's first touch as she rested her hands on my shoulders, gently squeezing the
muscles near my shoulders.

Her touch was almost euphoric, sending tingles down my spine as I found myself tingling
with her every touch. Her soft caress began to loosen the tension of my muscles, pushing
the aches and pains I had built up from the day's work down to my feet and out of my body.
After only a few seconds into the massage, my eyelids became heavy and I nearly fell asleep
on the spot, roused again only by Jordan's movement lower down my back. As her hands
slid below my shoulder blades and across the strap of my bra from beneath my shirt, I
cringed for a moment, feeling the first sparks of arousal ignite between my legs. I let out a
long, soft moan without realizing it.

"You're good at this," I whispered, feeling a surge of warmth run between my legs.

"I know that," she replied.

"So, what happened between you and Abi?" I asked, trying to think of a conversation starter.

"Forget about her, right now. This is between the two of us."

Jordan's hands moved to the base of my top, untucking it from my jeans and sliding it up my
back until my bare back was exposed.

"Wait," I said, lifting my head slowly.

Jordan stopped, tilting her head over and looking into my eyes.

"Something wrong, Lexa?"

We stared at each other for a long moment, and the apprehension that I felt seemed to melt

"No, it just seems like my top is in the way," I said, looking at her hands and back into her

"Would you like to take it off?" she asked.

"Okay..." I whispered, lowering my head back onto the back of my hands.

Jordan reached for my top again and began pulling it off. I raised my arms and head, letting
it slip off and float to the ground beside her knees. From there, Jordan got up from her spot
and looked down at me.

"I think I need to reposition, if you don't mind."

"Not at all," I said, in the same tone of voice.

Jordan and I both grinned for a moment as she leaned onto the couch and sat on top of me
just below my back. She spread her legs on either side of me and lowered herself closer to
begin her massage once more. The warmth of her hands on my bare skin sent sparks up and
down my lower back all the way down to my toes. I felt my muscles melt with pleasure as
she ran her fingertips lightly over my back with each squeeze, repositioning in the perfect
spot each and every time.

"Do you remember our little kissing session this afternoon?" Jordan asked.

"How could I forget?" I replied, no longer holding my emotions back.

Jordan let out a faint giggle.

"Now that's better," she said, grinning, "you're finally starting to loosen up. You seemed so
tense this afternoon."

"Maybe I've finally seen the light," I said, softly.

Jordan reached her hands back up my back and unfastened my bra.

"Not yet," she whispered, lowering her head towards my ear. "but I'll make sure you get

Her words set off a fire between my legs as I felt her lips embrace my neck once more, this
time from behind. I clenched my fists as I felt her light kisses change into the long stroke of
her tongue down the back of my neck.

"Oh... fuck," I let out, under my breath.

Jordan raised herself back up, placing one hand on my back for support.

"Such language, Lexa. And here I thought you were the very symbol of politeness."

With Jordan still lying on top of me, I quickly shifted underneath her until I was lying on my
back looking up at her. Jordan reached down and moved my bra straps down my shoulders,
one by one until my bra was merely resting on my chest. My heart raced as I watched Jordan
lower herself and plant a kiss on my neck again. Then, lowering her face down my chest she
took a hold of my bra with her teeth and lifted it off completely. Tossing it aside along with
my top, Jordan smiled as she enjoyed her first glimpse of my bare breasts. Playfully, I
covered up with my hands, denying her the view for a moment.

"Were you thinking about this when you first saw me?"

"Every second," she smiled.

Jordan allowed herself to slide off the couch and onto her knees on the carpet. She reached
over and pulled my legs toward her with a swift motion, stopping with her hands at the waist
of my jeans. Our eyes met with a lustful stare, as she sat with her head between my legs,
inches away from what was now a fire between my legs, building with every moment.

"You want to fuck me?" I asked.

"Until you're begging for more, Lexa."

Lowering her gaze to my stomach, Jordan carefully unbuttoned my jeans with her fingers, as
I let my legs writhe around her. I held my breasts in my hands, cupping them gently and
feeling the warmth of my skin, and the excitement of her touch. My lips trembled with a
nervous ecstasy, as I felt Jordan slide my jeans down my thighs, dropping them at my
ankles. She brought her lips to my leg and planted a soft kiss on my skin. The mere touch
of her so close to my pussy sent shockwaves through my body and I let out a quiet moan.

"Oh god, I've never felt like this..."

Jordan smiled, kissing my thigh again, each time coming closer to my panties, which were
now wet with my flowing nectar. She let her tongue meet the lips of my pussy through my
panties, tasting me for the first time. I nearly passed out from the sensation, as I clenched
my muscles and let out a heavy sigh. Jordan withdrew and licked her lips with a lustful grin.

"Wet already? We're just getting started."

Sitting up slowly, I lowered my head and smiled as Jordan lightly kissed my stomach, then
higher until she was right below my breasts. She left one of her hands between my legs,
gently holding her fingers in a cupping motion over my pussy. I could feel the warmth of her
hand, and the slippery motion of her fingers, which were now covered in my juices. My limbs
trembled, as I moaned and smiled and savored the sensations which Jordan seemed to
bring to my body so effortlessly. Without thinking, I reached down and pulled my top straight
off Jordan's body and tossed it aside, revealing her perfect breasts to me. Without stopping,
Jordan brought my nipple into her mouth and let her tongue dance on my delicate skin. I
grabbed the back of her hair with one of my hands, gasping loudly as a small wave of
pleasure washed over me, unexpectedly.

"Oh fuck..."

Jordan flicked her tongue against my nipple, and pressed her palm hard against my mound
as I stared up at the ceiling and lost myself in the delicious motions of our lust. She ran her
tongue down my stomach, and pulled back, finally reaching for my panties with both hands.
With a quick, fierce pull Jordan practically ripped my underwear off, grabbing my wrinkled up
pants along with my panties and pushing them aside. She then began kissing my thighs
again, as I giggled and quivered from the light embrace. My head was spinning, and my
cunt was drooling as Jordan took a firm hold of my hips and pulled me closer to her face. I
felt her hot, excited breath against my lips as her tongue flirted with my inner thigh. I reached
down with both hands and gripped the couch tightly, holding my breath in long pauses and
each time letting out a loud gasp of bliss.

"You're so beautiful, Lexa," Jordan whispered, barely audible above my moaning.

"Oh god, Jordan, don't stop..."

Obeying my wishes, Jordan returned her mouth to the bare, moist lips of my pussy. I very
nearly screamed out loud as she lapped up my juices and ran her tongue back and forth
across my clit with an expert's confidence. I wrapped my arms around myself, and felt my
heart fluttering against my arms and the wet skin of my breasts which were still covered in
Jordan's saliva. She licked up and down against my cunt, kissing and prodding and tasting
me without even stopping to breathe. After nearly twenty seconds she pulled out and giggled
seductively, planting another series of kisses on my pulsing cunt. I tensed every muscle in
my body and pointed my toes as I felt the first orgasm building deep within my walls, and I
looked down to see Jordan licking me just slow enough to prolong its arrival.

"Ohhhhh fuck, Jordan I'm close!"

Before long all I could hear were the sucking sounds of Jordan's mouth between my legs as
she drove me insane with pleasure. I yelled out, without realizing or caring what I said, and
I fell into the trap she had laid so perfectly from the moment we met. My back arched, and
my breath shortened, and one final pass of Jordan's tongue inside me was more than enough
to send me over the edge. I closed my eyes and called out her name as an explosion of
ecstasy coursed through my body. I drove my pussy hard into Jordan's face as I covered
her lips and tongue in my girl cum, bucking my hips madly with each few seconds. I melted
forward and fell into her arms, nearly blacking out from the sensation of being brought to
orgasm by another girl for the first time. It was the most amazing feeling in my life.

Jordan smiled, holding me in her arms on the floor, breathing hard but not even tired yet. I
felt my cunt aching between my legs from the sheer force of my climax, and I felt our hearts
beating as our glowing bodies pressed together tightly. Jordan kissed my forehead, over and
over until I found the strength to lift my head and our lips met once more. I tasted myself on
her lips, on her tongue. I tasted our lust and I loved it. I was completely drained, and all I
could think of was when she could make me feel that way again. Then, for a moment we just
stared at each other, trembling in each others' arms as our noses touched. We both inhaled
and exhaled as if we had just run a marathon, and our bodies had become slick with heat and
sweat. I felt my pussy still drenched, pressing up against Jordan's now soaked pants which
hadn't even come off yet. She didn't seem to care. My pleasure seemed more than enough
for her.

Finally, Jordan was able to slow her breathing as she still pressed her nose to mine. Our
eyes met.

"Well, how was it?" she asked, softly.

I felt my head spinning, and my body burning from the heat of the moment. Just before I
totally collapsed into her arms, I was able to respond.

"It was... nice."


A few hours later, I opened my eyes to find myself lying back on the couch, still naked and
covered in a white sheet. Jordan was in a chair across from me, holding a toy pipe that blew
bubbles. She was listening to music again, and was wearing my top just as before. After a
few seconds, she looked over at me and realized I had regained consciousness.

"Hello there, sleepy head. Back in this world I see."

I reached between my legs underneath the sheets, and felt my pussy. I was still wet.

"Do you always make girls pass out the first time?" I asked.

Jordan grinned, blowing a few more bubbles.

"Well, I haven't been with as many as you'd think. But, I'd say you're officially the first."

"I'm flattered," I smiled.

"Was it educational for you?" Jordan asked.

"I'd say so..."

"But?" she asked.

"But, I'm not quite sure. I may need you to try it again just in case. Or maybe I could try you
this time."

"Still horny as ever," Jordan giggled, blowing a few more bubbles my way. "I like that."

"I like you," I replied, in a seductive tone.

Jordan smiled and pulled off her headphones, sitting back up from her slouching position.

"Well, before we start tearing each others' clothes off, I thought you should know that Abi is
coming over."

My eyes widened.

"What, you mean right now? Oh shit!"

Frantically, I jumped up from the couch and scrambled across the room, picking up my
clothes as fast as I could.

"Don't worry, Lexa. We just talked over the phone a few minutes ago. It'll take her at least
20 minutes to get over here from her place."

"Didn't she just leave a few hours ago?"

"She had evening classes. She always visits twice on weekends and it is Friday, you know."

I slipped my last leg into my pants and pulled them back on.

"So you were going to let her waltz in here and see me naked and passed out on the floor?"

Jordan smiled her sly smile.

"Of course not. Although, I think you'd have to be crazy to object to the sight of your body."

I blushed slightly, still trying to look annoyed.

"Just because you got to have your way with me doesn't mean everyone you're acquainted
with automatically gets to see me naked."

"Aww, you're no fun," she grinned. "Suit yourself though."

Jordan returned to her bubble blower as I got threw my clothes back on and sat down, dusting
myself off and trying to put back on a look of composure after having another girl fuck me for
the first time. I wasn't exactly able to hide it.

A few minutes later, the buzzer rang and Jordan looked up from her magazine.

"Get that, would you, Lexa?"

I gave Jordan a mean look as I got up from the couch, which I instantly noticed was farther
from the door than she was, and walked over to the intercom.

"Hello?" I asked, pressing the button down.

"It's Abigail, of course, would you like to let me up now because it's chilly out here and..."

I didn't wait for her to finish before I hit the button and cut off the conversation. I opened the
lock on the door and opened it a crack, turning and walking into the kitchen.

"You have anything to drink, Jord?"

"What do ya like?" she replied, "I've got soda, juice, spring water... the hard liquor's in the

"What does Abi usually have?"

Before Jordan could speak, a different voice gave the answer.

"Spring water, please, it's all I drink or at least all I try to drink but sometimes I do end up
drinking other things, but I like water."

I turned to see Abi standing at the door, smiling politely and poking her head in through the
crack. I gestured for her to come all the way in and she slowly pushed open the door and
stepped inside.

"Water it is," I said, pulling a large bottle of spring water from the refrigerator. "And you,

"You think I could get a screwdriver by any chance?" she called from across the room.


I looked over at Abi, who was still standing at the door. She smiled and began mouthing
something to me without speaking. Vodka, orange, juice. She gave me a thumbs up and
turned back in Jordan's direction.

"So, what have you two been up to while I was gone, anything fun cuz' my class was stupid
and boring, hmm?"

"Maybe you should be asking Lexa that question, squirt."

I walked back into the room with a small tray of drinks. Abi sat down in a chair and looked up
at me, twiddling her thumbs and lightly stamping her feet.

"What...what was that?" I asked, nervously.

"I asked what you two did while I was in class, so what did you do, anything fun?"

I looked over at Jordan who just looked back and smiled, seemingly enjoying another
moment of putting me on the spot and testing me.

"Well... Jordan and I..."

Abi listened attentively and stared directly into my eyes as I stumbled over my answer. I
couldn't decide whether telling her the truth would just roll off her back or not. I didn't know
whether I was ready to tell anyone, and whether it really meant anything if I did.

"Yes..." Abi continued, moving her hand in a circle as if to coax my answer.

"Jordan helped me unpack my stuff. It was hard work and we really worked up a sweat."

"I'll say..." Jordan smirked.

"Oh," Abi said. "I thought I smelled something funny. Sorry I couldn't help I guess, but I was
in class as you already heard. That's nice though, I like sweating."

I sat down next to Jordan and set the drinks down on the coffee table. Abi reached out and
grabbed her glass of water. She immediately took a big sip and set her glass down,
chomping on one of the ice cubes I put in it. Jordan reached for her glass and took a drink. I
watched as she made a face and forced herself to swallow.

"Oh, is something wrong?" I asked, a little startled.

"Have you ever mixed a screwdriver before, Lexa?"

"Well, actually... no."

"Usually there's more orange juice than liquor," she said, nearly coughing.

"Jeez, I'm sorry."

"It's fine. I sometimes like them more hard, but you should tell me before I take that big of a

Abi continued to chew on her ice, watching me and Jordan as intently as if we were her
favorite television show.

"So, how was class, Abi?" I asked, leaning back on the couch. Under my breath I couldn't
believe that I had just encouraged Abigail to do even more talking than usual.

"Really? Wow, Jordan never asks me about my classes, but I guess you're not Jordan, but
anyway I really hate these evening classes. It was so much easier when my schedule was
the way it was before with the morning and afternoon and then off so I had my free time in the
evenings. That and it just isn't as fun without someone to talk to in class like you guys. Aren't
you thirsty, Lexa, you don't have a drink."

I paused for a moment, filtering her words as best I could. The real problem with Abi seemed
to be that in order to fully respond to one of her gigantic sentences you'd have to talk in the
exact same fashion, which was practically impossible for a normal person. I found myself
already becoming accustomed to only responding to her last clauses, much like Jordan.

"I'm fine, Abi, but thanks."

"I always love having Jordan's spring water, she says she buys it from a special shop just
so that I can have it when I come over, isn't that nice?"

"Wow, that is nice of her, actually."

Jordan leaned over and whispered into my ear.

"It's just tap water I pour into a bottle and refrigerate."

She leaned back and gave me a wink. I couldn't help but smile.

"So, Lexa, do you have someone, I mean that you're like you know... seeing and stuff?"

"Do you, Abi?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

Immediately Abi's face turned red and she curled up in her chair.

"Well, that's not the same... I mean well, for me it's..."

"What she means to say is that she hasn't gotten any pussy since we were together," Jordan
said, finishing her sentence.

Abi stuck her tongue out, and supplemented it with a long flash of her middle finger in Jordan's

"I'm sure you'll find another girlfriend, Abi. You're certainly pretty enough, and very...

Abi dropped her hand sucked her tongue back in, blushing as she looked over at me.

"Gosh, you think I'm pretty, Lexa? For real, pretty?"

"Of course," I smiled, turning my head to Jordan. "Right, Jord?"

Jordan rolled her eyes, not really interested in handing out compliments.



For the rest of the night, the three of us watched a movie on TV, or at least I tried to. Every
time I turned my eyes in Abi's direction I noticed her staring at me intently. She was sitting
with her legs up on the chair and wrapped in her arms as she twiddled her thumbs restlessly.
She didn't even try to hide her gaze, which seemed a bit weird. Jordan, a little buzzed from
her drink, just sat next to me casually, spaced out as she listened to the television. When
the movie was over, Abi finally stopped looking at me and got up from her chair.

"I'd better go, but I'll see you guys tomorrow and we'll do something or something, bye."

"So long, squirt," Jordan said, flashing her usual smile.

I got up from the couch as well, walking over to the door to Abi, who was already putting her
jacket on.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then, Abi."

"Ya, I guess..."

Abi stood in front of me with her coat on. She stood right in my face, as usual, ignoring any
preconceived laws of personal space just as she had when we first met. Only this time it was
different. She didn't have anything to say. We just looked at each other, silently. After about
ten seconds I turned my head away to see if Jordan was watching us. She wasn't. When I
turned back, Abi was already at the door, with it open.

"I should go," she said, quickly.

"Wait," I said, out of nowhere. "I'll walk you out."

With that, we both made our way into the hallway, and I hit the button for the elevator as Abi
stood beside me. When the doors opened, we both stepped inside and headed down to the
main floor. Neither of us spoke a word for the first few seconds, until Abi finally broke the
silence in a soft voice.

"Thanks for the spring water, Lexa, and for calling me pretty."

"You're welcome," I said, casually.

We didn't speak again, and just stood side by side, staring at the elevator doors as we went
down together. Then, when the elevator finally came to a stop on the main floor, Abi turned
and gave me a quick kiss, directly on my lips. It was so quick I barely had time to react.
Then, without skipping a beat, the doors opened and Abi rushed out, letting the doors close
again leaving me baffled and alone in the elevator.


The next morning, I awoke to the sound of falling water coming from the hallway just outside
my bedroom. It was Jordan taking an early shower for the day. Yawning, I sat up from my
sheets, listening to the faint sound of birds chirping outside. Then, just as I stepped into the
hallway, the phone started ringing nearby. The initial loudness of it startled me as I looked
around, expecting Jordan to rush out of the bathroom to answer it. Instead, it just kept ringing
as I stood and listened, still half asleep. After a few seconds I squinted my eyes and started
walking towards the sound. It had been ringing for over twenty seconds and the caller hadn't
even given up yet. The thought of it being just an annoying telemarketer was beginning to
enter my head.

"Great," I uttered, "they've finally graduated to calling you in the morning instead of at

Walking up to the table, I peered down at the still ringing phone for a few more seconds,
waiting for it to stop so that I wouldn't have to answer. Finally, out of annoyance, I picked it
up and grabbed my forehead as if I had a headache.


"Lexa, is that you?" came the voice on the other end.

"Abi?" I asked, perking up, "oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you.

"Did I wake you up? Gosh, I'm sorry, I didn't even look at the clock but I guess it is kind of
early maybe I should call back later, ya?"

"No, no, it's fine. Jordan's in the shower though right now."

There was a short pause on the other end.

"I don't want to talk to Jordan... I want to talk to you."

"Me?" I asked, still a little hazy.

"Do you remember last night in the elevator, Lexa, and what happened?"

It immediately came back to me as soon as she mentioned it. The elevator, her mysterious
kiss, and quick escape.

"Yes," I said, calmly.

"Well, I was wondering... I mean what I wanted to ask you was if you would be interested in...
I mean, I want to see you again. But only if you're okay with that, because if you're not I
totally understand and..."

"See me? Where, Abi?"

"Not at Jordan's place, I know somewhere quiet though. I was thinking the library, on campus.
No one's there on weekends. How does 8:30 sound?"

I looked over at the clock on the wall.

"Abi, that's ten minutes from now."

"Oh shit, you're right, sorry, I'm sorry, Lexa."

"No, it's fine, don't worry," I said, managing to smile. I listened for Abi to start another long
sentence but instead there was silence. Neither of us spoke for about ten seconds until I
finally took a guess at what she was thinking. "How does 10 sound, Abi?"

There was another short pause.

"That's great, Lexa, thanks so much, so I guess I'll see you there then, seeya."

Abi hung up, just before I could say bye myself. I set the phone down and looked around,
half expecting Jordan to be standing behind me listening in. Thankfully, the shower was still
on, and I was still alone.

For a moment I just stood on the spot, running over what I had just done in my head, and
what Abi's intentions most likely were. I felt a little guilty for setting up a meeting behind
Jordan's back, but at the same time I couldn't help but feel a little excited. With that in mind,
I ran back into my bedroom with a smile and started digging through my drawers for
something to wear.


By the time I reached the campus, the sun began to peek out from behind a small patch of
clouds in the distance. As the warm light bathed down onto the street I took in a deep,
energetic breath as I walked into the library and made my way up the stairs to the second
floor. Abi was right; no one was around, not even a single student. The only occupant I saw
was a quiet librarian on the main floor who was sorting books down one of the aisles.
Without giving it a thought, I made sure she didn't see me enter and take the stairs.

As soon as I stepped onto the second floor, I turned to see Abi pacing back and forth near one
of the windows which overlooked the campus. She zipped back and forth at her usual manic
pace, whispering something to herself which I couldn't make out. After a few more steps she
stopped in her tracks and turned her eyes in my direction.

"Hi Lexa, how are you, and good morning by the way, it's so beautiful out."

"Hi Abi," I said, trying to remain casual.

I had no idea what to expect, so I was reluctant to try anything out of the ordinary. There was
a clear tension in the air as we stood before each other, but after a few seconds Abi walked
up to me and stopped mere inches from my face, as usual.

"I wasn't sure whether you'd come, but I was hoping you would."

"Well, I try not to disappoint, I guess."

Abi shifted on her feet, up and down, as if in a small bouncing motion. She was wearing her
jacket as usual, only today she dawned a short, white skirt instead of jeans. Just like the
night before I found her staring continually into my eyes, not speaking a word. I began to
blush, finding it difficult to return her gaze.

"Can I..."

"What?" I asked, softly.

"Can I kiss you, Lexa?"

Her voice was so soft and so sweet it made me smile. I could tell she was just as nervous
as I was, if not more, but she stood her ground and waited silently for my answer, for my

"Yes," I whispered.

Abi looked around in both directions, making sure we were truly alone before she leaned
forward and kissed me. This time I expected it, and I savoured it a thousand times more than
her stolen peck in the elevator. I felt my whole body tingling, just as it had with Jordan, only
this was different. Abi felt infinitely softer, as if I was kissing a flower, blowing in the wind and
soft as silk. Her lips were cool and moist against mine, and I could tell she was smiling even
with my eyes closed. We parted, and before I had a chance to open my eyes, Abi leaned
forward again and began kissing my neck, slowly and passionately.

I took a step back, losing my balance for a moment, but Abi didn't even notice as she took her
own step forward and continued kissing me. I felt her arms shaking as she held her hands
just away from my body, unsure. I reached out and guided her hands to my back, where she
rested them just at my waist. After a few more moments of kissing Abi stepped back a bit and
looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes again.

"Would you, I mean, can I..."

"Yes, Abi," I said with narrowed eyes. "You don't have to ask."

Abi looked down and took hold of my hand. Then, with a gentle motion she guided my fingers
underneath her skirt and rested them on her mound, which had soaked her panties with
excitement. She gasped at my touch, nearly losing her balance on her feet. Her pussy was
on fire in my hand, and her juices were beginning to run down her thigh.

"Are you as excited as I am, Lexa?" she asked, in-between heavy breaths.

"Why don't you find out for yourself," I smiled.

Without holding back, Abi wrapped her arms around me and spun me around until we
collided with a nearby bookshelf. A few loose books fell to the ground as Abi pressed me
into the shelf and began kissing my neck again. With her hands, she began to unbutton my
jeans, sliding them down my legs and diving right into my panties with her fingers. A jolt of
ecstasy coursed through my body.

"Ohhhh fuck," I moaned, caught off guard by her sudden advance.

Abi kissed me over and over, barely taking time to breathe as she pelted my neck with the
soft caress of her lips.

"Oh god, I wanted you ever since I saw you, Lexa," she said, with a heavy sigh.

Her hot breath against my skin was starting to make me sweat. Between my legs, Abi ran
her middle finger up and down against my slit, soaking in my nectar as her other fingers
spread my pussy lips apart. I nearly sank to my knees as a rush of pleasure washed over
me. I slammed my fist into the shelf and more books fell to the floor around us. Then, taking
a step back, Abi looked down at my chest and lifted up my top, pulling it clean off my head and
tossing it aside. I started to giggle as I watched her, a beautiful nymph, tearing into me with a
ravenous energy and lust I'd never seen before.

"There's a librarian downstairs," I said, as Abi pressed herself into me again.

"I don't care," she replied, already reaching behind my back to unhook my bra.

Then, with a rabid motion she slipped my bra straps off my shoulders and tossed it aside,
leaving me standing only in my panties with my jeans still at my feet. Abi brought her lips
to my breasts and began licking me, all over. Not even confining herself to either of my
nipples, Abi just ran her tongue all over both of my breasts, planting kissing and savoring
the sensation of my hot skin. With my hand still between her legs, I pressed my finger into
the folds of her pussy through her panties. Every motion of my hand seemed to only
strengthen her resolve to kiss and lick me with her every fleeting breath. I could feel us both
perspiring, and Abi even more so since she was still fully clothed.

Then, finally stopping to take a breather, Abi stepped back. She looked up at me with her
gorgeous smile, as I dropped my gaze to her skirt, playfully.

"Going down," I grinned, slowly lowering myself to my knees.

Pushing a few books aside, I pulled Abi's legs closer to me and lifted her skirt with both hands
for a moment. Her juices were running down her legs, which glistened and trembled like
weak pillars holding up a heavy weight.

"Oh god, Lexa..."

I reached up and slowly began to slide her panties down her legs. Almost immediately her
sweet aroma filled our nostrils as her bare pussy was revealed. Her underwear dropped to
her feet and Abi stepped out of them. With a lustful grin I picked them up and brought them
to my face, taking in the euphoric scent up close.

"You smell wonderful, Abi," I said, lost in a lustful trance.

"God, please lick me, Lexa, don't wait..."

Letting her skirt drop back into its normal position, I lowered my head and peeked
underneath, finally getting an up close and personal moment with Abi's incredible sex. I
didn't waste any time. I devoured her, passionately and lustfully. An upthrust of my tongue
into her wet folds sent tingles down my spine as I tasted another girl for the first time. Abi
moaned and trembled with my head buried beneath her skirt, and she nearly lost her balance
and fell.

"Ohh fuck, yes that's it, ohh fuck I'm going crazy..."

I began to feel lightheaded as my senses were overflowed with her scent, her taste, and her
heat. Her cunt was soaked with my saliva and her juices, running into my mouth as I held my
breath and just let myself go. With my free hand I slipped my fingers into my panties and
began to caress my own pussy at the same time. I was so slippery, and so wet, I nearly
brought myself to an orgasm first. But, just before I felt myself becoming overwhelmed with
ecstasy, Abi's knees began to buckle and her moaning became louder. She cried out,
grabbing the back of my head as her body erupted and a hot splash of her girl cum filled my
mouth, spilling onto my chin as she climaxed for me.

Abi moaned and yelled, falling backwards and landing in front of me, still shaking from the
sudden jolt of absolute pleasure. I lapped up her cum, grinning and gasping for air as I
withdrew my head from between her legs. Abi sat up, panting and quivering with a
satisfaction I had never seen in anyone's eyes before.

"That was incredible," I said, softly.

Abi sat up, getting on her knees as she started to take off her skirt.

"We're not finished yet, silly."

Throwing off her jacket and lifting her top off, Abi practically dove onto me, causing us both
to laugh out loud. Then, for a brief moment we both went silent, remembering that we most
likely weren't alone.

"The librarian," I said, quietly.

"Fuck her," Abi said, without skipping a beat.

Slowly, I put my hand underneath Abi's chin and raised her head back up until our eyes met.

"No," I smiled. "Fuck me."

With another giggle, Abi lifted my legs into the air and pulled off my jeans and my panties
entirely. We were now both entirely naked except for our shoes and Abi's bra. The library
carpet was littered with our clothes, sweat, and girl cum, not to mention the books we had
pushed off the shelves in our frenzied embrace. Abi pulled me close to her and positioned
herself so that our legs locked together, and I felt her pussy press tightly against mine. She
was still wet and throbbing from her climax, and the slippery sound of our bodies pressing
together nearly floored me. I let my back rest on the ground as Abi sat up, looking down on
me as we moved together in a light grinding motion with our cunts. I felt her heat, and her
warmth, and it was the most incredible feeling in the world. My heart fluttered, and my hips
rocked in a fast rhythm with Abi's as we both panted and moaned. It was as if Jordan and Abi
had somehow opened my eyes to world of pleasure that I had never felt before. I lost myself
in lust with Jordan, and now Abi was showing me a new bliss; different but just as exciting. I
felt my climax approaching.

Abi reached down and started caressing my breast with one hand, while she held the other
at my thigh to help grind her cunt against mine harder. My breaths drew shorter, faster, until
I lifted my head from the floor and looked down at my pussy as it exploded with a hot spurt of
my girl cum. Abi giggled, not even slowing down a bit as I bucked my hips hard and grabbed
at the carpet with both of my hands, overpowered by the intensity of my orgasm. She began
to moan louder herself, until she arched backwards and gripped my thigh tightly. I felt her
pussy pull away from mine as her own cum spilled onto the floor from her second orgasm.
Abi pulled away and brought her fingers to her pulsing cunt, rubbing herself slowly as her hot
nectar oozed between her fingers. She then collapsed onto the floor herself, out of breath and
exhausted. We stared up at the ceiling with hazy eyes, listening to our panting, and the
slippery sound of Abi's fingers against her pussy. My body ached with passion, and my
pussy was still throbbing from its heavenly release.

After about 30 seconds I managed to sit up, my elbows shaking as I held myself up. Abi sat
up as well, and we looked at each other, our cheeks flushed and our bodies bathed in the
afterglow of our incredible sex.

"Fuck, you're incredible, Lexa," Abi said, "I don't think I've climaxed that hard in my life."

"Me neither," I replied, with a weary grin.

"Oh gosh, I forgot all about the librarian!" Abi whispered, looking around again.

We both looked around, expecting to see her standing in one of the aisles with her jaw on
the floor. Either that or with a security guard ready to throw us off campus. Surprisingly, the
floor was still empty, and everything was quiet. Almost immediately we jumped up and
started searching for our clothes. It was then that we heard a sound from downstairs that
sounded like a door opening.

"Oh shit!" I whispered, scrambling for my panties.

"It's her," Abi said, frantically throwing her skirt and top back on. "Hide over there in the
corner, Lexa, hurry."

"What about you?" I asked.

"Just go! I'll get rid of her."


Rounding up all my clothes into a ball held against my chest, I dashed across the floor and
out of sight from the staircase. I started to put my clothes back on as I watched Abi from an
empty gap in-between the bookshelves. She finished throwing her clothes back on, trying her
best not to look like she had just fucked her brains out on the library floor. I listened as the
sound of footsteps started climbing the stairs. Abi dropped to the floor, as if picking up the
books she had dropped. I listened as the footsteps finally closed in on her, and she looked
up to see who it was.

"Ohhh... it's you. What... what are you doing here?"

"I could ask the same of you, squirt."

The voice sent chills up my spine. It wasn't the librarian.

"I was just looking up some stuff for my classes is all, Jordan, it's nothing, what brings you
here this morning, I mean you could have called me if you wanted to get together, like you
always do."

I peered between the bookshelves, eyeing Jordan's back as she faced a flushed, and
confused Abi who was sprawled out on the floor. I heard Jordan take a deep breath, and step
closer to Abi.

"You wouldn't happen to know where Lexa might have gone today, would you?"

"Of course not, why would I know that, I don't know where she is, why?"

Abi was even worse at lying with the hyper way she talked.

"Just asking," Jordan said, calmly. "Looking up some stuff, huh?"

"Yep, just looking up some stuff, but I dropped these books by accident a minute ago."

"Is that why you look and smell like you've just had sex, and the carpet all around you is
covered in your juices?"

Abi tensed up, frightened.

"Jordan, I..."

Not able to watch anymore, I walked out from my hiding place.

"It's not her fault," I said loudly, coming to Abi's aid.

Jordan turned around to see me half dressed and still a bit disheveled from sex as well. Her
eyes narrowed.

"It's not?" she said.

"No, it's not," I replied, looking into Abi's eyes for a moment. She was beginning to tear up.
"I asked to meet with Abi, and she suggested that we meet here."


"Because, I was... curious. After having that amazing sex with you, Jordan, I wanted to learn
more, and experience more."

Abi looked over at Jordan, a bit surprised when I revealed that we had made love earlier.

"Lexa? You and Jordan?"

"Abi didn't know about us, Jordan, and we made sure to keep it that way so you can't blame
her for what she did."

Jordan placed her hand on her hip, looking back and forth between the two of us. The angry
look on her face slowly began to fade, and was replaced by a smile. Abi and I were both
caught off guard.

"So you two actually fucked right here on the floor in the library?" she asked, with her special

Abi and I both nodded at first without saying anything.

"We kind of lost track of where we were," I said, blushing.

"And what was it like going down on Abi, Lexa?"

I looked over at Abi, who was still on the floor, peering at me with a frightened look.

"It was... different," I began, with a smile, "but definitely incredible."

Abi's scared look turned into a smile as she looked up at Jordan and back at me.

"Of course it was," Jordan grinned, reaching out a hand to help Abi up. "She learned from the
best after all."

Abi stood up with Jordan's help, brushing herself off and holding her skirt down.

"So you're not mad, Jordan, because I didn't mean to do anything wrong I just haven't had
anyone since I was with you and I was really horny and stuff and Lexa complimented me,

"It's fine, squirt," Jordan said. "Actually, I noticed you two ogling each other yesterday. And,
I was the one who encouraged Lexa to experiment."

"I guess you're right," I smiled. "What about the librarian though?"

Jordan looked over at Abi.

"She knows the answer."

I looked over at Abi with a confused expression. Abi smiled softly.

"The librarian always takes a 20 minute coffee break just after 10."

Abi and Jordan both smiled.

"So... you knew she was going to be gone?" I asked.

Abi nodded.


"And you just assumed you'd be able to get into my pants so easily?"

"Yep," she grinned.

Abi and Jordan both began to giggle as I sneered at them both.

"You two are terrible," I said, smiling, "taking advantage of me like that."

"Hey, all we did was give you a little push in the right direction, Lexa. You just took the next
logical step each time."

I placed my hand on my hip, unable to keep myself from blushing in front of the two girls who
had made love to me.

"So where do we go from here?" I asked, playfully.

"Well," Jordan began, looking over at Abi and then back at me, "have you ever wondered
what it's like to have sex with two girls instead of one?"

Jordan winked at me, as Abi smiled and gave Jordan a hug from behind, keeping her eyes on
me the whole time. The two had already shown me what it was like to fall into a pool of
endless bliss. Whatever they had in mind for later was bound to have me drowning in lust
yet again...



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