Feet Fotoshoot
by Jimbo

The following is a fictional story of adult women, lesbian seduction and foot fetishes. No one depicted in the following story is real, and all details are fictitious. Thank you.

My name is Jennifer, I’m a young photographer. A freshmen in college, I make my living taking... shall we say “intimate” photos for people.

Not much to look at myself, being only 4 foot 11, asian, barely nineteen and plain to say the least, I learned long ago that looks aren’t everything, but looking sure is! Girlfriends and boyfriends come to me to take sexy photos for their lovers to look at, love and lust over. Some in costumes, some just in their underwear. Very classy, but very sexy.

I remember that one day that took me by surprise. It was friday afternoon, and there was a knock at my studio apartment door. I go to see who it is, and there is this beautiful redhead standing at my door. Now I’m not a lesbian, but my God was she sexy.

She had milky white pale skin. 5 foot 2 in height. Full pouty lips on a sweet baby-faced smile. Hazel eyes. One of those short pixie-cut hairdos and crayon red hair. Perfect curbs, just by the look of them I’d say they were at least 36C breasts, perfect counter to those hips, showing off that perfect plum-like ass. Yes, she was hot and she knew it, in a white tank top, cut off jean short shorts and a pair of sneakers.

she asked “if we were open”, I said “of course”.

she tells me that she’s celebrating her 1 year anniversary with her girlfriend and wanted to surprise her with some erotic pics. She had heard I was the best (and she heard right) and thought I could help.

I told her I was “more then happy to help”.

She suddenly got a little shy and before we started, she wanted to explain the unusual circumstances. She began by saying her girlfriend was very sexual, so there was no need for the ‘artsy-fartsy’ stuff and just go straight for the ‘pussy soaking’ material. Her words.

I chuckled and said “sure, no problem”.

She continued by saying her girlfriend is also older, a woman in her 40’s and loved young women and their supple bodies. This girl couldn’t have been more then 21. She wanted to make sure we showed her off as the young goddess she was.

I said “no worries, we’ll make you look gorgeous!”

And finally she came down to it... her girlfriend had a huge attraction to her feet. No, not an attraction, an obsession. She wouldn’t go one day without caressing her feet, which lucky for her, would quickly lead into some amazing sex! And these photos must show off those feet and all their seductive glory.

Not something I’m used to but I said “you go it”.

She smiled and introduced herself, “I’m Erica” she said.

I loaded my camera. Lights set. White background ready. Finally Erica showed up, wearing her purple thong, matching bra that barely could hold on to those round soft breasts (I was right, C cup!) and sneakers. She sits on the background set and starts to untie her shoes. She finally slips them off.

These adorable little feet were so cute, I could begin to understand the seduction. Size 6, they were smooth and perfect. Tiny toes that wiggled in delight, like baby marshmallows, showcased in a french-tipped pedicure.

She smirked when she noticed me staring for one second too long. She goes on to tell me how soft they were, and while I believed her, she insisted I felt for myself. And she was right! baby soft, smooth and not a hint of dryness, as if she hadn’t spent a day on them... or perhaps nights with them in the air!

I tell her to “strike a pose”.

She seems like a pro, perfect poses. Back arched, sexy smile, but she isn’t happy.

She tells me “you don’t know much about foot fetishes, do you?” I smile and shake my head no. She continues, “they like to see the tops, but LOVE to see the soles”.

I tell her to “try another pose”, I tell her to get on her flat little stomach, bend her knees back and show off those soles. Mmm... very nice pose. Her soles, her toes, her arches, so pink... I bet all her best body parts are pink. I wonder....

I get bold and ask her “perhaps it would be sexier without the top”.

She lays there for a bit, with a blank look on he face, I figured I crossed a line. But before I can back-peddle, she quickly shouts “you’re right!”

She takes off that little bra, that looked like it was about to snap off any second now. Just as I thought, pink perky nipples. She goes back to the pose, her breasts squishing down on the floor, soft as clouds, barely hiding those aureolas.

I tell her how “good she looks”, how “classy she was” for hiding instead of full frontal.

But that’s not what Erica wanted. She aches her back some more and pushes her arms together, exposing those plump pink nipples, squeezing them together to the point that her cleavage reaches her neck! She looks amazing, I hope I have enough film.

At this point she’s on a roll and is in charge now. She sits up, leans back and throws one foot up, catching it and begins to suck on her big toe. She sucks so good, like a kid with a lollipop. I couldn’t tell if she was moaning because the sucking felt so good or her toes tasted so yummy. All I knew was she was loving it and I was started to feel jealous.

After a few shots of delicious toe sucking, she stops and without a moment of hesitation reaches down and begins to remove her string sized thong. I couldn’t believe it. She tossed them to the side and all of sudden there she was, the goddess, completely naked.

“That’s better!” she says so casually.

She leans back again, knees bent, toes pointing at me. She pushes her breasts together, moving them, bouncing them, never once hiding those erect nipples. Meanwhile her pussy out for the world to see, shaved and completely smooth, like her nipples and soles, a perfect pink! Matched perfectly with that tight little asshole too! Pink and puckering too!

I could see a glisten in those pussy lips, she was enjoying herself. And while I couldn’t admit to myself at the time, so was I!

Just as the idea popped into my head, she seemed to have read my mind and quickly turned around and got on her knees. Still seeing her soles I could now see more pussy lips and that round ass. She looks back slightly, with one had on her ass cheek, and with that one hand she would spread them, showing off that pink tight little asshole.

I tried to keep it together, but I was practically drooling!

She asked, “is this a good pose?”

I couldn’t even talk, I just smiled.

After a few pics of that she gets back on her butt, leaning back. What was she up to now? She points her toes at me again. Snap. She points them up, legs straight. Snap. Then without any effort she spreads those legs far. Snap, snap, snap.

And along with her legs, those pussy lips opened up too. So perfect. That soaking wet pussy looked so inviting, and a swollen clit that was made for a tongue. I can’t even count how many shots I got of that, both wide shots and plenty of close-ups!

Just when I thought she was out of tricks, Erica surprised me when she took those tiny feet and put them both behind her head. This girl was so flexible. I couldn’t help but whisper a “oh my God”. She must’ve heard cause she had the biggest smile on her face.

I took all the shots I could take. I told her “I think we got more then we need”.

She response with “not yet!”

I can’t imagine what else we could do. But she calls me over, I sit there on the floor, right in front of her with my camera. She takes my leg and begins to remove my right shoe! I wanted to ask her what she was doing, but at that point I was willing to do whatever she wanted. She takes off my sock too. And very seductively she begins to kiss my toes. It takes me a minute, but I remember I’m suppose to be taking photos.

Now I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but my size 5 little feet looked almost as good as hers did. My tanned foot and black nail polished look great against her milky skin, and felt amazing in between her wet juicy lips. I was beginning to understand the power of seduction through the feet.

She takes my other shoe and sock off and uses my feet like her own personal bra! Biting her lower lip and using my feet to squish those round breasts together, I’ll never look at my feet the same way again! And I guess they were a little cold, cause I could feel her nipples hard against the soles of my feet.

Finally it almost seemed like she couldn’t take it anymore. She begins to rub that dripping wet pussy. I scoot back and take pictures of the whole thing. The eyes rolling back, the goose bumps up her arms and legs. And with a gasp and a squirt, her toes curl and she has the most beautiful orgasm I’ve ever seen.

She takes a second to herself to try and stop herself from trembling, all I can do is stare.

She gets dressed and like it was a normal photoshoot, she pays me, thanks me and even gives me a peck on the cheek. And Erica, my sexual foot goddess was gone.

I developed all the photos and she picked out which ones she wanted. She was very happy, and I’m sure her girlfriend was too! I’m not proud to say that I kept all the exra photos for myself, and almost every night I look at them, while playing with my own feet and making myself gasp and squirt. I loved that photo session. And I’ll never forget her or those feet.

I can’t wait for their next anniversary.


written by

Nov. 2013