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For those of you that have not read Four Summers in the high-school section, I suggest you do as the main characters were really developed in that story. It also got very good reviews from the people that emailed me about it! However, if you are offended by reading about girls under the age of eighteen, I have written this story so that you should be able to get along fine without reading Four Summers. In this story, the main characters have grown and are now eighteen years old.

Although the places mentioned are real and First Rain is an actual activity at UC Santa Cruz, the characters are not real. I have no doubt that many students at UCSC have gone back to their rooms and had sex after First Rain, but the two students that this story is about are fictional.


It was late October at the University of California at Santa Cruz. It was that time of year that storms formed in that part of the world. It was a time that many UCSC students anticipated and that many dreaded. It was an annual tradition at UCSC that when the first rain of the school year arrived, students would take off all of their clothes and go running around campus in their birthday suits. Even though First Rain had started at Porter College, one of the ten colleges at UCSC, the idea had been acquired by the other colleges and had become a campus-wide tradition.

Allison and Kylie, two of the Performing Arts students at UCSC, were among the ones that anticipated First Rain. Being Porter students themselves, they wanted a chance to express their Porterite spirit and participate in First Rain. They also wanted to release the exhibitionist inside them and reveal their naked bodies to the other UCSC students. The two roommates were in their room one night, anticipating the arrival of the first rain of the year. They had the window open so that they could hear the rain if it came that night. "Why won't it rain?" Allison said.

"I don't know," Kylie replied. "It's been cloudy and foggy all week, but there hasn't been any rain."

"I've been waiting for this ever since we were told about First Rain," the brunette whined, sitting down on her bed. You would think that with all the clouds in the sky you would get more than just the light drizzle we've been getting lately. We want actual rain!"

"It'll come," the blonde said, sitting down next to Allison. "We just have to be patient. Let Mother Nature take its course."

"Mother Nature?" Allison scoffed. "What the hell are you talking about? Hasn't Mother Nature tortured us enough over the past month?" The brunette started chanting, "We want rain! We want Rain!"

"We want rain!" Kylie started chanting as well. "We want rain! We want rain!"

The chanting lasted for several minutes until Allison suddenly stopped. "Sh," she said. "Listen." Kylie stopped chanting and listened outside. It was faint, but the girls could make out the sound of falling drops of water. The sound continued getting louder and louder until it sounded like a real downpour. "It's raining!" Allison cried. "Quick! Let's get naked!" The two girls quickly stripped out of their clothes until they were down to only their shoes, socks, bare tits, and shaved pubic mounds. Allison quickly ran outside and into the rain while Kylie put her Student ID Key Card into her left shoe and a room key into her right shoe. With the proper means for getting back to their room, Kylie ran out after Allison.

Several of the Porter Students were already naked in anticipation, and many more were running naked out of the dorms into the rain. In seconds flat, a large crowd of naked students had gathered outside Porter College. "To College 8!" one of the male students called out. He started running toward College 8 and the rest of the crowd followed. Allison and Kylie, noticing which way everyone was running, started running and screaming along with them, flaunting their gorgeous, naked bodies.

Many of the runners were happy that it was a Sunday and 11:00 pm. After 9:45 Sunday through Thursday, College 8 had late night dining, and the runners were ready to raid the College 8 Dining Hall! Like a flood, a hundred naked students burst through the door and into the dining hall. They ran by the rows of clothed students, peacefully eating their food. One of the runners started chanting, "Naked! Naked! Naked!"

Soon the rest of the runners were chanting. "Naked! Naked! Naked!" Allison and Kylie chanted along with the rest of the runners. After a minute or so of chanting in front of the late night diners, the crowd of naked students ran back out into the rain to visit the other colleges.

As the students ran down to Oakes College, some of the College 8 students that had noticed the runners outside their rooms had stripped themselves and started running with them. Much to the disappointment to many of the runners, some people were wearing underwear. "Take off your pants!" Kylie yelled, slapping one of the panty-clad girls on her fat ass. The girl yelped and Kylie and Allison burst out laughing. "I've never had so much fun!" cried the blonde.

"I know!" said Allison.

The naked, wet runners got to Oakes and invaded the dorms, continuing to chant, "Naked! Naked! Naked!" Some of the Oakes students poked their heads out of their rooms to see what the commotion was about. Most of the students that had the nerve to take a peek just stared, but several of them held out their hands to hi-five and compliment the runners on their willingness to bare it all.

"Kresge!" the apparent leader of the crowd cried. The crowd followed him, running towards Kresge College.

They had to run through College 8 and Porter again because Oakes was on the west end of campus and the other colleges were to the east. However, the runners did not mind having to run back the way they came. It only gave them more chances to chant, "Naked! Naked!" to the other students that had come out to witness what was going on.

The runners ran past the Porter apartments, which were on the way from the dorms to Kresge. Many of the students that lived in the apartments were out to watch the naked students run by. A lot of them had cameras, even a few of them taped the event! "Hey," said Allison, "I just had a really wild idea!" She took Kylie's wrist and brought her in front of one of the students that was video-taping the runners.

When she was sure that they had caught the cameraman's attention, Allison wrapped her arms around Kylie and pulled her towards her, kissing the blonde full on the lips, both of them diving into each other's mouths with their tongues. "Hell yeah!" the cameraman cried at seeing the two eighteen-year-old girls kiss. "Right on!"

Allison and Kylie broke the kiss, raised their fists and screamed, "Whoo!" They ran off with the rest of the crowd, chanting, "Naked! Naked! Naked!"

After disrupting the lives of many of the Kresge Students, they ran off to Colleges 9 and 10. By then, the crowd had expanded to several hundred students. "It's cold out here," Kylie said.

"I know," said Allison. "But isn't it fun?"

"Fuck yeah!" the blonde cried. "We're livin' la vida loca! Takin' our clothes of a goin' dancing in the rain! Whoo!"

Because the two most recently erected colleges at UCSC were compacted into a rather small area, there were a lot of students from Colleges 9 and 10 that observed the runners. Allison and Kylie hi-fived many of the spectators as they ran past. The colleges directly to the east of Colleges 9 and 10 were Crown and Merrill. It was a bit difficult to find the dorms there, so the runners just ran through Crown and Merrill and then turned south toward Cowell and Stevenson. There were several students from Crown and Merrill that did not take off their clothes, but they did start running along with the crowd.

Cowell College had one of the most interesting building structures of the entire campus. The dormitory was stacked into several floors, and the stairs going up started in a square-shaped lobby, spiraling upward. When Allison and Kylie had climbed up several floors, they looked down and could see many more naked students following them up the stairs. With many of the Cowell Students poking their heads out of their dorm rooms, the runners again started chanting. At the top floor, the runners went down a fire escape to reach the ground and continue running.

After running through Cowell, the runners came to the Quarry Plaza, a moderately sized area in front of the Bay Tree Bookstore, which was considered one of the central areas of campus. They gathered in their crowd outside the bookstore, and the head of the crowd stood up on the large rock that was in the plaza. "Fellow students!" he shouted. "We are here tonight to honor what God gave us!" The crowd cheered. "We will not be concealed by our clothes any longer!" The crowd cheered again. "Tonight, we run naked in the rain!" The crowd cheered once more and started chanting.

With no more colleges left, the runners started running west, toward McHenry Library, which was a rather isolated location on campus, hidden through the redwood forest of central California. Not wanting to disturb the library, which was a quiet place, the runners ran past the library without going in. However, several of the students that were in the library saw their naked bodies running by. Kylie lingered in front of the window for a moment to cup and massage her C-cup breasts. Allison grabbed Kylie's arm and pulled her blond-haired friend away.

It was almost 1:00 am when Allison and Kylie got back to Porter College. Before they went inside, they first relieved themselves behind a bush. Because Kylie had kept her Student ID Key Card in her left shoe, all she had to do was raise her foot to the card sensor and the door to the building unlocked. Allison and Kylie entered. When they got back to their room, Kylie took her room key out of her right shoe and unlocked the door. The two girls were cold and wet from running around naked for two hours in the pouring rain, so they found several towels and wrapped themselves up in them. They lied down in Kylie's bed and used their shared body heat to warm each other up. "Whew," Allison said. "That was fun!"

"I know," Kylie said. "It felt good getting out there and baring all, wasn't it?"

"It was indeed."

"I loved the look on the guy's face when we kissed in front of him," the blonde laughed.

"I wanted to do something spontaneous."

"Why would that be spontaneous? We are lovers, aren't we?"

"Yes we are." Allison and Kylie pulled each other close and kissed each other. They opened their mouths to each other and let their tongues wander the insides of each other's mouths. They both immediately felt the warmth coming back into their bodies after faring the elements for two hours.

Kylie moved away from Allison's mouth and started nibbling on the brunette's left ear, making Allison giggle and sigh in delight. Allison kissed Kylie's neck several times, causing the blonde to moan. After Kylie had spent some time at Allison's ear, she started moving down her lover's body to her neck, which she started licking and kissing like Allison had just done to her. Allison moaned in pleasure as Kylie kissed her way down her body. After moving past Allison's collarbone, Kylie found Allison's B-cup breasts, the brunette's nipples erect from the cold. Kylie sucked on Allison's right nipple and Allison felt the warmth of Kylie's mouth fill her entire being, the brunette moaning very loudly and arching her back in bliss. Although her nipple quickly warmed up inside Kylie's mouth, it remained very erect due to the stimulation that the blonde was giving to it. Kylie pulled her head away but kept the hard nubbin between her teeth, causing Allison's breast to bounce when she got far enough away, causing the brunette to gasp. Kylie then paid the same attention to Allison's left nipple, sucking on it for a minute and then pulling at it with her teeth.

"I love the feel of your breasts," said Kylie. "Soft, warm pillows for me to play with." She started fondling and squeezing Allison's titties with her hands.

"I can't understand why yours are bigger than mine," the brunette said. "When we first met four years ago, my breasts were not much smaller than they are now, but you only had an A-cup back then. Now look at you, you wear a freakin' C-cup! How did that happen?"

Allison shut up when the blonde started licking at her belly button. The brunette moaned and giggled a little bit as Kylie tickled her. Kylie finally got to the special area between Allison's legs. Allison spread her legs wide, anticipating Kylie's actions, revealing her pink, shaved pussy to her blonde lover. "I wanna try something," Kylie said.

"What?" asked Allison.

"Remember that clip that I showed you? The one with the two brunettes going down on each other? That one squirted all over the other?"

"Oh yeah! That was somethin' else!"

"I wanna try it."


"I wanna make you squirt like that girl did."

"You've made me squirt before."

"But nothing like that. I've looked into it and I found that there is a place inside the vagina called the G-spot. If I stimulate that, it should make you squirt like never before. Not like those small squirts that you've had when I made you cum before. It's also supposed to feel really good."

Allison and Kylie spread out their towels on the bed, sure not to get it wet with their juices while they made love. Allison lied down on the blankets and spread her legs. First of all, Kylie took her right index finger and started moving it in circles around Allison's clit, but sure not to touch the sensitive button. Allison moaned with desire while her blonde lover teased her. "Come on, Kylie," said the brunette, her body starting to squirm. "Stop teasing me."

Kylie smiled and then flicked Allison's clit with one of her fingers. The brunette cried out and her body jumped. Kylie laughed and then inserted her index and middle fingers into Allison's slippery cunt. The brunette moaned in pleasure as Kylie started moving her fingers in and out of her. Allison started moving her hips in rhythm with Kylie's fingers. Kylie started rubbing the front wall of Allison's pussy, looking for the brunette's G-spot. "I think I found it," said the blonde. "You'll feel the sensation of needing to pee at first. But don't worry. It's gonna start feeling really good real soon." Kylie started stimulating the brunette's G-spot, causing Allison to gasp. She felt like she needed to pee, but she knew that was impossible because she had just gone outside.

The blonde moved her face to Allison's pussy and started licking Allison's clit, causing the brunette to moan and writhe in pleasure. Soon, the sensation of needing to pee stopped and was replaced by immense feelings of pleasure, like nothing Allison had ever experienced before. She let out a loud cry of ecstasy and started bucking, pushing Kylie's fingers even deeper into her pussy.

Allison could feel her orgasm building. However, she felt it building up much deeper inside her than she usually felt on the brink of orgasm. It was as if all of the organs inside her were going to start convulsing instead of just her vagina. Her moans became louder and louder as Kylie kept pushing her further and further. Allison's legs started shaking as she reached the very peak. Her back arched and she cried out, "Holy shit! Yes!" Then it happened. Allison's orgasm exploded from her body like nothing she had ever felt before. She screamed in ecstasy as her body started convulsing violently. The insides of her pussy actually pushed out of her opening and copious amounts of girl-cum ejaculated from Allison's pee-hole, all over Kylie's face. However, Kylie knew that it was not pee. She lapped up as much of Allison's orgasmic nectar as she could, but there was too much and most of it splattered against Allison's stomach and chest.

Allison's convulsions started to die down, but her body continued shivering as her orgasm subsided. When Allison finally stopped cumming, Kylie started working her way up, sucking up the girl-cum that was on Allison's body, savoring the sweet taste of her lover's honey. Allison started to come back to her senses when Kylie reached Allison's chest, sucking the brunette's cum-juices off of her tits. Allison sighed in delight as her blonde friend sucked on her nipples. Finally, Kylie got to Allison's face and kissed her, letting Allison taste her own girl-cum. It tasted different than her cum-juices usually tasted, much sweeter. "Did that feel good?" Kylie asked.

"Fuck yes," Allison breathed, barely audible.

"I'll bet it was," the blonde said.

"Have you done that to yourself yet?"

"No, I haven't. I've found my G-spot, but I wanted you to be the first one to see me ejaculate. I want you to be the first one to make me cum like that."

"Nothing would please me more." They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately. Allison, having regained her strength surprisingly quickly, pushed Kylie to the side and rolled on top of her, never breaking the embrace or the kiss for a second. After kissing Kylie's lips for several more seconds, the brunette started nibbling Kylie's ear, just as the blonde had done to her, and Kylie sucked on Allison's neck, just as she had done. Allison started her way south, stopping at Kylie's large breasts, sucking the blonde girl's right nipple into her mouth, making Kylie moan. She then let go of Kylie's nipple and started sucking on the other one, causing Kylie to moan again. The brunette felt Kylie's nipples harden even more as she stimulated them with her lips, tongue, and teeth.

After teasing Kylie's belly button for several seconds, Allison brought her face down in front of her blond-haired friend's bare pussy. "I'm glad you shaved your pussy over the past three months."

"Of course. Ever since you shaved my pussy this summer, I've loved the feel of it."

"The lack of hair makes your pussy look so much more innocent...and so much more delicious!" With that, Allison dove into Kylie's cunt and started licking and sucking on her wet, slit. Kylie moaned in pleasure as Allison started eating her out. Allison made sure not to touch Kylie's clit, wanting to get Kylie as aroused as she could get before making her cum. After a few minutes of teasing her lover, Allison removed her mouth from Kylie's pussy and asked, "So where exactly is the G-spot?"

"It's on the front wall of my pussy. It's an area of rough, leathery tissue. Once you find it, just start rubbing it." Allison inserted her index and middle fingers into Kylie's slimy canal searching for the blonde's G-spot. "Hook your fingers like this," Kylie said, holding out her hand and making a Come hither gesture. Allison hooked her fingers like Kylie did and felt an area of tissue that fit Kylie's description of the G-spot. Allison applied a bit of pressure to it, and Kylie cried, "Oh yeah! That's it!" Allison continued rubbing and Kylie moaned in pleasure. Just like Kylie had done to her, Allison started flicking the blonde's erect clit with her tongue, making Kylie cry out even louder. As her sensation of needing to urinate subsided, Kylie started humping Allison, driving the brunette's fingers harder into her G-spot. Kylie screamed in ecstasy as Allison stimulated both her clitoris as her G-spot.

Allison brought her face up from Kylie's clit just long enough to ask, "Is that good?" and then brought her face back down to Kylie's hard nubbin as quickly as she could.

"Oh, God yes!" Kylie cried, gripping the bed sheets. "That feels so good! Keep fucking my G-spot while you lick my clit. Oh!" Kylie's motions were becoming more and more erratic as her orgasm approached. Kylie's body tensed up as she reached her peak. After holding back for as long as she could, Kylie cried out. "Allison! I'm cumming! Oh yes! AAAHHH!!!" Kylie experienced an orgasm just as powerful as the one Allison had just experienced. She screamed in ecstasy, her body thrashed around, and girl-cum ejaculated from her pee-hole. Seeing where the juice was coming from, Allison thought that Kylie was squirting urine at her, but the juices squirted so powerfully that Allison did not have time to get her face out of the way. However, when she tasted Kylie's ejaculate, the realized that it was not pee. It tasted great and the brunette tried desperately to swallow every last drop of it. However, just like Kylie, there was too much to swallow at once and most of it soaked Kylie's body.

Kylie stopped cumming after what seemed like forever, and she collapsed on the bed, totally spent after experiencing her first G-spot orgasm. Allison marveled at the sweet taste of actual "girl-cum". It was the first time she had tasted female ejaculate, and she loved it. She started sucking the juices off of Kylie's body, savoring the sweet flavor.

When Allison got to Kylie's face, she saw that her lover was asleep. Kylie looked so angelic when she slept that Allison felt it would be a sin to move her from her current position. So that she would not wake her sleeping beauty, Allison realized that she had to sleep on the cum-soaked towels that they had layed out. "At least the bed won't get wet," she said to herself. Even though she was not going to sleep under the covers after her cold night in the rain, the hot, wet sex that she had just had with Kylie was enough to keep her warm for the rest of the night.


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