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It's Not the End of the World

By Tanya


Walking along a bridge overlooking the coast is the most captivating moment of my life. The air is so fresh and pure and when it caresses every inch of our body, it's almost as if we were sent to some ideal world. Usually when the exam period ceases, I would come to this place to relieve any form of tension or stress that has built up over the semester.


During the 9 months of strenuous studying, I had to decline the offer of having fun and sacrifice certain things that most teenagers like to do: hanging out, going for movies, etc. But it was worth it seeing that most of my friends and I have aced the finals and now proceeding to a newly-built university which is located near the southern east of the coast.


I walked down to get a closer to the coast and blend myself with the nature reflecting on the bad memories of my college years and recollecting the good times I had with my friends and the little pranks played on teachers and other classmates which often made us laugh together. That train of memories was stopped by a sobbing voice from a few meters away.


There I saw a young, petite-looking girl with her head buried between her knees, afraid to face the world and she started mumbling her guilt. Her luscious golden brown hair was draped around the shoulders covering her face. There was a big suitcase beside her and I started to wonder what could have happened and why was she sitting here all by herself in this cold night. I was about to approach her hoping to get answers to my questions but then she stood up and started walking towards the waters.


"Hey you! What are you doing?"


I ran after her shouting at her to stop before it was too late to help her. It was a good thing I manage to get a hold of her in time and I started to drag her fully soaked body.


"I'm trying to end my life. It is the end of the world for me." She argued trying to get loose from me grip to scramble towards the shallow parts of the waters but I tightened the grip and dragged her back to the shore not hearing any of her protests.


She started to sob again and went back to the position that I had found her in, that being crying with her head between her knees. I didn't know how to console her so I encircled my arms around her shoulders and rubbed her back to ease the pain that was within her. Then came an idea which I thought might help her out.


"Do you think we can go to a juice bar to get a drink?"


"No! You have have no business to save me. Mind your business and get lost!" She retorted in such harshness.


Her fingers combed through her wet hair to look at me clearly and did I then realize it was Blanche. Her eyes were all puffy and swollen from the crying and I saw the sense of frustration in her eyes. Few strands of hair were clung to her to her cheeks; her white blouse was perfectly pasted to her medium framed body. Her lips were redder than usual from the pressing of both lips that indicates how annoyed she was because of my intrusion.


"Hey listen! You have have right to take your own life! There is a person above us who does that job. Look,  maybe we can grab a drink, reflect on the things you have done and if you still insist on ending your life, I'm not going to stop you but all I ask from you is to think about the people who are going to miss you terribly especially you family and friends.


"Not anymore! Not my mother! No one will miss me!"


"Mind if we go and talk about it. If it's personal then we can drop this issue. I may not be your closest friend but I guess I can help."


"Okay." She finally said.


I helped her up on her feet and took her suitcase and proceeded to walk along the dimly lit lane only hearing the symphony the birds were producing. Neither of us broke the silence and I thought it would do her good to remove any suicidal thoughts. I knew Blanche since we stepped in college as freshman.


We were not that close friends but I have always worked with her when it comes to projects and I have always seen her as a happy-go-lucky girl always making people around her feel joyful. She was chosen to join the cheerleading squad and always did a wonderful job. She never misses any training and now her body has turned out to be something any man or woman would want to mortgage his or her house for. She had her own share of dates but none of them has turned to be a steady relationship as it all became more like friendly dates.


We finally reached an old cafeteria which I normally go to with my friends. It has a wide variety of music catered to all ages and the food is tastefully good and cheap. Blanche looked around the place and I saw a small smile which made me relieved knowing that she is now being light-hearted.


We went to the corner part of the cafe and and sat down in a booth overlooking the coast and then we ordered ourselves some snacks. The place was neatly decorated with `healthy food' signs and there was a jukebox along the aisle. There were not many people around except for a family celebrating their son's birthday. My attention then turned to Blanche who remained silent. Her smile slowly faded as she looked at the coast intently. I quickly drew the curtains down sensing that her suicidal thoughts might resurface again.


"You really thought I was still thinking about ending my life." She finally broke the silence and stopped me from drawing.


"Yeah. You know ending your life doesn't solve problems. You are only allowing those problems to conquer you. So you must face it!"


"I know but I just don't know what to do now." Blanche stuttered with some sadness in her tone.


"It's not the end of the world, Blanche. You seemed to have aced your finals well as well. There are other things that we can achieve; good academics, good career, good living etc."


"Yeah you are right. Hey, I am sorry for being cold on you just now."


"That's okay."


The food arrived and we started to eat and drink silently just staring at space and later at the people who were ready to pack and go. While I was waiting for Blanche to finish, I walked up to the jukebox and started to browse through some dance hits. I know there were only a few people but it would be nice to charge up the atmosphere. After much browsing I hit on of my favorites and danced according to the beat renc I settled back in my seat.


"I didn't know you could dance or that your listened to such music." Blanche chuckled and gave out a small smile.


"What does that suppose to mean?" I looked at her all confused.


"All the while I see you with your nose buried between your books. So my friends and I assumed that you were practically a bookworm."


"Oh now I get to see what sort of impression you have had on me all these years." I looked annoyed but later I smiled at her.


               "I'm sorry if I had hurt your feelings." Blanche looked away from me and stared at the finished plate.


"It's okay. I do listen to such songs. Just that I don't like to go to the clubs or pubs. So I buy these albums and listen whenever I feel like transporting myself to the fantasy world." I reassured her giving her back that same smile she has given to me.


It was quite late by now so we decided to head home. We saw most of the shops along this lane were closing but we saw a 24-hour food outlet so we grabbed some finger food to eat on our way.


"So where are you staying?" I asked her as I passed the chips to her.


"I am staying at Greenview Street. I know my mother would hate me if I come back and I wouldn't want to collect her wrath. So I am going to stay in a motel at Cairnhill Lane. It is another 5 miles from here. Where do you live?"


"Right here! The second house past that music store. Perhaps you would like to stay here for the night?"


"Oh no, no thanks. I have given you enough trouble. I can manage on my own now." Blanche took hold of the suitcase from my hand and was about to leave.


"Wait. It's pretty dark and you look exhausted. I'm sure it would be no trouble for me. Besides I am alone for the night. It would be nice if u could stay with me rather than in a motel where it might be unsafe and you don't even know anyone there. If you don't like, then I understand and will walk you down to get settled at the motel."


She pondered over for a few seconds and then nodded her head in agreement to come with me into my house. I led her to the bathroom to get her all cleaned up while I placed some clothes that she brought on the bed and went down to the hall to watch a serial. The insides of the house were getting cold but thankfully the heater was doing a good job by keeping the house warm. Flipping through the channels I saw none of the serials that were appealing so I just let it run mindlessly waiting for Blanche to come down.


A few minutes later, Blanche walked into the hall and there stood a figure that could send sparks within anyone. Her greek features are tastefully assembled on her body. She was beautifully sculpted displaying her womanly features in every beautiful way as possible. Her sapphire eyes are almost magnetic capturing every motion running on the television. Before I was caught staring by her, I told her to have a seat and handed a cup of hot chocolate.


"I know your mother might be angry with you but that anger should have ceased by now. You better call and let her know where you are or else she will be very worried about you." I told her waiting for her reply as she was taking little sips of the drink.


"My mother has disowned me so I don't see a point to call her. Even if I did, I'm sure she will hang up on me. Look I think I better leave." Blanche placed her cup on the table and stood up to pack her things.


"Wait. I don't mean it in such a bad way. I also don't want to pry into any of your personal issues but do you mind what made you come to that sort of  a decision and what made your mother disown you?"


Not wanting anymore distractions from the television, I switched it off waiting to hear her answer. Her lips pursed together every now and then sensing the nervousness and tension she was facing and fighting her mind not knowing what to say or knowing not what to say. She took at her drink taking a gulp of it and then place it back on the table.


"I hope that whatever I am going to say doesn't shock you. I wouldn't be surprised if you are going to kick me out of the house." Blanche said it with a slight confidence as if I am really going to do that and that made me worry what sort of a problem was she facing.

"No, I wouldn't do such a thing though I may not be worldly and sophisticated as you are. Just tell me what's bothering you and I can at least think of something to lighten this thing up."


"That's quite comforting to hear."


I heard every word that Blanche was uttering without any interruption. Her eyes started to cloud with tears when she told me that her mother had disowned her after finding out her sexual preference. That initially shocked me because she I had never seen her dating another girl back in college years but somehow it all made sense as to why the dates she had never made it to next level as she had no keen interest in men.


Blanche had a crush on her neighbor's daughter named Jean. It was basically a one sided love. Blanche wanted to tell her love for her but she thought writing letters might do the job. But whenever she goes over to meet her, she lost every bit of her wit and didn't give the letter to her. As days went by, Blanche happen to fall for her so hard and continues to write many letters containing her emotions and passion but then locked them up in a box.


Unfortunately, Jean's father had gotten a job in Miami and she found out that Jean had an online relationship with a girl back there. It was all coincidence and so the family moved out as a family and it was too late to say anything. She was depressed for weeks but didn't show it when she was in school and focused on her studies. Still, she tried to keep in touch with Jean through emails and chats but the time was not suitable for them; they both didn't have time to communicate through phone calls and so as the distance between them increase, their friendship slowly started to diminish.


Blanche went home that afternoon and everything went smoothly but that happiness she felt as she did her finals well was short lived. Her mother decided to clean up her room as it was already in a great mess while Blanche was getting dressed to hang out by herself. During the cleaning, her mother had discovered the box underneath the bed and the letters in it. She was so stunned as she saw her mother reading every letter and her face was getting redder every minute. She tried to explain but her mother heard none of it and then completely washed her hands of her. And so her final decision was to end her life so she went up to the coast where no one will know what had ever happen to her.


After hearing her story, I didn't know what else to say or what to do to comfort her. Her hands covered her face to wipe out the shame and preventing the tears from bursting out of her eyes. I settled next to her with my arm encircled around her shoulder and I rubbed her back to calm her down.


"Listen, I'm sure your mother is also weeping for you as she is thinking about you. She must have said that in a fit of anger. But I know that she didn't mean it. It will be shocking for her at first knowing that her only daughter is gay. It will take time to digest the news and very soon she will accept you. Remember you are her only family and she has only got you to count on and depend on. So don't worry and get some rest. Everything will be fine." I let out a few words of consolation and cleaned her wet face.


It was already very late in the morning and I know if she is going through this without any sleep it would be bad for her. I went up to the guest room and made the bed for her so that she can get some good sleep. But when I came down to see her, she was fast asleep on the sofa and her breathing was calm and steady and it would not be nice to wake her up.


That night, I couldn't get a wink of sleep. My eyes were heavy knowing that if my head hits on something nice and comfy I would be in dreamland. But my mind was fully awake thinking about the string of incidents that have occurred within the day. What would have happen if Blanche had really gone on to end her life? What if there was no one to stop her? I have read such incidents but then those people were not brave enough to face the reality. Those questions raced through my mind but somehow I was happy that it all turned out fine somehow. Blanche was sleeping so soundly that her heavy burden was finally lifted off her chest. Then again I also wished her mother would understand her and accept for who she really was.



I woke up to the strong smell of hot coffee which was brewing in the kitchen and thought it might be my mother who had come back home early. That strong aroma made me fully awake and I saw that the sofa that Blanche was sleeping on was empty and cold so I knew it was her and that she must have woken way earlier than me. I walked up to my room and dressed and then went to the kitchen to greet her.


"Hey Blanche! How are you doing?"


"Hey Gladys! I'm doing better. Here have some coffee. After all you are right. There are other things that I got to achieve and make my mother happy." She said as she handed me the freshly brewed coffee.


"That's so good to hear. Anyway, you don't need to serve me. You are a guest in my house and my guests are not allowed to do anything except make themselves at home."


I tried to stop her from doing any more preparations but she insisted on helping me out in the kitchen. Sandwiches were made and a pot of coffee was placed on the table and we took our seats to talk At least it was a good opportunity for us to get to know each other better.


"So what are you going to major in?" Blanche asked as she refilled her cup with coffee and took a bite of a sandwich.


"Maybe in chemistry. I'm not sure yet. What about you?"


"Hmm...maybe the same as you, chemistry is one of my favorite subjects."


"Heck, we still have a few months of free time before we start to worry about the school again. So why not make good use of it. That also means you are staying here with me till you can work things out." I suggested, gulping down the remaining coffee and finishing the last bit of the sandwich.


"Okay cool!" She gave me a smile which made me do that to her in return.


Meantime, we started chatting about our families. Each of our families had only one child. We were fortunate in that area as there is no room for sibling rivalry. Blanche's parents were divorced when she was five but both their parents are getting along really well as good companions. Her mother used to work in an advertising company but has quit the job a few weeks ago as the pay wasn't good enough compare to the hard work she had put in. As for my parents, my father died of cancer when I was two so I don't pretty much miss him at all and my mother is working as a teacher at Montford Elementary School.


Our conversation stretched to a wide variety of topics and we chatted for our hours as if we were long lost friends separated for years and finally got back together. Jokes were being cracked across the table and memorable college incidents were being shared between us. For the first time, I saw the usual Blanche laughing and having fun of her life and it was so relieving to see that there was no sadness within her unlike yesterday.


Since it was her first time coming to my house, I gave her a tour around. We went out to the garden to see the new pots of plants my mother bought for my birthday. I didn't know Blanche was into gardening until I saw her handling the garden with great care. As we watered the plants, she even gave me some tips on how to grow new plants instead of buying them. Just then, the doorbell rang and I knew it was my mother.


"It's mother. Come on I will introduce her to you." I went over to open the door and let mother step in.


"This is Blanche, my college friend. She will be staying here for a few days."


"Hi ma`am, nice to meet you." Blanche greeted her with a handshake and small hug.


"Please call me Grenada, nice to meet you also. Glady's friends are always welcomed to the house." Mother returned the warm hug to her and made her feel welcomed.


My mother told us to set up the table so that we can have lunch together while she went upstairs to get herself refreshed. A little while later, my mother walked in the kitchen to start preparing a pepperoni and cheese pizza. This dish was quite special to me because it is normally done in times of celebration. The aroma emitting from the kitchen started to stir rumbling noises in our tummies so we decided to go outside and see the kids playing water games. It's quite sad that my house was the only house in the neighborhood that didn't have a pool but I got used to it. A while later, my mother called out to us saying that dinner was ready. We couldn't wait any longer as we settled ourselves in the dining room ready to sink our teeth into the meal.


"How long have you known Gladys?" My mother asked Blanche as she filled her cup with juice.


"Err...just yesterday." Blanche replied and taking a sip of her drink.


"Oh I understand now. I was quite surprised when Gladys told me that she had a friend over. I don't know why but I guess she has some sort of a phobia of interacting with people unless they make the first move." My mother stated as if it was like a statement and let out a chuckle when she saw me pretending to be annoyed.


"It's true. I have not seen her hanging out with friends that often unless they drag her out from her own world." Blanche giggled a bit and gave a smile to me to only indicate it was meant as a tease.


After much laughter, Blanche nudged me and whispered to me to tell my mother what was the reason she was staying. She wanted the truth out in the open. It was then I told mother what had happened and I saw a shock on her face but then she began to sympathize with Blanche. She clearly understood the situation and told Blanche that she could just consider this house as her own and can stay for as long as she liked. Blanche felt relieved after hearing that and was very appreciating of my mother's efforts.


That evening, after spending time window shopping, Blanche and I stopped at a grocery store to pick up some things that my mother asked me to buy. As we were selecting vegetables, we would accidentally brush past each other. Our fingers would slide past each other's fronts when we reach for something. Even the apologies that I made were not convincing to me but when I saw Blanche going back to searching the products I just shook those thoughts away.


"Hey Gladys, how are you doing?" The grocer asked as we placed the goods on the counter.


"I'm doing fine. What about you?" I said as I placed the last item on the counter.


"I'm okay. I've haven't seen you this happy since I saw you as a child. I guess that's your girlfriend." The grocer shot it out with a smile as he scanned the items one by one.


"No, not at all. She is just my college friend, Blanche." I defended myself knowing I was too embarrassed and that Blanche's cheeks were flushing.


"Oh, I am so terribly sorry. But you are her friend and also a girl. So that makes you are a girlfriend. There is nothing wrong in that." He handed the receipt to me and the bags to Blanche with a smile.


"Yeah thanks. Goodnight." I handed him the money and took a bag from Blanche and when I did that, our fingers again traced across each other's palms and it felt as if electricity of high voltage shot through me.


These little actions did bother me or shall I say something stirred within me that I couldn't explain and I never have felt something so intense as this. But I pushed those thoughts aside forgetting the whole incident at the shop as we walked down the street to head home, cracking jokes on the way and commenting on the appeal of cars that pass by.


"We are back." I called out for mother and I started to burst into another laughter when I heard another joke from Blanche.


"Girls, what's the laughter all about?" My mother came out from the kitchen wondering what it was all about.


"Oh Grenada. I was just telling Gladys a joke. Here is the stuff you wanted." She smiled at her handing the bags to her.


"Mind if you could tell me?" She asked Blanche placing the bags on the kitchen counter and some of them in the fridge.


"Okay. Does fish have fingers?" Blanche asked mother with a raised eyebrow.




"Then why is it call it fish fingers?" She questioned with a box of fish fingers in her hand and soon, the three of us started to giggle again.


"Oh Blanche, that was a good one! Okay girls, let's have some dinner." My mother continued laughing collecting the remaining bags from me and  started taking out the products and placing it in the cabinet.


"I've just taken light snacks on the way and am full since lunch. I will just skip dinner today so goodnight." Blanche said as she stretched her arms and yawned giving mother and me an invisible kiss on the cheek and headed upstairs to bed.


Mother and I didn't want to force her and allowed her to have her own time. After all, it was true that the pizza we ate really filled our bellies and let alone the snacks we ate along the way made us bloated. After having an idle chat with mother, I was about to retreat when she stopped me a for a moment and took a look at me intently as if I had something unusual on my face and down my body.


`What is it?" I asked her snapping out of her cloud of thoughts.


`Nothing. Goodnight sweetie."


"You sure? You can ask me anything you want to ask."


"It's okay. It's nothing."


Mother came up to me and placed a kiss on my cheek with some reassurance that everything was fine not that something has happened and let me go to bed. But I stood there a while and wondered if she knew what I was feeling or experiencing or something beyond my knowledge. But I decided to push aside those thoughts and went to snuggle myself beneath the sheets with my pillows.



The sun rays tore into the early morning sky and penetrated through the blinds inviting my butt, which was super glued to the mattress after a rough tiring night, to get off from the bed. I had never felt this refreshed or happy before Blanche came in to my house. Maybe it's because I didn't have anyone to interact with or socialize since mother always had to get up early and set off to work and not to mention my friends busy with their own stuff and have little time to mingle around with me.


Everyday started as a brand new day and ended joyously so that I had difficulty sleeping at night, as I was anxiously waiting what the next day awaits for me. There were bitter times when Blanche thought about her mother and cried for hours and wouldn't be willing to go out and have some fun. But we could find comfort in each other and try to make the best out of the day and that's when the old Blanche that I used to see in college appeared. However, there was one thing that particularly bothered me and that was the hesitance I saw in mother lately. We both know that we haven't talked much for the past few months since the exam period and plus she had lots of commitments back in school. Despite all that, my mother was very open to me about things and if she wanted to ask me something or do something, she never failed to mention but now that phase is about to change.


After dinner, she would call out to me or when Blanche enters the kitchen to help out with the dishes and I could see that she would withhold the question that she wanted to ask me. When I ask her what is it and  she would always diverts my attention to something else. Today I decided that it was time to find out what was on her mind.


I walked over to Blanche's room to see if she was awake. The chilly wind that was gushing past her windows was cooling enough to make her sleep so soundly that even if there was a loud explosion next to her bed she wouldn't care. I carefully covered her with the woolen blanket so as to keep her warm and went quietly out of the door afraid that I might wake her up and also that would give me an some private time with my mother. 


I walked across the hallway to my mother's room and was surprised to see the door ajar and light illuminating through the doorway. Mother wouldn't be up that early unless she has some unfinished matters in her school. Hearing the sounds the dishes being put away and some humming through the kitchen, I knew she was there setting up the coffee table with some toast and some coffee.


"Hi mother. You are up early." I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. 


"Yeah...I have to prepare stuff for my students. Also, a few new students and a new teacher are coming to join the school. I have to get the students settled and also get acquainted with that new teacher." She replied as she started spreading jam on the toast and handed it to me. 


 Silence began to develop between the two of us as she started to take sips of her coffee rimming the mouth of the cup with her fingertips. I know she is trying to formulate the question within her mind but then wondering if it is going to hurt either one of us. I know the parent-child relationship is getting weaker since I have spent all my days in college and also my mother's long working hours have not offered the slightest opportunity to bond closer and talk things out. I waited a while hoping she might just shoot out whatever that is fogging her mind.


"Err...mother, is there something you want to ask or say? I know there is something bothering you." I asked and I felt quite happy breaking the silence and giving her a chance to open up to me.


"Oh no, nothing like's just that I have never seen you this happy before. So I was just wondering if there is anything going on between the two of you." She shot it right back to me as her eyes met mine waiting for me to answer.


"Of course not, she's just a good friend, that's all. I think we are having a great time with each other." I said with a slight defensive tone and took a gulp of my coffee to calm myself down. 


My mother looked at me with a surprised look wondering what made me say it in such a tone. I couldn't even look at her in the eyes afraid that she might see the battle that was going on within me. I was confused at that moment and tried to analyze the events that had happened between Blanche and me and was wondering if it was just a fleeting crush or a joy that I am having as I finally got someone to spend time with and not be alone. I stood up from my chair and walked over to the couch in the living room, dropping down on the cushions. My mother took a deep breath and exhaled as she settled next to me and took my hand in hers, a sign to let me know that she is always there for me.


"Hey, I just haven't seen you any happier since Blanche came in here. You do have your own set of friends in college but it's always within the college boundaries. I haven't seen you bringing them over to our house for lunch, dinner or even your own birthdays.  Also you only met Blanche about two to three days ago and you are beginning to like her company. So I just assumed there were some deep friendship between you two."


"Oh...okay..." I stuttered not knowing what else to say.


"You got agitated as if I asked if you were in love with Blanche." She said turning my face to meet hers with a grin, "that's why I sensed a bit of guilt down there." She said pointing towards my heart with her index finger.  


I was dumbfounded trying to think of a way to divert this conversation to something else and also wanted to clear off the misunderstandings in a convincing way when I saw Blanche standing in the hallway with a light frown looking at my mother who was oblivious about her presence when she turned around to face in the direction I was looking at.


Blanche looked back and forth between my mother and me a couple of times. My breathing was coming to a stop unsure if she had heard anything about the conversation that we had. I was terrified as I didn't know how long had she been standing there and how much of the conversation had she heard or was she waiting for me to give an explanation on what was going on.  The silence was becoming deafening but thankfully mother broke it and told her that breakfast would be served shortly and then she was off to school. Blanche asked if everything was alright and that question alone gave me ease knowing she had not heard any part of the conversation between my mother and me. She smiled at both of us and helped herself with the toast and coffee while I poured myself another cup and saw mother making final checks to her bag and ready to move off.


"So, any plans for today?" Blanche asked as we both waved bye to mother.


"Hmm...nope. You have any ideas?" Hoping if Blanche had any suggestions on how to pass the day.


"Okay... how about we go out for a walk in the park, grab some lunch and watch a movie, then head home?" 


"Sounds nice. Let's get going."


The park was a couple of bus-stops away but we decided to walk rather than wait for the bus to arrive as we missed it when we walked down the pathway. It was a fifteen-minute walk and it was nice to take in the sights and sounds around us. By taking a bus, we might not be fortunate enough to experience all these things.  The park was quite packed with children running around everywhere playing a game of tag. Some parents were coaxing their own kids to play along with them. Some brave ones stood up and decided to join in the fun but a few shy ones were reserved and wanted to be in their own little world. We stopped by a candy store to buy a cup of popcorn and soft drinks and nestled under a shady tree looking around at the events that were going on in the park. It was a nice place to chill out although my preferred hang-outs would be the beaches, malls and the arcades, but still a park is a more suitable place to spend quality time with loved ones or in this case my good friend Blanche. We started to have mild chat when the both of us became restless and decided to do something fun rather than just sitting there.


"Hey want to play a game of Frisbee with the kids over there? I know it's not a game for our age but at least we can have some fun." I suggested pointing my fingers to a group of kids at the other side of the park.


Just when she was about to answer, a Frisbee flew in our direction and landed next to us. A little small framed but tall girl came running from the group to collect the Frisbee when Blanche picked it up and handed it to her and asked if we could join in their little game. The girl called over to her friends and they finally agreed as they started pumping their hands up and down with joy. After all, the more the merrier. They made small arrangements like who is in which team and who is suppose to be the goalie and that sort of thing. After much discussion we split into two groups with Blanche on the opponent's side and me on the other side. When the kids ganged up with their own teams to discuss their playing tactics, Blanche dragged me aside out of their ear-shot and I was wondering what she wanted to say.


"It's a game. So what is the deal?" She asked with a bright smile on her cute face.


"Anything you want." I told her with a grin leaving the deal to her.


"Okay...anything I want about err..." She pondered for a while tapping a finger at her cheek and then whispered, "How about a kiss?" putting up a very serious look on her face.


I was stunned to hear about the deal she made but after all, it is just a kiss; a friendly kiss between two friends so there is no harm done in giving and I agreed to her request. If she wins she gets to give it to me and if I win, I will give it t her. That's how the deal works. The gang called over to us announcing the game was about to start and we joined into our respective teams. 


The game started out smoothly with each team having their own good share of players as they displayed their talents in the game. The Frisbee was flying in all directions and the players were playing very well not allowing the Frisbee to fall on the ground. Blanche's teammate caught hold of the Frisbee and threw it to his friend but one of my players barged in disrupting the momentum of the Frisbee and tossed it towards my direction. One of the opponents was already at the right position to grab it but before she could get it, I manage to lay my hands on it passing it through the goalie's net without giving him a chance to stop the Frisbee and scoring a point for my team. After much cheering, the game started to catch fire and the level of enthusiasm rose to its peak. It was clearly visible that both teams were making use of their playing strategies well deceiving the goalies and earning points for each teams.


Even Blanche was playing really well but when it comes the scoring time, she tried hard to cope with the tackling and ends up tossing the Frisbee to my team. Her team mates were really supportive and there were some occasions when she scored and did her cheerleading dance only to put up a great competition with my team.


The score was even when one of the girl's mother called out to her that she had only ten minutes left and they were leaving. So the teams decided to end within that time frame and it was either Blanche's team or mine to score the golden point. The game accelerated as everyone knew it might lead either of the teams to the gaming point. The Frisbee was thrown up high heading up the direction where Blanche was standing who was now in the attacking position and the players started to flock down the field as they saw her waiting for someone to grab the Frisbee from her as she was quite far away from the goalie.


After a moment or two Blanche decided whom she wanted to pass the Frisbee to but it failed to reach to her player's hand when one of my teammate's named Kyle scored for our team and the team cheered out his name, slid in between and swung the Frisbee right down in a perfect streamlined motion while the Blanche's goalie panicked at the speed and swept past his hands hitting the net hard and achieving that golden point for our team.


Blanche's team was in a shock and I nearly laughed when I saw Blanche's jaw just hit the ground and trying to see what had just happened. At one moment, it seemed that her team had scored but then in another moment it had just became a dream that her team had scored. It took a while for her to come up from the shock when both teams started rejoicing joyously together and again Blanche put up with the cheerleading dance together with some girls and boys. It was such a fantastic play and it didn't matter who won and who lost. The important thing was we really had a great time and it was another chance that we could act like little kids. Thinking about that made us laugh but it is true to some extent that we were actually deprived of our own childhoods.


The guys and girls went back to their own parents who were leaving for their homes, though there were some guys planning to meet up here again to play another game of Frisbee. They even invited us again but we took a rain-check and watched those guys heading out leaving me and Blanche alone but with happy faces.


"So, I hope we are still in agreement with the deal we made?" Blanche asked wondering if I had backed out from the deal.


Blanche walked up to me coming face to face with me and the gap between us can be measured using any other ordinary ruler. My heartbeat started to zoom like a bullet train as I felt her breathe sweeping across my face. It was like an eternity when Blanche stepped forward giving me the permission to go ahead with the kiss. My hands began to become numb and I had to lick my now dried lips constantly. Blanche gave a another piercing look at me before closing her eyes waiting to receive her first kiss from me.


My mind said it was a friendly kiss and my body thankfully reacted in a friendly way by guiding my lips to her forehead and pressing them against the warm skin when Blanche sprang her eyes open with a big fat grin on her face leaving a curious question mark on my face. A while later, I understood her inferential question and returned that same type of grin.


"You said the deal was a kiss. But you forgot to mention where is this kiss suppose to land." I said with a slight chuckle as Blanche slapped my arm lightly and giggled while I pretended to wince in pain and started heading further down the park. 


"Oh Blanche, there is something I wanted to say to you." Blanche turned to look at me with a sign of concern.


"Oh what is it?" She asked looking puzzled.


"I think you need to learn a few skills on how to play Frisbee. Why not I sign you up for a professional dog training session? It might be useful if we ever get to play the game again." I remarked her performance with a laugh and let out in a run when I saw her coming after me. I wanted to apologize to her for being mean but I know if I was only going to get caught by her, I would be dead meat.


I guess the trainings that Blanche received during her cheerleading practices didn't go to waste at all. It was only a matter of time for Blanche to catch me and pull me down to the ground. Blanche was already reaching her hand to take a hold of the hem of my shirt but I was too slow to back out as she tugged it down causing me to roll down the waters and thus bringing Blanche to fall flat backwards.


My apparel was half soaked when Blanche climbed over me pressing her entire weight down me causing my clothes to be fully drenched. We both started giggling heavily as Blanche started tickling my ribs and then down to my lower tummy and finally I got a hold of her hands preventing her from finding my other soft spots, rolling over each other only to be stopped by a rock which acted as a barrier from moving any further down.


Everything was still between us, we us only hearing the symphony made by the birds up on the trees. We only then realized that we have moved off far away from the crowd and landed ourselves near a lake. I was in desperate need for oxygen as I took another deep breath and rested my head down on the sandy pit.


"You better take back whatever you said." Blanche demanded in a very authoritarian tone as she held down my shoulders to the ground firmly not allowing me to a make a single move.


"No, I won't! I was just giving you my honest feedback based on your performance. What do you think you can do about it?" I challenged her back trying to get away from her firm grip but to no avail.


"Oh yeah...I will make you take that back." She retorted as I felt her breasts pressed hard against mine with her already hardened nipples causing a sensational friction against mine.


I felt her hands climbing my through my shirt and I knew she was finding a perfect spot to tickle and torment me. Her right leg was now rubbing against my crotch so as to get herself in a comfortable position. The insides of me have already started to electrify and before either one of us crossed the line and regretted it, I finally give in to her as I let out a low moan. I pushed Blanche off me and quickly released loosened her firm grip on me and helped me up as she felt my arms and legs thinking that I was in an uneasy position and the rock stones beneath me have caused much pain. The cause of the moan was very much obvious that my nerves had just experienced some kind of sexual bliss.


A whole bunch of kids started racing down the lake throwing weeds down the waters feeding the little fishes followed by their own families who came down to rest near the lake talking and joking and helping themselves with the food that they have prepared.. If not for them, I would have excused myself from Blanche and hide myself behind the rocks and bushes to relieve my burning sexual tension I had within me. Since more people were coming down to this area, I didn't want to risk getting caught and that thought alone caused my interest to pleasure myself to fade.


I ran up to join with Blanche who was waiting on the gravel path holding up a bottle of coke. Initially I thought she was being nice as she got me liquid to quench my thirst but then a sly smile told me I was wrong. She started to shake the bottle vigorously until the fizziness had already reached the mouth of the bottle and was now ready to spray it on me once the cap was flicked off. But before she could even release a single drop on me, I managed to snatch it back from her and shook it hard as I tried to take a good aim and threatened to hit it one her if she didn't stop running but it wouldn't be a nice feeling to get coke all over our already wet shirts so we each took a gulp and started to giggle at our own childish acts.



We stepped into in the house hurriedly, Blanche made a dash to the bathroom to release the contents in her bladder and getting herself cleaned up, while I placed some defrosted chicken steak in the oven to warm up. Just when I was about to prepare the salad, Blanche came out from her shower and I thought maybe I would take mine later but the stickiness and the sweatiness of my body were making me uncomfortable. Plus the bathroom was welcoming me with open arms. I peeled off my top and shorts and hurled them into the laundry like I was shooting a basketball into the net. 


There was standing an average figure, wishing it had been a fuller figure like Blanche's, in front of the mirror which belonged to a girl of nineteen. I was happy with what I saw. Guess the mass runs and gym practices had finally paid off in developing a hardened but yet soft body over the past three years. As my eyes were gazing down to admire my features, a large wet spot was already forming on the front side of my panties. Only then did I recalled the incident that happened in the park when Blanche's chest was crushed hard against mine while her dark blue eyes pierced through my brown as her right leg started to hump my crotch but thankfully she backed away before anything went wrong that would make us regret.


Just thinking about that incident made the wet spot enlarge in size feeling the moistness between my nether lips until I had to remove my panties seeing a few strands of girl juice oozing from my hot oven. I ran my hands along both cheeks; caressing them softly before moving my fingers to my full pink lips and tracing the outline of my tender folds.


These brief touches caused my nipples to become rigid and very noticeable. They were full and erect standing out from two B-sized globes. I turned the shower to the hottest setting and waited until the translucent doors covered with steam as I liked being engulfed in the mist. It didn't take long before little beads of moisture were all over me, especially my breasts.


Of course my pussy was already wet and I found that my body was in a desperate need of release. My body was wet with steam and sweat and my pussy was soaked with arousal and horniness. My mind became conscious as I realized I wasn't the only one in the house. I turned down the temperature setting and allowed the cold water to cool off my heat and started applying the gel onto my breasts, shoulders, down my flat tummy and tenderly caressing my legs and stroking up my inner thighs.


All the while, the semi-hot water cascaded down my body washing off the foam as I brought my index finger down the length of my slit, then using another two fingers from my other hand to my pussy lovingly caressing my hood, then began to draw little circles around my protruding clit. I bit down on my lower lip which was already red and was careful not to make it bruised, to prevent any moaning from escaping through my mouth.




My knees started to grow weaker as I plunged in two fingers in and out into my hot hole and thrusting my hips forward in an obscene fucking motion as I rode out my hard orgasm off my body. I was completely spent and had no strength to stand so I leaned on the wall for support as I slid down for a few minutes.


               It was then that I realized I had spent more than enough time in the shower so I quickly rinsed out the remaining foam on my body; dried myself and went on to put on a t-shirt  and my gym shorts. I gathered my undergarments from the hook and stepped out from the bathroom when Blanche was standing right at the entrance with a grin on her face revealing a cute dimple on the left cheek.


"Hey Gladys, I was about to knock down the door to check if you were okay. You have been in there for like two hours and the food is getting cold. Are you alright?" She asked waiting for an explanation as I just stood there hoping that she had not been standing there for very long.


"Sorry about that. I was just counting the tiles on the wall." I joked letting out a giggle to cool myself down.


"I guess as you were counting the tiles like counting sheep, you fell asleep slurping your thumb in your mouth. That's why I heard some slurpy sounds from there." She joked back with a smile on the face and left me wondering what she actually meant and then just shrugged it off. At least the fragrance of the shower gel had overcome the sexual aroma and there was not a single trace left to find out the truth behind the shower door.


The food was laid in such a tasteful manner and no doubt the food Blanche had prepared was equally delicious. We went on discussing about the slight changes in our plans as we thought of going out to get some food and catch a movie after our walk in the park. It has been a long time since we had gone out to a theatre and now that we had finished our lunch, I went to check out the papers under the movie section if they have anything good.


Since there was nothing to our satisfaction, we just decided to watch a movie at home. Blanche walked into the kitchen to put away the dishes while I cleaned up the dining table. Before Blanche started washing the dishes, I stopped her and told her to relax herself and search for a good movie in the shelves next to the television set.


She insisted on helping me out with the kitchen as it was already in a mess but I rebutted her back saying that it was only fair I do this myself as she had prepared the meal and left her with no room for any bargaining as I took the dish towel from her hands and made her make her move out from the kitchen. I asked her to browse through for a good movie. She complied with my orders and after a good hour of cleaning up the kitchen, everything was squeaky clean and I brought in some snacks to see Blanche holding a DVD in her hand while looking at some of my family photos assembled in the glass cabinet.


Blanche stood in a daze that after I had called her three times, but there was no acknowledgment done except looking at my current photo which was taken a month ago at one of the coastal areas and at my parent's wedding photo.


"Hey Blanche." I called as she was startled a bit, "oops...sorry didn't mean to come up to you like that. You seem to be bemused. What's up?" I asked her placing two juice bottles and a small tray of jellybeans and peanuts on the table.


"No...nothing much, I was just looking if you resemble more like your mother or father. So based on my judgment, you are more like your mother except that you have your father's eyes." She replied as she handed the DVD to me and settled herself on the sofa popping a few jellybeans into her mouth.


"So what about yourself? Do you look more like your mother or father?" I asked her as I drew the curtains to make the living room in a more theatrical concept.


"I guess more like my mother as well." She replied reading the synopsis of the movie that we were about to watch.


"Your mother must be very beautiful then." I stated as she looked up at me with a smile nodding in agreement.


"So what movie have you chosen?" I asked her as I took the DVD from her hands and looked at the movie title and credits.


"It's a movie that I still haven't gotten a chance to watch. Some of my friends told me it was quite a good production."


It was a horror movie named, The Ring. I still remembered that it was a movie that kept me awake for days and I had refuse to be all alone in the house that I tagged along with my mother and even to friends' place to keep me from thinking about the movie. In fact, the first time when I watched it in theatres it really freaked me out that I refuse to go home alone and have to ask my mother to bring me home and feared to pick up the phone when someone rings.


"Why, you scared to watch hardcore horror?" She chuckled as I continued staring at the movie shots on the cover.


"How I wish I could watch hardcore porn right now!" I murmured under my breath. "Err...nothing...let's watch the movie. After all, I like to freak myself out after watching horror flicks like this." I said letting out a nervous laugh.


"'s not what you said. I heard you said that you wish you could watch porn. Gladys, I am quite good in lip-reading." She articulated every word that I had said through my mind and wiggled her eye-brows when she mentioned her special talent.


"Err...never mind...the show's started so let's watch it." I said as I loaded the DVD inside the player waiting for the credits to pass on.


The movie started out boringly at first when the first murder came up showing nothing but it was just a woman screaming at the sight of her friend's dead body. Good thing that I had watched the movie about five times with my mother and I know what the next scene was. Even then the fears were not overcome so that whenever the freaky scene came by, I would look away and admire the paintings on the wall popping in a few jellybeans into my mouth.


Blanche put up a very brave facade completely relaxed with her legs stretched out on the sofa and sometimes letting out a laugh when the ghost appeared and then started commenting on how well they have applied make-up to the girl who was acting.


"Hey are you hungry? Perhaps we can order pizza and then resume watching the movie?" She asked waiting for my agreement.


"Hmm...okie sure..." I looked up at the wall clock and she was right it was nearing dinner time and so I agreed to her suggestion.


"What kind?" she asked back.


"Anything that you like," I told her leaving her to decide the choice of the pizza.


I stopped the movie for the time being as Blanche picked up the phone and dialed the pizza delivery hotline to place an order while I walked into the kitchen to raid the mini drinks bar. There was only one bottle of fruit juice and three bottles of wine and that made me to remember to stock up the drinks when I go down to the stores again.


"Hey Blanche! What would you like to have? I called out to her and mentioned what was currently available in my drinks bar.


There was no reply from her and after calling out a few times, there was still no response and I wondered what she was doing but she wasn't in the living room. I started calling out a couple of times and went up thinking she might be in her room but my assumption turned wrong. I was beginning to get worried and started searching for her everywhere in the house.


She couldn't have left the house without at least telling me `bye' or else I could have heard the front door opened and shut, I thought. As I scampered across from one room to another, I remembered about the garden that I had yet checked. Perhaps she might be there as she is a garden lover. Never a day gone by that I have not seen her spending time with the plants so I walked down the stairs when I saw a figure coming out from the kitchen making it way to the living room.


My body became numb as I approached the figure which was dressed in complete black; hair let down to the lower back. What if she was a robber and has kidnapped Blanche but how on earth did she get into the house? What if she was a serial killer who has some psychotic motive?


I rushed into the kitchen without her knowledge as she walked out to the garden and back out to the yard. I looked around to see if I could find anything to hit her right smack on the head but decided against it as she was a woman and things would be out of control. So I decided to walk up stealthily behind her and seeing that she has no weapon and wasn't doing anything but looking around I got ready to pull her straight down to the ground.


Before I could pounce on her, the woman suddenly made a turn to face me which made me yell and scream to the top of my lungs as I saw a faceless figure just like the ghost from the Ring. I don't know why after seeing that movie certain things do happen around the house. I know it's all coincidence. I recalled when I finished watching the movie for the third time with my mother, the kitchen was flooded and it was caused by the faulty water faucets. The faceless figure started to walk towards me in a funny limping way when I wanted to rush into the kitchen to take something to whack that thing down but I stumbled and fell flat on my butt, but even then I was so freaked out that I couldn't sense any pain.


"What do you want? Just get lost! Or else I will call the cops!" I shouted demandingly as I started to throw things at her within my reach but catch every object that was thrown at her and assembled them neatly on the table beside her.


I was getting nervous and petrified as I ran out of ammo and stood there not knowing what to do. I looked at the thing standing right in front of me but not doing anything or not even saying anything but just staring. I wondered what had happen to Blanche and whether thing has done anything to her.


"Okay...what did you do to my other friend Blanche?" I stuttered as I prayed hard not knowing what I am praying for.


"She told me she was going to register for the dog training programme. Besides, is this how you treat ghosts when they come into your house?" It stated as I could sense that the thing was looking straight at me though the hair was covering her


At that moment, it triggered me as to who was thing in disguise and it was Blanche who was trying to scare me. Only then did I look at her closely and knew it was wig that she was wearing both front and back. I wondered where she got it but then left the question to be asked later as I went on playing along with her.


" what is your name? Casper?" I asked her with some annoyance but a slight smile on my face.


"Nope. I'm Cassie."


"Oh okay. Nice to meet you Cassie. Boy, do you need a haircut!" I commented as she let out a chuckle and told her to take a seat.


"I like to have hair both front and back." She joked and looked around the living room as if it was her first time looking at it.


"So what would you like to have?" I asked as I looked at clock waiting for the pizza to arrive as my tummy was already rumbling.


"How about blood?" Blanche asked with a grin as I stood wondering how long she was going to play.


The doorbell rang and masculine voice from behind the front door shouted, "Pizza delivery!" Blanche quickly stood up from the sofa the moment that she heard the pizza was already here. She settled down on the couch as she saw me giving her the `feeling hungry?' look. I opened the door as I collected the pizza from him giving him a good tip for the fast delivery and placed the box on the table.


"Sorry...if you want blood, you just have to go to the blood bank in any of the hospitals around. Unless you want a piece of this delicious, mouth-watering pepperoni pizza?" I asked as I went into the kitchen and grabbed two plates and divided the pizza equally between us.


"Sorry, I don't eat what human eat. I only want blood!" Blanche growled stomping her feet up and down as she kept repeating what she wanted.


"Then you can just starve while you sit and watch me savor such heavenly taste of the cheesy crust and consuming on the juicy tender meat." As I went on describing the pizza, a pillow from no where flew across and hit right smack on my face.


That was enough to make Blanche who was already famished to tear off the black gown and pulled off the wig revealing the desperate look of hunger on her face. I couldn't help laughing as I saw her grabbing the plate and started to devour the pizzas down. Once she was done, she came right up to me with a stern look.


"You are very mean just leaving your friend to starve like that and telling me to watch you eat greedily!" She whined putting on a pout look on her face as she gave me slap on my arm and left for the kitchen.


I ate my meal in silence as I saw Blanche wash her plate and placing on the dish-rack and going on to refill her cup with the last bottle of fruit juice that I had left on the counter. No words were being exchanged and I know Blanche was displeased as she will be the first one to initiate any for of conversation between us.Every time, I caught her looking at me she will turn her head away looking elsewhere. I went up to her and apologized for being such a meanie and I was happy that she accepted it when suddenly she started laughing and told me in between gasps at how freaked out I was when I saw her in such a disguise and how hard she was trying not laugh when I fell on my butt and even now as I fell for her little tease.


We proceeded back to the living room to finish watching the movie as I saw Blanche's anticipation as to find out what will happen in the end. She laid down on the on the sofa with her right leg dangling on the floor and while her hand resting behind her head and the other holding on to her drink.


Just then, my cell vibrated in the side pocket of my shorts and there it indicated a text message from my mother saying that she is now in her colleague's place and that she will be back late. Blanche asked what was up when I told her the news as I settled down on the couch adjacent to her and turned on the television to watch the remaining movie.


The movie went on while Blanche always took a glance at me and saw me if I was still in the movie but I managed not to show her that I was still scared. However that pretence was short-lived. There was a scene when the ghost practically comes out from the screen which made me to jerk suddenly and nearly falling back on her causing Blanche to chuckle at my reaction.


Thankfully, the movie ended with Blanche telling me that we should watch it again sometime soon and that got her a dirty look from me. She settled herself next to me, her arms encircled around my back as her hand traveled up and down my back to relax my stiff muscles. I started to melt in her touch as I tried hard not to let out any moans enjoying the pleasures of a good massage. I know my body was starting to respond as my mind started sending wrong messages but eventually she got up to go to the kitchen and I was relieved as she gave me a smile and went in.


"Hey, you want some wine?" Blanche asked as she waved a wine bottle at me.


"Sorry...I don't drink. My mother does. If you want, you can help yourself with it." I said as I rested my body on the couch still not prepared for bed time.


"No, I am not much of a drinker myself. Maybe ... a bit of drinking could help you relax. Your body is dead cold." She suggested as she placed great emphasis on the word "you" and placed the bottle back into the rack.


In fact, the mini massage that she gave me was good enough to set me on fire rather than drinking the wine to keep me warm. It was a beautiful feeling to have someone to tease, joke and make fun as long as it doesn't hurt people's feelings. I was beginning to feel some sort of attraction towards her and I thought what it would be like if we could live together like this forever. At the same time, I was wondering if she feels the same towards me.


We have become good friends for the past two weeks and I didn't know if it was right to take it up to the next level. Maybe my mother was right about me telling me indirectly that I was having a crush on her but back then; I was in a state of self-denial. The days that I have spent with Blanche contain a set of wonderful memories. It was as though it was the last day to the end of the world and I wasn't satisfied after talking for hours and days and yet I felt something was missing. Somehow, I didn't feel that loneliness anymore I have been feeling all my years and has made me open up to a great deal of good things. For that, I really respect Blanche and the friendship between us.


But now, the only way I can give her that same real happiness is to get in touch with her mother and then maybe confess my feelings to her and started to think of a way to do it. Blanche hasn't really talked about her mother that much and even if she does, she breaks down and I didn't want that to happen to her again.


One thing I remembered her telling me was that she was out to look out for a part time teaching job so that she could spend more time with Blanche but after that chaotic incident, Blanche doesn't know what her mother was doing now. But that clue wasn't good enough to track down her mother so I decided to go to her mother's house the next day and somehow try my best to wipe away her wrath caused by her own daughter.


After making a decision on what to do tomorrow, I looked up the clock and it was already midnight but the bed didn't seem inviting to me at all so I walked out to the balcony to see people still walking along the streets. Besides after watching the movie, I didn't want to be alone in my room and continued to see the happenings outside when the phone started to ring and Blanche came rushing down the stairs at the sound of it. I stood confused and looked at Blanche who was already dressed to go to bed with the same baffled look wondering who it was in this ungodly hour.


"You think it's the ghost from the Ring?" She asked with an evil grin on her face as she waited for me to answer the call.


I know there was no such as ghosts calling up people and determine their lifespan after watching a mysterious video clip that shows how they died. That was just a movie, an entertainment. Somehow my mind didn't seem to accept that. The phone went on ringing as I reached near the phone set. Getting irritated from the ringing, Blanche picked it up but I took it from her to answer it.


After having said hello many times there was no response from the other line when suddenly I heard some buzzing noise and quickly slammed the phone down to it phone set not wanting to hear anymore of it. Blanche stood stunned at my action but I just kept staring at the phone set wishing I hadn't watched that movie at all. I know it is some silly illusion and some may even call me a fool for that matter but this time I can't afford to take it lightly.


"Gladys, what's wrong?" She asked as she looked at me and back to the phone.


"Err. Nothing...let's go back to sleep."


As I was about to retreat to bed, the phone rang again. I nearly fainted at the sound of the ringing and grabbed the phone from the phone set as I was already breaking out in cold sweat.


"Hello! Who is this?" I asked quite sternly wondering who was it on the other line and saw Blanche becoming nervous.


"It's mother. I called you just now but guess my battery is running low and the reception here is bad. By the way, why aren't you asleep?" She asked as I was relieved to know it was only my mother and sat down against the wall to relax.


"Err...hi...mother...I was about to go to bed  ...then you called..." I told her as I slowly recovered from the shock; Blanche taking a seat in front of me.


"Why are you breathless? Have you been seeing any of the horror movies just now?" She asked as I could sense her annoyance in her voice.


"Yeah...when will you be back? It's getting late." I asked as I diverted the subject totally.


"Hmm...yeah I know. That's why I am staying over at her place. So don't wait up. I will see you tomorrow morning." She said as she bid both of us good night.


What a night! I hung up the phone and let out a deep sigh as I scolded myself for over reacting and behaving so silly assuming whatever happened in the movie was coming true. Blanche chuckled to herself as she got frightened herself from the phone call.


Blanche then came closer to me and placed her ear on my chest listening to the thumping of my heart and joked that two glasses of strong vodka would do us good and we laughed at ourselves for getting scared for no apparent reason. We started to go to our own rooms to catch a goodnight sleep as I heard Blanche making her getting ready to sleep.


The night air was chilling and it felt so good to get into bed only in my undergarments enjoying the silkiness of the sheets rubbing against my body. After getting scared all night, I didn't want to sleep in the dark leaving the room lights on and turned on the night lamp and the radio to listen to some symphony. I was about to close the door when I saw Blanche coming towards my room making me wonder what was the matter. Quickly, I slipped on my night robe and after a minute of fumbling with the sash, I managed to get it done just on time when Blanche walked in with an odd look on her face.


The weather must have changed her mind to put on some chill-friendly clothes that she wasn't in her nightie but in tank top that shows off her surfboard midriff revealing her a pierced navel and black shorts displaying her 42 inch well-defined toned legs.


I imagined myself kneeling in front of her as I ran my fingertips along her smooth legs. Then as I slowly stood up my fingers traced the outline of her tummy and down to her navel playing with the pierced stud. By now my palm were getting sweaty and that goes for my pubic region as I visualized what sort of a reaction I will get if my hands cupped her full and firm breasts and placed my lips on the nape of her neck.


Before I crossed the line, I stopped myself from the lustful thoughts as it didn't feel right to fantasize a friend like a lover though I do have a light crush on her. Thankfully she didn't see me staring at her as she was busy looking around my room and commented that it looked more like dance-cum-study room which made me let out a chuckle.


"Hey what's the matter?" I asked her as she sat on my bed.


" nothing..." She stuttered fiddling with her fingers as she was constructing the question in her head.


"Just shoot it." mind if I sleep here with you? I'm just scared myself." Blanche spoke as she looked like all worried and nervous.


"You scared?? I thought you were doing fine just now." I asked her in disbelief as I put on a smirk look on her face.


 "Please, can I just sleep with you? You have a bed for two. Please don't be selfish!' she pleaded as she battered her eye-lashes like a cute innocent child.


"Okay...but only for tonight!"


"Is that a question or a statement?" she asked back with a slight smile on her face and continued, "how about the rest of the nights?" making me blush at her frankness.


"Go to sleep." I told her looking away from her direction as she gave out a light chuckle.


She climbed into the extreme left of the bed slightly against the wall and left enough room to let me slip in. I grabbed my clothes from my chair and went into the bathroom to put it on. After turning off the lights, I opened the windows to allow the cold wind and light to pass through so as not to make the room look darker but bright enough to see everything.


"You like to sleep in the nude don't you?" Blanche asked giving me a slight shock as I thought she was already asleep.


"Yeah...I sleep nude when I am alone." I replied as I closed the room door and went to the closet to pull out my bolster.


"You don't have to change your sleeping lifestyle for me. I don't mind actually. Besides will you be dressed up when you are with your lover especially at a night like this?" She teased as I slipped in under the covers.


I gave her grin that matched hers and let her know that it was okay and told her to get good rest. I was blushing so hard that even in the dark anyone could see my cheeks turning red. Her words so simple made me warm and I was wishing that the sleep fairy would make her sleep. I placed the bolster in between us as I positioned myself to get comfortable.


"Is this some sort of a barrier to prevent us from crossing the line?" She asked as she turned to face me and snuggled up against the comforter.


"Yeah...I have a bad habit of kicking people out of the bed. I don't want that to happen to you." I said as I wondered if she caught my double meanings.


"No worries. I am good in bed." She said with a grin wiggling her eyebrows as she shot me back another double meaning answer.


"Have you ever talked to a ghost before?" I asked nonchalantly.


"Of course not!" She replied.


`What would you do if you see one?" I asked her with a serious look as I saw her nervous wondering where is going to lead.


"I would say hi and take the chance to get to know it better." She joked as I let out a giggle and then exclaimed, "Heck, I will scream and run mindlessly. Anyway why are you asking this?"


"It seems that those who don't yet sleep now, will be greeted by a ghost named Cassie through the window. That's why I kept it open. She should be here any minute." I told her maintaining that same look while Blanche's mouth was hung wide open in incredulity.


I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that look on her face. It was only fair that that the both of us were teased evenly. She quickly got up on her knees as I thought she was about to leave but took the bolster and started smacking me but not enough for me to get hurt as she joined in for a good laughter. Her energy level was going down as she stopped giggling and the smacking and fell directly on me with her head resting right on my on my chest..


I was about to lift her body from me to flip her to other side of the bed but didn't have a choice as she griped around me was firmly tight. She was indeed very tired as she dozed off immediately while I caressed her golden brown and a while later I felt her grip loosen and placed her gently on her sleeping area. Sleep didn't overtake me so I sat up to admire her angelic sleeping form until I guess the sleep fairy thought I had enough of devoting that the moment my head felt the softness of the pillow my eyes, I went to my own dream world hoping to meet Blanche there.



I woke up to someone shaking me from my dream world. It couldn't be that early to be woken up, I thought so I just kept my eyes shut not that they were willing to open. I didn't know mother would be arriving this early and this time she started shaking me hard to get out of bed and I knew it was fruitless as my butt was strongly pasted to my bed so she finally left me alone.


I thought she had given up but after a while, a bucket of water came pouring down on me and that still didn't get me to arise as I took out my small umbrella from beneath the bed. I opened it and hung it on the rail of the headboard just in case she decided to throw another bucket.


"I didn't know you will be well prepared like this Gladys. Come on, get up sleepyhead!" My mother told me as she tried to pull me out from the bed but she only managed to get my legs out and not my entire body.


"Ooh...mother...please let me sleep for another hour." I said as I slipped into the sheets again and pulled her down to the bed with me as I snuggled up against her back giving a gentle kiss on her shoulder.


"I didn't know this is how you treat your mother." She said as she turned to face me while I slowly fluttered my eyes open to see her.


The wetness of the bedspread was making me feel uncomfortable but luckily my clothes were not fully drenched. After much squirming in order to get myself in a more comfortable position, I finally gave up and woke up as I rubbed off the sleep from my groggy eyes.


"Blanche, it's you! Sorry I thought it was my mother." I replied shockingly, this time, I was perfectly awake and feeling embarrassed, seeing Blanche who was now sitting by the foot of the bed with a smirk.


"'s harm done...get ready for breakfast." Blanche laughed and gestured to me letting me know that everything was fine.


I heaved a sigh for I nearly thought that Blanche would mistake me for my actions. The clock showed it was going to be nearly noon and then suddenly I remembered that I had to go over to Blanche's place to see her mother. Though I know it was wrong to interfere between parent-child issues, as a friend, I had to do something about it before the gap started to increase significantly.


I slipped on my shirt and track pants not caring to wear my bra as it doesn't matter for my average B sized boobs and jogged down the hallway to meet Blanche who was busy doing some gardening. And told her I would be out a while. She stopped me a moment and deep down I was worried that she might want to join and if I refuse, doubts will arise because I have not gone to anywhere without bringing her along. But there was no need to worry as Blanche just asked where I was heading and said to be back soon before mother comes home and that was one of the house rules that I didn't like to break.


I had no choice but to lie to her or else she would stop me from going and the last thing I want from her is to break this growing friendship for interfering in her personal problems. That would probably end our friendship. My voice stammered a while as I was letting my mind work out an answer and seeing the look on her face had clearly shown me that she wasn't going to believe whatever I was about to say. Somehow, I managed to convince her with a strong reply and she accepted it but I felt bad for lying and decided to tell the truth later even if it costed our friendship and trust.


The clicking sound of someone opening the front door diverted our attention from our little talk and mother came in walking in with several bags. She was looking really tired and exhausted. We helped her out settling the bags on the counter and both of us greeted her with a hug and then she went to the bathroom and refreshed herself.


After taking our breakfasts, Blanche walked out to the garden to complete the unfinished gardening, as I waited for mother to put away the goods so as to let her know my plans without Blanche's knowledge. The best time was over when mother called over Blanche as she wanted to tell us something and I waited till she was done.


"I want the both of you to help me go down to the stores to get these things." She said giving me the shopping list and pointed out the unmarked products together with some cash.


"Are we going to have someone coming over?" Blanche asked my mother out of curiosity.


"Yeah...I invited my colleague whom I stayed over last night to come over tomorrow. I will tell you the details during lunch."

Blanche headed upstairs to the bathroom to get herself cleaned up, when mother brought me aside to the backyard so as to have a private talk. Mother went on downstairs and came back up with some wine in her hand.


"I see a new light on your face. What's up?" She asked as she sat on the opposite chair to see my reaction.


"Yeah...I am beginning to like Blanche..." I said, this time, not putting myself in a state of self denial.


"You are not beginning to have already started to love..." She said correcting my sentence using the right terms and asked, "Have you told her?"


"No. not yet"


"Why not?" My mother asked taking another sip of her wine.


"My first priority is to find her mother and unite Blanche back with her and then I will let her know my love. After all, she has removed the void in me and I have to bring her that same happiness, making her mother accept her again. I'm not doing this because of what she has given me. Even if she has not done this or if she happens to reject me, I will still be happy because I know she is happy with her mother and that I have cleared her void." I said as my mother came up to me and locked me in her arms planting a kiss on my cheek.


"I'm very happy to hear that. Also, I have good news." She said as she put her glass on the table next to her making me wonder what it was.


"Remember I told you about this new teacher coming to our school?" She said as I nodded my head in acknowledgement and continued, "This new teacher who is going to come over tomorrow night is none other than Blanche's mother."


"What!!" I cried out in excitement.


"It was all coincidence. Yesterday, the principle asked me to prepare a presentation on the new changes made to the school rules and regulations for the school on Friday. Since my classes start late, I went to work on it. When I was doing it, I faced some technical problems, when this lady came up to me and offered her help. She introduced herself and it so happens that she was the new teacher and tried to troubleshoot the problem. Since the hard drive had become faulty, I reported it to the office and she invited me over to come over to her place to do up the slides if it is really urgent. I agreed and we went to her place and I must say she has a great sense of hospitality. After doing up the slides, she helped me to add on the graphics and other minor details when I saw Blanche and her photo on her bedside table. I was quite shocked at first but went on to focus on what she was doing as she started to talk about the programming in order to protect the hard drive. After completing the project for me, I thanked her and then continued to talk about what two ladies would normally talk about. Then she told me everything including her daughter and started crying real hard. Her tears alone showed how much love she has for her daughter despite the anger that was on her face, so I decided to stay over at her place to give her some comfort." She said while I remained seated partially shocked and partially happy as I thought it would be easier to bring Blanche and her together if only they could compromise with each other.


"Did you tell her that Blanche is here with us?" I asked.


"No, I didn't." She said as she stood up to see if Blanche was out.


"Why not? When her mother comes, she will know the truth and will be furious with you for hiding it from her."


"Only if she knew that I had looked at her photos. She has not shown any of her family photos or even Blanche's photo. So to her, I don't know who Blanche is. Listen, let it be a surprise for both of them. Maybe this dinner will allow them to talk things out and I don't want you to utter a single word about this. But there is one thing you need to tell her and that's your love." She instructed me as she turned to face me to see if I had clearly understood.


"Okay...sounds like a good thought. I hope everything turns out right." I said hopefully as we went into the house.


Mother went on to prepare lunch while I waited for Blanche to come down, meanwhile, I watched some television when I heard Blanche humming to some music as she ran down the stairs all refreshed and smelling good.  I wanted to bury my face deep in her neck to absorb that gorgeous fragrance. I turned off the television while Blanche ran through the list in her mind as she slipped it into her pocket and went on to the stores.


Blanche took responsibility of the grocery section and left me to handle with the accessories and we decided to meet up outside the store. It didn't take long as we expected and we made use of the remaining time to do window shopping and proceeded back home.


When we got back to the house, the strong essence of the food was so aromatic that we could tell what mother was cooking from outside the gate. We entered the kitchen in no time and placed the goods on the counter. As we took another whiff of the sweet smell, mother smiled and told us to set the table for lunch. She didn't need to tell us because it was all set and ready and she brought the dishes over to the table.


"So when is your colleague coming over and why didn't you come home last night." Blanche asked my mother as she poured herself a drink.


"She is coming over tomorrow night. I had to prepare a presentation and the colleague who is going to come over tomorrow night helped me and asked me to stay over since it was already late." She replied hoping tomorrow's dinner will turn out fine.


"So you prepared for the presentation?" I asked my mother as she looked at me with a smirk knowing that I have a mild stage fright.


"Yeah...and have you overcome that fear of yours?" She queried as she told Blanche about my phobia and the things I would do to avoid any form of presentation when Blanche let out a soft chuckle after hearing it.


"Of course I have overcome that fear. I imagine the audience as if they are all naked. That will sometimes make me want to smile and..."


"...and also make you drool?" Blanche teased completing the sentence just as mother looked at me with a grin to see if what she had said was true.


"No! My concentration span is very high so I will not be distracted that easily." I rebutted back seeing a glowing smile on both of their faces.


I went on to eat my meal in silence letting them have their own fun of teasing and joking and giggling based on what I have said. Though I may not have found a decent way to over come my fear, at least, I did find a way to solve it. The laughter slowly died down when mother brought us back to a serious mode again as she assigned us with household duties. It was something that both of us loathe doing but we were given benefits if the job is well done such as late night movie-watching, giving us extra allowance etc.


That night, mother made us to go to bed early as we looked really dead-beat and worn out and then she went on to the kitchen to finish her stuff.. I was happy that I had an early night and since I wasn't all that tired but rather hot and bothered, a little bit of solitary exploration might make my day gay.


"Hey girl, are you off to have a private chat with your body?" Blanche teased as she cornered me along the doorway, pointing specifically to my pussy.


" got a problem with that?" I asked defiantly looking at her with a smirk.


"Not exactly. So did you find anyone attractive when you spoke during any of our presentations in class?" She asked with some excitement in her voice with her eyes arrested with mine.


I looked away from her stare and the need for release was overwhelming. She had always been a very understanding girl but this time or at this moment she didn't seem to get the message even when I was shifting my legs from side to side and trying to squeeze my way through to fulfill my own sexual needs.


I know that if Blanche didn't back out any minute, I would take her down in no time making her scream in abandoned pleasure. But self-control helped me to ease down my sexual tension and the thought of doing it with Blanche slowly faded. After all, that wouldn't be called an action of love but lust.


Seeing that, she had teased me enough; she hugged me good night and allowed me to my room. Before I was about to slam the door, I looked at her for a moment and stopped her as she turned to face me figuring what I wanted. It was too late to think if this was the right minute to confess my feeling to her as she came up to me with a questioning look.


"Blanche, I love you." I shot out bluntly.


Blanche stood in a shock and that set my heart to hammer against my chest. It was difficult for me to predict what was running through her mind and I felt bad for putting her in such a predicament. The silence around us made me realize maybe this wasn't the right time or maybe she wasn't interested in me as a lover but just a good pal.


"Err...sorry...I didn't mean to be so frank to you like that...I am really sorry if I had made you uneasy." I apologized and walked back towards my room with a lot of guilt.


"Hey Gladys! Wait." Blanche called over and I turned to face her and continued, "I only thought of you as a friend...I don't know if I had that sort of feeling on you. But can you give me a day to think things over. I will let you know tomorrow." She asked me, afraid that she might have hurt my feelings but gave her a smile to reassure her.


"Sure no problem." I said thoughtfully.


"If I love you, I will say it. If I don't, you should not be upset over that. We can still have this friendship." She replied as I nodded my head in agreement.


"Okay goodnight!"


"Goodnight!" She said as she left to go to sleep.


She started to walk down to her room and left me to my own thoughts. For the last time of the day, she turned to face me and smiled for what seemed like hours and then she closed the door as I stood there in my own reverie. Tonight is going to be a long night; I said to myself and I went into my room. As usual, I slipped off my clothes and lied down only in my undergarments and the mood to masturbate was absent as I was trying to replay what I had just done or said to Blanche. After much tossing and turning, I couldn't get to sleep and I wondered what she was going to tell me tomorrow. But I came to a decision that whatever decision she takes, I will respect it whole-heartedly. Hoping for the best is all I can do for the night.



It was a big day today. Though, I had only gotten four hours of sleep, I still stayed fresh and was reeling in excitement. As I was coming out from my room, I saw Blanche standing at the stairway with the same cheery face. That was enough for me to know that nothing has changed between us, as we walked down to the kitchen, she stopped me halfway.


"I was thinking of going out to the park to let you know my decision. What you say?" She asked.


"Okay sure."


"Alright, let me go water the plants and you go get your breakfast. Then we will get ready to go."


I went to grab my breakfast; meanwhile, my mother was on the line with someone as she came up to me with the morning hug. I finished my breakfast and wanted to see Blanche but since she was still doing the gardening I didn't want to disturb her. For the time being, I decided to go out to the yard to make some shots and it really kept my mind away from things. I was dribbling and bouncing the ball when mother came up to me as she ended her call and switched off her cell giving me the once over.


"Looks like you're stressed?" She asked as I continued to dribble; sweat starting to form around my forehead.


"Nope...I'm just anxious to know Blanche's decision and how the evening is going to turn out." I told her


"I'm sure it will turn out alright. Now stop playing and go and talk to her." She said as she grabbed the ball from my hands and pointed in the direction of Blanche.


"Okay mother...I am only going to throw this once...if this ball goes in the loop, it means she accepts my love. If the ball goes out, it means she only accepts my friendship." I told her as I took the ball from her to gave it a shot.


" doesn't come by luck but by the heart."


"I know...but this ball is both my lucky charm and my heart. It tells me whether I'm going to succeed or lose. Whatever it is, I am open to accept things." I told her as I tossed the ball from the foul line.


Seeing the ball go into the net, I assumed maybe I would get a positive reply. It was like I was about to go out on my first blind date and wonder if my partner would like me. My mother wished me luck as I raced down the hallway to meet up with Blanche who was waiting at the front door all ready to go to the park.


I could sense her nervousness as we walked down the pathway, rubbing her hands and slipping them into her pockets every now and then. The silence was killing me but patience rules the world as I gave her some time to warm up and continued to walk along the trail. I stole a quick glance at her and then looked away when her eyes met mine. Blanche seems to be in deep thought; her mouth rehearsing her decision but no words were spoken, trying to revise her answer before spilling it out to me.


"I thought about what you said last night, it took me four hours to finally come up with a decision." She slowly said plucking the flowers from the sidewalk


"What's it going to be?" I asked hiding the anxiety in my voice.


"The first hour...I thought it would be okay to have just this friendship...then the second hour...I thought whether this is love or friendship or infatuation that I was feeling for you...then the third hour...I thought what would it be like to love last hour..." She stopped deliberately with a smirk on my face knowing full well that the words `say it' was written all over my face.


"Your fourth hour?" I asked pitiably hoping she would carry on.


"Anxious, are you?" She teased back as I just smiled back at her.


"I do love you!" She said in an excited voice as she gave me those flowers that she plucked and she lightly pecked on my lips.


I stood speechless but I felt great that my heart was somehow lightened. Blanche started to wave her hands in front of me clearing me from my day dream. This day seemed to be as different as I know that this was going to be a start of our new relationship.


"Bet, you didn't sleep properly?" Blanche asked me as she pointed to my eyes.


"Yeah...sort of...feeling excited and anxious to know how you felt about me."


"That's exactly how I felt for the past three days...I've been thinking about you...It's just a light punishment that I gave you for not being understanding to my feelings." She beamed with a smile on her face as I stood there not knowing what to say.


"I really didn't know..." I said smiling back at her.


"Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?" She asked putting on a devilish grin on her face as she wiggled her eyebrows in naughtiness.


The gap between her and me was just mere inches away that I could feel her C-cup sized boobs against mine. The friction was just too much that I pressed mine against hers bringing my hands to caress her charming face as I brought my lips closer to hers.        Her hot breathe swept across me; her eyes closed as I crushed my lips not caring about the public out there but only the touch of her softness. It was a about five minutes later that we were forced to give up the kiss as we heard the voices of some children approaching towards our direction.


We stood there breathless, wishing the children could have come by later so that we could have finished that one solid kiss. Blanche held my hand and we walked out of the place hurriedly hoping to get home soon to continue this but then decided to do it in a more quite place.


But I couldn't wait until we got home, so I pinned Blanche against a tree mashing my lips onto hers, feeling her rigid nipples rubbing against mine as she chewed on my lower lip thus removing the gravity of me which caused us to elicit a moan out of each other. There was patience and love and passion in the kiss as I took it nice and slow. Her mouth slightly parted to invite my tongue in and it started to dwell in there for a while exploring the depths of her mouth as it continued to relish the taste of her sweetness. I brought my hands up to her scalp to bring her closer to me.


Blanche's hands proceeded down to unbutton a few buttons of my blouse. After much fumbling, her fingers crept inside to grab my breasts; kneading the softness while tweaking my nipples but not hard enough to hurt while my hands slid down to her hips, a perfect fit for my hands, and stroked her warm skin. That little action alone brought me into a mini orgasm.


The fact that we were in a public place increased the level of naughtiness and that thought caused Blanche to shudder in excitement. She freed herself from me as she dropped down to her knees, with her lips starting to advance downwards rapidly. I knew what exactly she wanted to do but I cupped her chin lifting her up making her to whimper seeing that I have crashed her intention and pushed her up against the tree ravishing her lips not leaving an iota of her mouth unkissed and let my fingertips massage her tender muscles around her shoulder blades and stroked her neck down to her throat and down to her cleavage.


Thinking that her mouth has deserved every bit of attention, Blanche shoved me down to the ground and mounted herself on me. She leaned to give me another kiss and carried on to unzip the fly of my khakis but I stopped her leaving her confused and horny as to what had happened.


"Is something wrong?" Blanche asked as she looked at me with concern and stood breathless.


"I think we are going a bit fast...perhaps we can take it slow. Besides I want our first time to be with no worries or sadness in mind." I suggested lifting myself from the ground.


"I got no worries. In fact I am very happy now. Happy that I found someone who cares and loves me both body and soul." She explained, looking at the happenings around her.


"I know you're still thinking about your mother and I know how much you miss her. I see you every night crying and praying softly to sleep and I can't do this till you are really happy. Listen, we can start to make to love once everything between you and her turns out fine. Okay?" I asked as I tuned her face to get her approval on this.


"Okay...but that will take years for my mother to accept me back." She said with tears starting to cloud her eyes but she took control of it and looked away from me.


"I can wait...and I know you mother will understand you. Meanwhile we can do some light sensual stuff. What you say?" I asked as I encircled my arms around her neck and kissing her flatly on her wet lips.


"Hmmm...yeah...that will help from preventing me from ravishing you." She chuckled softly pulling me closer for another kiss.


We walked out of the park and noticed streams of people started to flow in and the park looked more alive than before and we headed back home hand in hand. I wonder if it was possible for us to wait to make love seeing that, our hands couldn't get enough of each other, groping and fondling each other's butts and breasts along the way, not bothering about who was looking at us and that we didn't even realize  that we had reached home.


Mother was not around and after calling for her several times, but getting no response, when I came across a message resting on the coffee table written by her saying that she would be out a while. I shrugged it off and went to see Blanche rummaging through the fridge to get something to nibble on and I decided to use the computer.


I turned on the computer to look if I had any messages and replied to those which needed a reply and deleted the rest when I felt a pair of hands slipping into my blouse cupping my breasts, stimulating my nipples to their hardness and I looked up to see Blanche with a twinkle in her eyes. I brought her face down to seal my lips with hers while my legs slowly spread out to their own accord wishing there was some tool for me to thrust into my semi-soaked pussy.



"Are you all done eating?" Mother asked who was now standing at the doorway with her arms folded across her chest with a big fat grin looking at the position that we were in.


"Nope...we're just halfway through." Blanche replied coolly, knowing exactly what she meant, giving my breasts another squeeze as her hands slowly slipped out from my blouse.


"Oh come on, you nice." I pleaded as they let out a laugh to look at me glowing in pink.


We ate our lunch and as usual, joked and teased started to spill all over the table. Blanche was busy cracking jokes and wasn't aware as what I was about to do, though she kept on stealing glances over my direction. Taking that as a chance, my foot first started to touch her ankle and then went on down to the sole of her foot beginning to love the smoothness of her skin, each time looking at her to see her reaction. She started to lick her lips unconsciously when my toes ran along her perfectly toned legs in a back and forth motion.


I stopped a second and looking at her with some relief on her face. In an abrupt motion, my toes began to caress her inner thighs as she let out a yelp and gave me a look that could kill anyone but I just smiled at her.


"Blanche, why are you squirming?" I asked pretending nothing has happened as I continued to eat.


"Are you okay?" My mother added as I let out a light giggle to myself making Blanche to blush.


"No...the food is fine...really hot!" Blanche said as trying to make the situation easy on her.


My toes resumed to stroke the edge of her foot applying feathery touches along the underside of her foot with Blanche trying her best to focus on the conversation with my mother and also consuming her food. There was no protest or any form of resistance put by out by her. Showing the green light, I traced along the length of her leg down to her knee and down to her calf and back up to her thigh.


Her eyes were closed momentarily as she started to chew on her lower lip discreetly, whenever my mother paused a moment to take in another bite. I sensed that she must be on the verge of an orgasm by now and purposely stopped what I was doing when Blanche shot me a predatory look putting on a warning sign on her face. The meal was finally over and only then did I witness how hard she had restrained from masturbating, when she got up leaving her sweaty handprint on the table.


"Was the food that hot...or was it..." I asked Blanche gleefully leaving my question to dangle in mid-air.


Without giving me any reply, she grabbed me by my shoulders and shoved me down to the couch causing me to fall on my butt and quickly repositioned myself to a sitting one as I watched Blanche swaying her hips seductively; her arms stretched upwards, enough for her breasts to rip out from her shirt and jumped on me making me to lose my balance and lie fully down.


She sat up with her butt directly on my crotch and both of her legs bent on either side of my hips. Her moves had definitely turned me on and we licked our lips while looking at each other. I slowly got up to bring her lips down for a kiss but I was pushed flat out on the couch. She walked on her knees until her pussy was just inches away from my face.


I wished I had some X-ray vision to see what Blanche like was underneath her slacks. Was she shaved? Was she neatly trimmed? Her hand slowly glided deep down her slacks and by now, the movements of her hands frigging her pussy and slightly parted lips letting out slight gasps have clearly showed me what was happening inside and within her. Looking at her erotic dance, I was wondering if she could feel the heat of desire on her ass as her fingers started to come out from where they went.


"The food was hot and so was my pussy." She cooed as she withdrew her fingers which were now coated with her girl slime.


" sure looks hot and juicy." I said breathlessly with a gleam in my eye hoping she would let me have a taste.


"Sorry have to wait for our first love-making to get the real taste." She retorted with a wink as she selfishly licked her own girl juice out of her fingers one by one.


Blanche slid down from me in a sexy way making her hot pussy to rub down hard and humped against my thigh. I couldn't help to contain my emotions. My body was saying to pull her down to the couch and kiss her from head to toe without leaving an inch but my mind was telling me to be patient for a few days. Indeed my mind overtook my body and I had to abide by the rules as I watched Blanche walking back to the kitchen and she turned to look at me with a victorious smile and leaving me to pleasure myself.



Everything was set for the evening. All of us were waiting for Blanche's mother, Mrs. Evans, to arrive. I went up to my room to get some peace and rest and I lied down on my bed in a supine position with my legs left dangling down to the floor feeling a little worried or shall I say feeling a little edgy to find out how the night would turn out.


Meanwhile, I switched on my CD player and played one of my favorite tracks from the dance hits and set off to brood again while the dance beat began to thump around the room. It was after the snapping off Blanche's fingers that got me out of the reverie as she looked at me with a perplexed look.


"Hey you...what are you thinking about?" She whispered as she crawled over me to look into my eyes to see if she can find any answer.


"No...nothing...just wondering when is the right time to masturbate." I kidded, giving her nice sloppy wet kiss letting out tiny whimpers through my mouth.


" tell me the time and place and I'll be there." She purred, nuzzling around my neck as I let out a deep sigh.


Our little playtime was over when the doorbell rang. This was it. I prayed silently for no particular reason while Blanche went on to use the bathroom for a while. I walked down the stairs and mother answered the door and there stood Blanche's mother, giving my mother a friendly hugs and then she went on to introduce me and looked out for Blanche to come down.


Blanche's mother stood in shock to see her daughter again as she saw her coming own the stairs and that goes for Blanche who was equally shocked and both of their faces were filled with mixed emotions. It took a moment for them to warm up and I hoped they would forgive each other and forget about what Blanche has done.


But it turned out hurtful when they greeted one another as complete strangers. I know that Blanche was very upset by now and neither my mother nor I knew what else to say about their actions but hoped things will change between them quickly.


Mrs. Evans looked miserable too, for the pain that she has instilled in her daughter on this lovely evening. Yet, there was one thing that pacified me and that was the softness and love that I saw on her face whenever she turned to face her daughter. Blanche was brought up in a very strict environment and though her mother seemed to be very liberal, there were some things that she couldn't accept or found it hard to accept.


Things went on smoothly as I watched both mothers started to exchange their pleasantries and have their own usual talks over a bottle of wine. I was about to talk to Blanche when I realized she wasn't with me and I wondered around the house in search of her. There was Blanche in my room sitting on the bed and watching some mindless show, her eyes glued to the television but her soul elsewhere. Seeing her in this form reminded me of the first day that I met her and I wiped out that incident from my memory since it wasn't one that I really liked.


"Hey Blanche, did you see my mother's colleague? What you think of her?" I asked as I stood there looking at her staring at the screen.


"Yeah...she looks nice and warm.' She said softly as I sat opposite her to look at her while she reached out for the remote and switched off the television and the CD player.


"Well...though I've not seen you mother, you seem to resemble more like her. A very beautiful, nice and helpful lady." I complimented as I tugged her hair behind her ears lovingly to ease down the heaviness in her heart.


"You have just met mother. Mrs. Evans is mother." She cracked.


"Yeah...I know she's your mother. My mother told me everything and she's the one who told me to keep this surprise from you. In fact, tonight is the night for and your mother to talk things out." I explained taking her hands in mine to comfort her.


"Talk things out? How am I going to do that when she just greeted me like a stranger and doesn't seem happy to look at me?" She asked with a twinge of pain and frustration in her heart.


"She's your only family. If you can't count on her, then who else are you going to count on?"


Her tears started to flow freely. I drew her into my arms; rubbing her back soothingly as I whispered words of ease to calm her down hoping that they might lift off the pain in her. It took a while for her to return back to her usual self and off from her sorrow. I loosened her from my embrace and allowed her to freshen up and she came back to bed with no sign of sadness physically. We remained in silent for what seemed like eternity when my mother started calling us for dinner.


"You okay now?" I asked sympathetically.


"Yeah...I'm okay." She said with a smile on her face.


"Be happy and let things take their course." I comforted her as she nodded her head in agreement and I brushed my lip across hers.


Dinner went on smoothly. Blanche's mother was not only a firm and nice lady but also a very funny woman. I then realize where Blanche had her sense of humor. The normal routine started when mother started to tease me, spilling out some of the hair raising troubles while I ate my meal in silence hoping Blanche's mother would say something about her daughter. But nothing came out.


Throughout the meal, Blanche remained unusually quiet; laughing only when someone cracked a joke. This wasn't her at all. Normally, Blanche would also join in to tease me but this time there was nothing from her. In time, I was proved wrong when Blanche recalled the incident on how freaked out I became after watching the movie "The Ring". After hearing that, all of them started laughing which turned my cheeks in pink and I was happy when Blanche's mother looked at her daughter with the same parental love in her eyes.


"Better stop laughing before the food oozes out from your ears and nose."  She said as she slapped me on my arm and I pretended to wince in pain making her let out a chuckle.


The meal was over and everyone settled in the living room to watch some shows on the television. My mother went in to the kitchen to get some dessert leaving me, Blanche and her mother. Knowing this is the perfect time, I gestured to Blanche through eye-contact for her to initiate a conversation with her mother. Before Blanche could say another word, I excused myself and gave them some privacy and went into the kitchen to help mother.


I peeked out of the kitchen doorway to see if any talking was going on but I only heard the movie dialogue and both of them were just sitting enjoying the show. My mother then decided we would go to a cake shop to get some cheese cake and the come back to see if the situation was still the same.  It was not hospitable to leave the guests alone in the house so we made our way through the backdoor; headed out to the bakery store and bought some cheesecake and came back home quickly.


Just as we stepped into the house we heard laughter coming through the living room. Mother quickly placed the cake on the table and rushed to the kitchen doorway to take a peek as to what was going on. A smile formed around the corner of her lips and I knew it was something good as  crept up behind her to see both Blanche and her mother talking away like old friends.


Both of us blew an air of relief and smiled at each other looking at the situation that has turned out perfectly cool. Seeing them in such a happy way calls out for a celebration, we thought, as we brought in the dessert together with some wine and fruit juice for me and Blanche. Blanche was really happy and so was her mother that the atmosphere of the entire evening was becoming fully charged.


The conversation stretched to various topics that we didn't realize it was time to call it a day when Blanche's mother decided to make a move and gave a daughter a big hug for a minute or two and a kiss on the cheek.


"You can bring Blanche along with you." I said thoughtfully.


"No, I think its best that she stays with you. She has been talking about you the whole time since you left to the kitchen and I know that she is really in love with you and never did I see her so happy in my life. I am trying to open up to such issues and your mother was right when she made me realize that Blanche has tried to do everything to make me happy and also you have done everything to wipe out the pain that I have caused in her. In return, if this is what makes my daughter happy, then I am also very happy to give it to her." She said with bright smile on her face.



"Thanks mother! That means a lot to me." Blanche cried out in joy as she locked her arms for another big bear embrace.


"I will take care of her." I said as I gave her mother a hug and she kissed me on my cheek in return.


Blanche's mother made her way out as she waved to us a good night when mother called to her to come back and visit us often and watched her till she made a turn around the curb to head towards her home. We remained in peace looking at each other with a smile as we saw that dinner went fine and everything turned out cool as expected.


It had been a long night indeed so we decided to have an early bedtime, once we helped to put away the dishes. Blanche looked exhausted but her face was glowing in happiness and went to retreat to bed. A while later, I noticed my eyes were begging me for some sleep so I wished my mother a good night and went to my room.


The lights in Blanche's room were switched off and I knew how tired she must be that she was fast asleep by now. I looked at my bed which was calling me with open arms and moved to close the door to my room when I saw Blanche standing at the corner just in her undergarments with a big fat grin on her face causing me to yelp out of shock and shiver in pleasure. My sleepy eyes started to awaken as they took a slow walk down her body and traveled back up to meet her romantic blue eyes.


"You can't get rid of me that easily. I don't have the heart to leave you." Blanche purred as she encircled her arms around my neck with an alluring smile on her face.


"I woman will have the urge to leave me unless they have no choice." I joked as I slid my hands down her panties to cup her lovely butt causing her to moan in desire.


"I thought you were asleep." I added as I continued to massage her ass muscles.


"How can I go to sleep without tasting you?" She asked with a raised eye brow and shoved me down to the bed.


She then got to her knees and straddled my lean body as she moved towards the middle of the bed. The buttons of my blouse slowly came undone one by one revealing every inch of my skin followed by her fingertips grazing along my skin. Her arms came around me; bent forward to kiss when gravity left my body at the touch of my lips.


I couldn't control myself any longer; longing to taste her skin; to feel her pulse and thrusting my tongue in and out of her mouth like a hot dick fucking a soft sex.


"Hmmm...your lips taste so good...I wonder how is it like down there." She whispered in between kisses.


Blanche began to kiss and nibble on my neck giving gentle nips to tender flesh causing me to moan in pleasure. I started to fumble with my jeans button trying to get them out of the way when Blanche pushed my arms away locking them behind my head as she muttered "patience darling" into my ears.


I looked into her eyes and noticed that they were wide in passion. In one move, I positioned myself over Blanche with one knee between her thighs and a wrist in each hand over Blancher's head. All she could was smile. She knew what was about to happen and she could hardly contain herself.


I smiled and kissed her again, only this time, I let my leg move up until I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. I moaned as I felt the pressure that Blanche was trying so hard to hide by sealing her lips with me.


I was not sure when and how her bra and panties came undone not that I cared and looked at her naked form for the very first time made me forget how to breathe. I leaned in to kiss her again. But this time, my kisses moved down to her neck, to her chest where I delicately drew one of Blanche's hard, pink nipple into her mouth, moving quickly across the tip. Blanche both jumped and moaned at the sensation. I teased the other nipple with her while toying with the other as she began to grind her throbbing pussy against my jeans.


"'ve waited it!" Blanche demanded as she started to squirm and writhe beneath me; her fingers rubbing down my sweaty back as her fingertips scraped through the surface in sheer pleasure.


"Patience honey!" I whispered as I reminded her she had told me before.


My fingertips brushed so softly; followed by my tongue knowing full well that this would drive her nuts. I noticed Blanche's eyes were closed, and a smile danced across her face as she bit her lower lip.


"Oh ...Gladys! Give me the fuck of my life!" She whimpered as her fingertips passed my waist to the insides of the jeans to cup my ass cheeks.


Without another word, I slid my hand between Blanche's legs. The heat; her sexual fluids oozing out from her hot box forming a puddle were the hottest things that were enough to make me orgasm without getting touched by Blanche.


Two fingers slowly traced along the opening and then danced over her clit making Blanche cry out. I smiled as I thrusted my first two fingers deep inside her; feeling her juices, steamy and wet. She shivered with ecstasy and after giving her a moment to get used to me being inside her, I began to press gently on her g-spot causing her to grab onto the bed sheets in sexual bliss. Blanche moaned again and I began to push in and out of her, hitting just the right places each time.


"Arggghhh...hmmmm...Gladys, how did you get to know my soft spots?"


I took that as a good sign knowing that I am doing it right for her and began to spend full attention into Blanche's clit. I stopped pushing in and out of her, instead, focused on rubbing her g-spot as I drew out a clit from her hood into my mouth, alternating between licking, sucking and biting on her clit and running my tongue over the top of the opening. Her legs began to lose control and her moans of passion got louder.


I quickened my pace on her g-spot just as she moaned, "Don't stop!...make me yours, baby!"


A minute later, the dam broke and was hit wave after wave of a splendid orgasm that I refuse to let my tongue rest and continued to work on her pussy. After about three to five minutes of continuous orgasmic explosions, Blanche pleaded to stop and I pulled out my tongue from her pussy and came up to her to give her a soulful kiss.


Only then did I realize my jeans was all soaked and the bed sheets need to be put in laundry making my mother wonder what the hell happened here knowing that she's silly not to know. I looked at Blanche glowing with satisfaction and I thought it would be better for her to get some sleep but I was proved wrong when Blanche climbed over me looking at me with eyes of desire.


"Now, it's my turn to have supper." She muttered as her hot breathe swept across my face.


Her hands were on my jeans button. While she was getting that undone, she started to spend special attention to my breasts. Making her orgasm has turned me on so badly that I know I am practically leaking by now. She went on to kiss my ankle then up my calf, my inner thighs sucking on the flesh tenderly and saw me in a full state of arousal and desperation. She ever so slowly made her way up brushing the crotch of my panties with her mouth rimming around my navel as she tickled it making me giggle.


"Oooh...Blanche ...please finish me off..." I begged and moaned hoping she would comply with my pleas.


Taking that as a hint, she flicked her tongue across my lips through my panties as she reached up for the band and inched them down my hips off my legs taking the opportunity to touch me.


Her tongue traced along my lips over and over getting a little further inside each time. With a real sense of urgency, Blanche's tongue first whipped my clit and then sliding her tongue along the folds of my wet pussy. She inhaled the scent of my womanhood and started to lick the length of my opening as she darted her tongue in and out. She slid her tongue along the folds towards her clit and she heard my moans as she reached the swollen bud.


Her hands moved along my firm torso until they reached my heaving breasts. She cupped one in each hand as her tongue continued to work its magic. Pinching each nipple between my thumb and index finger, she heard even more moans from above.


My hands were firmly clutching the railing of the headboard, chewing on my lower lip with my eyes closed as I was I was experiencing intense bliss.


She sucked on my protruding clit between her full lips and continued whipping it feverishly with her tongue. Blanche used my two fingers to part my pussy lips, spreading them to get the full taste of my swelling clit. As she gently sucked on my bud, the size of it started to enlarge.


Her tongue fluttered up and down its length and then she alternated to a quick back and forth motion. I continued to moan and groan while my face contorted in pre-orgasmic bliss. She looked up to me and seeing that I am all ready, she continued to suck my clit between her lips and went to work on it with her tongue once again.




I can feel the way my pussy walls gripping onto her tongue as my hips bucked non-stop riding out my orgasm. I felt myself falling in total blackness, only feeling the most amazing release. Throbbing, rolling waves clenched my body and sudden electric shocks made me twitch, jerk and quiver in the most fulfilling release ever.


"I love you." I whispered into her ears she climbed up to me; her face soaked with my cum.


"If you only knew how much I love you."


We lay together holding each other and not saying a word. Eventually we fell asleep.



The next morning, I woke up as Blanche kissed me and she rolled over on me to snuggle up. We just laid there enjoying each other's warmth and softness. The curtains were opened and the room was filled with sunshine. Neither of us wanted to leave the bed but it was nearly lunchtime and we didn't have much of a choice. We continued our love-making in the shower; then we put on our clothes and went on down to see mother who was getting ready for work.


"Girls, I heard moaning and groaning last night and there all these thumping noises of the bed in your room. What was going on?" She asked in a very serious tone but she had a gleam in her eye.


"Oooh...those noises! I was just raping your daughter. She finally gave in." Blanche replied nonchalantly while I blushed at her bluntness that made her chuckle.


"Glad to know it. Anyway, lunch is in the oven. I'll be back late again today. So don't wait up." She said giving each of us a hug and a kiss before making her way out.


We had our lunch together; looking at each other with the same type of love that we had when we confessed our feelings to each other. A few days ago, we were just good friends and now we are a step higher as lovers. Since we weren't in a mood to go out and hang out at the malls, we decided to spend the day in. I looked up to see her if she had any plans of her own but indeed she had, when I noticed hunger in her eyes. That look alone sent shivers down my spine. A grin began to form on her face and left me to wonder what was behind the meaning of that grin. I slowly crept up behind her and saw her busily washing the dishes and she didn't even realize that I was right behind her.

Just when my hands were about to touch her hips, Blanche turned to face me and pressed her body against mine letting her lips claim mine in full deep passion. Her hands crept up beneath my shirt; cupped my breasts, kneading my warm flesh, and tweaked my nipples to its full erection making me moan in pleasure.


My fingertips traced along her back, sliding down to the front of her slacks as I tried to undo the button for me to get access to her butt hole and my other hand to her pussy. That ministration made her to break our lip lock and made her to let out a gasp of pleasure as my lips took charge on the tender flesh of her neck. Two fingers continued to thrust hard into her hot pink hole, in and out they went while my index finger continued to rim around her asshole feeling her pussy muscles starting to clench my fingers with her ass muscles touting as her spasms rode over. She held onto me for a moment to catch her breath and I brought her to the couch to make her rest.


"Hey I am not done with you yet." She said as she pulled me down and probed her tongue into my mouth.


"I orgasm the second you came onto my fingers." I said smiling at her with delight.


We went on a few rounds in our room and then back to the living room couch. Each time our lovemaking started to progress with a new passion and the orgasms were just becoming more incredible than the previous ones. The entire evening had been spent love-making and since we were in no mood to go out, we decided to stay in bed and watch some movies. Blanche went on to browse the movies that I had in my collection while I went down to get some drinks. After getting the drinks, I walked up to my room and saw that Blanche was still searching for a good movie and she turned to look at me with a grin.


"What movie are you looking for?" I asked as I handed over her cup of drink.


"Hmm...I remember you saying that you wished to watch hardcore porn. So I was wondering if you had any." She asked as she took the cup from me and placed it on the table next to her.


"Sorry dear...I don't have any...but maybe we can do the things that they show in porn." I said as I picked out a movie randomly from the rack and flashed it at her to get her approval.


Blanche smiled at my suggestion as my eyes ran down her lovely nude body resting on the bed so sexily and made me wonder whether if watching the movie or falling into her arms was a good idea. Even after fucking each other several times, we couldn't get enough of each other. The look of desire in her eyes caused me to get hooked on her and made my pussy drip with lust.


"Have you finished making love to me and now you cum in your own fantasy world?" She asked as her two fingers started to fiddle her nipple.


"So do you want to watch the movie or do you want me to watch you play?" I asked her licking my lips unconsciously and tried to keep myself under control.


"Hmmm...let's watch the movie since watching me play is too much for you." She purred.


I smiled at her then put the movie on. I then went to settle next to her when Blanche spread out her legs to me indicating the place that I was supposed to sit. As I climbed on, I noticed that her neatly trimmed pussy was glowing in heat and looking all tasty and erotic. I was about to bend down to lick her but somehow she understood my motive and stopped me with a grin. I pouted at her reaction which made her to chuckle and then I nestled with my back against her breasts and her arms around my waist.


The movie started when I felt her hand moving across my breast and I melted from her very touch. Sometimes, just massaging me round and round, at other times, kissing me. Once she bit me hard on my shoulder blade and I called out. She told me to be quiet as she find it difficult to hear the movie dialogues and won't know what the movie was all about.


"Ooh...Gladys...I like you like this. You are so divine."

" are suppose to watch the movie. Not do this."


"Are you distracted now? I thought you told me that your concentration span is high and nothing can let you mind wander when it is focusing on one thing." She remarked letting out a light laugh as her hand traveled down deeper.


I was indeed distracted and I know my moaning and whimpering had made her very excited feeling her pussy juices drooling down my ass crack. With one hand, she mauled my nipples with her fingertips. With the other hand, she played with my vagina, slipping two fingers deep as she could inside me and one on my clitoris. I started to come, first slowly and then, as the orgasms grew stronger, I moaned in pleasure.


"You are one erotic woman, Blanche." I said as I pulled myself off her and went down to lick her girl meat.


We turned off the television and since we both very tired, we decided to skip dinner and call it a night. The cool air was so fresh, caressing our warm and sweaty bodies as we snuggled up together naked to sleep.


I woke up later in the morning and took her again. She was half asleep and with her eyes still closed. I ran my hands and mouth all over her. She stretched, moving through her drowsiness to my every caress and sighed as she felt new passion. I spread her legs wide apart on her shoulders, still caressing her everywhere.


As I drove my tongue into her, she caught her breath from the impact. She had her eyes closed as I fucked her slowly. We came together, all the time speaking tenderly to each other. Then she opened her eyes like having a dream come true and looked at me with a beautiful smile.


"I am sure that's not going to be your breakfast." Blanche asked breathlessly.


"This is morning dessert. Now come on, let's go get breakfast." I said as I helped her out from the bed.


Mother was getting ready for work and gave her usual hug and kiss to the both of us. After having a light chit-chat as she served us breakfast, she looked at her watch and told us it was time for her to go to work and she bid us good day. The weather looked favorable for a walk along the coast. I suggested the idea to Blanche and she nodded her head in agreement. It was about a twenty minute walk and the joking and teasing had made us forget the distance and in no time, we reached the place.


"Remember this place?" Blanche asked.


" can I forget it?" I said recalling the event that happened here a month ago.


"I wonder what would have happened if I had ended my life. Thanks to you Gladys. You knocked some sense into my brains."


"Don't mention it." I said as we sat on one of the rocks waiting for the waves to crash onto us.


"What made you come here the other night? You know, coming to this place that at night is prohibited." She asked softly.


"I came for the same reason that you came for."


"What?!" She exclaimed in disbelief and turned my face to meet hers.


"Yeah...I came to end my life too."


"Why? Then why did you stop me from doing it too?"


"It's because of my own problems with my mother. I just couldn't take the loneliness. I hardly see my mother at home ever since my father died. She goes off to work early in the morning and comes home late at night. When I am about to leave to college, I wouldn't be able to see her but only messages written by her on the coffee table. By the time she comes home, I will be already in bed and that left me without any chance to talk to her. It is only some of the weekends that I will get chance to talk but that depends on her workload too. If she has too much work she will go back to school to complete them and then come home late. She doesn't like coming home since it always reminds her of my father. I have talked to her about this but it's useless and she always says that she is used to this solitude life. Maybe if I had ended my life, she would have cried for me and would have realized that there was someone in her life that really cares and loves her. That's why I decided to do it. When I saw you there, I just couldn't take to see someone ending their life too and I also forgot the main reason for me to come here. It was then I realize that we have got so many guts to end our own lives so why not use that same guts to face our own problems." I said as tears started to trickle down my cheeks.


"Listen, you are not a lonely person anymore. You have me and I have you. After all, you are right you saying that it's not the end of the world. I hope things between you and your mother will be fine." She said as she wiped away my tears.


"Things going on between my mother and I are fine. I am seeing her happy and I know she's trying her best to spend time with us too." I said smiling at her.


"So you do love me right?" She asked with a grin.


"I do love you. No doubt about that. By the way, you do love me right?" I asked with the same smirk on her face.


"How about we go home to your bedroom and then later you will see if I do love you?" She whispered in my ear and gave me a wink.


"Sounds like a good idea."


We raced home to carry on with our love-making. It seemed that we had made love in every part of the house. Both of us competed with each other to see who can give the most orgasms to the other that we lost count on the number of times we each orgasm. We were even when our bodies couldn't take in any more pleasure and lay in bed all spent and limp. But I took that chance to climb over Blanche and french kissed her mouth and after a few minutes, I managed to give her the golden orgasm and rested myself on her nice warm body with her fingertips slowly caressing my back.


"I love you Gladys. I always will." She whispered and the both of us went to sleep again.