College Life/ Encounters: My Brother's Friend chapter 1

Warning: This is a lesbian love story that may contain explicit adult content if you are offended by this or are under the age of 18 please close this page now.

My Brother's Friend

It was march 31 of last year, it was a Wednesday and I knew it was going to be a day that I'd remember for a long time. It was bad outside and so was the fight with my step-father. He was always harassing me about being gay and that someday I'll kill myself over it. But hey shit that's what he thinks and it's not bad at all to be gay! I needed to go somewhere where being gay was acceptable. So I called one of my gay friend, Candace, to go out to the gay bar. On the way there I called one of my good buddies, he's like a brother to me and he is bisexual, to see if he wanted to come out with us. He said yeah for sure and was wondering if he could bring a friend along and of course I said yes, the more people the best times right.

Once at Martin's house, I said hey to his mom, I haven't seen his family for a long time. So I was talking to her on my way downstairs, and when I turned the corner there she was. This beautiful blonde with sky blue eyes and an amazing body was sitting on the sofa bed in the corner. She looked up from the laptop she was working on and smiled at me, it was the brightest most heartbeat skipping smile I have ever seen in my life. Then she said hi I'm Marie, I fell in love with her right that second, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.

But heck she caught me looking, my skin color changed from pale white to beat red. She was playing with me already. It was funny because when she said hey there was a slight sign of an accent but I couldn't tell what kind. She got bored of doing her university work so she got up from the couch and went up to talk to Martin's mom about her project. Then Martin said it was time to go, so she ran downstairs to get dressed for the bar. (Looking good is a big deal for French chicks.)

It took her about 10 minutes to get ready, then it was time to get going. We decided to take martin's car because I am afraid to drive in the city due to a car accident. Lisa was driving, Martin was in the driver seat and I was right behind Lisa in the back. We drove to Candace's house to pick her up and then continued to the gay bar downtown.

When we arrived it was still early and there weren't many people around yet so we decided to have a few games of pool. Marie took off her high heels and we started our first game, I'm not very good so I just spent most of my time watching her. My friend Candace is a big flirt and likes to mess with people so she started hitting on Marie for fun, and getting on my nerves, `cause I met her first. I'm a fairly shy person so I wasn't sure how to flirt and I wasn't even sure what to say to this girl, but I knew I couldn't let Candace get her.

Marie is very good at pool except for the occasional time that she sends a ball flying off the table. She ended up hitting me with it but I did the same to her later so I guess were even. We decided to change tables and move farther to the back of the club where we met a few people who wanted to play with us. One of them was from Quebec where Marie is from so they started talking while Candace and I sat in the corner talking about the new girl that just walked into our lives. Martin who had been watching all of our expressions came over to talk to me. While everyone else was playing another game. He told me that he thought Candace liked Marie but that Marie really liked me and maybe if I liked her I should make a move.

I had no idea how to do that, I couldn't even talk to her without stuttering. I really liked her but iI wasn't sure how to let her know that. Martin whispered something in Marie's ear and the next thing I knew, I was being dragged out onto the dance floor. I don't really know how to dance so Marie said that she would teach me, but every time she came close to me I couldn't breath, needless to say I didn't do very well.

We went back to playing pool for awhile and a flirtatious little game started between all of us. I was wearing a black baseball cap, and every time Marie came near me she would take my hat off and set it on my lap. Then every time she walked away I would put it back on just so she would come back to do it again. She then started juggling the pool balls so I was trying to grab them from her in mid air when I missed she picked me up and carried me over to the table. It felt so good to be in her arms, and every time we touched there was this amazing feeling that went through me like electricity.

There was an amateur strip show going on at the bar and they were getting volunteers from the crowd. My friends and I were trying to encourage Marie to enter the contest and she seemed to consider the thought but in the end there was no such luck. After the show ended we decided that we should all be getting home so we piled in the car and headed for Candace's house to drop her off. The entire way home I was watching Marie in the side mirror just smiling and thinking about what it would be like to hold her and fall asleep next to her, I was lost in my own little dream world.

When we arrived back at Martins house I went inside with them while they grabbed a small snack. Marie kept asking me if I would stay the night with them, But I was so nervous that I kept making excuses to not stay. I really just needed to be alone with my thoughts because I was falling for this girl really fast, and I wasn't really sure if she liked me or not. I gave them both a warm hug and continued on my way home. It was a half hour drive to my house and I spent the whole time daydreaming about Marie.

When I arrived at home there was a text message on my cell phone it read: "Sweet dreams -- :) Marie." My heart jumped and I could not stop smiling she's all I could think about. I laid down on my bed clutching the phone to my chest and daydreaming. Then another message came through, "I'm sorry but I cant stop thinking about you." My face lit up again and I replied that I couldn't stop thinking about her either. Now I was really wishing that I had never left her side. We continued to text each other for two hours until I finally called her, I needed to hear her voice. We decided that I would go meet up with her as early as possible to see her again, we just needed to be near each other.

We fell asleep around 5 am and I got up to go back and see her at 8am the next morning. I would have gone sooner but I didn't want my mom to wonder what I was up to. And it was hot!!!

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