One Summer

Lauren had just graduated from high school and was still a virgin.  Several of the boys in her class had tried to change this state of affairs, for Lauren was tall, lean, and lovely.  Her years on the track team had given her legs and cute, round ass a firmness and tone that any showgirl would envy.  Her breasts were broad mounds, each topped by a perky nipple.  Lauren's long dark brown hair perfectly framed her lovely face and dark eyes.  More than one person had thought that she looked like she could be Sandra Bullock's kid sister.

In addition to being a good athlete, Lauren was an honor student, and more than a bit shy.  But, it wasn't her shyness that had ensured her virginity.  It was rather her confused feelings about her sexuality.  Although she thought some of the guys in her class were cute and had dated a few, Lauren could no longer deny her attraction to other women.  During her last semester at school, these feelings seemed to have become an obsession.  She had even found herself fantasizing about her young history teacher.  In her small hometown in Minnesota, however, she just didn't know who to turn to.  All she knew right now was that she desperately wanted (needed!) to experience sex with a woman.  She had to know.

Today, however, these thoughts were far from her mind, because Beth, her best friend, had just returned from her freshman year at college, and they had planned to spend the weekend together, which included a sleepover at Lauren's house for old time's sake.  Lauren's parents were away for the weekend, so the two girls would have the house to themselves. Lauren and Beth had been inseparable all through high school, and both had missed each other's company during this past school year.

Beth, although just as lovely, looked so different from Lauren.  Where Lauren was a tall brunette with creamy skin that showed a hint of her mother's Mediterranean ancestry, Beth was a short, petite, blond.  She also had a gorgeous figure, with slender, shapely legs, a small ass, and a flat stomach.  Her breasts were size A, but if you think she seem deprived in this area, you would be wrong.  Her breasts were so firm, and stuck out so saucily with their audaciously long nipples, that whenever she ventured out without a bra on, men stared in lust and women stared in envy.

It was about three o'clock on a hot Saturday afternoon when Lauren stepped out of the shower and pulled on her panties, gym shorts, and a light summer top.  She was just finishing drying her hair, when she heard the doorbell ring.  Beth had rung the bell and let had herself in with a "Hey, Laur'!"

Beth was dressed in tight khaki shorts and a form-fitting ribbed cotton tank top with no bra underneath.  As soon as she entered the cool house, her nipples became erect.

"Beth!" Lauren shouted as she bounded down the stairs to meet her friend. As she hugged her in the way that friends do, Lauren became aware of Beth's nipples pressing into her own chest, and for a moment, she became a bit aroused.  "Christ," she thought.  "I've got to do something about these feelings; they're even affecting my friendships."  There was no way that Lauren could deny, however, that her best buddy looked just scrumptious in that tight top and shorts.

With many squeals of delight and lots of laughter, the two friends settled into the living room to catch up.  Lauren was sitting cross-legged on the floor while Beth was stretched out on her side with her head propped up in her hand.  As it always does, the conversation eventually turned to sex and dating.

"So how's the love life of the college's prettiest coed?" asked Lauren.

"Very good," said Beth offering no details.  "How's yours?"

Lauren didn't know how to answer.  She felt herself blushing, and then all the frustration she'd been feeling caused her eyes to moisten with tears.  Beth came near and stroked her hair.  "Lauren, what's wrong? You can tell me?"

"Beth, I don't know what to say, but I've...I'm so embarrassed...I've been having sexual fantasies about other women.  You're the first person I've told"

"It's OK, no need to be ashamed.  There's nothing wrong with that, and besides, we're best friends.  What kinds of things have you been thinking about?"  Beth continued to gently stroke Lauren's hair.

"You know, just having sex with another woman.  It's gotten so bad that every day in history class I even fantasize about Miss Thompson."

"Miss Thompson!  You're kidding me, right?"

"No, she's got the cutest body, and while she's in front of the class I imagine what she'd look light naked and how her body would feel."

"Lauren!" Beth shrieked, and then started to laugh.  Lauren also started to laugh despite herself, and felt a real sense of relief at having shared her secret with someone.  She and Beth were still sitting side by side, and Beth had a hand on one of Lauren's knees.

"Well, Lauren, I have a confession myself.  You know that love life of mine?  This spring I started having sex with a girl at school.  It's been wonderful."  The two girl's eyes met, Lauren felt a profound desire deep within her, and  her face became flushed.  Would it be possible to have this beautiful girl who she's loved as a friend, would Beth want to, would she want to?  Her question was answered when she snapped out of her brief reverie only to find Beth gazing deeply at her, while Beth's lips moved ever closer to hers.  Their lips touched softly, tenderly at first, but a fire welled up in both girls, and almost without thinking, their lips parted and their tongues explored each other's hungry mouths.

Lauren pulled away from Beth momentarily.  She was breathless with passion and felt like her body was on fire.  "Beth, is this OK?"

"Oh, yes," Beth answered huskily, as she gently pushed Lauren down on her back on the rug.  Lauren watched as Beth pulled her top over her head exposing her beautiful breasts.  Lauren couldn't believe how good they looked, and how hard and long Beth's nipples were.  She reached up with both hands and began gently pulling on them.  They were so hard and engorged Lauren thought they almost looked like two small penises.  Beth's breath came out in soft moans as she reached down to take Lauren's top off.

When Beth saw Lauren's two firm mounds, she lay over her friend and took one of her breasts in her mouth.  Lauren's nipple was so hard and tasted so good to her that Beth was lost in sucking and moaning while Lauren's hands stroked her hair.  Beth's tongue was working its magic on Lauren too, and Lauren's pussy throbbed with desire.  Lauren felt her juices flowing and knew her pussy needed relief.  Almost as if she could read her mind, Beth lay right over Lauren and started rhythmically grinding her pussy over Lauren's while the two girls' tongues explored each other's mouths..  As their pussies rubbed together though the cloth of their shorts, Lauren reached around with both arms and rubbed Beth's firm ass with both hands.  She pushed Beth's shorts up as far as they could, but they were too tight to yield to Lauren's eager hands.

Beth sat up, grabbed the waistline to Lauren's gym shorts and started pulling them down.  Lauren raised her hips to help, and as the shorts slid off her feet, Beth pushed Lauren's legs slightly apart and started caressing Lauren's feet.  As Beth worked her way up Lauren's legs, first with her hands, then with her tongue, she noticed that Lauren's bikini briefs were wet and clinging to her pussy lips.  Soon Beth's mouth was inches from Lauren's cunt and the sweet musky aroma was intoxicating.  Beth removed Lauren's panties; she couldn't wait any longer.

No one had ever touched Lauren's pussy before, and the instant Beth pulled her panties off and spread Lauren's legs apart, Lauren's lust rose to levels she never knew were possible.  Beth spread Lauren's thighs even further and moved her head between her legs.  Even though Lauren knew what was coming, the touch of Beth's tongue on her clit was electrifying.  Beth swirled her tongue around Lauren's clit and then sucked it into her mouth.  Lauren's breathing was ragged, and Beth knew her orgasm was near.  Beth slid her thumb into Lauren's wet pussy while holding her labia apart with her fingers.  Beth now attacked Lauren's clit once more while her thumb slid in and out of Lauren's juicy hole.  In less than a minute, Lauren came in a long shuddering orgasm.  Before it was completely over, Beth had slid up over her and pushed her tongue into Lauren's mouth.  Lauren sucked and licked as much of her nectar from Beth's face and lips as she could.  She couldn't believe how good she tasted, and wanted to give Beth all the tonguing she had received.

"Beth, I want you so bad," said Lauren.  "Let me take your shorts off."  Beth rolled onto her back and raised her hips for Lauren.  In her fever, Lauren pulled off Beth's shorts and panties in one motion.  Beth randily spread her legs, exposing her sex to Lauren.  Lauren gasped when she saw that Beth's pussy lips and anus were completely shaven.  She couldn't believe how beautiful a pussy could look.  "Roll over, Beth, I want to feel your ass."

Beth rolled over, and Lauren gazed at her friend's firm young ass.  Beth's legs were spread, so Lauren could see her pussy and anus as well.  Lauren started to massage Beth's ass and give it a few playful spanks.  One part of Lauren's mind couldn't believe what she was doing, but her sexual excitement was so great that she paid no heed to her inhibitions.  As she stroked Beth's cheeks, Lauren's hands gradually worked their way closer and closer to Beth's wet, musky treasure until her fingers became soaked with Beth's juices.  When Lauren accidentally ran her hand over Beth's anus, Beth moaned.  Hearing her friend respond this way, Lauren started to gently rub Beth's tight little rosebud.

"Put a finger in," Beth pleaded between moans.  Lauren's finger was so wet with Beth's honey that her index finger slipped easily into Beth's ass.  Beth seemed to be on fire as Lauren finger-fucked her tight ass, but Lauren had other things on her mind.  "Beth, roll over, I need to eat you now."

Beth rolled over with her legs drawn up and her feet in the air to open her sex up for Lauren.  Lauren grabbed both of Beth's ankles and started kissing her feet.  "Lick my toes," said Beth between heavy breaths.  Lauren didn't need coaxing and immediately put one of Beth's big toes in her mouth and sucked it in and out, all the while staring at Beth's wet flower.  But Lauren was not to be denied her ultimate goal.  She slid down between Beth's thighs and stopped with her face about 8 inches from Beth's pussy.  Lauren gently parted Beth's labia with her fingers and gently explored every facet of her vagina as if beholding an exquisite objet d'art. She slowly slid her middle finger inside, feeling Beth's tightness.  Lauren grew more and more intoxicated with Beth's swollen lips, her clit that was poking beyond its hood, and the lovely muskiness that enchanted her nose.  Lauren had never seen anything so beautiful.

With a lustful sigh, Lauren put her mouth over Beth's wetness and tasted a woman's nectar for the first time.  Lauren couldn't believe how smooth, soft, and wet Beth felt.  She sucked and drank with abandon as she licked Beth from her opening  to her yearning clit.  Beth's moans were becoming louder and louder until she came with a loud scream and quivering muscles.  Lauren, who once again was close to orgasm, moved over Beth as she straddled a thigh with her gushing pussy, and parted Beth's eager mouth with her tongue.  As Beth licked Lauren's face clean, Lauren came once again with a transcendent orgasm.

As Lauren's orgasm subsided, she nuzzled Beth's neck as she lay half on her side, and half over her lover.  "Beth, would you shave me so my pussy and ass look just like yours?"

Beth got up from the rug and pulled Lauren up with her.  "OK, but let's head for the bathroom and do it right now, because I want to taste you again."

As they walked naked to the bathroom together, Lauren thought of the summer that lie ahead, and of her first year in college where she and Beth had planned to room together.  Just this morning she had felt alone, confused, and sad.  Now it seemed as if the sun had shone through the clouds for the first time in weeks, and Lauren basked in its warm, loving glow.