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This story opens with images that involve straight sex instead of lesbian sex. Please do not be put off by that. The beginning of the story is meant to introduce the characters, their thought processes, and to tell why the lesbian sex ensues.

Payback's a Bitch
by Nathan Warford


Lindsay sighed in relief as she exited the classroom. She had just finished her Economics midterm and was ready to go back to her room to rest. "Lindsay," a male voice said behind her.

The blonde spun around and saw her boyfriend, Jake, running up to her. "Oh, hi Jake," Lindsay said, smiling.

They kissed briefly and Jake asked, "How did you do?"

"I think I did all right," said Lindsay. "Although I was only able to give four reasons instead of six for why demand curves shift. What about you? How did you do?"

"I did all right, I think," Jake replied. "But those curve shifts were hard to explain. I agree."

"Well, at least the midterm is over."

"I'll say. Where are you off to now?"

"I was gonna go back to my dorm, but now I'm thinking you would wanna go out and get some coffee maybe?"

"I can't. I have another class to get to. How about Saturday?"

Lindsay smiled and said. "Saturday sounds good."

"I'll pick you up at five in the quad?"

"Five sound good."

"Good. Well, I have my class to get to. See you on Saturday."

"See ya." After another brief kiss, the two went their separate ways.

Lindsay, a junior student at Glendale College, was a typical 20-year-old girl. Aside from her mesmerizing blue eyes and sandy blond hair, she had a body that had so many of the guys lusted after, standing 5'6" with a pair of C-cup breasts. Jake was an athletic senior, standing 5'11" with brown hair and blue eyes. The two of them had met when Lindsay had started out as a freshman and they had been going out for almost two years.

The test had taken longer than Lindsay had expected. The junior thought that it would take only about an hour, but it took almost two-and-a-half. It was almost 7:00 pm when she got back to her dorm. She just wanted to throw herself down on her bed and sleep for the next few hours. However, what she saw when she entered her room was sure to keep her mind too busy to let her sleep. Her roommate, Karen, was at Lindsay's computer, watching a movie on the internet of some brunette, no older than 20, getting her brains fucked out by a guy in his late twenties. "Lindsay!" Karen cried at seeing the blonde enter the room. She hastily threw her arms around the computer screen, trying her best to hide what she was watching.

"Karen," said Lindsay, throwing her back pack onto her bed. "I saw what you were watching there on my computer."

"I'm sorry," said Karen, exiting the browser and taking off her earphones.

Contrary to her outgoing personality and loud voice, Karen was small, only 5'2" with an A-cup. She had raven-black hair and brown eyes. Karen was a junior transfer student who had somehow ended up as Lindsay's roommate. They had almost nothing in common. Lindsay was a mild-mannered Psychology major who tended to get along better in small groups. Karen, on the other hand, was a party-going Film major.

"Listen," said Lindsay, sitting down on her bed, "I have nothing against you watching porn. But I have to ask, why were you watching it on my computer?"

"My goddamn computer crashed," Karen replied. "It always shuts itself down every time I try to boot up." Lindsay went to Karen's computer and pressed the power button. The Dell computer started up normally enough, but shut down about 15 seconds after it had started up. "See what I mean?"

"Yeah." Lindsay went to her bed and lied down on her back, tired after her midterm. However, the image of those two people screwing stayed in the blonde's mind. For reasons she could not understand, Lindsay was turned on by the thought of it. After thinking for a moment, curiosity got the better of her. "Karen," she said, "show me what it was you were watching."

Karen looked at her roommate with a look of confusion. "You really wanna watch that?"

"I just wanna see how it is." Lindsay went to her computer and booted up the internet browser. "Does that stuff turn you on?"

"Yes, it does," said Karen, bringing her chair to Lindsay's desk. "I wouldn't be watching it if it didn't turn me on." Karen typed in the URL of the porn site that she was watching. "You got a set of earphones?" asked the transfer student.

"Why?" asked the blonde. "You have a pair right there."

"I wanna know if I need to loan you these in order for you to fully appreciate the movies I watch. You need earphones if you wanna hear the sounds without letting people in the hall hear them."

Lindsay then felt stupid for having not realized that. She replied, "I have my own earphones." Lindsay took out her Walkman and took out the earphones and plugged them into the empty earphone port on her iMac.

After Lindsay put the earphones on, Karen opened up the Hardcore category of the porn site. She then opened the last link that she had been to in that category, which was A hot brunette gets boned. The link brought them to a gallery of stills, each of them obviously part of the movie that Lindsay had caught Karen watching. Karen clicked on the first still and an mpeg files started loading. The mpeg file was of the guy and the girl naked and making out on a bed. The girl then got on top of the guy and started riding his cock. The brunette moaned as she jumped up and down on the hard dick.

The still photos were links to clips that were only about 15 seconds in length, so the clip did not last long. "Well?" Karen asked.

"It was kinda hot," Lindsay said. "But we didn't really get to see much. It was only the first fifteen seconds. Open the next one."

Karen clicked on the second still. The mpeg file was still of the woman on top. She was still riding the guy and was moaning in pleasure. "Oh! Oh! Yes! Oh!" she moaned, one syllable each time she thrusted the guys dick into her cunt.

Karen looked at Lindsay for her reaction. "Yeah, that's hot," said the blonde.

The two girls looked at the rest of the gallery. Most of it was pretty hot, the last mpeg file of the gallery was the one that turned on Lindsay the most. The girl was on her back and the guy was on top, fucking the girl hard. Both of them were moaning loudly, as if close to orgasm. At the last moment, the man pulled out and put his dick to the girl's face. The brunette's face was hit with a spray of semen. "Ew!" Lindsay cried.

"Disgusting, isn't it?" Karen said.

"Yes it is. But I like it."

"Welcome to the world of porn, baby!" said Karen.

The roommates went through many more galleries and several more categories including Fucking, Cum, and Gay. "What's in the Lesbian category?" Lindsay asked.

"Lesbian?" Karen asked. "You're not into girls, are you Lindsay?"

"Not really. I just wanna see what it's like."

"Bi-curious are we?"

"Not bi-curious. Just curious."

"If you say so." Karen clicked on the Lesbian category. The first gallery on the list was Two hot lesbians suck clit. The black-haired girl clicked on the link. Both girls were surprised by how turned on they were by the mpeg files that they watched in that particular gallery. Even though the blonde and brunette in the clip were fully clothed, just the passionate kiss that they shared was enough to make Lindsay and Karen wet. The clips only got hotter as the lesbians stripped each other and then went down on each other. Neither Karen nor Lindsay could identify any orgasms, but the lustful moans and cries that the women gave off were more arousing than the two roommates thought they should have been.

"Ya know," Karen said, "I never looked into the Lesbian category before. But now that I've seen it, it's really hot."

"Yeah," Lindsay replied. "I'm actually wet from watching those lesbians make out."

"Maybe you'll look at this site more often."

"Maybe. But it all seems kinda fake. Ya know, staged. None of it is real, is it?"

"Some of it is, but you're right. Most of it is staged. But, there is one place that you can go if you want real, unstaged sex." Karen clicked on the Spycam category and started opening galleries. All of the mpeg files that the girls saw were clips taken by hidden cameras set up in strategic positions so that they could see the lovers but the lovers could not see the cameras.

One gallery labeled, Hot couple caught in bed, was one of the hottest clips that either of the girls had seen. The brunette in the clip was in the doggy-style position on the bed with the guy, about the same age as her, behind her, pounding his meat into her pussy from the rear. Although the couple was humping pretty quickly, the girl's moans were more subdued than the previous porn clips that Lindsay had seen. However, they were much more realistic, which was an even bigger turn-on for the blonde. The girl in the clip was moaning. "Oh. Yes. Fuck me." For a moment, her moans stopped and then the girl cried out. "Oh! I'm cumming!" She then started moaning very loudly and her arms gave way, causing her torso to fall to the mattress with her hips still in place. She was rocking her hips back and forth powerfully, indicating that she was having an orgasm.

"Now that was hot!" said Lindsay as the clip ended.

"Yeah," Karen agreed. "Gotta love that hidden cam stuff."

Karen opened another gallery labeled. College chick gets cammed on the couch. The clips were of a black-haired girl in her late teens or early twenties jumping up and down on a guy's dick on a green leather couch. "What the hell?" Lindsay said. "That couch looks just like Jake's."

The chick in the clip moaned, "Oh! Yes! Baby!"

"Yes," moaned the man. "Ride me, Karen."

"What?!" Lindsay cried. She looked at Karen who was staring at the computer screen in horror.

"No," said the raven-haired girl. "No, no, no."

At first, Lindsay was not able to comprehend what had happened. It was clear that Karen had been caught on a hidden camera fucking some dude. However, as she managed to gather her thoughts, the blonde suddenly realized that the man's voice was identical to Jake's.

"Mother-fucker!" Lindsay cried. "That fucker there is Jake!" However, her words were not heard. Karen ripped the earphones out of her ears, threw them across the room, and threw herself down on her bed, crying. Karen was not the kind of girl to cry and Lindsay was a little frightened at seeing her roommate cry, especially that loudly. Lindsay had only known one person to cry as hard as Karen was, and that was herself when she had broken her leg on her bike when she was 15.

"I can't believe it," Karen bawled into her arms on the bed.

Lindsay was infuriated with Jake for cheating on her. "Karen, did you know that Jake was my boyfriend?" Karen just kept crying into her arms, apparently not even hearing Lindsay's words. Lindsay could tell that Karen was devastated by the fact that she had been filmed having sex and that the clips had been put on the internet. Putting her own feelings aside, Lindsay shut down the browser and lied down next to Karen, holding smaller girl in her arms. Both girls were silent except for Karen whose only sounds were loud sobs.

"I just can't believe it," Karen said as her sobs quieted down.

"Me neither," Lindsay said, still holding Karen in her arms. "Jake out of all people."

"Jake's your boyfriend?" Karen asked.

"Well, he was...until he cheated on me and posted his infidelity on the internet."

"Oh!" cried Karen. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be sorry," Lindsay replied. " It's not your fault, it's Jake's. God. I put almost two years into this relationship and he goes off and cheats on me?"

"Well, he obviously wasn't expecting us to watch porn."

"That prick has a lot to learn about women. Including the fact that girls have sex drive as well. If he had known that, he might have expected us to watch this stuff."

At this point, Karen's sadness was dying down, allowing her anger to show through. "I know. That prick. If only there was some way to get back at him for what he did."

"I can't really see any way of doing that. If he was willing to cheat on me, I don't think it would be much of a problem for him if I cheated on him. And catching him on hidden camera wouldn't work either since he is also willing to film himself."

"What if we caught him in some act that he would dislike. Like him having sex with a guy?"

"I don't think we could do that. I know how strong Jake is. Even if someone tried to force him to have sex with a guy, he would beat the shit out of 'im. In fact, he would beat the shit out of 'im even if he wasn't forced. He would go crazy if he was so much as asked to have sex with a guy."


"Although I was his girlfriend before this atrocity, our views on gays and lesbians aren't the same. I support gay rights, but Jake is a huge homophobe."

"That might just be his downfall."

Lindsay looked at Karen, and the black-haired girl had an evil smirk on her face, indicating that she had an idea. "What do you mean?" the blonde asked.

"Maybe he would be freaked out if you cheated on him not with a guy, but with another girl."

Lindsay just stared at Karen for a moment. "You can't be serious."

"You did say you got wet from watching those lesbian clips. I can tell you're at least a little bi-curious."

"He wouldn't believe me if I told him that I had sex with a girl."

"Hello. Earth to Lindsay. You're talkin' to a Film major. My digital camera and tripod are right there next to my computer. It'll take only a minute to set up. You and I could have sex right here in this room right now!"

Lindsay was surprised by what Karen said. "You and me?"

"Why not? Didn't those clips today make you even the slightest bit curious?"

"I have to admit those lesbian clips were pretty hot."

"They certainly got me curious about lesbian sex. Whaddaya say? Ya wanna get back at Jake for what he did?"

Lindsay thought about the idea for several moments. Eventually, she decided, "Why the hell not?"

Karen smiled her evil grin again and started setting up her digital camera. She set up the tripod in the middle of the room and aimed the camera toward her bed. "Stay right there, Lindsay," she said. "Let me adjust the zoom." Lindsay stayed sitting on Karen's bed as the raven-haired girl adjusted the zoom of the camera so that it captured the whole of the bed. "I think everything is good."

"Okay. So, how are we gonna do this?"

"Why don't we start off off-screen. I'll hit the record button and then we go on, look at the camera, and make our statement to Jake of what we intend to do. Sound good?"

Lindsay thought and then replied, "Sounds good." Lindsay walked to where Karen was behind the camera.

Karen hit the record button and said, "Lights, camera, action!"

The two roommates walked in front of the camera and looked into it as if they were talking to Jake. "Hi, Jake," Lindsay said. "Remember us? I'm the girl you took for a fool."

"And I'm the girl you fucked up," said Karen. "We saw the clip that you took of me on the internet. Weren't expecting us to see that, were you?"

"But we're not mad about that," added Lindsay. "Not any more. Because we have something for you that is bound to pay you back for what you did to us. Hope you don't enjoy our sexy lesbian sex scene!" Lindsay and Karen looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do first. Karen took the initiative and took Lindsay's face in her hands. Lindsay, following Karen's lead, put her hands on her roommate's hips. They pulled each other closer to one another until they could feel each other's breath on their faces. Feeling the other girl's warm breath was enough to get both girls excited enough to want to continue, even if not for revenge. Their eyes closed and their lips met.

The feel of Karen's lips on her own was electric. Lindsay had never felt lips so soft or gentle before. Although it sometimes turned her on when her boyfriends kissed her roughly, the care that Karen took with her kiss was a huge step up from what the blonde had previously experienced. Shivers went up and down her spine, and she could sense the same reaction in Karen. After several seconds of kissing, the two girls opened their eyes and looked at each other, scanning each other's eyes for signs of enjoyment. "Oh, Lindsay," Karen said with an aroused voice. "That felt so good." The girls brought their lips together again, this time with their mouths open, bringing their tongues into play. Gently but firmly, they sucked on each other's tongues and wrapped their arms around one another. Lindsay could feel her nipples constrained by the confines of her bra and could feel the dampness of her panties.

Karen had all ready unbuttoned her blouse before Lindsay had gotten back to the room, so that was easily taken off of her body. Once Karen's black bra had been revealed, Lindsay moved her mouth from her roommate's mouth to her chin and down her neck. Karen arched her back, giving Lindsay better access to her cleavage. The blonde kissed right above Karen's breasts and the black-haired woman moaned in delight.

Karen reached for the hem of Lindsay's T-shirt and started pulling it up the larger woman's body. When it was bunched up above the blonde's breasts, Karen reached behind Lindsay and undid the strap of her pink bra. After lifting the T-shirt over Lindsay's head, the bra easily came off of the blonde's arms, revealing her C-size breasts to her roommate for the first time. Karen could only drool at the sight of Lindsay's firm breasts and she dove right into them. "Oh," Lindsay moaned as Karen started kissing the flesh of her globes. Lindsay moved her hands up and down Karen's back, feeling her roommate's smooth skin before undoing the black bra that kept her from Karen's tits.

Karen laughed as she pulled the bra off of her body, revealing her smaller breasts to Lindsay. Lindsay pushed herself into Karen's body, feeling the black-haired girl's hard nipples pressing against her skin. The feeling was exhilarating and the blonde mashed her lips against Karen's, the girls kissing again.

After a few moments of intense kissing, Karen broke the kiss and looked into the camera. Lindsay looked as well. "Still there, Jake?" Karen asked.

"I hope so," said Lindsay, "because we're just getting warmed up."

Karen turned back to Lindsay and said, "Lindsay, that kiss was so hot. I'm really wet."

"Yeah, me too."

"Maybe we could help each other with that." Karen stood up and walked to the bed, Lindsay watching the smaller girl's every move. Karen started dancing exotically, swaying her hips back and forth and rubbing her hands over her body, paying extra attention to her small but perky breasts. As she danced, her hands moved down her body to the hem of her shorts. She slowly unbuttoned her shorts and shimmied out of them as she danced. Karen gave a come-hither motion to Lindsay and Lindsay went to her raven-haired lover. Karen kissed Lindsay's neck and the blonde moaned in pleasure, arching her back to give Karen better access. Karen moved down Lindsay's body to her breasts. "Your boobs are so big," Karen said. "I wish I had tits like those."

"You can have 'em if you want," said Lindsay. Karen took one breast in her hand and put her mouth to the erect nipple that was protruding from it. "Oh, yeah!" moaned Lindsay as her roommate sucked on the hard nubbin. Lindsay grabbed the back of Karen's head and pulled the girl into her chest.

"I wanna make love to you so bad," Karen said in between sucks and licks of her blonde lover's nipples.

"You can do what you want to me," said Lindsay, lying down on the bed and pulling Karen on top of her. Karen started kissing down the blonde's body until she got to the hem of Lindsay's jeans. She unbuttoned the denim pants and pulled them down Lindsay's long, shapely legs, her pink panties along with the pants, exposing a beautifully trimmed pussy. Lindsay was obviously very aroused, her pussy glistening with her wetness.

"Lindsay," said Karen, amazed at the sight before her. "Your pussy is so beautiful. It looks good enough to eat." Lindsay spread her legs and Karen brought her face to the fully exposed pussy before her. Lindsay gasped at the feeling of Karen licking her slit. The blonde had never expected sex from a girl to feel so good.

"Oh, wow," Lindsay moaned. "Karen, this feels so good. Oh. You're so good."

"You taste so good," Karen said between kisses and licks on Lindsay's pink cunt. "I wish I could have this every day." Lindsay continued to moan as her roommate ate her out, sending waves of pleasure through Lindsay's body.

"That feels so good," moaned the blonde. "Keep going. Yes. You're so good at this, Karen. I can't believe how good you are! Oh!" Karen brought her hands up to Lindsay's boobs and rolled them around in her hands, pinching the highly erect nipples, causing Lindsay to cry out in bliss. The blonde brought her hands to the back of Karen's head and pulled her closer into her wet muff. Karen moaned at the taste of Lindsay's juices and Lindsay moaned at the feeling of Karen bringing her to new heights of sexual pleasure.

Lindsay could feel her orgasm approaching. Her moans were steadily increasing in volume as she got closer and closer to cumming. Karen, sensing that Karen was close to orgasm, pushed her face even deeper into Lindsay's pussy, lashing at the turgid clit with her tongue as hard as she could. Lindsay screamed in delight and arched her back, pushing her cunt into Karen's face. Her hips were rocking to Karen's ministrations, practically humping the smaller girl's face. "Oh! Oh, shit!" Lindsay moaned. "Oh, I'm so close. I'm so close, Karen. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Oh! Oh!" Lindsay started panting very heavily and her body tensed up. Then, the blonde totally lost control of her body and she started convulsing as her orgasm hit. She gripped the bed sheets as her hips thrusted powerfully into Karen's face. Karen had to bring her hands from Lindsay's tits to her hips to keep her mouth firmly planted on the blonde's throbbing clitty. Lindsay moaned over and over again as her orgasm continued, Karen never letting go of her spasming cunt.

Lindsay eventually stopped cumming and her body came to rest on the bed. The blonde closed her eyes and gave a huge sigh of satisfaction. Karen released Lindsay's pussy, her face now soaked in her blonde roommate's girl-cum. "Your pussy tastes so great," the black-haired woman said.

"Let me have a taste," Lindsay said breathlessly. Karen kissed Lindsay square on the lips, thrusting her tongue into the blonde's mouth. Lindsay sucked up as much of her own pussy juice as she could off of Karen's face and she moaned at the heavenly taste of her own sex. Lindsay turned to the camera and said, "Hope you're still there, Jake. 'Cause I'm gonna repay Karen for that great orgasm she just gave me."

The girls kissed again and Lindsay rolled Karen onto her back so that she was on top of the smaller woman. Karen's hands moved up and down Lindsay's back, feeling the blonde's smooth skin. Lindsay took Karen's right breast in her left hand, giving it a light squeeze. The black-haired girl moaned and arched her back in pleasure and Lindsay kissed Karen's neck as she continued fondling her right titty. Although Karen's breasts were smaller than Lindsay's, their small size allowed them to be very perky. Her nipples pointed straight out from her chest, which was very arousing for Lindsay. The blonde pinched Karen's right nipple with the hand that she had on her breast and moved her mouth to Karen's left nipple, nibbling and licking the erect nubbin. Karen moaned loudly as her blond-haired lover stimulated her hard nipples. She grabbed the back of Lindsay's head and pulled her further into her chest, driving Lindsay to suck harder on her left nipple.

After several moments of stimulating Karen's hard nipples. Lindsay started kissing her way down her roommate's body. "You want me to eat you?" asked Lindsay.

"Oh, yes," replied Karen, fondling her tits. "I want you to suck my pussy."

Lindsay made it between Karen's legs and pulled her black panties down her legs. Lindsay looked between Karen's legs and saw the most beautiful sight that she had ever seen. She saw a wet, pink pussy, shaved completely bald. Girl juices were glistening on the black-haired woman's vagina and her inner labia had parted in Karen's arousal. "Oh, that looks delicious," cried Lindsay. The blonde had barely finished her sentence when her mouth latched onto Karen's inviting pussy.

Karen moaned in pleasure as Lindsay ate her out fervently. "Oh, God," she moaned. She laughed playfully as Lindsay sucked and licked her pink slit. "Oh, wow. That's so good. Yes. Eat my pussy." Karen's pussy tasted so heavenly to Lindsay. She could not get enough of the raven-haired girl's pussy-juice. The blonde could only moan in delight and continue to lap up the fluids that were flowing from Karen's cunt. "Wow," the black-haired woman continued moaning. She turned to the camera and said. "Jake, this girl is amazing. She's way better than you are!" Karen pinched her nipples and arched her back in bliss, gasping as she stimulated her nipples. "Oh, God yes!" cried the smaller woman as Lindsay continued going down on her. "Lindsay. Keep going. I'm getting so close."

"You like that, Karen?" Lindsay asked between aggressive sucks and nibbles on her lover's pussy.

"Faster," moaned Karen. "Eat me faster." Karen's demand made the blonde even more determined to make Karen cum. She sucked the girl's erect clit into her mouth and lashed at it with her tongue. Karen cried out in bliss as her hips bucked into Lindsay's face. "Oh, fuck yes!" she screamed. "Yes! Make me cum! Oh, God that feels good!" Lindsay slipped her right index and middle fingers into Karen's slippery cunt and the black-haired woman screamed even louder. She grabbed the back of Lindsay's head as her back arched and her muscles tensed up. Then, Karen exploded with a violent orgasm. She grunted and screamed loudly as her body thrashed about. With only one hand holding Karen's hips in place, Lindsay was knocked off of the bed by the force of Karen's convulsions. All that the blonde could do was watch in amazement as Karen's body continued shaking, her pussy visibly contracting every second or so, a loud cry accompanying each orgasmic convulsion. A small bit of girl cum oozed from the girl's spasming pussy with every orgasmic contraction.

As soon as Karen's orgasm had ended, Lindsay jumped on top of her recently pleasured lover and sucked up all of the girl-cum that she could from Karen's drenched pussy. "Your pussy juice tastes so good," Lindsay said. Karen did not answer. Her eyes were closed and her body was sprawled over the bed. She was obviously completely lost in a post-orgasmic daze. Lindsay thought she looked like an angel in that state. She climbed up Karen's body and kissed her full on the lips. Slowly, Karen came back to her senses and kissed Lindsay back.

After kissing passionately for several moments, the girls looked back at the camera and gave it evil grins. They got off the bed and approached the camera again. "What'd ya think of our hot sex?" asked Lindsay.

"We bet you're pretty shocked, huh Jake?" asked Karen.

"I'm sure what you've just witnessed is sufficient payback for what you did to both me and Karen." She then turned to Karen and said, "Or is it?"

"Yeah," Karen replied, "I think Jake's had enough torture for one day." The raven-haired girl looked back at the camera and said, "But we might have more in store for you later, Asshole!" The girls walked out of the camera's view. "Cut!" said Karen, stopping the recording.

Both girls sighed in satisfaction, both emotionally and sexually. "That was fun," said Lindsay.

"Yes, it was," replied Karen. "I enjoyed that immensely."

"Yes. Me too."

Lindsay went to Karen and kissed her passionately again. "Whoa," said Karen. "Lindsay, we're done. The recording's over."

"I know that," said the blonde. "I didn't kiss you for Jake. I kissed you for me." Lindsay again moved toward Karen and they kissed each other with a passion that neither of them had felt from a kiss before. The kiss conveyed emotions not only of lust, but also of compassion, friendship, and love.

The two roommates went back to Karen's bed and lied down, Karen on top of Lindsay, both of them kissing each other passionately and caressing each other's bodies. After many minutes, Karen broke the kiss. She looked into Lindsay's bright, blue eyes and Lindsay looked into Karen's deep, brown eyes. They could see the fire in each other's eyes and knew that their relationship would never be the same. Karen started moving around on the bed so that her pussy was in Lindsay's face and Lindsay's pussy was in hers. Lindsay could see that Karen's pussy was still wet with arousal and she was unable to turn down such a tempting sight. Both girls grabbed each other's hips and dove into each other's wet muffs. They moaned and sighed in pleasure as they went down on each other intently.

The girls ate each other not only with unprecedented zeal, but also with unprecedented care. They both seemed to know how to make the other not only feel good but also loved and valued. They were making love not out of mutual dislike for another, but out of mutual affection for each other. Suddenly, their eyes were opened to the surprising but wonderful truth. It was only through pain that they had realized their true feelings for one another. Lindsay and Karen were in love.

Tears of joy streamed down their faces as they continued making love to each other. They both moaned and cried in pleasure and happiness, their newfound love multiplying the pleasurable sensations of their sex. They licked each other's clits fervently, intent on bringing each other as many orgasms and as much love as they could handle. They moaned and gasped as they made love to each other, holding on to each other tightly, keeping each other and themselves in place.

Lindsay could feel her orgasm building up inside of her and she started moaning louder and louder, letting Karen know that she was close to cumming. Karen, too, was getting close to orgasm and was crying out in bliss as well. Lindsay gripped Karen's body tightly as her body started spasming wildly. Karen held on to Lindsay, not letting her mouth part with the blonde's contracting cunt. Karen started cumming powerfully immediately after Lindsay' orgasm started. They both cried out in ecstasy as their bodies shook with thunderous orgasms, holding onto each other for dear life as they continued their relentless assault on each other's cunts. They brought each other to another awesome orgasm each, as well as another.

Finally, their bodies came to rest on the bed, both of them panting heavily and sweating profusely, still holding each other's bodies tightly. They whimpered in both exhaustion and love for each other as sleep found them quickly after their four climaxes each.

The next morning, Lindsay and Karen imported the recording of their night of hot sex into Lindsay's computer. Although Lindsay was not into film, her computer had come with iMovie already installed, so the girls were able to edit the movie as they wanted. Karen imported several techno songs from one of her CDs as background music. They first had the image of them walking into the camera's view fade in from black and the techno started when they started kissing and stripping each other. They slightly altered the speed of the songs so that the climax of the songs occurred at the same time that the girls climaxed on screen. As they walked out of the camera's view, they had the image fade out to black. "Are we ready?" Lindsay asked after they saw the completed movie.

"We're ready," Karen replied. They exported the movie as a Quicktime movie and sent it to Jake as an email attachment.

It was one of the days of the week that Karen and Jake shared film class together. Lindsay showed up at the lecture hall several minutes before class ended. With Lindsay outside the room and Karen inside, as soon as Jake got to the exit, he was surrounded. The senior had obviously received the email because of how frantic he was when Lindsay and Karen were on either side of him. Lindsay got up in Jake's face and said, "Payback's a bitch, ain't it?"

"Get the fuck away from me!" Jake cried, running as fast as he could away from the scene. Lindsay and Karen laughed hysterically at Jake's reaction. "I can't believe this was a hairbrained scheme of yours," Lindsay laughed.

"We sure showed him, didn't we?"

"Yes, we did." Lindsay and Karen embraced each other and shared several brief but passionate kisses. They then looked deep into each other's eyes and could see the love that they had for each other. "Ya know, Karen," said Lindsay. "I never realized before last night just how much you meant to me. I love you, Karen."

The black-haired girl smiled and said, "I love you too, Lindsay." The girls kissed again and started on their way back to their room.


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