Tender Euphoria

Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.


My name is Annie and I am 19 years old. The Friday afternoon breeze finally was able to calm my
tensed up nerves after a long days work in class. College life was tough but I knew that as long
as I had my friends with me I would get through it one day at a time. As I walked towards our
after school meeting place, a cafe which was an equal distance from our homes, I was already
thinking about what I wanted my next story to be about. I was just a beginner at writing erotica
but I certainly loved doing it and I already had my first story under my belt. Unfortunately I
hadn't gotten any fan mail for my writing and I was wondering if my story was even any good at

As I thought about those things I walked along the sidewalk carrying my small handbag and my
books in my hand. I had medium length reddish colored hair that came down to my shoulders and I
was wearing one of my favorite skirts along with a nice blue cotton sweater that I wore often.
Sometimes I hated being the "red-head" in my group of friends but we all had our individual
qualities which set us aside. I finally reached the entrance to our favorite cafe and walked in
to find my three best friends already waiting for me and laughing over our usual gossip and

There was Emily, who was the quiet romantic type in our group. Her and I were room-mates
together so I knew her the best out of us all. She had very dark, almost black hair which she
always tied back and a pretty pair of glasses which she always wore too. Neither of us two were
really big with the guys but we were always looking and willing to meet them though. Then there
was Jennifer who was the complete source of gossip for our group. She always had a story to go
along with every guy she had been with and that would usually be the highlight of each of our
days. Jen had a dark shade of blonde hair and it was the longest of all of ours as well. She
was also usually the best dressed of all of us to top things off. There wasn't a second you
could look at her and not find the latest trend or designer clothing on her body. Finally there
was Jacky, the full out lesbian in our group. She had short black hair which usually had some
sort of highlight to it. She was the kind of girl who would have a new hairstyle every week and
I always loved seeing her new hair-dos. Jacky was the only one of us who preferred only that of
the same sex but she was still a great gal to be around. Jen and her would argue over things
like sex and relationships almost daily and it was interesting for me and Emily to just sit back
and watch them talk about it. I could only imagine how fun it would be to spend an evening at
their place just to hear them feud back and forth about anything and everything. I never really
thought about being gay myself, but having Jacky as a good friend was certainly having some
effects on me and I knew it.

"So how was your date with what's his name Jen?" Emily asked, poking at her salad.

"Ya, was he any good in bed girl?" Jacky added.

We both gave collective smiles and Jennifer gave Jacky her usual look before answering, "Well he
was all right...but he just couldn't find the right spot I guess."

All of us, including Jen, were always one hundred percent candid about things in bed so we were
all very close in that sense.

"Honey, you will be saying that the rest of your life until you find that right girl to be with."
Jacky said, smirking at her.

"Ha! You're funny there hun. Not gonna happen Jacky." she replied.

"Do you like him at least, Jenny?" Emily asked.

There was a pause and then Jen said, "He was okay I guess. I'd like to see him again."

"Was he better than that last guy?" I asked. "You know...mister Gonzo the great?"

We all laughed out loud at the little inside joke we had between us. Jen had compared his last
boyfriend's...manhood to one of the Muppets' noses and we all thought that was still hilarious
even now. Immediately we busted out giggling, trying not to disturb any of the other tables

"Don't remind me Annie." she answered, almost crying from laughter.

The three of them knew about my new status as an author and they were all just as excited about
it as I was. Each of them had their own preferences and ideas for future stories and now that I
was in-between stories they had begun to flood me with their thoughts.

"So what's your next one going to be about Annie?" Jen asked, looking at me attentively. "Maybe
about a couple who likes to do it in public, that would be great."

"I think you should do one about true love Annie." Emily stated. "A real sweet and romantic story
would be perfect, there aren't enough of those around these days I think."

"Annie, sweety. You know you've got to do one about a couple of lesbians, now there is a story
girl." Jacky added. "Just imagine it. Two straight girls realize their true feelings for each
other, they passionately kiss and embrace each other and then..."

"Yes, and then?" Emily asked, hooked on Jacky's every word.

"...And then they fuck like rabbits of course silly." she answered, immediately causing us all to
start laughing again.

"Ya that's a Jacky special pretty much." Jen said.

"Well, I haven't even gotten any mail for my first one yet so we'll just have to wait and see
girls." I stated.

We all nodded and finished up our little after class snack before we parted for the day. Seeing
as how it was Friday and none of us had any dates we decided to get together later and go out to
a dance club or something. Emily and I stood up first and left together, heading for our small
apartment which was only a few blocks away. As we walked together I couldn't help but think
about what Jacky had said to the three of us about all-woman relationships. I quickly dismissed
it and kept on walking side by side with Emily until we reached our place at last.

We were both exhausted from a hard but routine day of college life and we were glad to be home.
Emily sat down on our small couch and picked up the novel she had been reading for the last while
and I sat at my computer to see if I had gotten any mail for the day. I was surprised to see a
single new message in my inbox which looked like my first bit of fan mail for my story. It read:


From: Cool Fan <coolreader@netmail.com>
To: Annie <wildanne@netmail.com>
Subject: Your story!
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2001 14:08:40

I totally loved your story you posted on that website. It made me feel so hot and horny I just
had to touch myself as I read it. PLEASE write another one for me Ms. Anne, I would really love
to see one about two women who have their first lesbian experience with each other, that would be
soooo hot! I would love to get a reply from you. You are a fabulous writer, I await more of
your talent Ms. Anne.

Your biggest fan


As I read through my first bit of fan mail I couldn't help but notice that I felt strange inside.
It was the second time today that I had heard about the whole subject of homosexuality and
lesbians and I couldn't help but feel confused about things. With Emily and I being around Jacky
daily lesbianism had been a growing topic in my mind and like any young adult I was very curious
to explore some of the world's mysteries myself. As I thought about all of this I looked down to
see my hand in my lap, gently touching myself and I didn't even notice it. At that moment I felt
more wet than I had in a long time and I couldn't believe it.

I looked up from the screen directly at Emily who was intently focusing on her novel and even
humming to herself quietly. After a few seconds she looked up from her book and noticed me
staring at her almost mindlessly.

"Yes Annie?" she asked innocently.

I shut off the computer and stood up before walking over to Emily and sitting down next to her.
My mind was a jumble of thoughts and I had no idea what to say to her as I stared into her eyes.

"Ummmmm...I just...I don't know Emily, I just feel different today for some reason."

Emily closed her book and rearranged her glasses before answering, "What is it Annie? You can
tell me of course."

The pause seemed to last for hours. My look was blank but the unmistakable feeling I had been
feeling ever since I had sat at the table with my friends was more evident now than ever before.

"Oh Emily, I feel so...horny right now I just can't stand it." I said softly, beginning to shake
with nervousness.

Emily paused for a few moments herself and gave a sigh of what looked like relief as she said,
"Oh Annie, that is perfectly fine with me. Jacky tells me how horny she is all the time."

I smiled. "This time it's different sweety, I wish I could explain it to you somehow."

Emily had always been there through all of the emotions I would sometimes go through and now was
no different. She sat up and gave me a small hug, never taking her eyes off of me. Her touch
seemed soft and nurturing; different than anything I had ever felt before. I didn't want to
admit how much I liked being touched by my room-mate.

"I wish there was something I could do to help Annie."

I could no longer deny what I was feeling and I let out the words that I had been searching for
for what seemed like an eternity.

"Please Emily...kiss me..."

For two best friends this would have been the perfect time for us both to bust out laughing and
forget about things but it was different. Emily just closed her eyes and brought her face closer
to mine slowly, lost in the same new found feeling of lust that had begun to embrace me.


She searched for a response but no words were able to leave her mouth as she unknowingly moved
her head closer to mine. Just before our lips met I felt my entire body become covered in
goosebumps as both of us shook nervously because of what we were about to do. The kiss was the
most magical thing I had ever felt in my life and it seemed to last forever. The tenderness that
I felt from the soft, feminine touch of Emily was more sensual and erotic than anything I had
experienced before. The fear that had come over us both slowly drifted away and all that could
be heard and felt was the quiet sound of our lips locked together in intimate passion.

When we finally moved apart and looked at each other once more we realized we were both teared up
and still shaking slightly, but smiling at the same time.

"...Wow...Emily..." I said slowly.

She fixed her glasses once more and replied. "Does this mean...we're...?"

Instead of answering I just smiled and kept on staring into her glassy eyes happily.

"Oh sweety...would that be such a bad thing if we were?" I asked.

"I'll bet Jacky would be really happy about that Annie." Emily replied.

We both continued to smile and even giggled a little as we held each other close, still a little
confused about what we had done.

"Well maybe we could just...experiment a bit Emily. Let's not tell Jacky or Jen just yet. Okay?"

"Okay Annie...I still feel a little nervous about all of this though." she replied.

"Oh sweety, I do too. It feels weird doesn't it?"

Emily nodded and returned with her usual shy smile. Just before we could continue with any more
of our new, forbidden experiments the phone rang loudly making us both jump from fright. We both
busted out laughing once more from being so on edge as I reached over and picked it up.


"Annie, babe! What's going on over there?"

"Oh hiya Jacky...Ummm I was just checking my mail right now. Why?"

"So you got something to wear for tonight girl? Bet there's gonna be lotsa cute guys and even
girls where we're goin'. Ya never know."

"Emily and I will find something to wear hun. What about you?" I asked.

"I got something nice and Jen shouldn't have a problem, she already has a million outfits

Part of me wanted to confess what Emily and I had really been doing but I decided not to just
in case. Jacky and I chatted for a few minutes while Emily watched me attentively, never letting
her pretty smile leave her face for a second. When I hung up the phone we both stood up and
walked into Emily's bedroom to pick out what we were going to wear. Our place wasn't big so her
and I kept most of our clothes in her room to save a little space in mine. After a few minutes
of searching Emily chose her favorite white dress from the closet after I agreed that it would be
perfect for her to wear.

"Will this one do Annie?" she asked.

"It's perfect Emily, you always look beautiful in that one." I answered.

She looked into a nearby mirror as she held up the dress and blushed a little from my compliment.
It felt as if we were both getting ready to go on a date which was such an exciting feeling
As I reached into the closet to pull out something for me to throw on I couldn't help but pay
attention while Emily began to take off what she was already wearing right beside me. We had
changed in front of each other countless times but the new emotions that I had been feeling as we
were kissing felt even more intense now. I felt a warm feeling begin to grow between my legs and
I felt a little warmer than usual. Soon, Emily had only her underwear on and was just getting
ready to slip into the dress as she looked up at me. I happened to be staring directly at her
enchanting curves with one hand dangerously close to my crotch and I didn't even know it.

"Do I look pretty Annie?" Emily asked out of the blue.

"Ohhh...sweetheart you are more beautiful than anyone I know honey. You're perfect."

Emily looked so soft and gentle in the dim light and it was driving me crazy.

"I...I think I'm looking forward to when we get back tonight Annie...I think." she said, smiling

"Oh honey, you are so sweet...I'm looking forward to it too."

The two of us finished getting dressed and putting on our makeup before leaving out the door with
a new found sense of naughtiness which we were eager to explore further. After a few short
minutes of walking we were joined by Jennifer and Jacky who had been standing on the corner
waiting for us.

"Finally ladies." Jacky said, with her hand on her hip.

"Oh hey girls. We've actually only been waiting for a minute so don't worry." Jen said.

Jacky was wearing a long blue dress and skirt similar to mine and Jen had an expensive designer
dress on which looked almost like what a celebrity would wear to an awards show.

"Well, now we're ready for a girls night out I think." Jacky said.


A while later the four of us arrived at the dance club as planned. The place was packed and we
had to wait a fair bit of time before we were actually let in but we finally made it after a
while. Inside, Jen and Jacky headed straight for the dance floor while Emily and I sat down
together nearby to...talk. The lights very low and the club had the usual disco ball and
neon lights waving back and forth everywhere which made focusing in on anyone in general quite
a task. As the loud music played I started to look at Emily again who did the same now.

"You look so pretty tonight honey, I'm glad we came." I said.

Emily fumbled with her glasses and smiled back. "I think I feel the same as you did earlier today
right now Annie."

"Really?" I asked.

She nodded her head. I felt a little relieved myself that Emily was candid with her new feelings
just as I was. At that moment I felt the same feeling that I had earlier when I had told her how
I felt, only this time it was different. I quickly thought up something devilishly naughty to
attempt with Emily and didn't think twice before getting ready to try it. I moved myself down
the long couch and moved my head directly beside her ear so that only she could hear my voice as
I spoke.

"Want to try something fun sweety?" I asked quietly.

She looked back at me surprised and answered, "Wha...what?"

I looked at her seductively, with a naughty grin on my face. "Just wait until the lights go out
again and relax honey..."

I pulled my head back as she gave me a nervous smile, nodding her head slightly. I looked around
to see if Jacky and Jen were anywhere nearby but, thankfully, they weren't. The heat between my
legs began to grow once more and I slowly uncrossed them to let myself feel more hot than I
already was. Then it happened. As the lights began to dim to complete darkness to signal the
beginning of a new song, I leaned towards Emily and brought my lips to hers once more. The kiss
was so sensual and so forbidden as I let my tongue just barely slide into her mouth. As soon as
Emily felt my tongue touch hers she completely melted into the chair and completely let down her
guard, playing right into my hands.

Feeling the sensation between my legs finally gave me the surge of lust I needed to do what I had
wanted to do ever since the moment I looked at Emily from my computer that afternoon. Slowly, I
took my hand and brought it towards her shivering leg, placing it on her thigh tenderly. Emily
took a huge breath as I pushed the dress up her leg, finally allowing my warm fingers to touch
her bare flesh for the very first time. I could feel the heat and the vibrations of her
wondrous body as we held each other close, still under the cover of the darkness. Then, I
couldn't hold myself back from letting my hand travel to the most heavenly place between her
legs; her young, perfect vagina.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh..." Emily moaned silently.

She had become so completely soaked that her panties were covered in her hot juices which now
flowed endlessly onto the already stained material. Her glasses slid down to her nose as our
kiss finally ended and we began to stare at each other once more. Emily's eyes had become fully
dilated and she looked like she was ready to cry, but instead the most beautifully adorable
smile came to her face as our eyes remained locked together.

The lights had begun to slowly become bright once more, but my hand still remained between her
legs. A sight that, in seconds, would be visible to some. As a last gesture of my lustful
affection I gave Emily's warm pussy a single touch, a touch of love...and desire. Immediately
my hand was bathed in her angelic juices as she squirmed slightly, completely lost in the moment.
Finally, I removed my hand and fixed Emily's dress again before bringing my hand up to my lips.
I had never tasted another girl before and the thought of it added so much to my already growing
excitement. As Emily watched, not aware that her glasses were close to falling off her face, I
let a single finger slip inside my mouth to get my first taste of her hot juices. For a few
seconds I tensed up, with my eyes closed, savoring the wonderful liquid which now covered my
tongue. At that moment I felt an incredible jolt of bliss run through my body, and I quickly
looked down to make sure that no one could see how wet I actually was. Then I let a second
finger then a third enter, loving every last drop of her pre cum. Emily began to look as if she
was getting ready to jump on top of me right then and there from the look on her face. The lust
between us was having an effect on us both and the two of us craved so much more.

"I want you so badly Annie." Emily said, rather loudly. She had lost touch with all that was
going on around us and looked almost as if she was in a trance.

"Was that good for you honey?" I asked quietly.

Seconds later, Emily's glasses fell off her face and into her lap. Surprisingly, it didn't seem
to phase her at all and she never once took her gaze of me even as the various lights flashed
throughout the large room.

"Now it's my turn to try something Annie. Just wait." she whispered.

I had finally been able to the release the horny, young girl within Emily. Her nervousness
quickly faded away as we continued to sit together. Just imagining what she had in mind was
making me feel so wet, I almost felt like going to the washroom just to be safe. Filled with a
lustful sense of anticipation I watched and waited for the lights to go out once more. As they
finally did begin to dim I shivered with and excitement and watched as Emily's hands reached for
my lap just before they completely faded to black.

She started by lifting my dress up so that she could reach under it, much like I had done with
hers earlier. Having the same actions I had done now being used on me I was being driven more
over the edge with every passing second. I could feel my throbbing vagina begging to be touched,
waiting desperately to be entered by Emily. It took all of the concentration I could muster to
not start drooling all over myself as her soothing touch met my drenched underwear, softly
teasing my moist pussy.

"Ohhhhhh god...that is sooo nice Em...Emily..."

Before answering, Emily leaned forward to get closer to my face. "This is going to make you feel
a lot better Annie."

I waited for a few seconds, curious and filled with infinite desire.

"What is?" I asked very quietly.

As I finished voicing my words I found out what Emily was planning to do. She quietly reached
under my dress with both hands and began to slowly pull my panties down my legs. Immediately I
widened my eyes and gasped to myself.

"Emily! What are you..."

Before I could finish whispering I felt her hot tongue make contact with my cheek. Emily then
began to lick on and around my lips passionately as she pulled my wet panties down to my knees
casually. It felt as if we were both slipping out of our rational minds and turning into two
lovers completely consumed with a loving passion for each other. Emily's actions were more
sensuous...more erotic than anything I had ever experienced before and I couldn't help but submit
to her glorious actions. I allowed my panties to fall to my ankles at last. Instead of reaching
down to pick them up I placed my hand directly in Emily's crotch, feeling her body as much as I
could in return. Soon our skin began to glow with perspiration as our body heat grew. Our
desires were being fed but we both knew so much more was needed.

Finally, Emily stopped licking my face and leaned back again, removing her hands from under my
dress. As the lights gradually came back on she seemed to transform back into her regular self,
only with the most naughty smile on her face I had ever seen. As she reached into her lap to
retrieve her glasses I slipped my feet out of my underwear, letting them remain on the floor.

"I want to make love to you so badly Annie my vagina is aching." she whispered.

"Mmmmmmm...soon sweetheart, soon. I've never been this wet in my life, I think I'm feeling a
little light headed even."

Emily rearranged her glasses and looked out onto the dance floor. "Let's dance Annie, come on."

I took a hold of her hand and we both stood up slowly. Then, leaving my wet panties behind, we
both walked onto the dance floor and joined in with the large crowd of people. Our movements
became so rhythmic that we looked perfect together. Soon, after waiting for so long, I decided
to throw away what was left of my inhibitions towards my friend. My body had become free. My
hands started to travel up and down, all over my body slowly, sensually, sending tingles down to
even the entrance of my wet sex as we moved. I pulled Emily closer and let her hands become mine
as well, letting them search and caress my body slowly. I was on the brink of fainting from pure
ecstasy. I had never felt so intensely blissful in my life and it was beginning to show.

We danced forever, lost in the music and movements of the crowd. Emily and I had become one. We
moved in perfect rhythm with me behind her, holding her beautiful hips and rubbing my body into
her back softly. Every time we looked into each others' eyes we knew how much we had fallen in
love with each other. It felt as if we were making love already, right in the middle of the
dance floor.

When our movements finally came to a stop we were both exhausted. Our chests heaved and small
beads of perspiration dripped from our foreheads as we stared at each other. Emily fixed her
glasses once more and fell into my arms, letting me hug her lovingly.

"I love you Annie..." she said.

I waited for a moment but realized that there was no reason to. I knew what I was going to say
and I knew that if she hadn't said it first it would have come from me anyway.

"I love you Emily. I think I always have."

Just before we moved closer to kiss each other we were approached by two figures just before our
lips could meet. I shook my head and quickly came to my senses. It was Jacky and Jen.

"Well where have you two been all night?" Jen asked.

"And did you meet and good looking guys, or girls for that matter?" Jacky added.

We both smiled for a second then shook our heads at the same time.

"Not really Jacky." I answered. "We were just sitting down for most of the time, but it was fun
for sure."

"Well, at least one of us was able to hook up tonight." Jacky said, turning to Jen.

As Emily and I turned to Jen as well another figure from the crowd came and stood next to Jen.
He was certainly good looking but for some reason he just looked...different to me now. Was I
starting to look at him through Jacky's eyes? Emily stepped forward and shook hands with him and
I did as well as we introduced each other.

"I'll bet this means I'll be hearing more screams and bed creaking from my room tonight huh Jen?"
Jacky asked.

"Oh, you are so dead girl." Jen replied, smiling at her.

"Well let's head out then."

We all left the club and said our nightly goodbyes before Emily and I parted Jen, Jacky and the
new guy. We walked home together, smiling and just waiting. I couldn't believe how incredibly
horny I felt every time I stared into her eyes. I felt so happy knowing that Emily felt the
exact same way as me while we walked, hand in hand.


When we finally reached our apartment we both stood at the door for a few seconds, silent.
Before we knew it we were both fumbling for our keys, never seeming to find them at all. After
a few moments we both looked up at each other and smiled. Emily waited as found my keys and
unlocked the door, letting walk in ahead of me. Then, I closed the door behind us both and locked
both locks before turning back to her, breathing heavily.

"I'm so nervous Annie..."

"I am too sweetheart...it's okay." I whispered.

Emily turned and walked into my bedroom slowly, turning every few seconds to make sure that I was
following her and I certainly was. As we entered the room Emily moved next to the bed and
remained standing, facing away from me. The room was dark and completely silent. All that could
be heard was our combined breathing as I moved closer to her and put my arms around her waist
gently. Emily's body was so soft, so fragile and so different than anything I was used to. I
let my breath slowly part her hair as I reached one hand up to her shoulder, ready to remove her
dress at last. Emily shook slightly as I slipped my hand under one strap of her dress, sliding
it down her shoulder slowly. Then, with my other hand I removed the other strap from her dress
letting it slowly fall to the floor like a rose pedal. Emily was now completely naked except for
her panties which still remained on her shaking legs. I reached down past her bare breasts and
placed my hands on her hips, caressing them tenderly and soothing her nervous movements.

"Do you love me Annie?" Emily asked quietly, out of the blue.

"I love you with all of my heart honey...I would never hurt you." I answered.

With that I moved my face closer to Emily's head and lightly began to kiss her neck, almost
tickling her with my soft touch. Then I slowly untied her hair letting it fall almost down to
her shoulders, but it was slightly shorter than mine. I realized how important love and devotion
was to Emily at that point and I knew that I shared the same feelings as her. Finally, Emily
turned around and looked at me. Her eyes were full of tears...tears of joy and of love. With
that she sat down on my bed and lied back with her arms above her head as she slowly spread her
legs for me.

"Make love to me Annie..."

I could feel the emotions of love begin to grow in even myself as I stared at the most beautiful
girl I had ever seen in my entire life waiting for me to be with her. I slowly took off my dress
in front of Emily before I looked up at her again, realizing that my eyes had begun to tear up as
well. My naked body shivered with anticipation in front of the one I loved. I watched as her
already soaked panties became more dark with wetness, waiting to be touched. It was the defining
moment of pure ecstasy and affection in my life.

"You're so beautiful Emily." I whispered.

"Am I really?" she replied.

I got onto the bed with Emily and let her move more into the center so that I had plenty of room
to lie down between her legs which I did. My first touch of her warm thigh caused her to whimper
quietly, overcome with the sensations given by my hot tongue. I then slowly made circles and
shapes of all kinds as I made my way closer to Emily's waiting sex. Her legs glistened with
perspiration and had become hot from our lustful feelings for each other. Then, at long last, my
tongue reached Emily's panties making her almost jump right off the bed as I made contact with
the tiny layer of material separating her young pussy from my searching tongue. For a few
seconds all I did was let myself lick her folds which were still covered by her underwear.
Still, with each lick, I devoured endless amounts of her warm juices as they flowed continually.
Emily's hips began to dance along with my tongue, trying to force it deeper and harder into her
wet mound.

"Ohhhhhh I love you Annie...yessss ohhhhhhh..."

I couldn't take it anymore. The time had come to free Emily from her panties perhaps forever. I
reached up and pulled them down her legs slowly, watching the inner layer stick to her moist slit
for as long as possible before separating. Even when it did a thick string of her sweet honey
remained attached as her panties finally reached her knees and then her ankles. Then, with no
underwear left to hinder the flow of her infinite juices the sheets slowly began to let her honey
soak into it as Emily let it flow with no end in sight.

"My god Emily...you are so creamy honey." I whispered.

With that I let my mouth make first contact with the bare flesh of Emily's tantalizing pussy. I
could feel her entire body tense up as I licked all around her entrance, teasing her even after
all we had been through. I could feel my own cunt dripping onto the sheets from my slow actions
as I made circles around the tender skin that surrounded Emily's swollen slit. Then it happened.
My tongue finally slipped inside her at last, overwhelming my senses with her wonderful aroma
and heavenly taste.

"Unngghhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmm Aa...Annie...that's sooo good." she mumbled.

I let myself savour the angelic taste of her wonderful pussy walls as my tongue slowly explored
Emily for the first time in my life. Her entire body began to move in synchronization with every
slight flick of my tongue as I slowly licked around Emily's swollen clit affectionately. Her
warm, milky juices flowed sensually into my mouth, driving my senses crazy along with her
inviting aroma which beckoned me to push further inside Emily's tender pussy. Then, as I
continued to lick all around her hot clit gently, Emily placed her hands on her thighs and forced
her legs even farther apart to aid me even further with our heavenly motions.

"Yesssssss...Ohhh Annie please...make me cum."

I could sense that Emily was close to the brink of a climax and I felt so excited that I was the
one who was bringing her such wonderful pleasure. Making love to another girl was like nothing
I had ever felt before...it felt like a bond of love, a sacred sharing of our deepest feelings
and emotions and indeed it was. I continued my soft movements, licking and sucking so gently
that even a feather's touch to Emily's serene body would have been enough to cause discomfort. I
could feel myself falling into the same state of mind that she was feeling, wrapped in new
sensations of love and trust that only us girls could experience. We became angels, together in
actions that were always meant for us to follow, to experience.

"Don't stop...aagghhhh! Yessss...more..." Emily moaned.

As my tongue continued to travel and caress every inch of Emily's vagina, I could feel her walls
begin to contract at last. She reached for the covers and held on tight, bracing herself for the
oncoming tremor that was only seconds away. My saliva began to mix with the continuing flow of
her creamy juices as they poured from her pussy into my mouth and all over the bed sheets below
my chin. I allowed my tongue to make one final movement just under Emily's wet clit, shattering
what was left of her concentration and sense of control as her hips began to shake wildly.
Overwhelmed with the sensations of her first orgasm about to be brought on by another girl, Emily
shot up from the bed sheets lifting her behind and lower back high into the air as her swollen
pussy walls took hold of my tongue with all her strength.

"I'm Cumming!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Annieeeeee!!!!!"

Emily's body jolted as a large burst of her liquid passion splashed out of her pussy almost
immediately after screaming my name. Her waist shook erratically as her girl cum quickly covered
my face and poured into my without with no end in sight. Her orgasm was so pure, so magical that
I began to feel light headed myself, consumed with love for the one that I had satisfied so well.
Her body continued to spasm spreading the river-like flow of her thick honey to more of the
bed sheets and the interior of my mouth as well. My love for her milky liquid grew to new
heights as I lifted myself up and ran my body up her glorious pussy, letting her cum cover first
my chest then my abdomen before the flow finally began to slow. As Emily rested her behind back
onto the soaked covers she let my head remain just below her chin, resting as well in her small
pool of warm liquid.

We lied together for a long time, wet and exhausted from our first orgasm. I felt as if I had
almost climaxed myself from merely giving Emily the pleasures which had brought her to such a
blissful climax. We both giggled from our movements which caused a quiet sloshing sound due to
all of the honey that had been brought forth from my angel's vagina. Words could not express the
love I felt for the girl of my dreams and I knew with all of my heart that she felt the same way.
We both sighed and strained to look into each other's eyes once more. Emily's eyes were perfect.
Her figure had become completely flawless in my eyes and even her glasses, which were hanging off
her nose looked more adorable than the cutest child on the planet. She truly was an angel.

"Hi..." Emily said softly.

Barely able to speak myself I opened my mouth slowly and answered, "I love you Emily."

"I believe you Annie...I love you too."

To many it would have seemed that we had repeated that word far too much, but it was the only
word that could come close to describing how we felt for each other at that moment. The feelings
we felt for each other were unexplainable, beyond sexual, beyond physical. True love.

"Will you kiss me Annie?"

Without hesitation I mustered the strength to pull myself higher up on Emily's body just enough
so that our lips could meet. It was a kiss of purity, of endless affection, and unification.
When it ended, tears came to both of our eyes once more.

"Can I make love to you now Annie?" Emily asked, smiling timidly.

"Yes sweetheart..."

Slowly, Emily sat up and moved to the corner of my bed for a moment while I positioned myself in
the center with my head resting comfortably on a pillow. My body shined in the dim light from
being covered with Emily's warm juices and my breaths were heavy, nervously anticipating my
angel's first touch. Emily's eyes were so gorgeous...so innocent as they peered at my naked
body, filled with tears of happiness and trust. Just before she positioned herself near my legs
she rearranged her glasses once more and pushed her flowing dark brown hair out of her face.

"How do I...?"

I smiled happily at her. Even the sound of her voice made me feel content as I opened my mouth
to answer.

"Just let it happen naturally sweety...we're both here to learn." I whispered.

Then, with my final words of approval, Emily lifted her hands and gently placed one on my stomach
and the other on my thigh. Her hands were warm and soothing, not rough and strong like all
others that had ever been placed on my naked body. Just the thought that another girl was
touching me, feeling my soft flesh made my entire body tingle with excitement. First, I felt
Emily gently begin to move one hand up and down my thigh, each time expanding her area of
movement. Next, she brought her face down near my stomach as my own hand began to assist hers in
caressing my smooth abdomen. Then, I felt her warm breath touch my wet skin at last. Emily's
breath tickled my body sensually, making circles around my navel slowly. My hips began to move
similar to how Emily's had earlier as her breath passed over my small patch of fleece for the
first time.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...sweetheart." I moaned.

I closed my eyes, waiting to be touched by Emily near the area that had been begging for
attention for almost an eternity. As if reading my thoughts, Emily granted my wish at
last. I inhaled sharply as Emily's hand passed over my stomach and guided itself towards my
dripping sex. My vaginal lips quivered as her fingers made contact with my slit, soaking up the
infinite secretions and causing my moaning to increase substantially. I couldn't believe how
tender her touch was...so soft and feminine, unknown to me as a result of my entire past life.

"Mmmmmm...Ohhh Emily...I want you inside me sweetheart." I whispered, closing my eyes slowly.

By now her entire hand had bathed in the warm liquid surrounding my pussy, the moment had finally
come. As her first finger gently penetrated my wet folds for the first time I reached up and
cupped my breasts, overcome with the most incredible feeling of ecstasy imaginable. My pussy
began to ooze with more calm secretions, allowing her small digit to travel deep inside of me. I
felt my nipples become hard and erect, showing Emily the entirety of my responses to her actions.
My soaked walls savored her touch, growing more swollen as Emily slid yet another finger inside.

"Unngghhhhhhh...yessss honey...slow..."

"Like this?" Emily asked quietly.

Her two fingers became as one, gently moving back and forth and in every direction inside of my
pussy. I returned my hands to my stomach and allowed my hips to begin moving once more, guiding
Emily's fingers towards my hot clit with every gentle thrust. I felt myself drifting away,
losing myself in her angelic movements, feeling the sensations becoming more powerful with each
second. Our love making bonded us together in a way I never thought possible. I wondered why
such love and caring between women was ever thought to be wrong or unethical. Soon my eyes
filled with tears as they remained closed, and even then I could perfectly see Emily's face
smiling timidly as she let her fingers raise me to new levels of bliss. I moaned for her as she
brought me closer to the threshold of what was about to be one of my most beautiful and
affectionate climaxes in my entire existence.

"Ohhh god...I've never...felt this way before Em'...Mmmmmmmmmmmm..."

Without ever once changing her perfect rhythm I felt a deep sensation building within my waist.
My hips jumped up and down off of the sheets, letting Emily's fingers grind deep into my vagina
in a manner I had never experienced before. I felt my walls beginning to tighten, ready to
release the same loving honey that I had brought forth from my angel's vagina. The peak of our
love making was truly a glimpse of paradise, something that only those who were truly in love
could possibly bring to one another. I knew that no one cared for each other as we did, or even
came close at all. Our love making was so special...so sacred that it confirmed our feelings for
each other even more with each passing moment. Then as my vaginal muscles began to contract I
reached out and took hold of Emily's free hand, knowing I'd never let her go...never leave the
one I loved as she finally let me achieve the greatest, most wonderful orgasm ever.

"EMILY!! Ohhh god!!! Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

An enormous gush of my girl cum began to flow from my body as I held on to my angel's hand as
tightly as I could, screaming as loudly as I could for her. I felt almost as if I was flying,
hand in hand with my lover...my angel. I imagined Emily with wings, carrying my body to the
stars as I shook with infinite enjoyment. Her love allowed my climax to continue, to push on
farther than ever thought possible all because of our feelings for each other. Emily and I had
touched the sky. Only then was my flow able to stop. I hoped that my angel would never let go
of my hand, and she didn't. She remained holding on tight as I drifted away, exhausted beyond
any amount of physical activity. Emily slowly removed her hand from my throbbing vagina, letting
it drip all over my body as she brought her body up to mine once more. I finally let go of
Emily's hand as she moved on top of my, comforting me even then. With my last ounce of strength
I wrapped my arms around her and opened my eyes.

"Thank you sweetheart...I love you so much."

"Annie...will you always be with me?" Emily asked quietly, as her eyes began to fill with tears
once more.

"We will always be together Emily...I promise."

We both began to cry. It was a time of happiness, one that would live for us always. Our lives
were complete knowing that we would never be apart, and never be alone. Then, in a pool of our
sweet honey and covered in our juices and tears, we fell into a deep sleep. Our breasts meshed
together gently as we breathed, and my reddish hair mixed with Emily's beautiful dark brown hair
as well. Neither of us knew what was in store for the next day, but we both new what we had
become and what we would always be from that moment on in our lives. Lesbians.


I awoke early Saturday morning and found myself still feeling very tired and exhausted from the
incredible new sensations I had felt the night before. As I cleared my eyes I looked down to see
Emily still propped up on top of me, sleeping silently with her naked body shining beautifully in
the morning sunlight. Her warm head remained rested on my chest as I stretched my arms out and
yawned quietly beneath her. Slowly I slipped out from under Emily and sat up on the bed. My
movements caused her to moan for a moment but soon she drifted off again within seconds. Before
I stood up from the sheets to head for the bathroom I just stared at Emily, watching her sleep
on my bed. Her glasses barely hung on to her face and her hair was all messy but she still
looked more pretty than ever. Emily had an unexplainable innocence to her personality,
everything about her made me feel warm inside.

"I'm jumping in the shower sweetheart." I whispered softly.

There was still silence and only the faint sound of breathing as I stood up from the bed.
Without my body heat to keep her warm Emily began to shiver softly in the middle of the bed,
curling up slowly to compensate. Before I turned to go have my shower I pulled the sheets out
from under the side of the bed and covered her with them to stop her shivering.

Just as I stepped onto the tiling of the bathroom floor the phone began to ring. Quickly, I
dashed back to my bed and picked it up before it was able to wake Emily from her adorable sleep.


"Annie, What's going on over there this morning girl?"

"Oh, hi Jacky. I actually just got up, I'm jumping in the shower."

"Ohhh...mind if I watch hun?" Jacky asked.

"Ha, ha...what's going on at your's and Jen's place Jacky? Is the guy over there?"

Jacky began to giggle for a moment as soon as I mentioned "the guy" but quickly answered, "Oh my
god last night was hilarious Annie, you should have been there. Jen pretty much dumped the guy on
the spot after...well I'll tell you at lunch, how about that?"

"Okay, we'll get ready." I said.

"Is Em' there?"

I paused for a few seconds and looked around the corner to see Emily.

"Emily's still sleeping actually."

"That right? She's usually up so early, what did you do?" Jacky asked.

"...Nothing she was just really tired and we stayed up late." I replied.

"Doing what?" Jacky asked, attentively.

"Nothing silly...we'll be there at lunch girl, now I'm getting in the shower." I answered

"Wash good girlfriend." Jacky added.

"Oh you...okay bye Jacky."

I hung up the phoned and sighed happily when I was finally able to step in the shower. I turned
on the hot water and washed up slowly, making sure to cover ever single inch of my body. I felt
so happy that I even began to hum quietly to myself as I poured some shampoo into my long red
hair. After a few minutes I reached down and grabbed the soap to clean the rest of my body when
I was surprised by a quiet voice which came from the other side of the shower curtain.

"Good morning Annie..." the voice said quietly.

Startled, I dropped the soap out of my hands and peaked out to find Emily standing there covering
her vagina with both hands innocently. I smiled brightly at her as she looked through her now
fogged up glasses thanks to the steam.

"Good morning sweetheart." I answered.

"Ummmm...I was...well could I maybe..."

"Of course sweety, come on in." I replied, instinctively knowing what she wanted to say.

We both giggled for a moment as Emily removed her glasses and placed them near the sink before
stepping into the shower with me. Slowly I went back to washing up and picked up the soap once
more. After a few moments of just watching me Emily finally grabbed the shampoo bottle and put
some into her hair slowly, never taking her sights off of me. Our eye contact seemed to add to
our feelings for each other. We could tell exactly how we felt when we stared into each others
eyes the way we did, and soon I felt like kissing Emily once more.

Though she stood slightly shorter than I did, Emily was still just as gentle, loving and
energetic as I was. The sight of the shampoo running from her hair down her elegant body was
beginning to make my blood boil with arousal.

"Do you think I'm sexy Annie?" she asked, looking at me innocently.

"Oh Emily, you are the sexiest young woman I have ever met sweety."

With that she took a step forward and hugged me tightly. Our wet bodies meshed together as we
held each other, wanting to cry out of joy and laugh from excitement at the same time.

Wither her head resting gently on my shoulder directly under the hot stream of water Emily
whispered, "Please touch me Annie..."

Her words were so loving and innocent, a constant reminder of how close we had become in such
little time. Softly, I ran my hands up and down her back as she continued to let the water soak
into her hair as well. When I reached the small of her back with my fingers I lightly kissed
my angel on her forehead, comforting her as if she had been hurt somehow. As I pushed her hair
out of her face, Emily looked up at me. I could see so much of her heart and soul in her gaze
alone...so fragile and loving. At that moment I almost forgot that we were actually standing in
the shower and instead imagined us both floating on a cloud together. Our kiss came without
thought, and it lasted for nearly an eternity just as it had before. Our soft, wet lips touched
just as my hand crossed over from Emily's back to the front of her body. Her legs began to shake
with arousal until I was quickly able to support her with my free hand.

"Ohhhh god..." Emily whispered, tilting her neck back and letting the shower water fall directly
onto her face.

My hand moved slowly towards Emily's mound, bombarding her sensitive skin with the feeling of my
gentle touch. She continued to hold on to my back as I passed over her small bit of hair, ever
so close to her moist pussy.


Obeying our new instincts Emily slowly spread her legs apart allowing my fingers to dip into her
delicate vagina once more. Within an instant I could hear my angel pouring out her every emotion
with every quiet whimper and moan as I lightly pressed against her inner walls with my two
fingers. My movements were almost non-existent, instead I just let my fingers remain almost
stationary, letting Emily remain calm. Her expression almost looked painful but I could tell
from her whispering and moaning that she so loved what my hands were doing for her. The heat
from the shower was so relaxing, it was beginning to become difficult to remain standing

"Ohhh I love you so much sweetheart. Let me make you cum again." I said.

"Mmmmmunngghhhhh...okay Annie..." she replied, keeping her eyes closed.

I then began to give Emily small kisses all over her neck, tickling her and even making her
giggle a bit over her blissful moaning. Our relationship felt so unique. It was one of love
and desire but also fun and adventure' that thought made me feel special deep within myself and
told me to continue. Her body was tender and soft to the touch, absolutely perfect in every way.
With every passing moment she seemed to be lowering herself, relying on my arms for her to remain
standing. I almost thought she was going to pass out right in front of me from the tender
pleasure. As I felt her warm clit run between my two fingers, Emily let her hips sway back and
forth, keeping her eyes closed and smiling at me. I felt my own breasts becoming full, aroused
with wondrous sensations from merely touching my lover. My finger movements split between
caressing the inner walls of Emily's heavenly pussy and slowly stimulating her now hard clit. My
entire body was aching to be touched just as she was.

"Do you like this sweetheart?" I asked, knowing what her response would surely be but also
yearning for the soft sound of her voice.

"Yessss...Ohhhh Annie." Emily mumbled, ever so close to the highest point of physical bliss that
she could feel.

I watched her entire body move as she moaned. Her quivering lips, her perfect curves and hips
and even her feet which had begun to curl up with ecstasy. I wanted to release my angel, I
wanted to take her places only thought to have existed in dreams. Such things were finally in
our grasp...we were living a dream, only it was real. I let three of my fingers penetrate
Emily's warm slit for a final touch just as the excitement grew too great for her to handle.
As I felt her body begin to convulse at last, I held on to Emily and closed my eyes with her.
The climax was so powerful and yet so calm. My fingers were instantly covered in a small stream
of her juices which quickly washed away from the steady stream of water which ran down both of
our bodies. Emily's legs became weak and she slowly collapsed into my arms, moaning and
whimpering quietly. I never wanted the moment to end. There was an unexplainable serenity to
every action that we made together, even in our small, crowded bath tub.

For minutes I watched as Emily remained motionless, only letting her chest heave with every
single breath she took. I slowly let her fall to the floor of the tub, lying down as best I
could beside her even though it was quite cramped. I let my hand touch her rosy cheek in
affection, hoping to awaken her from her state of bliss once more. She opened her eyes and
stared at me, letting her smile return to her face.

"Thank you Annie." she said.

"Oh Emily, I feel so happy for you...for us."

There was a pause.

"I'm sorry...about before." Emily stated, looking for forgiveness in my eyes.

"About what sweetheart?"

"About how we didn't end up like this sooner. I was always looking for love from someone else
when it was always meant to be found right here with you Annie."

"Emily, come here honey."

I opened my arms and let her hug me as before. I felt like crying on her shoulder a bit but I
didn't, I was too happy to. The warm shower water felt like rain pouring onto us both, two
lovers who had been united at last. We embraced each other for a long time, until we got too
uncomfortable from being cramped in the tub together and stood up.

After our shower was finished we both got dressed and ready to meet Jen and Jacky as usual. I
told Emily about what was said over the phone and she immediately became interested as well.
While I let Emily finish doing her hair I quickly turned on my computer so that I could check my
mail just in case. I had two new messages but I decided to look at only one of them given the
limited amount of time I had. It read:


From: <friend@netmail.com>
To: Annie <wildanne@netmail.com>
Subject: Love! Happiness! Romance!
Date: Thurs, 13 Feb 2001 07:49:29

Down on your luck? Unable to find Mr. Right? Don't despair! Send this letter to three of your
friends, and love will smile upon you yet! A woman in Michigan found her soul mate ten days
after sending this letter to friends! Countless women have benefited! Stop being unhappy! Send
this letter and find happiness at last!


I smiled. Though it was just junk mail I was content at the fact that I had already been blessed
with what it promised. As soon as I finished reading it I shut my computer down and waited at
the door for my angel...my soul mate.


A few minutes later Emily and I were downstairs and walking towards the cafe, hand in hand and
smiling happily as the early afternoon sun shined down on us both. When we reached our meeting
place we walked inside and found Jen and Jacky already sitting at a table waiting for us,
laughing and arguing as usual. Emily and I walked up to the table and sat across from each
other, greeting the girls accordingly.

"Hey girls," Jen said. "What took you so long?"

"Oh, we each took long showers is all." I answered.

"So what's up today?" Emily asked.

"Okay, last night you two won't believe what happened." Jacky said, smiling.

We all turned to Jen and let her begin to tell the story since it was her guy who was involved.

"Okay so Jacky and me got home with the new guy right? And just when I thought I was going to
let him stay for a while he actually had the nerve to ask Jacky if she wanted to go down on him

Jen hated when her dates started hitting on Jacky or another one of us as well. Every time it
happened that guy was basically kissing any chances he had goodbye.

"Hmmmm, a menage a trois...didn't interest you at all Jacky?" I asked, jokingly.

"Maybe if the guy wasn't involved I'd consider it.

Jen sneered at us for a second. "So anyway, Jacky told him she was lez and then he somehow got
the idea that I was bisexual just because I live with her. Up until that point I was going to ask
him nicely to leave but then the idiot outdid himself again."

Emily and I listened attentively as Jen and Jacky shot down the new guy as much as possible. It
was quite funny actually.

"He asked which one of us was femme and which one was butch." Jacky stated, grinning.

"I almost screamed for him to get the hell out after he said that to me. I mean this guy said all
the wrong things at all the wrong moments. I didn't know that was even possible, and to think I
actually danced with this guy." Jen said, annoyed just thinking about it.

Emily looked at Jen and straightened her glasses. "You'll find that special someone Jen, I know
you will."

Jen smiled at Emily and turned to give her a small hug.

"Thanks honey, you always have something nice to say."

"Ya, there's plenty of great guys out there Jenny, you just got a dud this time." I said.

Then Jacky, always making sure to add her invaluable two cents, said, "I'll bet he had a small
cock anyway girl."

We all busted out laughing as usual, bringing attention to ourselves for a few seconds before
calming down once more.

"Well, thanks for the kind words hun, I'm glad that's over with anyway." Jen said.

Then, a few seconds later, Jacky perked right up and her grin widened a bit more.

"If I were you Jen, I'd set a point," she said. "Maybe after a few more failures with guys you
could give us girls a try, how does that sound hun?"

"I'm not giving up on men just yet hun, but...your idea does sound intriguing to say the least."
Jen replied.

"Oh it's a little more than intriguing and you know it girl. There are so many more possibilities
with a girl/girl relationship for sure." Jacky said.

"Like what?" Emily asked, suddenly becoming very interested in the conversation.

Jacky pushed her black hair out of her face and took a deep breath, looking as if she were about
to address the nations.

"Well...it can be so soft and feminine if you want it to be. Just imagine two girls like us
together for a second. No lies, no secrets, only friendship and complete understanding. Plus,
another girl can't get you pregnant of course."

Emily's eyes began to brighten with interest. "Go on."

"Let's see here...well, another girl can make you climax every single time, which means no more
faking to please your partner believe me."

I looked around the table and noticed that even Jen was paying close attention to Jacky's lesson,
and I certainly was as well.


"No fear of being hurt, no fear of being controlled or dominated, no fear of your partner's
premature ejaculation I might add, and to top it off you can have the greatest g-spot orgasms of
your life."

Jacky ended as if she had just given her acceptance speech for the Nobel prize, and I almost felt
like clapping for her. Although some of her views of the opposite sex were a little
stereotypical, I definitely agreed with a fair amount of what she had said. I almost felt I
wanted to tell her out loud right then and there.

"What about their...things hun? I happen to like the feeling of a big dick inside me Jacky." Jen

"That's what dildos are for silly." Jacky replied, smiling at her devilishly.

"So basically what you're saying is we don't need guys at all huh Jacky?" I asked.

"Amen, finally you've seen the light honey." Jacky laughed. "Seriously though, that doesn't mean
we can't have guys as friends. That being the case we could get looks from both genders which,
let me tell you, is the best feeling in the world girls."

"Is it really?" Emily asked.

Jacky then leaned forward and grasped Emily's hand gently.

"Em', you would make an adorable lesbian, I can see it now. And honey, there is so much love in
girl-girl relationships it might even be too much for your tender little heart." Jacky said

Emily was blushing madly now. She quickly rearranged her glasses once more and looked at Jacky
for a moment.

"Do you really think so?"

"I know so Em'."

"Sounds like you could write a whole novel on the benefits of lesbianism, huh Jacky?" I asked.

"Definitely Annie." she replied, winking at me.

"Well, I'll think about your proposal Jacky, but preferably as a last resort I think." Jen said.

"Hey, all this would make a great story wouldn't it Annie?" Jacky asked. "Just throw in a little
bed action on the side and it would be perfect huh?"

I gave her a little smirk.

"I'd like to think my stories are about a little more than just bed action with some talking on
the side Jacky, but that's an interesting idea."

"Ya, and maybe Emily with her super high marks in class could help you too." Jen said.

Emily smiled timidly and looked at me.

"I think she'd be my number one source Jen."

We continued to talk for a little while longer, going over college work and even places we were
planning on going for future weekends. Valentine's day was coming up and that was on my mind as
well. Up until then I has either spent it alone or with one of my boyfriends but this time it
was going to be different. I wanted to make it extra special for us both.

After we each had a little something to eat, we each separated for our afternoon classes. Just
before Emily and I parted I stopped for one quick word.

"Will you wait at our place for me until my last class is over sweety?"

"Of course I will Annie, don't be too long though."

"I won't honey." I replied.

We gave each other a big hug before we went our separate ways. As Emily turned away I watched
her walk away, happy and completely carefree, waving her hair back and forth in the warm

My afternoon classes passed by, but slowly and surely the time finally came to return home to
Emily. Before I left campus I quickly walked into one of the computer labs and sat at one to
check my email just in case. The message that was previously unopened was still there but I also
had another new message which happened to be from Emily. It read:


From: <emily@netmail.com>
To: Annie <wildanne@netmail.com>
Subject: Hello
Date: Thurs, 13 Feb 2001 13:23:46

Just in case you check your mail before you go out Annie, I just wanted to say that I love you.
Don't take too long. I'll be waiting Annie, I miss
you already, and I'm excited too.

love, Emily


I finished reading her message and turned the computer off, walking out of the lab shortly after.
I left campus and headed for our apartment, intent on making my evening with Emily extra special.
The night was young.


My footsteps were quiet, almost completely silent, as I walked through the hallway to our
apartment. I felt so giddy and excited that I just wanted to jump into the air and laugh
out loud. As I reached the door I unlocked it with my free hand and pushed it open slowly.
Inside, the lights were dim and there was some very soft music playing nearby. I closed the door
behind myself and walked into Emily's bedroom to find her sitting on the bed with her eyes
closed. She was wearing a long t-shirt along with a pair of soccer shorts and socks. There were
various scented candles lit throughout her room as usual and it was surprisingly warm as well, it
was perfect. I watched her for a few seconds, lost in her innocent beauty and calm breathing.
Emily then opened her eyes and smiled at me, glad that I was home at last.

"Hi sweetheart, whatcha doing?" I asked.

"Oh, I was just trying a little aromatherapy for relaxation." she replied.

I walked up to the bed and sat on the edge of it, close to Emily who was sitting in the center
with her legs crossed. I then took my socks off but left my jeans and blouse on as I moved next
to Emily, a little anxious and nervous myself.

"Do you believe in what Jacky said about lesbians today Annie?" she asked.

"Most of it."

I moved behind Emily and lightly placed my hands on the sheets near her body, seemingly calming
her with my presence. After a few seconds she tensed up a bit and turned her head to me.

"What about love Annie? Did you believe what Jacky said about love between two girls?"

I reached my hand around Emily's waist and held onto her hand. She was trembling, nervous and
looking for acceptance. I gently pushed her hair out of her face with my other hand and stared
into her eyes.

"I believe in love sweetheart, and no one has the right to judge whether it is right or wrong
between two women."

"Is this...wrong Annie?" Emily asked.

I paused. I had never really thought about the moral implications of lesbianism itself. I
wondered if Emily and I would be accepted for who we were if we continued the way we were going.
I knew what we were doing was the right thing for us both, it was a new beginning for us.

"It's not wrong sweety, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's our choice sweety and I know
we will be accepted for who we are." I answered, still holding her hand and running my
fingers through her hair.

Emily lowered her head for a moment and sniffled, looking as if she was going to cry.

"Is this a dream Annie? Is this really happening to us?" she asked.

"Why do you say that Emily?"

"I never thought that I would find someone who really cared for me, who would always be there for
me...I never thought it would be you Annie. I'm so happy that it is though."

"Perhaps this is a dream angel. But even if it is, we are in it together and that's all that
matters." I answered.

Emily held my hand tight and slowly lifted her head, turning to gaze at me for the first time
with the knowledge that there could be true love between two women. Her eyes were infinitely
beautiful, innocent and filled with a love that I knew would never die from that day forth. A
single tear began to slide down her cheek as she stared at me, never blinking or looking away.
I then reached my other arm around Emily's waist and hugged her warmly, letting her tears drop
onto our hands we were still holding.

"Touch me Annie..." she whispered softly, letting more tears drop onto our hands.

I reached up and ran my hand through Emily's hair slowly, brushing up against her face ever so
slightly along the way. I desperately tried to keep my emotions in check as I caressed her skin
but I couldn't help but tear up myself after a few short seconds. Her breaths became long and
controlled, and I could feel the heat growing between us. It was then that I let go of Emily's
hand and gently placed it on her thigh, causing her to make a quiet moan instantly. My hand
travelled up and down her leg, reaching for her inner thigh with every movement, so close to her
vagina that I could her body aching for more.

"Love...I believe in love too now Annie...ohhhhhhhh..." Emily whispered.

Emily then turned slightly so that she could put her hands on me as well. I waited for the
moment...the moment when I would touch Emily and begin our journey of new discovery. My angel
used her hands on my body with the same patience that I had for hers. It was that feeling of
tenderness that had embraced us both and lifted us into a state of heavenly euphoria. My hand
moved up Emily's leg and under her t-shirt, onto her bare stomach. She began to giggle for a
moment but quickly calmed herself once more, moaning softly into my ear as she ran her hands up
and down my clothed body. It was then that my hand slowly reached inside Emily's panties and
touched her warm, soaked vagina at last.

"Ohhhhh god yesss Annie...touch me..." she moaned.

I leaned forward and brought my face close to hers slowly. Then, with my tongue, I began to lick
up the tears that had accumulated on Emily's cheek. The passion had blown out of proportion and
neither of us could hold back the feelings we had for each other. Emily attempted to do the same
to my face with her tongue but instead our lips met with our eyes open this time. It was the
perfect kiss. A kiss of feelings and passion, of desire and lust, but mostly of love. Our eyes
remained open the whole time, glossy and dilated. Emily reached into my lap and unbuttoned my
jeans, unzipping them slowly before placing her hands back on my hips. We both moaned as our
tongues intertwined and slid back and forth between our mouths sluggishly, never once picking up
speed but instead remaining slow and sensual.

"Does this feel good sweetheart?" I asked, already knowing the answer and smiling because of it.

Emily remained silent, except for her adorable moaning, and nodded her head letting her glasses
slide down to the end of her nose. "Mmmmmm...you're so warm down there Emily..."


Emily trembled as my touch brought her to a level of pure ecstasy. Her moans turned into soft
whimpers, calling out to me with all of her emotion, whispering her deepest desires to me
subconsciously with every breath she took. All of the vulgarity and sinfulness that I once
thought were commonplace to be associated with sex were beginning to fade away. Emily and I were
experiencing a different kind of sex, our love making came from the heart. It was what I had
always dreamed of. I continued to rub and caress her vagina with my fingers, passing over her
swollen clit periodically to heighten the already overpowering surges of bliss which had consumed
her. Emily's body, mind and soul were so fragile...so delicate that anything more than the
lightest touch would have been too rough for her. I could feel that same sense of tenderness
building inside of my own body at the same time. Our intimacy had become a special bond that
brought us together in a way that was unexplainable.

"Will you always...Ohhhhh...be gentle with me Annie?" Emily asked softly.

"I would never hurt you darling, it will always be gentle like this for us both." I replied.

"Thank you Annie...mmmmmmmmmmmm."

I leaned forward and gave Emily a small kiss on the forehead before we continued to hold each
other. I felt the heat emanating from her body, and her breath increasing gradually. We both
yearned for each other, and for every second that we waited the desire grew within us. The
romance we were experiencing dwarfed any of the novels that Emily and I had read in our

"Let's get these off of you for now angel." I said, removing Emily's glasses and setting them

My warm fingers continued to touch and explore Emily's sex, making her pussy ooze with her sweet
secretions, lubricating my fingers slowly. At that moment she reached for the bottom of her
t-shirt and began to pull it off her body, giggling and moaning at the same time. As the shirt
finally reached her neck Emily revealed her breasts to me at last. I felt a small jolt
of arousal shoot up my spine at the sight of her bare chest and I began to stare mindlessly,
admiring their beauty and beginning to smile timidly myself. Emily dropped her shirt off the
side of the bed and return my smile, shaking nervously, placing her hands in her lap near my arm.

"Can I...see your hand Annie? Please?"

I made one last journey across Emily's wet slit and pulled my hand out of her panties, watching
her juices run down my fingers and drip into her lap along the way.

"Mmmmmm...you're so wet sweetheart, you're just perfect." I said quietly.

"What do I taste like Annie?" Emily asked quietly, gazing at my dripping fingers.

"Let's both find out sweetheart." I replied.

I began to move my hand towards Emily's face, making her eyes widen for a moment.

"Annie, what are you...?"

Before she could finish I brought my fingers up to Emily's face and slowly ran them across her
cheek and then her lips, transferring some of her juices onto her skin. Emily closed her eyes
and paused for a second, nervous but willing to share in the new experience. As she licked her
lips her smile returned to her face and her shoulders dropped slightly, calming from the
excitement I had built up within her.

Emily and I remained silent for a few moments, staring at each other, almost in a trance. Then,
with my fingers still dripping, I brought them to my own lips to savour my angel's juices once
more, already addicted to her sweet taste from the night before. Emily then pulled herself close
and embraced me as a kindred spirit. Our lips touched once more with a kiss that I never wanted
to end. Mixed with Emily's warm juices, our tongues slid back and forth against each other,
locked together softly. When our kiss came to an end I noticed a small string of our combined
saliva form on our lips as we parted.

"I think you're beautiful Annie." Emily whispered out of the blue.

Emily kept her arms around me, lightly touching my back but not going any further. I smiled
knowing that if I didn't say anything Emily would have not gone any further on my body without my
permission, she had a respect for my body the way no man ever did. It was a kindness that I
never thought I would get from anyone and it made me feel weightless. It gave us a mutual
understanding for each other and opened the flood gates of touch for us much quicker and without
fear or regret.

"Put your hands on me Emily." I said softly.

Without a word Emily lifted her hands from my back and brought them around to my shoulders. With
a slow sensuality in her movements she began to unbutton my blouse, gradually reaching lower
down my abdomen and exposing it to her teary eyes more with each passing second. Soon my blouse
was open and only the thin material of my bra was all that kept Emily from the bare skin of my
breasts. I pushed my shoulders forward and let my blouse slide down to my elbows and finally off
my body. Then Emily reached behind once more and ran her fingers under the straps of my bra,
unclasping it after reaching the center.

"Is this good Annie?" she asked quietly.

"Mmmm hmmm...it's wonderful sweetheart."

I let my shoulders fall causing my bra straps to slide down my arms, revealing my soft naked
chest to Emily. The warm air bombarded my upper body, soothing my shaking nerves with the gentle
heat. Along with the aroma therapy candles it made the bedroom the ideal place for two lovers
to explore each other. I took hold of both my blouse and my bra and pushed them away until the
articles of clothing fell off the side of the bed as well.

The first touch was almost too much for me to bear. Emily's fingers started at my sides and
slowly made their way up until they passed over my hard nipples where they stayed.

"Em...Emily unghhhhh..."

Losing myself in the sensations for a split second I began to fall backwards, letting Emily's
light touch lower my back to the sheets. I reached for her arms and pulled them down causing
Emily to gently fall on top of me with her head landing near my neck. Her breath was incredible
against my skin, almost like the touch of a third hand. Her dark hair smelled of fruit, just
like mine, given that we had both used the same shampoo earlier that day. I breathed deeply as
Emily moved her head lower, nearing my full breasts and tickling my sensitive skin with her hair
as it brushed past. Then, as if reading my mind, she began to run her tongue around the edge of
my left nipple, creating goose bumps all over my bare skin and causing me to shiver.

"Ohhhhh my...that's so nice. Mmmmmmmmmm..."

I reached my arms up and rested them on the back of Emily's head as I felt her lips cover my hard
nipple entirely, beginning to suck on it delicately. Instantly the feeling jolted through my
entire body sending waves of erotic pleasure between my legs. As Emily switched her attention to
my other nipple I ran my hands down her back, rubbing her soft skin and passing by her hips.

"My jeans sweety...let's take them off." I whispered.

Emily lifted her head from my breast and smiled at me with a small bit of drool at the edge of
her mouth. She then lifted herself off of me and positioned herself at my feet with her hands on
my bare stomach. Emily reached inside my pants and began to pull them off slowly, blinking her
eyes awkwardly.

"Is something wrong sweetheart?" I asked.

"It's just a little blurry, my eyes I mean. It's okay though Annie."

As my pants slowly passed my knees I placed my hands on my chest and cupped my breasts, feeling
the warm saliva from Emily's mouth begin to moisten my fingers. My mind began to race the moment
I felt my jeans reach my ankles, finally being removed from my legs, and allowing the soothing
air to reach my bare skin. Without even bothering to remove my last article of clothing Emily
lied down on her stomach between my legs and brought her face directly in front of my soaked
panties. I narrowed my eyes and lowered my gaze, watching my juices ooze from my panties with
Emily's mouth only inches away. My pussy began to throb with overwhelming desire, yearning to be
loved by my angel's tongue.

"Ohhh Annie, you're drenched. I can't believe it." Emily said, amazed.

"I need you honey...please...take me." I moaned.

My wishes finally came true at that moment. The sensation was heavenly...indescribable even. I
moaned louder than ever before as I felt Emily's mouth make contact with my mound, causing more
of my juices to flow through my panties and down onto the bed sheets. It almost felt as if I
wasn't wearing my underwear as I watched Emily lap up small amounts of my fluid between her
breaths. With every passing second I came closer to achieving orgasm from the pressure of her
tongue against my panties, jutting into my wet slit ever so slightly each time.

"Ohh god, ohhhh god...Emily...unnghhhhhh. Yes honey."

Upon peering down my body once more I noticed that my underwear had become almost completely
transparent thanks to my vaginal secretions and Emily's saliva. Just before she reached inside
my panties with her fingers she gently buried her nose into my mound, inhaling my sweet aroma
and digressing for one moment before returning to herself.

"You smell so nice Annie, I wish they had a candle that has your wonderful fragrance."

We both giggled for a second, lost in the moment, and light headed with arousal. With that Emily
began pulling off my underwear at last, first revealing my small patch of hair and continuing
until my vagina was in full view. Then, as my panties reached my ankles, I kicked them off and
let them land in Emily's lap. Before returning her head between my legs she picked up the soaked
underwear and just stared for a second. They looked almost like a wet tissue, covered in my
juices from top to bottom.

"I want you to taste me Emily. Make me cum with your tongue inside me darling." I said,
spreading my legs just slightly to invite her in.

Emily dropped my panties off the side of the bed and blinked her eyes again, attempting to clear
them. She looked more adorable than the cutest infant, beautiful, innocent and someone who
truly understood me. Then, without further hesitation, Emily lowered her head and positioned her
face between my legs, this time with my pussy bare naked and exposed to her. I watched my vagina
drool with anticipation, waiting for the moment of first contact, not knowing whether she would
immediately push inside of me or caress the exterior of my sex instead.

With a tender touch I felt Emily's tongue finally penetrate my folds and slide in deep, causing
me to almost black out with excitement. I marveled at the feeling of having her inside me,
licking and tasting me with all her love and passion. I gripped the sheets as I watched her head
bob up and down between my legs, creating a perfect rhythm with my hips after only a few seconds.
I could feel my vaginal walls swelling, going crazy over the sensations and building up pressure
to be released with a truly lesbian climax.

"Sweety! Aaaghhhhhh! Make me cum all over you Emmmmmmmm!" I moaned, pushing my waist forward.

The feeling of weightlessness returned once more as I was brought closer to the highest point of
arousal possible. I began to perspire and whimper out loud, completely enveloped in happiness
and joy. It was the beginning of a feeling that could only be described as paradise. I began to
cry out Emily's name, letting endless tears run down my face and blurring my vision completely.
The feeling I had waited for ever since I first looked at my angel as more than a friend returned
to my body with a vengeance. I tore at the bed sheets, writhing in ecstasy and throwing my hips
into Emily's face as the heavenly climax finally jolted my body.

I tried to scream out loud but I found myself unable to. Instead I whimpered loudly and cried
out what sounded like gibberish to my lover as she was hit with a small gush of my thick nectar.
My body jerked back and forth, hoping that the sensations would never lessen and it seemed as
though that were the truth. I closed my eyes tightly to stop from crying and began to feel
drowsy. Only then did Emily remove her face from between my legs, breathing heavily with my girl
cum now running down her chin and neck. I wanted to fall asleep forever, content with the fact
that my life was perfect, it was everything I had ever dreamed for and more. The flow of my
honey gradually slowed but my feeling of euphoria refused to leave with it. Just before I
drifted away I heard a quiet voice whisper from what sounded like a great distance away from me.

"Don't leave me yet Annie...please."

I opened my eyes to see Emily over top of me, rubbing up against my body and keeping me warm with
our eyes parallel. Tears were coming from her eyes just as mine and her entire face below and
including her nose was covered in my cum. I felt her warmth combine with mine, making our bodies
feel almost slick up against each other due to our immense sweating. Emily's body glowed in the
candle light along with mine, flawless and angelic in my eyes.

"Hold me Emily..." I whispered, barely making a sound.

"I am Annie." she replied softly.

I kept my eyes closed and imagined us together on a cloud as before. All my angel was missing
was her pair of wings, but we had flown higher than ever thought possible together without them.
I felt almost cleansed as I rested with Emily lying on top of me. Our love making was more soft
and tender than anything I had ever experienced. Our lives had become a dream as Emily had said
earlier, I believed her at that point.

"I will never leave you Emily...ever. I love you too much." I said, regaining my breath as best
I could.

Emily remained silent but smiled a bit, still unable to stop the tears but happy none the less.
Then as if instinctively knowing what I was about to say next she began to rotate her self while
still lying on top of me. Soon I found my self directly under Emily's wet mound, staring at it
and knowing what had to be done.

"I want you to have me Annie...lick me...please."

Her words echoed in my head and were like music to my ears. Granting Emily her wish I reached my
arms up and took a hold of her bottom, pulling her pussy directly into my face slowly. At the
same time I felt her warm breath return to my vagina as she began to blow on my swollen clit
softly. There were no words exchanged between us after that point, only the sounds of our
licking and moaning throughout the dimly lit room. I let my tongue push deep inside Emily's
slit, rubbing up against her inner walls at a snail's pace, remembering to keep my movements as
gentle as possible with my angel. Her hard clit pushed up against my tongue as I let it slip in
and out of her vagina slowly, licking and caressing all that I could in and around her vagina

"Annie...I...ffffff...yessss." Emily moaned, tightening every muscle in her body for a moment.

Then, beginning her own licking once more, Emily brought her lips to my clit and began to lick
and suck on it at a painstakingly slow pace causing me to sigh loudly for a moment. I let my
tongue trace circles around her clit in return, letting her hips spasm for a split second from
excitement. Through all of our movements the moment never seemed to change. Our bodies meshed
together in complete harmony, glistening with perspiration and giving off immense heat. There
was a feeling of safety and protection as we lied together, making love like never before. I
began to devour Emily slowly, sucking and licking and doing everything to her possible with my
tongue. I could feel the pressure building as her juices poured into my throat and covered my
face, providing infinite lubrication for my already soaked tongue to move.

"Make me...make me cum Annie...don't stop..."

I continued to lick as slowly as I could, feeling the sensations carry us higher and higher
together. Emily tried desperately not to lose control and continued to let her tongue caress my
inner walls and even my Gspot for the first time. I almost lost consciousness from the
overwhelming passion I felt as a result of Emily's actions.

"Ohhhh god! Right there Emily, unngghhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

"Mmmmmmmm...make me cum Annnn...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

I concentrated all of my remaining strength on holding out until I was able to make Emily climax
with me. Our bodies were now soaked, writhing all over each other letting the sound of our
sloshing together add to our moaning and sucking. I felt my vagina, now so swollen that I almost
lost feeling in it, begin to pulsate wildly. Our breathing had turned into hyper ventilating as
we whimpered and cried out, letting our flesh grind together with what little was left of our
strength. I loved Emily on top of me. I loved her. It was that emotion that allowed us both to
finally be pushed over the edge together with a simultaneous, earth shattering orgasm.


Our backs arched tightly as the ultimate feeling of pleasure swept over us both, splattering a
wave of girl cum onto my face immediately and letting my own honey begin to burst forth from my
own vagina as well. Our bodies rocked up and down uncontrollably, surging with sensations that
never seemed to stop. Our climax continued with no end in sight, as our screaming transformed
back into moaning and quiet whispers. I stuck my tongue out one last time and lapped up what I
could from Emily's hot stream of girl cum before both hers and mine ended at last. My chest
slowly lifted Emily up and down on my body as I breathed heavily, exasperated and drifting in and
out of consciousness. We stayed on top of each other, covered in sweat, drool and girl cum, for
what seemed like an eternity. We didn't even have to speak at all, we knew what we were both
thinking. I wasn't sure words could even express what we felt for each other. It was a love
beyond anything thought possible, and it was between us...two women. I felt sorry for all of
those in the world who couldn't understand such a companionship, and I wished that our love would
be acknowledged by those who thought it to be wrong even. Through hardship or paradise nothing
would ever break our eternal bond. There was no doubt in my mind that I loved the one lying on
top of my naked body silently. I loved Emily with all my heart, and I knew she loved me the
same. I realized that is what it meant to be a lesbian.

"I...love you Ann..." Emily whispered, trailing off with her last words.

Unable to move or even speak above the quietest whisper, I answered by giving Emily a light kiss
on her dripping vagina, before resting my head on the sheets and beginning to cry. I wondered if
I really was in heaven as I drifted away along with my life partner. I felt at peace for the
first time in my life, Emily and I were the luckiest girls in the world. Only time would tell
what the next day had in store for us both, but we knew that we would face it together,
hand in hand...


This story is dedicated to my good friend in California and to My life partner as well.
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