Scent of a Girl - Episode 88 "Out of the Closet"

Written by: TVM (


Summary: In the ALL NEW 88th episode of 'Scent of a Girl: Sophomore Year' (4th Season Finale), the lives of Molly, Chloe, Dakota and Mindy take one final shocking turn on the road to their new beginnings. Also, the softball season comes to a dramatic climax when the Mintzler Prep North Stars meet Twilight Hills for the right to go to the state tournament. Later, Cally gets a unique invite from Paige and a friend that involves Randi and Laney and some serious voyeurism.


/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"I need to go to bed," Chloe said as the clock on the wall read 3 a.m. "I don't want to but I have to."

"You been saying that for two hours now," I said. "I plugged my phone in the charger an hour ago so I could keep talking to you."

"You did not, did you?" she asked.

"Yeah, pathetic huh?" I asked.

"That would actually be very romantic...if we were a couple," Chloe said as my heart skipped a beat. Was she suggesting she'd want to be a couple with me?

"It could still be romantic even if we weren't a couple," I said as she laughed. "That made no sense."

"You usually don't," she giggled. "But I know why you suggested it cause you luuuuuuvvvvv me!"

"Yeah right," I giggled as my stomach sorta did flip flips now in nervousness.

"Oh come on admit it," Chloe teased. "You luuuuvvvv me."

"OK what if I do?" I heard my mouth say. Think Cally's occasional character of 'The Amazing Babbling girl' and the embarrassing stuttering she does only switch that with the ability to say the one thing you didn't wanna say most. That's pretty much me at this moment.

"Ha ha, funny time with Kota," Chloe said seriously.

"Not trying to be funny," I said in a voice that was barely audible.

"Well of course you love me you're my best friend," Chloe reasoned. "I love you too."

"It's way beyond that now," I forced myself to say. "Why do you think I spend every free minute I have on the phone with you?"

"Fuck!" Chloe said in shock as reality sunk in. "Kind of a weird way to tell someone you're in love with them."

"You were teasing me and it slipped out," I said. "I better go..."

"No, we have to talk about this..." Chloe said as I closed my phone and laid my head down and started to cry in frustration. The frustration of knowing I had no chance with Chloe. The frustration of knowing our friendship was now damaged maybe beyond repair. The frustration of knowing that my friendship with Molly was probably fucked in the process. And the biggest one of I could have fallen in love with the one girl I knew I could never have. My best friend in this world, the girl who always has my back. And now I was likely to loose everything because my canyon sized mouth admitted it all. That's when the phone lit up with Chloe calling back. Everything in me wanted to just click the button and send her the busy signal. But I couldn't, "...don't you ever hang up on me again Dakota Lane."

"I'm sorry," I said weakly.

"Why did you hang up on me?" Chloe asked.

"Because I wanted to cry and you didn't need to hear that," I said.

"Why do you wanna cry?" she asked.

"Because everything I'm feeling inside is useless," I said as tears streamed down my face. "I can't help the way I feel."

"Why is it useless?"

"Because you think Molly is the only girl in this world who can love you," I blurted out. "You think she's the only person in this world who'll stand by you while you had that baby. But you're wrong she's not. I am."

"Kota, WOW," Chloe said in absolute shock. Hell I was shocked that I said it myself. "You'd really do that?"

"I'd leave school right now and hitchhike to get there if you so much as gave me an ounce of a chance," I said. "I don't care that you're pregnant. I just wanna be with you."

"I wish you were here," Chloe said softly. My heart literally skipped a few beats. "Cause no one in this world is on my side except you."

"I'm on your side 1000%," I said. "I swear..."

"Chwoey," I heard from the other end of the line. That was Chloe's little sister, Carly. "I have a bad dweam."

"I'm sorry," Chloe said to her. "You wanna lay down with me?"

"Yes pwease," Carly said as the bed creaked with her climbing into it. "Who dat?"

"It's Dakota," Chloe said as I smiled. "Come on lay down."

"Hi and bye Dakota" Carly said.

"I better go," Chloe said as my heart sank. "I need some sleep and some process time. Are you gonna be alright?"

"I'll be fine," I said. "Call me whenever you want."

"I'll call you back today after finals are over," Chloe said as I smiled. "And after I talk to Molly."

"OK!" I said simply as we hung up. An unbelievable amount of uncertainty now hung in the air.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Who in the hell would be calling me at..." I grumbled after being woken up by the cell phone and trying to get my eyes to focus on the clock, "...6 fuckin thirty in the morning?"

"Hello?" I asked as I rolled out of bed and felt the chilly air hit me.

"How are you?" Chloe asked from the other end as my anger was instantly zapped.

"I'm good and you?" I asked as butterflies of nervousness formed in my stomach.

"I'm pretty good," Chloe said. "I just wanted to see how you were doing. It's been a month since we last talked."

"Yeah it has," I said softly. "Soooo..."

"I'm one month pregnant today," Chloe announced after I had froze in my attempt to say anything.

"I actually marked it on my calendar," I said. "I was gonna call you after finals and see how you were doing."

"I'm sorry, you want me to call you back tonight?" she asked. "Finals will be over by then right?"

"We had three yesterday and got three or four more today," I said. "We should have all the grades back by tonight."

"Them darn new fangled computers really quicken stuff up heh?" Chloe asked in her best hick voice.

"Yes they do," I said as I giggled and smiled for the first time. "You're taking your finals too right?"

"Doing them online," she said. "I hate it but considering I'm home I have no choice."



Yes that was a deafening silence you heard as both of us struggled mightily for anything to say. Anything at all. Neither of us, I believe, wanted to address the 800 pound Gorilla in the room. But someone had to bring it up. So me being me I simply jumped in with two feet, ripped off the bandaid, stopped beating around the bush and used every other corny cliche/saying to avoid the topic.

"So I know neither of us wanna talk about it but we both know we need too..." I started to say but was cut-off by a stunning admission by her.

"...I think I have feelings for Dakota!" she said as my mouth dropped open, stomach dropped out and numb washed over me. "I'm sorry."

"Dakota?" I asked in shock. "Dakota Lane?"

"Yes!" Chloe confirmed.

"How did that happen?"

"Bout the same way you fell in love with Mindy," Chloe said. "It just happened."

"I was not in love with Mindy when you stormed out of here," I declared. "You were wrong."

"I am wrong or I was wrong?" Chloe asked.


" are?" Chloe asked in shock. "For sure?"

"I can't help it," I said. "You left me and didn't call for a week and she was there for me."

"That's kind of the way it was with Dakota," Chloe said. "She was the only one I could really talk to. And minutes turned to hours and days. She even said she'd help me raise the baby."

"So you're keeping it?" I asked.

"Of course I am," she said. "I'm against abortion 100% and there's no way I'd do that."

"I always loved that you stood by your values," I said. "Even if you are wrong."

"Bite me half-..." she started to say and trailed off. "I just realized you're not my half-pint anymore."

"And you're not my Red anymore," I said softly. "Is this the end?"

"No!" Chloe declared as my heart raced. "It's a new beginning for both us. You with Mindy and me with Dakota...that sounds so weird."

"It does," I admitted as I looked back and saw Mindy just waking up. I smiled and felt this serene calm wash over me as she rubbed her eyes and smiled up at me. "I'm gonna go OK?"

"Yeah you call me back anytime," Chloe said.

"Bye Chloe!"

"Bye Molly!"

"Morning," Mindy said with a smile as I laid the phone down. "Who was that?"

"Chloe," I said as I slid back under the covers by her and couldn't resist kissing her.

"MMMMMMM such a great way to wake up," Mindy cooed as she smiled. Before she realized who I said called, "Wait, you said that was Chloe. Why are you kissing me for?"

"Because I love you," I said as I ran my fingers through her curly blond hair. She seemed amazed by that announcement.

"You love me?" she asked with a dreamy/dazed look in her eyes as I laid my head down on the pillow and simply smiled. "But you can't love me you're still with Chloe. Remember her?"

"Yes I do," I said as Mindy blushed. "And Chloe and I broke up."

"You're fucking with me," she said.

"Nope, it's over," I said with a deep breath.

"And you said you loved me," Mindy remembered. "In love?"

"Yeah," I said with a simple head nod to confirm. Mindy laid her head down and did the funniest thing I'd ever seen. She started beating her fists and feet on the mattress as she squealed in excitement. "Happy?"

"YES!!!" she screamed. "I love you Molly Ann Harris. I swear I do."

"I know you do Melinda," I said as I leaned down to kiss her. "So now what?"

"You are gonna prove you love me," Mindy said with a poke to my chest as she my moved across my thighs and sat over me now. And went on to explain before I had a chance to ask how. "You are gonna make love to me."

"This early? But we have school..."

"I don't care," Mindy said as she pulled up her night shirt and tossed it away. She was now naked under the covers with me. "Our love making is the most important thing on earth."

"I think so too," I said as I kissed her softly before she helped me out of my own nightgown and that joined hers on the floor. She pulled the covers back up over us to keep us warm as her pussy lowered to mine and we started to slowly grind. We kissed again as her tongue met mine and my arms went around her as the pleasure started flowing. We moaned into each others' mouths as the 'cumming sensation' started for both of us and took me by surprise. My hands slid down her back to her tanned cheeks and squeezed them in my hands over and over as she clenched her ass tightly. There was momentary pause in our kissing as she moaned to me, "You're giving me that cumming sensation I love so much. OHMIGOD you do love me."

"And you're the only one who can give it to me," I moaned back to her as she laid her head back and let me kiss up and down her neck softly. The scent filled my nose at that moment as I took moments to gently suck several spots on her neck as we both shook in pleasure. A slightly faster pace consumed us as the 'cumming sensation' grew stronger with every passing second and my hands slid back up into her hair and clutched to fists as her lips returned to mine for a moment of passionate kissing. "MMMMM Scent of a girl."

"MMMMMM scent of your girl," Mindy moaned back to me as we both smiled and kissed again just as the 'cumming sensation' washed over us again in an amazing orgasm that sent both of us to new heights of wonderful pleasure. "OHMIGOD soooo good! Most wonderful feeling ever."

"Oh god I know," I agreed as she now lay beside me. Both of us were still panting. "Did I prove it?"

"Oh yeah," Mindy said as she giggled and laid her head by mine. "I believe you now."

We both laughed for a while at that one.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"That skirt sure does look good on her, ya think?" I heard someone say as I began the cleaning out of my locker for the year and turned to find Paige standing behind me with Alexis beside her.

"Yes it does," Alexis said as she smiled at me knowingly. It was enough to send my hormones into overdrive. "Great legs."

"I've seen her naked and everything else is nice too," Paige said about me.

"I feel the same way about you," I said as Paige grinned.

"So any word from your other guests for tonight?" Paige asked as she moved closer.

"I haven't seen them since I asked them about it actually," I said. "They might have decided not to do it."

"That would be a huge loss for you," Paige said as she kissed my cheek. Then squealed when I pulled her into my arms and hugged her from behind. "What the..."

"You two are coming over tonight and I'm not taking no for an answer," I declared as Paige's look went from mocking to dreamy. "And I'm gonna finally do my favorite thing to you Paige Nash. Right?"

"I love it when I get told what to do," Paige said as she rubbed her hot little ass against my thighs purposely. "What time?"

"7:00!" I said as she turned in my arms and kissed me on the lips. "MMMMMM!"

"I'll see you at 7," Paige said before looking to Alexis who quickly nodded her agreement. I watched them walk away for the longest time and fantasized about what exactly I was planning to do to them. Giggling from behind me broke up my moment, Shelby being the source of that.

"We've moved on from Alisha have we?" Shelby asked.

"Yes I have," I said. "And what do you mean exactly?"

"That Paige Nash girl kissing you in the hallway like she's your woman," Shelby said as I blushed. "You like her?"

"More like I like me some of her," I said as Shelby giggled and pushed my shoulder as she blushed at that bold announcement. We were both still giggling when Chi came up from the other way and apparently seen something she didn't care much for.

"You are seriously going out with Paige Nash?" Chi asked as I took a deep breath and tried to remain calm despite what I figured was coming.

"We're friends, not dating just friends," I said. "I know you hate her and I don't care."

"You should care I'm your teammate and alleged friend," Chi said as I spotted an overly excited Anisha charging this way.

"We're friends and just because we are don't mean I need your approval to be friends with someone else," I said as Anisha put on the brakes but failed to stop until she crashed into Shelby with a giggle. "What is up with you?"

"I got great news..." Anisha panted with a huge smile on her face and a hand full of papers clutched in her hand.

"You should care about what I think cause that girl is bad news," Chi pressed on and in the process interrupted her friend.

"Chi..." I started to say before Anisha cut me off and asked, "About Paige again?"

"Yes," Chi said as I almost laughed at her expression.

"I'm only gonna say this once cause you're my best friend and I love you," Anisha said as Chi smiled. "GET OVER IT!"

"What's your good news?" Shelby asked excitedly as Anisha turned back to us with Chi muttering under her breath for a long moment.

"The grades for yesterday's finals just got posted," Anisha said. "I just checked my email and got three A's."

"Yeah girl," Shelby said as her and Anisha smacked a high five. "That means my grades are in too?"

"I bet so," Anisha said. "Check your email and see."

"I think I'll go check mine," Chi said in a depressed state as she started to walk off.

"Don't go I got my tablet right here we can all check our grades together," I said as I turned it on and Chi, reluctantly, agreed to stay as I logged onto my email and found my grades were there as well. "Here goes nothing."

"How did you do?" Anisha asked.

"I bombed the science final, I hate Chemistry," I bitched. "But thankfully had enough to get a low B overall. Two B's and A. Won't get that car I wanted but Dad won't kill me either."

"You probably did better than me," Chi said as she tried to be a good friend, something that's still a work in progress for her, and took my tablet to log into her own account. "OHMIGOD two A's and a C? Well...I'll take the A's because World History just ain't my thing."

"And I got..." Shelby said a moment later as she checked hers, "...a bunch of porn spam."

"What kind?" Chi asked as everyone laughed.

"Well dad is not gonna be throwing me a party," Shelby said. "two b's and a C."

"How did you get a C?" I asked Shelby.

"My foreign language of choice was German," Shelby said. "Mister Halvorson said I improved a lot late in the year though."

"I must be smarter than you cause I got an A on my Spanish final," Chi said as Shelby stuck out her tongue in protest. Miss Harris, the librarian, came our way with Cindy trailing and walking as fast as she could without getting into trouble, looking like she had to pee badly. "Hey Miss Harris. Do you have any slots left in your computer workshop for the fall?"

"Yeah I wanna do that too," Anisha said.

"Well I think we do," Miss Harris said with a smile (first time I saw that out of her). "Come with me and we'll get you all signed up."

"What the..." Shelby squealed when Cindy crashed into her from behind and hugged her. Chi and Anisha walking off with Miss Harris. "...oh hi."

"I got great fucking news, great fucking news," Cindy said with a wide smile.

"You did good on your first finals?" Shelby asked.

"OH I smoked them," Cindy said as Shelby smiled. "Three A's and I'm pretty sure I did good on the ones today. You guys?"

"I didn't do so well yesterday, two b's and a C, but I'm pretty sure I did really good on the ones today," Shelby said.

"Two B's and A," I said as Cindy smiled. "That the news?"

"Nope," Cindy said. "I just heard from Coach Rock that the league has decided since us and THA are tied in the standings that a one game play-off will decide who gets to go to the state finals in Minneapolis."

"OH WOW that is good news," I said as Cindy and I bumped fists. "I just hope '3 win Wendy' is pitching for them."

"Well if she is girl is not gonna be happy about my other news," Cindy started. "The league office did a coin flip because we both have the same record, us and THA, and well...WE WON!"

"What does that mean?"

"We get the playoff game here," Cindy said as my lip dropped in shock. "Oh yeah."

Cindy and I smacked a high five as a blond blur flashed by going, "Molly, Molly, Molly, Molly!"

"Was that Mindy?" Shelby asked as Cindy and I laughed.

"All I caught was blond hair and a tan, I guess it was," I said as we watched Mindy slide to a stop down the hall right in front Molly. Then do something I never expected to see. She kissed her before screaming, "I GOT STRAIGHT A'S"

"ME TOO!" Molly screamed back as they hugged.

"Did I just see that?"

"You've been out of the loop," Shelby said as she patted my arm and laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

So Mindy and I did GREAT on our finals and as school let out for the final time of the year, the campus started buzzing about the just announced playoff game against Twilight Hills to take place tonight right here on the campus. Mindy had run off to clean out her locker and told me she'd meet me back at the dorm where I just figured I'd run into Holly wanting to know how I did on my finals.

FYI: she already knows about Chloe and me breaking up.

"Hey, how did you do on your finals?" Holly asked me as I came in the front door and she came out of the office.

"All A's? Except for two B's, a C, a D and an F?" I asked with a mocking smile.

"If you did you can plan on staying here with me cause I'll do it just to punish you," Holly said as I laughed.

"I got all A's except for a B in P.E.," I said as Holly smiled. "I think that's about as good as I could do."

"Better than I ever did in school," Holly said as I laughed. "So I guess you earned that Hollywood vacation."

"Yes I did," I said as we hugged for a long moment. "Thanks...for everything."

"Yeah you too," Holly said as we both grew nervous somewhat. "Anyway, Maggie is flying out on Sunday night and we are gonna drive out."

"Driving out?" I asked.

"I know that's four days where you won't get to see Mindy but we're going," Holly said. "And why? Because I wanna go home and visit some people in Green Bay and you need to come with me."

"I'm not even gonna argue," I said as Holly smiled smugly.

"And you don't spend all day on the phone with Mindy," Holly added.

"She giving you hell?" Maggie asked as she stuck her head out of the office.

"Yes," I said as Maggie laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Mr. Woods?" I asked as I tapped on his slightly open door, finding him relaxing in his chair with his glasses on his head and resting his eyes.

"Yes?" he asked as he opened his eyes. "I thought you'd gone home for the day?"

"No, Amy (Montana) and I had some filing to finish up so we stayed late," I said. "I was wondering though...actually two things. Are you gonna need me this summer and two is Mr. Oliver still planning to be in today?"

"I would like to have you here this summer if you want," he said as I smiled. "Won't be every day but several days a week I suspect. And Mr. Oliver should be here anytime. Why?"

"My friend Macey had a meeting with him," I said. "Kind of why I'm still here so I can see what happens."

"Well I guess we shall see when Mr. Oliver arrives," Mr. Woods said as a light knock came at the door to his office. A lady popped her head in that was seriously gorgeous. A black lady that looked to be about Mr. Woods age.

"Oh there you are James," she said with a smile.

"James?" I asked Mr. Woods as he popped to his feet and grinned sheepishly. "Getting a little personal is she?"

"You can go now Hana," he said as the lady giggled.

"I don't think so things just got interesting," I said as he gave me a 'knock it off' look. I had to ask the lady, "May I ask what your intentions our with our beloved President?"

"If things go right? Marriage," she said confidently as I laughed in shock. Poor Mr. Woods blushed as he objected somewhat, "Angie don't encourage her."

"Angie? Nice to meet you," I said as she shook my hand. "Now you be gentle with him."

"Hana you can go," Mr. Woods said firmly. "That's no longer a request."

"But I was just getting to know your future wife," I said as he pushed me out the door as Angie laughed. He closed the door in my face I just had to say, "I HOPE I'M INVITED TO THE WEDDING!"

"What wedding?" Amy asked as she sat in my usual seat behind the secretary's desk.

"Mr. Woods and his friend Angie are getting married," I said as she giggled. "Think we can be Bridesmaids?"

"I think we should let them date for a while first," Amy suggested as the elevator dinged with the arrival of Macey coming up. "Hi, Macey, I like your new hairdo."

"Thanks," Macey said as she joined us. Her hair was now separated into several ponytails and a cornrow.

"Someone told you that looked good didn't they?" I asked her as she gave me a sour look.

"I don't need your approval to change my hair," Macey said. "Anyway, you ready?"

"For what?" I asked.

"Ready to go? Get some late dinner or go to the library?"

"What about your meeting with Mr. Oliver?"

"Delayed," Macey said with a depressed look. "Mr. Oliver's assistant called and said there had been some kind of mix up with my hearing and that it would be in two weeks when the Judge was back in town."

"Can those people ever make up their minds?" Amy asked as she doodled now on my notepad.

"Usually not," I said.

"The court system is so slow it's unbelievable anyway," Macey said. "My parents know this all too well."

"I know, they get sued every few days," I said as Amy giggled.

"Yes they do. As a matter of fact half the cases in Utah's court system are suits filed against my parents," Macey said as Amy and I laughed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hewwo," Carly said into the phone as she picked up my cell phone. "Hi Dakota. Chwoey in da showuh."

"I'm out now munchkin," I said as I plucked a towel off the stand in my room. "You wanna take a bubble bath now?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Carly said as she ran over to me and handed me the phone before running off into the bathroom. Neither of us at that moment wore anything as we were the only ones home. "I run water now?"

"You run water now," I said as she turned on the water in the bathtub as I put the phone to my ear. "Dakota?"

"Hey, what's going on?" she asked.

"You caught me at the worst possible time," I said. "I am literally just out of the shower and dripping wet from head to toe."

"OHMIGOD I just imagined that!" Dakota said as I blushed and for some reason quickly wrapped myself in a towel as if she could see me or something.

"Dakota Lane you did not."

"Yes I did, I'm gay, you're smoking hot and you tell me you're naked and dripping wet and don't want me to imagine it?" she asked. "I'm sorry my mind don't work that way."

"Well now I've got a towel on so there," I said as she giggled.

"Doesn't change anything for me," she said as I blushed all over.

"I'm not talking about this anymore," I said as I tried my best to now dry off with the phone in my hand. "How did you do on your finals?"

"I actually did really good," Dakota said just before Carly asked me, "Where da bubble bath is Chwoey?"

"It's on the shelf behind you," I said as I pointed and she got it down. "Did really good?"

"Yeah," Dakota said. "Considering everything that's been happening I'm surprised I was able to concentrate."

"Me too," I said as I sat down on the edge of the bed in my room as Carly got into the bubble filled bathtub. "Everything considered I think I did pretty good."

"I'm standing outside the Humphrey Center by the picnic tables right now and I know this is the wrong place to ask you this but I just gotta know one way or the other..."

"I broke up with Molly," I blurted out in a rush. "She's in love with Mindy now."

"You wash my hair, Chwoey?" Carly asked from the bathtub as silence loomed on the other side of the line. I swear for a moment I thought she hung up.

"Be right there baby," I said to Carly. "Dakota?"

"You broke up with her?" Dakota asked in a stunned voice. "And her and Mindy? WOW that's a huge surprise."

"Yeah I know, right?" I said. "It was just time."

"So what does this mean for me and you?" Dakota asked as I smiled watching Carly make herself a bubble beard and giggle as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"It means you're not here and I'm not there so I don't know," I said.

"You want me to be there?" Dakota asked in a hopeful voice.

"I'd love it if you here but I said that already," I reminded her. "And no I don't want you hitchhiking down here or something else stupid cause if you do I'll kick your ass."

"I'm sorry!" Dakota said after a deafening silence had developed between us. The only sound was Carly's continued giggles.

"For what?" I asked.

"For telling you how I felt this morning," Dakota said. "You got enough stress without worrying about me and how I feel."

"I'll have you know you're my best friend and I worry about you anyway," I said as I stood.

"But I just shouldn't have..." she tried to say.

"Yes you should have, I'm glad you did," I said. "It helped me realize there is life after Molly."

"But not with me, huh?" she asked.

"CHWOEY!" Carly screamed as she now stood in the bathtub covered in bubbles from head to toe. "Give me hair wash!"

"I'm coming baby," I said as I joined her in the bathroom and tried to figure out what to say to Dakota. Finally it just came out, from the heart, when I said, "If I thought that would I have told Molly I had feelings for you? No!"

"You have feelings for me?" Dakota asked as I smiled and knew she was too.

"Yeah I do, Kota," I said as butterflies started fluttering inside my stomach.

"That's like the best news ever!" Dakota said as I smiled. I wasn't sure what to say next and as it turned out I wouldn't have to say anything, "No not now. Chloe my damn phone is going dead I think...hello..."

"Dakota? Hello? Dakota?" I said as the other end went dead. "Call me back."

"Do you wuv her now?" Carly asked as I put my phone on the charger in my room and came back to join her. I knelt down to join her as she handed me the shampoo. "Do you?"

"I don't know, CareBear," I said as I soaped up her hair. "But it sure does feel good whatever it is."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Hi, Dad," I said as I picked up my cell phone after having just come out of the shower. "What's up?"

"I heard about your marks," Dad said, referring to my grades.

"Yeah I know I didn't do as well you as you wanted," I said as I sat down on the bed, still naked.

"I think compared to your marks from previous semesters that you're moving in the right direction," Dad said as I smiled.

"So I get my sports car?" I asked.

"No you do not," Dad said as I shrugged. "But I have decided upon a car for you. I'll bring it by when I'm back in town in a few days."

"That means you'll miss the playoff game between us and Twilight Hills," I said in disappointment. "I was hoping you could be here."

"It happens tomorrow night?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's starts at 8," I said. "KTRF is covering it and everything."

"I shall see if I can get away for the game," Dad said. "I'm in St. Paul as we speak. Cally, my other line is beeping I best go."

"Yeah bye Dad," I said as I folded my phone shut. "I won't hold my breath on you showing up either."

Just as a depressed mood was ready to set in I realized it was near 7 o'clock. Meaning, I hoped, Paige and Alexis were on their way over for our proposed threesome. I did wonder whatever happened to Randi and Laney though as they hadn't called or anything since the day I invited them. Maybe they just decided not to do it and this is my answer. I shrugged my shoulders as I got up to get some clean clothes out of my closet and found something I realized I hadn't used in a long time, my FeelDoe cock, laying in its box on the top shelf. I grinned as I took it down and looked at it then froze when a knock came at the door. Still naked I was about to scramble for some clothes, but thinking it might be Paige and Alexis I instead went to the door peaked out the peep hole and saw (on cue) Paige and Alexis. I smiled broadly as I took the FeelDoe out of the box and slipped the knob inside my pussy and smiled as the head started vibrating.

"Come on in," I said a few moments later as I stayed hid behind the door and the two walked in wearing bathrobes (huh?). I closed the door as both looked back at me and seemed shocked. "Someone's very happy to see you two."

"Oh damn girl she one upped us," Alexis said to Paige. "She's all ready to go."

"Yes I am," I said as I joined them. "What's with the bathrobes?"

"Oh these?" Paige asked. "Well you know that I'm a nudist?"

"Yeah?" I asked as I leaned in and kissed her as Alexis' hand began gently stroking up and down my arm. "Go on."

"Well I can't walk around in the hallway naked because the idiots who run this place won't let me," Paige explained as I kissed Alexis and she grinned widely. "So I figured I'd do the next best thing and wear a robe."

"You're not wearing anything under them?" I asked as both girls stepped back and revealed exactly that as they opened the robes in tandem. I smiled knowingly as I got my first look at Alexis' gorgeous body. Her and Paige both were smooth and tan all over, I noted. The twosome soon slipped into my arms with a knowing grin. Things were about to progress to a new level when another knock came at the door. "Damn it to hell."

"Get it," Paige said with a kiss. "Never know, it might be Randi and Laney."

"Yeah I should be so lucky," I said as the two of them sat down on the bed as I went to check the peephole again. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I saw the very people that Paige had just suggested were there on the other side of the door. Randi, wearing her North Stars jersey, and Laney in a skirt and t-shirt that looked about to bust open with her small titties poking out. "It's them!"

"Your shorts," Paige said as she fired them to me. I put them on without even thinking what I was still wearing (FeelDoe). I then put on a shirt as Paige and Alexis (without me even mentioning it) disappeared into the closet and closed the slatted doors. "Have fun! We will."

"Quiet," I said just before I opened the door and motioned Randi and Laney inside. It was obvious from the first moment after I had closed the door that the horny twosome had decided they wanted me and were more then ready to do it. It didn't take them long to get right to the point of their visit and me to help them get naked. Their eyes did open in surprise when my shorts went down and they saw I was already sporting wood but as my shorts came off, soon followed by my shirt, the fun was really just beginning.

"So can I keep my shoes on like you and Laney?" Randi asked as I squeezed her and Laney's tanned ass cheeks in unison.

"No you can't" I said as I kissed her and Laney gave her a certain look meant to say, "Haha."

"Why not?" Randi asked as she took them off and slipped from my arms as she got on the bed on her knees.

"Because you and Laney are gonna be in a 69 for me and your feet are gonna be above her head and between my thighs and I don't wanna feel your shoes distracting me from what I'm gonna be doing," I explained as I guided Laney onto the bed too.

"Yeah and you don't want anything distracting her when she's using her new cock on you," Laney reasoned. "She's gonna need to concentrate on butt fucking all she can."

"And this thing is 8 inches so Laney's right I really do need to concentrate," I said as I sat down between them and took long moments to kiss each before I laid back and let them take control of my cock. Laney began to stroke it as Randi took it into her mouth and started sucking eagerly. I laid back and relaxed with my hands behind my head as my ass clenched in pleasure over and over with Randi taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. Every movement made the ridges on the FeelDoe shaft work my clit. "Getting me really in the mood to do some butt fucking Randi."

"That's kinda the plan," Laney moaned to me as she stroked her hands up and down my bare stomach and thigh respectively. Adding that to the wonderful sensation of Randi now beginning to deep throat my cock and I was moaning out loud already. "Oh yeah that's really doing the job."

"Oh god it sure is," I moaned as Randi deep throated me a few more times as my ass clenched in pleasure. Randi slowed her cock sucking and pulled me out of her loving mouth a moment later as she held it for Laney to take. I only got a moment of relaxation before Laney took me into her mouth and started to suck. Randi grinned as she rubbed her hands, like Laney, up and down my stomach and thighs caressing the skin. "Oh yeah I'm just about ready to do some butt fucking."

"That should finish the job," Randi said as she watched her girlfriend now deep throat me over and over in a mind numbing rhythm that had my pussy spasming so nicely. The FeelDoe knob vibrated inside me as I clenched my ass over and over. I moaned even after she had pulled off and let me relax again. I finally sat up and got to my knees as Laney laid back on the bed and let Randi get between her thighs. "Such a pretty pussy to lick anytime I want. All mine?"

"It sure is," Laney moaned as Randi started softly licking her pussy up and down as I watched with a smile and stroked my cock slowly. Randi wrapped her arms around the outside of Laney's thighs and laced her fingers with her girlfriend's on both hands as she licked patiently up and down her slit, dipping inside on every pass as Laney's pussy spasmed non-stop in pleasure. I moved up to Laney's head when she said, "Come here Cally."

"OHHHH yeah baby," I moaned as I sunk my cock inside her mouth and she started sucking me as my ass clenched in pleasure and she squeezed her thighs around Randi's head softly as she moaned on my cock. Laney squeezed her fingers around Randi's as her girlfriend started licking over her clit now on every pass. I put my hands on my hips as my pussy spasmed wildly with Laney returning to deep throating me. Randi licked over Laney's clit more roughly for a few moments before she started sucking it. Laney moaned on my cock and sucked harder as I closed my eyes and soaked in the pleasure with an orgasm taking over. Randi, at that same moment, made Laney cum on her tongue as well. "You all done with my butt fucking cock?"

"Yes I am," Laney said as her and Randi got to their knees on either side of me. I took turns kissing each of them softly for long moments while my hands massaged their ass cheeks in unison. I then took a few moments to admire their naked bodies as they grinned and kissed softly. "Just the way you wanted us, completely naked, right?"

"MMMM yes it was," I said as I started directing traffic on the bed with Laney laying down on the bed and letting Randi settle in on top of her in a 69 before she started licking her girlfriend's pussy softly. Randi, at that moment, was watching me line my cock up with her puckered little asshole and slide inside as she shook gently. Laney wrapped her arms around Randi and held her in place as I sunk the rest of the way inside and made Randi moan in wonderment as my thighs pressed against her tanned ass cheeks. "You gonna lick Laney's pussy for me baby?"

"MMMMM fuck yes," Randi moaned back to me as I pulled out till my cock head caught on her asshole ring and plunged back inside, smacking my thighs at her tanned ass cheeks. Randi's head now bobbed softly as she licked at Laney's smooth pussy below her and eagerly took every shot I delivered to her asshole with grunting moans of intense pleasure. My pussy spasmed wildly already as the vibrating knob inside me and the ridges on the shaft worked my clit to absolute perfection. "OHHH Laney you feel so good in my pussy right now."

"And my cock feels so good butt fucking you," I moaned to Randi as she started sucking on Laney's clit as Laney began doing her the same way. I had one hand on Randi's back and the other down at my side so Paige and Alexis could watch. I pounded a bit harder as my thighs smacked her ass cheeks louder. Just as I had predicted, Randi's feet above Laney's head rubbed non-stop against the inside of my thighs for added sensation. Randi's body shook gently now as she sucked harder at Laney's clit and made her girlfriend nearly cum. "Your first butt fucking feels so good huh?"

"Most wonderful feeling ever," Randi moaned as she started cumming. I butt fucked Randi hard as I started cumming myself and moaned, "I love cumming while I'm butt fucking," and moaned my pleasure as Laney joined us. I was literally still shaking a few moments later when I pulled out and sat there watching the two of them lick each other's cum up lovingly. Randi sat up a few moments later and grinned at me before we kissed softly. She moaned into my mouth as she still got her pussy licked by Laney. All three of us were covered in sweat now as Randi then helped Laney sit up so they could kiss. I got them back into a 69 as quickly as I could with Laney on top now. "I love your pussy my baby."

"And you love it so good, OHMIGOD!" Laney moaned as I slid inside her asshole with a loud moan and pressed my thighs to her ass cheeks. I guided Laney's head down to Randi's pussy as I started long smooth strokes in and out. She moaned as she sucked on Laney's clit from the first moment and took my butt fucking cock as far inside as I could get it. I clenched my ass and slapped my thighs at her ass cheeks as I shook her gently on top of Randi now. The thrill of being watched by Paige and Alexis really just sank in as my pussy spasmed wildly around the vibrating knob in my pussy. "Most wonderful feeling ever is so right!"

"So glad you waited to let me butt fuck you for the first time," I moaned as Laney and Randi drove each other towards orgasm with their ever harder sucking on each other's clit. I dripped sweat down my body as I pounded harder on Laney's asshole and got ready to cum for the 3rd time. My ass clenching tightly once more signaled the beginning of just that as I moaned, "I love cumming while I'm butt fucking." Laney and Randi tensed up as well a moment later and a trifecta of cumming was soon complete. What an amazing way to cum for the third time. I slowly pulled out a few moments later.

I was wondering at this point how exactly I was supposed to get them out of the room so I could let Paige and Alexis out of the closet. But as luck would have it Coach Rock called only a minute or so after we were done and wanted Randi to meet him at the Field House. So the two got dressed as quickly as possible and with apologies for running off (like they needed one) the two practically ran out the door on wobbly knees.

"Hey, thanks for waiting," I said after opening the closet doors to find Paige and Alexis grinning.

"Thanks for letting us watch," Paige said as the two of them slipped into my arms and my hands immediately went to their hot little ass cheeks. "You're all sweaty now."

"Tends to happen when you're butt fucking two hotties like Randi and Laney," I said as my hands squeezed their ass cheeks in unison. I guided them to the bed and sat down between them and took long moments to kiss both of them before letting them take control and have me lay back in the middle of the bed. I again laid my hands behind my head and relaxed as Paige took my cock into her mouth and started to suck it. "MMM fuck girl. Didn't know you'd do ass-to-mouth like that."

"Paige is a naughty girl," Alexis confirmed as Paige's head bobbed up and down on my cock and she quickly began to deep throat me as I moaned. My ass clenched in pleasure as I tensed up a bit from the sucking already. Alexis stroked her hands up and down my thighs and stomach casually as she watched and I started to gently shake in pleasure. Paige sucked harder as her jaws drew in around my cock and she turned to deep throating me over and over in a wonderful rhythm I moaned a bit louder as the vibration of the knob of the FeelDoe inside my pussy and the ridges on the shaft worked my clit as I jerked a bit in delight. I felt my pussy spasm wonderfully again. "Is that getting hard to take Cally?"

"Oh yeah so hard not to cum right now," I moaned as I tensed up and clenched my ass in pleasure over and over. I finally got to relax for a moment as Paige pulled off but held it for Alexis as she then started sucking me. I tensed up again as Alexis went ass-to-mouth for me. I knew I was gonna have to cum before they were gonna stop. I lifted my head to watch more closely as Alexis started deep throating me and made my eyes close in pleasure as I started to cum. "Love getting my butt fuckin cock sucked till I cum."

"And you're not done cumming yet," Paige said as she kissed me.

"Make it so easy for you too" Alexis said as she stood on the bed and got over my thighs in a catcher's position as I guided her forward and lined my cock up with her asshole. She smiled as Paige reached in and held it steady and I guided Alexis to take it in her asshole. She did it with a grunt and a look on her face that I was getting used to seeing when girls take it in their ass for me. She eased up and down as my ass clenched in pleasure and I watched Paige move her hand away from the cock and Alexis took it all in her ass. Her ass cheeks pressed firmly against my thighs as she leaned back and placed her hands on the bed by my shoulders and started swaying up and down. I moaned as she did it harder and I stroked my hands up her chest to her bouncing titties and squeezed them in my hands as I shook from head to toe in pleasure. "So glad I just have to lay here and butt fuck you like this."

"Alexis loves it on top huh baby?" Paige asked as she kissed me and I moaned into her mouth as Alexis did it harder and faster as her answer, making me shake a bit more. My tongue massaged against Paige's as the pleasure increased to more startling levels. Alexis's moaning became more and more of a grunt as she labored to sway up and down. I continued massaging her titties in my fingers. The tennis shoes still on my feet beat out a steady rhythm on the bed as I shook from the fucking I was taking. My pussy was spasming insanely around the knob of the FeelDoe by now as I tensed up and got ready to cum for the fifth time. My head rose off the bed as my hands squeezed Alexis's titties over and over. "MMMMMM gonna cum butt fucking for the third time!"

"Feels so good in my asshole," Alexis moaned as I squeezed her titties a few last times as both of us began a hard cum. The hard butt fucking produced an amazing cum that had me moaning in the middle of it, "I love cumming while I'm butt fucking." Both of us grunted as our orgasms subsided and I for one collapsed back onto the bed. Alexis lifted up and let my cock pop out of her asshole as I moaned and laid back to relax, momentarily. "So good butt fuckin on top."

"It's so good for me too," I moaned as Paige took my cock into her mouth and sucked it as Alexis's eyes opened with interest at what she was seeing. Paige's head bobbed as I again moaned and Alexis collected the blonde locks on Paige's head into a make-shift ponytail as she encouraged her, moaning, "Getting it for your first butt fucking baby."

"MMMMMMM oh god I've waited so long to butt fuck you for the first time," I moaned as Paige deep throated my cock over and over to my wonderment. She then pulled off as Alexis came up and laid down beside me and held my cock steady as Paige got to her feet, her back to me, and lowered down onto my cock. My ass clenched as my cock went up her asshole with a pair of loud moans. Paige took my cock all the way inside and pressed her cheeks to the bare skin just above my pussy as she leaned backwards over me into the reverse cowgirl position, adjusting her feet so she could push off and proceeded to begin a hard pounding rhythm as she lifted all the way up till my cock head caught on her asshole ring and plunged back down every time. "So easy butt fuckin this way baby."

"Oh god I love it on top like this," Paige moaned back to me as she swayed up and down and I moved my hands to her waist and guided her as she slammed away. The smacking of her ass cheeks and my skin got louder as Alexis kissed up and down Paige's shoulder. My pussy and Paige's were already spasming hard as my body shook from the effects of her fucking. My hands slid up Paige's tanned skin to her titties and squeezed them in my hands over and over as we moaned louder in unison and felt the intense pleasure grow stronger. "I wanted to do it like this so bad and now I love it so much."

"I'm gonna cum for the sixth time Paige, make me cum butt fucking you baby," I moaned to her and she did with another series of pounding sways up and down. We both felt the unbelievable pleasure that goes with it as we peaked, and I moaned "I love cumming while I'm butt fucking," and slowly came down a few moments later. My cock popped out of Paige's asshole as she crawled up to join me and Alexis took my cock into her mouth as I moaned and started then to kiss Paige softly.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"If you're not in front of your TV or on the campus of Mintzler Prep you are missing the event of the softball year," John Stonson said in a video clip Cally was playing on her tablet as the whole team huddled around in the dugout. "Tonight the Mintzler Prep North Stars go to war for the final time this season against crosstown rival, the Twilight Hills Academy Timberwolves, for the right to play in the Class 3A state tournament beginning tomorrow.

"Enough of that," Coach Rock said as he came over. "Put that away and let's get ready for the game."

"Five minutes to first pitch," the umpire said from home plate. Lindsay came back into the dugout from the bullpen looking borderline depressed.

"You got ready that quick?" Coach Rock asked Lindsay. She simply shook her head as Kennedy (Jorgenson) joined her looking concerned. "What's wrong?"

"It feels dead Coach," Lindsay said. "My whole arm feels dead. I just can't get any snap on the ball."

"Her pitches are flat as pavement," Kennedy said in her distinctive Texas drawl.

"You sure you can't get it loose?" Coach Rock asked just as Anisha and Chi came into the dugout from the outfield where they'd been playing long toss.

"I can give it a shot Coach but I..."

"No," Coach said as he hugged her. "You did everything you could for this team. That's all we can ask. Anisha you're in tonight."

"I am?" Anisha asked with a dear-in-the-headlights look in her eyes. "UMMMMM OK."

"You can do this Nisha," Chi encouraged her but Anisha seemed unconvinced.

"Yeah we got your back," Raven said as she joined us.

"Wendy tried to hurt me last time we played them," Anisha said in an almost whisper. Panic formed in her eyes.

"I want you to put that girl on the seat of her pants on the first pitch to her," Coach Rock commanded of Anisha. "High, hard and tight. You put her on the seat of her pants."

"But I've never done that before," Anisha said.

"Do you trust me?"

"With my life!" Anisha said with a growing smile.

"You're gonna show her who is boss," Coach said. "Now lets get ready for the game."

Cindy then collected the entire team at the edge of the dugout for the usual ritual of everyone putting their hand in the circle and touching everyone else'. Though this time she had another idea as she got Anisha in the middle.

"OK!" Anisha said with a shockingly forceful voice, "OK. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?"

"LOSE!" came the samrtass reply from everyone in unison.

"Very funny you buncha clowns!" Anisha said as everyone cracked up and Coach covered his face he was laughing so hard. "Now let's try this again. WE'RE GONNA WIN, RIGHT?"

"CAPICHE!" came the roar from the entire team as they charged onto the field. Coach Rock bumping fists with me as he joined me.

"Cell phone off this time? Not even working I don't think," He asked as I blushed and simply nodded my head yes.

"HEY ANISHA HOW IS YOUR MOMMY DOING?" Wendy screamed from the THA dugout. Anisha's head snapped back and I knew she wanted to cry but instead she simply took off her glove and laid it down as she looked right at Wendy and flipped her off with both hands. "YOU WISH!"

"THAT'S NOT AN INVITE 3 WIN WENDY," Cindy barked from third base. Anisha finished her warm up tosses a moment later.

"I think she's gonna be OK," I said to Coach as he smiled as if he knew something no one else did.

The tension hung in the air now as Colleen Dewhurst, the THA lead-off hitter, stepped into the box first. She took Anisha's first pitch, a blazing fastball, for a strike. The next one was much the same only Colleen swung through it. Being the on-base minded lead-off hitter that she is (she led the league in On Base Percentage), Colleen then tried a new approach on Anisha's 3rd pitch and pushed a bunt up the first base line. She tore out of the box just as Anisha sprinted out of the 'circle'. I feared another collision like in the last game. But a small stumble by Colleen doomed her chances for a hit. Anisha scooped the ball up and fearlessly moved towards the baseline that Colleen was charging down and braced for impact. Colleen though slowed up and even stopped a foot or so away and covered up as she said, "Don't run me over!"

"You're out!" Anisha said as she tagged a now giggling Colleen. A sense of relief washed over the place as laughter filled the crowd and Colleen grinned as she bumped Anisha playfully on her way back to the dugout.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" Wendy screamed at her teammate in the other dugout. Anisha went back to work as 'Spark Plug' Christine Jennings stepped in the box. Three pitches later she returned to the dugout as Anisha's first K. A second one came next when she fanned Pam Schrieber.

"WAY TO GO, SIS!" Michelle screamed from centerfield as she came jogging in after the inning.

"Yeah we'll see who's smiling after the game, sis," Pam fired back.

"I'd love to go to their next family reunion," Parker (Kinson) said from beside me on the bench.

"Me too," Kelly (Jones) said as everyone laughed.

Our bottom half of the first was pretty uneventful despite the anger still directed at Wendy. She, though, proved she was capable of doing more than running her mouth when she got Randi (ground out), Hana (line out to short) and then Candy Fanning (strikeout) in order and didn't seem like she was even breaking a sweat as she did it. Anisha matched her pitch for pitch in the second with virtually the same results. Veronica Lake (strikeout #3), Casey Kane (strikeout #4) and Jessica Click (ground ball back to the pitcher). Wendy was back at it in the bottom of the second with another impressive inning, Cindy (strikeout #2 for Wendy), followed by a shallow fly ball by Allison Lohman and a line drive out to Kelly Markee in right field off Cally's bat.

Anisha's 3rd inning showed her settling into an unreal groove as she easily dispatched of Anna Longmeyer on three pitches for her 5th strikeout. She now eye balled Wendy Traber in the on-deck circle which may have explained why Kelly Markee dumped her next pitch into right field for a bloop hit. The first of the game. Wendy, no longer smiling smugly as she stepped into batters box, looked back at Chi with a nervousness. Coach Rock moved to the dugout steps and watched closely as Anisha rocked and fired a blazing fastball. One that, as predicted, sent Wendy flopping to the ground in near terror as it somehow missed the bill of her helmet.

"SHE'S THROWING AT MY HEAD!" Wendy growled at the umpire.

"It's called a brush back pitch you retarded whore!" Chi fired back to Wendy. "What? Don't like it when someone stands up to you?"

"I heard her fruit loops mommy flipped out again last weekend," Wendy said to an already pissed Chi. "Is that true? HUH NISHA?"

Anisha simply locked back in on Chi's glove and fired a second blazing fastball...that sent Wendy flopping to the dirt.

"DO SOMETHING!" Wendy barked at the umpire.

"SHE'S THROWING AT MY GIRL!" Coach Rowe bellowed from the dugout.

"When she does something illegal I will," the umpire said as Chi laughed. Wendy looked to be squeezing the metal out of the bat on the next pitch as she swung viciously and missed. The next pitch was the same result. The third pitch though was one of the most bizarre plays in sports history. Anisha delivered a screwball that seemed to hang and Wendy caught up to it and hit a dribbler down the first base line. Allison, who was playing deep, had no shot at it so Anisha charged out of the 'circle' in pursuit. While Wendy tore out of the box for first not knowing that Chi had tossed her mask away and took off in pursuit. Our entire dugout watched as Anisha fielded the ball and looked up just as Wendy was baring down on her, like an instant replay of the last game, only with a twist. Anisha saw Chi charging behind Wendy and instead of tagging Wendy out she tossed the ball to Chi and ducked away. Wendy slowed in confusion and looked back, just as Chi caught the ball, her eyes going wide with terror as a split second later Chi slammed into her like a runaway locomotive. The brutal impact knocked Wendy fifteen feet or so away as she crashed to the ground in a heap. Chi landed roughly on the grass but popped up and showed the umpire ball as he signaled out. She then shocked everyone by throwing it to Allison who tagged out an also shocked Kelly Markee for what was essentially a double play. Inning over. "WE GOT A PLAYER DOWN!"

"THAT WAS FOR ANISHA!" Chi screamed as Wendy laying crying in sobs near first base. A deadly silence hanging over the place as medical personnel and Coach Rowe ran onto the field to check on Wendy. Anisha hugged Chi for the longest time as no one knew quite what to think of the horrifying events just concluded.

"She did this on purpose," Coach Rowe insisted to the umpire, "It was all a set-up."

"Just like in the last game we played when Wendy took out my girl Anisha?" Coach Rock asked. "That was an accident so is this."

"You always were a weaselly coward," Coach Rowe spat at Coach Rock.

"And you're a Benedict Arnold just like that fossil Kramer Carlson," Coach rock barked back.

"YOU TWO SHUT UP," the umpire screamed. "Newman your catcher is out of the game. And Rowe you better have someone ready to pitch cause your pitcher and her non-stop personal attacks are what caused all of this so she's out too. SHUT UP! Both of you get back to your benches and shut up for the next 4 innings or I'll run you both and let your team managers run the squads. I got a feeling that way the girls would actually have fun."

Coach Newman stormed off back towards us as several of the umpires helped Wendy to her feet, surprisingly, and she ended back on the bench.

"Am I the only one who noticed none of her teammates came out to help Wendy?" Raven asked from beside me.

"Strange," I said as I spotted Wendy now sitting in the far corner of the dugout staring with venom in her eyes towards the ball field and the sight of her replacement, Pee-Ko Yung (the Phenom from Ulsan), warming up. The drama that unfolded in the top of the third seemed to linger for a while as the game finally continued with Chi now on the bench. Kennedy took her place behind the plate and at the plate. Though first we had to wait for Pee-Ko to get ready and from the looks of things she was having no trouble doing just that.

"Come on Baby Ruth crack one off her," I said to Kennedy in the on deck circle. She grinned smugly and walked to the plate in a march.

"She might do it too," Kelly said as I nodded my agreement. Kennedy did have 8 homers on the season in limited time. 3 pinch hitting. But this time was not to be hers as Pee-Ko blew her away on three screaming fastballs (strikeout #1). Michelle Schrieber was next up and managed to make some contact as she dribbled one foul but soon struck out too (strikeout #2). Anisha became the third in the row shortly after that. "Great we go from the motor mouth to the unhittable phenom."

"Game's just getting started," Coach Rock said as he clapped his hands and Anisha took the mound again. She faced the top of the order for Twilight Hills once again only this time you could tell she was shaken by the experience in the top of the third as she came out firing wild. Walking Colleen Dewhurst on four pitches and followed that by allowing a base hit to Christine Jennings. "Oh boy. We got nothing to go to if this goes south either."

"COME ON NISHA!" Chi barked from the bench. Anisha found it again on the next pitch it seemed as it was as nasty as anything she'd thrown tonight. Pam Schrieber, though, was a bit tougher than the first at-bat and managed some contact out in front of home plate that forced Kennedy to make the throw to first. 2nd and 3rd, one out. On the very next pitch, Veronica, lifted a soaring fly ball into right that was just deep enough to score Colleen Dewhurst from first. 1-0. A score they looked destined to maintain as Pee-Ko fired dart after dart in the bottom of the fourth for an easy inning.

"If we don't do something we're not even gonna make contact for the rest of this game," Candy said as she came into the dugout after the inning. A sentiment I had to admit I shared with her as the fifth inning pressed on with Anisha returning to form and firing darts to match Pee-Ko's now. Casey Kane, Jessica Click and Kelly Markee (strikeouts 6, 7 and 8). "Well we can't say Anisha didn't do her job."

"Yes we can," Randi said as she poked Anisha and made her giggle. Those giggles proved to be the highlight of the inning as Pee-Ko, in depressing fashion, mowed down the middle of our line-up with ease. Anisha to her credit though came back with another inning to match Pee-Ko's, maybe even better, as she racked up strikeouts on Anna Longmeyer, Pee-Ko Yung and Colleen Dewhurst (strikeouts 9, 10 and 11). She walked off the mound with a fist pump that I know felt so good after everything she'd been through this past year. "Have we even got a hit yet?"

"Nope and we still don't have one," I said as the bottom of the 6th started with Kennedy making contact but hitting it right at 'Spark Plug' Christine Jennings at 2nd base. Coach Rock called Michelle back to the bench and said something to her in a whisper that I wasn't privy too. Michelle stepped into the box as Pee-Ko fired the first pitch Michelle barely swung and dribbled it foul. A 2nd pitch and the same result, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th? Same result. I wondered if she was even trying to get a hit as the 7th and 8th pitches of the at-bat were done the same way. She seemed to actually be guiding the ball foul. 5 more pitches crossed the plate, 2 for balls and 3 more that Michelle somehow managed to foul off. The 14th pitch of the at-bat seemed to be the tipping point as Pee-Ko was beginning to huff and puff on the mound with the work she was being made to do. But the 15th and 16th pitches of the bat showed Michelle now hacking for a hit. The strategy seemed to be to tire out the big fireballer and it on the 17th pitch Michelle crushed a thigh high screwball that hung and sent it soaring into the night. "GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT OF HERE! FUCK!"

Anna Longmeyer was the source of my frustration when she managed to run it down on the warning track barely inches from the outfield fence. Michelle got a hero's welcome back in the dugout for the effort. A 5 pitch at-bat to Anisha next finished off the 6th and sent us into the last inning trailing.

"Well we almost had them," Hana said as she left the dugout in the top of the seventh. Anisha retook the 'circle' with a determined look in her eye and showed who the most dominant pitcher in the place was when she struck out Christine Jennings on 3 pitches, Pam Schrieber on 5 and finished off an unbelievable game by simply blowing away Big V, Veronica Lake on a nasty looking screwball that no one on this earth was gonna hit. A complete game 2 hitter with 14 strikeouts including 9 in a row to finish the game. "OK, looks like it's up to me as usual."

"You forgot that me and the guns are up first," Randi said as she flexed her arms muscles for us.

"Put them things away before you hurt someone," I said as Randi grinned smugly.

"Or stink us all out!" Cally said as she held her nose and the dugout erupted into laughter. Across the way Wendy, the she-devil, watched the whole thing with hatred in her eyes it seemed.

"WHAT'S SO FUNNY? YOUR LOSING YOU KNOW?" Wendy barked from the bench as Randi stepped into the batter's box. Though she couldn't get a reply in before Casey Kane stood and took off her mask and screamed, "ONE MORE WORD TRAILER TRASH AND YOUR ASS IS MINE."

The entire park seemed to be in shock as Wendy sulked back into the spot and said nothing more. Though the damage psychologically may have been done as Pee-Ko rocked and fired a fastball that looked to not have a lot on it that Randi topped over in front of home. But just as the clouds looked the darkest, Casey Kane, the ever steady catcher, picked the ball up and fired it over the head of Veronica (BIG Veronica) down the line. Randi seemed as shocked as everyone else as she sprinted towards 2nd and made it standing up.

"Hana," Coach Rock said as she came back to talk to him. "Swing for the fences!"

"You never let me do that," Hana said in shock. "Are you sure?"

"I got a feeling," Coach Rock said as the entire team met at the edge of the dugout and almost expected Hana to crack one on the first pitch. Hell we all know how crazy Coach Rock's 'feelings' can be. But this time it didn't look good as Hana swung wildly on the first pitch and missed it by a foot. The 2nd pitch? Same result. A third pitch in the at-bat saw Hana turn on one and line it foul as she had apparently cut down on her swing. Pee-Ko was once again huffing and puffing on the mound as she labored to deliver each pitch. "Come on Hana, come on!"

"Coach?" I said to get his attention just as Hana squirted another pitch foul down the third base line. "No matter what happens tonight...we all love you for coming here and helping us. We know you didn't have too."

"And I would do anything I could to help you girls beat that witch Victoria after what she did to you," he said as I smiled and hugged him just as Pee-Ko rocked and fired once more. "Been the best year of my life and...OHMIGOD I THINK SHE DID IT!"

Just as the words came out his mouth Hana did the unthinkable and cracked one straight down the right field line that had plenty of distance but was curving at a fast pace. Hana dropped the bat and started jogging towards first base and doing a Carlton Fisk-esque Fenway wave to get the ball to stay fair for a few more feet. Everyone held their breath as they watched and just as Hana reached first base it clanged off the foul poll for the game-winning home run that no one would EVER forget. (cue: Queen's We Are The Champions) The place went ape shit as Hana threw both arms in the air and screamed her joy before rounding the bases. The entire dugout emptied out as a massive celebration ensued at home plate. BEST MOMENT EVER!

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What's got you so bummed," Dad (Richard) asked me as I sat on the window seat in the living room. "Missing Molly already?"

"No," I said in a somber tone. "Dakota hasn't called me since yesterday."

"OHHHHH!" Dad said as I looked away at the slowly falling rain. "She said she had feelings for me but apparently not."

"Now explain to me how this works when you go from loving someone, Molly, so much to pining for someone else?" Dad asked as Hayden came into the room.

"One I ain't pining for no one and two this is none of your business Hay Hay," I said to my sister.

"What did I do?" Hayden (my 18 year old sister) asked as she ate a bowl of ice cream.

"You'll have some little dig you gotta get in before long," I said.

"Just because your new girlfriend won't call you don't go jumping down my throat," Hayden said as we glared at each other.

"Are you two at it again?" Mackenzie (my young sister) asked as she came down the steps. "What did you say this time Hayden?"

"I didn't say anything, god," Hayden said as she stormed off up the steps with Mackenzie grinning at me. "You owe me one."

"Is that why you wanna go to Mintzler with Chloe so bad?" Dad asked Mackenzie. "You don't get along with Hayden?"

"No one gets along with her," Mackenzie said. "That includes you and you know I'm right."

"She can be difficult," Dad admitted. "And who exactly is coming up our walk carrying a box?"

"Huh?" I asked as I looked out and saw just what Dad described. I recognized, as he came onto the porch, that it was Tommy Newman. Dad, Mackenzie and I met him on the porch. "Tommy? What are you doing here and what is that?"

"Nice to see you too, Chloe, mother of my baby," Tommy said sarcastically as he sat down the plastic covered box that was dripping wet with rain.

"It's nice to see you too, what is this?" I asked as I inspected it.

"It's for you with my first paycheck," Tommy said as he handed me a razor to slice open the black plastic. I did just that and with Mackenzie's help we ripped the plastic off to reveal...a baby crib. "Like it?"

"It's nice, I guess, but why did you buy this?" I asked in confusion as the smile left his face.

"I thought you'd like it," he said. "It's for the baby. To show you I'm serious about helping out all I can. My Mom picked it out for us."

"But the baby's 8 months away," I pointed out.

"And when it gets here you'll already have some place to put it," he said.

"It's not a potted plant so we won't be putting it anywhere," I said as Dad put his hand on my shoulder.

"You quit smart mouthing him and thank him right now Chloe," Dad said firmly.

"I'm sorry," I said to Tommy. "I'm just being a bitch to everyone tonight. It's really beautiful. Thanks."

"You really like it?" he asked as he lifted it up and let Mackenzie pull away the plastic.

"It's beautiful," I said. "Delta Shelby Crib and Changer, Espresso Cherry."

"Take a while to put it together," Mackenzie commented.

"I got no plans tonight," Tommy said. "It gives me an excuse to spend some time with Chloe anyway."

"MMMMMMMM," Mackenzie giggled as she eyeballed us.

"You two get lost," I said as Dad and Mackenzie walked off into the house laughing. This gave me the chance to be direct and honest with my newest admirer, "Tommy, I like you but I don't wanna be in a relationship with you."

"Maybe you'll change your mind one day," he said with a charming smile. "You have to admit I get bonus brownie points for the crib."

"Yes you do," I said as he grinned. "And if you were female I might consider it."

"Even if we never do we're still stuck together for the rest of our lives because of the baby," he said. "We can at least be friends."


"...with benefits?" he asked with a dorky smile.

"Yeah me and my new girlfriend, Dakota, are already planning to share you," I said as I poked his arm.

"I'm gonna remember to be nice to you just in case you ever do consider that," he said as I smiled and blushed. My cell phone buzzed on my hip as Tommy ripped open the box. My heart skipped a beat or two as I reached for the phone and saw it was Dakota.

"Hello?" I asked as Tommy watched me closely it seemed while he began work on the crib. For a little privacy I walked around the corner on the porch and out of his sight.

"WE WON!" she screamed in excitement. "We beat Twilight Hills and we're going to the State Tournament tomorrow night. WE WON!"

"Calm down girl," I said as a smile spread across my face ear-to-ear. "You're gonna burst. How did it happen?"

"Hana cracked a two run homer in the bottom of the 7th that clanged off the foul pole in right field to win the game," Dakota said with breathless excitement. "It happened like 15 minutes ago and I am still so hyper I wanna scream."

"So happy for you," I said. "So happy right now."

"Me too," Dakota said. "And my stupid cell phone is screwed up or something is why I didn't call you. It's been cutting off and on all day."

"It's OK I'm just glad you called," I said.


"Yes of course," I said.

"You were the first person I thought to call," she said as that butterfly feeling began again in my stomach. "I haven't called my Dad yet. Wait he's probably here somewhere."

"Don't you mean your two gay dads?" I asked.

"Actually I do," she said as I giggled. "This place is crazy right now. Let me get in here where I can hear you."


"Yeah I'm in the Field house now," she said. "So we leave tomorrow for the state tourney in Saint Paul. The Championship is Monday afternoon if we advance."

"Then you're done for the year with school?" I asked.

"Yep," she said. "Don't know what I'm gonna do for the summer yet."

"Well, I don't know about summer, but I sure do wish you were here so I could hug you," I said.

"And kiss me?" Dakota asked in a teasing voice. "Huh Chwoey?"

"Maybe!" I said as she giggled. "Come down here and find out."

"I wish I could," Dakota said. "I know I shouldn't say this...forget it..."

"No what, please just say it," I pleaded. "Just tell me?"

"I'm in love with you," she said in a soft voice that made my heart melt. I instantly knew she was completely serious. I hesitated for a moment as I searched my mind as to what to say. Tears slowly started rolling down my cheeks as her words sunk in deeper. And then silence...her phone went dead.

"Hello?" I asked in horrified disbelief. "You stupid fucking phone. Noooo! FUCK!"

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"What's got you so interested?" I asked Megan as I came through the apartment back into the living room and saw Megan watching Mintzler play in the first round of the state softball tournament. "Oh the state tournament."

"Mintzler is losing!" Megan said with a frown. "And it looks like they've thrown in the towel."

"They probably have," I said as I joined her. "They kinda won their World Series last night by getting the ultimate revenge on that psycho Wendy Traber and that turncoat..."

"...Benedict Arnold..."

"...that too, Coach Rowe," I finished. "Can't get much higher than they were last night."

"I still want them to win but their playing a team tonight that's from Minneapolis, big school too," she added as she picked her ice cream (topped with bacon) back up off the coffee table and started munching again. "But it looks hopeless."

"Down 6-0 after 3? I'd say it's a bit of a lost cause," I said. "You have any more pains like you did earlier?"

"Not after I cracked a thunderous fart," Megan said as I started laughing. "Feel so much better now."

"Well Doctor Ovila came into the diner earlier and said gas pains are normal especially considering the bizarre food combos you've been eating," I said.

"What strange food combinations?" Megan asked before stuffing her mouth full of ice cream and bacon.

"Peanut butter and jelly on taco shells?" I asked as she shrugged. "With hot sauce?"

"It's gives it an extra tang," she said as I rolled my eyes. "You should try it Rae Rae."

"No thanks," I giggled as she shrugged again. "So any more thoughts on baby names? You are still keeping it?"

"No, I wanna have a late-term abortion for fun," Megan said. "I'm five months along now so yes I'm keeping it."

"Good," I said as she smiled and stuffed her mouth full of more ice cream and bacon. "So names?"

"Maddie," Megan said simply.

"Just like that?"

"I think it's pretty," she said. "Don't you?"

"I just thought Tay and I could help you pick one," I said in disappointment.

"Oh we can still do that," Megan said. "But for now I like Maddie."

"Actually I do too," I said after thinking about it for a moment. "Is it short for something?"

"Madeline, I think," Megan said as more ice cream and bacon went into her mouth. "Came to me last night."

"And that's probably what the kid will end up being named," I said. "If it's a girl."

"I don't know what I wanna name it if it's a boy," Megan said. "Hopefully I'll have four more months to decide."

"You probably will," I said as I went to get a soda as Megan finished the ice cream and bacon.

"So what are we gonna do if I can't work?" Megan asked as Mintzler went down 8-0 in the game on TV.

"Well your Mom offered to help," I said. "Please don't give me that look. We might need her."

"No we won't," Megan said as I sat down in the bean bag. "You always take care of me and you will this time."

"When you're not pushing me away," I said with a certain look. "Being hard headed."

"I learned my lesson this time," Megan said as she pointed to her belly. "And so did you."

"What lesson did I learn?" I asked.

"That next time we should use protection?" Megan asked and confused me even more.

"Protection for what?"

"Sex, dummy Megan said as I rolled my eyes. "Oh yeah act like you didn't know the baby is yours."

"You are nuts," I laughed as she grinned victoriously. "You know that's like 6 people now you've said the baby belongs to. Maxie, Mel, Dakota, Molly, Cally and now me."

"Good point," Megan said. "Gonna be mighty hard to fit all those names on the birth certificate."

"I'm going to work," I said as I stood. "You feel like working a few hours later?"

"Just come get me if it gets busy," Megan said as I nodded and headed down the steps to work. "YES I'LL REFILL THE REDBOX!"

"Good," I giggled as I closed the front door.

"Mintzler's playing like they gave up already," Mel complained as he listened to the game on the radio at the counter as I came in. The place was unusually slow with only a few customers.

"Megan is watching the game upstairs," I informed him. "She might like some company if you wanna torture yourself by watching the massacre instead of listening to it."

"I suppose so," Mel said. "Need to have a talk with her anyway."

"Mel you're too old to marry her," I said as he laughed.

"No, Clarabell and I have decided to begin dating," Mel blurted out. "You think it'll be a problem with Megan?"

"Mel, Megan and her Mom don't get along to well," I said as he nodded as another customer came in. "So tread lightly."

"I don't intend to get involved with family relations," he said. "But I really do enjoy spending time with her Mother. Clarabell is fine company."

"Wait, I always thought you were married," I said as I poured the new customer a cup of coffee as he joined us at the counter. "You said you have grandkids."

"My wife passed away many years ago," he said. "We lived in Buffalo back east and when she passed I moved out here to be near my daughter and her family."

"Has your daughter met Clarabell?" I asked.

"Not yet, but she's curious," Mel said as he stood. "Harold, I'm taking off for a few if you need me later call me."

"I will," Harold said as he poked his head out of the kitchen. "Let you know as soon as I hear something about the market numbers."

"What market numbers?" I asked Harold as I joined him in the kitchen.

"We did a limited test run of the Harry's World Famous in some of the markets near here," Harold said. "It's been two weeks or so and Lyndon is supposed to call with the numbers. I'm so nervous I've been messing up all day."

"I noticed that too," I said. "The lady leaving when I come in asked if hair was an ingredient in your Meatloaf."

"Very funny," he said as I laughed. The phone rang just as I started out of the kitchen. "Hello? Nice to talk to you, Lyndon. Yes? Are you serious? And those are the final numbers? Yesssss! Thank god."

"It's a hit I guess," I said as Harold thanked Lyndon again and hung up. Then lowered his head for what I thought was a moment of prayer. "Good news?"

"We completely sold out in the test run," Harold announced as I smiled. "Every single item was sold."

"That's so great," I said as he hugged me and I giggled. "So now what?"

"Two more weeks and we add markets a bit farther from here," he said. "Lyndon's been getting calls all day about how great the food is. Things are going unbelievably well so far."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Do you still love me even if I am a loser?" Cindy asked as we stood at the end of the 2nd floor hallway as chaos reigned around us. The chaos of departure day/night.

"You made it all the way to the state tournament for the first time in school history," I pointed out as she held me in her arms and mine hung loosely around her neck. "You are not a loser, Cinderella."

"I'm just glad the most important person in my life thinks so," she said as I kissed her lips. "Now we face the next 2 and half months without each other."

"Don't remind me; we still have a few minutes," I said as I hugged her. The door beside us opened, my Junior RA room door as Randi asked, "Cam someone please explain to me why we had to have that stupid assembly today?"

"Because school couldn't let out for the year while we were at the state tournament," Cindy said as Laney emerged from behind Randi, both straightening their clothes. "And what have two been doing?"

"The same thing you two just got done doing," Laney said as her and Randi giggled.

"So what are your plans for the summer?" I asked Randi as I gave up on any more alone time with Cindy and the four of us headed back into the chaos.

"Well Hana invited me up for a week with her," Randi said. "I'll at least get to spend that with Laney."

"I'm already sad," Laney sighed as she hugged Randi from behind.

"Me too," Randi said as she kissed Laney's cheek. "Other than that Dad has us going to Orlando for a couple of weeks and home to Rochester for the rest."

"I wish I could travel I have two and half months of slave labor ahead of me," Maxie complained as she came out of her bedroom with a huge bag on each shoulder.

"No you won't," I said as I hugged her. "You got me and my white sister to keep you company."

"That's me!" Laney declared as I laughed and nodded as Cindy went to finish packing.

"Randi your Dad just got off the elevator," Dakota said from the door.

"No," Randi whined as she hugged Laney. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Laney said as she kissed her lips just as Coach Rock came to the door.

"We about ready to head for home?" he asked.

"No," Randi said as Amy came out of the bedroom with her own luggage.

"Well I'm sorry but we have a long trip ahead of us," Coach Rock said. "Say goodbye so we can get going."

"Bye," Randi said as she kissed Laney again. "You call me."

"You call me too," Laney said as she reluctantly let her go. She sighed deeply as Randi picked up her bags and left with her Dad a moment later. "I think I'm gonna be depressed."

"You and me both Lameney," I said as I hugged her with one arm and she laughed.

"I think I'm gonna cry now," Amy said as Laney and I held our arms out and she hugged us both. "Can I be you guys' roomie in the fall? I had so much fun living here."

"Count on it," Laney said and made Amy smile.

"Buses are here," Dakota said from the door before disappearing back into her own room. Cindy came out of the room a moment later with her luggage as I picked mine up. Maxie, Laney and Amy made their way out with the crowd in the hallway as Cindy and I stopped to look at the now deserted room. We shared one more kiss and long hug as her forehead touched mine and we stared into each others' eyes. I'll be lucky if I can make it through this summer without seeing her. Sigh!

/\ {* ~ *} /\ DAKOTA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Has everyone got everything?" I asked as Chi and Anisha came out of their room with luggage and Melanie followed me out with her own luggage. "Cause there is no coming back once we leave."

"Everything that's important," Chi said. "You know I'm gonna miss you guys."

"We know, we know," Melanie said as she made me giggle when she jumped on my back piggyback style and held her camera up and took a picture of the two of us. "We'll be back in like 75 days."

"You make it sound so short," Anisha said as she now posed with Melanie for a picture. "What are these for?"

"Start a website called the girls of Mintzler," Melanie said. "Hopefully."

"Am I gonna be on it?" Chi asked with a toothy grin.

"Yes you are," Melanie said as handed me the camera and I snapped a picture of the two.

"And you three better call me this summer," I said as I pointed to all of them. "Just like Shelby told you Chi."

"I know," Chi said sheepishly. "I will."

"So will I," Anisha said as she hugged me. "Thanks for talking softball with me all those hours."

"I had as much fun as you did," I said as she smiled.

"Send me those pics when you get a chance?" Anisha asked Melanie.

"You know it," Melanie said as they hugged. I simply did a fist pound with Chi as she smiled.

"Let's rock and roll people," Natalie (OSH RA) said as she appeared at the door. "Those buses aren't gonna wait forever."

"You coming back in the fall?" Anisha asked Natalie as she hugged her goodbye.

"I'll be right here," Natalie said as Anisha, Chi and Melanie made their way out. "You coming Dakota?"

"I'm in no hurry, remember my two gay dads live in town," I said as she nodded and turned to leave as a familiar face passed her, Lori, Dr. Mark's daughter. "Hey stranger, what are you doing here?"

"I came to pick you up," she said as she wiggled the car keys in her hand. "And to break the fabulous news."

"You're joining the peace corps and leaving for the summer?" I asked as she laughed and punched my shoulder.

"No, but we are going somewhere for the summer," she said with a devilish smile.

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

"Dad, my dad, Dr. Mark, somehow won an all expenses paid cruise to the Bahamas," Lori said as my mouth dropped open and we squealed in unison and then giggled. "And it gets better. He can invite 4 people of his choosing and it's for an entire month. So I figured me, you, Dr. Mark and Charles (my Dad) and someone else. Know anyone?"

"Maybe you should be planning to invite two people cause I can't go," I said as the smile left her face. "I get seasick really easy."

"That sucks but it's a huge boat," Lori said. "Like massive, see it from space massive."

"I even go near water lately I get sick," I said. "Back home in Pittsburgh we went fishing and I puked in the board before we even left the pier."

"EWWWWWWWW, you're staying home then," she said with a sour face. "But what about those seasick pills they have?"

"Allergic," I said as she started laughing.

"You are royally screwed," she laughed. "Gonna be home all alone. To bad you can't visit your new lovely lady in Raytown."

"I wish you were here!" I repeated the words that Chloe had said to me at least 20 times over the last couple of days. And again this morning as a matter of fact.

"But I'm already here," Lori said in confusion.

"You're a genius Lori Phillips," I said as she grinned. "Can you take my bags on down and meet me in the main lobby? I got a very important phone call to make."

"You're gonna leave me out aren't you? Not tell me what's going on?" Lori asked as she picked up my bags.

"Not even a little bit," I said as she smiled. "I'll tell you everything as soon as I get it set up. Cause I'm gonna need your help convincing our two gay dads."

"Hey this sounds like it might be something stupid," Lori laughed as she walked off.

"She is nuts," I said as I pulled out my cell phone and dialed out, hoping the person I wanted to talk to would answer. "Hello?"

"Dakota?" Richard (Chloe's Dad) asked after picking up.

"That's me!"

"Chloe's laying down sweety," Richard said.

"I actually wanted to talk to you," I said. "It's something majorly important."

"Go on," Richard said.

"You let Molly stay with Chloe last summer," I reminded him.


"If I can talk my Dad into it will you let me stay this summer and help you with Chloe?" I blurted out. "I know she's gonna need some help with her being pregnant and with you traveling I could keep an eye on things for you. Please?"

"Considering you're all she's talked about for the past week if I said no she'd have me bumped off when she found out," Richard said as I laughed.

"So that's a yes? Pleeeeeese with a cherry on top?" I pleaded.

"The same house rules as when Molly stayed here, you sleep on the couch," Richard said as I started squealing and jumping around in excitement.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," I said into the phone. "Wait, one more thing. Don't tell Chloe I want it to be a surprise. If my Dad or Dads say yes."

"Lips are zipped!" he said as we hung up and I grabbed my bags and went flying down the hall in pursuit of the elevator. Floating, literally on cloud nine.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Just one more time?" Mindy begged me as we rode down in the elevator with our luggage. "Please?"

"Melinda please don't start begging," I said as she smiled. "I have a hard enough time saying no to you without begging. And we don't have time."

"I just wanted to make love to you one last time," she whispered in my ear.

"One last time? I'm not being executed," I said as she laughed. "We're just gonna be apart for four days, five max."

"You make that sound like it's not a big deal," Mindy said with hands on hips.

"Of course it is," I said as I took her hand and laced my fingers with hers. "I love you Melinda Erin and I will miss you every minute I'm gone. But it's not life and death, it just feels that way."

"True," she said as she leaned in and kissed me just as the elevator dinged and opened.

"Is that all they ever do?" Macey asked from beside Hana as she saw Mindy and me kissing.

"Pretty much," Holly said as Mindy and I grinned sheepishly and exited the elevator with our bags now over our shoulders. "You about ready half-pint?"

"You know I get sick of you calling me that," I said to Holly. "And as much as you say I have to go with you I really don't. So you better fucking cool it."

"Bite me," Holly said as we glared at each other.

"Five bucks says they don't make it to Green Bay at all," Macey said as her and Hana giggled.

"Another 10 bucks says this is gonna be the most miserable trip of my life," I said as I dumped my bags beside Holly's. "Huh sissy?"

"I've called you half-pint my entire life," Holly pointed out.

"And I'm 16 now and sick of it," I fired back.

"Shut up already," Mindy commanded. "Both of you say you're sorry and move on."

"I'm sorry for calling you half-pint...for the one millionth time," Holly said honestly.

"Sorry," I muttered as Mindy squeezed her fingers around mine. "OK Melinda, I'm sorry for over reacting."

"See how easy that was," Mindy said as I smiled and kissed her as Maggie came out of the office with her own bags. "So no more fighting?"

"Mindy we better get going if we're gonna catch that bus," Maggie said and then kissed Holly before saying, "You two need to get going too."

"Yeah we should be able to knock down about 300 miles today," Holly said. "Ya think?"

"The way you drive we'll be home by night," I said as Holly nodded her agreement and everyone laughed.

"You better call me some," Hana said to both Mindy and me as she hugged us.

"We will," I said.

"And you," Mindy said to Macey. "Had better call me and keep me updated on what's going on."

"Emancipation was your idea so of course I will," Macey said as she hugged Mindy. "Bye!"

"Bye!" Mindy said with a smile.

"And I still love your hair," I said as Macey grinned.

"You too, Punky," she said as we hugged before Maggie, me, Mindy, and Holly headed out for the car. Mindy and I kissed once more when we dropped her and Maggie at the gate for the bus ride into Bemidji. "Bye guys."

"I LOVE YOU!" Mindy screamed after the car as Holly and I drove off.

"I LOVE YOU MORE!" I screamed back as she waved till I disappeared from sight. "Oh boy!"

"You can see her on Saturday when we get to L.A." Holly said as she slowed up when we saw something really weird, Cally and her Dad in front of Fast Eddie's with Cally's friend Paige. "What are they doing here?"

"I don't know but I gotta say bye to Cally," I said.

"If we leave now we can make it by dark," Holly complained.

"You never had a friend like Cally," I said to Holly. "Now I am saying goodbye to her even if I gotta fight you first."

"You always were a little drama queen," Holly said as she pulled up across the street.

"Molly?" Cally asked as Holly and I got out and came across to meet her. "You leaving already?"

"Yeah gonna try and make it home by dark," I said.

"I thought we'd be back on campus before everyone left," Cally said. "You remember my Dad and Paige?"

"Hey," I said as David and Paige smiled. "This is my sister Holly."

"And this is my new lemon," Cally said sarcastically as she pointed to the car in front of her.

"First, Holly the pleasure is all mine and second, Calista this is not a lemon," David insisted.

"I tried to tell her that too," Paige said as Cally gave her a certain look. "It's a nice car."

"It's only about 5 years old so how can it be a lemon?" Holly asked.

"Cause she wanted one that cost $85,000 more," David said as Holly and I laughed.

"That sounds like Cally," I said as she gave me a dirty look. "And since when did you get your license?"

"I'm actually gonna try and get them here in a few hours," Cally said. "Can I talk to you in private before you leave?"

"Sure," I said as we walked down the sidewalk to in front of where Sarah used to live. "What's up?"

"If I get my license..."

"You won't," I said as she laughed and pushed my shoulder.

"When I get my license I'm taking a road trip with Paige to Florida," Cally announced. "And I need your advice."

"Get some off her she looks amazing," I said as I eye balled Paige as she stood talking to David and Holly.

"Already did," Cally said as I rolled my eyes.

"Of course," I said as she grinned.

"Anyway, you know the story with my friend Julia from Omaha?" she asked as I nodded. "OK, I found out she's living in Naples, Florida with her husband and new baby. She invited me to stop by and see her when she found out I was coming down. Bad idea?"

"Your Dad hates her so yes," I said as Cally sighed. "But if he don't find out he won't kill you."

"Excellent advice, best friend," she said as I smiled.

"Oh yeah, speaking of best friends," I said. "You've been promoted."


"Since Mindy and I are now officially dating you've been promoted to my best friend," I said.

"WOOHOO! Go me!" Cally said with a fist pump for added emphasis. I simply started laughing.

"You're nuts," I said.

"So one last question," Cally said a minute later, "You and Chloe shared Mindy?"


"How did you pull that off?" she asked as I grinned victoriously. "I've seriously wanted to get into that girl's pants since 8th grade."

"She actually came out of the closet while Chloe and I were..." I started and went on to explain the entire scene as Cally listened with intense interest.

"You gotta share that with me," Cally said after I'd finished as we shared a horny smile.

"Only if you're a good friend," I said as she smiled.

"You name it I'll do it," Cally said with an animated head nod for added emphasis. I simply grinned and considered the potential.

Holly was soon threatening me with violence if we didn't wrap it up. So I hugged Cally goodbye and we headed out for our old hometown for god only knows what kind of stupid adventure my sister had planned for us. But as it turned out Green Bay, Wisconsin was NOT the actual location of our destination as Holly admitted about 30 minutes outside of Thief River Falls.

"So I have an admission," Holly said an hour or so later as we headed west on Highway 21. "You may be mad at me too."

"Go ahead." I said as I looked at her intently.

"We're actually going to see Mom (Barbra) at the Mental hospital in Grand Forks, North Dakota," she announced. I was literally stunned. "You don't have to see her but she's been asking about you."

"But she hates me..."

"She doesn't remember anything from before the fight with Dad," Holly said. "She really nice now."

"I can't deal with this," I announced after a few moments of silence. "But, bitch, if you ever lie to me like this again..."

"You'll finally stop stalling and give me some again?" Holly interrupted. I cracked up.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Who where you talking to about coming by?" I asked Dad (Richard) after I had walked into the kitchen and caught him quickly hanging up his cell phone.

"A business associate," he lied.

"Dad you've always been a horrible liar just tell me," I said as I went to fix myself a sandwich but had my access blocked. "What are you doing?"

"It's none of your business who called," Dad said firmly. "And I want you to do something for me without asking 9 million friggen questions. Will you do it?"

"Do what?" I asked with hands on hips.

"I want you to go into the living room and sit on the window seat for the next 15 minutes," Dad said. "Not 10 and pretend it's 15 but 15 minutes. Will you please do that for me?"

"But why...never mind I'm going," I said as I walked out of the kitchen in mass confusion. I figured it had something to do with that phone call but didn't know for sure. I planted myself on the window seat and looked outside at the steady rain and wondered briefly if Dad had a lady friend he wanted to talk to in private. That would be a plausible excuse for wanting to get me out of the room so quickly. That's when I saw the 'Yellow Cab' coming down the road and stopping in front of the house. Someone wearing a hoodie popped out as the trunk opened and pulled out a large duffle bag and travel suitcase with wheels. "One of Tommy's brothers must be coming home from Iraq.

"Apparently not unless their coming to visit us," I said as I got up and the person in a dark gray hoodie now hurried towards the porch as I opened the screen door and stepped outside. "Can I help you?"

"You sure can," the person said as they came up the steps, setting their luggage out of the rain and took of their hood.

"Dakota? Dakota Lane?" I asked in shock as I saw her standing in front of me with a nervous smile. "Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming."

"You're not...whoa!" Dakota squealed as I jumped into her arms with my heart racing wildly. I hugged her as she wrapped me in her arms and nothing had felt so good in my life. "Are you really here?"

"I sure am," Dakota said as my eyes met hers and we both smiled. Her forehead touched mine. "You said you wished I was here."

"I did wish you were here and now you are," I said as I touched her face gently to make sure she was real. "How long can you stay?"

"All summer if you want me to," she said as my smile beamed.

"I am so incredibly happy right now," I said as I fought back tears of joy.

"Me too," Dakota said with a smile that matched mine. Both of her hands now went through my long red hair and there was a momentary pause as she leaned into kiss me. She was testing my resistance, I think, but finding none, she did it, making my knees go weak as her lips touched mine so gently and perfectly. But she only held it for a single long moment. She then bit her lower lip nervously as she waited for my reaction. "Well?"

"That was an amazing start but we can do better," I said as she grinned and we kissed again. Soft and sensual as I sighed contently into her mouth and she did into mine. I found myself melting into her arms as her tongue ever so slightly touched mine, asking for permission, which I gladly gave. My lips were in perfect time with hers for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few long seconds. "Damn, Kota. Now that was a kiss."

"It sure was," she said before kissing me again. "Does this mean what I hope it does?"

"You flew 800 miles to be with me," I reminded her. "Yes that's what it means. A thousand times yes."

"I am so in love with you right now that I can't stop smiling," she whispered to me as I swooned. "But it's Ok if you don't feel the same."

"I do, I sure do now," I said as I kissed her lips softly. Her amazed smile told a whole story in one wonderful moment. "You can really stay all summer?"

"All summer, I even OK'ed it with his Richardness," Dakota said as I laughed. "You needed me."

"I sure do," I said as my smile never faded. "And I am glad you're here so I can look into your eyes and say this, I love you."

"I love you too," she said as we shared one more VERY romantic kiss. See ya next year.