Scent of a Girl - Episode 89 "Smack That Ass!"

Written by: TVM ( w/ CJ Ames (

Summary: In the ALL NEW 89th episode of 'Scent of a Girl: Junior Year' (5th Season Premiere), a fresh new year brings a whole host of changes as the girls of Mintzler 'come home'. Most shockingly among those changes is...Chloe and Dakota are a couple? Oh yeah right! You mean it's true? Are you crazy? Possibly. But it is true and so is the fact that Chloe is in the 'family way'. A fact that has Cally on her way for a visit when she realizes she may have a stalker. Meanwhile, Hana becomes a stalker (kind of) when she discovers the new Resident Advisor of KMH is someone she knows all to well (or does she?). Finally, everyone loves a new baby, right?

Summary: In the ALL NEW 89th episode of 'Scent of a Girl: Junior Year' (5th Season Premiere), a fresh new year brings a whole host of changes as the girls of Mintzler 'come home'. Most shockingly among those changes is...Chloe and Dakota are a couple? Oh yeah right! You mean it's true? Are you crazy? Possibly. But it is true and so is the fact that Chloe is in the 'family way'. A fact that has Cally on her way for a visit when she realizes she may have a stalker. Meanwhile, Hana becomes a stalker (kind of) when she discovers the new Resident Advisor of KMH is someone she knows all to well (or does she?). Finally, everyone loves a new baby, right?

Starring: Molly Harris (portrayed by: Julia Volkova), Maxie Bradlidge (portrayed by: Avril Lavigne), Cally Oliver (portrayed by: Caitlin Wachs), Shelby Parker (portrayed by: Savannah Gipson), Cindy Sullivan (portrayed by: Hayden Panettiere), Dakota Lane (portrayed by: Mackenzie Rosman), Sarah Rae (portrayed by: Carly Patterson), Laney Bryant (portrayed by: Sarah-Jeanne Labcrosse) With: Mindy Sullivan (portrayed by: Hayden Panettiere) & Also Starring: Chloe Morgan (portrayed by: Lena Katina)

Special Guest Stars: 'Amy' Montana (portrayed by: Ariana Grande), Anisha Mac (portrayed by: Parker McKenna Posey), 'Chi' Marsoon (portrayed by: Giovonnie Samuels), Bobbie Preston (portrayed by: Demi Lovato), Holly Harris (portrayed by: Deanna Casaluce), Lynzy Waylon (portrayed by: Bella Thorn), Macey Gabbard (portrayed by: Hayley Kiyoko), Mackenzie Morgan (portrayed by: Brooklynn Proulx), Megan Lansbury (portrayed by: Andrea Bowen) & Randi Newman (portrayed by: Shawn Johnson)

Guest Stars: Carly Morgan (Chloe's Lil Sister), Hayden Morgan (Chloe's Sister) & Kisha Longworth (MGH Resident Adviser)


/\ {* ~ *} /\ CHLOE'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Are you up yet?" Carly (my 3 and half year old sister) asked as she came to the door of my bedroom, and saw that I was laying on the bed reading a book.

"Yes I'm up yet," I said to her as she grinned and came to join me by the side of the bed. "Are you up yet?"

"Well of course," she said with hands on hips. I bonked her on the head with my paperback and watched her (as always) overreact as she grabbed her head in fake pain. "Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy, hurt, hurt, hurt."

"What do you want?" I asked as I felt the gas bubbles beginning to build like they had been doing every morning for weeks now.

"Daddy say bweakfast weady," she said as she continued to rub her head. My other young sister Mackenzie (now 13) coming to the door.

"You tell him I'll be on down."

"So are we really leaving today?" Mackenzie asked as Carly went running out of the room. "For school?"

"Tonight," I said as I rolled onto my back and felt the gas bubbles build a little more. "Why?"

"Just making sure," Mackenzie said nervously.

"Pack everything even if you don't think you will need it," I advised. "Mintzler is gonna be your home for the next 9 months with exception of Christmas."

"I can really count on you to be there for me?" Mackenzie asked.

"Every second of every minute of every day," I said as she smiled. "But I'm pretty sure you'll settle in rather quickly."

"You nervous about seeing Moll..."

"MACKENZIE!" Hayden (my older sister) screamed and fortunately cut off Mackenzie's questioning as she turned to leave down the hall.

"Oh boy this is gonna be bad," I muttered to myself with the gas bubbles continuing to build up inside my rather expanded (note: very pregnant) stomach. "HEY KOTA!"

"What?" Dakota asked as she came out the bathroom.

"Just had to tell you something," I said with a smirk. "I got gas again."

"Stop telling me that," she insisted but still gave me an amused smile.

"How about I let you smell it?" I asked as I lifted my butt a bit and cracked a fart that was epic in its force. "How 'bout that?"

"OH god you stink," Dakota said as I started laughing and she opened a window and a new can of air freshener. "And stop bragging about your farts."

"I was only trying to warn you," I said as I laughed so hard my stomach hurt a little. "OWWWWW that hurts."

"That fart probably gave the baby brain damage," Dakota said as she sprayed the room with air freshener.

"EWWWWW god it does stink," I said finally as I covered my nose and Dakota continued spraying. "Stop you're getting it on me."

"I think I'll spray your butt that way the next one will smell like roses," Dakota said as she crawled up the bed and I squealed as she rolled me onto my side and we playfully wrestled for control of the can. I squealed when it went off and sprayed right against the back of my shorts as Dakota fell down on the bed laughing. I groaned as I took the stupid can and threw it across the room. "So funny. So funny."

"Shut up," I said as I tried to hide a smile and turned over to face her. "Should be ashamed of the way you treat me. I'm three months pregnant."

"I think I already know that, I've been here all summer," Dakota said as I smiled. "And I'm pretty sure Hayden (my older sister) is beginning to hate me."

"Beginning?" I asked as I poked her in her tickle spot and she scooted away and grabbed my hand. "OH no, more air freshener to the butt?"

"You need to stop picking on me," she said as she laced her fingers with mine as I smiled and she scooted back to me. "I'm always in your corner."

"Yes you are," I said as I rose up a bit and kissed her lips. "MMMMM thank you for being here for me."

"You, Chloe Morgan..." she said as she returned my kiss, "...are very welcome."

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"So here we are for year three," I said as Holly's car pulled up in front of KMH for the first time since we'd been back. "Place fills like home."

"I know, right?" Mindy agreed from the backseat as we exchanged grins. "You wanna come in Holly?"

"No!" Holly said in a rather bitter tone of voice.

"OK, for the 100th time I am sorry about the fight we had," I said. "I'm sorry I called you a corner working trans hooker."

"I know and I'm sorry I called you a wanna-be cock sucking slut," Holly said as Mindy started laughing out loud.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked Mindy.

"That was funniest fight I ever heard," Mindy said as I rolled my eyes. "You guys are lots of fun."

"I don't wanna come in cause that place reminds me of Maggie," Holly admitted a few moments later as we stood by the trunk clearing out my and Mindy's stuff. The Maggie who had gotten a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to direct a film in Utah for the next five months. "I'm missing her something awful."

"Am I gonna have to hear this every time you come to visit?" I whined. "I told you to stay in California with her. You chose to come back here. I will be fine with just me and Mindy."

"And you would be OK with being stuck on campus full time?" Holly asked.

"Yes cause I like it here," I said. "I have friends and no psychotic parents."

"And me," Mindy said as she leaned in and kissed me.

"The best part," I said as I pointed to Mindy. Holly nodded her agreement. "So call me later if you need to talk."

"I will," Holly said before driving off a moment later.

"MMMMMMMM!" I cooed as I took a long moment to kiss Mindy and felt the new tongue stud she'd gotten just two weeks ago rubbing against my tongue. "So when do you think you're gonna be able to use that new love tool of yours?"

"Soreness is almost gone," Mindy said with another kiss. "I'd say another couple of days and we'll be all ready."

"I hope so," I said as she grinned and we picked up our luggage and walked towards the building.

"I wonder who the new RA is?" Mindy wondered as we came through the front doors and found chaos ensuing. Apparently everyone of the 7th and 8th graders had been given rooms in our dorm and were now running around the first floor like it was a party pad. Clothes thrown everywhere, girls giggling, music blasting and just general lunacy taking place. In the office was what I thought was the new RA. She was gorgeous. Though looking to be terrified as she tore apart the office looking for something. "That's her?"

"Excuse me? Hi," I said a few moments later. "I'm Molly Harris, we're supposed to sign in?"

"I know and if I could find the friggin sign in form with room assignments those girls wouldn't be having a damn party in the main lobby," she complained. "I'm Bobbie Preston, the new Resident Adviser."

"Molly, and my girlfriend Mindy Sullivan," I said as Bobbie shook both of our hands. Mindy, curious as always, just happened to pick up a clipboard off the desk and grinned as she asked, "Is what you need?"

"OHMIGOD you're a life saver," Bobbie said as she took it and breathed a sigh of relief. "But how am I ever gonna get everyone's attention now?"

"Observe for future reference," I said as I marched out of the office.

"She's got a big mouth so she's good at this," Mindy giggled as I stopped in front of the thumping boom box and tried to figure out how to turn it off. Not seeing a power button I instead pulled the plug. All action froze.

"EVERYONE ON THIS FLOOR LISTEN TO ME," I screamed to get their immediate attention. "Pick up your crap, shut your trap and get the fuck in line beside me."

"And just who the hell are you?" some random girl asked me with attitude.

"Your worst nightmare little girl," I barked. "Now get in line."

"OK OK," she said in defeat.

"WOW, thank you," Bobbie chirped as she came out of the office.

"You're welcome," I said as she gave me and Molly our room assignments. "I think you can handle it from here?"

"I can indeed," she said as Mindy and I walked off with our bags and rode the elevator up, arriving on the third floor to find it, as usual, peaceful and calm. No chaos, no fighting, no crazy. Just girls going about their own business without driving everyone else crazy. Course it helped that the third floor was now the Junior and Senior floor for this dorm. Thank god I'm a junior.

"I'm tired," Mindy said as she sat down on my bed a few minutes later. Our luggage was now in our respective rooms. "Can we lay down for a while? Take a nap."

"That does sound good," I said as I leaned down and kissed her soft lips. "But I need something to drink first."

"Me too," she said as she held her hands out and as usual I pulled her up just as a knock came at the door. Hana grinned as she popped into the room. Mindy, of course, squealed and ran to hug her. "Welcome back."

"You too," she said as I hugged Hana next.

"When did you get glasses?" Mindy asked Hana.

"Over the summer," Hana said in a depressed voice. "Mom forced me to go to the doctor and they said I needed reading glasses."

"You look key-ute," Mindy chirped as Hana half-smiled. "Wanna be my new girlfriend?"

"Excuse you?" I asked Mindy in protest.

"There isn't one you said so yourself," Mindy said as all three of us laughed.

"So you really wanna date a dork with glasses?" Hana asked Mindy playfully.

"Sure why not," Mindy said as she pointed to me. "I'm already dating the biggest dork on planet earth."

"Your little tanned ass is mine," I said as Mindy ran off down the hall laughing.

"So you like tanned ass, huh?" Hana asked with a smirk as Mindy stopped by the elevator and shook her ass at me.

"If it's really nicely tanned I sure do," I said. "Why you offering?"

"Maybe," Hana said as she smiled knowingly. "Cause mine is about as well tanned as you're gonna find."

"I don't know cause Mindy's sure is amazing."

"Well maybe you should get us both naked and judge for yourself," Hana said with a knowing look and her tongue poking at the side of her mouth. "Think about it."

"Oh I will," I said as she walked off. "How do I get myself into these amazing situations?"

"What amazing situations?" Mindy asked as I met her by the elevator and pulled her into my arms before kissing her.

"You and Hana are gonna have a tan contest with me as the judge," I said as Mindy giggled and the elevator door closed.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SHELBY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"You seen Randi yet?" Laney asked me as she came into the hallway from our room with dirty sheets.

"For the 274th time, no," I said. "She'll get here when she gets here."

"But she said she was on her way an hour ago," Laney said as Randi appeared at the top of the steps right behind her like magic. She set down her bags and grinning as she waited for Laney to notice her and waving at me with her fingers as I giggled and waved back. "It's not like her to do this...who are you waving at?" Laney turned to follow my wave before she said, "Oh hi Randi," then turning back to me, "I'm really getting worried about....RANDI!"

"Hey my favorite person," Randi said as Laney squished her in a huge hug. Before I could even get another word in the two had turned to kissing by the central staircase.

"Well there goes my helper," I said as I turned back into the room and frowned at the chaos that surrounded me. Clothes, underwear, books, CD's, snacks, bed sheets and even a stray 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie' season set on DVD. "Hey it's my favorite show."

"OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW," Maxie whined as she limped out of the bedroom and crashed down on the couch as quick as she could and started rubbing her bare foot as if it was hurting.

"What's wrong Max?" I asked, fearing she'd stepped on something.

"Had a cramp, bad cramp, worst cramp ever," she said as I sat down by her and laid my clipboard on the table. "Thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital for a minute there."

"In your foot?" I asked. "Cause I had one in my arch one time and it hurt like a mother."

"Not in my arch," Maxie said as she continued to rub her foot. "Someplace much worse."


"My little toe," she said as she pointed to it and I groaned. "Ouchy!"

"I'm gonna give you an ouchy," I said in frustration as she fell over on the couch laughing, prompting me to smack her on the ass in protest. "How'd that feel?"

"Like old times," she said as she rubbed her ass. "You always liked hitting on me."

"Hey I got the cleaner you wanted," Cindy said as she came through the door with several bottles in her hand. I should note that Cindy had once again changed her hair color, this time to red. Which strangely enough I really loved. "Nat wanted to know if you got...oh yeah you got it."

"Got what?" I asked as Cindy set down the cleaning bottles and pointed to my clipboard. "Oh yeah I went down and got it like 10 minutes ago. Which is when I forgot the cleaning stuff."

"Nat's so stressed right now she's about to pop," Cindy giggled. "She didn't even remember you being down there. And when I came in and she asked me to bring them up she asked when I died my hair, again."

"First what are the bottles for and two, how did you not know Shelby had the clipboard?" Maxie asked me and Cindy.

"I just got back from running an errand for Nat," Cindy said.

"And these are to clean rooms with," I said as I handed one to Maxie. "You and Amy get to work on that?"

"Get to work on what?" Amy asked as she popped her head out of the bedroom.

"Cleaning the room after the two months we been away," I said. "Cause something tells me this place hasn't been touched since then."

"Seems fine to me but OK," Amy said as she took one of the bottles and headed back into the bedroom with Maxie.

"Any word on who our new roomie will be?" Cindy asked as she dragged her massive suitcase out of the corner and plopped it down on the bed in our room. The question though would be answered, not by me, but by a surprising arrival. Chloe, a very pregnant Chloe, came to the door looking exhausted. "Chloe?"

"WOW girl," I said as I met her by the door with a hug. "I knew you were pregnant..."

"I need to sit down," Chloe said as I helped her to the chair just to the side of the door. "AHHHHH!"

"Hey," Cindy said as she hugged her. "What are you doing here?"

"You mean you don't know?" Chloe asked. "I'm your new roommate. Natalie said it was on Shelby's clipboard."

"Yes it is," I said as Dakota arrived at the door loaded down with bags. She huffed and puffed as she dumped them in the floor and leaned against the door frame to hold herself up. "What the hell? Bring everything you own?"

"Half of it's mine," Chloe said. "She insisted on carrying everything."

"Doctor said you don't need to be lifting stuff," Dakota inserted.

"He said heavy items not a suitcase," Chloe said.

"I love you and I said I would take care of you," Dakota declared as she moved in front of Chloe and surprised me, big time, when she ran her fingers through Chloe's hair and kissed her. "This is me taking care of you."

"That's gonna take some getting used to," I said with a smirk as Dakota and Chloe giggled. "You really love her don't you, Kota?"

"Spent the whole summer in Raytown showing me how much," Chloe said.

"I sure did," Dakota said before sneaking another kiss. "So what's the room assignments, Shel?"

"Good question," Chloe said as both looked to me and suddenly I realized with Chloe back she'd mostly be in the same room as Maxie. Well at least that was my first thought considering Laney had already claimed her usual spot in mine and Cindy's room.

"Chloe?" Maxie asked as she came out of the bedroom and grinned as she came over. Hugging Chloe before saying, "Girl you look really hot."

"Eyes bothering you Max?" Chloe asked as Dakota giggled and soon got a hug from Maxie.

"Not one bit," Maxie said. "I kind of got a thing for preggo chicks after watching Megan all summer."

"Well this pregnant chick is taken so hands off," Dakota said as she poked Maxie. "And she's also your new roommate."

"Your moving back in?" Maxie asked with a smile.

"Seems that way," Chloe said. "So how does this work Mama Shel?"

"Stop calling me that," I insisted as everyone laughed. "And I don't exactly know cause Laney already claimed the bed in my room..."

"Cool, you and me in the same room again," Maxie said as her and Chloe shared a smile. "If that's OK."

"If you help me up, cause I'm beat, I'm fine with it," Chloe said as I breathed a sigh of relief. "And you, Dakota Lane, go get some rest."

"Yes ma'am," Dakota said as Maxie helped Chloe up and watched her kiss Dakota with a widening grin. "What?"

"I always knew you two were hot for each other," Maxie said as I started laughing. Cindy took the rest of the luggage as Chloe, Dakota and Maxie disappeared into the bedroom. Chi and Anisha, who were today's first arrivals, came back down the hall with loads of toilet paper and towels.

"You guys are lifesavers," I said as they stopped in front of me. "Just put them in the hall closet?"

"You got it," Chi said. "Oh yeah, I saw Chloe coming up is she pregnant?"

"You are so slow," Anisha said to Chi as I laughed. "She was also pregnant before we left for summer break."

"Oh yeah!" Chi remembered I rolled my eyes. "To much softball and mom."

"She followed Cindy and Chi around the country on their softball tour," Anisha said as I laughed.

"Cindy and I shared a room and Mom brought us dinner every, and I do mean every, night," Chi filled in. "I think in Mom's eyes that Cindy is now my white sister."

"That's a good one," I giggled.

"Hey did Chi and Anisha ever get back..." Laney started to ask as she came out of Randi's room, then plucked a role of toilet paper off the stack in Chi's arms. "...oh there you are. Thanks."

"Always thought you were full of it!" Chi cracked as Laney gave her a mean look and Anisha and I giggled.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ HANA'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"So you're officially emancipated or what?" I asked Macey as we came down in the elevator to get a snack.

"Not yet we're still waiting on the judge's ruling," Macey said. "He could rule anytime in the next few weeks."

"What does David think he's gonna do?" I asked, referring to Cally's Dad who represented Macey at the hearing.

"He's not sure," Macey said as the elevator door opened on the main floor and we walked out. I stopped short when I saw a flashback to last year bent over in the door of the office getting something out of the desk. I knew instantly it was Emily, the Emily Preston who broke my heart. "Hana what's wrong?"

"I'd know that ass anywhere," I said as I pointed to her. "I should just go over and grab a big handful of it like she did to me."

"Hana I don't think you know what you're talking about," Macey protested as she followed after me when I marched around the couch heading for the door to the office.

"The hell I don't," I said as Macey stopped me momentarily.

"Hana stop, I promise you you're making a huge mistake..." Macey protested when I pushed past her and slapped my hand against Emily's ass and squeezed my fingers while smiling smugly. The problem wasn't Emily.

"What the fuck is your problem?" the girl asked in horror as she turned and I saw a creature more gorgeous than Emily ever thought about being. Oddly she also looked a bit like her.

"OHMIGOD I am so sorry..." I said in mortified horror as I put up my hands. "...I thought you were someone else and...OK just kill me."

Macey was by now trying her best not to laugh with her hand over her mouth.

"And this person you thought I was likes for you to just walk up and grab her ass?" the girl asked pointedly.

"Noooo not exactly," I said as Macey sat down in the chair and started cackling out loud. "She just broke my heart and will you stop laughing at me please?"

"I told you it wasn't Emily but you wouldn't listen to me," Macey giggled. "This is the new RA Bobbie Preston, hey wait, she has the same last name as Emily."

"Emily Preston? That's the name of the girl who broke your heart?" Bobbie asked.

"No," I lied but being that she was giving me this look that could kill I quickly wilted under the pressure. "OK, it is. What does it matter?"

"Cause I'm pretty sure you're talking about my sister, half sister actually, but she worked here last year so it has to be her," Bobbie said as my eyes popped open in shock at the mess I'd gotten myself into. Macey though thought it was hysterical as she started once again to cackle out loud. "She broke your heart?"

"Yes she did..." I started to say but paused to push Macey's head in protest though that only made her fall over in the love seat and then go tumbling to the floor...and begin laughing even harder. "Will you please stop...SHUT UP!"

"Don't pay her any attention," Bobbie said as she took my hand and pulled me into the office and closed the door behind me. Macey's laughing could still be heard though. "You said she broke your heart."

"She was a teacher and we kind of got involved," I admitted. "You don't have to report that to the school do you?"

"Emily's gone and married so why would it make sense..."

"That bitch got married?" I asked. "She told me she was going somewhere in Texas or something to close a house deal."

"Married her old man from high school and now I see why," Bobbie said as she looked me up and down. "She must have been kay-razy over you."

"Maybe. Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Cause with that tan and that smile you must be beating them off with a stick," Bobbie said as I blushed. "And those glasses are the added touch. Make you look hot and smart."

"Oh mylanta," I said and snapped my hand up to cover my mouth. Did she just call me gorgeous? "Not so bad yourself."

"Why thank you," she said with a devilish smile. "But that doesn't excuse you from grabbing my ass inappropriately So I must punish you."

"I already said I was sorry," I reminded her as she took my hand and directed me to turn around. "Why?"

"Turn around now," she demanded as I reluctantly did just that. But what happened next was so the best moment I've had in months. She lifted the back of my skirt to see I was only wearing a g-string type thong. And being that I was frozen in shock I couldn't stop her as she ran her hand over both of my very tanned ass cheeks and squeezed them one at a time. "MMMMMMM god that's so smooth."

"Best punishment ever!" I cooed as she grinned knowingly.

"Oh yeah!" she said as she opened the office door again and I walked out in a daze.

"What happened?" Macey asked as we walked down the hall to the snack room.

"Even if I did tell you I'm pretty sure you wouldn't believe me," I said as she grinned. So did I.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ CALLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Yeah we had a fun time until we got to Orlando and Paige insisted I make her my girlfriend before I could meet her family," I told Molly on the phone as I walked towards Oliver-Stanton Hall. "Then she found out I really was going to see Julia and she went off."

"So is she still girlfriend material?" Molly asked in a giggle.

"Not after that," I said. "I saw her earlier as she was coming back on campus and she refused to even look at me."

"Maybe...whoa, Mindy," Molly giggled as Mindy crashed down beside her in the bed.

"Hi, Cally, come visit us when you're done at Chloe's," Mindy said as I smiled.

"Tell her I will," I said before Molly and I hung up. I turned the last corner before I came upon the huge bushes that lined OSH, and that's when I heard a rustling noise as if someone was following me. I stopped on a dime and looked back slowly but only caught what I thought was a glimpse of black hair out of the corner of my eye. Walking a few more feet and not hearing anything else, I went on around the bushes and came upon a VERY interesting site, Chloe and Dakota sitting on the bench outside of OSH. Looking very comfy with Dakota sitting behind Chloe with her arms around her. "Man things sure have changed around here."

"We can go see her tonight if you want," Dakota offered Chloe as I eavesdropped for a moment.

"No I don't think I have the strength for a meeting with Molly today," Chloe said. "I know, I know, it has to happen but please not today?"

"You said it right girl, it does have to happen," Dakota said as she moved her hands to Chloe's expanded belly and gently around her belly button. "That better?"

"How is it you always know to do that?" Chloe asked as she looked back at Dakota and smiled.

"I just do," Dakota said as she kissed Chloe's lips. A long moment passed as the two, literally, kissed like lovers. "Probably because I love you so much."

"Thank god for that," Chloe said as she laid her head against Dakota's and the two enjoyed a long quiet moment. I smiled, realizing then how strong their bond had grown. I watched Dakota wrap her arms around Chloe as if she were protecting her a few moments later.

"What the fuck?" I muttered under my breath as another rustling of leaves under foot caught my attention and my 'stalker' appeared again briefly. I took off after her this time and saw her go sprinting down the sidewalk. Black hair flying behind her for the moment I could see her. Then she darted into the woods that surrounded McKinley-Grogan Hall and was out of sight. I ran all the way back to the dorm just in case I could spot her again but never did. "Damn it to hell."

"What's got you in such a hurry?" Kisha (Longworth), the MGH RA asked as I arrived back at MGH just as she was coming out of the building.

"Weird girl...following me...with black hair," I panted as I tried to catch my breath.

"Weird girl with black hair? Molly?" Kisha asked as I laughed.

"No, Molly has multicolored spiky hair and this chick had long black hair," I said. "Wearing a knit cap or something on her head."

"She was really following you?" Kisha asked.

"Yeah," I confirmed. "I was on my way over to see Chloe and Dakota in OSH and caught her and ended up chasing her back here. But I lost her when she cut into the woods."

"I better go in and alert security," Kisha said. "Could be someone on campus that's not supposed to be."

"Wouldn't be the first time," I said as Kisha and I shared a laugh as we walked back inside.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ MOLLY'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"Looks like the new RA is down for the night," I commented as I came off the elevator and saw the lights in the office were now out.

"Molly?" I heard someone say. "Molly Harris?"

"Mackenzie Morgan?" I asked when I saw her coming out one of the first floor rooms. Chloe told me over the summer that Mackenzie wanted to go here but it was never really confirmed. "Gimme a hug you sexy thing."

"Surprised?" she asked after she'd hugged me.

"I was wondering if you'd chickened out or not," I said as grinned.

"Nope," she said. "I finally talked Daddy into it."

"Good," I said as she grinned. "And just so you know I'm on the third floor so you can come and visit."

"I can? There was a senior earlier that told me I wasn't allowed up there," Mackenzie said as I laughed.

"Well if you start the mess the 7th and 8th graders did earlier then you won't be," I said as Mackenzie laughed. "So how are you settling in?"

"Mackenzie?" another girl asked as she came out of Mackenzie's room. "Oh hi."

"Lynzy Waylon, Molly Harris," Mackenzie introduced us. "She's my sisters EX-girlfriend."

"The one who wanted both of you in bed?" Lynzy asked as I blushed and Mackenzie nearly fainted.

"We're gonna have to talk about the disconnect between your brain and mouth," Mackenzie said to Lynzy.

"Huh?" Lynzy asked.

"Why did you blurt that out?" Mackenzie asked her friend.

"You didn't tell me not to," Lynzy answered as I giggled.

"Well she's got you there," I said as I started laughing out loud. Mackenzie simply gave me a dirty look. It's gonna be fun having her around.

/\ {* ~ *} /\ SARAH'S PERSPECTIVE /\ {* ~ *} /\

"SARAH! MAX! SARAH!" came Megan's panicked scream as I sat in the spare bedroom putting together the baby bed we'd just bought. I leaped to my feet and charged into the living room and saw Megan standing at the top of the steps with a puddle between her feet. "I have no idea what's happening. Help me?"

"I think your water just broke," I said as I hugged her and found her shaking. "It's OK, Megs."

"I'm so scared, I can't do this," Megan said as Maxie came bounding up the steps.

"What's wrong? What...Megan pee the floor again?" Maxie asked as I laughed.

"No dumbass I did not," Megan said as Maxie grinned. "My water broke I think."

"OHMIGOD!" Maxie panicked. "I'll get some hot water and blankets."

"Tay this isn't a movie on Turner Classic Movies this is the real deal," I said calmly. "Call 911."

"OK OK," Maxie said as she ran for the phone on the kitchen counter. "9 eleven? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ELEVEN?"

"Stop acting stupid...OWWWWW, OHMIGOD that hurts!" Megan cried as she held her stomach.

"...yeah on South Main above Fast Eddie's," Maxie said into the phone as she talked to the dispatcher. "Yeah dude I know him. He does make the best meat loaf in town, tell me about it. Yeah come by sometime and say hi..."

"MAXIE!" Megan and I screamed in unison as she grinned sheepishly and quickly hung up the phone.

"Their on the way he said," Maxie reassured Megan as she joined us. "It's gonna be OK Megs."

"Max will you please come to the hospital with me?" Megan pleaded.

"Every minute you need me," Maxie said as hugged Megan. "You're mine and Sarah's family now."

"Got that right!" I agreed. Megan smiled nervously and welcomed a hug from Maxie and me.