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A new kind of family





One day Suzette announced to her daughter after readying the mail that they were taking a trip down to San Antonio, Texas to visit Laura. Leah was thrilled at the idea of getting to visit her older sister. Laura was in the Air Force stationed there.

They had a few days to make plans for the trip. It was cheaper to fly down there. So they asked a neighbor to take them to the airport and packed lightly because it was summer. The flight was thrilling for Leah because it was her first time flying.

Laura met them at the airport in her own car. It was a nice Honda Accord and she was in her summer blue shirted uniform. She looked so regal because she was a five-foot eight woman with close cropped brown hair under her officer's cap.

As they got off of the plane they saw Laura and rushed to great her. There was a lot of tears, hugging and kissing before they retrieved their luggage and carried it to the parking lot and headed to a hotel down town.

They had made reservations at a nice hotel near the river. They could enjoy the air-conditioned hotel during the heat of the day and then as the evening cooled off they could spend their time shopping along the "River-Walk" or eat at any one of a number of very good restaurants. After they checked into the hotel Laura took them to the base where she signed them in as her guests.

They toured the base and Laura showed them where she worked. They even got to shop at the Base Exchange (AKA PX) where they picked a few items that had been forgotten when they packed for the trip. Then they went to her living quarters. The best thing about being a female officer is that there are relatively so few that they get spacious quarters separate from the male bachelor officer's quarters.

Leah was a very impressionable sixteen-year-old. She is five-foot four and very proud of her 34-B cup size. She is only 95 pounds and self-conscience about her reddish hair and freckles. Just the same she is as tall as many of the women in the Air Force. She thought it would be so cool to be an officer like her older sister. She could tell that Suzette was just as proud of Laura as she was.

Suzette was a small woman. She was only five-foot one if she was that tall. Just the same Suzette is the matriarch of the family and her word is the final judgment in family disputes.

As the afternoon wore on Laura excused herself because she had to get dressed for an inspection. She ordered a young Airwoman to show her family to the parade ground. The young girl led them to the parade ground and the reviewing stands. They were located so that the guests faced east. That way their backs would be to the afternoon sun. The grand stands were filling up with other civilians. Some were other family members and others were people that worked on the base.

Then the parade ground began to fill up with uniformed Airmen. They sorted themselves out in groups. Then higher ranking sergeants began directing them around. A uniformed band marched in front of the reviewing stand and took a position to the right of the stand. Eventually officers gathered. They began to assume their places in front of companies with Airmen carrying flags with a variety of insigne squadrons and base support groups.

Leah saw her sister assume her position in front of a group of Airmen and women with the armbands with large black letters "MP" on them. The band started playing a variety of John Philip Sousa's patriotic marching music. A voice came over the address system calling everyone to attention and then a color guard marched in carrying the American flag on high past the reviewing stand. They dipped their colors as they passed the General on the review stand except the American flag.

The General joined a reviewing party. They walked up and down the files of men and then returned to the stand. They announced the results of the base readiness status and the scores of the inspection. The results elicited a cheerful response from all of the Airmen.

Then they called out the names of personal and had them come out front and center. Among the names was Laura's. She marched to the center in front of the reviewing stand where the rest lined up on a painted line on either side of her. The announcement was made that these officers had been promoted in rank. The General passed in front of each of them and handed the insignia of their new rank and shook their hand and saluted them in return for their salute.

When the General was back on the reviewing stand the band struck up a march as the announcer said "Pass in review." The company on the far left of the reviewing stand marched forward and turned left and marched past the General. Each company had turned right and moved in turn so that each one could square off the corners and start their pass in review from the same place. It was a big square and eventually they were back in the place they started.

The Base Commander made some more remarks and then announced that leave started immediately for all personal not on duty and dismissed them.

The Airmen gave a hoot and started running in all directions. The officers hung around because the guests wanted to thank them for inviting them. Parents of enlisted men and offices were introduced to commanding officers with pride.

Leah had not been told that her sister was being promoted to Captain. She was very proud of her sister. She beamed when her sister introduced her and her mother to her superior officer. He was very complementary of Laura saying that she had earned her promotion with hard work and dedication. He said that he would miss her. That caused some confusion for Suzette and Leah until it was explained that her promotion would mean a change in duty station. That sounded unfair, that she would get promoted and have to move to another base.

Laura told them that it would be awhile before orders would come through. She had a three day pass so they could spend it in town having a good time before they would have to go home.

They only stopped long enough for Laura to change into civilian clothes and they were off of the base in time to have dinner along the "River-Walk". They were in a great mood and when they were finished they did a little window-shopping along the river. It is so scenic to see the shops light up by individual light bulbs even if all of the lights add to the heat of the night.

Laura is very athletic and it was not long before Suzette's short frame with her heavy 36-DD breasts had her huffing and puffing. They decided to catch a ride on one of the river boats back to the hotel. Suzette was recovered by the time they were back at their starting point.

They went up to their room and prepared for bed. Even with the hotel air-conditioning it was warm enough to only need sheets over their bodies. The room had two queen sized beds. Suzette and Laura gave Leah the bed to herself and they doubled up. They were drinking wine in bed as Leah drifted off to sleep.

Some time during the night something woke Leah up. It took her a few moments for her to remember where she was. She heard the bed next to her making some noise and she looked over at the bed her mother and older sister were in.

She saw the sheet moving by the light coming through the window. What she saw didn't register at first. The sheet slipped off of her sister's body and she saw her naked frame resting on top of their mother's body. They were kissing each other on the mouth like lovers and Laura was feeling their mother's breasts in a very erotic way.

Leah didn't move her head for fear that it would draw attention to herself. She watched as her sister moved down her mother's naked body and suck on her large soft breasts. They were spread out over her chest from arm to arm. It was as if her arms were holding her breasts in but they were welling up about to spill over her arms. Laura was sucking on the nipples like she was a baby trying to get milk out of them.

Leah was shocked to see what was going on but at the same time she was being stimulated beyond belief. She already had her hands under the sheet and she slowly moved her right hand between her legs only to find that her nightgown was damp. She watched as Laura worked her way further down their mother's body.

Laura hung onto the breasts as she inched her way down her mother's torso. In an act of willing submission her mother bent her knees and drew her feet up until they were actually touching her butt. The valley her legs created trapped Laura guided her face toward the moist valley of her vulva. When her cheek felt the pubic hair she thrilled at the feeling and the smell of her mother's pussy.

Leah could hardly make out what was going on the other bed because her mother's thick legs were hiding most of Laura's head but the sound was unmistakable. She found that the air was rich with the odor of damp pussy like she had smelled in the clothes hamper before wash time.

She was so engrossed with what was going on in the other bed that she didn't even notice that she was masturbating wildly and that she was starting to moan in her race to climax.

Laura looked over and saw what Leah was doing and said, "Mom I think Leah has woken up in time to discover our secret." Suzette's head turned quickly as saw the light reflect off of Leah's eyes. She started crying because she never wanted Leah to know that Laura and her had been having sex with each other for years.

She tried to push Laura off of her body to no avail because her daughter was just too strong. It was up to Laura to get up. She moved across the space between the two beds and sat next to her younger sister. She placed her hand on Leah's arm and stopped her from masturbating.

"We need to have a talk Leah." Laura said. "Mom and I have been lovers for years. I discovered that I was a lesbian when I was about your age and could not keep my hands off of every girl I knew. Mom caught me in bed with a girlfriend more than one time."

"I was sexually attracted to her too. I seduced her one night after she caught me in bed with a girl and she got drunk on wine. The girlfriend rushed home leaving the two of us alone in the house. You were just a baby at the time and sound asleep in your crib. By the time mom knew what I was doing she couldn't stop me. I made her cum and before she could do anything I made her cum again. I slept with her that night and every time she tried to get out of bed I held her down and sucked her pussy until she gave up and let me have my way. She agreed to continue having sex with me as long as I kept it from you."

"It was not long before I went away to college and got into the Air Force Academy. I kept my sex life away from the Air Force until I was commissioned and out in the field. I soon learned that there were a lot of women offices that were just as horny as me. You might say I sucked my way up the ladder."

"I invited mom here to see me get promoted. I did not intent to make love to her in front of you tonight but I could not keep from it after we were in bed. I thought you were asleep and would never know about it."

Suzette gathered up her nightgown and covered her nakedness as much as she could and came over and sat down on the other side of Leah. She tried to explain how much she loved both of them.

Leah was distracted by the proximity of the two naked bodies smelling of sweat and sex. She could not think about what was being said. All she saw was her mother's big butt and her back. The woman was crying like a baby. Leah sat up and moved so that she was sitting between her mother and sister. She turned to her mother and wrapped her arms around her neck and hugged her so tightly that she was almost choking her.

She moved her hand under the nightgown and found one of her breasts to grab onto. Her mother tried to brush her hand away but Leah would not let go. Suzette let go with the statement, "Are all of my children lesbians."

Leah said, "I don't know about that but I have been dreaming about having sex with you most of my life."

Suzette tried to wipe the tears from her eyes and the nightgown fell from her hand. It draped over Leah's arm. She took another grip on one of her mother's breasts and leaned forward to take the nipple into her mouth.

Laura was taking it all in and lifted Leah's nightgown and sought out her moist valley between her legs. She found her baby sister's little clit and rubbed it vigorously as Leah continued sucking on Suzette tit. Leah took charge and pulled her mother around so that her back was against the wall and flung her leg over her body so that she was now facing her mother on her hands and knees. She started kissing, licking and sucking her way down her mother's body until her mouth was covering her mother's hairy vulva. She could not get enough of it in her mouth. She wiggled her tongue back and forth so much that her teeth were cutting the ligament attached to the underside of her tongue.

When Suzette climaxed it would be hard to tell if the tears were from joy or regret that she could not resist her baby daughter's sexual advances. Laura was not sitting idle either.

Laura was not known for seducing young girls but hell this was her baby sister and she was sucking their mother's pussy. She was sitting behind her sister as she got on her knees exposing her butt to her sister. She was looking at the pink hole of her sister's ass. The girl's butt was spread open and her anus was puckering as it if needed kissing as much as her smooth vulva. She got on her own knees behind her sister and pushed her face between the butt cheeks and mouthed her vulva. She licked her sister from clit to asshole. Leah shuttered whenever the wet tongue touched her anus. She was grinding her butt into Laura's face as she did everything possible to make her mother cum.


Her mother cried out, "God I'm coming!!!!"


Leah had never climaxed while having sex with another person before and this time she found it unbearable. She tried to move her butt away from Laura's face but Laura followed her where ever she went. They finally collapsed on the bed.


When they were ready Leah turned her attention to her sister's pussy and enjoyed having her mother perform the same act that Laura had done to her. She could not believe her own mother was licking her pussy and asshole until she climaxed rapidity.


They hardly came out of the room the rest of the weekend. They went back to the base with Laura before they had to do home. Leah was looking at the Air Force women with different eyes that day. She saw the way Laura's female superior placed her hand on Laura's shoulder while pointing out some duty assignment. She also checked out a female sergeant that looked more like a man than a woman. She gave Leah a crooked grin like a cat looking at a canary in a cage. She was so obvious in watching her actions that the sergeant noticed. When she walked behind her to put a couple of papers that were stapled together into a file cabinet she brushed up behind Leah and briefly touched her ass. The contact caused Leah to practically piss her panties.


On their return trip Leah wanted to talk to her mother about everything but could not talk about in on the plane or in the car with their neighbors. When she got home she followed her mother to her bedroom while her mother unpacked her bag. Her mother didn't want to discuss it. She could have sex with her children but could not bring herself verbalize about what they did.


When pressed she admitted that she had sex with women before Laura had seduced her. She knew about Laura having sex with her friends in her bedroom long before she was faced with her own desire. She told Leah that if she wanted to have sex with girls she could bring them home but be sure that they are receptive to sex before you try and seduce them or it will not be long before the school authorities find out and try to expel you or put you in a home for wayward girls.


That gave Leah a lot to think about. How was she going to find girls that would be interested in having sex with her? She watched other girls everywhere in hopes of finding a like minded one. At night she would enter her mother's room and get in bed with her. They would have sex with each other without talking about it much.


Surprisingly she didn't even notice that she was drawing the attention of one of her women teachers. This particular teacher had noticed that Leah spent a lot of time in the wash-room during the day. She saw the longing look in her eyes and figured that she was looking for a female sexual partner.


She stopped Leah one afternoon and invited her to the teachers lounge after all of the teachers had gone home. She produced a pack of cigarettes and light up. She blew the smoke towards the ceiling before she asked Leah if she had lesbian sexual desires.


Leah broke down crying thinking that she was in trouble until the teacher put her arm around her shoulders and hugged her. She assured her that she was not in trouble. She just wanted to know if she needed sexual release. Leah admitted that she had had sex with women before but never told her teacher that her first lesbian experience had been with her mother and older sister.


The teacher assured her that what she was feeling was perfectly acceptable to her. In fact if she wanted to have sex with a woman she would be happy to oblige her. She told her teacher that she would have to call her mother if she was going to be late getting home. The teacher gave her cell phone and she called home she told her mother that she would be late getting home because she was visiting a friend.


Her mother understood what she was saying and cautioned her to be sure knew what she was getting in to before she did anything. Leah thanked her and hung up. She handed the phone back to the teacher and they left the lounge together. They went to the faculty parking lot and she got into the car. The car was about a five years old sedan with a bench seat. Leah sat next to the door until they were several blocks way from school.


When the teacher placed her hand on her knee and gently pulled on it she moved close to her. Her thigh was pressed against the teacher's thigh. The women felt her inner thigh all the way up to warm panties.

They soon pulled into a driveway and she pressed a remote control to open the garage door. They pulled in and the door close behind them. A light was on and the got out of the car and went into the house through a door that led to a hall that lead in two directions. One went to the kitchen area and the other led to the living room and other parts of the house. The teacher asked her if she would like something to drink or if she needed to use the bathroom.

Leah accepted the offer of a drink and thanked her as she asked where the bathroom was. The teacher pointed towards the hall and gave her instructions to the washroom.

While the teacher was opening cans of Coke Leah was peeing and looking around the room. She felt wicked and pulled off her panties and stuffed them into her school pack before returning to the living room. The teacher was sitting on the couch and patted the cushion next to her.

Leah sat down and took the glass and sipped the cold liquid as the ice cubes rested against her upper lip. The women waited until Leah had finished her drink before she put her arm around her shoulders and hugged her. She turned her head upwards and kissed her on the mouth. She asked, "You have an older sister don't you?" Laura as I remember."

Leah said, "Yes, Laura is my sister. She is a Captain in the Air Force now."

The woman smiled, "I knew her well back then."

Leah figured that her sister and this teacher had sex back then. The woman assured her that Laura had been a very ardent lover too. As she said that she placed her hand on Leah's thigh again. When her long fingers reached her crotch she was pleased to find that there were no panties to obstruct her advance. She skillfully masturbated her little clit while kissing her on the mouth.

Leah went right for her breasts. They were not as big as her mother's but were as big as Laura's. They fumbled with undressing each other until they were both naked. Leah sucked her breasts for a long time and then went down on her and sucked her pussy. The women never stopped masturbating her until she climaxed then she lay Leah on the couch and sucked her pussy until the girl climaxed over and over again.

They cleaned up afterwards and the teacher drove her home. It was dark by then. Leah insisted that she meet her mother. The teacher had made love to Laura many times she never knew about her relationship with her mother. She tried to be very professional with Suzette when she met her.

Suzette knew that Leah had just had sex with her because she had even flashed her naked crotch at her. Suzette shocked the teacher by saying, "Would you like to spend the night here honey?"

She sputtered and didn't know what to say. Leah was thrilled and led her to her room before she could say anything. She closed the door and was all over the woman before she could stop her. She gave up and let the girl suck her pussy as she stood there with her back against the door. She was just recovering when she felt the tapping on the door.

"Dinner is ready." Suzette announced.

The teacher was flustered when she entered the dinning room. She was uncomfortable feeling at ease with Leah rubbing her leg under the table. After the meal she offered to help Suzette clean the dishes but Suzette simply said, "I'm sure Leah can't wait to get back into your panties.

The woman almost fell over when she understood that Leah's mother knew what was going on and even seemed to be giving her permission. They went to Leah's room again and this time they undressed and got on the bed. They made love most of the night.

Early the next day Suzette woke the teacher up by tickling her pussy hairs until she woke up. She told her "I figured that you might want to get home in time she change clothes before school."

When she tried o get out of bed it woke Leah up. The girl sat up as naked as the day she had come into the world and kissed her mother on the mouth. Then she kissed the teacher and even played with on of her breasts a little.

After the teacher left the house Leah made love to her mother before she had to shower and get ready for school. The teacher was a nervous wreck that day. She was to learn just how much this family loved each other and she introduced Leah to other women that would enjoy the love of a young girl.

Leah went on to meet Laura's friends too. She found that sergeant to be a different kind of lover but that is another story.

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