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Her Aunt was her Teacher



Louise heard noises coming from her daughter's bedroom. That made her suspect that her daughter was exploring her sexuality with her playmate. She stood outside the door listening to what was going on.

She could identify the sound of the two girl's voices. Her daughter's name was Amanda and her friend was Yvonne. She could tell they were trying to be quit but they had no idea just how loud they really were.

Amanda was saying, "Why do older girls and women have hair on their pussies and we don't?"

Yvonne said, "I don't know why. All I know is that it tickles when I rub it.

Louise could picture them sitting on Amanda's bed inspecting each other's pussy. She didn't want to embarrass her daughter by busting in on her like her mother did to her when she was exploring her own sexuality.

Louise was like most young girls when her parents got divorced. She felt like her world was coming to an end. Her parents must not love her as much as they said they did or they would never have separated. She was shipped off to her Aunt Jewel during the divorce and later when her mother wanted to date other men she would be hustled off to Jewel's home for a short visit.

Jewel was very sweet to Louise. She would spend hours entertaining her. They would play games and go to the movies together. She did everything she could to take Louise's mind off the bitter divorce. She would come into the bedroom she was using and comforted her when she heard Louise crying. She stroked her hair and assured her that her parents still loved her and that it would get better with time.

Louise did feel better because at least her aunt still loved her. She transferred all of her emotional attachment to Jewel. She didn't talk about her parents because Jewel defended both of them. She was able to continue going to the same school during all of the turmoil. At least she got to keep contact with her friends. She just became a little distant from them because she would not talk about her feelings with her friends no matter how much they assured her that they had been through the same thing when their own parents separated.

Jewel was a very casual woman. She didn't bother closing the door to her bathroom when she would bath. She would talk to Louise while she bathed herself. She thought nothing about walking in to the bathroom while Louise was bathing either. She would come in and sit on the toilet and talk to her.

As Louise got used to her aunt seeing her naked she didn't bother trying to cover herself. One evening after they had gone to bed Louise remembered that she needed to get her aunt to sign a permission slip for her to go on a field trip with her class. She got up and went down the hall to her aunt's bedroom with the slip of paper in her hand. When she got to her bedroom door she paused because she heard a noise coming from the room.

It sounded almost like her aunt was crying. She felt sorry for her. All of these months her aunt had done everything possible to keep her sprits up and she had not even thought about her aunt being disturbed. She opened the door thinking she would find her crying but she froze in her steps when she saw her aunt on her bed.

Jewel was on top of her bed totally naked. Her legs were bent with her feet pulled up almost to her butt. Her thighs were spread wide open and Louise could see what her aunt was doing to herself. She had her right hand resting on her pussy and was rubbing it vigorously while she was jerking her head back and forth on her pillow as she moaned as if she was in pain.

Louise was only a child but she knew that her aunt was doing something her mother had told her not to do. Her mother had caught her playing with herself when she was in first grade. A girl a little older than her had showed her how to play with her pussy to make it feel good. Her mother didn't get angry with her. She just told her that she should not do that kind of thing to herself. Seeing her aunt doing it to herself did confuse her. Why was it wrong for her to do that kind of thing but OK for her aunt to do it?

Her aunt opened her eyes and saw her niece standing in the doorway. She stopped rubbing herself and tried to cover her naked breasts with her other arm and hand. She sat up in her bed and pulled a pillow around and held it over the front of her body to hide her nakedness. "Don't leave Louise. Come over her and sit down on the bed so we can talk about what you saw."

Louise slowly approached the bed and felt the springs sag as she sat on the side of the bed. She could smell the musky odor in the air coming from her aunt's pussy. She didn't understand why but her own pussy was tingling.

Aunt Jewel put her arm around her shoulders and pulled her niece close to her. Louise felt her aunt's soft breast press against her shoulder. That also helped to turn her on.

Jewel said, "I know that seeing me is hard to understand. I don't know how to explain it to you. I masturbate almost every day. Please don't hate me for what I do."

Louise said, "A friend taught me how to do that but mom caught me and told me it was wrong. Is it OK for older women to do that?"

Jewel hugged her even tighter, "Honey I can not tell you if it is right or wrong. I have been doing it to myself from the time I was your age. I know your mother has been doing it as long as I have. We even did it to each other."

Louise had to think about that. Why would her mother tell her it was wrong, if she started doing it when she was her age? She didn't know how to ask her aunt if her mother still did it.

Jewel could see the question on her face. "I don't know if your mother still masturbates. I have not seen her do it in years.

Louise asked, "When was the last time you saw her do it?"

Jewel thought for a moment, "I think it was at the Christmas gathering at your grandma's home when you were still a baby. I walked into the bathroom from the bedroom. She had locked the door to the hall but forgot the door to our old bedroom. She was doing the same thing you saw me doing."

Louise asked, "What did you do?"

Jewel laughed, "I gave her a hand literally."

It took Louise a second to get the joke. She had to picture her aunt sticking her hand between her mother's legs and rubbing her like she had seen her aunt doing.

Louise, "Why would she tell me it is wrong?"

Jewel said, "Your grandma used to tell us it was wrong every time she caught us doing it to each other but her heart wasn't in it. She gave up trying to stop us when we were eighteen years old."

As Jewel was talking she started rubbing Louise's arm. She placed her other hand on Louise's knee and started rubbing her leg. Each time she pilled her hand up the thigh the old worn flannel nightgown inched up her thigh until her hand was resting on Louise's naked thigh. Louise spread her legs wider to allow her aunt access to her vagina.

When Jewel reached Louise's little vulva and stroked her vagina very gently. It was Louise that breathlessly begged her to rub harder and faster. While she was rubbing Louise's pussy she slipped the other hand under her arm and started seeking out the opening of the gown so that she could stimulate her little nipples.

When Louise turned her head to look at her aunt her aunt kissed her on the mouth. It was thrilling to have her aunt rubbing her vulva, nipple and slipping her tongue into her mouth. While they were kissing her aunt stuck her finger into her little vagina and she felt the pain stabbing her crotch as she aunt forced her finger right through her hymen. "Be brave sweetheart it will feel much better in a minute or two. " Big tears rolled down her cheeks as she cried because of the pain. Jewel was using her thumb to stimulate the little clit to take the child's mind off of the pain.

Louise could not tell when the pain stopped and the tingling took over but in time she was rocking her hips back and forth in a rhythmic motion to increases her pleasure. She also pushed the pillow away so that she could see her aunt's breasts. She could not get over the feeling of the soft yielding orbs with the mauve areolas the size of silver dollars and nipples the size of the first knuckle on her little fingers. Louise lifted one and claimed the nipple with her mouth. She suckled on her aunt's tit as if she thought she was going to get milk out of it. The harder she sucked the harder Jewel rubber her cunt. They masturbated each other for a long time that first time.

While Louise was staying with her aunt she started sleeping with her at night. She treated Louise to her first oral sex the first night. She made love to her until she virtually passed out and fell asleep. The next night she offered her pussy to Louise after she sucked her niece's pussy until she could not stand it any longer.

Louise was curious about how long it would be before she would have hair on her pussy. She ran her fingers through the hair as if she were measuring each strand. She marveled at how wet her aunt's cunt was. When she parted the labia she looked into the gaping vagina. She saw how uneven the walls of her cunt were and spread the opening to find Jewel's urethra. This was her first time to get a chance to inspect a vagina without using a mirror. She was fascinated with the way it was structured. The way the hairs thinned out around the crack and trailed back to form a ring around Jewel's asshole were a turn on for little Louse. The mucus membrane of her mouth, vagina and asshole were all the same color but her anus was a little darker. Just the same she settled down to taste her first pussy.

Louise found the musky smell very erotic. She licked the flesh as if she was not sure she would like the taste. It was not until she swallows her first mouth full of Jewel's juice that she found it not as bad as she thought it might be. In fact she found the whole experience to be delightful. She stared sucking and licking her aunt's pussy. She felt her aunt stroking her hair and pulling her head tighter against her sopping wet cunt. While Louise was sucking her pussy Jewel stuck her foot between Louise's legs and sought out her pussy with her big toe and masturbated her niece.

By the time she had to return to her mother's home she was an expert female lover. She sought out other girls to have sex with. Her last lesbian relationship was with her college roommate. The relationship lasted even after Louise got married and had children of her own. When they get together for a weekend to renew old times they spend a couple of nights of pure sexual lust.

That night after Yvonne left for home she went into Amanda's bedroom and sat down next to her on the bed and told her, "Honey if you want to know anything about the female body all you have to do is ask me."

Amanda was a little embarrassed because she realized that her mother knew what she and Yvonne had been doing. "How did you know about what we were doing?"

Louise said, "I was doing the same thing when I was your age. My mother tried to stop me from doing it but my Aunt Jewel taught me everything about making love to a girl."

Amanda asked her, "Mom, when will I have hair on my pussy like you?"

Louise said, "It will happen when you enter puberty. The women in our family develop early. I started developing breasts and growing pubic hair shortly after I turned eleven. Every girl's body eventually changes and she become fertile for about the next thirty or forty years. At least having sex with other girls or women will not produce a child before your ready to have one."

Amanda's next question led to her mother introducing her to a lesbian relationship that would be a lasting relationship. After all who would love her more than her own mother?

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