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Okie Mom





Mildred was a little surprised when her son announced over the supper table that he was getting married. It was not that he was too young. He was 24-years old. What she had a hard time getting her mind around was that his future bride was five years older than he was and had a 6-year old daughter. The next evening he brought his fiancee over to supper along with his future daughter-in-law.

He introduced her as Kathy and the girl clinging to her mother's arm was Karen. Mildred assumed the shy behavior of the child was the apprehension of meeting the family of her future stepfather. In time she became aware that her son's stepdaughter was never far from her mother. When most girls were trying to get away from their mothers to test their independence Karen hardly ever showed signs of rebellion.

Kathy was a very attractive woman. Most men would be sexually attracted to her. Women would admire her or be envious of her. She was the kind of woman that looked like she should be on stage singing country-western music. She had long auburn hair that almost reached the small of her back and blue-gray eyes. Her breasts were at least a 38-D and her waist belied the fact that she had ever had a child. It measured no more than 26 inches and probably only 24. Her widely set hips added to her seductive appearance. Her daughter showed promise that she was going to look just like her mother.

Karen had the same color of hair. It was only slightly redder. The length of it had only been trimmed to get rid of the split ends. As a result it was so long that she could sit on it. Her eyes were a little bluer too. She was not a disrespectful child. It was that she seemed so attached to her mother that seemed unnatural.

Mildred's son didn't seam to even mind that she was always around. The longer they were married the more Kathy seamed to dominate her son. She didn't mind that because she felt if he was happy to be pussy whipped by his wife then at least he would stay married to her.

After a couple of years of marriage Mildred had the family gather at her home for the holidays. Everything seemed normal. Her husband and their son were off doing their thing. They loved to go hunting. It did not matter if they bagged anything or not it was the hunt that counted and the time outdoors with each other. Mildred was busy preparing one of those heart specialists' choleric nightmares of a dinner. The 20-pound turkey with stuffing, cranberry, mashed potatoes, homemade bread, salad, pumpkin pie, mincemeat pie, pecan pie and apple pie. The house smelled of baking food. You could gain 10-pounds just from the smell. At one point while she was cooking she felt the urge to relieve herself and headed for the bathroom.

As she passed the bedroom being used by Karen she heard noises coming from inside. It almost sounded like the girl was in pain. She opened the door to find out if she could help. She was not prepared for the sight before her.

Kathy was on the bed with the front of her scooped neck dress pulled down under her breasts so that her melons were exposed and the skirt of her dress gathered up around her waist. Karen was crouched between her mother's legs sucking on her pussy and she had her hands on her mother's breasts squeezing them. Karen was practically humming a tune into her mother's pussy. Kathy was the first to see her mother-in-law.

She seemed to take it with aplomb. She simply smiled at her and spread her legs even wider to give Mildred a better view of the action. When Karen realized that they were not alone she looked up.

Mildred saw that her face was all wet and her mother's dark pubic hair was all matted down and her labia was inflamed and swollen from the way her daughter had been chewing on her pussy.

Kathy simply asked her if she would like to watch. Mildred didn't know what to say. She just stood there watching like a fool. Watching as Karen returned to her attention to her mother's pussy.

Kathy patted the bed beside her as an invitation for Mildred to sit down beside her. She found herself moving towards the bed and sitting down next to her daughter-in-law.

Mildred asked, "Can you tell me how this came about?"

Kathy said, "I have always been a bit of a slut. I enjoy all kinds of sex."

Mildred asked, "How did you and Karen get started?"

Kathy gave a big sigh, "I breast fed Karen and got in the habit of masturbating her while she suckled. I bathed her and masturbated her all the time. When she was too big for the infant tub I bathed her in the tub with me. She was still sucking my tits even after I dried up. I have always enjoyed oral sex and Karen seemed to enjoy doing it. I started sucking her pussy and she was always ready to suck mine for me.

Mildred asked, "Does Will know that you allow your daughter to have sex with you?"

Kathy said, "Of course he does. I only agreed to marry him if he could handle the idea that Karen would continue having sex with me."

Mildred had to think about that for a while. Here she was sitting next to her daughter-in-law watching her daughter sucking her pussy and playing with her mother's tits. It looked so erotic she had read stories about incest but never though she would meet a woman that actually was having sex with her child. The sight of the sweet looking little girl sucking her mother's pussy was enough to make Mildred's pussy wet. She had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that she could not resist.

She found herself placing her hand on top of Kathy's breast and feeling the mound rise and fall as the woman breathed. Karen let go of her mother's tits and concentrated on her pussy. Mildred leaned over the woman's body and took her mauve areola into her mouth and started sucking on the nipple like a baby.

Karen was dressed in a simple dress that was old enough that she was out growing it. The waist was too high and the skirt was too short. As she was crouched over worshiping her mother's pussy her skirt was so short that her cheap nylon panties were visible. Mildred found herself strangely attracted to the girl. She felt she had to inspect the child's body.

She moved around to the foot of the bed. The filtered light in the room gave the girl's naked legs a warm glow like an alabaster statue. She felt as if she touched the child it would spoil the magic of the moment. She crossed her legs and moved close enough that Karen had to move her legs by straddling Mildred's waist. Mildred bent over and smelled the girl's bottom through her panties.

Mildred found the odor of laundry soap and the girl's warm crotch very erotic. She was almost afraid to touch the girl. Karen was the one to reach back and pull her own panties down as far as she could. She continued to rub her face in her mother's cunt but she wanted the older woman to touch her backside. She grabbed each cheek and spread them apart.

Mildred was a natural blonde that had started bleaching her hair years ago because as she grew older the darker her hair became. Her skin color and texture had darkened with age but she shill was faire compared to her daughter-in-law and her daughter.

Karen was lighter skinned than her mother but she would darken the more she was exposed to the sun. Her butt was still as pale as a baby's. Her anus had a dark look, as if the skin had a smoky quality. Her little vulva was as red as raw meat. She was so horny that she was wiggling her bottom around in front of the older woman's face as if she was begging her to touch it.

Mildred added her own hands to Karen's to spread her vulva open. Her face was so close that the fragrance of the girl's pussy and anus filled her nose. Her mouth was watering. She wanted to taste the girl so bad. When she opened her mouth she covered her vulva and stuck her nose right into the girl's asshole. She used her tongue to part her labia and gave her little clit the workout of her life.

Kathy propped her back up with pillows so that she could look over her daughter's back and watch her mother-in-law making love to her child's cunt and asshole. She was stroking the back of her head as her daughter sucked on her pussy for all she was worth. The girl was like a starving animal as she did everything she knew how to do to make her mother cum. Mother and daughter climaxed so close together you could not tell which one came first.

Their orgasms left Mildred as the only one still horny. Kathy pulled her mother-in-law up the bed and settled her down next to her. Kathy figured that Karen had just gotten a mouth full of her cum so she figured it was only fitting that she give her mother-in-law the benefit of her skill at sucking pussy first. She sat Karen next to Mildred and let her suck the big breasts while she moved down to place her mouth over the hairy pussy and got to work on it. She was shaking her head around like a dog trying to take a rag away from their master. She stopped short of making Mildred cum. She changed places with her daughter and told Karen to fist fuck her Granny.

While Karen got between Mildred's legs and slowly worked her whole hand up into the 54-year-old woman's cunt Kathy straddled Mildred's head and sat on her face. She ground her cunt into her mother-in-law's mouth and played with her tits. She pinched her nipples and pulled on them. She stretched the tits as far as they would go. The fist in her cunt, with its wiggling fingers and smell and feel of a warm wet cunt on her face caused Mildred to achieve an orgasm like none she have ever experienced in all of her years of fucking. Had her heart stopped right then she would have died a happy woman.

Mildred hated to get up but eventually had to do so in order to get dressed. She did a lot of soul searching about what had happened before she figured if her daughter-in-law had no problem with fucking her child that she might as well enjoy it too. Karen really was getting more sex than most girls could dream of.

After that first time Karen would get out of school and go to Mildred's home because it would be hours before her mother and stepfather would get home from work. She would arrive by 3:30 pm. Mildred would insist on her doing her homework before allowing her to play. She would check her work and give her some cookies and milk. Then she could go out and play.

After Mildred caught Karen having sex with her mother she could not resist allowing Karen to play with her. After the homework was finished and checked she would reward her by taking her onto her lap and breast feeding her while she masturbates her little cunt. Mildred enjoyed watching Karen running around the house as only a young girl can in the buff.

Her little buns looked so sexy as she moved around helping granny making dinner and cleaning. Mildred would be cleaning the bathtub and Karen would come in and flip her dress over her back and stick her hand into granny's panties and masturbate her like crazy before ramming her whole hand inside the slopping wet hole. Many a night Kathy would come home to pick up Karen to find her in granny's bed making love to her.

Kathy would simply pull her own panties down and get on the bed and find a mouth not being used before grinding her own pussy into it.

Fitting Karen into her regular sex routine caused Mildred to do some adjusting, however; she still willingly spread her legs for her husband whenever he felt the urge to fuck. What she found interesting was how much easier it was to climax now. All she needed to do was close her eyes and imagine that was Karen's little fist pumping in and out of her cunt instead of his swollen cock.

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