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Portuguese Aunt




        Like many Portuguese girls I grew up a home dominated by very religious mother. Sex was a subject not discussed. The nuns would not discuss it either. We were simply told that when we got married we would learn from our husbands about the duties required of a wife and mother. As a result I was a naive 16-year old.

        Most of my girlfriends were married by that time, but my ambition was to become a lawyer, marriage was the farthest thing on my mind. I assumed that someday I would meet the right man.

        My mother’s sister, Aida was a frequent visitor. My Aunt Aida was called Aidinha by the family and friends. She was considered to be a little strange because she had never married. She was not a bad looking woman at all. She was a little overweight, but not enough to make her unattractive to men. That was why the family considered her strange. You just don’t expect to see a 38-year old woman in a Portuguese society unmarried and without children.

        I was having some strange sexual feeling at the time. Aidinha had walked into the bathroom while I was in there. She caught me with my mother’s dirty underpants. I had fished them out of the laundry basket so that I could smell the dirty crotch of her panties. Rather than getting upset with my behavior, she casually sat on the rim of the bathtub and told me that everyone had the same feeling I had, including her. She told me that she enjoyed the smell of female skin, and especially female juices.

        I had a very little knowledge of female anatomy at the time. I was menstruating and had panicked the first time I had found blood in my panties one morning about 4 years earlier. I had no idea why sometimes I woke up in the morning to find a slippery substance in my panties. Aunt Aidinha was only too happy to tell me that my nightly emissions were the way females cum. She assured me that it was much better to have someone else to help me cum.

        She told me that she was very oral. I didn’t understand the significance of what that meant. She told me that she liked to talk dirty while having sex as much as she liked sucking on a girl’s pussy. Now “Sucking on a girl’s pussy” had meaning. I knew what a pussy was, but the thought of a woman actually liking to put her mouth on such a dirty part of a female’s body sounded sick to me, at the same time it gave me an excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. That was all she said, at the time.. That did not stop me from fearing that she would tell my mother what I had been doing.

        I did not suspect ulterior motives on Aunt Aidinha’s part but she did start undressing for bed close to me. She would hand me her lingerie and ask me to put it in the laundry hamper for her. It was very tempting to hold her warm panties to my nose and smell her body odor until my nose was filled with fragrance of her urine, fecal material and the combination of sweat and dead skin cells that create that yellowish scum on the elastic leg openings. Every night for a week I was given her underwear to put in the hamper, not before I got a nose full of her fragrance.

        Monday morning Aidinha got up early and told me to bring the laundry hamper to the laundry room. When I brought the hamper into the laundry room, she asked me to hand her our lingerie first. I rummaged through the hamper for all of the undergarments. Her bras and panties were all made of delicate fabrics that required a gentle wash in lukewarm water. She asked me to put them in the machine. My own lingerie was made of cotton. So they didn’t go in with her wash. When I handed her my panties she held them under her nose and inhaled the fragrance of my dirty panties. She gave me a big smile as she said, “Mmmmm…”

        She casually mentioned, “I have been sleeping with a pair of your dirty panties at night so that I can smell them and taste them.”

        Aidinha allowed me to see the ones she had secreted away. The crotch of the panties were still moist, but not from me. The dirty spots had been sucked on. While I was handling them she reached under her dress and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She showed me just how wet they were. She asked, “Do you want to smell them too?”

        I could not resist taking them from her hand and smelling the moist crotch before licking the stained material. She told me that I could keep those panties. She could wash them next week.

        I spent the rest of the day in my room. She must have known I was masturbating while smelling her smelly panties. That night before bed time she came to my room and gave me the wet panties she had worn all day. She also asked me for my wet cotton panties that I had worn all day. She told me that she would love to sleep with my used panties close to her face again. She proposed that we shower together in the morning, if I wanted too.

        I hardly slept that night. My mind was racing as I thought about actually showering with my beloved aunt, while I smelled the crotch of her used panties and masturbated until fatigue overtook me and I fell asleep early in the morning with her soiled panties resting on my pillow next to my face. In the morning I was woken up by my aunt standing by the side of my bed with only a warm T-shirt on. She shook me to wake me up and asked me, “Did you enjoy my used panties last night? Do you want to shower with me now?”

        I rubbed my eyes and looked up at her and said, “I loved your used and wet panties all night. I would love to shower with you too!”

        Aunt Aidinha said, “I loved your used panties too. I have to confess that I masturbated many times while smelling your used panties last night. Did you play with yourself last night honey?”

        I felt my cheeks blush as I said sheepishly, “Yes.”

        I sat up and stood up with her help. As we headed for the bathroom she asked me, “Can I smell you before we shower?”

        I was overwhelmed with a warm feeling as I realized what my aunt was asking. I just had to say, “Yes!”

        Aunt Aidinha took off my night shirt and gave me a tender kiss on my cheeks before she placed her lips against mine. I felt like I was going to fall down. My juices were really flowing. She reached down and spread my legs apart. She used her right hand to rub the growth of pubic hair I was so proud of. She asked me, “Can I kiss you ‘down there’?”

        All I could manage to say was, “Oh Yes!”

        She knelt on the floor and moved her head against my tummy and stuck her tongue right in my navel. She left a wet trail down the center of my body, licking and kissing my flesh on her way to the center of my desire. She traced the parameter of my pubic garden with her tongue before she started matting the hairs down with her saliva and tongue. My body was quivering as a result. Nothing had ever felt as good as the moment her tongue slid between the folds of my young pussy and found my clitoris. She stuck her nose between my pussy lips very slowly and tenderly. She was deliberately inhaling the fragrance of my skin and juices. I actually had a climax just from the feeling of her nose rubbing against the wet opening of my pussy. I could feel her breath as she exhaled into my vagina.

        I must say that at that time I was very nervous, but not afraid. I had been fantasizing at night about her doing these things to me. The reality of the actual event was so exciting that my body was flowing juice. I even apologized, “I’m sorry, Aunt Aidinha, for getting so wet!”

        Aunt Aidinha was clinging to my hips as she looked up at me and said, Marie Helena, never say you’re sorry for doing something that is natural. Your juices are making my own juices flow too.”

        She was shining from my juices spread all over her face. She assured me, “I love the smell of your juices.”

        She stuck her wet tongue into my wet pussy and started licking at my labia. It felt so good I let out a shriek that I’m sure my mother must have heard.

        Aunt Aidinha stopped long enough to give my legs a hug and to say, “You’re making me so happy! Shall we take a shower now?”

        While she was standing up she told me, “My pussy is so wet that I need to wash the insides of my legs.”

        I assured her, “Thank you, for being so kind and tender to me. I am very wet down there too. I need a shower as much as you.”

        Aunt Aidinha removed her own night shirt, revealing her large C, nearly D sized breasts. I could say that she had a magnificent figure but that would not be true. She was a little thick around the middle and her butt was too big. To me though, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Her pubic area was exposed to me for the first time. I found that her dark hair had a sharp dividing line along where hair met skin. I didn’t know that she shaved her hair so that no hairs would protrude beyond the limits of her panties. I thought she was so lovely I just stood there looking at her, like a child looks at a birthday cake.

        Aunt Aidinha approached me and hugged me to her warm body before she led me into the shower. I felt her soft breasts and nipples press against my body while she kissed me on the mouth tenderly, before she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I was trembling by the time we entered the humid, damp shower stall.

        When she closed the door and turned the water on I cowered against the wall until the water heated up enough to be comfortable. Aunt Aidinha soaped up my body for me. The feeling of her slippery hands gliding all over my body sent even more erotic chills through my body. After she rinsed off the soap she applied bath oils to make my skin soft and supple.

        The shower had a hand held nozzle that hung overhead that she removed so that she could direct the spray of water between my legs. She held the direct spray of water on my pussy while I applied soap to her body. I took hold of the hand nozzle to rinse her body before I applied body oil to her body.

        I loved bathing her. Aunt Aidinha eventually took command of the nozzle and adjusted the spray until it was one forceful jet of water before she stuck the showerhead between her legs and sat down on the shower floor. I watched as the jet of water shot into her pussy and the backwash forced her labia to vibrate like a flag in a strong wind.

        I was so aroused at the sight that I didn’t even notice that I had my finger slowly rubbing my pussy. My eyes were fastened on the sight of my aunt’s labia vibrating. The sight of those lovely breasts with their large brown areolas drooping down and the blissful expression on her face was so erotic.

        She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling the water was sending through her body before she looked up at me and asked, “Is it Okay for me to touch your body honey?”

        I just had to say, “YES! Can I touch her body too?”

        Aunt Aidinha stood up and hung the shower nozzle back in its cradle as she turned the water off. She took me in her arms and kissed me passionately on the mouth. Both of her hands were cupping the cheeks of my butt as she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. While she was kissing me she moved her body to my right side so that she could continue kissing me while she placed her right hand between my legs and started masturbating me. She was teaching me by example what she wanted me to do to her.

        Oh you can’t believe how aroused I was. Our bodies were still wet but drying fast. The way she was controlling me placed me at a disadvantage. My right arm was between our bodies. My left arm was not long enough to reach over her right arm to get to her pussy. I had to twist my arm to be able to place my hand on her pussy. I could not move my arm all that much, so I had to stimulate her clit with my fingers as best I could. I must have been doing better than I thought because she was cooing in my ear.

        Aunt Aidinha retrieved the shower nozzle again and pressed the shower head against my pussy as she turned the water on again. I had never felt anything like that in my life. No enema bottle had ever given me a douche like that. She was even moved the head around so that it was rubbing against my clit.

        I was reduced to closing my eyes as my body trembled and shook. When my beloved auntie removed the nozzle she knelt in front of me and sucked the remaining water in my pussy. She sucked on my labia and clit until I had another climax. I cried out, “Ohhhhhhhh Yessssssssss!”

        At that moment I knew that I would love my dear Auntie the rest of my life.

        Aunt Aidinha hugged and kissed me tenderly and all over my wet body before she pressed her mouth against mine again. She made me cum so many times that I thought it would never stop.

        Every thing has to end no matter how much you may want it to last forever. She eventually opened the shower door and reached for a large terrycloth towel to dry us off with.

        She led me naked down the hall to her bedroom where she deposited me on the bed. I was in heaven. I didn’t even think about the prospect that my mother might walk in on us in the throes of our sexual ecstasy. We took turns making love to each other and Aunt Aidinha even got on top of me so that we could suck each other’s pussy at the same time. I worshiped her breasts lovingly.

        I knew I would never leave her. I did earn a law degree and become a member of the bar. I’m 48-years old now and Aunt Aidinha is 70-years old. If anything my attachment and desire to smell and taste her flesh is even stronger.

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