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Two Dikes Have a Daughter



Wilma was as thrilled as a five year old on Christmas morning at the sight of Jackie asleep on the couch. She had not heard her come in. She was not due home for a couple of more days. She must have left early. She wanted to cover her face with kisses but knew that she must be tired and thought it best to let her sleep.

She quietly returned to the bedroom and woke up April.

Wilma said, "Jackie is home. I think the she is tired and needs her rest."

April rubber her eyes and looked up at Wilma. She smiled up at her mother and reached up and clung to her neck and kissed her on the mouth.

Wilma returned the kiss and admired her daughter's youthful beauty. There were things about these two that were unmistakable showed that they were related. They both had long dark hair and blue eyes. April's hair was so thick and had a natural Widow's peak that came down very close to her naturally dark eyebrows. The hair was pulled back from her face and held in place with a rubber band like a ponytail over the rest of her hair. You could tell that her hair would darken with age until it would be as dark as her mother's. Her round face was so childish looking. Her lips had a natural redness that made it appear as though she was wearing lipstick.

Wilma was very concerned that April should not be as heavy as she was. Wilma had the same think hair and Widow's peak but she must have weighed 300-pounds if she weighed an ounce. Her thighs were as big around as the length of them. In her nightgown without support her 42-F breasts rested on her tummy. The dark nipples were visible through the material and they were down around her waist. Her waist was as big around as her behind. She was very self-conscious about her weight.

When Wilma and Jackie decided to have a baby it was a natural that Wilma would carry the child. Jackie wanted to be as much of a part of the child as she could. She got her brother to agree to be the donor. Wilma had a natural 28 day cycle so when they figured she was in the first few day of fertility Jackie's brother would stop by after work and mount Wilma. It was a simple matter of Wilma getting on her knees with her dress over her back and her panties off. He would coat his penis with KY and insert it from behind and fuck her. She would do it every night for 5 days then when the next cycle would start her could do it again. They didn't need to do it the third month because Wilma was already pregnant. April had a gene mix of both of her mothers that way. Jackie was with Wilma in the delivery room when they decided that there were complications and decided to deliver the baby by caesarian.

Jackie loved her just as she was. Jackie was the butch one in the family. She weighted about 250-pounds and was more like a man than a woman in most respects. She worked as forklift driver in a warehouse. Her breasts were a 38-DD. She did wear feminine bras and panties under her work clothes. She actually felt comfortable in kaki Dockers and polo shirts. She kept her dark hair cut just a little longer that a buzz cut. She had been born on the third of July so she had a crab tattooed on the back of her right shoulder. You might say she was the man of the house but April called her mother too. She simply called the mother Jackie and Mother Wilma when they were both in the room.

After Wilma woke her up she felt natures call and she rushed to the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth. She wondered why Jackie had not come to bed last night when she got home. It was normal for the three of them to sleep together in the same bed. She felt comfortable sleeping between the two of them. It was so warm between the round women.

She could face ether mother and suck on their breasts to put her to sleep at night. Wilma was her birth mother and her breasts were so large they were like big pillows. Jackie's were much firmer but still larger that her head. Neither woman shaved but their vulvas were so large that their dark hairs were not so thick that she could not see their labia.

The two of them tried to be quiet to allow Jackie to sleep as late as she wanted too. They decided on dry cereal with milk for breakfast so that the smell of cooking would not wake her up.

Eventually Jackie stirred and opened her eyes. Wilma asked, "Why didn't you come to bed when you got home this morning Honey?"

Jackie smiled sheepishly, "I looked in on you and the two of you just looked so rested that I could not wake you up. I figured I could catch a few zees out here."

April knelt by the side of the couch and kissed Jackie on the mouth. She tasted like she had been drinking. Why do you go out and drink with those guys you work with and come home late at night drunk.

Jackie laughed, "I do it to be one of the boys."

April didn't understand her desire to be one of the boys. She just felt sorry for her because a night out with the boys left her with a splitting headache and in foul mood. April helped her sit up and go to the bathroom so that she could brush her teeth and take a couple on aspirin. She chased April out of the bathroom so that she could take a bath. She just wanted to soak for as long as she could.

Wilma was busy making breakfast while Jackie soaked in the tub on a quiet Saturday morning. April was getting dressed. When the meal was over the three of them were lounging around with nothing to do.

Jackie was dehydrated and wanted to drink cold water. She was trying to relax in her favorite chair dressed in her normal Dockers and polo shirt. Wilma got in a romantic mood and when behind her chair where she leaned over the top and gently rubbed Jackie's temples. She was dressed in nylons, and a full dress. April was reclining on the couch watching a romantic movie. She wore faded blue jeans and a flowered print blouse in her favorite lavender and black flowers on a white background.

Wilma got playful and stuffed her hand inside the top of Jackie's polo shirt and grabbed a handful of her breast and gave it a squeeze. That inspired Jackie to grab her hand and pull her around the chair and down onto her lap.

Wilma is much heaver than Jackie and her large behind was larger that Jackie's thigh so Jackie had to hang onto her to keep her from sliding off of her lap. Jackie used her one free hand to unbutton Wilma's dress. She peeled it off of her shoulders and ran her hands over the massive breasts. Wilma had to buy her bras in a specialty store. They were so large that a bra could do little to support them. Her breasts rested on her soft tummy. She wore very large panties but they hardly covered her vulva. The incision down the middle of her tummy where they had performed the April's caesarian delivery was very evident.

April hardly even noticed what her mothers were doing. It was not until Jackie stuck her hand inside Wilma's panties. She started rubbing her vagina vigorously and caused the woman to moan loudly.

Wilma started undressing Jackie by pulling her polo shirt up. Jackie had to lean forward to allow Wilma to pull the shirt over her head. Jackie had on a red bra that actually looked too feminine for her butch persona. Wilma groped one of Jackie's double Ds. She pulled the front of the red cups down to expose the big tits and leaned over to suck on one of the nipples.

This finally got April's full attention. She turned around on the couch to watch them make love to each other. She even opened the front of her old jeans and stuck her own hand inside her blue panties. She started rubbing her own crotch slowly as she watched Wilma slide to the floor in front of Jackie and start unbuckling Jackie's belt and unzipping her pants. Jackie stood up to allow Wilma to pull her pants down. She had to sit down to allow Wilma to take her shoes off before she could remove the pants. Personal hygiene is a constant problem for women as large as Wilma so the aroma that arose from her now uncovered crotch was a mixture of sexual arousal, body odor, stale urine and smeared poop that had been missed by her last wipe.

Jackie has on red panties to match her bra. She looked a little out of character in such delicate underclothes. You just would not expect to see a woman with a butch haircut, a crab tattoo on the back of her right shoulder and the body of a physical laborer to have on lacy red underwear.

Wilma pulled her down onto the floor on top of her. Jackie pulled her bra up and Wilma's huge breasts fell out and rested on what would normally be a waist. She pulled her big white panties off of her plump legs. She left her natural nylons on and she lay on top of her and started rubbing her big hairy pussy.

Wilma stuck three of her fingers into Jackie's pussy and stuck her thumb up so that she was rubbing Jackie's clit. The two of them were masturbating each other while they kissed. The room smelled of sex and April was adding her own scent to the air as she watched her mother's masturbating. The two women were sweating profusely as she made love.

April could not resist any longer and she began removing her blouse and jeans. Not having any shoes or socks on left her standing there in just her blue panties with the lavender elastic leg bands. When she pulled them down and stepped out of them she was totally naked. She was too young to have much pubic hair and her breasts were just the little swellings of baby fat. Her masturbating had caused her vagina to produce plenty of lubricant so her labia and pudenda were covered with the slippery juice. She approached the two adults with every intention to join them on the floor.

Wilma was on her back and Jackie was straddling one of her legs and had her right hand cupping Wilma's hairy crotch. She was masturbating Wilma with everything she could as April came over and simply sat on Wilma's face. While Wilma got the full treatment of April's little anus and vulva Jackie leaned forward and kissed April on the mouth. April placed both of her hands on top of Wilma's big tits. Her hands hardly covered much more than the areolas. She rolled the nipples between her fingers and ground her crotch into her mother's mouth.

Jackie pushed April backwards so that she could lean over and place her own mouth over April's little vulva and sucked her clit until April was grinding her asshole into Wilma's mouth. April locked her fingers behind Jackie's head and rode her like she was an "E" ride at Disneyland. It is hard to believe that a girl so young could be so sensual.

April crawled right over Jackie's head being sure that her little pussy never lost contact with the short hair on Jackie's head. She turned her body around and sat on her back like Jackie was a horse. She reached around Jackie's body and hung onto her breast while Jackie continued masturbating Wilma and kissing her.

The two women finally took turns sucking April's little pussy while the other one kissed her mouth with plenty of tongue. April also was not to be denied tasting both women's pussies. Both women had a full, natural growth of pubic hair and she found that when she licked them she managed to get a stray hair in her mouth that had to be hacked up before she could get back to sucking their pussies. They spent the day lounging around and making love to each other. They slept late the next day.

April was very astute at spotting girls that were either gay or interested in experimenting with lesbianism. She never passed up the chance to seduce a girl.

She rode the public bus to and from school and that allowed her to see a lot of women and girls of all ages. There was an all girl high school on her bus route so she got plenty of chances to flirt with older teenagers.

One day on the ride home she saw a girl that really caught her attention. The girl looked like she might be a freshman because she was not all that tall and her uniform was brand new. She was a rather attractive sandy blonde with light streaks in the wavy hair. The girl had her hair pulled back into a ponytail typical of her classmates. As she sat there she pulled the elastic binding from her hair and shook her head to let her locks fall over her shoulders. She ran the fingers of both hands through her hair to untangle it.

They were sitting in the back of the bus facing each other. April was close to the exit. To attract the girl's attention she deliberately spread her legs. She had on tan hip hugger jeans and a dark polo shirt and platform tennis shoes. She has her book bag sitting on the floor of the bus in front of her. When the bus came to a stop a couple of stops before April's destination the girl stood up and headed for the door.

April on an impulse got up and followed her off of the bus. The girl smiled at her as April slung her bag over on shoulder. April said, "Hi my name is April."

The girl said, "Hi my name is Ginger. I never saw you get off here before."

April said, "My stop is a couple of blocks down the road. I just wanted a chance to talk to you."

Ginger said, "That is sweet. I have seen you on the bus many times and knew that you go to the grammar school close to my school. Why do you want to talk to me?"

April said, "I have seen you to and wanted to meet you and find out if we could be friends."

Ginger said in a casual voice, "Of course we can be friends."

April knew that Ginger didn't get her meaning. "I mean SPECIAL friends."

Ginger got a knowing smile on her face, "Do you know what a SPECIAL friend means?"

April said, "I have known for years what a SPECIAL friend is."

Ginger was intrigued she started walking away from the bus stop and April fell into step beside her. Ginger asked, "How do you know what that means."

April had grown up knowing that her relationship with her two mothers was not considered normal and that she could not go around telling people about what they did. She was not about to tell her new friend about her family. "Let's just say that I found out very young how two girls can have a SPECIAL friendship."

Ginger understood that this young girl was not going to say anymore about how she knew what was being implied. " Let's drop my stuff off at home and I will walk you home. We can't do anything at my house because my mother is home all of the time."

They only had a couple of blocks to walk before rounding a corner and approached a wood framed house in the middle of the block. It had stone supports under the pillars of the roof over the porch. They bolted up the steps and Ginger opened one of the glass double doors.

Ginger sang out, "I'm home mom."

A voice answered, "I'm in the kitchen."

Ginger led April by the hand to the kitchen and introduced her to her mother. Ginger's mother knew that April didn't go to Ginger's school because she was not in the school uniform and she was far too young to be in high school. She found her to be a completely charming looking girl. She had the face of an angel. She felt charmed by her right away.

Ginger announced that she was going to walk April home and dropped her own book bag on the floor as she opened the fridge and took out a couple of cans of soft drinks. Her mother told her that dinner would be ready in a couple of hours so be home by then. With a quick kiss on her mother's cheek Ginger handed April one of the cans and they drank them quickly. They discarded the empty cans and Ginger led April out of the house by the hand. They only had to walk south a couple of blocks and over another one to reach April's home.

April's home was about the same age of Ginger's home. The house was built in a craftsman style. It had been a very nice house years ago. With age and neglect it had lost a lot of its luster and it had been remodeled a couple of times trying to make it look modern but that only took away the beauty of the workmanship of the house. Jackie and Wilma know that they had a special home and they tried to restore the as they could afford to do so.

When they arrived at her home they were greeted at the door by Wilma. She was concerned because April was late getting home. April told her that she had made a new friend and walked from her home with her.

Wilma thought that the blonde girl was very attractive and hugged her like an old friend. Ginger could see the family resemblance between mother and daughter but a little surprised at the size of her mother. She told Wilma how pleased she was to meet her.

April told her mother that Ginger had to be home in less than two hours so she wonted to show her new friend her bedroom. Wilma gave her a warm smile and told them to run along.

When they were behind closed doors April tossed her bag into a corner and hopped on the bed. Ginger joined her and April turned on her stereo load enough to cover up their conversation. April had done that more for Ginger than to hide from Wilma.

Ginger asked, "I would like to know how much you know about being a SPECIAL friend."

April turned to Ginger and put her arms around her neck and kissed her. The kiss was on the lips and she moved her head around grinding her mouth into Ginger's. When Ginger stuck out her tongue April sucked on it.

That was all of the encouragement Ginger needed. She placed her hand on April's beast. It was no larger and an A-cup but that was enough to play with. The little nipple was as hard as a rock.

When April broke the kiss she went right to the floor and parted the older girl's legs. She didn't have to move the plaid skirt much to expose Ginger's white panties. April pulled the panties aside shocking Ginger with her bold move. Ginger's pubic hair was a little darker than the hair on her head. She did enjoy the way April performed oral sex. This was surly an experienced girl lover. They did have much time to waste so April wanted to make Ginger cum as quickly as possible.

Ginger was concerned that April's mother might walk in on them but April looked up at her from between her legs and assured her that her mother would not walk in on them. April sucked her cunt until she climaxed. Ginger figured she had to at least suck the pussy of her new friend afterwards.

April pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles and flopped backwards onto the bed. As Ginger placed her head between April's legs April trapped her between her legs and hummed her hips into the mouth of the teenager.

Ginger was equally turned on by the hairless pussy of the girl. She used her tongue to bring April to a climax. April held her between her legs until she recovered before letting her go. They pulled their clothes back into place. April led Ginger back to the living room where Wilma was waiting.

Wilma had stood outside the bedroom door listing to the girls while she masturbated herself. She retreated to the living room so that Ginger would not know what she had been doing. April had Ginger sit in a chair while she sat on her mother's lap. She kissed her mother knowing that her mother would be able to smell Ginger's pussy on her face. She turned to Ginger and said, "You have to come over again so that you can meet my other mother."

Ginger was confused, "I thought this is your mother?"

April smiled, "She is my mother but I have two mothers."

We will have to talk about that the next time you come over. Just don't tell anyone that I have two mothers. It is hard to explain.

Ginger saw the time and had to excuse herself to get home for dinner. April got up and walked her to the door and kissed her on the mouth very erotically and said, "I look forward to our friendship and you will have to visit me much longer next time.

Ginger went home knowing that she had to visit April for longer sessions. She could not believe the way April had kissed her right in front of her mother. What did she mean when she said she had two mothers, that was not physically possible?

April sat down with Wilma and told her about what she and Ginger had done in her room. The smell and taste of Ginger's pussy on April's face and fingers turned her on so much that she undressed April right there in the living room and devoured her little cunt. April was exhausted and lay there while Wilma made dinner. She was still sleeping when Jackie got home smelling of cigarettes and machine oil from her forklift.

She knew that April must have had sex with Wilma and she knelt on the floor beside the couch and kissed April's naked body until she woke up and they made love until Wilma called them to dinner where April told Jackie about her new friend.

Even Jackie was excited about having another teenaged girl to play with. April told them that she planed on inviting Ginger over to spend the weekend with her. All of them went to bed that night horny at the thought that they would soon have a blonde in bed with them.

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