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Supporting the Nifty Archive

Tens of thousands of Internet users benefit from this free service, but a handful are needed to step up to the plate to provide the technical and administrative resources which allow this facility to exist. If too few are willing to help, then there is no place for this type of resource in the evolving and commercializing Internet. If this Archive cannot find a safe, stable base from which to operate, its service will be suspended and eventually decommissioned.

If you can help with any of the requests listed below, please contact <nifty (at) nifty (dot) org>.
(For information on how to submit a story to the Archive, please read the Submission Guidelines page.)

  1. Monetary Contributions

    Most of the Archive's major expenses are donated by the various mirror sites, but we need to supplement some of the cost of donated services to get better performance; minor expenses are not covered at all. The Nifty Archive Alliance funds all of the Nifty Archive and website expenses not covered by donations from Nifty mirror sites: network bandwidth charges, webservers, web load balancers, and additional webhosting.

    Consider how much membership websites and adult verification services charge. Your contribution allows you and so many others to enjoy this resource and help develop the talents of new authors.

    The Nifty Archive Alliance has been determined to be a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law -- no tangible goods or service are received in exchange for your donation.

    Please go to our Credit Card Donation webpage to donate online.

    (This is in no way connected to membership in any program sponsored by any of the affiliated web sites.)

    or please send contributions (as little or as much as you think this service is worth -- US$5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500,...) to:

    Nifty Archive Alliance
    PMB 159
    333 Mamaroneck Ave
    White Plains, NY 10605

    (Do not send correspondence or membership dues intended for The Gay Cafe or any of the mirror sites hosting the Archive to the above address.)

    Checks and Money Orders in U.S. Dollars should be made out to "Nifty Archive Alliance"
    We will confirm that a contribution has been received if an email address is included in the letter.

    To request a refund for a donation, please contact the Nifty Archivist via email at nifty (at) nifty (dot) org.

    All contributions will be used both to support the resources and infrastructure necessary to provide the Archive on the Internet and to develop new writing talent. Pooling individual contributions, we can improve and augment the facilities at each mirror site to enhance the performance and features experienced by readers.

    Each year approximately 91% of donations are used to directly provide Nifty's services and only 9% is used for administrative overhead (bank fees, accounting services, mail boxes, etc.).

    In 2002, 94% of donations were used to directly provide Nifty's services and only 6% was used for administrative overhead (bank fees, accounting services, etc.).

    Donations over the past few months are displayed on the welcome page of the Archive. Previous donations are listed on the Donors page.

  2. Website Design

  3. Employment Wanted

  4. Friends / Parties / Date Wanted

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