Submitted by D. Oppercorn

Interracial Submission - An Erotic Journey

Lavar grunted one last time as he emptied his sperm into my gripping asshole, breeding my white boi-pussy with his superior, African DNA. We both inhaled deeply, trying to regain our composure after the mind-blowing orgasm from our hot, sweaty butt fuck. The scent of sex and sweat and cum filled our nostrils; I had shot my load several times during the frantic love making session and he had cum inside me at least twice.  Lavar had come over from the bar, very late, slightly drunk and found me provocatively dressed in his favorite sheer white babydoll nightie complete with peek-a-boo nipple openings and matching crotchless panties and heels. Despite his inebriation, we fucked for almost two straight hours, in every position imaginable (and some that aren’t) and Lavar dominated me, just as I like it.  He’s a well-hung buck, with a cock ten inches long and over seven inches around. It’s a monster, but I love it and have learned how to pleasure every centimeter of my black master’s manhood. Regardless of whether I use my hands, my mouth or my “pussy” I love to excite and arouse my mate. Lavar loves seeing me in sexy lingerie and I go out of my way to please him. He gives me a monthly budget, which is only to be used to buy lingerie for myself. So you can imagine the extensive collection I have of negligees, garter belts, stockings, corsets, chemises, panties, brasiers, high heels, teddies, and so forth. He loves having me feminized and I so enjoy doing it for him, we fit like hand in glove, or cock in ass, as the case may be.



Lavar is in fantastic shape that he keeps up by going to the gym at least three times a week. He played linebacker in high school and is still built like a brick shithouse. His stamina is legendary amongst the neighborhood women. A chiseled six foot five and two hundred fifty five pounds of pure, dark ebony muscle, Var (as his boys call him) has always been popular with the ladies of all ethnicities. He’s not gay; all I know is he is all dominant top man with me, twisting my slim, shapely five foot nine and one hundred seventy five pound body to his whim, forcing me to do his lustful bidding. I am only too happy to comply. Even though Lavar has all kinds of girlfriends and doesn’t ever touch my cock, I know he loves me in his special way. I just take solace in being afforded the honor of being the fuck bitch for the hottest black stud in town. Lavar is also 25 and I’m 35, yet it feels like he is older and he is certainly the one in control at all times.


But back to the sweaty sex. On this particular night, I had been feeling very horny and naughty. Lavar hadn’t warmed my bed for several nights and I was not expecting him tonight. I had just bought some new lingerie and was going to try some of it on, but as I unwrapped the new pieces I found my attention drawn to Var’s favorite, a sheer white baby doll, with lace trim, peek-a-boo cups and matching crotchless panties. I love this outfit and especially the memories they elicit of the many times Lavar had taken me while I was wearing it. I had just taken a bath and was freshly shaven and powdered everywhere, so my hands slid back to my moist pussy, my fingers gently teasing my tender hole. I began to jack my stiff cock, stroking up and down, imagining that my thug lover was there with me. Suddenly I felt brawny hands grabbing both my wrists and pulling them above my head. Lavar must have come in quietly, using his key. Then Var’s breath was on my neck as he began to kiss my ears. My heart was racing as he replaced my fingers with his, stroking my pussy lips, and clearly preparing my chute for the powerful thrusts of his potent manhood. His fingers pushed apart the tiny lace opening on my panties and pushed up into me. I slipped into my submissive female role easily and hunched back into him, loving the feeling of his rough paws on my bubbly round buttocks. Lavar scissored his fingers in my pussy, opening me then pulled them out and shoved them in my mouth, so I could suck my own essence from his digits. This action is sooo erotic and Lavar knows I love to do it. I sucked his fingers into my mouth with slow, sensual determination. After I’d slobbered them all over with saliva, Lavar pulled them out and shoved them back into my pussy, none too gently either. I could tell that tonight’s sex was going to be hard, brutal rutting. My nigger master was in no mood for much foreplay or slow, gentle lovemaking. He wanted to fuck. He was going to be searching for that most primal of sensations, orgasm. I too wanted nothing more than to cum. Var never touched my prick, and I was not allowed to touch myself during intercourse. I just reveled in the sensation of my colon and bowels being filled to the brim with rigid mancock. I loved the feeling of my sphincter getting stretched to the limit and then beyond. I was driven far past desire, past lust and into absolute sexual hunger. I needed my man to hit my prostate with his superior black cock, making me cum without touching myself, feeling my pink opening gape for him and then squeeze even tighter around his prick, turning my silken entrails into an even more snug fit for him. I needed Lavar to impregnate me, needed his seed melding with my body’s life core, making me his pregnant bitch.


His ass-to-mouth fingering went on for a couple minutes, but I could tell my black bull needed his nut. He was only concerned with lubing me, not heating me up. Too late for that as anytime Lavar’s hands touched my body I became a slave to my overwhelming ache for him. His scent did the same to me, a mix of cologne and black man’s pheromones. I suddenly realized that during the course of my languid sexual daydreaming, Var had picked me up and carried me to the bed. I was his for the taking now, and I found myself vaguely wondering which position he would take me in first. There were so many from which to choose. We had tried them all over our time together and we each had multiple orgasms no matter what way we fucked. Tonight though, I could tell Lavar wanted to be in total control as he held apart my panty opening and started to carve a tunnel into my man womb. His fingers came up to my nipples to pinch them as his cock took over at my hindquarters. My nips were soon throbbing pinpoints of erotic pleasure, and I groaned out for him to take me. And Lavar complied, pulling fingers out and spreading my buttocks. The broad head of his cock nudged at my loosened entrance, pushing inward with determination, little by little. The pain flickered sharply as the slick tip breached muscle and the flared head forged in. There was no room for more resistance after that and the shaft slid in, stretching, filling me impossibly - - only it was possible and my body extended to accommodate the heavy mass of Lavar’s cock as it nestled inside me. The head squeezed in past protesting muscle and I bit down on my own forearm to keep from crying out and letting the whole neighborhood know that I was submitting to my superior nigger master. Then the rest slid in, and I felt every ridge, every vein it seemed, as I was invaded and conquered.



My knees trembled on the bed, hips held aloft by Lavar’s hands, my cheek to the mattress, the best position, and the most relaxed for me, to accept all of Lavar. He began stirring and I shut my eyes and felt my own hard cock and tight balls swinging lightly (encased as they were in my silky, lacy panties) between my legs from the sway of the thrusts. There were no lingering touches, no lazy restraint - - it had been too long for both of us for that. No, the thrusts were purposeful and powerful, rocking me like multiple diminutive blows as Var approached his objective of culmination. I cried out with each inward arc, gasping little screams that had little to do with real pain. I was in love with this man, in love with being subjugated, being dominated, in love with being a sex slave.



I came unexpectedly, spurting across my chest and belly, and cried out in actual hurt as my muscles contracted painfully around the cock buried inside me. Var slowed his plunging jabs, letting the convulsive shivers pass, letting my body slump in after-climax exhaustion, before pushing back in and continuing on towards his goal. His blood-engorged cock still had plenty of vim and vigor left in it and so did Master Lavar. He soon again set a slow, undulating gait, his hands forever shifting on my ass and hips, fingers pressing in and out of flesh as if it enthralled him, the soft pallid marks his fingertips left that were so soon full with crimson again. I grunted with the zenith of each deep thrust, feeling it in my belly, wondering if I pressed my own hands hard enough against my stomach if I could feel the outline of Master’s cock. Wondering . . . God . . . how much I ought to despise myself for loving this as much as I did. I was dressed like a slut; another male was invading my intestines. . . yet. . . somehow I was intoxicated by my feminization and degradation, turned on more than I possibly could have imagined when I first met Lavar online, those months ago.



Master’s brutal pounding cadence continued unabated. I was already worn out but he was not yet satiated. His fuck would not end till that moment of conclusion. His rough hands had pulled the babydoll partway down my chest and his coarse fingers had tweaked my nipples into aching, burning peaks of erogenous pleasure. Lavar played with the distended tips, loving how he could elicit soft yelps from me while reminding me of his ownership over me. His breath was on my neck and ears as he spewed forth all manner of verbal degradation and profanity. He called me bitch, whore, cum-dump, pussy-boi, little girl, sweetie and I loved it all. He told me, not asked – told, how much I loved taking his black cock inside me and I begged him emphatically to continue his dominant fuck, begged him to infuse me with his essence and flood my tiny pussy with his seed. I felt his tempo begin to pick up; he was close to cumming. I began to cry out girlishly for him and he ordered me to use my pussy muscles to squeeze his shaft, making myself tighter for him in the process. I obliged and began to massage the thick, veiny monster within the searing, silken walls of my battered bowels.


And then it happened. With one final guttural roar, Lavar came like the potent stud he is and we both felt proof as his scorching, over-heated jizz rocketed up his fuck tubes and with an intensely powerful discharge, coated my innards with sticky, virile man-sap. Despite my previous orgasm and utter exhaustion, I came again in my excitement of being marked yet again with my black master’s sperm. My screams of pain and pleasure had most assuredly woken the neighbors, but to hell with them. I was right where I wanted to be, underneath my lover, being used and abused. I felt one final shudder from Lavar as he squeezed his last few drops of cum into my rectum and then slowly eased his love gun out of my distended, gaping hole. I clutched my constricting channel around him, trying in vain to keep in me, but he was too strong and my sphincter too worn out. The lacy nightie was soaked with both our sweat and it clung to my midriff in the aftereffects of our incredible sexual coming together. My panties were likewise drenched with our cum, mine in front and his in back. And with that my master, my lover, my man scooped me up in his black and brawny muscular arms and carried me to the boudoir, wherein we would sleep for a while before continuing once again on our erotic, interracial journey. 








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