A QUESTION OF FAMILY? (tg, shemale)

By Stephanie Michelle

Disclaimer: This is almost a work of FICTION. Some things are true but mostly it is fiction. Author does not condone illicit sexual behavior, acts that may be deemed immorally corrupt or the use of illegal drugs. This story is strictly for the titillating pleasure of the reader. Be cautioned: Contains adult sexual acts of an explicit nature.


I ran away from home when I was twelve.

You know the situation an abusive parent, mine wanted to have sex with me – and did from an early age on. I had a twin who also was abused but stood their ground, took the sexual beatings and the abusive behavior until they were eighteen.

I severed all ties with my "family".

I was petite, of slender build, slightly effeminate and not very athletic for a boy. This made me "prey" on the streets of Tampa for the various street people who took advantage of me. I became leery of adults; they had nothing to offer me but perverse sexual behavior, no different than what I had originally left home for in the first place. Eventually I hooked up with a band of teenagers that looked out for me. They offered me shelter in a house on the west side of town. They too could relate to my distrust in adults for they all came from similar backgrounds.

Being twelve going on thirteen, I struck up a friendship with Frankie, a boy a few years older than I. Frankie was gay, but that didn't mean anything to me, I thought it was natural for men to have sex with boys and other men, remember my parents' primary abuse was sex.

Frankie was different though, he was gentle with me, non aggressive, loving, everything that I had not experienced before. Frankie was my friend, brother, lover and more. I loved Frankie, but I felt that boy on boy was not comfortable to me. I saw other boys my age having sex with girls. I expressed my desires to Frankie and he understood that I should experience a relationship with a girl. First Frankie set me up with Felisha, a cute girl of 16, she was appealing, she guided me in how to eat her pussy, this was a new experience and it was ok. Then, Frankie introduced me to Shawna, another friend of his. A black girl with big tits, coal black smooth hair with blond bleached tips, lots of makeup on her eyes, pencil thin eyebrows, and big powty lips with scarlet lipstick. She wore a pink camisole top with spaghetti straps; the shelf bra did a poor job of holding in her mammoth boobies, tight white short shorts that outlined her magnificent buttocks and sexy platform sandals. Her nails were manicured in mauve lacquered nail polish, each nail an inch in length. She and I had sex, but Shawna to, had the same plumbing as I, just far more mature (8 inches cut and beautiful the way it hung between her thighs) since she was much older. I felt comfortable with Shawna; I wanted to be like Shawna. Frankie, new this all along and he helped me become a young special woman.

Sucking cock, being fucked in the ass, I was already accustomed to. Being feminized put the crowning touch on who I needed to be.

So at thirteen, I started my transition, from being a pipsqueak of a boy to being a girl with power. Having started the hormone treatments before real male puberty set in gave me a wonderful advantage of becoming a beautiful shemale.

Putting on girls clothes for the first time was a dick raising experience. Frankie told me girls can't be revealing their meat to the general public. He taught me how to hide my cock in a realistic vagina gaff he ordered from "Transformations" website in London. I enjoyed wearing tight fitting clothes that revealed my blossoming boobies. My nipples were sensitive to the touch. My hips started to flair and take on that lovely hourglass figure. My bottom became heart shaped. I enjoyed being fucked in ass, especially by Frankie, but I experimented with the rest of the boys and boy-girls in the house.

I had not been aware earlier, when I first came to the house that many of the boys were transitioning just like me. Those first few months Frankie knew I needed to adjust slowly to my new surroundings and the new lifestyle I was embarking on.

By the time I was eighteen, I had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. My long blonde hair, reminiscent of Jessica Simpson, flowed gracefully over my tanned shoulders. Since I never really started puberty my facial features remained feminine, high cheek bones, big doe eyes with long lashes, a small up-turned nose and what I love best my powty lips. My lips pursed around a man's dick, the thought gives me a hard on.

My tits have grown into a 36 C cup delight with pert nipples and pink areolas. My waist is a 24 and my hips measure 32. My cock, still functional, never really grew large, only 6 inches erect but capable of spewing a tremendous amount of cum.

My profession is that of professional escort to an elite cliental. My special services are to heterosexual couples who engage in ménage et trouse. Generally, after an evening of wining and dining, the paying couple gets to seduce me. My fee is $1000.00 for three hours of anything goes. The sex play starts with some heavy petting , kissing and then the woman gets to watch her husband or boyfriend suck my cock and then get pounded in the ass by my dick, while my tits slap his back; all along she is frigging her cunt with her fingers. Shortly thereafter, he then gets off by watching me eat her pussy and make love to her lesbian style.

You would think with the abusive childhood background and living with a group of boys in a house that the use of illicit drugs would be part of the natural scheme of things. This house was the exception. We looked out for one another. Frankie, who was not the oldest boy, my lover and soul mate, has good head on his shoulders. He has a sense for business, a moral code that he exemplified to those living in the house. Yes, we were sexual, experimenting with our bodies but never abusive. We had all been there and new that we did not want to share abuse with others.

I love Frankie, and he me; we plan on getting a civil union since Florida does not recognize same sex marriages, and that's ok with me.

I am now in my twenties and I told Frankie that I wanted to see if I could locate my twin and he thought it would be a great idea.

Jennifer, my twin sister was not difficult to locate. Some internet googling and finding some news clippings about my parents' horrible situation made it easy for me to locate Jen. When Jen was eighteen, Dad was fucking her and had made her pregnant. Mom was in such shock that her daughter though abused by both would be impregnated by her husband that she was so enraged that she shot and killed her husband in the heat of passion. Mom was fucking Dad and whilst Dad was humping Mom, Mom pulled out a sawed off shotgun from under her pillow and blew Dad's head off.

Needless to say Mom is now in prison and poor Jennifer as abused as she was found herself on the streets, selling her body for sex and drugs to escape from the pain of her childhood.

Frankie and I found her not to far from the home I ran away from. She was strung out and malnourished. We took her and cleaned her up. A few months at a reputable rehab and Jennifer was coming round to understanding that there is more to life than abuse.

Jen moved in with Frankie and me after her clean up. She couldn't believe what changes I had gone through. We were more like identical twins now. I got Jen working with me as an escort. She too having experienced the abuse was ok with the sexual nature of the job, but now it was far more profitable and pleasurable for her. Jen, like me is bisexual. For me it was wonderful to have a blood family member to talk, play and confide in.

Jen and I were home one evening recently, she was sober and well on her way to recovery. We were having a girls night; we were both in little baby-doll nighties from Fredricks of Hollywood. Our measurements are similar 42C breasts slender waists around 24, Jens' hips are slightly larger than mine at 36 inches. I still wear a realistic vagina gaff and this particular evening we both wore crotch-less panties. We also had our sexy high heels on. We did each others hair and makeup, and giggled to the stories we told each other about our sexual encounters.

Before I realized what was happening, the musky smell of Jens' pussy-drippings was driving my dick crazy. I was lapping at Jens' twat as if there was no tomorrow. The nectar of her pussy tasted so good. Jen reciprocated by undoing my gaff and letting my cock free to come out the crotch of my panty. We stayed in a 69 until we both came to screaming orgasms. We each ate and swallowed our precious love juices.

We moved into a loving embrace our boobies pressed between our wanton bodies as we kissed. Deep passionate kisses swapping spit and tasting tongues. I never wanted to let her go. She asked me to fuck her and give her a child, she had lost the baby fathered by our Dad.

The act of incest with my sister was one thing, but to bring a child into this world by this practice was and is something different. I continued to have safe sex with Jen until I could make a decision about a child.

Last night Jen and I were in a passionate love embrace, she was sucking on my balls and I was eating out her cunt. I could tell that she was ovulating by the smell of her pussy. A smell and taste that I savored so much.

I got up and faced Jen kissed her ever so lightly on the lips, I positioned my dick at the lips of her vagina and thrust deep into her pussy. I said yes to having a baby with her after my first thrust. She screamed with ecstasy and hugged me tight as I rammed my penis into her cunt time and time again. I expelled my seed deep with in her. Our big old breasts pressed together in a love embrace.

This morning Jennifer took a pregnancy test.

It was positive.

Jennifer my sister is now the mother of my child and my lover.

Frankie is still in the picture, he fucks me when he feels up to it but he really likes the boys better than the girls.

Update on Jen's pregnancy to come with stories of our love making.

Wet dreams,

xxx ooo


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