By Max E. Padd

(tg, shemale)

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION. Author does not condone or approve of illicit behavior or use of illegal drugs. This work is strictly for the pleasure of the reader to arouse their senses. Content of this story is of an adult nature with explicit sex acts

Oh! That feels so good. Fuck me harder please!! Deeper! Harder, faster! Ah, I'm cuming. MMM I'm in heaven.

There is nothing like a little afternoon delight. I love to give my man what he loves the most, a good fuck and a blowjob.  You see Jamie is a high power stock broker here in Tampa and I make sure that he stays relaxed so he can do his job without getting frustrated during the day.  My job is to see that when ever he needs a fuck I'm there for him.

Today I'm wearing my teal push up bra with lacy cups to enhance my newly enlarged boobs that are now a 42C with extended pierced nipples, matching thong that disappears into my bubble butt ass cheeks, stay up sheer smoky gray seemed stockings, my 5 inch black patent stiletto pumps, a black leather mini skirt that falls just above my stocking tops and a shiny silk teal crop top blouse that allows me to show off my smooth muscular abdomen with pierced bellybutton rings and danglers. My nails are long and curvy, lacquered in dark burgundy nail polish. My lips are done in burgundy gloss and my eye shadow is done in shimmering teal and smoky gray.  Recently I changed my hair color to a platinum blonde much in the style like Jean Harlow.

Jamie is a sex-aholic, therefore I am his beck and call girl. He is calling me; he wants his cock sucked while finishing a Geneva call. 

I undo his belt and he shifts his ass in his chair so I can lower his suit pants and panties, yes Jamie loves the feel of ladies undies under his suit. He is also wearing a matching camisole top and stay up stockings. I remove my blouse top and get on my knees, in my hands I cup his massive balls and give them a little squeeze, he groans and gives me dirty look because he's talking to a client.  I bathe his balls with my tongue, recently pierced, taking each gently in my mouth one at a time sucking on them and massaging them. I love the feel of testicals in my mouth. Jamie's cock is huge, 9 inches erect and about 2 and half inches in diameter.  I purse my lips around the head of Jamie's dick and play with his piss slit with my tongue. The taste of pre-cum mixed with my spit makes my own genitalia aroused. I bob my head up and down on his cock, each time taking more and more down my throat until my lips are buried in his pubic hairs. After about 10 to fifteen minutes of deep throating my mans cock I start massaging his balls with my fingers and he shoots his load into my awaiting mouth and throat. Jamie tastes so good and I love having a hefty load of cum for a snack in the afternoon.

Jamie finishes his phone call with a big grin on his face knowing that he just got blown while transacting business. For him this is a big turn on and he decides to give me the treatment for doing such a good job.

He puts me in his chair and starts nibbling at my luscious nipples, pulling and biting them, making them long, hard and red.  This sends shivers throughout my body. From that point he starts giving me butterfly kisses on my stomach and continues around to the small of my back where he kisses my rose with angel wings tattoo.  He pulls my skirt off and licks my ass and tongue fucks my asshole. Gawd he's driving me crazy, next comes his fingers loosening my rosebud.  Fuck me you stud, I need to be pounded I yell, and Jamie complies. I get on my hands and knees and Jamie takes me doggie style. His massive cock plunging deep into my ass.  He holds onto my tits as they swing too and fro squeezing my nipples  and biting my neck while we fuck.

Just before he is about to cum he pulls out and we get into a 69. His big loaded cock tastes so good with precum and shit on it, which makes my own cock grow even harder in Jamie's mouth.  We both exploded in each others mouths. Again we change positions and kiss each other deeply swapping spit and cum in a long, deep French kiss.

Yes, I too have a cock.  By the way I was fucking Jamie at the beginning of this story.

Wet dreams,