Collaboration between Stephanie Michelle & Kimberly Tatt

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION. Author does not condone or approve of illicit behavior or use of illegal drugs. This work is strictly for the pleasure of the reader. Content of this story is of an adult nature with explicit sex acts.



I was hoping to see an e-mail from you.

Ok about dumping the misstress thing. I was nervous, but excited too. I took the morning off. In all my stories and e-mails I receive, you are the only one that has somehow "captured" my attention. I think because you are the only one who called me "girlfriend."

I am home now dressed en femme (I took the morning off so I am home for a couple of hours), dressed in a red, black trim nightie, black though high hose with three inch lace and black lace panties, and make-up.




I am happy that you are able to be your true self this morning, it makes my cockette hard envisioning you in all your loveliness.

Do you wear silicon breast inserts? if so what size.

And your enfemm hair is what color?

GIRL!!! I NEED TO KNOW SO I CAN CUM....... by the way you may fantasize about me all you want!!

your girlfriend,



I have been waiting for your e-mail. 40D! I normally wear a black wig (I like jet black) but sometimes auburn. I ahve been slowly strocking myself to you waitng for your e-mail!

Make me cum, please!!!


Girl, I am soooo close to cumming,




You are home alone.

The door bell rings, you know it's me because we had just got off the phone. Your cock in hand stroking it ever so gently as not to make it cum prematurely.... you are excited because I told you that I was in need of some of your loving and that I had a surprise for you. Placing your cock back into your panty and pulling up your short shorts, you approach the door and open it.

I see you.....

There you are.. dressed to the nines in your jet black wig, long and straight flowing over your shoulders. Your make up impeccably done with turquoise eye shadow and smoky black eyeliner and masquara. Your lips pursed in crimson (let me suck your dick) lipstick!

Your breasts with deep cleavage are enraptured in lacey cups of your baby doll top. Being morning you have your sexy cotton short shorts on, with the top of your g-string peering out the top as they lay comfortably on your hips. Knowing your cockette is nicely packaged away in your satin g-string panty of turquoise lace.

You have just shaved your legs so they are silky smooth and you just painted your nails in a crimson shade. Wearing your sky high 4 inch platform flip flops.

Kissing you I tell you that you my dear are "hot". and that is what I am for you!

I myself am just in a shelf bra camisole with string straps, my nipples piercing the cotton. My blonde hair pulled back over my ears but still flowing over my shoulders. Light makeup with a sun blushed appearance. My lips having just had a collagen treatment are B stung and ready to wrap an eager cock.

Of which my own cock trapped in a realistic vagina gaffe, under a crotchless pair of panties and a skimpy denim mini skirt. My long tanned smooth shapely legs are topped off with a pair of sling back open toe pumps with 4 inch heels.

I can feel your heart speed up as we greet at the door in our passion kiss.

My surprise for you is my newly pierced tongue stud.

Our lips and tongues wrestle.. you want my mouth on your cockette and I personally can not wait to taste you.....





Girl friend you have me over the edge. I am so hot right now I am trying to write and stroke myself. I like the stud in your mouth. You kiss me passionately and I touch your nipples. You move down to my cockette and I feel the stud and then you lick my scrotum and ass - oh the stud feels soooo goooood. You are more expiernced then I, so you order me on my knees. Your cockette springs out I begin sucking it, licking it and your balls.

I can't get enough! I am in love with your cock. You set down adn order me to sqaut over you and lower myself on to your cock-clitty.

I do, and it hurts at first, but the pain is soooo pleasurable.

Your turn, I might cum quick, so hurry honey.

Your girlfriend



I am sorry for being a naughty, dirty gurl. But I just have to tell you, I am licking my pre-cum

Please help me get to the next step fast


Yes Miss Kimberly, we are both hot and horny, but we have time.....

Savor the experience

You may have blue balls by now but I love forplay..... the feeling of my love seed welling up in my balls tickles me.... the feeling drives my enthusiasm for your touch.

I lift a breast out of my cami top and start to tongue it... your cock is growing harder... I squeeze a nipple and I lactate. My breast milk is sweet... I offer you my tit to suckle. As you bite my titty my lacqured acrylic nails strokes your cock through your cotton shorts... I unsnap them and ease your cock out through the lacy material of your pretty g-string. I grasp your shaft, its veinous and sensitive to my touch.... drops of precum ooz I touch it with my finger and bring it to my smells devine.... the taste delicious.

Now you beg me to suck you and I position myself between your legs as you sit back in the lounge seat that your wife just had cleaned. My tongue stud licking your shaft playing with your pee hole, teasing your cock.... it is turning bright purplish red as the blood flow engourges your very large clitty.

I am not done with you yet my dear.... I take your balls one at a time into my mouth allowing each the pleasure of my tongue stud, my warm lips encasing them.. my lipstick smeared on your scrotum and cock.

With out you notice I stick a finger in your rosebud.... NOW YOU RELEASE YOUR CUM.... LOADS OF IT ALL OVER MY FACE AND CHEST****!!!!!!

Yes your spent....... but now your lovely mouth may wash my cock and allow me to feed you my love..........

Baby I'm yours,



OMG!!!! Gril I love foreplay too, but you are so hot and have drawn me in. I ahve cum alll over after you finger me. But, I know that I must please you, so yiou can cum. I clean up my cum, lick it up off your face and breast,taking time with my tounge to taste your nipples and cum together. I swallow and lick, swallow and lick until you are clean. Like a good bitch, I must clean you up.

But now I must be your plaything so you can release your seed on me or in me - what do you prefer?



Kimberly dear,

Girl, pleasure me !!

Make my cock grow hard ... I love doggy style.... I love pain and pleasure.... hickies are the best they give me shivers up and down my back as well as stiffen my clit.

Eat me girl..... I'm delicious!!!






Wet dreams,


Stephie & Kimberly xoxoxox

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