Another Satisfied Costomer

By Brij Fisher

I was in a cafe in JFK airport waiting for my connecting flight when this bombshell walked in and sat down at the table across from me. She was about 5'10” 150 lbs- not too skinny but not overweight. I watched her broad hips sway as she positioned them above her seat and lowered them to the cushion. She must have caught me watching her because she gave me a wry smile and said 'Hi there.' I blushed a little. “Hi' I said. It was then that I noticed under her suit and blouse that she had a huge pair of tits. They had to be at least a D cup, probably more.

“Waiting for a flight?” I asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

“ Yeah, I'm heading to LA.”

“Me too,” I said. “What time's your flight?”


“I'm on that flight too. What a coincidence. I'm Mike, whats your name?”

“Veronica” She responded.

We continued on and it seemed we had a bit of a spark. She was graceful and womanly, but also a bit assertive. When we board the plane, I asked the woman next to her if she would switch seats with me so I could continue talking with her. We spoke all the way to the west, exchanging little flirtations and smiles. When we were getting ready to land, our conversation to a more realistic turn. I asked her what she did for a living.

“I'm a mistress at a brothel.” She replied.

I almost couldn't believe it. “Really? Wow, that sounds interesting. Then she leaned in close to me and said, “you should stop by some time. I bet we could have a lot a fun. You seem like a guy I'd like to have around.”

“How about now?” I said with a little sheepish grin.

She leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Sure, but only if you're ready for a hard fucking.” Of course I was!

We kissed the whole taxi ride to her place. It was a beautiful house just outside of town, and clearly had a reputation- there were quite a few cars outside. She lead me up the stairs to her room, got me inside and put me up against the wall and kissed me hard. I opened her suit and felt one of those amazing tits. I had to see it. I started opening her blouse. She started cupping my balls as she pushed her tits into my chest. It was so hot to feel those mounds of flesh pushing into me. I took offer her blouse completely and started to unhook her bra. Her tits were magnificent. Perfectly shaped. She could tell I liked what she had. “ Do you like my tits?” She asked me softly..

“Of course, they're amazing!” I said.

She smiled and took a step back from me. Something was a little strange though. She had a bulge pushing out an inch or two from her skirt. To be honest it looked pretty hot. I always got turned on by big pussy bumps. She saw me looking at it and started to undo her skirt. As it fell, I saw she had more than a pussy bump. Veronica, this amazingly feminine gorgeous woman, had a cock. It was bent back between her legs, but it was hard, and clearly wanted to break free from her panties. She slid them down and let her dick sprung out in all its glory. It had to be 8” long and as thick as my forearm and it sat above the biggest set of balls I'd ever seen.

“Are you ready for that hard fucking now?” She said.

“Um, that's not really what I had in mind.”

“I know. But I know you want it. Somewhere in your mind the desire is there. I wanna fuck the cum out of you, and you're gonna love it. Now come here and suck my dick.”

I was feeling pretty nervous, but also incredibly turned on. The sight of this feminine woman with a huge cock got my juices flowing. Veronica could tell I was still a bit trepidatious, so she walked over to me, and took me by the hand and led me over to the bed. She sat down on the side of the bed and led me next to her. “Don't worry, I'll be gentle. I promise you'll like it.” Veronica took my hand and led me off the bed and between her legs. She then pulled me gently down so I was kneeling in front of her huge dick. It smelt good. Like musk. I was so strangely turned on by this;my dick was harder than it had ever been. I took hold of the base of her cock with my hand. It felt good and hard. I knew if I started to pleasure her, it would just get her more aroused, and there was not much I could do about her fucking me. If I wanted to leave this was the time.

As if the decision wasn't up to me, I lowered my head and took the tip of her cock in my mouth. “That's a good boy,” Veronica said. “Suck my cock. I'll teach you how”. She put her hand gently on my head and pushed my mouth down on her cock. It slid into my mouth a few inches. I felt a little scared, but excited. Veronica gently pulled my head up and down on her enormous cock. She started to moan a little. I reached up and put a hand on her balls and squeezed a bit. 'Oh yea, you're a natural cocksucker.” She let go of my head and leaned back. I was getting so turned on I forgot what was going on. All I was focusing on was sucking that giant dick. I started to bring it into my mouth faster and deeper. I squeezed her balls with my hand and plunged my head down onto her dick. Somehow I manged to fight my gag reflex as that dick slid down my throat. I went further and further until I felt her balls touch my chin. I was a bit surprised by them and instinctively looked up. Veronica was looking down at me, her whole dick down my throat, and smiling. “I knew you were going to like this. Let's get you undressed now.”

I pulled my mouth off her cock and sat back, a little amazed at what I was doing. Veronica knelt down to me and unbuttoned my shirt, and took off my tie. She ran her hands over my chest and worked her way down to my belt. She opened my pants and pushed them down. My cock sprung out and stood out at 6”.

“Hmmm, isn't that pathetic. I little girl like me has a bigger dick than the big business man. Tell you what, whoever has the biggest dick can do the fucking.” At that moment, all I wanted was to have her cock in me. “And from the look of your cock, you want it.” She got up and led me over to a door at the other side of the room. “Don't worry, it won't hurt,” Veronica said. She reached behind the door and took out a blind fold. She pulled the strap back and put it over my head. “Come on.” She said and lead me by her hand. I could only imagine we went through the door, but I had no idea. After a few steps, Veronica slowed her pace and led me in front. She then let go of my hand and ran her hands down my left leg and pulled it to the side. I could feel it touch something hard and a bit warm, maybe wood. Then she did the same with my other leg so my legs were spread pretty far. I then felt a few pairs of hands start strapping my legs down with what felt like leather. “Veronica, what's going on? Are there other people here?”

“Yes my dear, there are quite a few.” Before I could react, I felt a woman's hand pushing me forward slowly down until my chest hit a table. My arms were held by two other pairs of hands and pulled apart and strapped down.

I was starting to get a really worried now. I felt a hand slide up my back and over to my head. “Don't worry baby. You did such a good job sucking my cock, I thought you'd like this too. There are a bunch of people here, some my clients, some friends, and some other girls like me. We're all going fuck your ass. And you're going to love it. And I'll tell you this, if we can fuck the cum out of that little cock of yours, we're going to keep you around here.”

Before I could respond, I felt her walk in front of me and put her cock up against my mouth again. I parted them a little, and she pushed it in firmly. Veronica started to fuck my face. Gently and firmly she slid her cock into my mouth and back out again. I felt a hand reach under and start playing with my balls, cupping and kneading them. I started to moan. Another hand, it felt female, slid across my butt and into my crack. She ran it up and down my crevice and then pushed firmly on my hole. It felt so good and I let out another moan.

“See? This slut can't wait to be fucked. Don't be shy everyone, come get your turn.” Said Veronica.

I felt two cocks slide into each of my hands. They were both soft, but they were big. I wrapped my hands around them and started to rub. They began to grow. The woman behind me now positioned her finger tip at my ass hole and firmly pushed it in. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Why had I not done this before? Veronica pulled her cock out of my mouth, and another came up against my face. It was soft, and I took its squishy flesh into my mouth. The owner began to wiggle it around in my mouth and I could feel it starting to harden. Both the dicks in my hands now were hard as stone. Each one had to be bigger than mine, easily.

I felt the finger come out of my ass. “ Let's get you ready for your first fucking.' Said Veronica. I felt something soft and wet slide up my ass crack. It had to be a tongue It was the most amazing feeling. My whole body was electrified. As she swirled and danced her tongue around my ass hole, I jerked off those cocks and sucked as much as I could. The the tongue left my ass. I must have made a little sound of disappointment because Veronica giggled and said, “Don't worry baby, this is the good part now'.

I felt a squirt of something between my crack and it suddenly became very wet all over my ass. Just then, the cock in my mouth exploded and cum washed into my mouth. This took me completely by surprise and I instinctively swallowed. “ Oh baby, you love this don't you. Don't worry, there's more where that came from. You ready for my cock?'

“Yes, please fuck my ass” I said.

I felt her huge cock head push up against my hole. I couldn't imagine how it was going to fit inside me. Another cock appeared in mouth and I started to suck it. Just then, Veronica's dick slipped past my hole and just like that it was in. “See baby, that wasn't so bad. Now here's the real stuff.” She slowly pushed it in, little by little. My ass felt so full, I couldn't believe it. It didn't hurt, it just felt full. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, I felt her hips come to rest against mine, and those gigantic balls of hers pushed up against mine.

The cock in my right hand pulled away and I could hear a man grunting. Then splatter after splatter of cum flew onto my back. Now a pussy rubbed up against my right hand. I knew what to do with this one, and immediately started to finger it.

Veronica held her dick all the way up my ass for a few seconds. Then she slowly pulled it out so just the tip was in. Now she started to pick up the pace. In and out, faster and harder. Her hands rested on my hip and she grabbed onto me to pull her cock deeper and deeper into me. My legs were strapped down and sped wide, there was nothing I could do but let Veronica and whoever wanted to fuck me have their way. And I didn't mind. With each thrust, it felt better and better. The hand had pulled away from my cock and balls a little while ago, but it was at full attention. I was so nervous that I would cum and I didn't know what would happen then.

I lost track of what was happening. Every once in a while, someone would cum in my mouth, or in my hand, or squirt on my back. But Veronica pumped and pumped away at my ass. Then, after a particularly hard thrust, I spasmed and cum started shooting out of my cock. “Oh yea, now you're mine.” Veronica whispered through her grunting and thrusting. It was the longest most intense orgasm I'd every had. It just kept coming. I felt like I had cum a gallon before it stopped. After what seemed like another minute or two, Veronica pulled herself in hard and moaned. I could feel her cock twitch and then gush squirt after squirt of her cum up my ass. Her cum started to slosh around and dribble out the side of my ass but still she kept pumping her seed in me. After what seemed like minutes, she pulled out. I felt a little pop, and then a little explosion of cum out of my ass. She must have pumped a liter in me!

I didn't have much of a rest, as soon as Veronica moved a way, I felt another cock head on my ass hole and before I knew it I was getting my brains fucked out again. My body started tingling and I felt my nipples harden. It also seemed like whoever was fucking me had more hips to hold onto. I couldn't think though, and before I knew it my dick was spewing cum again all over the floor.

Veronica whispered in my ear, “You see baby, I knew you'd love getting fucked. Now that I put a load in you, you're going to turn into a girl like me. We just need another 15 loads of cum up your ass or down your throat and you'll be well on your way. Just relax and enjoy your first fucking Michelle.”

Just when someone cam in my mouth, another dick would take its place. When someone came up my ass, right away another cock filled me up again. I was strapped down and there for their pleasure. After what seemed like an hour, everyone had their go. My ass was dripping with cum and it was running down my leg. I had probably swallowed more than 7 loads of cum and had another god-knows how many shot on my back. When the last dick was pulled out of my ass, my vision got blurry and everything went black.

I woke up the next day in a sunny room with a big tree out side. I was naked under sheet and I was alone. Just then the memory of the previous night came to me. I couldn't believe what I had done! I looked across the room and saw a bathroom. “I need a shower,” I thought. I pushed the sheet back and started to get out of bed. As I sat up, I noticed something felt different. I was still fuzzy from sleeping, so I just continued on to the bathroom. I turned on the light next to the mirror. There, staring back at me was a softer version of my face with shoulder length brown hair. What was going on?! I looked over the rest of my body. I looked at my chest and gasped to discover I had a tiny set of tits! They couldn't have been bigger than an A cup, but the nipples were distinctly female. My waist was a good 2-3 inches thinner, my hips were at least 2-3 inches wider and my butt suck out. Then, while looking down, I saw my dick, hanging limply over my balls. What the fuck was going on?

I started the water running and decide a good hot shower would do me good. As I cleaned my self, I couldn't stop thinking about the night before. All those people having their way with me, and I let them! I even sort of liked it. Then I remembered Veronica's dick sliding up my ass that first time. Immediately I got a hard on. I freaked out a little at this, got out of the shower and dried myself off. I started looking around for my clothes, but I couldn't find them anywhere in the room. Oh god, was I going to have to walk out of my room like this naked looking for my clothes?

After another minute or two of looking for my clothes, I decided there was nothing else to do. I rapped myself in the towel from the armpit down and stuck my head tentatively out the door. No one was there. Very quickly, I snooped out to the other end of the hallway. There was a stairway there, and I could hear sounds coming from down stairs. They sounded like kitchen noises. I slowly descended the stares and realized that it was Veronica. I found my way to her and entered the room.

“Ah there you are!” She said. “ I was wondering if you were going to sleep all day. Here, I made you some eggs.” She slid a plate of food towards me.

“What the hell is going on?!” I almost screened. Immediately I realized my voice had changed. It was significantly higher and sounded like a deep female voice.

Veronica let out a belly laugh at the look of shock on my face. “Don't worry baby. I'm gonna take good care of you. Eat your eggs and I'll tell you what's going on.” I looked at the food and realized I was hungry. I started to eat. “That's a good boy.” She smiled. “You see, as soon as I met you I knew that deep down, all you really want is to get fucked. It will satisfy you completely. I can tell. Its part of my gift. You see, I'm a nymph. Most people don't really know our true abilities. I can change my form as I'd like, and I do the same to anyone else. In your case I made the catylist for your transformations cum, beginning with mine. Every time you touch cum, your body will change a little towards your ideal form. For you, it was someone like me, but without the cock.” She winked at me. “Each load of cum you coax out of a cock will change you. Your breasts will get bigger, your hips will get bigger, your waist smaller, and eventually you'll get a nice little pussy. Your body will be designed for sex. As such, you will be immune from aging and disease and you will not get pregnant. Like I said, I run this brothel. And guys like you always make excellent fuckers, after a bit of training, of course.”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The fork hung in my hand motionless over the plate; a bit of egg stuck on the end. “You- you're turning me into a hooker?”

“Come now, Michelle. I didn't make you stay last night. You could have left, but you didn't. You wanted it. I'm not turning you into anything you didn't already want to be. Now finish your eggs, I'll be back in a few minutes.”

I was in a state of shock. What was happening to me? Was I really that into being fucked? I had to admit, the night before was probably the most pleasurable night of my life. I guess I had enjoyed getting fucked. But I was still completely overwhelmed by what I had just heard. I ate my eggs, my hands shaking the whole time.

Just as I finished, Veronica came back into the room. She was wearing a white teddy. It showed of her ample bosom, but didn't quite reach down far enough: most of her giant cock and balls hung below it. As soon as I saw her, something in me stirred. It happened so quickly I didn't even have time to question it. “You see, Michelle. You love cock. I can tell you're getting turned on right now. Your cock is growing and your pulse is starting to race. Don't fight it.” She started to walk over to me at the table. I started to get a bit panicky. I was clearly getting very turned on, but I knew if I got exposed to any more cum my body would change more. “Don't fight it,” Veronica said again and an oddly soothing voice. She reached her hand out, put it on the back of my head and gently pulled my head towards her dick. Almost without thinking, and unable to respond, I opened my mouth and took her in.

“Ah, there you go. You see? You're meant for this. Yeah, suck my cock like that. Suck me good and hard and then I'll fuck your ass again.” Her dick was growing in my mouth and I started to bob my head up and down. My dick was rock hard again and I found myself longing for that huge dick up my ass. I got off the chair and down on my knees. “Yeah baby, take that giant dick in your mouth. I'm going to fuck you good with it and you're going to love it. Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

I took her dick out of my mouth and looked up at her. All I wanted was her cock up my ass at that point. “Please, fuck me.” I said.

She smiled, “Good, now sit on the table.” I stood up, put my butt on the table and leaned back. Veronica lifted my legs so I was now lying on my back, one leg over each of her shoulders. She then took a step forward so her grapefruit sized sack rested on my cock and balls. The felt so warm and heavy. Her huge dick was poking through my legs. It had to be twice as thick as mine. I still couldn't believe that thing could fit up my ass. She leaned towards my and kissed me deeply. I kissed her back. “There you see,” she whispered to me. “You're a fuck slut. And you're going to serve me well.”

She stood back up, spit on the the tip of her dick, and aimed it at my hole. I felt start to push up against me, searching for a way in. I put my head back and tried to relax my ass. Slowly, Veronica pushed a little and the tip of her cock slid past my hole. I gasped a little. I looked up at Veronica standing between my speed legs looking beautiful. She let go of my legs, and pulled off her teddy. Those two huge tits bounced out and hung off her chest. “Feel them, if you want.” She said. I sat up a little and put one of my hands on her tits. They were heavy and soft. “You want bitch tits like these, Michelle?”

“Yes, Ma'am” I could muster. I was taunted horribly by the tip of her cock up my ass. I wanted it all.

“Well, let's see what we can do. Though I think you want them bigger, don't you.”

Without waiting for me to respond, she slid her cock all the way up my ass until her balls slapped up against me. A wave of pleasure shot throughout my body. Veronica leaned forward, put her arms on either side of me and started to fuck my ass. In and out, in long deep thrusts. Each time her balls hit me, I knew she was closer to cumming. But I wasn't scared. I wanted to change. I wanted to get those big tits. I wanted to have men lusting after me and I wanted to fuck them.

Veronica was much more rough with me that she was the night before. She thrusted harder and harder; her tits flailing about. I was bouncing all over the place on the table. It felt so good to get completely fucked by her.

“How big should I make your tits baby? Big, or huge? I think I want you to have tits that no one can ignore. So that when guys look at you, they think about fucking your brains out. They'll be too big to hide. Your tits will just beg for you to be fucked.”

Just then my cock started spewing cum all over my stomach. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body. At the same time, Veronica pulled me in tight to her and threw her head back. Through the spurts of my own orgasm, I felt her cum start to burst into me. Immediately I felt my chest start to tingle. I managed to look down and saw Veronica writhing in extant, and tits slowly growing on my chest. With each spurt of her cum I felt shoot up my ass, my new tits got a bit bigger. Just when I thought things were dying down, Veronica pulled her dick slowly out and then started to fuck my ass again! Slowly at first, then faster and faster, she plowed that cock of hers up my ass. She was still cumming and as she fucked me, I felt my orgasm start to intensify. It built and built until I could think of was the intense pleasure shooting through my body, and the jiggling on my chest. Every time I thought it was about to end, Veronica just kept fucking my ass. Shot after shot of her cum spewed up my ass. I brought my head up to look at her and saw two mounds of flesh on my chest, flopping all over the place. My dick looked tiny through the middle of them, but was still jizzing hot cum on my stomach.

Veronica suddenly pulled her cock out of my ass. I felt it pop out and a bit of her cum dribbled down my crack. I was still writhing in pleasure. She walked up to me, and started jerking of my cock, and put another hand on one of my growing boobs. I started to come even harder. “This is what you're in for Michelle. The most intense pleasure anyone can experience. And its only going to get better.”

Eventually, my orgasm started to subside. Veronica was standing over me, a hand on each one of my boobs as if she was invoking them outward. I lifted my head and saw two mountains standing proudly on my chest, covered in cum. I managed to sit up. They shifted and hung down.

“That was great Michelle. You might turn out to be my favorite fuck toy. You made me cum so much I think your tits grew a little more than I expected. From here, I'd say your a C cup. Don't want you to get too big too fast now do we.” She winked at me. “Go take a shower now and meet me in the study when you're done.”

I wrapped myself in the towel and went back upstairs to the room I woke up in. There was a fresh towel and a robe on the bed. I unwrapped my towel and went into the bathroom. Through the dripping cum on my stomach and chest I saw the two pert breasts . They were round and perfectly shaped. The didn't hang down too far because they stood out from my chest so much. My nipples were well proportioned. I reached up to touch one and as I did, a zing of pleasure swept through me. This wasn't going to be half bad!

I also noticed my hair was now down past my shoulders, my arms had gotten more slender and my legs had gotten a bit meatier. My face now looked completely female. There was no trace of stubble and my skin looked incredibly smooth. A part from the cock between my legs, I was looking at one of the hottest women I'd ever seen.

I started the water running and cleaned myself up. As I cleaned my butt, I noticed I wasn't sore at all. That's amazing, I thought, because of the ravage fucking I'd received the night before and from Veronica down stairs. Maybe part of these transformations involved sexual stamina I thought.

I got out of the shower, dried off and put the robe on. My tits pushed it out so far I couldn't see my toes. It felt so strange to have these things dangling off my chest. But it felt so good too. I was really enjoying the idea that men were going to want to fuck me.

“Are you done?” Said Veronica from the doorway. I looked up, a bit startled.

“Yes, I just got out of the shower”. My voice was now a husky woman's voice, full of implication.

“Good. Come with me. We have to get ready for tonight. You're going to be in our door-slot tonight.”

“What's that” I asked.

“I like to offer my costumers a low cost, quick option to satisfy them. You'll be there most of the night. Let's get you dressed.”

Veronica lead me down the hallway and into a huge closet. “Let's see, I think you're probably about a 6. How about this?” she said holding up a little black cocktail dress.

“I dunno, I've never worn a dress before.”

“Really? I would have thought such a gifted slut like you would have been hitting the town for years. Ah well, I'll show you how to put it on.”

She showed me how to slip into the dress and then zipped up the back. The dress was obscene. My tits didn't really fit in it and were pushed up and out the top. And it was so short it barely covered my cock. “Perfect,” Veronica said. “Now slip on these panties while I find you some shoes.”

I could figure this one out. It was a black silk thong. I remembered how Veronica had tucked her dick back from the night before and I did the same. It was amazing, from the front, you would never know I had a dick. I pulled the dress down as far as it would go, but it only went about 8” below my hips.

Veronica came back with a pair of black high heeled shoes. “Put these on and practice walking in them. The guests will be arriving in about 2hrs. I expect you to be able to walk in these heels by then.”

I did what she asked and practiced walking in the pumps. It was a bit awkward at first, but I got the hang of it within about a half hour. I decided to get some fresh air.

I walked out of the house and turned the corner. I was enjoying being out for the first time today. It was early evening and the sun was starting to go down. “How did I get here,” I thought to myself. “I'm a hot whore who looks like she wants nothing more than good hard fuck. But I wasn't resentful. I liked it.

As I walked, I started to come to more houses, and more people. I suddenly realized that no one had seen me like this yet other than Veronica. All the men I passed stopped whatever they were doing and watched me go by. The woman looked upset, or even disgusted. After about an hour, I made it back to the house and went inside.

I opened the door and went into what seemed to be the living room. Veronica was sitting on the couch reading a book.

“There you are,” she said. “I was worried about you. Be careful out there, you're not used to all that attention,” she said with a smile.

“Nothing happened, but thanks for your concern.” I said. I really felt that she was watching out for me. Strange considering she was pimping me out and using me as her personal fuck puppet.

Veronica smiled and got up. “Let's get you ready. Your first client will be here in about 20 minutes.” Another woman came in. “This is Shelly. She's another one of my employes. She'll get you made up.”

Shelly held out her hand and smiled warmly. I stepped forward and took it. “Let's get you ready. This is going to be a busy night for you. The door-slot always is.”

Shelly led me to dressing room on the first floor. She sat me down on a chair in front of a vanity mirror and started applying my make up. “So how long have you been here,” I asked her.

“About 5 years. Veronica found me in Salt Lake City.” She said.

“Where you like me?” I asked.

“No, I was born a girl.” She said with a quirky grin. “Veronica took me in and gave me a job here. Its actually a great life. You have the mornings and afternoons free, and the evenings are full of pleasure. What could be better?” she let out a girlish giggle.

“I have to admit, I do see the allure.” I said. “How many other employees work here,” I asked.

“Well, there's usually at about 8 girls and transitionals here, but Veronica has brothels and employees all over the world.”

Shelly started to brush my hair. “She does like you a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if she kept you around here for herself.” We talked for a few more minutes while she finished getting me ready.

“OK, you're all set. You look like a girl who wants a fuckin!” I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. She was right. I looked like I wanted some action. Well, I was going to get it tonight one way or the other.

The doorbell rang and I heard the door open. I heard some voices . “Michelle?” Veronica called. “Could you please come here?”

“Go get em tiger,” said Shelly with a grin. “That girl is just askin for it. I've never seen one take it on so quickly,” I heard her mutter to herself as I walked out the room.

I walked down the hall and saw and middle aged bald man with a little gut. “Michelle, this is Jim. He's your first client tonight. Please take him upstairs to room #3. Its at the end of the hall on the right.”

I smiled at Jim, and said “Nice to met you.” I held out my hand and he took it. We started to walk up the stairs.

“This is my first time here,” Jim said.

“Don't worry,” I said. “We'll take it slow and have a good time.”

As we walked down the hallway, I could feel his eyes taking my body in. They kept stopping on my hips.

“Veronica tells me your one of her transitionals.” said Jim. “Is that right”

“Yes, very new.”

“So you have a penis?” Jim asked nervously.

“Yes I do.”

“I never would have guessed. You're the most beautiful shemale I've ever seen.”

I paused. I'd never heard myself referred to as a shemale. It didn't upset me, just surprised me a bit. I led him into the room and closed the door behind us. We sat down on the bed and talked for a few more minutes.

“Did Veronica tell you anything about me?” He said.

“No, I didn't know anything until you walked in.”

I could see he was very nervous. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed me back and put a hand on the back of my head. I took his other hand and put it on my breast. He started to massage and squeeze it while we kissed. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Not in an orgasmic way, but in the same way that it feels good to have your balls cupped.

I could tell he was getting excited so I stood up to take my dress off.

“No please don't” said Jim. “ I want you to leave it on.”

He got off the bed and knelt on the floor in front of me. Jim started to run his hands up my legs until they made it under my dress. He pushed it up a little to expose my panties. “God you're sexy.” he said. Then he started taking off my panties. My cock tumbled out and hung between my legs. Once my panties were off, he looked up at me. I saw him between my squished tits, looking a bit pathetic. I put my hand on his head, and pulled him closer to my cock. He resisted a bit just in the beginning, but then he opened his mouth and took me inside.

My cock got hard quickly, and soon it was standing at its full 6”. Jim bobbed his head on my stick. He clearly didn't know what he was doing. But I enjoyed it none the less. I started to pull away so I could pleasure him. “No,” Jim said. “ I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“OK sweetie,” I said.

I put my hands on his head and started to fuck his mouth. Not too hard- he was a newbie. He reached up behind me and squeezed my butt as I fucked his face. Within a few minutes, I came. It wasn't as epic as the one earlier that day. Just a bit better than normal. Jim gagged a bit, but he did manage to swallow a good portion of my cum.

“How was that for you?” I asked him.

“Great! You tasted like blueberry pie. Can you suck me off now?” He asked.

I pulled him up and sat him down on the bed. He started to take off his belt, his gut hung a bit over the buckle. I pulled off his underwear to find a hard 7” cock. I opened my mouth and took him all the way down in one thrust. Jim let out a gasp. “Veronica told me you were good but jesus!” I smiled on the inside and stated to bob up and down on his cock, cupping his balls and squeezing the base of his shaft with my hand. Jim didn't last long. In just about a minute, he shot 3-4 gobs of cum in my mouth. I swallowed, and got off of him.

“That was perfect, thank you.”

“Any time sweetie.” I said.

“I'll be seeing you again soon.” Jim said while pulling his pants up. He smiled at me and walked out the door.

I found my panties and went to pull them on only to find that my dick seemed a bit shorter. I pulled it out. It was only about 2.5” long now. My dress hung a little more loosely too. My shoulders much have gotten a little smaller. I check myself in the mirror.

Yep, that was it. With my slightly smaller torso, my tits looked even bigger. I pulled my panties on, tucked my tiny dick back and went back down stairs.

“Another happy costumer,” Said Veronica as I descended the stairs.

On my way down, I saw there were quite a few people in the foyer. There had to be at least 5 or 6 men and a few women. Veronica was standing with there of the men on the far side of the room. Two were white, one was black and they were all young. “There's the girl I was telling you about. She'll be perfect for what you want.” I made my way across the room towards them.

“Michelle, these 3 gentleman require your assistance.” said Veronica.

I smiled and held out my hand to lead them back upstairs.

“No, no my dear girl. They've asked that you take care of them here.”

“At your service,” I said.

Veronica flashed me a quick smile and patted me on the butt as she walked away.

The the guys surrounded me. The were pretty big, and looked as though there were fresh out of the frat house. The guy from put his hand on my shoulders and started to push me to the floor. I heard people muttering from across the room. A few of the men laughed and hooted.

I reached up and started to undo the pants of the guy in front of me. I slid them off to find a medium sized uncut cock. Suddenly, the same guy from behind me pushed my head into is crotch hard. I started to lick his balls and rub his dick with my hands. It wasn't long before there was a 6” hard dick looking me in the eye.

“Open your mouth.” Said the guy to my right. I did as I was told and the stud behind me pushed my mouth all the way down on the cock in front of me. I didn't have to do anything, he just kept fucking my face on his buddies cock. I was happy to oblige. I reached behind him and pulled myself in. He was moaning heavily now and I knew he wouldn't last much longer.

I was right. After just about a minute he launched his hot cum down my throat. I swallowed all of it while his buddy held my head all the way at the base of his cock. The each took turns doing the same.

After the last one of them came in my mouth. I licked his dick off, and stood cup. “Thanks guys, hope to see you again real soon.” I said and started to walk away.

“Dam, that was hot. Hey, did that girl have that ghetto booty before?” I heard one of them say to his buddies.

“I she must have. Let's come back her and fuck the hell out of it.”

I looked down at myself. They were right. My ass had gotten bigger. It suck out another inch or so, and my hips were a bit wider. “Good thing this dress is stretchy!” I thought. I was a little disappointed my tits hadn't gotten any bigger though.

I made it into the back room and saw a few guys on couches getting fucked or sucked by their girl of choice. There was a wide variety. Some girls were tiny, others were quite meaty. One was actually plump. The all seemed to be experts at whatever they were doing.

I sat down and watched a little. I started to feel a strange sensation in my crotch. I reached down and under my panties. My dick was gone and there was a tiny pussy there! And it was wet. I stuck a finger in, but it stopped after about an inch or two. Not done yet, apparently

“Find something you like,” Said a woman. I looked up to see a beautiful red head in a long gown.

I turned bright red. Immediate I snapped my hands away and pulled my dress down.

“Aw, its nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm Mickey, you must be the new girl right?” She said.

“Yeah, I guess I am. I'm Michelle, nice to meet you.” I couldn't help feeling a bit strange. It was the first time I'd referred to myself as Michelle.

“You just get that pussy?” Said Mickey.

“I think so. Its not finished yet though.”

“Yeah, that happens. Veronica doesn't like us to change to quickly in the beginning. How long have you been here?” She asked.

“ Just yesterday.”

“Really?! And you're a transitional? Wow, Veronica's moving faaast on you girl.”

I turned a little red again. “Were you a transitional too?”

“I've been a girl now for about 6 months. You're gonna love it! How do you like it so far,”

“Well, I guess I'm getting into it.” I paused for a second. “I wish I had bigger tits.” I was surprised as soon as I said it. I wasn't sure why I did. I hadn't really every thought about it before.

“Hmmm. You know, what you've got now isn't too shabby.” Said Mickey. “Are you sure you want them bigger?” Her eyes seemed to widen as she spoke, as if she was making sure she'd heard me right.

I didn't say anything, I just looked down and blushed.

“Chin up girl.” She said playfully. “Have a good night I gotta get back to work.” And she used her hand to push off my knee as she got up. Mickey walked across the room to a new guy in the corner and started chatting him up.

I got off the couch and decided to back to the door. I figured that's where I should be, and I didn't want to disappoint Veronica.

She was at the door with a new client. “Michelle, come here. This is one of our regulars. He knows about you already,” They both exchanged a smile. “He has a very particular taste. He'll take you in the next room and get you ready.”

The man was black, and big. At least 6'2”. He was well built and muscular too.

“Nice to meet you. I'm sorry I didn't catch your name.”

“You can call me Fred” He said in a thunderous voice. I got a little wet.

Fred led me down the hallway and into the room at the end. There was some sort of a device in the corner.

“Take your clothes off and lay back on here, m'lady”. He patted the bench at the end of the device. I nodded and did as he said. After taking my dress, heels and panties off, I spread my legs over the bench and had a seat. I leaned back with a leg on each side of the bench. Fred walked to the side of it and extended a plank of wood about 3 feet long. He took my arm, pulled it out along its length and started to lash me down. Then he did the same with my other arm. My tits were completely exposed on my chest, but I couldn't see down- it took too much energy to lift my head up.

Then Fred walked back behind my head, and extended another plank of wood under my head. I couldn't see, him behind me, but I felt him lift two cushioned pieces on either side of my head. Then he tied my head back. I couldn't look anywhere but front now.

I was stuck non. I couldn't get up, I couldn't look away, but my legs were still free.

Fred then made it down to my legs, and unfolded two bent pieces of metal from under the bench. They almost looked like birthing stirrups. After Fred had tied each of my legs down, he straightened out my legs and pulled them apart.

“There. You're mine now, slut.” Fred said with a note of power. Then he walked over to the bench I was sitting on and tilted it up, so I could see my legs a bit better. “I want you to watch me as I fuck you.”

He stood between my legs and started to take off his clothes. He was ripped. Huge and muscular. Even his thighs were rippled with muscles. I watched with wide eyes as he slid his underwear off. Out sprang a long dick. It wasn't quite as thick as Veronica's but it was longer by a few inches.

Fred looked at me lying there, legs exposed and whacked his cock off for a minute or two. He then reached under the table took a tube of something and squirted a bit in his hands. Then he rubbed it on his dick. “It must have been lube I thought.” “He's gonna fuck my ass.”

My new pussy was dripping wet and I felt a few droplets run down my ass crack. I hoped I was right, my pussy was no were deep enough to take that monster cock.

Fred stood between my legs, one hand on my right thigh, one hand milking his cock. “Ready to take my dick bitch?” He said.

“Give it to me good” I said and bit my lower lip.


He put the tip of his dick on my asshole and pushed it in. I let out a moan of pleasure. “Let me know you love it like the whore you are” He said.

“I love your cock up my ass. Fuck me good,” I said.

He started to thrust in and out of my ass. Deeper every time. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more in, he seemed to go a little further. Before long his hips were slapping against my ass cheeks as he fucked me good. The whole bench was shaking as he laid into my ass. Fred reached up and grabbed my nipples. I gasped. I hadn't felt them before. The were so much more sensitive than my male nipples. He pulled and rolled them in his fingers. He used my nipples to pull me onto his cock with each thrust. I couldn't take it. I tried to turn my head away but the blockers wouldn't let me. I was force to look at this huge guy fuck the crap out of me.

I felt a warmth start to spread from my hips. Just when I couldn't take it anymore, there was an explosion and my whole body started convulsing. My hips wiggled around in my restraints. I felt a gush of fluid run down from my pussy and down my ass.

“Yea slut, I love watching you cum with my dick buried up that fine ass.” He said.

But the pleasure didn't subside like it did from my male orgasms. It stayed there. It wasn't quite a continuous orgasm, but it was close. I could understand now why girls flopped about so much during sex. If I wasn't tied down, I'd be doing the same thing now.

Fred grunted and I felt his seed shoot up my ass. His pumping slowed and became more erratic
After a minute or two, he sighed and pulled his dick out of my ass. I was almost sad it was over.

“Thanks baby.” Fred got dressed and walked out the door.

What?! I thought to myself. “Hey!” I called. “Don't leave me here!” But he didn't come back.

Veronica came in after a minute or two. “My, don't we look exposed.” She said with a grin. “I see you have a pussy now. That's a good girl. Let's check it out.” She pointed a finger and pushed it up my pussy. I expected it to stop after an inch or two like mine had earlier, but it just kept going. I twitched a little at the sensation. It was totally different from the ass fucking. This felt warm and soft. “It looks to me like your pussy is ready,” Veronica said.

She left the room and came back after a minute with two boys with no shirts on. “Let's push her back to the foyer.” Veronica said.

“You're not going to let me out?” I said.

“Nope.” Veronica replied simply.

The wheeled the bench down the hall and into the foyer. There were at least 20 men and women in there.

“Ladies and gentleman,”Veronica announced, “A little birdie told me that Michelle here wished she had bigger tits. Who here wants to fuck them bigger?” Everyone hooted and hollered.

My eyes widened. There were so many people here, if they all fucked me my tits would be huge!!

“Veronica! Please no! They'll be too big!” I pleaded.

She leaned in to me. “That's right baby. They're going to be massive. Mickey told me what you said. You wanted bigger tits, now you're going to have them. I called a few of my VIP clients and friends and we're gonna fuck you a humongous set of boobs.”

“Please, Veronica, don't do this!” I wined.

“There's no sense objecting. You're tied up, legs spread wide in a room filled with horny men and shemales. There's nothing you can do. Just lie back and take it as we pump your tits out to enormity.”

“Here you go, Veronica.” Said one of the boys and handed her a little metal object.

Veronica took it and moved it towards my face. It was a jaw spreader. She forced it into my mouth and opened it. My mouth was now stuck open, like all my other holes.

The two guys with no shirts on lowered my bench so I was only a few feet off the floor. Then they tilted my legs back even farther, lifting my hips into the air.

“Thanks for the call Ronnie! This is going to be a blast!” said a guy walking up to me. He threw one leg over my chest and aimed his cock at my mouth. Without hesitating at all, he thrust his dick down my throat. “Oh yeah.” He said and started to fuck my face.

Another shemale came up between my legs massaging her shaft. “Its dangerous to say things like that around here,” she said while smiling at me. “Don't worry Michelle, we'll give you what you want.”

She aimed her cock at my pussy and took a step closer. I felt her start to rub her cock all around the outside of my pussy. If felt amazing. I started to loose my concentration and just focused on the burning need to have that cock in my hole. The guy fucking my face took his dick out and pecker slapped me on my cheek.

“Put it in me! Please, I need it!” I said without thinking. I couldn't think about the huge tits I was in for, all I knew was I need that cock in my pussy.

Everyone in the room cheered. The shemale slid her dick up my pussy just a little. “For god sake, I can't take it anymore!” I screamed

Everyone cheered again. The guy put his dick back in my mouth and started to fuck the crap out of my throat again. The shemale still teased me with her cock head. Finally, the guy came down my throat. Gobs of cum hit my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow all of it. I couldn't spit if I tried!

He got off and and I felt my tits start to tingle. Oh no, it was starting. A shemale with massive tits threw a leg over me and pointed her cock at my face. She put her semi hard dick in my mouth and started to wiggle it around. “You see how big my tits are, Michelle?” She said to me. They had to be at least DD. “Veronica gave me these and I didn't even ask for them. I can only imagine how big yours are going to be.”

Just then, the girl between my legs slid her dick up my pussy all the way. I was so wet it went all the way in and sloshed about a little. I jerked and spasmed a bit. This was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced. My body exploded again and I felt gushes of cum squirt out of my pussy. Both the cocks in me started to move in and out and I was lost in a haze of pleasure.

I felt two mouths start to grope for my nipples. I was overcome with pleasure. I lost all track of time. I had no idea how long things went on. It felt like one continuous orgasm which lasted hours. In between people fucking my face, I managed to get a look at my tits. The stood 4” off my chest and hung slightly to the sides. My nipples were enormous. Maybe that was it- maybe they wouldn't get much bigger. This was fine. They had to be at least a D, maybe more. Suddenly, I noticed a line of at least 10 more shemales and guys waiting behind the guy fucking my pussy. “Oh god,” I thought to myself.

After what seemed like weeks, things started to wind down. There were no more cocks fucking my throat, and there was no one behind the shemale fucking my pussy. This must be it, its over.

With each thrust, I felt a tremendous wobble on my chest. My tits stuck out so far I could barely see beyond them. Veronica walked up to me and put a hand on each one of my tits.

“You see baby, there you go. Huge tits. Just like you wanted.”

“Oh-my-god” I managed to get out.

“Really?” She said smiling. “That's all you can say?” She grinned and turned around to everyone sitting on the couches and benches watching me get ravaged.

“Well, everyone, you did a great job. But I don't think we're done yet. I think I need to have a go at this tit slut.” People laughed and raised their drinks. I felt the shemale fucking me pull out and start to spurt her hot cum on my stomach. My chest started to tingle again.

Veronica leaned in close to me. “Remember how much you made me cum before? I think now that you're warmed up you'll make me cum even more. We're not done yet, Michelle.”

I couldn't think straight. I had been in the grips of an gang bang induced orgasm, the intensity of which I couldn't have imagined possible.

She strutted between my legs, picked up a towel from the floor and started wipe the cum off my legs and pussy. “Such a pretty pussy I gave you,” She said in a sing song type of voice. “I hope you enjoy it.”

Veronica pulled her dress up and her massive cock flopped out. It looked even bigger then it did before.

She must have seen the look on my face. “Yes, baby, I made it a little bigger for you. Enjoy.” she said.

In one thrust she plunged her arm like dick down into my pussy. Sherry and Mickey came up and stood on either side of me. I was started to bounce around wildly as Veronica had her way with me. The leaned down to me. Sherry started to suck my left tit and Mickey leaned towards my face. She took off the jaw spreader and kissed me deeply. “Big enough for you?” She said slyly. “You're welcome.” and then she kissed me deeply.

Veronica's head was thrown back in pleasure and now Mickey was sucking my right tit too. My body was on fire. I started to thrust my hips towards Veronica's cock as much as I could. I needed more. Veronica smiled at me, reached down and put her thumb on my clit.

I started to gush again. Veronica fucked me like this for ages. Probably as long as everyone else had combined. I have no idea of knowing just how much time slipped by.. At long last, her thrusts became erratic and she plunged deep into me it seemed that she lost her strength because she slumped a bit. The two guys with no shirts on rushed in, held her up, and started to push her in and out of me again. Veronica was thrashing about uncontrollably as these two brutes fucked her cock up my hole.

Shelly and Mickey pulled away from me and everyone started to gather around. Cum was splashing up my pussy now in torrents. I couldn't believe how much Veronica had in her. My tits tingled and got warm. I could almost see them growing. Little by little, they expanded upwards and outwards.

“Ass,” gasped Veronica.

The two brutes pulled her out of my pussy. A flow of cum shot out of my pussy like a water gun. They held her cock and pushed it up my ass. Again she threw her head back. The brutes started fucking my ass with Veronica's pumping member. My legs instinctively straightened. The stirrups broke and came free. I wrapped both my legs around Veronica and pulled her deeper up my ass. She grunted deeply.

After minutes of cum cascading into me. Veronica's cock slowed. She twitched as the brutes pulled her out of my ass and lowered her onto the couch next to me.

My mind was starting to clear. “What had I just done!!” I screamed in my head. I looked down and to my shock saw two of the most massive breasts I'd ever seen. And they were still growing! Every so slowly the bobbled outward. Mickey walked up next to me and started undoing my straps.

I was free. I sat up slowly, weak from my fucking. Cum leaked out of my puss and ass and ran down to the floor. The two massive boobs on my chest straightened out and hung down. The were wide, round and hung almost to my navel. I raised a hand to each of them and felt their weight. They were still pulsing.

I was horrified. The only thing anyone would think when they saw me was sex from now on. Between my humongous jugs, I saw my wide hips and my little pussy patch. That was it. This was my life from now. I was Veronica's fuck toy.